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Queen Scootaloo - officialmjsmith

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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The sun basking Canterlot City brightened up the cars driving past the stores and more downtown, a movie theater and on the students of Canterlot High after they all screamed, cheered and threw up their homework, past work, and more as they rushed out of the tall school. Being the start of Spring Break, Principals Celestia and Luna decided to let the teens have fun. But they're definitely doing that homework though.

"So, any plans people?" Rainbow cheered as she ran out with her friends. Then jumped up and slid down the steps' handlebars. "And Twilight, if you say something like reading, studying, or anything science-y, I am chucking you into a pool with your lab coat on."

"Well I for one have some clothes to make, I mean really," Rarity answered while looking at her nails. Hopefully there wasn't anything hurting her mani-petty.

"And I got some apple pickin' to do," Applejack admitted.

"Scoots and I are going to the BMX park along with some more sports," Rainbow announced. She looked down at Scootaloo who ran in beside her, all smiles and wearing a worn out black long sleeved jacket. Rainbow reached over to ruffle her hair and asked, "Right, buddy?"

"Yup!" She answered excitedly, hugging her surrogate sister's waist. "The others are doing boring things. Blech!"

"I have to go to the animal shelter and take care of the animals," Fluttershy said, hugging a yearbook to her chest.

"I have to work on diagrams, studies, and...." Twilight trailed off once spotting Rainbow frowning and narrowing her eyes at her. Then quickly backpedaled, "I meant going to a pool and splashing water, building sand castles! Yay!" Rainbow smiled and nodded her head, pleased with that answer.

"Well I don't know what I'm gonna do," Sunset said, leaning against the railing. "I'll probably just—AAAAHHH!" They all jumped and looked towards Sunset, who threw her purse on the ground.

Applejack laughed and stated, "Wow, you're worse than Rares when it comes to fashion. Drop somethin' nice on the ground and you scream."

"I do not!"

"No, it wasn't that!" Sunset corrected. "It's vibrating like crazy!" They all looked towards the ground at the purse going mad, moving along the ground on its own headed for the stairs. Rainbow rushed forward and reached inside, trying to find the source with her tongue hanging out her mouth. "So...you just go through my purse whenever you want?"

Ignoring Sunset, Rainbow pulled out the journal, which was vibrating far more than usual and pulsing red. "This does NOT look good," she said.

Sunset took the vibrating journal and opened it, turning to the page before reading out loud. "'Equestrian Emergency! Equestrian Emergency! Two ponies thrown through the dimensional portal at immense speeds, one gravely injured! Seek help immediately!'" A sudden light behind Sunset forced everyone outside to stop and turn their heads towards the statue.

"Come on!" Rainbow yelled, rushing towards the light, the others following after her. Once there, they stopped and waited, although not long. A small female voice was screaming and getting louder and louder until something shot out, sliding along the concrete. It had wings and sharp teeth, but it looked like a female with a Rainbow hair style. And she was hurt. Bad.

"Rainbow Dash?!" They all yelled out.

"What happened to me?!" The school Dash yelled out, pointing at the girl. "I look horrible! Why do I have wings?!"

"Anemone! Anemone!!" A voice screamed out from the portal. They all looked up just in time for Amaryllis to fly out and crash right into them, forcing them all onto the hard concrete ground. They all groaned before the portal closed and the statute began making noises.

Sunset opened her eyes first and gasped in horror before standing up, watching as the statue cracked from the bottom up to the top before it crumbled apart, falling to rocks. Bits and pieces.

The rest of them looked up and gasped, gazing at the destroyed statue while Amaryllis scrambled off of them and stood up on her knees and hands, looking around hectically.

"Anemone! Ane—ANEMONE!" Ignoring everyone watchi g, Amaryllis crawled forward towards Rainbow Dash and lightly shook her. "Wake up! WAKE UP!!"

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Amaryllis turned around. A bunch of people were staring at her in curiosity while one that she recognized made her way through.

"STAY BACK!" Amaryllis snarled, thrusting out a glowing hand and baring her teeth. "STAY AWAY FROM US, CELESTIA! YOU TRIED TO KILL US!"

The principal stopped and squinted her eyes at the girl. "Scootaloo?" She asked. "When'd you get wings?"

