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Yona and Sandbar have been going steady for about 3 months now, and all their other friends find it cute. However, maybe they've gone too fast in this relationship when Sandbar tells them they've done... IT!

Thanks to Darth Link 22 and CrackedInkWell for helping edit this.

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Ember expected to get a few admirers when she became the new dragonlord. Well, more than a few.

She didn't expect that a large number of them would be ponies that she had never even met.

And she really didn't expect them to write physically impossible stories about her and Spike.

She's got a lot of misconceptions to correct. More than she ever expected.

Chapters (1)

It has been a few months since the incident at Camp Everfree. Timber has broken up with Sci-Twi and Sunset is there to help pick up the pieces. What will become of the two best friends.

Continuity: Struggles

Rated T for fluff and profanity.

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On Hiatus until further notice. I wanna continue with stories that I feel could be prequels, including Struggles

Decided to rename as it is not so much a crush as it is a romance.

Chapters (2)

Shining Armor has become an alicorn for some reason, and with no explanation available ponies assume ascendancy is sexually transmitted. Much to Twilight's irritation.

No actual sexually explicit content here, but there are references and some minor bad language.

This was a request for a patron, and was veiwable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of getting a story like this for just 5$!

Brought to you by the donations for my mom! (Find out more about that here.)

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It's that time of the month again! NO! Not that time. I mean the time when the mane six have their sleepover where they watch movies, eat pizza and act like fillies. But this time, Twilight may have to pull out at the last minute... (Not like that, you dirty minded *grumbles*)

I'm aware the characters may be off as I wrote this very impulsively in about an hour.

Obviously Three's a Crowd got us all thinking about DiscoLight again, traditionally I ship Fluttercord but I had to make an exception because I needed to see these two together. I'm sick of the teasing, lets get down to some action, huh?
(Sorry, I don't write clop, but I give a good idea of what's going on, or so I think...)

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Princess Luna rescues Roseluck from her dreams, for the fifty-billionth time.

Unfortunately, even Luna wasn't aware Rose's issues went quite this deep.

Prize-winning entry from Trotcon 2017's Speedfics-R-Us panel. The prompt: write a story involving Princess Luna and Roseluck, located in the Zebralands.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Green Leaves of Everfree

THIS STORY HAS BEEN CANCELLED. HERE'S WHY: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/875413/so-about-forgotten-love

With her boyfriend fully healed from his injuries, Fluttershy's relationship can carry on as normal. All seems well, until Fluttershy mysteriously stops hearing from him. A couple days later, she's mortified and furious to see him with another girl.

It's as if he's completely forgotten about their relationship. Even worse, nobody at school remembers him... not even her friends.
Furthermore, he seems convinced that he's never met Fluttershy. He doesn't recognize her.

But why? Why has this suddenly happened? Who's the girl he's been seeing? Why are all of Fluttershy's attempts to win him back doing nothing but driving him away? And will she ever feel his embrace again?

Takes place during Forgotten Friendship. Sex tag for some suggestive themes.

Coppermane & Fluttershy Series: 6.0

Chapters (4)

After Spike and Twilight go through the portal from the human world to the pony world something goes wrong. Spike is still a dog, but he starts to notice a few things. He could now understand the other animals perfectly, and he starts to lose his feelings for Rarity. But he does start to have feelings for somepony else.

Chapters (37)

Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption.
Can he succeed in the trials of parenthood?
Can his daughter survive the life of royalty?
Can the royal coffers endure the doting of three zealous aunts?

Set seventy years after the end of Season 3.

*Note*: [Sex] tag added for the use of innuendo and mention of the topic in later chapters. No 'on-screen' content included.

Cover art by EZTP (Featured on Equestria Daily! [#3])
Additional supplemental art provided by MelonDraws, spokenmind93, EZTP, EifieChan, Ayemel, and Ninny, with more to come in the future.
Story itself also featured on Equestria Daily!

This story's update schedule is incredibly sporadic, but I promise, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, this story will reach completion.


Chapters (65)

When a zombie plague hit Equestria, the nation fell in mere days. Now the survivors, led by the mane six, have a chance to cure the plague once and for all. The catch: Zombies control the area surrounding the lab where the only known supply of a needed rare herbal ingredient is held. They're going to need a distraction; good thing they have the Crusaders on their side.

Chapters (9)
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