• Published 3rd Feb 2018
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Queen Scootaloo - thedarktome

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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Present Day

"Okay! Cutie Mark Crusader meeting now in....uhhhh....," Scootaloo stammered from the podium in front of the gallery in the CMC clubhouse, staring back at Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle's bland faces. "What's the word used to say......on?" She inquired.

"How abouuuuuttt," Apple Bloom thought, putting her hoof to her chin. "How about 'in session'?"

"Oh right! Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting is now in session. So SHUT UP! Now. We need new ideas on how to get our cutie marks. Sweetie Belle will write them down, right Sweetie......SWEETIE BELLE! WAKE UP!" The filly in question jolted awake, muttering crazy things as her head shot up.

"What what huh?" She yelled, confused.

"Hellooooo! Sweetie Belle?" Apple Bloom called, waving a hoof in front of Sweetie's face. "You alright in there? You've been falling asleep a lot lately. Aren't you gettin' any sleep?"

"Not really," she replied tiredly while rubbing her eyes. "I keep having these nightmares of these ponies with weird wings eating everypony in Ponyville. I can't go back to sleep after I wake up, so I usually just doze off somewhere. Like in a bush or something."

Scootaloo deadpanned, "A...bush? Your sister would have a fit and yell out horseapples!"

"Eh. She has before. I wouldn't be surprised if she—" Sweetie suddenly dropped her head and went back to snoring, startling the two other fillies in the clubhouse.

Scootaloo stared at Sweetie in awkwardness. Then glanced at Applebloom and asked, "So...uhh...do we like...just...continue without her or something? We don't have any rules saying you can't go to sleep during a meeting."

"We'll have to meet another time," Apple Bloom replied. Then lifted a hoof and nudged Sweetie's face. "Because she is OUT of it. She is definitely not in her body anymore."

Scootaloo sighed and placed her face in her hooves. "We are so behind," she muttered.

"Why don't we just wing it?" Apple Bloom asked. She stood up and placed Sweetie on her side. Then covered her up with a blanket. "Just this one time, we do a task without havin' a meetin'."

"No, Sweetie would get upset if we did it without her. We'll have to skip this one." Apple Bloom shrugged before they both climbed out of the tree house, leaving Sweetie Belle in a blanket to get some sleep.

"I wonder what types of dreams she's been having," Scootaloo asked. "If it keeps her up at night, they must be pretty bad."

"AHHHH! BAT PONY!" The two fillies stopped and looked back up to the tree house, staring at it for a moment before the snoring began once more.

Apple Bloom turned back and laughed. Then answered, "I guess....bat ponies. Whatever those are. Hey! I bet we can get our cutie marks in slaying abnormal ponies!"

"Yeaaaahhhh we're NEVER doing that!" Scootaloo replied horridly. "Why would we want to slay bat ponies? That's just wrong."

"Because it is weird an' unnatural! It's unnatural!"

"That's like saying you want to slay me because I'm a Pegasus and can't fly," Scootaloo said in disbelief. "We are not hunters, Apple Bloom. We do not go around slaying different versions of ponies because they are different. We welcome them like the Equestrians we are."

Apple Bloom groaned and replied, "Uggghhhh fine. Let's go see what Twilight's doin'. I'm sure she could use some help." Scootaloo looked at her oddly for a moment. Then scratched her back before smiling and trotting after her.

Twilight did in fact need help. Today, Princess Celestia was coming over to her castle and she needed the library to be spotless, where dust wasn't even visible on the floor. But that was becoming an issue. Each time she dusted a certain area, it would just fall back down and settle, causing her to re-dust that same spot.

Twilight lifted her duster for the fourth time and dusted the same spot quickly, groaning in annoyance. Then leaned in with an annoyed expression on her face to watch that exact same dust fall back into place. "Awww, come on! Why isn't this working?!" She cried out. She threw out her hooves and yelled, "Celestia's going to be here in twenty-three minutes, forty-two seconds and—"

"Geez, Twi!" Spike interrupted loudly, stepping into the library. He was wearing an expression of humor on his face, annoying Twilight a bit. "You know exactly when she's going to arrive?"

