Queen Scootaloo

by officialmjsmith

Committed Decisions

A flash of bright light came out of one of the alleys at least thirty yards down the street where Scootaloo was, revealing a group of seventeen. Half from Equestria, the other half from earth.

Sci-Twi looked around theor environment and groaned. "I thought we were going to Trottingham, Discord!"

"We are in Trottingham," he replied back casually.

"This is an alley."

"In Trottingham." Their attention was captured as five police cars strode by, as well as people running towards the same direction. Something was obviously happening. And it was close by based on the loud voices.

"What's going on?" Rainbow asked. She ran towards the exit with the others following after her. Down the street there were firetrucks and a horde of police keeping the crowd back. The firemen were inflating some type of air mattress on the ground making the group look up. They couldn't see anything but they could already tell what was going on. Well... Some of them.

"Oh no," Sci-Twi said, putting a hand to her mouth.

"What, what's going on?" Princess Twilight asked.

"Someone's going to jump... From the top of that building." They all gasped lightly before coming out of the cut and running towards the mass of people. The police were holding them back as they made their way to the front. Anemone and Amaryllis having to stayed back and looked on from the trees by the park that was next to the scene.

"Any idea on who it is?" Sci-Twi asked someone.

"They say it's a child. High-School aged."

Rainbow gasped. No. No no no. She turned around and ran back towards the tree Anemone and Amaryllis were hiding in. She looked around and whispered urgently, "I need one of you to check out who's up there. I have a bad feeling it's Scootaloo." Anemone and Amaryllis looked at each other before focusing their sights on the crowd below and the top of the building. If one of them flew out there, there would be a very big problem later on.

"Screw it! I'm not letting myself die out there!" Amaryllis yelled before darting out of the tree. Anemone groaned before turning to Rainbow below.

"I'll let you know," She said before taking off from the tree and making her way towards the building.

Twilight and the others watched with fear, expecting the worse before something flew right past them and upwards. Actually two somethings. One bigger than the other that caused murmur among the crowd.

"What are those things?"

"I don't know! What in the world?"

Both Twilights looked at each other before they turned around, seeing Rainbow Dash with tears in her eyes, looking up at the building. "I sent them up there. I think it's Scootaloo who's trying to jump."

The police managed to get to the roof and had formed a line at the exit with Firefighters and medics. Scootaloo was standing on the edge facing them. Fidgeting. Nervous.

"Kid, look. I know things look very bad right now," the police officer said, trying to get her to get back down. "But jumping off a ledge is not the way to go. Your family will miss you, your friends will miss you—"

"I have no family!" Scootaloo retorted, turning around with tears brimming her eyes. "I was thrown in some bushes when I was five and I've been living on my own ever since! I'm bucking fifteen and no one cares! No birthday, no job, no school, no nothing! I ate out of the damn trash every day to survive! I took a bath in a pond where I was bitten by leeches! I lived in the woods where I was attacked by bees, bitten by dogs, attacked by birds! I was raped twice and nobody fucking cares! I'm all alone and there's nothing you can do! So stop telling me people will miss me! I bet I'm just a nightmare to people!"

"Scootaloo!" She looked to her right to see Amaryllis standing there unnoticed until now by the rest of the humans. They backed away in fear of the girl, never seeing someone with sharp teeth and slit eyes before. Let alone bat ears and wings. "Don't do this! We all love you!"

"You don't even know me, Amaryllis!" She yelled towards her. "Just go away and let me go!"

"You and I are literally the same person! Just from different worlds! We all love you! Yes, I know how you feel! Being the same person, we go through through the same things. You were raped, I was too! You slept outside, I did as well! That's how we found out. I was the first one to admit it and Twilight made the connection." Amaryllis walked closer, stopping as Scootaloo took a step back, her heels over the ledge. "Please Scootaloo. We all love you, just....come home."

While Amaryllis was busy trying to convince Scootaloo not to jump, Anemone glided straight towards the ground, before stopping right in front of the others, scaring the police and anyone else that was watching.

"It's her!" She yelled. "Amaryllis is up there trying to talk her down!"