"I don't have wings!" A smaller girl in the crowd said, lifting her hand. "That's just another me!"

The principal gasped, spotting the badly bruised Rainbow Dash behind the winged girl. "Rainbow Dash?!"

"That's Rainbow Dash from Equestria...I think," Dash said from the side.

"Hey, Scootaloo," Sunset called calmly, getting down to the girl's level. "I'm Sunset Shimmer, a friend of Princess Twilight Sparkle of Ponyville. We need to get Rainbow Dash some help, ok?"

"What are you?! You're not a pony!" She retorted. Looking down, she gasped at her hands. "Where are my hooves? Where are my hooves?!" She screamed before she got dizzy, tilted to the side, and passed out. Everyone just stared at the two girls, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Well.....that was interesting," Rainbow said. "Now can we PLEASE get me some help?!"

"Keep holding her down, I'm going to sedate her!" Twilight yelled, lighting her horn while the others applied more pressure to Celestia, who was fighting with all the strength she could muster.

"Remove yourselves from me at once!" Celestia ordered in fury, squirming around. "You ponies need to learn that Equestria is no place for the weak ponies!" Twilight pointed her horn towards Celestia's and shot out a string of magic, attaching it to the Princess'. Her squirming began to still before her body slumped to the side, under the heavy influence of Twilight's spell. Down and under.

"She's out," Twilight announced tiredly. She motioned towards her friends and recommended. "You can get up now." The ponies all shifted off of Celestia, observing her state, her body completely still and covered with small bruises.

Finding this a great time to address the elephant in the room, Shining yelled in clear frustration, "What the hay just happened?! She and Rainbow just had it out! And was that really Rainbow?!"

"Yeah," Rarity answered, catching her breath. "That was really her. She was a thestral, her and Scootaloo."

"We've learned that Celestia killed their colony," Twilight said, motioning to the 'sedated maniac', the same term Pinkie muttered under her breath. "Her and a handful of Royal guards. What we want to know is why? Why did it come to this? Why was it even considered? Children, foals, and many more were killed in their cave, leaving only two sisters alive: Scootaloo, or Amaryllis, and Anemone, or as you call her, Rainbow Dash. Those were their aliases. They were undercover in Ponyville. Hiding from her in plain sight."

"Are you serious?!" Cadance yelled.

"Yes. Daring Do also said she went to the cave to see the mass amount of bodies left inside. It was a massacre." Everyone turned back to the sleeping princess on the floor. "Whatever happened must've really had an impact on the two. It was Amaryllis' first birthday when it started.

"Oh my faust," Cadance muttered. Without taking her eyes off of her aunt, she yelled, "GUARDS!"

A bunch of galloping was heard behind the door before they burst open, revealing two royal guards who saluted to attention. "Yes, your highness?"

"Have Celestia locked up inside the dungeons. Shackle her tight and keep an eye on her. And place on a horn inhibitor." The guards nodded before they trotted forward, grabbing Celestia by the hooves and quickly dragged her out of the room, the doors shutting behind them.

"Now.....we have another problem," Twilight sighed. "And we all know what it is." They all slowly turned their heads towards the shattered mirror, pieces all over the ground, burned. "We have no way of reaching the other side. I could try writing again but.... It's gone." The others looked back at Twilight to see the book lying at her hooves, turning into a bunch of sand. "The book is disintegrating. We have absolutely no way to reach them anymore. I sent out the last message as an Equestrian emergency to Sunset Shimmer. Hopefully she can help them out."

Cadance nodded and made her way towards the door, speaking. "In the meantime, we must inform Princess Luna about her sister. I hope she takes it well."


The group of students placed the two girls inside the nurses office, careful of their wings. They didn't want to bump anything or get scratched. Sunset placed Scootaloo on one table and Applejack placed Rainbow on another before Nurse Redheart came inside bewildered, making her way over to Rainbow Dash. Not the first time someone like this came into her office.

"Alright so what happened?" she asked while leaning over Rainbow with a stethoscope. "Because this looks serious. Any of these wounds could get infected badly and it could lead to something horrible."

"We don't know," Twilight answered. Obviously stressed out just like everyone else. "They flew out of the portal like this. Rainbow is seriously beaten down."