"Sounds like normal egghead stuff," Rainbow Dash said from across the cutie map. She was eating a daisy sandwich, smirking at Twilight with her rear hooves kicked up on the table. "You really need to lay off those books, Twi. Anymore reading and you'll fall in love, get married, and eventually, have an excerpt that you'll have to take care of." Spike and Rainbow began laughing.

"How'd you get in, Dash?" Twilight asked in stress. She sighed before she could answer and added, "You broke another window, didn't you?"

Dash stopped her chewing and looked towards the broken window above the princess. Then back down. Grinning innocently, she answered, "Uhhhh.....noooooo?" Twilight sighed before heading over to the nearest closet to grab the broom. "But I solved your problem," Rainbow added.

Twilight sighed and looked over her back while digging through the room. Deadpanning, "What are you talking about?"

"It's so simple, no wonder you didn't notice," Rainbow said. She tossed the last bit of her sandwich in her mouth before getting up. "If you wanna get the dust out, all you have to do is open the windows or doors. The dust keeps settling down because the air isn't circulating in here and the dust can't even get out of the building or room. So to make the air circulate, you need wind. To do so, you open a door or window, letting in the warm air outside to mix with the cold air, creating wind." Rainbow trotted over to the door and opened it before using her wing to dust off the items in the room. "See?"

Twilight put a quizzical look on her face before dropping the broom and going over to where Dash stood to see the dust being carried out the door. She gasped before going to another item and dusting that off too, watching as it blew out.

"Wow, Twilight, you got bested by Rainbow?" Spike said. He gripped his sides in laughter and doubled over in hysterics. "I can't believe this! I just—" Twilight nonchalantly dumped a whole bucket of freezing water on him, leaving the cold blooded reptilian freezing and shivering.

"Shut up, Spike," she ordered blandly before slamming the bucket on his head and walking away.

Rainbow made an "oh" with her mouth before browsing through the books. "Got any new Daring Do yet?"

"None have come in yet. I hope YOU don't have an excerpt with how many of those books you read," the princess said. "I wonder how you'll do with a real foal."

"Hey! I'm great with foals! I practically raised Scootaloo!"

Twilight shrugged. "Eh, I raised Spike my whole life. Starting from when he was an egg to right now. I know him enough to know how much freezing water I can put on him before he gets sick. Right, Spike?"

"G-G-Go to T-Tartarus, T-T-Twilight," Spike replied irately as he shivered.

"See? He agrees wholeheartedly."

Rainbow looked at the baby dragon in confusion watching as he blew a small flame over his body to warm himself up. "You do know dragons are cold-blooded right?"

"Duhhhh! I make sure not to make it too cold for him. He'll be fine."

"Yeah, after I see you in Tartarus, I'll be great," the baby dragon muttered, walking away. "That's my dream. My number one dream."

"Oh, hush dragon."

Rainbow chuckled and went back to her Daring Do search before the library room doors were knocked on. "Oh! That must be Celestia!" Rainbow gasped slightly and remained calm while the princess trotted over to the doors and opened it with her eyes closed.

"Thanks for coming, Princess! I have been expecting your arrival."

"Wow, thanks Twilight!" A southern voice said from the ground. "I didn't know I was a princess! I guess that makes you one too, Scoots!" Twilight opened her eyes to see two familiar fillies standing in the doorway grinning before trotting into the room. Rainbow took a deep relaxing breath and went back to reading her book.

Twilight bowed her head and groaned into her hooves, "Oh no."

"You need some help Twilight? HEY! RAINBOW DASH!" Scootaloo yelled, Then ran over across the crystal floors to jump on her surrogate sister's back.

Rainbow chuckled and flapped her wings against Scootaloo's face. "Hey, Squirt!" She looked around and asked. "Uhhh..... Where's the other one?"

"Sweetie Belle?" Apple Bloom answered, sitting in one of the chairs. "She's resting in the tree house. Hasn't been getting a lot of sleep lately because of nightmares. Something about bat ponies." Rainbow took a quick breath intake unnoticeably once again before glancing towards Scootaloo in surprise.

"Twilight what do you know about bat ponies?" Scootaloo asked from atop Rainbow's head. "Do you have a book on them? Huh? Huh? Do ya'?" Twilight groaned before turning around and slamming the door unknowingly in Celestia's face.