"What?!" Rainbow yelled. She ducked under the fences there and stopped in front of her counterpart. "Take me there! Now!" Anemone groaned before the people around started screaming, making them both look back up. Scootaloo had jumped off and was plummeting towards the ground away from the inflation. Right towards the concrete.

"NOOOOO!!!!" They all yelled in horror as Amaryllis and Anemone flew up to try and intercept her.

Scootaloo closed her eyes, letting a small smile grace her face as she fell, the wind blowing past her hair. She slowly fell asleep, the exhaustion of the day finally catching up to her as Amaryllis flew down. "NO!" She yelled before she grabbed hold of her left leg and flapped her wings to pull to a stop. Eventually, she slowed down and stopped right before Scootaloo hit the ground, her head centimeters from the concrete. Everyone watched as she rose and started flying away from the building, the police and the people watching. Anemone followed right after her, while Discord teleported the group after them both.

They landed in a large alleyway. Anemone picked up Scootaloo's head and help lay her down on her back. A flash of light behind them caught their attention except Scootaloo who had fallen asleep.

"Oh my god you guys are life savers!" Rainbow yelled as she hugged the two thestrals. "Thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Yeah yeah, just check over her! She looks worse than before!" Anemone yelled.

Rainbow let go of them and made her way through the group to see the sleeping child. They cried, seeing the huge gash as well as the multiple cuts and black eye.

Fluttershy felt along the gash and suggested, "We have to take her somewhere, but she doesn't feel comfortable in a hospital. That's a very large cut. And I don't exactly have access to the vet's office right now."

Both of the Pinkies' hair was deflated, displaying their saddened mood. This was really bad.

"She said she was raped twice up there," Amaryllis said. She grabbed Scootaloo's hand and held tight. "We're just looking at the aftermath. It must've happened on her way down here."

"Can we take her back to Equestria?" Luna asked Discord, who was probably thinking the same thing.

"Maybe. And I'd prefer it. You two probably didn't tell anyone about your leave, did you?" He asked, pointing accusingly at the human alicorns.

"No, we did not," Celestia agreed. "If we leave, we will have to go back to Canterlot. But I prefer this world handle their own citizens. Something coukd happen if we bring her back to Equestria. We'll take her to her place of Origin."

Anemone picked up Scootaloo from the ground and prepared for a teleportation. Then at the snap of a finger, they were gone. Only Scootaloo's blood lied on the floor.

Scootaloo was floating in a black abyss with an empty mind. It was like she was in a coma. She could hear everything but could do nothing about it. And you know what... She liked it. This peace, this serenity.

Scootaloo sat down on whatever the hay she was sitting on and smiled, enjoying the peace and serenity. It felt good not having to worry about anything. All she had to do now was get their voices out and she'd be set.

"Feels great, doesn't it?"

"Yeah... Wait, what?!" She turned around to face the voice. To face another in this void. There was a woman standing there, filing her nails. She was tall, red, and had blood red ethereal hair. Her eyes were red too.

Scootaloo stood up in alarm. She was alone here before, where'd she come from? "Who are you, where'd you come from?"

"Me? Oh, I'm just the dark side of you," she said. She tossed the nail file aside into the darkness. Scootaloo watched as it fell down into the area below them. Going further and further out of sight. "My name is irrelevant. But I want to offer you a deal. I've seen the way you've been treated. I've been here all along to watch it. I saw you forced to give your body at the age of thirteen. Then again a few hours ago. He did some dirty things. But you had no choice in the matter. I can get back at him for you. I can get back at everyone."

Scootaloo squinted at her. She had to admit. She was enticed by this proposition, no matter how shady it sounded. "And exactly how would you do that?"

"I take over your mind, your body, and memories. And I use them against those who have hurt you. Hurt us. All I need is your permission and you can stay here in this peace for as long as you like, no limit. You will not hear or feel a thing going on out there. You can even change the darkness to whatever you like. All you have to do is think." The darkness around them changed into a garden in Equestria, not that Scootaloo could tell. It looked just like a normal garden. She reached out and felt along the flowers, smiling peacefully.

The woman blinked her eyes before the scenery disappeared back into the darkness. "It's as simple as pie, Scootaloo. Well, eating one anyway. They will not be hurting us again for as long as I am here."