"I'll say!" Sunset Shimmer agreed loudly, sitting down in one of the chairs. "But whatever happened....Princess Celestia's involved. Scootaloo said something about she tried to kill them." They all stared at Sunset for a moment before she sighed, rolling her eyes. They didn't get it. "Princess Celestia is one of the major Princesses of Equestria. She raises and sets the sun while her sister, Luna raises and sets the moon."

"So she's a far more upgraded version of these two," Applejack assumed, motioning towards Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna in the doorway.

"Yep! Except of ruling a school...they rule the entire kingdom. Including Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, also known here as Dean Cadance of Crystal Prep Academy. Their world is like ours...only a lot more magical. I've been updated on the Princesses ever since this world's Twilight popped into our life." She reached into her purse before getting a bewildered look on her face. moving her hand around. "Wait..."

They all watched as Sunset dig around some more. Then started shaking her head in worry. "ohhh nononononono."

"What? What is it?" Rarity asked, coming over. Sunset slowly pulled out her hand to reveal.....sand. "The book....it's gone."

They all stared in disbelief at the sand when he dumped her purse. A bunch of sand fell out along with a few more personal items. A block of the book fell out too, but that turned into sand on impact. "Something terrible has happened in Equestria....and it involves these two girls," Sunset added. A sudden moan ripped their attention from Sunset to the bed Scootaloo was laying in. Her wings shifted slightly before she rolled onto her side, nearly falling off the table before shooting her wings out, catching herself.

"Ane....Anemone," she mumbled sitting up. She rubbed her eyes before the nurse came over to check on her.

"Can you see sweetheart?" Redheart asked, pulling a small flashlight out of her pocket. Scootaloo removed her hands and opened her eyes revealing her slits and purple eyes.

"Whoooooaaa," Rainbow muttered. Everyone else noticing her eyes had nearly the same reaction.

"Where's Anemone? Where's my sister?" They all looked at each other in confusion before Sunset pointed to the table next to her.

"Your uhh.....sister's next to you," she answered. Scootaloo bounced off the table and tried walking over there like everyone else was doing. She looked at "Rainbow's" face, checking her over and checking all the bruises.

"That blast really got you," she mumbled before growling in anger. "Celestia's definitely going to die now." Everyone widened their eyes and turned towards the door to see Principal Celestia slowly walking away then down the hall as quietly as she could.

Sighing, Amaryllis turned around towards the others. "Where are we?" she asked.

"Earth, darling," Rarity said. "You're in Canterlot High School's medical offices. What happened? Where is Twilight?"

"I don't know!" She yelled over her shoulder. "When will Anemone wake up?"

"I don't know, sweetheart," Nurse Redheart answered. "Are you alright?"

"No," she replied turning around. "Nothing is alright. Is there anyway to go back to Equestria?"

"Sorry kid, but the portal got destroyed," Rainbow said, walking through the door with Scootaloo. "Meet your duplicate...Scootaloo." The two girls stared at each other, trying to avoid this strange encounter.

"She looks nothing like me," they both said at the same time, making each other gasp. "Stop copying me! Stop copying me!!"

"Ok, yeah that's weird," Applejack said.She grabbed their Scootaloo and calmly pulled her back to Rainbow Dash. "It was already weird when Princess Twilight stepped through when Twilight here was just relaxing."

"Hey! I just realized all of you look like the others in Equestria!" Amaryllis exclaimed, pointing a hand at them. The Equestria Girls in the room looked around at each other before nodding their heads.

"Yep!" Rainbow yelled. "And I'm Rainbow Dash!" Amaryllis looked up at her before giggling.

"You used to act like that in Equestria...until everything got serious and we had to leave."

"That's what I'm trying to figure out," Sunset commented.he stood up and approached Amaryllis. "What exactly happened? All we know is that Twilight sent out a message declaring an Equestrian Emergency, you two fly through the portal which collapses after you fall out, and then here we are. But Rainbow here is scratched up and—"

"Her name is Anemone," Amaryllis corrected. "And my name isn't Scootaloo. It's Amaryllis." The group stared at her before they turned to the human Dash, who was trying to walk out of the room.

"Is your name really Anemone?" Twilight asked, chuckling with the others. "That is so pretty."

Rainbow swiveled around and yelled, "Shut up!" Trying not to blush. "It's Rainbow Dash! Rainbow! Dash! I do NOT go by a flower!"

Applejack gasped loud. "So yo' name is Anemone! Awwwwww!"

"Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up! It's Rainbow Dash!" Her face was completely red now before she buried it in her palms.

"Fine, fine," Sunset appeased, chuckling. "We'll call you Rainbow Dash....Anemone."

"Why don't you go back to Equestria?" Rainbow muttered while Scootaloo patted her arm.

"So... Amaryllis," Twilight greeted. "What happened to you and—" A yelp sounded out before she continued. Everybody quickly turned to Anemone lying on the table, moving around.

"Owwwww," she moaned. Holding her side, she sat up facing the others before rubbing her patched up cheek. "What happened?"

"Celestia hit you with some kind of spell that shook all of the Crystal Empire and sent you flying across the ground," Amaryllis explained quickly. "Then she grabbed us both and threw us into some mirror. We're on some place called Earth, in some building called Canterlot High School."

Anemone opened her eyes, revealing the same color like her sister's. "It must've been the portal that Twilight went through in the past. To some stupid, dumb, and useless high school or something."

"Yep, that's definitely Rainbow." Anemone gasped before pulling her sister behind her and holding out her glowing blue hand at the group, baring her teeth. Well... Fangs.

"Whoa! Whoa! Slow down!" Sunset yelled. She shot her hands up in the air with the others, gaining her attention. "We're friendly, I'm from Equestria!" Anemone raised an eyebrow before she slowly lowered her hand, not even realizing she didn't have hooves. "I'm Sunset Shimmer. That's Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Scootaloo, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, who for some reason has been surprisingly quiet this whole time."

"Oh, should I talk more?" Pinkie yelled out.

"Noooo!" The group yelled out.

"That's Vice Principal Luna." Sunset pointed at the blue and black themed lady leaning against the doorway, who waved to Anemone. "And Principal Celestia has left the room."

"Good," Anemone snarled. "I probably would've blasted her on accident...or on purpose, we'll see." Anemone grunted, then tried to get up only to stumble on her legs, making her nearly fall. She cocked her head and looked at her hands. "Umm....where are my hooves?"

Amaryllis looked down at her own, finally realizing she had the same. "Whoa! Freaky!" She cried out. Didn't she just freak out because she didn't have hooves earlier? Twilight thought.

Rainbow walked up to her with crossed arms and answered, "Uhhh....they get replaced with hands when you cross through the portal." She stopped and looked Anemone over. Then grinned and yelled, "Man, I look dangerous!"

"Hello? Anemone?" Anemone looked down to her sister who was waving her hand in front of her face. "A question. What are we going to do?! We're stuck here! The portal's been destroyed and there's absolutely nothing we can do! We're stuck with....these.......things."

The group looked appalled at her. "Ummm, Darling? We're humans. Like you," Rarity clarified.

"No, me and Anemone are thestrals, not humans!"

"Wait....." Sunset said walking towards them. Then gasped, "That's why you look familiar! I read about you when I was studying in Canterlot in the past!"

"What are Thestrals?" Rainbow asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sunset turned to her with a look that reminded Rainbow of Twilight in the corner. "Basically bat ponies. They lived out in the Badlands with the Changelings in mountains, caves, and underground. Which colony are you from?"

"No colony now," Anemone answered. She moved around on wobbly legs, testing them. "It was destroyed nine years ago." She took a few steps towards the doorway before turning around and walking back, satisfied she could move around.

"How? Are you building a new one?"

Anemone stopped and placed a hand on her sister's head while gazing at Sunset Shimmr. "We can't build a new one. And if we did, it would take decades to get back up to our numbers."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked. "What happened?"

"The Thestrals are gone," she snarled. "All of them. I am Princess Anemone and this is Princess Amaryllis. We are the last two thestrals left in Equestria.....thanks to Princess Celestia."

After receiving a letter from Princess Cadance, and an intense flight, Princess Luna landed outside of the castle in the Crystal Empire. After looking at the ground below and spotting a huge crater in the streets and other damages. Receiving the letter a little under ten minutes ago, she flew to the city as fast as she could, trying to figure out why Celestia was locked up in the dungeon. Luna walked past he damages, then up the steps and opened the doors. The guards were stationed throughout the crystal hallways, standing firm and tall as she trotted past, not even acknowledging them. Finally, she arrived at the throne room, where the Element bearers were speaking to Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. She burst through the doors, startling those inside.

"Alright! Thou will tell us what is going on this moment!" Luna ordered, capturing everyone's attention. "Why is our sister being held in thy dungeons?!"

Princess Cadance stood up and walked towards Luna to tell her. "Princess Celestia attacked Rainbow Dash and threw her through the portal, shattering it afterwards. She is now trapped in the other realm, along with another, unless we discover a way to get them back. She is also guilty of a massacre of the Thestrals that has happened nine years ago. Twilight and the others have indisputable evidence proving these claims. Unless this Celestia is some type of impostor, then she is in a deep dish. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were Thestrals who were hiding from her here when she arrived and attacked. She knocked out Rainbow Dash and grabbed them both before throwing them into the portal. We tackled her to the floor as soon as the mirror shattered."

"My book has disintegrated as well, Luna," Twilight added, walking over to them. "I have no way of checking to make sure they're alright. I would've used my portal at the Friendship castle, but I need the book to do it."

"So we must find the spell that Starswirl the Bearded used to recreate the portal," Luna said. "Celestia can be dealt with at the same time. I will assign detectives to check the scene of the crime. Where was the massacre?"

"In a mountain, out in the badlands," Twilight said. "What are we going to do about Princess Celestia?"

"She will stay here in the dungeons until the investigation is complete. I will take over the sun and the moon. Try to find that spell." Luna turned around and headed for the door to go have a talk with her sister.

"You can't be serious," Sunset refused. she reached out and grabbed Anemone's shoulders, round eyes piercing into Anemone's fierce slit ones. "Celestia couldn't have killed over five hundred ponies! That can't be possible!"

"Tell that to my headless mother and my father's missing body!" Anemone retorted, pushing Sunset's hands off of her. "Everyone in those caves is dead. We were able to leave by playing in the dark, stalking through the shadows and being quiet. It was difficult. It all happened on Amaryllis' birthday. Her first birthday. A loud explosion shook the whole cave system before the soldiers poured in. You could hear the hooves pounding through the ground. Mother went out to go see what was happening. It was her duty. Father stayed with us for a while. We were in the back. The soldiers had to get through everything else before they could get to us, so we had to make our escape then. Along the way, we saw nothing but bodies. Blood everywhere. We moved as slowly and quietly as we could, making sure Amaryllis was asleep before we finally made it to the entrance. But Celestia herself saw us and gave chase. Father told me to take Amaryllis and run...and never come back. That was the last time I saw him."

Sunset put her hands over her eyes and breathed deeply while the others just stared in shock. "We are the very last ones," Amaryllis added, stepping forward. "Celestia threw us through a glass mirror after beating up Anemone and we landed here. I guess we're stranded until someone comes and gets us."

"Yeah, and take us back to that bugbear," Anemone added. "I'd like to get my hooves on her again. I would've totally demolished her if she hadn't moved out of the way!"

"I'm sure Twilight and the others were able to stop her once she threw us in." Amaryllis climbed back on the table looking at her hands before she got a tap on the leg. Looking up, she noticed Scootaloo giving her a nice smile.

"I'm really sorry about your family. No one deserves to have their family massacred."

"I didn't know them very well," Amaryllis said.

"Still. It's not right."

"I agree," Twilight stated. "Our spring break is ruined though. And it hasn't even started yet. It's going to take you guys awhile to get back home."

"What do you mean?" Anemone asked. She moved her legs trying to walk towards her. These things were weird. "You're an egghead, I'm pretty sure you can get us home in no time."

"I know right?" Rainbow agreed happily. She tilted her head and motioned towards Twilight's unamused expression. "I call her an egghead all the time, but she doesn't accept it! She makes it seem like I'm mocking her!"

"You are!" Twilight exclaimed, laughing out loud. "You wouldn't let me even think about doing a science experiment during break, yet you'll call me an egghead!"

"It's a good thing!" Everyone yelled out, including Luna.

"Ugghhh, fine! Fine, I'm an egghead! Are you happy now?!"

"Very," Rainbow appeased, giving her a smile. "So how are we gonna help these guys?"

"I'm not quite sure." Twilight put her hand to her chin, thinking deeply on the subject. "I don't know a lot about magic. I know it exists, but that's about it. Besides, I think the problem came from Equestria's end."

"Why do you think that?" Sunset asked curiously.

"Something must've happened there, because Earth is just a connection where Equestria is the main port. Whatever happens there happens here. So if the portal over there stopped working, then this one does too. The portal on this side is only connected to that one. Without Equestria's it doesn't function. You take out the battery, the whole phone stops working, or in this case, it just crumbles."

Anemone and Amaryllis gasped. "The mirror!"

"It must've broke or something then!" Anemone declared. Then started pacing back and forth, clearly worried. "Celestia probably destroyed it! So we couldn't come back! Thus destroying the one over here!"

"So the only thing that works so far is our magic," Amaryllis concluded. She held up her glowing hand and levitated a bag of skittles out of Twilight's pocket into her palm. "What are these?" Anemone looked at the bag before reaching in, shocking Twilight, and taking out a bit of the candy. She squinted at it before smelling it. Shrugging, she popped it in her mouth and started chewing. Satisfied, she hummed in satisfaction and turned to Amaryllis while reaching back in.

"Taste one, sis!" She said proudly while pulling out another handful. "These things are ripe!" Amaryllis reached into the bag and pulled out a handful for herself. Then popped them in her mouth before gasping and smiling, her eyes dilating in happiness before popping the rest in.

"They just ate most of my Skittles!" Twilight yelled out. She stomped over and yanked the Skittles out of Amaryllis' hands. "No more Skittles! Buy your own!"

"Do we have bits?" Anemone asked herself out loud. "No.....no we don't."

Amaryllis hiccuped and asked, "Wait, then how'd you get that food we had when we were in the Crystal Empire?"

"I......borrowed it," Anemone answered innocently as she could. "I was gonna give it back......when.....I could."

"You stole it?" Amaryllis blandly asked.

"Yeah, I stole it," Anemone admitted while smiling and nodding her head. Amaryllis just sadly shook her head at her. "Hey! It was either that or we eat the mice there, what do ya' want?"

"Fluttershy's upset," Rainbow Dash announced. They all looked towards the yellow skinned girl to see her twitching her eye.

"I think we broke her," Applejack thought aloud. She lifted a hand and waved in front of her face.

"Oh she's easy to fix," Anemone deduced. She walked over and snapped her fingers twice in front of Fluttershy's face before slapping the top of her head. Fluttershy gasped before looking around.

"What happened?" She asked. Then looked up at Anemone and asked timidly, "Did you just hit my head?"

Anemone nodded. "Yeah, Rainbow wouldn't do it so I did."

"I didn't know how!" Rainbow declared, annoyed and narrowing her eyes.

"All you do is this." Anemone snapped her fingers in front of her face again before slapping the top of her head, making her get that look again. "Then do it again to break her out of it. It's actually really fun if you do it in front of a group of people. It's hilarious!"

"Hmmmm," Rainbow hummed. Then completed the gestures again to watch Fluttershy get all dopey. "This....could come in handy."

"Great...there's two of 'em," Twilight muttered sarcastically. "At least Scoota—I mean, Amaryllis is innocent enough, right?" They all looked towards the tables to see Amaryllis eating the skittles again. Twilight gasped and patted down her pockets, groaning. "Nevermind."

"Welp.....two Rainbow Dashes and two Scootaloos," Sunset said, shaking her head. "Means double trouble. We're in for a ride this summer."

Author's Note:

I know, I know. The human Thestrals thing is so......strange, but I didn't know what else to call them. The reason I made them keep the wings is because since the magic of the portal closed off a little after Amaryllis was thrown in, they weren't entirely changed into humans, leaving some Thestral properties alive in them.

I hope you guys really enjoy this. I wanna make more fanfictions, but it's gonna have to be on another website, like fanfiction.net or Wattpad. Tell me what Fanfictions you want and I'll try to make it a reality, I promise!

Also, I'll be taking recommendations for the next chapter btw! I'll also include some more explanations and feels! So be prepared for some fluff!

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