Twilight yelped before quickly reopening the door. Celestia was standing there groaning anf rubbing her snout.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, Princess!" Twilight quickly teleported to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit. Then teleported back in front of her mentor. "Let me see your face! If it's bruised, I can apply some cream. If it's bleeding, I can give you a band-aid. And it it's cracked, then.....I'll have Rainbow fly you to the hospital."

"Twilight?" Rainbow asked blandly. Then waved at Celestia and responded, "She has her own wings, I'm sure she can fly there herself, even if her nose was shattered. It looks fine to me though, so..." Twilight looked back at Celestia to see her looking unamused at Rainbow.

"Thank you for the concern, Rainbow," she greeted sarcastically while walking into the room.

"Anytime, Princess. I do the same with Scoots here. She can crack a rib and still walk around like there's absolutely no problem for weeks! Right, sis?" Rainbow glanced up at Scootaloo grinning on top of her head.

She nodded and replied enthusiastically, "Yup!"

Twilight just stared at Rainbow in horror. "Yeah, you're definitely not ready for a foal," she said as she and Celestia sat down. "How are you, Princess?"

"Well besides from that wake-up call, I'm excellent, Twilight. Luna's been getting more sleep in, which means less problems for me when she does wake up. And the nobles have been getting off my back for a while, keeping away. I hope it stays that way."

"Prince Blueblood I take it?" Twilight groaned.

Celestia sighed and nodded. "Yes, he can be very ignorant at times. So much so that he tried to get the other Princesses to go against me."

Twilight scoffed and stated, "How grotesque!"

"Indeed, my faithful student. Any new findings on the Cutie Map lately?"

"Nope! All has been quiet," she replied. She lifted a hoof and pointed down at the map in front of them. "Everything has been strangely quiet, actually. Most of the time, we would get a call once a week. But it's been quiet for a month. Rarity has certainly been enjoying it."

"Hmmmm," Celestia hummed. She looked down from her beverage to the glowing map in front of her. "Well, at least you get to relax for awhile."

"I'll say," Twilight muttered. "I'm definitely not complaining about it. Traveling all over the nation is actually tiring."

"Hey Princess," Scootaloo called as she walked over to Celestia. "What do you know about Bat Ponies?"

Celestia looked down at her in surprise, completely missing Rainbow's face of fear. "Bat ponies?" She asked.

Scootaloo nodded rapidly and clarified further, "Yeah. You know, ponies with bat wings and lizard eyes."

Celestia chuckled t hr innocence and answered, "Well, they're not called 'Bat Ponies'. They're called Thestrals. They're extinct now."

"I didn't know that," Twilight inputted from across the table. "I thought Thestrals continued to live in Equestria." She lifted a drink and took a sip. The last time she read on Thestrals were so long ago. But she could've sworn they were still out there living.

Celestia shook he head and answered, "Not anymore. They did a few years ago, although some things happened to where they became extinct."

"Do you know much information about it?" Twilight asked her.

"It is best for it to stay in the past," she replied before turning to the fillies quizzically. "Scootaloo, why do you wanna know about Thestrals?"

"Because Sweetie Belle's been screaming 'BAT PONIES!' in her sleep," Apple Bloom answered after jumping off her chair and walking over to stand by her friend. "We're trying to figure out what the hay she was goin' on about!"

"Oh, alright then. Go back to crawling all over Rainbow Dash."

"What?!" Rainbow screamed, tossing the book to the side. "NO!!"

"YAY!" The two fillies jumped straight from the floor and flew right into Rainbow, making her fall backwards off of her throne.

"That's too sweet," Twilight chuckled as she looked at the sight. Rainbow somehow got up and tried to run out of the room only to be grabbed by the left ankle and pulled back in by Apple Bloom.

Rainbow grabbed hold of the seat and pulled herself into view once more. Her face held an expression of desperation as she faced the two princesses and screamed, "She's as strong as her sister, HELP! ME!"

"Aww they're playing tag!"

"Buck you, Twilight!"