Scootaloo pulled in her lips as she thought about. "I have to think some more about it." The woman smiled before nodding.

"As you wish. When you make up your mind, just call for me. My name....is Zo. But in the meantime....it's time to wake up." Zo snapped her fingers. And plunged Scootaloo back into the fearful reality. The reality of pain, suffering, lovelessness, and loneliness.


"How did this happen?"

"She ran away from here, caught a ride, got raped again, and tried to kill herself, man! Catch up!"

"Alright, well good thing she's asleep. We have to do a test on her before we have her admitted."

Scootaloo felt as her worn and torn pants she was wearing was lightly unbuckled , unzipped and pulled down. She wanted to stop them. In her mind, she was crying. In the outside world, she whimpered.

"It's okay, scoots," someone said down to her. "It's okay." She wanted to stop them so bad as soon as they started poking around, her body registering the feeling of everything they were doing.

"We have to take a look at this once we get to the lab. We'll get her changed and put in a secured room." Her mind went back to being still for a moment. She didn't register them changing her clothes, moving her, the mass of voices around her. Or the silence that followed after all of that.

After a few more minutes of darkness, she started to be able to move her body. There was a stiffness in her shoulder as well as in her female bits. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing to her a white tiled ceiling. She turned her head to the left to see a window with metal gating on it, keeping someone from actually touching the glass there. She sat up slowly, looking around the rest of the room which was very different than when she fell asleep falling down to the ground.

Scootaloo turned her head to the right, seeing a white door, two chairs, a heart monitor and an IV machine. Wait... IV?! She was back in the hospital! Scootaloo swung her legs off the right side of the bed to the cold floor. She was wearing some type of gown. A white one. Yep, definitely the hospital. But this was different.

There was no TV, no dressers, and barely anything else. She stood up in front of her bed to look around. Her feet first carried her curiously into the bathroom first. There was no door and the toilet had no handle. Only a button to press. Looking at the shower, she figured she was in some nut facility. The shower only had round knobs that you use to turn on the water. Same with the sink.

A beep sounded from the front door that was slowly pushed open, along with some footsteps. Since she was in the bathroom, she couldn't get glimpses of whoever it was, nor could they. "Scootaloo?" A woman. Definitely a woman. But was she friendly? Scootaloo stayed in the door-less bathroom and flattened herself fearfully against the bathroom wall. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. Can you please come out?" She sounded friendly. Too friendly. But she decided to be what that man said she was and follow orders. She was a slut anyway.

Scootaloo turned around and walked back towards the doorway and peeked out in fear, revealing only her messy magenta hair and gray eyes that had changed from their lively purple to a lifeless gray. Scared that whoever was in the world would try to hurt her. It was the opposite. There was a woman wearing regular clothing, short sleeved blue shirt and black pants, along with a stethoscope around her neck. She had blue hair, blue eyes and green skin. She was thin but fit as well.

She looked up towards the bathroom to meet her eyes and offered a gleaming smile. "Hello, Scootaloo. I'm Dr. Martina, your doctor here in the children's psychological ward of the hospital. How are you feeling?" Scootaloo only stared at her nonchalantly while she wrote down some things. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm here to help you." Scootaloo narrowed her eyes at her, not liking that word at all. Help. That's all everyone wanted to do.

Dr. Martina backed over to one of the chairs and took a seat. "Scootaloo? You're back in Canterlot after trying to commit suicide in Trottingham. Do you understand?" Scootaloo still didn't respond. "We're here to keep a close eye on you in case there is another conflict. No one will hurt you here. We're here to keep you safe from others as well as yourself, okay?"

Scootaloo continued staring at her, not moving from her spot. She didn't know why she was acting like this. She felt... Afraid of this woman. Like she was going to do what everyone else did. Hurt her. They would always say they were going to help her. But it was in fact the opposite. "You have some visitors here who want to see you. Do you want to see them?" Scootaloo squinted her eyes and shook her head. She had a sneaking suspicion of who they were. "Okay. Well as you can see, this is your room. The reason why it's so empty of anything fun is because they may cause you to be a danger to everyone. Yourself included. So if you want to watch TV or something, you would have to do it in the lounge with the others. Supervised of course. If you get better, we'll give you your space."

