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It has been a few months since the incident at Camp Everfree. Timber has broken up with Sci-Twi and Sunset is there to help pick up the pieces. What will become of the two best friends.

Continuity: Struggles

Rated T for fluff and profanity.

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On Hiatus until further notice. I wanna continue with stories that I feel could be prequels, including Struggles

Decided to rename as it is not so much a crush as it is a romance.

Chapters (2)

Featured on July 18, 2019

Throughout her time at Crystal Prep, Twilight Sparkle had been ignored or scorned by her jealous and well-to-do classmates. She could only rely on her pet dog Spike for companionship.

The Friendship Games, once a way to bring the two schools together, devolved into a cutthroat competition for glory. A competition Principal Abacus Cinch sought to win, even if it meant blackmailing her top student.

Seeking to distract herself from her loneliness, Sparkle sought to study the magic of Canterlot High School. Her experiments, however, wreaked havoc on the games, and brought her the scorn of Sunset Shimmer, who saw the human Twilight as a dangerous nuisance.

In a last-ditch effort at victory, Cinch and the Shadowbolts pushed Twilight into unleashing the magical energies she had collected.

But in their attempt to abuse a force they did not understand, the Shadowbolts unwittingly caused tragedy. But through this tragedy, will the Shadowbolts and others come to understand the value of a single human being? And will Sunset overcome her grief and try to prevent another one?

Chapters (40)

After the events of "A Canterlot Wedding: Part One," Twilight Sparkle encounters the League of Extraordinary Misfits, a group of outcasts each from a different world. The League decides to adopt Twilight as one of their own and help her take revenge on the ponies who coldly dismissed her. But Twilight surely wouldn't want something like that to happen to her friends...would she?

Chapters (11)

After Twilight said Cadence was evil, everypony rejected her warnings. Twilight feels sad and betrayed. Sad that especially Spike, Shining Armor and her mentor had avoided her, and betrayed that her friends had told her that they would take what Twilight would tell them seriously after the Lesson Zero events. Twilight just didn't expect Nightmare to come keep her company.

Chapters (7)

Imagine being an ordinary citizen going about your day with no idea that the Wakanda battle to protect the Mind Stone is even happening. And then suddenly, your friend, your family members or even you begin disintegrating into dust. You have no idea what it is, what's causing it and you can't stop it.

That's exactly what the ponies of Equestria felt when Thanos snapped his fingers.

Click here for the complete list of who lived and who died in this story.

Featured 26th April 2019 (thanks, guys!)

Chapters (1)

(Spoiler Warning)Past Thanos snapped his fingers and created his new universe almost killing himself, and just like the last time a universe was made, the stones were sent away from the point of origin. However, their initial appearance given and initial location is pretty much the same as each other this time. Reminds me of the elements of harmony, wait a second?

Chapters (3)

When Spoiled Rich takes her abuse too far, Filthy Rich divorces her

This story contains child abuse

Chapters (5)

"Living here in Ponyville
Fighting villains from afar
You've got to find first gear
In your giant robot car"

When the CMC stumble across a giant mecha from another time, another place, another reality, their latest quest for their Cutie Marks takes on epic proportions. Between getting to class, dealing with an angry alien that's somewhat friendly, dealing with an angry alien that is distinctly less friendly, and anything else the heavens can throw at them, you'd think things were hard enough. But they still have to be home by bedtime. least piloting a giant robot makes it easier to get certain bullies to shut up. Ponies dig giant robots too...when its weapons aren't pointed at them.

Now where - and what - was first gear again?

Creative Consultant: The_Whovian16

Chapters (12)

In this AU, Sunset is still recovering not only from the trauma she suffered from being accused of posting the students' secrets, but also from her breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Flash Sentry; she decides to move to another city as a result.

Five years later, Sunset is attempting to make ends' meet when she spots a job hiring at a mall for a spot as one of Santa's Little Helpers. Enter (quite literally) a young man named Bobby, who works as a security guard at the mall that the Santa Meetup is taking place in order to help his family make ends' meet themselves; he himself is recovering from a nasty breakup sometime ago.

Sunset and Bobby hit it off quite well, despite their repeated insistence that they have a complete lack of chemistry. Of course, this isn't completely true, but for different reasons. Bobby thinks himself as unworthy for the love of a beautiful girl like her, while Sunset believes that this new love interest is too good to be true and is unwilling to open up to those totally clichéd holiday romantic comedies that they both know and hate (and love at the same time).

Chapters (1)

Edit- 10/29/19: Wowza! This fic made it to the top of the popular section!

(Yes, I know. Another Anon-A-Miss fanfic, you thought. Well, it's just my take on the Christmas special, inspired by the other Anon-A-Miss fanfics so please bear with me if you find this boring or cringey. Feedback is encouraged though!)

With the embarrassing secrets being leaked in MyStable by a user known as Anon-A-Miss, everyone believed that it is Sunset who's behind the secret stealing and leaks that led to their humiliation. Sunset tried everything to prove her innocence, even going as far revealing her browser history but to no avail. No one believed her, not even her friends.

Now Sunset is all alone and has no one to talk to, no one to hang out with, no one to believe that she is innocent.

Sunset thought she is all alone until she met a very familiar face and friend that will turn things around for her.

Chapters (10)
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