After the "Attack on Dash", Apple Bloom and Scootaloo decided to head back out and continue their discussion about Sweetie Belle as hey moved through the busy day of Ponyville. Many of its citizens were out and about getting shopping done along with other deeds. And since it was saturday, School was closed and foals were free to play. "So now that we know what bat ponies are, we can talk to Sweetie Belle about her dreams," Apple Bloom stated as they walked back to the tree house. They moved off he path and onto the property of the farm. "Maybe she's seen something crazy that Celestia doesn't even know of!"

"Maybe," Scootaloo replied slowly. She shot Apple Bloom a confused look. "Wasn't the Princess a little vague about what Thestrals were? It was like she didn't wanna talk about it."

"Beats me," the farmer replied. "Maybe it's a tough thing to talk about. You know, like when you don't like talkin' about your crush on—"

"I get it, Apple," Scootaloo interrupted. "You don't have to say it. I just find it weird though. The Princess always tells the truth. Do you think she was hiding something?"

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes and answered nonchalantly, "Eh. The royals are always hidin' somethin'. I wouldn't be surprised if Spike was really Twilight's sorcerer or somethin'." The two fillies walked into the tree house to see a strange sight. Sweetie Belle sitting up and staring at the wall, eyes widen like she just saw something terrible. "You...ok there, Sweetie?"

Sweetie turned her head and yelped before running behind the podium. "There's a bat pony! Right there!" Her little hoof pointed out from behind the podium, right towards Scootaloo.

Apple Bloom arched her eyebrows and replied in astonishment, "What? What are you talkin' about, Sweetie Belle? It's just Scootaloo."

"Yeah," Scootaloo agreed. Then made her way towards the podium. "I'm a pony, not a thestral. Now quit hiding and—OW!" Sweetie Belle bopped Scootaloo in the muzzle before running out from behind the podium, then out of the tree house, huffing and puffing.

Apple Bloom gasped before quickly trotting towards her friend. "Are you okay, Scoots?"

Still on the floor, Scootaloo reached up and rubbed her mouth, checking for any bruising. Then looked up with worry and responded,"I'm fine I guess. It was just a little hit. Sweetie is really freaked out."

"Yeah, must've been serious," Apple Bloom agreed. She grabbed Scootaloo's hooves and helped her back up. "Is your mouth okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine. Let's get out of here." Agreeing entirely, Apple Bloom followed Scootaloo trotted out of the building and towards the entrance of the farm, unaware of a certain Cerulean Pegasus watching and listening to everything that was said. After they were out of sight, she she jumped out of the tree and landed on the ground.

"You'll be home soon, squirt," she muttered, looking at her in determination. Then sighed and added, "You'll be home soon."


That night, while Scootaloo slept soundlessly, she kept having the same nightmare repeat over and over in her head. It was dark and she couldn't see or feel anything. But there were voices.

"Quick! We need to save you two!" The two beings were running down a dark hallway, the much taller one holding a foal in one arm as they turned left and right, coming out by a much more lighter area. "The queen is dead!"

"What are you talking about?!" the smaller one shouted. "Mother cannot be killed!"

"The white pony killed her! I saw it with my own eyes!" The two stopped talking and looked around, hearing voices before whispering. "We must get you two out of the land. They will kill you too." The two continued walking out of the cave, the brightness lighting the coat of the smaller being, showing a cutie mark of a rainbow thunderbolt and the taller one an orange circle with a black coat.

Scootaloo cracked open her eyes, abruptly ending the interesting dream before she sat up looking around the cabin. "What...what was that?" she asked quietly. Then shook it off before getting up and stretching. The joints in her limbs popped in pleasure. A pleasure that made Scootaloo sigh. Then gasp suddenly, remembering something very very VERY important she nearly forgot.

"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" She squealed. Scootaloo cheered and ran around in a circle before trotting out of her makeshift home and into the street of the mostly empty Square. Fitted with only one or two ponies. She ran all the way across through the dirt, heading towards Sweet Apple Acres, lit up by the rising sun in the distance. On the way there, she stopped, spotting Sweetie Belle coming out of her home. Possibly just to get away from her sister. Reluctantly, Scootaloo greeted her. "Hey, Sweetie Belle!"

Sweetie Belle turned and waved back at her with a smile. Then eagerly trotted over. "Hey, Scootaloo. Sorry I hit you yesterday. It's not your fault you're a thestral. You're still a beautiful filly and my best friend. You being a thestral won't change a thing between us."