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow in confusion. There were more?

"Now, I'm going to leave you alone. Lunch will be in a few hours. We'll let you out and you'll be with everyone else, alright?" Scootaloo didn't answer, only continuing to stare. "You'll be fine." Dr. Martina got up and swiped her card on a magnet thing by the door, unlocking it and opening it before stepping out. After the door closed, it beeped again and clicked before sending the room back into a cold silence.

After about three more minutes of watching the door, she slowly slid out of her hiding place. "They brought me here," Scootaloo seethed, her voice hoarse. "They brought me here and left. Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!!! DAMN THEM ALL!!!!!!"


Dr. Martina made her way to the waiting room to inform everyone of what happened. Of course this was part of her job description. But it wasn't the best part.

"Hello, Everyone," She greeted to the two high schoolers in the waiting room.

"How is she?" Rainbow asked immediately, standing up and walking towards the doctor with tears in her eyes. "Can we see her?" That puppy dog look could melt a thousand souls because it sure melted the doctor's.

"Sorry, but she doesn't want to see anyone. And she didn't even speak. So far, it looks like it's going to be a long road to recovery. Even after she gets out. She's obviously been psychologically damaged. Permanently or temporarily, only time will tell. As well as a long road for the police. She's in the hands of the state right now, and they signed the forms for them to be informed of everything in her life that happened. That involves schooling, family, the assaults, non-consented sex, and the way of life for her. They will also be tracking down those who actually have raped her. But it will no doubt take awhile."

"How long do you think she'll be staying here?" Twilight asked. The others went back to the school to talk about everything. As well as the hope that Zolan didn't get to her.

"Well... So far, it looks like maybe a month." Rainbow whimpered and let a few tears roll down her face. Twilight gave her a side hug. "She is very traumatized about everything since it happened so fast. So she might become a little—"

"DAMMIT!!!! DAMN THEM ALL!!!!!" They all looked down the hall where Scootaloo's room was to hear banging, kicking, and cursing.

"—aggressive," Doctor Martina finished, turning back around to face them. "A little aggressive. The best thing to do when someone becomes like this is to let it go on until they run dry."

"So...I can't leave a note or anything?" Rainbow pleaded.

Dr. Martina shook her head sadly. "Although it seems like it'll help the patient, we don't allow it when they are first admitted. They can be reminded that you 'put them in here' and they react violently. Even though we let them vent their anger, we don't actually want it to happen in violence. So it takes them back to square one. I'm sorry, but you can't do anything right now. You can after a week."

Rainbow pulled in her lips as she nodded. "Thank you doctor," Twilight said as she led her girlfriend towards the door controlled by the desk behind them. They were opened as one of the nurses pressed the button, allowing them through and leaving Scootaloo's screams behind.

"So at least she didn't kill herself," Princess Twilight said to everyone else. "You girls saved a life today. But now we really have to keep you hidden. The world knows about you now. I checked my social media and the video's all over the place. Along with us. It's a wonder the police haven't shown up to my house yet."

They were all in front of the school's destroyed statue, putting down a plan as to what to do now that Scootaloo was safe... Sort of. "That is the least of our problems," Princess Celestia said. The principals were standing nearby, a little spooked while looking at their clones who had crowns on their heads as well as magic. Discord was in a painter's uniform painting something on a canvas and an easel at Pinkie Pie speed, trying to create something.

"You're right, sun butt," he agreed. "We have to worry about this lady." He turned the easel around so everyone could get a look at the painting of Zolan in human form. "She's red! She's bad! Give it up for Zolan!!!.....Who will try to use little Scoot Scoots for her own evil deed. That much we know."

"Yeah...but how?" Principal Luna asked. "All we know is that there was a prophecy, she's looking for something, and it's held where Scootaloo lived before. But where did she live before?"

"Probably in the woods," Amaryllis suggested. "That's where I went back in Equestria."

"You lived in the Everfree, didn't you?" Princess Celestia asked her. Amaryllis bit her lip and nodded, making the princess sigh. "Colts and Fillies aren't supposed to be in there alone. But to LIVE in there is something else entirely."

"What's so bad about the Everfree?" Earth Applejack said. "We took a trip back there one time, camping."

"The Everfree forest is one of the most forbidden areas of Equestria. Ponies who go in are usually chased back out by legendary creatures known as Timberwolves, Manticores, Ursas, Parasprites, and worst of all, the Cockatrice. A creature that has the head of a chicken, but the body of a serpent. It's stare can turn you to stone."

"So... Like Medusa?" Principal Celestia asked.

"What's a Medusa?"

"Anyway," Princess Twilight interrupted. "The two are coming back from the hospital. Hopefully unseen." The group looked towards where she was pointing to see Sci-Twi and Rainbow Dash making their way up the sidewalk towards the school. Twilight was holding onto Rainbow as she leaned on her shoulder. Looks like they didn't get any good news.

"So.....what's the verdict?" Anemone asked from the top of one of the rocks. The two of them stopped next to Princess Twilight, sighing at the same time.

"Well... They said the earliest she can get out is a month from now," Twilight answered for her girlfriend. "And that they are doing an investigation on her. She didn't want to see us and the doctor said she wouldn't even talk."

The group sighed sadly. Even Discord, which was very surprising to both Princess Celestia and Luna. "I may be the God of Chaos," he explained. "But even I do not like to kill... Or see anyone else die. Let alone kill themselves."

"And Zolan wants to take advantage of that. How despicable," Luna seethed. "Hopefully she'll show her ugly face soon. I feel like pummeling it like pizza dough."

"You and I both, sister," Celestia agreed. "She has continued to make dangerous moves against not only Equestria, but any world. First, she used me to get at Rainbow Dash....Anemone, excuse me, Amaryllis, and their kind. They are now the last two. Now she is attempting to go through the battered soul of a child. Who has been weakened beyond her limits. It is truly disgusting."

"You said it, sun-butt."

Scootaloo stared up at the camera that was positioned in the corner of her lonely bedroom. Or makeshift prison as she so calls it. No TV, no books, no nothing. They still had her on the IV. What for, she didn't know. Nor did she care. But she was hungry. There was no clock in there, only being able to tell time by the sun. She did that all the time while she was living on her own.

Earlier, she looked at herself in the protected mirror in the bathroom. At least she had one, these guys were obviously serious about her suicide. The door didn't even have glass on it. No window, no slot, nothing. She still had the open gash on her face with a piece of gauze over it that kept falling off. She just ripped it off and threw it on the ground with no care to what the doctor thought about her. She also had cuts and smaller scars on her face, as well as a black eye still from the man who had forced her to have sex with him.

She only gave him oral before for the ride, but the monster wanted more. So he pulled over and took it. Something told her not to get in that truck, but out of sheer desperation, she did anyway. Now she had an abused and overall used body.

The door beeped, signalling that someone was going to walk in that captured her attention. She darted her eyes away from the camera when the lock clicked and the door pushed open, revealing two nurses. Behind them were some more people, since she saw feet. She couldn't really tell because one of these guys were blocking the doorway. But they looked young and strong.

"We're taking everyone down to lunch in the cafeteria," the one guarding the door said to her. The other was busy unhooking her IV from her arm. She looked from his eyes to the whispers coming from outside the doorway, definitely from that line of people out there.

"Dude, that's the detainment room. And there's someone in there?"

"Only the worst go in there."

"So a new patient?"

Scootaloo sighed before she reluctantly got up and walked forward towards the nurse. He stopped her as the other placed some type of plastic binding on her wrists that were rounded on the edges but shaped like handcuffs. Afterwards, they stepped aside revealing the line of other people who were female teenagers.

They all stopped their whispering as they took in her physical state. They were expecting someone that just looked normal, not a monster like that. All except one girl. She had ice blue skin dark yellow eyes, and dark yellow hair, reminding Scootaloo of human waste. She offered her a smile that Scootaloo definitely did not return.

The nurses took hold of the Scootaloo's shoulders as the line started moving forward again. She was separated from it individually. These nurses were obviously afraid of her. Probably because of what she did to that doctor and threatened to do to Rainbow yesterday. All of this. Everything. Within only two days. What the hay was going to happen next?