Scootaloo just raised an eyebrow at her. Those crickets sure picked a weird time not to chirp. This birthday is off to a weird start. "Uhhh.....thanks, I guess. Come on! It's my birthday and you're helping me celebrate!"

"Fine, fine, birthday filly," Sweetie Belle surrendered before following after her. After awhile, they walked past the gate of the farm, headed towards the clubhouse that Apple Bloom was undoubtedly in. Scootaloo ran inside expecting a big surprise, only to get something that was in her eyes even better.

"Rainbow DASH?!!" She yelled. "What are you doing here?" The clubhouse was fit with birthday decorations, having the number ten on them with a rainbow as the color theme. There were banners, cake, and even a couple presents. Rainbow Dash turned around after hanging up another banner to face Scootaloo, a grin plastered on her face.

"Hey, little buddy! Happy birthday!" She greeted, presenting her hooves in an invitation. Scootaloo giggled then ran into her arms, receiving the biggest and most happiest hug she has ever gotten.

"Thanks, sis!" The other two fillies looked on at the scene in happiness before Dash let her go. Scootaloo looked up expectantly and asked, "Did you get me a gift?"

"Eh, it's little but I think you'll like it. I still have to get it ready though, so...I'm not really good on time frames."

"It's alright," Scootaloo appeased, waving her hoof and dismissing the issue. "I'm not so good on that either. Now are we going to party or what?" They all screamed before singing happy birthday to the mare of the day, Dash holding her up to the cake with a candle shaped into the number ten. After Scootaloo blew out the candle, they all cheered and Dash hugged Scootaloo again. Proud of her.

After the cutting and eating of the cake the group decided to go to Sugarcube Corner to get some more sweets. "So any plans now that you're the big ten?" Rainbow asked her as they neared the square. "You have got to have some. It's a rule that everypony follows."

"Well, I'm still working on getting my Cutie Mark," Scootaloo answered, jumping up and latching onto Rainbow's neck from the ground before climbing on her back. "That and I want to get....hmmmm."

"What is it?" Rainbow asked, glancing up.

"I don't know." Scootaloo reached a hoof around, feeling her back. "I felt like something shifted​ in me or on me...it was weird. But anyway, I want to learn how to do tricks on that new scooter Sweetie Belle got me! That will be AWESOME!"

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle laughed while Rainbow Dash got a worried look on her face. Soon, they made it to Sugarcube Corner, walking in where Pinkie Pie was currently doing something with a pan.

"Pinkie! We need four large scoops of Ice Cream! Vanilla! On the double, sergeant chef!" Rainbow yelled into her ear. Pinkie yelped and immediately sprung into action. She grabbed the nearest Ice Cream scoop, the nearest Vanilla Ice Cream tub and some scones before dumping ice cream into the cones.

"Here you go!" Pinkie said shoving the cones into Rainbow's face within eight seconds. "Four vanillas! Just like you asked!"

"Thanks, Pinkie." Rainbow dropped some bits onto the counter and took the ice cream cones before flying back over to the kids. "Here you go! Uhhh....Scootaloo, you're scratching your back."

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom looked towards Scootaloo to see her biting her lip and scratching her back. HARD. "It's really irritating," she said, grunting. "I don't know what it is! And it's starting to ache a little."

"That's because you keep scratching it," Apple Bloom deadpanned. Rainbow hoofed over two cones to Apple Bloom and Sweeted. Then flew over to Scootaloo.

"Hold still," Rainbow said as she looked at Scootaloo's back. She sighed at the two red lines starting to show behind her wings. They were starting to come out. "Ok, you two fillies stay here," Rainbow ordered to Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. "We're going to go see nurse Redheart. "Come on, Scoots." Scootaloo jumped off the chair and followed Rainbow Dash out the door, ringing its bell and leaving the other two staring at the ice cream sitting in front of them.

"Will they come back?" Apple Bloom asked without taking her eyes off. Sweetie shook her head. "It's not right to take what ain't ours." They continued staring intently at the cones before reaching out and grabbing them.

"No ice cream melts on my watch," Sweetie Belle whispered between licks.

"Hop on my back," Rainbow ordered, bending down. "I'll get you some help." Scootaloo hopped on before Rainbow took off into the air, leaving the ground behind. Scootaloo got confused though when they passed over Ponyville Hospital.

She tapped her mane and said, "Uhhh...Rainbow? We passed over the hospital."

"I know. Now hold on!" Rainbow curved upwards. Scootaloo stopped scratching her back and held onto Rainbow's neck. Soon, they touched down on a cloud home. Immediately, Scootaloo jumped off and rubbed her back on the cloud.

"OOOOOO," she moaned in relief. "This feels SO much better. Why are we at your house?"

"You'll be staying with me for a day," she answered. Using her wing, Rainbow scooped Scootaloo onto her back. Then walked towards and into the house. "This is your...present," she answered slowly.

"Great I'm enjoying this already," she said before Rainbow placed her on the couch.

"Don't move, I'll be back in a second." Rainbow walked around the couch and up the stairs, where she opened a closet filled with different colored bottles and jars. Picking one out, she trotted back downstairs.

"Ok, I got some cream for ya'!" She sat down next to Scootaloo before opening the jar. A stick substance stuff to her hoof when she dipped in, then rubbed her hooves together. Eyes on Scootaloo, Rainbow ordered, "Turn your back."

Scootaloo stopped scratching and turned her raw back to Rainbow, who rubbed the cream on the red marks, that were definitely starting to open up.

"OOOOO," Scootaloo sighed in relief. "Thaaaat's gooood. What is that?" Rainbow stopped lathering the cream and sat back before responding.

"It's a cream I concocted for certain things for...certain ponies."

"What do you mean 'certain ponies'?" Scootaloo asked in suspicion. She turned around and faced Rainbow with a matching look.

"Like I said, you'll be staying here all day tomorrow. It's important. VERY important," Rainbow responded, ignoring her question.

"What? Why?" Scootaloo stood up and stepped back a little. "You're scaring me a little, Rainbow."

Rainbow dash sighed before turning around completely and spreading her wings. "Scootaloo? What do you see on my back?"

"Blue fur," she responded, squinting to make it out better. "A lot of blue fur."

Rainbow chuckled before refocusing her attention. "Look closer. Look past the blue fur." Scootaloo moved closer to Rainbow and squinted, trying to find something that looks strange on this mare's back. Eventually, she did.

She gasped. "You...have two scars! Coming from your neck going all the way down to your flank! What happened?!" Rainbow got a sad look before turning back around.

"Those.... aren't just scars, scoots. They were actually slits. Openings for something in my body that you too are growing."

Scootaloo was afraid to ask. Rainbow Dash could see the trepidation in her eyes. "Rainbow? What...what was in your back?"

Rainbow sighed and said, "...Wings."

"You had another pair of wings?" Scootaloo asked in awe.

"I still do," she responded, jumping down off the couch. "They've just moved inside. I'm.....not a normal pony squirt. And neither are you. That scratching is what you feel when they're about to come out and about to change. And these wings, you will be able to fly with."

The filly gasped and got off the couch, trotting in front of Rainbow. "You mean I'll be able to fly soon?!" She asked happily.

"Yeah, but you'll also be on the run...from a certain pony. I have two more things to tell you." Rainbow sat down and closed her eyes. Focusing. Scootaloo tilted her head in confusion, trying to figure out what she was doing until she heard a faint snap. Then another one. Suddenly, Rainbow's Pegasus wings...fell off?!

"Rainbow!!!" Scootaloo screamed. Then rushed over as quick as she could. "Your wings! They—" Suddenly a loud ripping sound reached Scootaloo's ears making her look towards Rainbow's back. There was blood coming from the currently re-opened scars before something started sliding out.

"What...." The black flaps continued coming out, one reaching out towards the couch. Once she was done, Rainbow sat back up, her black wings in view. "You're a.... you're a BAT PONY?!" Scootaloo stood in front of Rainbow, just in time to see her open her eyes to reveal...purple slitted eyes.

"I'm a thestral," Rainbow said, her sharp teeth showing. "And...you are too....little sister. Amaryllis."

"What?! What are you talking about?!"

Author's Note:

I feel I made the plot happen too quickly, but I couldn't find a workaround. :scootangel: