Queen Scootaloo

by officialmjsmith

First published

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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Scootaloo isn't what she thinks she is. She was never what she though she was. And it all began on her tenth birthday. Bat wings, hunger, and pain is all that this filly knows now. And what does Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia have to do with this?


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"The queen is dead!"

"What are you talking about?! Mother cannot be killed!"

"The white pony killed her! I saw it with my own eyes! We must get you two out of here, they will kill you too!" The two silhouetted thestrals looked around them, listening to the screams before coming to a decision.

"She cannot stay or come back here," the taller one resumed and concluded, looking down at the small orange thestral in its hooves, her grayish purple eyes looking around in confusion. "We must save you. Come!" The two thestrals ran out of the cave, the foal starting to cry and make noise.

"We have two runners!" A stallion yelled.

"Keep going!" the stallion said as he slowed down behind her. "Save yourselves!" The mare continued to run, not stopping as she made her way out the of the cave, opening her wings and sailing into the sky, the stallion following after her. The alabaster Alicorn looked out from the mouth of the cave, watching as they flew away before she flapped her wings, following after them.

"She's following us!" The stallion stated. "I will try to hold them off! Save yourselves! We will meet again one day!" He turned around, firing his magic from his hooves as the alicorn returned the gesture in kind. He looked behind him to see the mare gone before he was forced to fly in a different direction, providing a successful distraction.

The mare continued flying, hoping that the filly in her arms wouldn't be scared. "Amaryllis?" she said down to her. "I'm going to have to let you go now, ok? You'll find a nice place to sleep and eat. I really wish it didn't have to be this way, sister. But if she returns and sees us together, then we'll both be goners." The filly nodded, but being only one year's old, she had no idea what this pony was talking about.

The two of them flew over the town of Ponyville, noting the peace and serene nature of the town. Finding this a good spot, the mare touched down and placed the child in a blanket before lighting a hoof. She placed the hoof on the top of the young thestral's head, forcing her to sleep and pull in her tiny wings before going inside the filly's mind, erasing the knowledge of knowing how to draw them out.

After she was done she looked behind her. A door creaked open and a pony stepped out of their home, looking around for that thud they heard. The Thestral gasped and quickly ducked behind the corner, leaving the child on the ground and staying as quiet as possible. The pony looked around, positive that they heard a noise before shrugging and going back inside the house. The thestral peeked around the corner then stalked back out to comfort the child.

"It's ok, little one," she whispered. "You will have sweet dreams in the future. You will find friendship, happiness, and love. I love you, Amaryllis." The mare retrieved a note and placed it in the blanket visibly before turning around and taking off into the air, leaving the filly alone in the darkness of the night. Unaware that it would be the opposite of everything she said.


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Present Day

"Okay! Cutie Mark Crusader meeting now in....uhhhh....," Scootaloo stammered from the podium in front of the gallery in the CMC clubhouse, staring back at Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle's bland faces. "What's the word used to say......on?" She inquired.

"How abouuuuuttt," Apple Bloom thought, putting her hoof to her chin. "How about 'in session'?"

"Oh right! Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting is now in session. So SHUT UP! Now. We need new ideas on how to get our cutie marks. Sweetie Belle will write them down, right Sweetie......SWEETIE BELLE! WAKE UP!" The filly in question jolted awake, muttering crazy things as her head shot up.

"What what huh?" She yelled, confused.

"Hellooooo! Sweetie Belle?" Apple Bloom called, waving a hoof in front of Sweetie's face. "You alright in there? You've been falling asleep a lot lately. Aren't you gettin' any sleep?"

"Not really," she replied tiredly while rubbing her eyes. "I keep having these nightmares of these ponies with weird wings eating everypony in Ponyville. I can't go back to sleep after I wake up, so I usually just doze off somewhere. Like in a bush or something."

Scootaloo deadpanned, "A...bush? Your sister would have a fit and yell out horseapples!"

"Eh. She has before. I wouldn't be surprised if she—" Sweetie suddenly dropped her head and went back to snoring, startling the two other fillies in the clubhouse.

Scootaloo stared at Sweetie in awkwardness. Then glanced at Applebloom and asked, "So...uhh...do we like...just...continue without her or something? We don't have any rules saying you can't go to sleep during a meeting."

"We'll have to meet another time," Apple Bloom replied. Then lifted a hoof and nudged Sweetie's face. "Because she is OUT of it. She is definitely not in her body anymore."

Scootaloo sighed and placed her face in her hooves. "We are so behind," she muttered.

"Why don't we just wing it?" Apple Bloom asked. She stood up and placed Sweetie on her side. Then covered her up with a blanket. "Just this one time, we do a task without havin' a meetin'."

"No, Sweetie would get upset if we did it without her. We'll have to skip this one." Apple Bloom shrugged before they both climbed out of the tree house, leaving Sweetie Belle in a blanket to get some sleep.

"I wonder what types of dreams she's been having," Scootaloo asked. "If it keeps her up at night, they must be pretty bad."

"AHHHH! BAT PONY!" The two fillies stopped and looked back up to the tree house, staring at it for a moment before the snoring began once more.

Apple Bloom turned back and laughed. Then answered, "I guess....bat ponies. Whatever those are. Hey! I bet we can get our cutie marks in slaying abnormal ponies!"

"Yeaaaahhhh we're NEVER doing that!" Scootaloo replied horridly. "Why would we want to slay bat ponies? That's just wrong."

"Because it is weird an' unnatural! It's unnatural!"

"That's like saying you want to slay me because I'm a Pegasus and can't fly," Scootaloo said in disbelief. "We are not hunters, Apple Bloom. We do not go around slaying different versions of ponies because they are different. We welcome them like the Equestrians we are."

Apple Bloom groaned and replied, "Uggghhhh fine. Let's go see what Twilight's doin'. I'm sure she could use some help." Scootaloo looked at her oddly for a moment. Then scratched her back before smiling and trotting after her.

Twilight did in fact need help. Today, Princess Celestia was coming over to her castle and she needed the library to be spotless, where dust wasn't even visible on the floor. But that was becoming an issue. Each time she dusted a certain area, it would just fall back down and settle, causing her to re-dust that same spot.

Twilight lifted her duster for the fourth time and dusted the same spot quickly, groaning in annoyance. Then leaned in with an annoyed expression on her face to watch that exact same dust fall back into place. "Awww, come on! Why isn't this working?!" She cried out. She threw out her hooves and yelled, "Celestia's going to be here in twenty-three minutes, forty-two seconds and—"

"Geez, Twi!" Spike interrupted loudly, stepping into the library. He was wearing an expression of humor on his face, annoying Twilight a bit. "You know exactly when she's going to arrive?"

"Sounds like normal egghead stuff," Rainbow Dash said from across the cutie map. She was eating a daisy sandwich, smirking at Twilight with her rear hooves kicked up on the table. "You really need to lay off those books, Twi. Anymore reading and you'll fall in love, get married, and eventually, have an excerpt that you'll have to take care of." Spike and Rainbow began laughing.

"How'd you get in, Dash?" Twilight asked in stress. She sighed before she could answer and added, "You broke another window, didn't you?"

Dash stopped her chewing and looked towards the broken window above the princess. Then back down. Grinning innocently, she answered, "Uhhhh.....noooooo?" Twilight sighed before heading over to the nearest closet to grab the broom. "But I solved your problem," Rainbow added.

Twilight sighed and looked over her back while digging through the room. Deadpanning, "What are you talking about?"

"It's so simple, no wonder you didn't notice," Rainbow said. She tossed the last bit of her sandwich in her mouth before getting up. "If you wanna get the dust out, all you have to do is open the windows or doors. The dust keeps settling down because the air isn't circulating in here and the dust can't even get out of the building or room. So to make the air circulate, you need wind. To do so, you open a door or window, letting in the warm air outside to mix with the cold air, creating wind." Rainbow trotted over to the door and opened it before using her wing to dust off the items in the room. "See?"

Twilight put a quizzical look on her face before dropping the broom and going over to where Dash stood to see the dust being carried out the door. She gasped before going to another item and dusting that off too, watching as it blew out.

"Wow, Twilight, you got bested by Rainbow?" Spike said. He gripped his sides in laughter and doubled over in hysterics. "I can't believe this! I just—" Twilight nonchalantly dumped a whole bucket of freezing water on him, leaving the cold blooded reptilian freezing and shivering.

"Shut up, Spike," she ordered blandly before slamming the bucket on his head and walking away.

Rainbow made an "oh" with her mouth before browsing through the books. "Got any new Daring Do yet?"

"None have come in yet. I hope YOU don't have an excerpt with how many of those books you read," the princess said. "I wonder how you'll do with a real foal."

"Hey! I'm great with foals! I practically raised Scootaloo!"

Twilight shrugged. "Eh, I raised Spike my whole life. Starting from when he was an egg to right now. I know him enough to know how much freezing water I can put on him before he gets sick. Right, Spike?"

"G-G-Go to T-Tartarus, T-T-Twilight," Spike replied irately as he shivered.

"See? He agrees wholeheartedly."

Rainbow looked at the baby dragon in confusion watching as he blew a small flame over his body to warm himself up. "You do know dragons are cold-blooded right?"

"Duhhhh! I make sure not to make it too cold for him. He'll be fine."

"Yeah, after I see you in Tartarus, I'll be great," the baby dragon muttered, walking away. "That's my dream. My number one dream."

"Oh, hush dragon."

Rainbow chuckled and went back to her Daring Do search before the library room doors were knocked on. "Oh! That must be Celestia!" Rainbow gasped slightly and remained calm while the princess trotted over to the doors and opened it with her eyes closed.

"Thanks for coming, Princess! I have been expecting your arrival."

"Wow, thanks Twilight!" A southern voice said from the ground. "I didn't know I was a princess! I guess that makes you one too, Scoots!" Twilight opened her eyes to see two familiar fillies standing in the doorway grinning before trotting into the room. Rainbow took a deep relaxing breath and went back to reading her book.

Twilight bowed her head and groaned into her hooves, "Oh no."

"You need some help Twilight? HEY! RAINBOW DASH!" Scootaloo yelled, Then ran over across the crystal floors to jump on her surrogate sister's back.

Rainbow chuckled and flapped her wings against Scootaloo's face. "Hey, Squirt!" She looked around and asked. "Uhhh..... Where's the other one?"

"Sweetie Belle?" Apple Bloom answered, sitting in one of the chairs. "She's resting in the tree house. Hasn't been getting a lot of sleep lately because of nightmares. Something about bat ponies." Rainbow took a quick breath intake unnoticeably once again before glancing towards Scootaloo in surprise.

"Twilight what do you know about bat ponies?" Scootaloo asked from atop Rainbow's head. "Do you have a book on them? Huh? Huh? Do ya'?" Twilight groaned before turning around and slamming the door unknowingly in Celestia's face.


Twilight yelped before quickly reopening the door. Celestia was standing there groaning anf rubbing her snout.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, Princess!" Twilight quickly teleported to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit. Then teleported back in front of her mentor. "Let me see your face! If it's bruised, I can apply some cream. If it's bleeding, I can give you a band-aid. And it it's cracked, then.....I'll have Rainbow fly you to the hospital."

"Twilight?" Rainbow asked blandly. Then waved at Celestia and responded, "She has her own wings, I'm sure she can fly there herself, even if her nose was shattered. It looks fine to me though, so..." Twilight looked back at Celestia to see her looking unamused at Rainbow.

"Thank you for the concern, Rainbow," she greeted sarcastically while walking into the room.

"Anytime, Princess. I do the same with Scoots here. She can crack a rib and still walk around like there's absolutely no problem for weeks! Right, sis?" Rainbow glanced up at Scootaloo grinning on top of her head.

She nodded and replied enthusiastically, "Yup!"

Twilight just stared at Rainbow in horror. "Yeah, you're definitely not ready for a foal," she said as she and Celestia sat down. "How are you, Princess?"

"Well besides from that wake-up call, I'm excellent, Twilight. Luna's been getting more sleep in, which means less problems for me when she does wake up. And the nobles have been getting off my back for a while, keeping away. I hope it stays that way."

"Prince Blueblood I take it?" Twilight groaned.

Celestia sighed and nodded. "Yes, he can be very ignorant at times. So much so that he tried to get the other Princesses to go against me."

Twilight scoffed and stated, "How grotesque!"

"Indeed, my faithful student. Any new findings on the Cutie Map lately?"

"Nope! All has been quiet," she replied. She lifted a hoof and pointed down at the map in front of them. "Everything has been strangely quiet, actually. Most of the time, we would get a call once a week. But it's been quiet for a month. Rarity has certainly been enjoying it."

"Hmmmm," Celestia hummed. She looked down from her beverage to the glowing map in front of her. "Well, at least you get to relax for awhile."

"I'll say," Twilight muttered. "I'm definitely not complaining about it. Traveling all over the nation is actually tiring."

"Hey Princess," Scootaloo called as she walked over to Celestia. "What do you know about Bat Ponies?"

Celestia looked down at her in surprise, completely missing Rainbow's face of fear. "Bat ponies?" She asked.

Scootaloo nodded rapidly and clarified further, "Yeah. You know, ponies with bat wings and lizard eyes."

Celestia chuckled t hr innocence and answered, "Well, they're not called 'Bat Ponies'. They're called Thestrals. They're extinct now."

"I didn't know that," Twilight inputted from across the table. "I thought Thestrals continued to live in Equestria." She lifted a drink and took a sip. The last time she read on Thestrals were so long ago. But she could've sworn they were still out there living.

Celestia shook he head and answered, "Not anymore. They did a few years ago, although some things happened to where they became extinct."

"Do you know much information about it?" Twilight asked her.

"It is best for it to stay in the past," she replied before turning to the fillies quizzically. "Scootaloo, why do you wanna know about Thestrals?"

"Because Sweetie Belle's been screaming 'BAT PONIES!' in her sleep," Apple Bloom answered after jumping off her chair and walking over to stand by her friend. "We're trying to figure out what the hay she was goin' on about!"

"Oh, alright then. Go back to crawling all over Rainbow Dash."

"What?!" Rainbow screamed, tossing the book to the side. "NO!!"

"YAY!" The two fillies jumped straight from the floor and flew right into Rainbow, making her fall backwards off of her throne.

"That's too sweet," Twilight chuckled as she looked at the sight. Rainbow somehow got up and tried to run out of the room only to be grabbed by the left ankle and pulled back in by Apple Bloom.

Rainbow grabbed hold of the seat and pulled herself into view once more. Her face held an expression of desperation as she faced the two princesses and screamed, "She's as strong as her sister, HELP! ME!"

"Aww they're playing tag!"

"Buck you, Twilight!"

After the "Attack on Dash", Apple Bloom and Scootaloo decided to head back out and continue their discussion about Sweetie Belle as hey moved through the busy day of Ponyville. Many of its citizens were out and about getting shopping done along with other deeds. And since it was saturday, School was closed and foals were free to play. "So now that we know what bat ponies are, we can talk to Sweetie Belle about her dreams," Apple Bloom stated as they walked back to the tree house. They moved off he path and onto the property of the farm. "Maybe she's seen something crazy that Celestia doesn't even know of!"

"Maybe," Scootaloo replied slowly. She shot Apple Bloom a confused look. "Wasn't the Princess a little vague about what Thestrals were? It was like she didn't wanna talk about it."

"Beats me," the farmer replied. "Maybe it's a tough thing to talk about. You know, like when you don't like talkin' about your crush on—"

"I get it, Apple," Scootaloo interrupted. "You don't have to say it. I just find it weird though. The Princess always tells the truth. Do you think she was hiding something?"

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes and answered nonchalantly, "Eh. The royals are always hidin' somethin'. I wouldn't be surprised if Spike was really Twilight's sorcerer or somethin'." The two fillies walked into the tree house to see a strange sight. Sweetie Belle sitting up and staring at the wall, eyes widen like she just saw something terrible. "You...ok there, Sweetie?"

Sweetie turned her head and yelped before running behind the podium. "There's a bat pony! Right there!" Her little hoof pointed out from behind the podium, right towards Scootaloo.

Apple Bloom arched her eyebrows and replied in astonishment, "What? What are you talkin' about, Sweetie Belle? It's just Scootaloo."

"Yeah," Scootaloo agreed. Then made her way towards the podium. "I'm a pony, not a thestral. Now quit hiding and—OW!" Sweetie Belle bopped Scootaloo in the muzzle before running out from behind the podium, then out of the tree house, huffing and puffing.

Apple Bloom gasped before quickly trotting towards her friend. "Are you okay, Scoots?"

Still on the floor, Scootaloo reached up and rubbed her mouth, checking for any bruising. Then looked up with worry and responded,"I'm fine I guess. It was just a little hit. Sweetie is really freaked out."

"Yeah, must've been serious," Apple Bloom agreed. She grabbed Scootaloo's hooves and helped her back up. "Is your mouth okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine. Let's get out of here." Agreeing entirely, Apple Bloom followed Scootaloo trotted out of the building and towards the entrance of the farm, unaware of a certain Cerulean Pegasus watching and listening to everything that was said. After they were out of sight, she she jumped out of the tree and landed on the ground.

"You'll be home soon, squirt," she muttered, looking at her in determination. Then sighed and added, "You'll be home soon."


That night, while Scootaloo slept soundlessly, she kept having the same nightmare repeat over and over in her head. It was dark and she couldn't see or feel anything. But there were voices.

"Quick! We need to save you two!" The two beings were running down a dark hallway, the much taller one holding a foal in one arm as they turned left and right, coming out by a much more lighter area. "The queen is dead!"

"What are you talking about?!" the smaller one shouted. "Mother cannot be killed!"

"The white pony killed her! I saw it with my own eyes!" The two stopped talking and looked around, hearing voices before whispering. "We must get you two out of the land. They will kill you too." The two continued walking out of the cave, the brightness lighting the coat of the smaller being, showing a cutie mark of a rainbow thunderbolt and the taller one an orange circle with a black coat.

Scootaloo cracked open her eyes, abruptly ending the interesting dream before she sat up looking around the cabin. "What...what was that?" she asked quietly. Then shook it off before getting up and stretching. The joints in her limbs popped in pleasure. A pleasure that made Scootaloo sigh. Then gasp suddenly, remembering something very very VERY important she nearly forgot.

"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" She squealed. Scootaloo cheered and ran around in a circle before trotting out of her makeshift home and into the street of the mostly empty Square. Fitted with only one or two ponies. She ran all the way across through the dirt, heading towards Sweet Apple Acres, lit up by the rising sun in the distance. On the way there, she stopped, spotting Sweetie Belle coming out of her home. Possibly just to get away from her sister. Reluctantly, Scootaloo greeted her. "Hey, Sweetie Belle!"

Sweetie Belle turned and waved back at her with a smile. Then eagerly trotted over. "Hey, Scootaloo. Sorry I hit you yesterday. It's not your fault you're a thestral. You're still a beautiful filly and my best friend. You being a thestral won't change a thing between us."

Scootaloo just raised an eyebrow at her. Those crickets sure picked a weird time not to chirp. This birthday is off to a weird start. "Uhhh.....thanks, I guess. Come on! It's my birthday and you're helping me celebrate!"

"Fine, fine, birthday filly," Sweetie Belle surrendered before following after her. After awhile, they walked past the gate of the farm, headed towards the clubhouse that Apple Bloom was undoubtedly in. Scootaloo ran inside expecting a big surprise, only to get something that was in her eyes even better.

"Rainbow DASH?!!" She yelled. "What are you doing here?" The clubhouse was fit with birthday decorations, having the number ten on them with a rainbow as the color theme. There were banners, cake, and even a couple presents. Rainbow Dash turned around after hanging up another banner to face Scootaloo, a grin plastered on her face.

"Hey, little buddy! Happy birthday!" She greeted, presenting her hooves in an invitation. Scootaloo giggled then ran into her arms, receiving the biggest and most happiest hug she has ever gotten.

"Thanks, sis!" The other two fillies looked on at the scene in happiness before Dash let her go. Scootaloo looked up expectantly and asked, "Did you get me a gift?"

"Eh, it's little but I think you'll like it. I still have to get it ready though, so...I'm not really good on time frames."

"It's alright," Scootaloo appeased, waving her hoof and dismissing the issue. "I'm not so good on that either. Now are we going to party or what?" They all screamed before singing happy birthday to the mare of the day, Dash holding her up to the cake with a candle shaped into the number ten. After Scootaloo blew out the candle, they all cheered and Dash hugged Scootaloo again. Proud of her.

After the cutting and eating of the cake the group decided to go to Sugarcube Corner to get some more sweets. "So any plans now that you're the big ten?" Rainbow asked her as they neared the square. "You have got to have some. It's a rule that everypony follows."

"Well, I'm still working on getting my Cutie Mark," Scootaloo answered, jumping up and latching onto Rainbow's neck from the ground before climbing on her back. "That and I want to get....hmmmm."

"What is it?" Rainbow asked, glancing up.

"I don't know." Scootaloo reached a hoof around, feeling her back. "I felt like something shifted​ in me or on me...it was weird. But anyway, I want to learn how to do tricks on that new scooter Sweetie Belle got me! That will be AWESOME!"

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle laughed while Rainbow Dash got a worried look on her face. Soon, they made it to Sugarcube Corner, walking in where Pinkie Pie was currently doing something with a pan.

"Pinkie! We need four large scoops of Ice Cream! Vanilla! On the double, sergeant chef!" Rainbow yelled into her ear. Pinkie yelped and immediately sprung into action. She grabbed the nearest Ice Cream scoop, the nearest Vanilla Ice Cream tub and some scones before dumping ice cream into the cones.

"Here you go!" Pinkie said shoving the cones into Rainbow's face within eight seconds. "Four vanillas! Just like you asked!"

"Thanks, Pinkie." Rainbow dropped some bits onto the counter and took the ice cream cones before flying back over to the kids. "Here you go! Uhhh....Scootaloo, you're scratching your back."

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom looked towards Scootaloo to see her biting her lip and scratching her back. HARD. "It's really irritating," she said, grunting. "I don't know what it is! And it's starting to ache a little."

"That's because you keep scratching it," Apple Bloom deadpanned. Rainbow hoofed over two cones to Apple Bloom and Sweeted. Then flew over to Scootaloo.

"Hold still," Rainbow said as she looked at Scootaloo's back. She sighed at the two red lines starting to show behind her wings. They were starting to come out. "Ok, you two fillies stay here," Rainbow ordered to Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. "We're going to go see nurse Redheart. "Come on, Scoots." Scootaloo jumped off the chair and followed Rainbow Dash out the door, ringing its bell and leaving the other two staring at the ice cream sitting in front of them.

"Will they come back?" Apple Bloom asked without taking her eyes off. Sweetie shook her head. "It's not right to take what ain't ours." They continued staring intently at the cones before reaching out and grabbing them.

"No ice cream melts on my watch," Sweetie Belle whispered between licks.

"Hop on my back," Rainbow ordered, bending down. "I'll get you some help." Scootaloo hopped on before Rainbow took off into the air, leaving the ground behind. Scootaloo got confused though when they passed over Ponyville Hospital.

She tapped her mane and said, "Uhhh...Rainbow? We passed over the hospital."

"I know. Now hold on!" Rainbow curved upwards. Scootaloo stopped scratching her back and held onto Rainbow's neck. Soon, they touched down on a cloud home. Immediately, Scootaloo jumped off and rubbed her back on the cloud.

"OOOOOO," she moaned in relief. "This feels SO much better. Why are we at your house?"

"You'll be staying with me for a day," she answered. Using her wing, Rainbow scooped Scootaloo onto her back. Then walked towards and into the house. "This is your...present," she answered slowly.

"Great I'm enjoying this already," she said before Rainbow placed her on the couch.

"Don't move, I'll be back in a second." Rainbow walked around the couch and up the stairs, where she opened a closet filled with different colored bottles and jars. Picking one out, she trotted back downstairs.

"Ok, I got some cream for ya'!" She sat down next to Scootaloo before opening the jar. A stick substance stuff to her hoof when she dipped in, then rubbed her hooves together. Eyes on Scootaloo, Rainbow ordered, "Turn your back."

Scootaloo stopped scratching and turned her raw back to Rainbow, who rubbed the cream on the red marks, that were definitely starting to open up.

"OOOOO," Scootaloo sighed in relief. "Thaaaat's gooood. What is that?" Rainbow stopped lathering the cream and sat back before responding.

"It's a cream I concocted for certain things for...certain ponies."

"What do you mean 'certain ponies'?" Scootaloo asked in suspicion. She turned around and faced Rainbow with a matching look.

"Like I said, you'll be staying here all day tomorrow. It's important. VERY important," Rainbow responded, ignoring her question.

"What? Why?" Scootaloo stood up and stepped back a little. "You're scaring me a little, Rainbow."

Rainbow dash sighed before turning around completely and spreading her wings. "Scootaloo? What do you see on my back?"

"Blue fur," she responded, squinting to make it out better. "A lot of blue fur."

Rainbow chuckled before refocusing her attention. "Look closer. Look past the blue fur." Scootaloo moved closer to Rainbow and squinted, trying to find something that looks strange on this mare's back. Eventually, she did.

She gasped. "You...have two scars! Coming from your neck going all the way down to your flank! What happened?!" Rainbow got a sad look before turning back around.

"Those.... aren't just scars, scoots. They were actually slits. Openings for something in my body that you too are growing."

Scootaloo was afraid to ask. Rainbow Dash could see the trepidation in her eyes. "Rainbow? What...what was in your back?"

Rainbow sighed and said, "...Wings."

"You had another pair of wings?" Scootaloo asked in awe.

"I still do," she responded, jumping down off the couch. "They've just moved inside. I'm.....not a normal pony squirt. And neither are you. That scratching is what you feel when they're about to come out and about to change. And these wings, you will be able to fly with."

The filly gasped and got off the couch, trotting in front of Rainbow. "You mean I'll be able to fly soon?!" She asked happily.

"Yeah, but you'll also be on the run...from a certain pony. I have two more things to tell you." Rainbow sat down and closed her eyes. Focusing. Scootaloo tilted her head in confusion, trying to figure out what she was doing until she heard a faint snap. Then another one. Suddenly, Rainbow's Pegasus wings...fell off?!

"Rainbow!!!" Scootaloo screamed. Then rushed over as quick as she could. "Your wings! They—" Suddenly a loud ripping sound reached Scootaloo's ears making her look towards Rainbow's back. There was blood coming from the currently re-opened scars before something started sliding out.

"What...." The black flaps continued coming out, one reaching out towards the couch. Once she was done, Rainbow sat back up, her black wings in view. "You're a.... you're a BAT PONY?!" Scootaloo stood in front of Rainbow, just in time to see her open her eyes to reveal...purple slitted eyes.

"I'm a thestral," Rainbow said, her sharp teeth showing. "And...you are too....little sister. Amaryllis."

"What?! What are you talking about?!"


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Scootaloo stared at Rainbow Dash in disbelief. She looked like Rainbow Dash, complete with the rainbow colored mane and tail. Along with the eye color, coat, and cutie mark. But here eyes were purple slits, she had small fangs jutting out from her mouth, and her wings were much bigger and longer. Not to mention more dragon-y.

"I'm....your sister, Amaryllis," Rainbow Dash explained.

"But I look nothing like....ugghhh." Scootaloo hunkered down, feeling movement in her back. Something began to push out and rip her skin open, making her yell out.

"It's okay," Rainbow cooed, getting down with her. "Just let it happen. Just let it happen."

Scootaloo stopped trying to resist and let her wings slide out. Blood begain trailing down her sides before her small pegasus wings fell off. Her eyes started feeling funny, forcing her to close them for a moment. Her teeth began morphing, reshaping themselves into something else before she reopened her newly slitted magenta eyes. "What...what just happened?"

"Take a look," Rainbow replied, motioning towards the filly's back. Scootaloo sat up and turned her head, seeing the large wings. "You can fly now."

"What?" She turned her head around to face Rainbow with her purple slitted eyes. "I can really fly with these? Wait....I'M A THESTRAL?!"

Rainbow sat up and sighed. With sad eyes, she answered. "Yes, and your name is really Amaryllis. We might be the only two left."

"What?" Scootaloo took a few hesitant steps forward. "What happened to the others?"

Rainbow shook her head. "Gone. All of them. We didn't actually live in Ponyville before. We lived in a system of caves outside of the Badlands. Where Queen Chrysalis lives with her hive. A little while back, approximately nine years ago, we were attacked...by Princess Celestia and the Royal Guard."

"WHAT?!" Scootaloo accidently flapped her wings, propelling herself into the air and getting her head stuck in the ceiling of clouds. Rainbow chuckled before using the magic in her hooves to pull her out and set her down in front of her.

"No flying just yet, history lesson first. Anyway it was your first birthday. Mom, Dad, and I were celebrating. As well as my friends and other family members, giving you gifts in the Atrium when there was an explosion that sounded off. Our mother...was the queen and our father the king. So they went out to investigate while we hid. I kept you close to me, making sure you were okay. Dad came back and helped us get out. Along the way, I saw nothing...but death. Dead Thestrals everywhere. Dad said mom went off to fight the Princess to buy us time. It took us awhile to get out of those caves. We had to keep hiding in the shadows.

"Eventually we made it to the entrance and flew off. But the Princess spotted us. So dad kept her at bay and distracted her, giving me the opportunity to get us out. Soon, we arrived in Ponyville...where I had to abandon you." Rainbow stopped and sobbed lightly, finding it difficult to let out.

"That was the hardest night of my life," she whimpered. "I didn't want you to live in fear like we did. So I placed a spell that made you retract your wings and forget how to pull them out until your tenth birthday. I technically changed you into a foal, which is why your pegasus wings wouldn't let you fly."

"Wait a second," Scootaloo said, holding up a hoof. "You know I only made up today as my birthday."

"Actually, you were pretty much spot on," Rainbow sniffled and chuckled. "Today is really your birthday, you little genius." She took her hoof and rubbed it through Scootaloo's magenta mane. "By the way...my name isn't really Rainbow Dash. Just like yours isn't Scootaloo. It's......Anemone."

"A flower?" Scootaloo teased. "You're named after a flower?"

"You are too, Squirt, don't forget. Now come on, we have to clean your back." Rainbow led Scootaloo up the stairs and into the bathroom where she washed her wings and back, getting the dried blood off in the tub of water. Kind of ironic since they were on a cloud. "Like I said, you'll have to stay here until we come up with a game plan. Because once your wings come out it takes a long time to go back in. So we're stuck like this."

Scootaloo gasped. Then asked loudly, "I can't go back down there?!"

Rainbow shook her head solemnly. "We both can't. It's too dangerous. WAYYY too dangerous. I was down there because you were. Who knows how many of those ponies down there wanted to have us killed. Hunted and destroyed. We are officially on the run now. I'm sorry, sister."

The filly looked at the ground in sadness. "So......I won't be able to see my friends anymore?"

"In the future, squirt. I promise." Rainbow leaned down and nuzzled Scootaloo. Then used her magic to lift her out of the tub. Quickly adding, "By the way we don't sleep much."


It has been five days since Scootaloo's transformation, and nobody has seen her or Rainbow Dash. Having not been down to the ground for days would raise suspicions for her, and Scootaloo not being seen causing trouble with the other Crusaders is usually a red flag in Ponyville...well, all over Equestria.

"So no sign? Anything?" Twilight asked her remaining friends all sitting around the cutie map in her castle. "Pinkie didn't even see anything?!"

"Nada, zip, nothin'!" Pinkie exclaimed. She threw her hooves out and yelled, "It's like they disappeared off the face of Equestria!"

"Did you go up to her home?" Applejack asked.

"Yep! Twice!"

"How? You're an Earth Pony."

Twilight sighed and rubbed her forehead. She was going to get a headache. "Okay, so this is...this is major. I sent out my magic, looking for anything that could've been a trail of a rainbow, but I still haven't received anything back yet. So I'm going to send out my magic again. But this time I'm going to see if I can find any cold trails." The group nodded in agreement before Twilight lit her horn, building up the magic for a minute or two before sending out a pulse that went all over Equestria, rustling their coats.

"Okay," Twilight hummed. She closed her eyes and focused on the images forming in her mind. "......so I see Rainbow and Scootaloo's hoofprints on her home......and more at.....Ghastly Gorge?!"

"Alright, so you've got the gliding down!" Rainbow, or Anemone, yelled down to Scootaloo gliding below her. Soaring through the valley of rock. "Try flapping your wings." Scootaloo, or Amaryllis, nodded before giving her wings a push and raced forward a bit through the gorge, turning right to follow the trail.

"There you go, squirt!" Rainbow cheered, watching as her sister banked left and right, and rose up and down. "You're doing good!"

Scootaloo laughed happily as she rose up and did a loop, coming down behind her sister. "Thanks....Anemone, right?"

"Yep! Just call me sis!" Scootaloo smiled before rising and coming to a stop on the ledge, followed by her sibling. Once they touched down and got comfortable, Anemone said proudly, "So now that we got your flying down, we're gonna work on your...." Anemone trailed off, spotting something in the distance behind her sister. Amaryllis raised an eyebrow and looked behind her as well. Rainbow gasped, recognizing the large purple balloon immediately. "It's Twilight! We have to hide!" She picked up her sister before taking off into the air, going back down into the gorge and soaring through the rocks, wind blowing back their manes.

"Why are they here?" Scootaloo asked. "Shouldn't they be doing something else? Like...reading or something?"

"They must've been looking for us. We have been AWOL for five days, makes since for somepony to notice. We'll hide in this cave." Rainbow Dash banked right before landing on the lower ledge, in front of a cave that possibly served some usage in the past. She let Amaryllis out of her hold to run inside before looking behind herself. The balloon touched down on the ledge yards away before Anemone ran inside after her sister.


"Are you sure they're here?" Rarity asked while hopping out of the basket with everyone else. Onto the rocky ledge. "It seems too boring for Rainbow or Scootaloo."

"My magic has never proven me wrong," Twilight answered. She walked towards the edge and peered down into the gorge. Everyone else looked down with her, hoping to see something. "There's hoofprints.......right there in front of that opening." Everyone looked towards where Twilight was pointing to see a cave that was set deep into the side of the rock. "We'll have to walk over there." The group nodded before they followed Twilight down the steep side and into the gorge, making their way towards the cave.

"Horseapples, they're coming this way," Anemone whispered. "If they see us, we'll have to move.....far away. Like, Crystal Empire far."

"What?" Amaryllis whispered sadly from underneath her. "Why?"

Anemone sighed and draped a wing over her back, pulling her close. "Because if Twilight sees something unrecognizable about us, she'll tell Celestia. And then she'll come after us...probably to destroy us. Shhhh, they're almost here. Close your eyes, they glow." The two of them shuffled farther back into the cave, trying to make themselves seem more invisible as the group took a few more steps towards their place of hiding.

"Rainbow? You in there?" Applejack called inside. "Why you in a cave?" They stopped and listened for any movement. Nothing. "Rainbow?"

"I'm going in," Twilight said, lighting her horn. "Rainbow? If you're in here, say something!"

"What do we do?" Amaryllis whispered quietly.

"I'll chase them off," Anemone whispered. She lit her hooves slowly before pointing them forward, sending a blast towards Twilight.

She yelped and put up a shield just in time to block it. "Twilight!" Rarity shrieked.

"Come out here now, you coward!" Twilight yelled. Then lit her horn and fired it towards the glowing light before the unseen object grabbed something and dove to the side. The blast hit the wall beside them instead.

"We'll have to rush it," Anemone whispered. "Hop on my back and hold onto my neck. We're about to blow this cave." Amaryllis jumped on her neck and kicked down a rock, making a sound.

"Hey!" Twilight said, lighting her horn for light just when a blur flew right past them. They all covered their faces from the wind that was kicked up before looking back to the sky to see a blue dot, flying away. "Oh no you don't!" Twilight flapped her wings and flew directly behind it.

"She's trying to follow us!" Amaryllis yelled.

"Hold on!" Anemone flipped over, igniting her hooves before firing it towards the gaining purple dot coming fast up on them. "It's like a direct copy of Celestia! When she tried to follow us!" She fired her hooves towards the purple dot.

Twilight gasped and flipped out of the way from the magic blasts that were coming at her before she fired a beam of her own, hitting the opponent in the left rear hoof.

Anemone yelped before another one hit her wing, making her go down. "Amaryllis! Fly back to the house as fast as you can! I'll try to hold them off! GO!" Amaryllis shot off of Rainbow's neck and flew back towards Ponyville, catching Twilight's attention.

"Two of them?" She muttered. She flew down low, heading towards the crash site where part of the trees had snapped branches. Soon she landed, looking around the dense forestry until spotting a groove in the ground heading into the bushes.

"There you are!" She followed the groove qui kly, pushing the bushes aside to reveal her opponent. "Now who...RAINBOW DASH?!!" There, laying on the ground, licking her hoof, was a cerulean Pegasus with bat wings and a rainbow thunderbolt for a cutie mark. With fangs and slit eyes. "What....what happened to you?!"

Rainbow turned her head to look at the Princess, her eyes narrowed. "Don't tell Celestia."

"Rainbow, you're a Thestral! We have to tel—-"

"Don't you dare tell her Twilight! She'll kill me and my sister!" Twilight looked at her in shock before some ruffling behind her caught her attention.

"Twilight!" Rarity yelled, coming through the shrubbery with the others. "Did you get.......what in Equestria?"

"Rainbow?" Applejack asked. Her face turned into a scowl. "You can't be Rainbow! Where's Rainbow Dash?! The real one?!"

"I am the real one, Applejack," Rainbow said, looking at her bruised wing. "But that isn't my name."

"Then who are you?!" Twilight asked.

"There was no Rainbow Dash to begin with," she continued, standing up and facing them. "I am Princess Anemone. One of the last two Thestrals left in Equestria. Courtesy of your despicable Princess of the Sun, who slaughtered all the Thestrals."

"That is a lie!" Applejack yelled, trying to buck the Princess. Anemone dodged to the side and grabbed Applejack's hooves before swinging her around into a tree. On impact, Applejack yelped and slid to the ground.

"This is why I cannot trust you ponies," Anemone snarled. "You try to destroy us Thestrals every chance you get! Leave us alone! My whole family and everyone else is dead, yet you still try to attack!"

Twilight helped Applejack get up before turning back towards the Thestral. "Celestia couldn't have killed the Thestrals," Twilight denied. "They just went extinct."

"Explain that to my mother's body! I was there! It was Amaryllis' birthday when she came in and killed them all. Father let Celestia follow him while I arrived in Ponyville. I had to leave my sister there for nine more years until she turned ten, where she undergoes the transformation. I left, but I stood by and watched over her."

"Wait a second," Pinkie said, stepping forward tentatively. "Scootaloo turned ten right before you went missing."

"Yes, she is my sister. You cannot tell anypony about this! At ALL! Celestia will make sure we're really extinct. And I will fight her before she lays a hoof on my sister!" After that moment, Anemone flapped her wings, sending her into the air and flying back towards her home. They all stared at her form in stunned silence until she was out of sight.

"Do you really think....Rainbow was really a...Thestral this whole time?" Rarity asked aloud, looking around at her friends.

"I don't know," Twilight responded. "But I'm doing research. A LOT of research. Nopony tell Celestia. If you see...Anemone or Scootaloo, don't approach. And if anybody asks where they are, they're on a trip." Everybody nodded before heading back towards the gorge.

"Amaryllis!" Anemone yelled, walking into the home. "I'm back!"

There was a scuffle in a cabinet before it swung open. Scootaloo fell out on her face. "What happened?!" She asked into the floor. Anemone closed the door behind her. Then walked over to straighten up her sister.

"I crashed in the forest and Twilight saw me. We'll have to move."

"Awwww," Amaryllis whined, obviously disheartened. "Do we have to?"

"I'm afraid so," she replied quietly. "They saw me and they know you, so...we'll have to move to the Crystal Empire." Amaryllis sighed before nodding her head. "I'm sorry, squirt. But it's for our safety." Anemone softly ran a hoof through Amaryllis' mane. "If we don't disappear, we'll end up hurt. And I don't want you getting hurt. I just got you back, I don't want to lose you ever again."

"I know, I know," Amaryllis groaned while Anemone nuzzled her. "When are we leaving?"

"Tonight. We'll be flying in the dark. Your new eyes will let you see. Comes from living in the dim caves all the time." Anemone trotted up the stairs of her home, leaving Amaryllis downstairs. She watched her go then slowly and depressingly made her way over to the couch, taking a seat while her sister was packing. Hoping that everything would be alright.

"I found some more books!" Twilight yelled, walking back into the cutie map room. "They're history and legendary creatures on ponies."

"I've found a little something about creatures here," Rarity announced, holding up another book about legendary ponies. "It's about flying ponies that aren't Pegasi."

That piqued Twilight's curiosity. She looked over and asked, "What does it say?"

Rarity set the book down and read it aloud. "'A group of ponies, known only as Terrestrial Pegasi, lived in the caves of the Badlands.....they had eyes that helped them see in the dark and wings of a bat. They are now extinct due to a lack of food source.'"

"That sounds like the description of.....Anemone," Applejack commented, looking through another one. "In this book it said they lived in cave systems underground."

"You found one too?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yep. I'll read it. 'The Terrestrial Pegasi were heard to have been....in battle with Equestria, much like the Changelings. Reason unknown.'"

"When was that inputted in the book?" Twilight asked, jumping out of her seat and walking over.

The farmer looked at the citing of the book, spotting the date. "WHOA! Last week?! When ya' get this, Twi?"

"Ummmm....probably at the same time it came out." She put her hoof to her chin, thinking deeply. "Rarity, when did that excerpt you read get published?"

The designer flipped back to the page, locating the date. "Two.....days ago."

Everyone gasped, looking at each other in shock.

"Okay, one of these ain't telling the truth then," Applejack concluded. "We need a group of historians, adventurers, and eggheads to put in what they heard and seen. And I know just who."


That night, on top of a cloud over Ponyville, two ponies could be seen peering over the edge, looking down at the ground below. Both of them were fiercely nervous about this, having been already attacked and their home destroyed caused that emotion. From what Anemone could see, the sky held no motion. Clear.

"When do we leave?" Amaryllis asked, looking over to her sister.

"Right now, let's go," she responded, flying off the cloud and heading northeast towards Canterlot. They had to pass the mountain to get to the Crystal Empire. Amaryllis looked down at Ponyville one last time and sighed before flying after her sister, leaving the town behind.

They flew over the plains, their eyes helping them see in the dark as they navigated their way towards the center of Equestria. It was going to be a long flight. According to Anemone.

After a few more minutes of wing flapping and blowing wind, Amaryllis whispered, "Rainbow?"

"Anemone," she corrected above her.

"Can I call you Rainbow? Please?"

The older sibling looked down at her before smiling gently. "If it makes you feel better, I guess it's alright."

"Ok. What are we going to do once we get there? Do we have some place to stay?" She shifted her wings a little, regaining balance.

"That's a question that we both need answered. Ascend." The two thestrals rose up, coming above the approaching capital of Equestria. "We'll find somewhere to go and stay when we land there." They glided over the top of the city, keeping themselves hidden as they passed over. Soon they came out on the other side, going back to the height of the ground, flying over the train tracks.

"This is a pretty long flight," Amaryllis inputted, looking towards her right at her sister.

"Yeah," Anemone responded. "But we're almost there. Hopefully they'll have some flowers, soup, daisies, something we can eat. You hungry?"


"Then we need food. Fast." Soon, after twenty more minutes, the tall spire of the crystal castle came into view of the area, the large city that Twilight's previous foal-sitter and brother rule over. Ready to start a new life.

Crystal Empire; Altercation

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The next morning, the group of the remaining ponies arrived in a remote forest, northeast of Vanhoover and away from civilization. They were here for information about a certain sensitive topic that others definitely wouldn't have the knowledge of. But this pony more than likely did.

"Applejack, are you sure they would know about the thestrals?" Twilight asked worriedly as they made their way through some thick vines and roots. "I don't want to have came all the way out here for nothing."

"Well it's either her or some pony that definitely don't know nothin'. Besides, it's too late to oppose. We're already here." Applejack pointed at a shack out in a clearing. "Even if you did come out here for nothin', there ain't nothin' you can do about it now."

"Ugghhh fine," Twilight groaned. "Let's just do this already."

Rarity walked past Twilight and up to the mostly broken wooden door, knocking on it gently. A few seconds later, the door cracked open slightly, revealing narrowed purple eyes. Familiar purple eyes. "Can I help you?" A mare whispered.

"We need your help, Ms. Yearling," Twilight answered. "We know you're the right candidate for information."

"Depends on what you're looking for," she responded quietly through the crack. Then glanced around the area before commanding, "Come inside." The door opened wider, revealing A.K. Yearling and her messy home. They all filed in the building, before Daring shut the door behind her and locked it.

"Now....what do you need to know and why?" She asked while making her way over.

"Well," Rarity said, taking a seat. "We recently discovered a pony, a friend of ours, wasn't really a pony at all. She's a thestral." Daring's eyes popped open in interest before she took a seat in the chair across from them.

"Who was this pony?" She asked quickly.

"Rainbow Dash."

The adventurer sighed and nodded her head. "That actually makes a lot of sense for her behavior."

"What behavior?" Twilight asked.

"Have you ever been with Rainbow Dash when there are Royal Guards around? She gets very skittish, running around and testing windows, holes, and making sure her wings work. Same thing with crowded areas."

"I'm a little afraid to ask...but why?" Fluttershy asked.

Daring sighed before beginning her tale. "I think this was a very good reason. Years ago, I was out in the Badlands, searching for diamonds and expensive rocks, trying to scrape up some money for food, water, you know...the necessities, when I see a giant cave at the top of a mountain. Thinking it to be a dragon's lair, I climb it, hoping to get some gold and more. I eventually made it to the entrance. But there was a sign there: 'Restricted Area, Do Not Enter'. Well, I'm an adventurer, So I do what I always do: Put myself in dangerous situations that seem very impossible for me to get out of, but somehow I do and it makes absolutely no sense.

"I enter the cave, going a little ways inside. I thought I was gonna get lost in there. But eventually I find my way through it. Soon, I come across one thestral....but they were headless." Twilight raised an eyebrow, her lips parting slightly. "I looked at the body before continuing on my journey. All thestrals live in the caves anyway, but there were more. I thought it was just that one. I saw four more, in a room, decaying. I keep going, hoping it wasn't what I thought it was. But sadly....it was. There was a door with a sign on it, I can't remember what it read at the moment, but it was pretty important.

"I opened the door and nearly puked. There was nothing but bodies......thestral bodies everywhere. I was in an atrium, apparently they lived something like the changelings. Going underground in a system of caves. It was a very large Atrium and I was on the top floor. I peek over the ledge and saw.......hundreds...of bodies."

The group gasped lightly. "And there was dried blood on the walls and ground. I ran around the whole Atrium, hoping to find something alive down there. It was eerily quiet. Nothing else goes into the mountains in the badlands except the Thestrals and Changelings. So imagine how quiet it was. There was no movement, no voices, no wind. Just.....silence.

"Eventually I came to the conclusion something killed these ponies. Something horrible. So I flew around hoping to find something there that could give me a clue as to who did it when I found something laying beside the body of a foal." Daring got up and went to a locker in the corner. After turning the lock and opening it, she pulled out a couple things.

"These are what I found." She took the items and laid them in front of the group, who crept closer to get a better view. One was a spear, another a crossbow, and another some type of pin. Seeing their confusion, Daring pointed at an item to explain.

"The one that looks like a pin was actually what soldiers use to put their armor together. Attach the chest plate to the shoulders, you know. But this pin is only used by one group of soldiers that we all know so well..."

"You don't mean," Twilight said, fearing the answer. Daring closed her eyes and nodded. She leaned down and picked up the pin, handing it to Twilight, who stared at it, gasping at the sun emblem embossed on it.

"These were from Princess Celestia's Royal Guard. I don't wanna believe it either, but...the Royal Guard, probably commanded by Princess Celestia herself, slaughtered the Thestrals. Oh!" Daring went back and into the locker, opened some type of box, and pulled out a sheet of paper. "This is what was on that door. 'Sector 195b - Lockdown Thestral Camp.' I also drew what I could." She turned the paper around, showing the group an emblem......of a sun. "This was at the bottom of the sign."

"Dash....Princess Anemone was telling the truth," Rarity whispered. "Equestria killed the Thestrals."

"I can't believe this," Applejack said, shaking her head. "How long ago was this?"

"I don't know, nearly a decade ago. But I arrived maybe a month after it happened," Daring said, putting the stuff back. "Somepony was actually having a party in one of those rooms in there. There was even a banner at the top that read 'Happy First Birthday, Amaryllis!' I cried that day in those caves. Some foal probably got their life taken after only being alive for a year."

"You mean Scootaloo," Twilight said, catching her attention. "The foal whose birthday it was was Scootaloo, Rainbow's actual sister."

"So they lived?" Twilight nodded. "Phew. Good, because that broke my heart reading that banner."

"Thank you so much, Daring," Twilight responded as she stood up with the others. "This will help us on this mystery."

"You're welcome. But word of advice."


Daring walked over and gave Twilight the most serious look she could manage. "Don't go back to Celestia. There's no telling what she'll do. If she could slaughter hundreds of Thestrals, she'll kill one pony just for finding out. Tread lightly, Princess Twilight Sparkle."

The Crystal Empire was abundant with life. Crystal ponies and regular ponies moving about getting things done in the wondrous sunshine piercing through the snow, thanks to the Crystal Heart. Some were buying groceries, others to ponies in the colorful streets, and one Thestral moving out of sight by jumping from one dark area to another, goal to reach the abandoned structure Anemone's sister was camping out in.

"Amaryllis," Dash whispered, crawling through the hole inside leading to the basement. "I've brought food. Mostly fruit."

Amaryllis jumped off of a beam on the ceiling and landed in front of her sister, who cocked her head to the side in realization. "Uhhh....what were you doing on the ceiling?"

"Hanging upside down!" Amaryllis replied happily. "It's fun actually! You should try it." Anemone dropped the bag of food on the floor, letting her sister dig in before looking up at the high beam. There were multiple ones up there.

Anemone squinted then looked back down and asked tiredly, "Why would I do that?"

"Because it actually helps you go to sleep and be more alert. That's what I felt."

"I'll do it after we eat, ok?" Anemone rubbed her little sister's mane before tipping the bag over, revealing apples, oranges, peaches, and more. "Dig in."


Princess Cadance and Shining Armor were trotting their way through the city that same morning, talking about this and that while pushing Flurry Heart in a stroller.

"So Twilight thinks we should all meet up again since we haven't done so in a while," Shining informed his wife. "I think we should too. I miss Twily. What about you?"

"Well I agree we haven't actually seen each other in a while. Maybe we should....." Cadance stopped talking and walking. Then gazed around, feeling a sense of strange magic. Shining Armor continued walking before he stopped and faced her.

"What is it?" He asked.

"I feel something.......strange. It's magic, but...I've never felt it before. It's...alien."

Shining looked around in suspicion. "Dark magic?"

Cadance shook her head. "No, not dark magic but.....it's coming from that abandoned building," she replied pointing her head towards a building that was boarded up.

"I'll go check it out," Shining said, pushing the stroller towards Cadance before walking over to the source. When he was near the windows he felt it. It wasn't dark and definitely not light. It was just.....weird.

Walking inside, he took quiet steps, making sure not to be heard until he started hearing voices.

"It's really better to sleep this way, sis! We get more sleep in!" Shining listened closely. Sounded like a filly.

"I guess so." The captain's eyes snapped open. He'd recognize that voice anywhere! Rainbow Dash! "Can we eat like this though? Try it." A bit of that magic rolled through his body before it stopped and the sound of crunching was heard. He stopped beside an open doorway where the voices were coming from and listened in.

"Well the juice drips down my face, but other than that, yeah."

"Good. We'll need food and sleep if we're gonna keep running." Running, Shining thought. Running from what?

"Do you think Twilight told anyone?" One of the ponies flapped something before there was a metallic creak and a response.

"If she, or the others did, we'll have to leave Equestria...or I'll fight Celestia if she comes."

"Do you feel that?" Cadance asked loudly, spooking everybody in the house. Shining jumped while Anemone pulled Amaryllis off of the beam, flattening themselves against the wall by the door.

"Well I was listening in until you spoke," Shining whispered back to her. "Now they're silent."

"There are ponies in there?!" She yelled out, trotting inside the building with Flurry Heart on her back.

"Rainbow Dash and somepony else."

"Okay. Rainbow Dash?" She called out, walking towards the hole. "I'm coming—"

"Don't you dare come in!" Anemone yelled, her sister covered under her wing. Cadance stepped back. Why was she so hostile?

"Are you okay?" No answer. "Do you need help?"

"No! Go away!"

"Rainbow, it's not safe being inside an abandoned building."

"Just go, and leave us alone!" Cadance stepped back again, feeling a rush of that weird magic again.

"Rainbow, we just wanna help," Shining said, attempting to walk through the hole.

"Stay away! You're one of them!" Amaryllis hissed.

"I got this, Amaryllis," Anemone said.

"Rainbow please, we just want to—"

"Go. Away. Now." Cadance and Shining looked at each other before turning around and walking away.

"We gotta speak to Twilight," Shining suggested once they were far enough away. "She mentioned Twilight telling people something and that she'll fight Celestia if it comes to that point." The ponies made their way back to the castle, soon walking into the throne room where Cadance picked up a letter and started writing down everything she heard in the building before sending it through a spark of magic she created.

"Now we wait."

The group of five ponies and one dragon was seated at the cutie map, trying to find traces of Anemone and Scootaloo. Twilight sent out her magic three times, not receiving any clue of the two of them.

"It's like they disappeared from Equestria!" Twilight yelled in disbelief, propping up her head on the table. Suddenly, the doors opened up revealing Starlight Glimmer and Trixie.

"Where have you guys been?" Twilight asked incredulously. "We're in a crisis here!"

"Uhhh...Crystal Empire," Trixie answered, boasting. "The great and powerful Trixie has been doing a lot of shows for multiple cities and Starlight has assisted!"

"Yep, she's getting better too," Starlight confirmed happily, walking towards the table. Her expression quickly changed to seriousness. "Now what's the crisis?"


"Ah yes, Trixie has noticed the Pegasus is—"

"She's not a Pegasus, Trixie," Rarity said. "She's a Thestral."

The two of them just looked at each other before Trixie snickered, covering her mouth with her hoof.

"You're joking right?" Before anyone could respond, Spike began to puff his cheeks out and make noises. He belched, revealing a scroll that Twilight grabbed in her magic.

She rolled it open, reading it out loud. "'Dear Twilight Sparkle. I am contacting you about a strange situation here in the Crystal Empire. Today, your brother and I went out for a walk with Flurry Heart when I felt strange magic coming from an abandoned building. Shining Armor went to investigate to discover Rainbow Dash and some filly inside. We tried to get them to come out only for her to respond with hostility. It was also heard of a possible altercation with Princess Celestia in the future which has me worried.

"'If you can, please come to the Crystal Empire as soon as possible. I have not informed Celestia as of yet. I do not want to alarm her if this is not as big as it seems. Your fellow Princess, family, and friend. Princess Cadance.'"

The others looked towards Twilight to see her rubbing her forehead. "We're going. I have a feeling this is going to get ugly. You two are coming with us."

"Twiiiliiight," Trixie groaned. "We just returned from there!"

"Well you're going back. Alright, everypony, we can either take the train or go through teleportation. It'll tire me out immensely, but I'm not leaving Rainbow and Scootaloo up there in danger and we're running out of time."

"I prefer a much more safer way," Applejack said. "But you're right....we're runnin' out of time. Teleport."



"Alright, looks like we're teleporting. Let's do this. Spike? Let Cadance know we're on our way. Make sure they do not approach Rainbow."


Shining and Cadance were busy fawning over and feeding Flurry Heart, listening to her giggle, and watching her throw food around in the kitchen with her magic before a string of magic slipped into the room, swirling together to form a scroll.

"What's it say?" Shining asked as Flurry threw some mashed peas at his horn. "You, little filly, are really difficult." Flurry gave a giggle and flapped her wings a little in response while her mother grabbed the message.

Cadance opened the scroll and read it. "Twilight's coming over immediately. She says not to bother Anemone, especially you because you're the captain of the Royal Guard. She'll attack on sight."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know, but I want to know what's going on." A few minutes later, the front door of the castle opened up, catching their attention. Shining Armor stood up to investigate the hallway and poked his head out the kitchen door, seeing the group from Ponyville walk in with Applejack carrying Twilight on her back.

"Alright so what's going?" He asked, walking over, raising an eyebrow at Twilight slumped over. "What happened to her?"

"We teleported over here. Don't scold her, no time for that," Rarity said.

"Where's......Rainbow?" Twilight asked breathlessly.

"If she's still there, then the abandoned home," Cadance quickly answered, Flurry Heart on her back. "I'll take you there." The group followed Cadance out of the castle and down a street before Cadance began asking questions. "So why exactly is Rainbow living in an abandoned building?"

"She's hidin'," Applejack responded as they neared the location. "Outta fear."

"Why'd you call her Anemone?" They didn't answer. Instead, they stopped in front of the abandoned home, looking inside. Twilight twitched, feeling a rush of Anemone's magic before turning around.

"Have your magic ready," she ordered. "She's very alert and tense right now. She could respond violently."

Shining and Cadance shared a glance before Twilight walked inside with the others following. They stopped at the hole, where Twilight could feel more of that magic and sat down beside the doorway before speaking.

"Anemone? It's Twilight," she greeted slowly. "Sadly, you were right. We spoke with Daring Do since she's an adventurer and...she saw the aftermath." A scuffle and a whisper was heard before footsteps trotted slowly towards the door.

"Was there anyone left? There has to be someone left!" Anemone cried desperately. Twilight sighed sadly before looking at her hooves.

"I'm sorry but....there was nothing but decaying bodies." Cadance and Shining's eyes widened. What bodies?

"So...me and Amaryllis really are the last ones," she responded, sitting down by the wall. Amaryllis walked up to her, rubbing against her side as she tried to bring her comfort.

"It's okay," she cooed. "We'll have to start a new life...again...but it won't be so bad as long as we have each other, right?" Anemone looked down and smiled at her sister. Then lifted her hoof and scuffled her mane.

"We're two princesses without a kingdom...having to start a new life around the ones who killed our kind, leaving us the only ones alive is no way to live. No way at all. But I'll try for you, ok?"

Amaryllis grinned before Anemone looked towards the doorway again. "I'm guessing she saw the birthday party in progress before all the bodies?"

"It read 'Happy Birthday Amaryllis,'" Twilight quietly confirmed, keeping her eyes to the floor.

"She must've went through the whole site. That room was in the very back. How many of us were.....piled up?"


"What are you ladies talking about?" Cadance asked timidly. "Dash, why won't you come out?"

"Because you have a Royal Guard with you," she responded. "I will not reveal myself unless he leaves."


"End of discussion!" She stated with a stomp of her hoof, sending out a pulse of magic that everyone felt. Cadance sighed, then turned back to Shining and nodded. Reluctantly, he groaned before walking out of the building, sitting next to the wall. Once out of sight, Cadance turned back to the door.

"He's gone and waiting outside." Anemone sighed before bending low, allowing her sister to crawl over her head and on her back before she tentatively took a step forward, the creaking floor capturing Starlight, Trixie, and Cadance's interest. Anemone walked out, revealing her bat wings and slitted eyes before turning her head to the left at everyone else standing but Twilight sitting by the hole. But her little sister waved her way eagerly.

"Hey, Twilight!" Amaryllis greeted happily.

"Hey, Scootaloo!" Twilight stood up and nuzzled the little thestral on her sister's back before turning to Anemone with a sorrowful expression. "I really am sorry, Anemone. There was also evidence to your claims. A spear, a crossbow, and a pin for a soldier's chest plate...beside the body of a foal."

Rainbow narrowed her eyes before yelling and striking out at the wall next to her, creating a hole and spooking everyone watching.

"Despicable!" She yelled, removing hoof from the wall and slamming it down, creating a pulse of weird magic. "Utterly despicable! That Alicorn had no mercy! NONE!" Anemone looked back at the group, finally noticing Trixie and Starlight. "When'd Starlight and Trixie​ get here?"

The two looked at each other before focusing back on the thestral. "Rainbow, we've—"

"That is not my name!" She yelled, punctuating her sentence with a powerful stomp of her hoof.

"They don't know your name, sis!" Amaryllis clarified from her back. She jumped off, catching their attention and slowly walked forward.

Starlight gasped, then pointed at her and yelled, "Wait....I recognize you! You're one of those crusaders!"

"Scootaloo," she said. "I'm Princess Amaryllis of the...thestrals."

"One of the last two," Rainbow added, stepping forward. "Out of the four hundred to five hundred thestrals, there are only two left, her and I. Thanks to you despicable ponies' Princess of the Sun."

"What?! What are you talking about?" Cadance asked. "What did Celestia do?"

"She slaughtered a cave full of Thestrals," Anemone said sadly turning to face her. "A whole colony. Leaving them to rot. But for what? Nopony knows. It was my sister's birthday. Her FIRST birthday and Celestia came in, killing mothers and fathers​, aunts, uncles, nephews, and friends. Not to mention...foals. Fillies and colts. An explosion sounded off at the front when the Royal Guard rushed in and slaughtered everyone. I remember all of it.

"We grabbed my sister and then ran, making it to the entrance. We flew away, briefly pursued by Celestia herself when father gave his life to protect us. We hid in Ponyville. Disguised and under different aliases until it was time to leave again. Now we're on the run, ducking Celestia and her ties."

"No way! It couldn't have been—" Cadance was cutoff from a flash of light at the building's entrance as well as a familiar voice.

"Twilight." Everyone turned towards the doorway while Anemone gasped and grab Amaryllis, placing her on her back.

"Are you alright?" Celestia asked, trotting forward. "I felt a very powerful surge of your magic earlier and......" She stopped suddenly, her eyes widening in surprise, as well as... turning red. "A thestral." Everyone backed away from the scene, sensing a tense atmosphere. "A thestral?! You're supposed to be gone!" Anemone didn't respond, holding her ground in a defensive stance and staring daggers at the princess. Celestia scoffed before lighting her horn before Anemone dart forward using the speed she was so commonly known for, butting the princess out of the door with her head.

She slid out onto the sidewalk, spooking some ponies walking by before a sudden blast knocked her back again. Everyone watched as Anemone stalked out, leaving Amaryllis with Twilight.

"I knew there was another that escaped!" The princess said as she righted herself, circling like the thestral.

"Why'd you do it?!" Anemone yelled. Why did you destroy an entire—" A blast knocked her back, sending her skidding across the ground.

"Silence, you worm!" Celestia yelled out. "Your kind has taunted Equestria for years!"

"That gave you no right to disrupt the lives of hundreds!" Rainbow retorted, shooting forward and bucking Celestia in the face. The princess grabbed Anemone's rear hoof, throwing and slamming her back into a nearby building before running towards her, pointing her horn. Anemone rose up on her rear hooves and gathered her magic in her hooves. Then slammed down on the concrete, sending out a very strong pulse through the ground, causing Celestia and anyone around to fall.

Finding a great opportunity, Anemone zipped towards the princess and stomped her in the gut. Celestia grimaced before she flipped her over, with Anemone on her back and Celestia towering above, pointing her horn at her head. Anemone gasped before dodging her head to the side, letting the horn miss her and hit the concrete. Again and again, she kept missing, before getting a slash in across her cheek, causing Anemone to cry out in pain.

"Princess Celestia! Stop!" Twilight yelled to her. Anemone flipped her over before flying up far then back down again, nearly doing her rainboom before impacting the ground where Celestia was a second ago, creating a shockwave that rocked the whole city.

They all ducked for cover as debris from the crater began to rain down on them. A sudden blast made everyone look up to Anemone flying back into a nearby stand. Then ducked right when Celestia drove her horn into where her neck was a second ago.

"Stop! Stop this right now!" Cadance yelled, a futile effort since they continued with their battle. Anemone raised a hoof, firing a bolt of magic at Celestia that pierced her side.

"You will pay for the massacre of our colony!" She yelled, running straight at Celestia who teleported right when Anemone lunged out. Confused, Anemone looked around and got bucked in the face, rolling a few feet away to a skidding stop. While attempting to stand, Celestia charged up a large bolt of magic and fired it at her down body, who looked up just in time for it to hit, the sound of the blast resonating across the city.

"NOOOO!" The group screamed, running over to the scene and past Celestia to the wounded thestral.

"Anemone!" Amaryllis screamed in horror. Anemone's body was thrown a few feet away, smoking. In horror, Amaryllis jumped off Twilight's back and ran across the destructive scene to her sister. She nudged her face, trying to get her to wake up while Twilight performed a scanning spell on her. "Come on, wake up! Wake up!"

"She's still alive!" Twilight declared. "But she needs—" Amaryllis and Anemone screamed when she and her sister were hefted into the air. Everyone turned around towards Celestia breathing heavily, her eyes red.

"Apparently you can defy death.....but can you defy banishment?" She turned towards the direction of the castle bringing the two of them with her as she ran across the street.

"Put us down! Put us Down!" Amaryllis yelled, flailing her hooves and flapping her wings.

"Princess Celestia! What in Equestrian name are you doing?!" Cadance yelled, trying to catch up to her, seeing it as a futile effort. Celestia had long legs. She burst through the doors and into the Castle, followed closely by Twilight who knew her intentions.

"Don't do this, Celestia!" She yelled, watching as she passed the throne room, heading towards a specific room. One they were all familiar with. The others caught up with Twilight, trying their hardest to get to the Princess and stop her before she made a huge mistake.

Celestia ran into another room, where a mirror was placed at the far end. "Equestria is no place for beings like you!" She yelled.

"NOOOOO!" Everyone yelled as Celestia slid to a stop and swung her horn towards the mirror sending both ponies through the portal.

"And you shall never return!" Celestia lit her horn and fired a bolt at the mirror which glowed a very bright blue before it shattered into tiny pieces. Right when the others tackled her to the ground.


View Online

The sun basking Canterlot City brightened up the cars driving past the stores and more downtown, a movie theater and on the students of Canterlot High after they all screamed, cheered and threw up their homework, past work, and more as they rushed out of the tall school. Being the start of Spring Break, Principals Celestia and Luna decided to let the teens have fun. But they're definitely doing that homework though.

"So, any plans people?" Rainbow cheered as she ran out with her friends. Then jumped up and slid down the steps' handlebars. "And Twilight, if you say something like reading, studying, or anything science-y, I am chucking you into a pool with your lab coat on."

"Well I for one have some clothes to make, I mean really," Rarity answered while looking at her nails. Hopefully there wasn't anything hurting her mani-petty.

"And I got some apple pickin' to do," Applejack admitted.

"Scoots and I are going to the BMX park along with some more sports," Rainbow announced. She looked down at Scootaloo who ran in beside her, all smiles and wearing a worn out black long sleeved jacket. Rainbow reached over to ruffle her hair and asked, "Right, buddy?"

"Yup!" She answered excitedly, hugging her surrogate sister's waist. "The others are doing boring things. Blech!"

"I have to go to the animal shelter and take care of the animals," Fluttershy said, hugging a yearbook to her chest.

"I have to work on diagrams, studies, and...." Twilight trailed off once spotting Rainbow frowning and narrowing her eyes at her. Then quickly backpedaled, "I meant going to a pool and splashing water, building sand castles! Yay!" Rainbow smiled and nodded her head, pleased with that answer.

"Well I don't know what I'm gonna do," Sunset said, leaning against the railing. "I'll probably just—AAAAHHH!" They all jumped and looked towards Sunset, who threw her purse on the ground.

Applejack laughed and stated, "Wow, you're worse than Rares when it comes to fashion. Drop somethin' nice on the ground and you scream."

"I do not!"

"No, it wasn't that!" Sunset corrected. "It's vibrating like crazy!" They all looked towards the ground at the purse going mad, moving along the ground on its own headed for the stairs. Rainbow rushed forward and reached inside, trying to find the source with her tongue hanging out her mouth. "So...you just go through my purse whenever you want?"

Ignoring Sunset, Rainbow pulled out the journal, which was vibrating far more than usual and pulsing red. "This does NOT look good," she said.

Sunset took the vibrating journal and opened it, turning to the page before reading out loud. "'Equestrian Emergency! Equestrian Emergency! Two ponies thrown through the dimensional portal at immense speeds, one gravely injured! Seek help immediately!'" A sudden light behind Sunset forced everyone outside to stop and turn their heads towards the statue.

"Come on!" Rainbow yelled, rushing towards the light, the others following after her. Once there, they stopped and waited, although not long. A small female voice was screaming and getting louder and louder until something shot out, sliding along the concrete. It had wings and sharp teeth, but it looked like a female with a Rainbow hair style. And she was hurt. Bad.

"Rainbow Dash?!" They all yelled out.

"What happened to me?!" The school Dash yelled out, pointing at the girl. "I look horrible! Why do I have wings?!"

"Anemone! Anemone!!" A voice screamed out from the portal. They all looked up just in time for Amaryllis to fly out and crash right into them, forcing them all onto the hard concrete ground. They all groaned before the portal closed and the statute began making noises.

Sunset opened her eyes first and gasped in horror before standing up, watching as the statue cracked from the bottom up to the top before it crumbled apart, falling to rocks. Bits and pieces.

The rest of them looked up and gasped, gazing at the destroyed statue while Amaryllis scrambled off of them and stood up on her knees and hands, looking around hectically.

"Anemone! Ane—ANEMONE!" Ignoring everyone watchi g, Amaryllis crawled forward towards Rainbow Dash and lightly shook her. "Wake up! WAKE UP!!"

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Amaryllis turned around. A bunch of people were staring at her in curiosity while one that she recognized made her way through.

"STAY BACK!" Amaryllis snarled, thrusting out a glowing hand and baring her teeth. "STAY AWAY FROM US, CELESTIA! YOU TRIED TO KILL US!"

The principal stopped and squinted her eyes at the girl. "Scootaloo?" She asked. "When'd you get wings?"

"I don't have wings!" A smaller girl in the crowd said, lifting her hand. "That's just another me!"

The principal gasped, spotting the badly bruised Rainbow Dash behind the winged girl. "Rainbow Dash?!"

"That's Rainbow Dash from Equestria...I think," Dash said from the side.

"Hey, Scootaloo," Sunset called calmly, getting down to the girl's level. "I'm Sunset Shimmer, a friend of Princess Twilight Sparkle of Ponyville. We need to get Rainbow Dash some help, ok?"

"What are you?! You're not a pony!" She retorted. Looking down, she gasped at her hands. "Where are my hooves? Where are my hooves?!" She screamed before she got dizzy, tilted to the side, and passed out. Everyone just stared at the two girls, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Well.....that was interesting," Rainbow said. "Now can we PLEASE get me some help?!"

"Keep holding her down, I'm going to sedate her!" Twilight yelled, lighting her horn while the others applied more pressure to Celestia, who was fighting with all the strength she could muster.

"Remove yourselves from me at once!" Celestia ordered in fury, squirming around. "You ponies need to learn that Equestria is no place for the weak ponies!" Twilight pointed her horn towards Celestia's and shot out a string of magic, attaching it to the Princess'. Her squirming began to still before her body slumped to the side, under the heavy influence of Twilight's spell. Down and under.

"She's out," Twilight announced tiredly. She motioned towards her friends and recommended. "You can get up now." The ponies all shifted off of Celestia, observing her state, her body completely still and covered with small bruises.

Finding this a great time to address the elephant in the room, Shining yelled in clear frustration, "What the hay just happened?! She and Rainbow just had it out! And was that really Rainbow?!"

"Yeah," Rarity answered, catching her breath. "That was really her. She was a thestral, her and Scootaloo."

"We've learned that Celestia killed their colony," Twilight said, motioning to the 'sedated maniac', the same term Pinkie muttered under her breath. "Her and a handful of Royal guards. What we want to know is why? Why did it come to this? Why was it even considered? Children, foals, and many more were killed in their cave, leaving only two sisters alive: Scootaloo, or Amaryllis, and Anemone, or as you call her, Rainbow Dash. Those were their aliases. They were undercover in Ponyville. Hiding from her in plain sight."

"Are you serious?!" Cadance yelled.

"Yes. Daring Do also said she went to the cave to see the mass amount of bodies left inside. It was a massacre." Everyone turned back to the sleeping princess on the floor. "Whatever happened must've really had an impact on the two. It was Amaryllis' first birthday when it started.

"Oh my faust," Cadance muttered. Without taking her eyes off of her aunt, she yelled, "GUARDS!"

A bunch of galloping was heard behind the door before they burst open, revealing two royal guards who saluted to attention. "Yes, your highness?"

"Have Celestia locked up inside the dungeons. Shackle her tight and keep an eye on her. And place on a horn inhibitor." The guards nodded before they trotted forward, grabbing Celestia by the hooves and quickly dragged her out of the room, the doors shutting behind them.

"Now.....we have another problem," Twilight sighed. "And we all know what it is." They all slowly turned their heads towards the shattered mirror, pieces all over the ground, burned. "We have no way of reaching the other side. I could try writing again but.... It's gone." The others looked back at Twilight to see the book lying at her hooves, turning into a bunch of sand. "The book is disintegrating. We have absolutely no way to reach them anymore. I sent out the last message as an Equestrian emergency to Sunset Shimmer. Hopefully she can help them out."

Cadance nodded and made her way towards the door, speaking. "In the meantime, we must inform Princess Luna about her sister. I hope she takes it well."


The group of students placed the two girls inside the nurses office, careful of their wings. They didn't want to bump anything or get scratched. Sunset placed Scootaloo on one table and Applejack placed Rainbow on another before Nurse Redheart came inside bewildered, making her way over to Rainbow Dash. Not the first time someone like this came into her office.

"Alright so what happened?" she asked while leaning over Rainbow with a stethoscope. "Because this looks serious. Any of these wounds could get infected badly and it could lead to something horrible."

"We don't know," Twilight answered. Obviously stressed out just like everyone else. "They flew out of the portal like this. Rainbow is seriously beaten down."

"I'll say!" Sunset Shimmer agreed loudly, sitting down in one of the chairs. "But whatever happened....Princess Celestia's involved. Scootaloo said something about she tried to kill them." They all stared at Sunset for a moment before she sighed, rolling her eyes. They didn't get it. "Princess Celestia is one of the major Princesses of Equestria. She raises and sets the sun while her sister, Luna raises and sets the moon."

"So she's a far more upgraded version of these two," Applejack assumed, motioning towards Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna in the doorway.

"Yep! Except of ruling a school...they rule the entire kingdom. Including Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, also known here as Dean Cadance of Crystal Prep Academy. Their world is like ours...only a lot more magical. I've been updated on the Princesses ever since this world's Twilight popped into our life." She reached into her purse before getting a bewildered look on her face. moving her hand around. "Wait..."

They all watched as Sunset dig around some more. Then started shaking her head in worry. "ohhh nononononono."

"What? What is it?" Rarity asked, coming over. Sunset slowly pulled out her hand to reveal.....sand. "The book....it's gone."

They all stared in disbelief at the sand when he dumped her purse. A bunch of sand fell out along with a few more personal items. A block of the book fell out too, but that turned into sand on impact. "Something terrible has happened in Equestria....and it involves these two girls," Sunset added. A sudden moan ripped their attention from Sunset to the bed Scootaloo was laying in. Her wings shifted slightly before she rolled onto her side, nearly falling off the table before shooting her wings out, catching herself.

"Ane....Anemone," she mumbled sitting up. She rubbed her eyes before the nurse came over to check on her.

"Can you see sweetheart?" Redheart asked, pulling a small flashlight out of her pocket. Scootaloo removed her hands and opened her eyes revealing her slits and purple eyes.

"Whoooooaaa," Rainbow muttered. Everyone else noticing her eyes had nearly the same reaction.

"Where's Anemone? Where's my sister?" They all looked at each other in confusion before Sunset pointed to the table next to her.

"Your uhh.....sister's next to you," she answered. Scootaloo bounced off the table and tried walking over there like everyone else was doing. She looked at "Rainbow's" face, checking her over and checking all the bruises.

"That blast really got you," she mumbled before growling in anger. "Celestia's definitely going to die now." Everyone widened their eyes and turned towards the door to see Principal Celestia slowly walking away then down the hall as quietly as she could.

Sighing, Amaryllis turned around towards the others. "Where are we?" she asked.

"Earth, darling," Rarity said. "You're in Canterlot High School's medical offices. What happened? Where is Twilight?"

"I don't know!" She yelled over her shoulder. "When will Anemone wake up?"

"I don't know, sweetheart," Nurse Redheart answered. "Are you alright?"

"No," she replied turning around. "Nothing is alright. Is there anyway to go back to Equestria?"

"Sorry kid, but the portal got destroyed," Rainbow said, walking through the door with Scootaloo. "Meet your duplicate...Scootaloo." The two girls stared at each other, trying to avoid this strange encounter.

"She looks nothing like me," they both said at the same time, making each other gasp. "Stop copying me! Stop copying me!!"

"Ok, yeah that's weird," Applejack said.She grabbed their Scootaloo and calmly pulled her back to Rainbow Dash. "It was already weird when Princess Twilight stepped through when Twilight here was just relaxing."

"Hey! I just realized all of you look like the others in Equestria!" Amaryllis exclaimed, pointing a hand at them. The Equestria Girls in the room looked around at each other before nodding their heads.

"Yep!" Rainbow yelled. "And I'm Rainbow Dash!" Amaryllis looked up at her before giggling.

"You used to act like that in Equestria...until everything got serious and we had to leave."

"That's what I'm trying to figure out," Sunset commented.he stood up and approached Amaryllis. "What exactly happened? All we know is that Twilight sent out a message declaring an Equestrian Emergency, you two fly through the portal which collapses after you fall out, and then here we are. But Rainbow here is scratched up and—"

"Her name is Anemone," Amaryllis corrected. "And my name isn't Scootaloo. It's Amaryllis." The group stared at her before they turned to the human Dash, who was trying to walk out of the room.

"Is your name really Anemone?" Twilight asked, chuckling with the others. "That is so pretty."

Rainbow swiveled around and yelled, "Shut up!" Trying not to blush. "It's Rainbow Dash! Rainbow! Dash! I do NOT go by a flower!"

Applejack gasped loud. "So yo' name is Anemone! Awwwwww!"

"Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up! It's Rainbow Dash!" Her face was completely red now before she buried it in her palms.

"Fine, fine," Sunset appeased, chuckling. "We'll call you Rainbow Dash....Anemone."

"Why don't you go back to Equestria?" Rainbow muttered while Scootaloo patted her arm.

"So... Amaryllis," Twilight greeted. "What happened to you and—" A yelp sounded out before she continued. Everybody quickly turned to Anemone lying on the table, moving around.

"Owwwww," she moaned. Holding her side, she sat up facing the others before rubbing her patched up cheek. "What happened?"

"Celestia hit you with some kind of spell that shook all of the Crystal Empire and sent you flying across the ground," Amaryllis explained quickly. "Then she grabbed us both and threw us into some mirror. We're on some place called Earth, in some building called Canterlot High School."

Anemone opened her eyes, revealing the same color like her sister's. "It must've been the portal that Twilight went through in the past. To some stupid, dumb, and useless high school or something."

"Yep, that's definitely Rainbow." Anemone gasped before pulling her sister behind her and holding out her glowing blue hand at the group, baring her teeth. Well... Fangs.

"Whoa! Whoa! Slow down!" Sunset yelled. She shot her hands up in the air with the others, gaining her attention. "We're friendly, I'm from Equestria!" Anemone raised an eyebrow before she slowly lowered her hand, not even realizing she didn't have hooves. "I'm Sunset Shimmer. That's Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Scootaloo, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, who for some reason has been surprisingly quiet this whole time."

"Oh, should I talk more?" Pinkie yelled out.

"Noooo!" The group yelled out.

"That's Vice Principal Luna." Sunset pointed at the blue and black themed lady leaning against the doorway, who waved to Anemone. "And Principal Celestia has left the room."

"Good," Anemone snarled. "I probably would've blasted her on accident...or on purpose, we'll see." Anemone grunted, then tried to get up only to stumble on her legs, making her nearly fall. She cocked her head and looked at her hands. "Umm....where are my hooves?"

Amaryllis looked down at her own, finally realizing she had the same. "Whoa! Freaky!" She cried out. Didn't she just freak out because she didn't have hooves earlier? Twilight thought.

Rainbow walked up to her with crossed arms and answered, "Uhhh....they get replaced with hands when you cross through the portal." She stopped and looked Anemone over. Then grinned and yelled, "Man, I look dangerous!"

"Hello? Anemone?" Anemone looked down to her sister who was waving her hand in front of her face. "A question. What are we going to do?! We're stuck here! The portal's been destroyed and there's absolutely nothing we can do! We're stuck with....these.......things."

The group looked appalled at her. "Ummm, Darling? We're humans. Like you," Rarity clarified.

"No, me and Anemone are thestrals, not humans!"

"Wait....." Sunset said walking towards them. Then gasped, "That's why you look familiar! I read about you when I was studying in Canterlot in the past!"

"What are Thestrals?" Rainbow asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sunset turned to her with a look that reminded Rainbow of Twilight in the corner. "Basically bat ponies. They lived out in the Badlands with the Changelings in mountains, caves, and underground. Which colony are you from?"

"No colony now," Anemone answered. She moved around on wobbly legs, testing them. "It was destroyed nine years ago." She took a few steps towards the doorway before turning around and walking back, satisfied she could move around.

"How? Are you building a new one?"

Anemone stopped and placed a hand on her sister's head while gazing at Sunset Shimmr. "We can't build a new one. And if we did, it would take decades to get back up to our numbers."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked. "What happened?"

"The Thestrals are gone," she snarled. "All of them. I am Princess Anemone and this is Princess Amaryllis. We are the last two thestrals left in Equestria.....thanks to Princess Celestia."

After receiving a letter from Princess Cadance, and an intense flight, Princess Luna landed outside of the castle in the Crystal Empire. After looking at the ground below and spotting a huge crater in the streets and other damages. Receiving the letter a little under ten minutes ago, she flew to the city as fast as she could, trying to figure out why Celestia was locked up in the dungeon. Luna walked past he damages, then up the steps and opened the doors. The guards were stationed throughout the crystal hallways, standing firm and tall as she trotted past, not even acknowledging them. Finally, she arrived at the throne room, where the Element bearers were speaking to Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. She burst through the doors, startling those inside.

"Alright! Thou will tell us what is going on this moment!" Luna ordered, capturing everyone's attention. "Why is our sister being held in thy dungeons?!"

Princess Cadance stood up and walked towards Luna to tell her. "Princess Celestia attacked Rainbow Dash and threw her through the portal, shattering it afterwards. She is now trapped in the other realm, along with another, unless we discover a way to get them back. She is also guilty of a massacre of the Thestrals that has happened nine years ago. Twilight and the others have indisputable evidence proving these claims. Unless this Celestia is some type of impostor, then she is in a deep dish. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were Thestrals who were hiding from her here when she arrived and attacked. She knocked out Rainbow Dash and grabbed them both before throwing them into the portal. We tackled her to the floor as soon as the mirror shattered."

"My book has disintegrated as well, Luna," Twilight added, walking over to them. "I have no way of checking to make sure they're alright. I would've used my portal at the Friendship castle, but I need the book to do it."

"So we must find the spell that Starswirl the Bearded used to recreate the portal," Luna said. "Celestia can be dealt with at the same time. I will assign detectives to check the scene of the crime. Where was the massacre?"

"In a mountain, out in the badlands," Twilight said. "What are we going to do about Princess Celestia?"

"She will stay here in the dungeons until the investigation is complete. I will take over the sun and the moon. Try to find that spell." Luna turned around and headed for the door to go have a talk with her sister.

"You can't be serious," Sunset refused. she reached out and grabbed Anemone's shoulders, round eyes piercing into Anemone's fierce slit ones. "Celestia couldn't have killed over five hundred ponies! That can't be possible!"

"Tell that to my headless mother and my father's missing body!" Anemone retorted, pushing Sunset's hands off of her. "Everyone in those caves is dead. We were able to leave by playing in the dark, stalking through the shadows and being quiet. It was difficult. It all happened on Amaryllis' birthday. Her first birthday. A loud explosion shook the whole cave system before the soldiers poured in. You could hear the hooves pounding through the ground. Mother went out to go see what was happening. It was her duty. Father stayed with us for a while. We were in the back. The soldiers had to get through everything else before they could get to us, so we had to make our escape then. Along the way, we saw nothing but bodies. Blood everywhere. We moved as slowly and quietly as we could, making sure Amaryllis was asleep before we finally made it to the entrance. But Celestia herself saw us and gave chase. Father told me to take Amaryllis and run...and never come back. That was the last time I saw him."

Sunset put her hands over her eyes and breathed deeply while the others just stared in shock. "We are the very last ones," Amaryllis added, stepping forward. "Celestia threw us through a glass mirror after beating up Anemone and we landed here. I guess we're stranded until someone comes and gets us."

"Yeah, and take us back to that bugbear," Anemone added. "I'd like to get my hooves on her again. I would've totally demolished her if she hadn't moved out of the way!"

"I'm sure Twilight and the others were able to stop her once she threw us in." Amaryllis climbed back on the table looking at her hands before she got a tap on the leg. Looking up, she noticed Scootaloo giving her a nice smile.

"I'm really sorry about your family. No one deserves to have their family massacred."

"I didn't know them very well," Amaryllis said.

"Still. It's not right."

"I agree," Twilight stated. "Our spring break is ruined though. And it hasn't even started yet. It's going to take you guys awhile to get back home."

"What do you mean?" Anemone asked. She moved her legs trying to walk towards her. These things were weird. "You're an egghead, I'm pretty sure you can get us home in no time."

"I know right?" Rainbow agreed happily. She tilted her head and motioned towards Twilight's unamused expression. "I call her an egghead all the time, but she doesn't accept it! She makes it seem like I'm mocking her!"

"You are!" Twilight exclaimed, laughing out loud. "You wouldn't let me even think about doing a science experiment during break, yet you'll call me an egghead!"

"It's a good thing!" Everyone yelled out, including Luna.

"Ugghhh, fine! Fine, I'm an egghead! Are you happy now?!"

"Very," Rainbow appeased, giving her a smile. "So how are we gonna help these guys?"

"I'm not quite sure." Twilight put her hand to her chin, thinking deeply on the subject. "I don't know a lot about magic. I know it exists, but that's about it. Besides, I think the problem came from Equestria's end."

"Why do you think that?" Sunset asked curiously.

"Something must've happened there, because Earth is just a connection where Equestria is the main port. Whatever happens there happens here. So if the portal over there stopped working, then this one does too. The portal on this side is only connected to that one. Without Equestria's it doesn't function. You take out the battery, the whole phone stops working, or in this case, it just crumbles."

Anemone and Amaryllis gasped. "The mirror!"

"It must've broke or something then!" Anemone declared. Then started pacing back and forth, clearly worried. "Celestia probably destroyed it! So we couldn't come back! Thus destroying the one over here!"

"So the only thing that works so far is our magic," Amaryllis concluded. She held up her glowing hand and levitated a bag of skittles out of Twilight's pocket into her palm. "What are these?" Anemone looked at the bag before reaching in, shocking Twilight, and taking out a bit of the candy. She squinted at it before smelling it. Shrugging, she popped it in her mouth and started chewing. Satisfied, she hummed in satisfaction and turned to Amaryllis while reaching back in.

"Taste one, sis!" She said proudly while pulling out another handful. "These things are ripe!" Amaryllis reached into the bag and pulled out a handful for herself. Then popped them in her mouth before gasping and smiling, her eyes dilating in happiness before popping the rest in.

"They just ate most of my Skittles!" Twilight yelled out. She stomped over and yanked the Skittles out of Amaryllis' hands. "No more Skittles! Buy your own!"

"Do we have bits?" Anemone asked herself out loud. "No.....no we don't."

Amaryllis hiccuped and asked, "Wait, then how'd you get that food we had when we were in the Crystal Empire?"

"I......borrowed it," Anemone answered innocently as she could. "I was gonna give it back......when.....I could."

"You stole it?" Amaryllis blandly asked.

"Yeah, I stole it," Anemone admitted while smiling and nodding her head. Amaryllis just sadly shook her head at her. "Hey! It was either that or we eat the mice there, what do ya' want?"

"Fluttershy's upset," Rainbow Dash announced. They all looked towards the yellow skinned girl to see her twitching her eye.

"I think we broke her," Applejack thought aloud. She lifted a hand and waved in front of her face.

"Oh she's easy to fix," Anemone deduced. She walked over and snapped her fingers twice in front of Fluttershy's face before slapping the top of her head. Fluttershy gasped before looking around.

"What happened?" She asked. Then looked up at Anemone and asked timidly, "Did you just hit my head?"

Anemone nodded. "Yeah, Rainbow wouldn't do it so I did."

"I didn't know how!" Rainbow declared, annoyed and narrowing her eyes.

"All you do is this." Anemone snapped her fingers in front of her face again before slapping the top of her head, making her get that look again. "Then do it again to break her out of it. It's actually really fun if you do it in front of a group of people. It's hilarious!"

"Hmmmm," Rainbow hummed. Then completed the gestures again to watch Fluttershy get all dopey. "This....could come in handy."

"Great...there's two of 'em," Twilight muttered sarcastically. "At least Scoota—I mean, Amaryllis is innocent enough, right?" They all looked towards the tables to see Amaryllis eating the skittles again. Twilight gasped and patted down her pockets, groaning. "Nevermind."

"Welp.....two Rainbow Dashes and two Scootaloos," Sunset said, shaking her head. "Means double trouble. We're in for a ride this summer."


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Princess Luna made her way around the Crystal Castle hallways of the empire, stacked with Guards, trying to figure out her sister's intentions for getting rid of the thestrals. The act itself was despicable enough and she will surely be tried for it, but she just wanted to know why. Speaking of which, didn't she have thestral guards before?

The princess stopped in the hallway, just now realizing her guards have been missing ever since Twilight became a princess. And that was a few months ago. Now that she thought about it, the last time she saw them were when she went off to her night court duties years ago. And how in Equestria did she even remember that?! Luna shook her head before continuing on her journey to the dungeons of the Crystal Empire. After turning one more corner, she spotted the stairwell leading down into the the dank cells, guarded by ten guards, five on each side.

"Hello, gentlecolts," she greeted, watching as they saluted her before continuing down the stairs. Once she reached the floor, she spotted her sister, sitting in a cell, looking.....confused. "Celestia."

Celestia snapped her head forward, spotting Luna walk towards her. "Luna! What in Equestria am I doing in a cell with a horn inhibitor?"

"Do not play foolish Celestia!" Luna yelled, slamming her hoof against the ground. "You know what you have done!"

"I do not play, sister!" Celestia said worriedly. "I have absolutely no idea what is going on! All I am aware of is that I have a ring on my head and I am in a cell! Honestly, what have I done? The last thing I remember was going to the Crystal Empire because I felt a rush of Twilight's magic. I was concerned. So I followed the source to the Crystal Empire where I found her and some more ponies in a building. There was another weird pony there, but I blacked out after that! Honestly!"

Luna looked at Celestia with an eyebrow raised. Something wasn't adding up right. "Celestia I am going to say one word. Thestral." The princess' eyes turned red and her head twitched for a moment before they narrowed.

"Never say that word around me again, Nightmare!" She yelled, trotting towards the bars of the cell. "I will banish you AGAIN! This time to the SUN!" Luna gasped and stepped back as Celestia ran into the cell bars, falling back on her flank after hitting her head on the metal.

"There is a grave problem here," she muttered slowly. Celestia was already back on her hooves, trying to get out of the cell by bucking the bars. "A grave one. I will return Celestia. I must inform the others." Celestia suddenly blinked her eyes rapidly before she rubbed her head with a hoof, watching Luna walk away and wondering what she was still doing behind bars. That question was never answered.


"Okay... So we have to keep you away from the public's eye," Sunset said as the group of eleven made their way off campus. Scootaloo decided to come along, just to see where this would lead and the other crusaders had to leave with their sisters, thus joining them. "The only ones who actually know about magic being real on earth are magicians maybe, everyone at Canterlot High, some at Crystal Prep Academy, and the owners of Camp Everfree. Oh and Juniper. She's around somewhere. That's it. Besides that, everyone would freak out."

"So what do we do?" Amaryllis asked desperately. She and Anemone were in between the group of seven girls, who were making sure they were out of sight from any passing cars.

"Stay hidden," Applejack answered. "If someone sees you like this, we're all in trouble. And we can't have that, now can we?"

"Anemone, darling," Rarity called, pulling on the Thestral's shirt. "You need new clothes, seriously. This one is somehow all ripped up. You too, Amaryllis."

"Hey, that raises a question," Twilight said. Then turned around to face Scootaloo. "Is YOUR real name really Scootaloo? Or is it Amaryllis?" Everyone stopped walking and turned to Scootaloo as she tried to hide behind her idol.

Rolling her eyes, Anemone threw up her hands and let it be known, "I don't understand why you guys aren't just embracing your names. Me and squirt had to hide ours in fear of getting killed, but you guys are doing it from embarrassment. Come on, it's not gonna kill you... Well, here anyway."

"Yeah, I think it's cute," Sweetie Belle said. "It's great to call you Scootaloo, but Amaryllis rolls off the tongue so easily."

"Yeah, Scoots!" Apple Bloom said, slapping her friend on the back. "I'm pretty sure if you say that around that guy you like at school, you'll grab his attention lickety split!"

"Wait! Guy? What guy?!" Rainbow said, looking at her surrogate sister, who was trying to avoid her gaze.

"Uhhh no one, no one, let's just....let's just talk about these two! W-w-what's it like in Equestria?" Rainbow wanted to pursue the conversation, but decided against it.

"Well....it's....alright, I guess," Amaryllis answered as they turned a corner towards the downtown area. "Is it.....really smart for us to be going downtown like this? I mean aren't there other... Humans here?"

"Oh yeah, most definitely," Twilight replied. "But the streets are really bare at around this time. So we can do whatever. Sometimes, the Crystal Prep girls show up, so we'll have to be careful with them."

They continued on their walk to some place Twilight was taking them, making sure the thestrals were hidden from sight before a voice shouted out. "Sunset!" They all stopped and froze, recognizing Juniper's voice coming from behind them.

"Stay calm, I'll handle this," Sunset Shimmer whispered before she stepped around the group and walked towards the girl approaching, grinning the entire while. "Hey, Juniper, wassup? Wait, how'd you know I was even here, I was in the front and you're in the back."

Juniper stopped in front of her before responding excitedly. "I know your hair when I see it. Where you guys headed? I'm off work, so I got some free time."

"Uhhhhh," Sunset stammered. "We have a little emergency that we have to tend to, so we're just heading wherever Twilight's telling us to go."

"Oh, is everything alright?" She asked in concern. "Do you need help?"

"It's fine, nothing too big. I'll text you later, ok?" Not waiting for an answer, Sunset turned and jogged back.

"Ummm... Alright," Juniper replied sadly, watching her move. "See ya' later."

"Alright, let's go," she whispered before they started moving again. She looked over her shoulder and gave Juniper a tiny smile and a wave before turning back around, unaware of the girl's grin.

On the way to Twilight's place, Sunset Shimmer kept getting glances from everyone in the group, sort of irritating her and getting on her nerves. Just what was it they were looking for? Rainbow even gave her a little smirk just now!

"Okay! Stop!" The group jumped before turning around to face Sunset's suspicious expression.

"What's wrong with you?" Rainbow teased, smirking and trying not to laugh.

"I don't know, maybe it's the strange smirking, the chuckles, and the giggling Twilight keeps doing." They all looked at the front to see Twilight looking at the sky for something that was definitely not there. "What are you trying to tell me?"

"Ummm...uhhh....help me out here people," Applejack said.

"Juniper has a crush on you!" Rainbow yelled out.

Anemone chuckled and agreed, "Oh, yeah big time."

"She so does not have a crush on me," Sunset denied. Then waved her hand and added, "You guys are just reading it wrong."

"No, we're reading her right. Darling, how else does she 'notice your hair?'" Rarity asked, putting up air quotes and smirking at her. "Trust me, our little friend has a little something of a crush for you."

"Ehhh, I doubt that. Let's just get to Twilight's place. I didn't even know you lived alone." The group continued walking forward while making conversation.

Twilight nodded and explained. "Yeah, it was given to me by Shining Armor. You know he gets a lot of money from wherever he works at. And since mom and dad live in a different city, and he goes to work most of the day, we both share the same home and I get a key. Then Cadance came along. So he goes there on the weekends and I stay alone. So... We're golden until monday."

Soon they made it to Twilight's two story home, which, ironically enough, was a purple color. "Seriously? Purple?" Rainbow asked unenthusiastic.

"And I bet yours is blue," Applejack countered sarcastically. "Mine is actually red, Rarity's I bet is white. We all know Pinkie's is pink—"


"And Sunset.... I bet is yellow or orange. Right?" Sunset shrugged. She didn't want to get into her living arrangements. "So what exactly are we doin' here?"

"Well we're trying to hide them," Twilight answered. She reached in her pocket to pull out her keys. The pushed a specific one into the keyhole. "And get them settled in. We can't exactly have them running around out here by themselves." She twisted the knob and pushed it open, letting everybody in before closing it back.

"So it's like when Princess Twilight came here!" Pinkie cried happily. "She was all 'I'm sleeping in the library,' remember? And I was all 'no you're not! We're having a sleepover!'"

"Oh yeah," Sunset recalled. She sat down in one of the chairs in the living room, eyes on Anemone and Amaryllis. "I remember that. During the band thing, yeah. So we're doing that again. Except longer, and possibly more permanent."

Twilight huffed and tooked a tired seat beside Sunset. "Yeah, but my brother's probably not gonna like it though."


"He's seen you in your angelic form during the friendship games. How? I don't know, I don't even remember seeing him there at the school. He didn't like how I looked. He was panicking a little. He said he wasn't scared for me, he was scared OF me. Now imagine him seeing these two." Twilight pointed to Amaryllis and Anemone who were investigating the flat screen TV in front of them by poking at it. Twilight chuckled and grabbed the remote, turning it on. Someone's voice came through making the two girls flap their wings and jump back. Amaryllis actually flew over Sunset and hid behind the couch.

"What....what is this?!" Anemone asked in fear, pointing at the screen. It showed a video of some fantasy movie. Amaryllis peeked at it from over the couch.

"It's called a Television," Sunset answered chuckling. "We use it for entertainment." Amaryllis peeked over the couch and focused on the screen, staring at it weirdly while everyone else just laughed.

"Don't laugh, we don't have this in Equestria! B-besides... Shouldn't we be poking fun at Sunset who is getting crushed on by what's-her-name?" Anemone asked, pointing at the before mentioned girl.

"What? NO!" Sunset replied, blushing.

"Oh, yeah," Twilight answered, grinning at the embarrassed girl. She propped her head on her elbow before speaking. "So.... What do ya' like about her?"

"One? I am not in a romatic relationship with Juniper," Sunset blandly clarified holding up the digits. "Two? I don't think I'm GOING to be in a relationship with Juniper."

"Well that wasn't an 'I don't like her'," Rainbow said, sitting on the armrest of the couch. "Do you even like girls?"

"I don't know, I'm open-minded to anything. It's my biggest weakness."

"I think it's cute!" Pinkie cheered while eating a cupcake, getting everyone's attention. "You have two girls who were lonely in the beginning and got friends in the end who could be in a relationship together. You were both in the same situation! You went all evil trying to get noticed and got reformed! It's super duper adorbs! Talk! To! Her!...Talk! To! Her!..."

Everryone joined in the chant, trying to urge Sunset to talk to Juniper. Amaryllis and Anemone just sat there and looked at each other. Shrugging, they joined in as well.

"Talk! To! Her!...Talk! To! Her!.....Talk! To-"

"OKAY, OKAY!" Sunset yelled, placing a hand on Twilight's mouth. "I'll........talk to her tonight. We text every now and then so.....I'll do it."

"Ooooo, already got her digits?"

"Shut up, Rainbow!"

"So what is it you wanted to know, Luna?" Twilight asked, sitting in the Crystal Empire's throne room with everyone else. Luna called them all back after her visit into the dungeons. "Your summons were pretty....."

"Quick," Cadance finished.

"Yeah, quick. Thank you, Cadance. I take it Celestia told you her reason?"

"It's not that," Luna sighed out, looking at the ground. "Because it wasn't her."

"Yeah, it really was out of Celestia's character to attack those two," Rarity said, looking at her hoof.

"No, not that. I mean it really wasn't her." Everyone stopped their movements and looked at the princess of the moon confusedly.

"What do you mean?" Cadance asked. "What do you mean it wasn't her?"

"When I went down into the dungeon, I first noticed Celestia looking confused. She asked why was she in the dungeons and I said she knows what she has done. But she replied saying she had no idea. And that the only thing she could remember was that she came to see Twilight after feeling a pulse of her magic sweep across Equestria. She saw everyone else there, but I believe when she saw Rainbow Dash, she went into a trance. Because after that she couldn't remember a thing. I decided to test this by saying one word 'Thestral'. She twitched and became irritated. Angered. She called me nightmare moon and said should I ever speak that word again that she'll banish me again. A few moments later when I was leaving, all became silent and I noticed Celestia looking around confused again, like it never happened."

All the ponies looked at each other, confused as to why Celestia would act that way.

"You don't think Daybreaker is trying to return, do you?" Applejack asked fearfully.

"No," Luna replied shaking her head. "Daybreaker never had intentions to kill. She just wanted power over everything. If what I saw down in those dungeons is real, then we are dealing with something entirely different. Something horrible enough that it could kill a whole colony of Thestrals. I'll assign a group of doctors to study Celestia. This information does not leave the castle. No word shall be spoken about what has happened here in the Crystal Empire, the dungeons, the caves of the Thestrals, and especially Rainbow Dash."

"Anemone," Cadance corrected.

"I'm sorry?"

"Her name was never Rainbow Dash, apparently. It was always Anemone. Princess Anemone. Her sister, known as Scootaloo, is named Princess Amaryllis. They're the last two Thestrals known to Equestria. And royalty."

"Then we have to work hard to get them back," Luna said determined before turning to the purple mare. "Twilight? Do your study thing and find that spell. You're smart enough to get it done. The rest of you assist her. Cadance? Give Celestia a room and tell her what has happened. Dismissed."


"So what exactly are we going to do now?" Amaryllis asked, sitting on the living room floor. Everyone else had left and went home, leaving Twilight with the two human thestrals. "So much for learning how to sleep upside down."

"I'm pretty sure we can find a way," Anemone said, sitting down beside her sister, using her wing to pull her into a hug. "I'm sure these people aren't as fear ridden like they say they are. If so, then we have a huge problem on our hands. You know, besides being stranded here."

"At least we know Sunset isn't as bad as she was before, according to Twilight. Remember that story you told me?"

"Yep, where Sunset took Twilight's crown. I'm surprised you remember that, squirt."

"I usually don't forget things unless they're really long ago. Really REALLY long ago." Amyrallis looked around the room, seeing the nice decorations. "I'm still trying to understand that TV. How does it work?"

"It's electronic," Twilight answered happily as she walked down the stairs. "It works through electricity, a type of energy that humans use in their everyday lives. That remote? Electricity. The lights? Electricity. That carpet you're sitting on like a dog? Made by machines which are powered by electricity."

"Hey! We don't sit like dogs!" Anemone protested. Twilight smirked before pointing at their position. They were squatting down like frogs, their legs bent at angles that a guy definitely would hurt his haystacks over.

"Right," Twilight said chuckling while making her way to the kitchen. "Are you hungry? I'm sure we have some food around here for you two. Do you eat meat?"

"What?! No!" Amaryllis yelled out before standing up. "Do YOU eat meat?!"

"Yeah, it's good in protein. You're vegetarians then? Sunset is too. I just thought​ since you're half bat-half pony, you'd eat meat, but I see I was wrong about that." Twilight rummaged through the fridge, ignoring the horror-filled faces of the two human thestrals as they stared at her. "Do you like salads?"

"You want a salad, sister?" Rainbow asked Amaryllis.

"Yes, please."

Twilight took out the salad and set it on the table before closing the refrigerator door back. After opening the container, she grabbed a nearby bottle of ranch and dropped some onto the food before closing the container back and shaking it around. "Some people like to stir the ranch around the food with a fork. I just shake it up," she explained. After getting the food ready, she reopened the container and grabbed a nearby fork, placing it in the food. She then slid it over to Amaryllis.

"Bon apetit, girl," Twilight said before turning to Anemone. "What about you?"

"Uhhhh....I'm not hungry." They watched as the child took the fork and brought it to her mouth, eating the food. "So what do ya' think?"

"It's good," Amaryllis said. "I wonder how Sunset's doing. And also Rainbow Dash."

"Why Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked.

"Well......she flirts with you a lot," Anemone explained. "I wouldn't be surprised if she crashed through your window right now."

"What? Did you used to do that?" Twilight said, looking up at Anemone

"Oh yeah, a lot," Anemone chuckled. "Twilight would actually expect it from me. But that was before she got her castle. I can't do that as much now...."

"Okay. But that doesn't explain what you meant by flirting," Twilight groaned.

"Rainbow likes you," Amaryllis said with her mouth full. "If I know Rainbow Dash, and I do, she'll flirt with you by teasing and talking to you a lot. She will probably send you a letter through the air in a minute."

"'Letter through the air' is called a 'text' here, Scootaloo....Amaryllis," Twilight corrected, pulling out her phone and setting it on the table. The thestrals looked at the strange box made of plastic before it vibrated and the screen turned on, making them step back. Twilight picked the phone back up and smiled before looking back at Amaryllis. "You were right, she did text me."

"Anemone does the same thing to the Twilight in our world, except she doesn't act on her feelings. She just breaks through windows."

"I do not!" The oldest said, bopping her sister on the head and making her swallow her food roughly. "I have always acted on my feelings. I'm bold and awesome enough to do it!"

"Oh yeah?" Amaryllis asked, turning around smirking. "Okay. Then I dare you to tell Twilight your feelings when we get back to Ponyville!"

"Deal!" The two thestrals shook on it before Amaryllis went back to her food and Anemone got a weird look on her face. What did she just do? And how did the squirt know she had a crush on Twilight?!! Great. Just great.

Getting Used To It

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Sunset stared at her phone that night from her bed, trying to figure out what she should text Juniper. The only noise actually reaching her ears being the crickets outside. These people really wanted her to admit feelings that probably weren't real, let alone plausible. But what if she let her friend down? Then she could just explain why it couldn't be. But.....what if she actually liked it? It was so confusing!

"Uggghhh!" She groaned loudly. Then swung her legs over and jumped out of bed though. Living alone with money that you get from Equestria was great. It's ironic really. The bits from Equestria were real gold, so she just sells money for money. Sunset shook her head and headed down the stairs for something to drink. After opening the fridge, she pulled out a bottle of water and took off the cap, taking a swig with a relieved sigh. The house she lived in was old and alone. Quiet and silent, just how she liked it. There was no other way to describe it. Except that it was in the woods near town. Perfect. She liked the woods. The home was set inside of a very old house she redecorated, impressing herself. It was a great contrast to what was outside.

"That helped a little," she muttered to herself. After closing the fridge door, her phone vibrated through her pajamas. With her free hand, she fished through it and pulled out her phone to read the message. The text was from....Juniper. With a smile, Sunset unlocked her phone and read the message.

"Hey! Is everything alright? You said emergency, so I got worried. That and I wanted to hang today."

Sunset grinned before responding. "I don't know because it's an ongoing problem. I'll only know in the future. And I'm sorry we couldn't hangout ​today. Since tomorrow's Saturday, we can tomorrow."

"Great! I can't wait! By the way, did you know your hair literally shimmers in the daylight?" Sunset chuckled as she made her way up the stairs before flopping down onto her bed again and responding.

"No, thanks for telling me. Does your hair do weird things too?"

"Lol. No, just the pigtails. I think they're cute on me."

Sunset pulled in her lips and responded. "They really are. I think they're adorable on you."

"REALLY?? You think so??"

"Totally, it brings out your whole outfit. Especially the skirt."

"Ask her to dye her hair!" Sunset shrieked and jumped out of the bed in surprise at the familiar voice that just yelled by her ear. Pinkie Pie was peeking in through the window with a wide grin on her face. How did the window even get open?!

"W-what are you doing in here?" Sunset asked. Then looked back at her phone.

"Thank you!" It read. "I'll wear it tomorrow for our outing since I haven't worn it in a long time!"

Pinkie chuckled at Sunset's grin while she texted back. "Awesome! I'd love to see you in it!"

Pinkie copped a squat on the bed and teased, "So I take it the flirting is moving along nicely?"

Sunset lowered the phone and denied, "What? We're not—"

"Sunset," Pinkie interrupted. She grinned knowingly and stated, "The only reason for a girl to grin like that is because she's been given a compliment, she's genuinely enjoying herself, or she likes something. Also, you're blushing. Pretty much gives away that sugary feeling you're getting in your tummy!"

Sunset groaned before she got another text, making her smile again. "Then I'll definitely wear it! I'll see you tomorrow at our hangout spot!"

"Ok! Good night!" Sunset walked back to the bed and took a seat next to pinkie who snatched the phone out of her hand happily, eager to take a look.

After a couple seconds she handed the phone back to Sunset with a smirk. "So you like her skirt?"

"Shut it, Pinkie."

"No, I think it's cute. Do you like her glasses too?"

Sunset looked at Pinkie for a moment before sighing. "Yeah...yeah, I actually adore her glasses. To be honest...I have a thing for girls with glasses."

"So... Twilight then."

"Yeah, but don't tell her I said that!" Pinkie made a zipping motion over lips. "It feels like it's mating season."

"For you, Twilight, Anemone, and Juniper maybe. Everyone else is just relaxing and taking a chill pill. You two can chase your girls and boys alone."

"Whatever you say, Pinkie Pie," Sunset replied, chuckling. This girl was a mess.

"Okay, Celestia," Luna said as the two walked into a residential part of the castle. Luna was taking Celestia to the residential area to talk to and learn about her mind. They were being escorted by the Royal Guard to ensure Celestia didn't go haywire or anything. She already did once, and sadly, killed over five hundred thestrals in the process. "I am going to ask you a few questions. Tell me what you can remember. When did you go visit Twilight last?"

"Three months ago," Celestia answered as they walked into a room. "I congratulated her on something that I cannot remember at this moment." The guards closed the door behind Luna after she walked in after her sister. The two sat down facing each other, Luna making sure to look Celestia in the eye in case of some sign that would occur.

"Celestia? You visited Twilight nearly a week ago, remember? It was when you two had some conversation. You were telling me about it that night."

"Are you sure that I went to Twilight's?" Celestia asked. "I am positive that I stayed at the castle all of last week. I remember having some important work to do. I couldn't have went there."

"You did, sister. Now, I believe there is a major issue going on with you, the effects of which have become fatally dangerous."

"What...what do you mean fatally?" the princess asked tentatively, leaning in closer. She didn't know if she wanted to know the answer.

"The terrestrial ponies are gone, Celestia."

Celestia gasped in surprise. "What? What do you mean? Terrestrial Ponies still exist. I knew the queen of the colony in the badlands. She was a friend of mine."

"Well....Celestia....it is said, and proven, that they have gone extinct—"

"What?! How?!" Luna sighed deeply before closing her eyes and responding, pawing at the carpet in the room.

"There was a massacre, sister.....which you yourself led to kill all of the thestrals in the badlands. There was proof of this at the caves. There was a Royal Guard spear, crossbow, and a pin with your crest on it. As well as a document signed by yourself. The document read 'Sector 195b - Lockdown Thestral Camp.' We don't actually know what that means but, we are doing an active search on it during the upcoming weeks."

Celestia protested with a stomp of her hoof. "There is ABSOLUTELY no way I could have killed the terrestrial ponies!"

"Then explain why Rainbow Dash, also known as Princess Anemone, has been stranded beyond the portal, which has now been shattered by yourself, Celestia."

"Princess Anemone?! Queen Zinnia's daughter?! Why is she beyond the portal?!"

"You threw her in there after an altercation outside. Twilight said once you saw her, you attempted to attack only to be brought down by her. There is now two massive craters in the streets outside. Princess Anemone and Princess Amaryllis, Anemone's sister, have been living amongst the ponies for quite some time, although in hiding. You know them better as Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. They have been living with us for for nine years."

"....." Celestia just looked at Luna shocked, slowly shaking her head in dismay. "I...I must see this for myself. At once!"

"Anemone?" Twilight yelled, looking for the two human thestrals within the house. "Girls, where are you?" She looked around the living room but they weren't in there. She knocked on the bathroom door, receiving no answer before stepping back into the living room. She was becoming a little worried. Looking to her left, she realized the balcony door was opened. It wasn't last night. Raising an eyebrow, Twilight walked out the door, hoping to find the two somewhere. She stopped and looked around the well kept backyard. "Girls?"

"Up here." Twilight looked up in a tree to see the girls hanging upside down, their wings expanded. "Hey, Twilight!" Amaryllis greeted, waving down at the girl. "How's it hangin'?"

"I should be asking you that, how'd you even get up there?" She asked confused, motioning to the tree. "I can't even rock climb, but you can somehow get fifteen feet up a tree?"

"It's easy for us," Anemone explained, shrugging. "We slept out here."

"What?! That's dangerous, we have neighbors, you know!" Twilight pointed to her right. The girls looked over to see another house with a patio and a pool.

"Oh yeah. Totally forgot," Anemone responded sheepishly, shrugging and giving a small smile. "Sorry about that. It was Amy's idea though."

"No it wasn't!" Amaryllis denied. Then slapped her sister's arm. "It was your idea to sleep outside!"

"But it was YOUR idea to sleep in the tree. So ha!"

"It was BOTH your faults!" Twilight yelled. "Now get down from there and take a bath!"


After the girls got groomed and dressed in some of Twilight's old clothes, they walked downstairs and took a seat at the wooden table, eating the breakfast that Twilight had prepared for them. Just some cereal and something to drink. Twilight sat down across from them and placed her cheek in her hand, her elbow propped up on the table. The two across from her glanced up while Twilight stirred her cereal around. "I have a feeling Rarity's coming over," she stated tiredly. "The second she saw that shirt yesterday she quickly saw an opportunity to start her designing. I'm pretty sure she already has a bunch of outfits made for Rainbow that she herself definitely did not want to wear."

"So she's forcing them on me?!" Anemone yelled in horror. "Why can't you guys just wrestle down Rainbow Dash and force her to wear them?" Twilight glared at Anemone unamused. Oh... Yeah. "Yeah, you're right. It's Rainbow Dash. I'll kick all of your butts without actually lifting my foot."

Twilight and Amaryllis glanced at each other for a moment. Then back to Anemone and droned, "Riiiiiiggght." Right before the doorbell rang. Anemone and Amaryllis jumped out of surprise and looked around while Twilight set down her juice and walked to the front door, stopping before she actually opened it.

"Who is it?" She called through.

"Rarity, darling! I'm here for Anemone!" Rarity sang.

"Told ya," Twilight said over her shoulder. She pulled open the door, letting in the way too giddy fashionista with a box full of clothes.

"Anemone! I have a surprise!" she yelled out. Then stepped in, heading towards the living room.

"Unless it's a portal back to Equestria, I doubt I'll enjoy it," she replied. Rarity set the box down on the floor. It was big. Amaryllis could only guess what was insidw.

Rarity scoffed and responded, "Oh not even close. I have got you a new wardrobe!"

"Rarity," Anemone said void of any amusement as she turned around in her chair. "Hate to burst your bubble. But if Rainbow Dash won't wear them, what makes you think the exact same person from a different dimension is going to wear them?"


"THAT," Anemone interrupted. "And the fact that I'll only be wearing them for only a certain amount of time. I'm sure Twilight and the others in Equestria are looking for a way to get us back home. It must be easy for the egghead, right?"


"I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!" Twilight yelled. The others looked up from their searching to see the princess hovering around, scanning book after book with her magic. "If I don't have it, then it'll take forever to get those two back! Why couldn't Starswirl be more famous?!"

"Oh yeah, more famous than all of Equestria knowin' about 'em," Applejack said sarcastically.


"Oh yeah, she's agitated," Cadance whispered to herself. After Twilight landed, she quickly walked over to her. "Twilight, why don't you take a break? We'll take over from here."

"I can't take a break!" She protested, continuing to scan the line of books. "I don't want those two trapped over there in that world!"

"That wasn't a request, Twilight Sparkle," Cadance clarified sternly.

Twilight dropped her books on everyone underneath them and shot Cadance a disappointed look. "Cadaaaaannnce!" She whined like a filly.

"Go get some food or something, missy!" She pointed to the door of the room, making Twilight groan and sulk towards the doors.

"Wow, can I try that?" Spike said, impressed at the authority before clearing his throat. "Twilight Sparkle! I want three rubies this instant, young lady!"

"Yeah, not happening, Spike," she replied over her shoulder before closing the door behind her. Spike shrugged before he went back to skimming the books. It was worth a shot.

Sighing and slamming a book closed, Rarity complained, "You girls got the best magic. I can't even scan the books. I just levitate them over."

"You should invest some of your time in magic like we do," Cadance suggested scanning the books. "It's easier than having to do what everyone else in here is doing."

"We're tryin' over here!" Pinkie yelled out, her face deep inside the book.

"Hey, she's not broken!" Spike announced. He was beyond shocked. "Pinkie hasn't been speaking for the longest, even when you went to the Crystal Empire. Strange."

"I think it's great that Pinkie hasn't been talkin," Applejack inserted. She picked up another book and opened if. "Things start to make more sense."

"I just finished fourteen books and I still haven't found anything!" Pinkie cried out. The other ponies looked at her strangely.

"Pinkie we've only been in here for an hour," Cadance clarified. "The others have only been through three to five, yet you've somehow managed to read fourteen?"

"I told you things make a lot more sense when she doesn't speak," Applejack confirmed. She turned a page in her own book and added, "I haven't found anything so far. Twilight stayed in the portal for two or three days. Anemone and Amaryllis could be stayin' in there for weeks, maybe months. Starswirl's work isn't always easy to find."

"I know," Cadance admitted. She dropped her current spell, finishing up the book scanning. Then sighed before setting the books back up in a stack. "It could be hidden in a bunch of books. Maybe even the archives. But that's very unlikely."

Rarity looked up and asked, "Why? Wouldn't it be in there since it is history?"

"Because the archives are being emptied. The books that are the oldest are being destroyed."

"What?! Why?!" Twilight yelled as she strode back into the room with a peach behind her. "That has most of Starswirl's famous work! Why didn't we go there first anyway?!"

"Because your library hosts a copy of all the most important documents in all of Equestria," Cadance clarified, gesturing to all the books in the room. "If it's not in here, it will be much harder to obtain."

Twilight rubbed her face with her hoof and muttered, "Celestia, you have put us in a very, VERY deep hole."

The sun shone that same morning in the city of Canterlot, rousing Sunset enough to get up that morning feeling spectacular. She let out a whoop then jumped out of the bed to pop all of those joints. Then sauntered to the bathroom downstairs to freshen up and get ready for the day out. Excited for her day with Juniper. She grabbed her oral tools and began brushing her teeth, sure that her breath was fresh before hopping in the shower. After determining that she smelled good, she looked towards her perfume sitting near the sink. Shrugging, she sprayed it on then put on her clothes.

Finally, after eating breakfast, she grabbed her phone and keys. Then headed out the door for downtown towards the movie theater where Juniper and her meet at. Pulling out her phone, she texted her movie-going friend. "Hey! I'm on my way!" Sunset put her phone down, waiting for a text back. Juniper usually texts her back within a minute, something that others rarely do for Sunset. Even Pinkie Pie doesn't text that fast! Her phone vibrated, catching her attention.

Looking down at the screen, she read the text from Juniper. "Great! I'm already here! Can't wait to see you!" Sunset grinned before accelerating to a small jog to reach the location. Eventually, she made it to the theater, spotting the pigtail wearing girl standing in front of the entrance.

Sunset raised her hand to wave and yelled, "Hey, Juniper!" Juniper looked over before gasping and gaining a huge grin on her face. She ran over and gave Sunset a tight squeeze, making Sunset chuckle and hug back.

"I take it you missed me?" Sunset asked her.

"Most definitely!" She replied. Then let her go and stepped back. "I missed you a lot actually! I got pretty worried when you said there was an emergency. Are you sure everything's alright?"

Sunset shrugged and answered honestly, "Well, we're still not sure. But only time will tell. Hey, you're wearing your old outfit!" Juniper was wearing a black skirt with purple dots, a purple jacket, teal shirt, knee high socks and purple flats.

She blushed and swiveled on her feet a little, asking, "Do you really like it?"

"I really really like it. I love it, actually!" Sunset grinned at her friend's slowly-turning-red face. Deciding to move this along to cease anymore embarrassment from Juniper, she asked, "So what do you wanna do?"

"Let's just go for a walk," Juniper suggested. Sunset nodded before she and Juniper walked down the sidewalk to whatever destination she wanted to go. It was a nice day out that everyone around seemed to be taking advantage of. A walk sounds good.


"I can't believe she actually got me in these things," Anemone stated blandly. She stood still while Rarity looked over the shirt that was fit on her. Although she kept protesting, the shirt actually did look good on her. The back even had slits for her wings! Something she greatly enjoyed.

"Well darling, I have my ways," Rarity boasted. She reached to the side and smoothed them down to get a better picture. She couldn't have Anemone looking a regular ol' Thestral. Twilight and Amaryllis were just chuckling in the background at Anemone's pouting face. Clearly uncomfortable. She's been up there for a while now. How long, an hour?

From below, Amaryllis rolled her eyes and ordered, "Stop pouting. You're already enjoying yourself, don't deny it. I know you very well."

Anemone groaned in irritation, "UGGGGHHH! Are you done yet?! We've been like this for an hour. On this one shirt, it's ridiculous!"

Rarity stood up with the most serious expression she's ever had and asked, "Anemone? Perfection is a time investment, I do not waste it."

"What if I ripped the shirt?"

"Don't you dare!"

"OKAY, OKAY, put down the needle!" Rarity slowly pulled back her arm with the needle in it, letting Anemone relax before she could get poked. Mental note? Rarity's dangerous. Anemone continued standing there while Rarity completed her work. So Twilight decided to start a conversation.

She grabbed a shirt to just look at. Then asked, "So... What are your plans today, Rarity? Besides fitting Anemone?"

"Well, sewing and taking my sister out. She wants to go someplace, I can't remember where at this moment." Rarity took the pin and thread it through a couple more times through. "Then after that, I'm pretty much free for the remainder of the weekend. What about you, Twilight?"

"Gotta babysit these two." Amaryllis and Anemone shot their sights to Twilight unamused. "Well I can't have you two running around the city like... That." She motioned to their bodies, gesturing towards their wings, fangs, and eyes. "If you guys didn't have all of that extra stuff, it would've been fine. But you don't, so..." Twilight folded the shirt she was string at back up and set it into the box where she got it from.

"Yeah, yeah, we get it," Amaryllis coalesced. "Just because I have fangs doesn't mean I'm any different from the average pony."


"Whatever. Are we seriously staying in here all day? I feel so locked up!"

Anemone shrugged only to get a slap on the shoulder from her torturer. "Hold still!" Rarity scolded.

"Why am I still... Still?! I thought we would've been done! Why are you still trying to put these clothes on me?!"

Rarity grinned and whispered, "Because it's fun seeing you squirm."

Anemone just stared at her nonchalantly. Then stated sternly, "I will rip this off my body if you don't allow me to take it off in five seconds. Five..."



"I need to make sure this outfit works."


"OKAY, OKAY, take it off." Anemone sighed in relief. Seriously, how long does it take to try on clothes?! She finally slapped her arms to her sides and slid the horrid garment off of her body. Once they slid off her wings into Rarity's hands, she turned around and put on a white button-up that Twilight loaned her, cutting slits in the back for her wings.

"Yes, freedom!" She proclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. "Much love to Twilight for handing me this shirt!" Rarity stared dumbfounded at the thestral while the others just chuckled. "Don't worry Rares, your day will come when—ow!" Rarity took her pin and poked it in her arm, making her grimace.

"That was for not acknowledging me!" She scolded. The others laughed while Anemone got off the stand, rubbing her arm. Mental note? Keep Rarity away from pins. Even if she is a seamstress.

Realizations Of Reality

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Celestia and Luna walked into the room containing the mirror, bringing a shock to the princess of the sun. She gasped in horror. The mirror. It destroyed "No.....no no no," she muttered, trotting briskly over to the tiny shards of glass on the floor. "This can't be happening! This was Starswirl's best work!" She knelt down, gathering the shards together desperately. Hoping that they could magically come back together again. Luna stopped in the doorway and watched Celestia frantically—and pathetically—bring the shards together in a pile in pity.

She may as well move this along. Those girls are possibly still hurt on the other side. Luna stepped in the room and stated softly, "Anemone and Amaryllis are trapped on the other side. Twilight is trying to find the spell that Starswirl created to unlock the dimensions and lead us to them."

Celestia sighed and said without looking up, "It won't work."

"What?" Luna asked. She trotted over to stand beside her sister. "What do you mean it won't work?"

"Starswirl's spell....used a combination of light....and chaos magic."

"What?!" Luna yelled. This was news to her. "Are you telling me our dear friend Starswirl used chaos magic to create this portal?"

"Yes," she responded solemnly, nodding her head, dropping the shards of glass. "This spell is not found anywhere else because he has never wrote it in a book before. He was too ashamed to do it. He only created the spell to rid the Sirens, that was it. Everything else that happened in this journey just happened to happen. We were never meant to travel across the dimensions, or meet the different variations of ourselves."

Celestia slowly stood up and turned to look at her sister with tears in her eyes. "We will have to redo Starswirl's spell....which could take a very long time....even at our hardest."

"So how are you Sunset?" Juniper asked as she and Sunset Shimmer walked along the hot summer sidewalk. There were more people out and about, enjoying the day. Had she any good money, Sunset would've taken Juniper somewhere much more interesting than Canterlot City.

"Well....besides a little stressed out, I'm fine," she responded honestly as they turned a corner. Looks like they were heading to a park nearby. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Like what? Confide in me." Sunset nearly snorted. "No, I'm serious!" Juniper responded, chuckling.

"Okay, well.....we have two unexpected guests. THAT's the emergency. They aren't normal either, so we're sort of stuck until we get them back home."

"Oh," Juniper muttered. They walked down the stone steps, taking a seat at the fountain nearby with their backs facing the water. "Do you know why they were there?"

"Well...from what we gathered, there was a huge fight and they were sort of...dropped off here. So we're taking care of them until they can go home." Sunset set her things down by her foot.

Juniper leaned back and flipped her hair. "So....who were they?"

"Just some....people that have a relationship with someone we know," Sunset replied nervously. God, she hated lying. She wasn't that type of person anymore.

"Oh, okay. Hopefully, they'll be fine, right?"

Sunset nodded. "Of course. Once we get them back home, everything will be fine and dandy," she replied, slicing her hand through the air to emphasize her point. "Only problem is actually getting them home."

"How so?"

"Well...they're not actually from here. And we can't just give them a plane back to where they live, that'd be ridiculous and impossible." Juniper raised an eyebrow. Wouldn't that make more sense? "So we have to wait for someone to come and get them."

"So it's a possibility they could be staying around for the longest."

"Yep." Juniper nodded her head, getting the situation. Sunset poked her arm and got her attention. "But enough about me. How are you?" Juniper blushed before she started stroking her hair, making Sunset laugh a little. "You don't have to be nervous."

"I can't help it," she said quietly, almost sounding like fluttershy.

"You're so cute when you get all shy!" Sunset cooed, twirling the girl's hair. "It's adorable."

"Thanks," she replied, moving her hair so it doesn't cover her ear. "To answer your question......I've been doing a lot of thinking."

"Thinking?" Sunset turned to her confusedly while reaching down to untie her shoelaces. "What about?"

"I....don't really wanna talk about it." Juniper looked down at Sunset's feet. "You have...pretty feet."

"Thanks. Rarity, for some odd reason likes to groom me. But you're among a friend. Whatever you tell me, I will not judge you for it." She swung her body around and hovered her feet above the pool of water. For reassurance, she turned to Juniper and asked, "Would this be illegal?"

Juniper looked behind her to see Sunset's position. "I doubt it. We're in a public park...alone." Sunset chuckled before plunging her feet into the water, with a splash.

She sighed in relief and said, "Ooohh, that feels great. Now...what were you thinking about?"

Juniper looked down at her moving fingers before responding quietly. "My...sexuality."

"Okay," Sunset replied. She moved her feet through the water before looking towards Juniper, offering an encouraging smile. "Have you figured it out yet? What exactly are you looking for?"

"Well...I think I like girls. I'm not so much into guys. And I have my eyes on this girl."

"You and I might be on the same path. I have my eyes on a girl too and also questioned my sexuality."

Juniper looked up at her surprised. "You think you might be a lesbian?" She asked.

"Yeah. Or bisexual. Even when I was dating Flash, I was only using him to make myself look better. Get more popular. But even then, I didn't like him. I also had a strange attraction to girls....with glasses."

"I guess that was your thing, huh?" Juniper asked chuckling.

"It's STILL my thing," Sunset replied giggling. "I talked to Pinkie last night about it. The girl has to be slim and wear nerdy glasses...like you." Sunset glanced over, seeing her friend trying to cover up her blush.

"Th....thanks," she said trying not to grin. "So did you discover anything about yourself?"

Sunset kicked her feet in the water, making it splash. "I found out that these feelings are real...and I want to test them with the girl I have my eye on."

"Who...is she?" Juniper asked timidly.

"Well....I'm too nervous to say it, so I'll just write it." Sunset reached towards the purse next to her, pulling out a small notepad and a pen. She flipped it open, writing a couple words before slipping it towards her friend and going back through her purse.

Her friend picked up the note and read it, grinning widely. "Juniper Montage." She looked back up to the nervous Equestrian, kicking up the water and trying to avoid eye contact. Juniper bent down and took off her flats and socks before turning around and joining the fun, looping her arm through Sunset's. Looks like they were beginning to flirt.

"I didn't actually tell you who I like yet," she whispered, looking down at the water. "Her name is Sunset. She's very pretty, courageous and funny. Not to mention really...REALLY hot."

Sunset snorted and plunged her feet in the water, making a big splash. "Is she VERY hot? Like 'pull-out-a-bottle-randomly-from-nowhere-and-struggle-to-open-it' hot?"

Juniper laughed before going to her purse and frantically pulling out a bottle of water. She acted like she was struggling to get it open, making Sunset laugh some more. "You mean like that?"

"Yes, yes, just like that!" Sunset agreed, pointing and letting out a few laughs.

"Yep! But yeah, she's pretty, funny, courageous, hot, and sincere. Not to mention loyal."

Sunset grinned before wrapping an arm around her, pulling her closer and leaning her head against hers. "I like Juniper because she's sweet, kind, and has come a long way from that girl that stole artifacts from a movie set, and put me in a mirror. That and she reminds me of myself."

"So you like yourself so much, you want to date a copy?" Juniper asked, chuckling.

"Yep!" The two girls shared another laugh before it was followed by a peaceful silence. "So...what do you want to do?"

The movie worker looked at their interlocked arms before interlocking their hands, making Sunset smile. "Well, I really like this," Juniper explained before looking up at Sunset's face, smiling. "So I want to keep it this way."

"Juniper Montage," Sunset said, laying her free hand on top of their interlocked ones."Would you do me the honor of going on a date with me?"

"I think we're already on one. And we're using it to soak our feet." The two girls looked down at the still water before grinning and splashing it some more.

Cadance walked into Twilight's kitchen, spotting Twilight herself chugging down her frustrations in a cup of water. She was pretty bummed out to learn about the book trashing. At least she's spending it on water and not the other option.

"It doesn't make any sense, Cadance!" Twilight yelled in frustration, throwing her hooves out. "Why would they want to destroy all that knowledge?! It's ridiculous!"

"I don't know, Twilight," she replied calmly, taking a seat beside her. "But it's apparently important. Maybe Celestia knows?"

Twilight sighed and shook her head while keeping her eyes on the cup of water she was stirring around in her magic. "I really don't want to talk to her right now. Not until we get Anemone and Amaryllis back. I'm still trying to get over that she was a...thestral this whole time. Their species is practically extinct! There's only two left!" Twilight nearly jumped out of her seat at the revelation.

"I heard they were extinct as well. But what can we—"

"Twilight!" Spike yelled as he ran into the kitchen, spooking the two alicorns. "Letter...Celestia...very important!" Spike handed Twilight a scroll which she lent to Cadance.

"You read it. I'm holding onto this grudge." Cadance sighed before taking it in her magic and opening it. She looked at the lines before she gave an exasperated sigh. Then rolled up the letter and threw it behind her.

"Well this is perfect," she said sarcastically. "Luna said that there is indeed a spell or some mental issue with Celestia and that she is being looked at. She has also realized what she did with the mirror...and has horrible news. The mirror was created using chaos magic."

Twilight spit out her water all over the table. Then turned to Cadance in surprise. "Are you telling me...that the great Starswirl the Bearded used a form of dark magic...to create a portal?!"

Cadance nodded before continuing. "Luna also learned from Celestia that Starswirl never wrote down the spell."

Twilight groaned in exhaustion, planting her chin on the countertop. "Don't tell me...."

"I'm afraid we'll have recreate the whole thing...which could take a very long time."

"How long?" She asked, fearing the answer.

"Minimum is more than likely seven months."

Twilight stared at her wide-eyed, before she looks back at the counter top in sadness. "So....we won't be seeing those two again in...seven months."

"Unless there's another way, I'm afraid so." Cadance looked back down at the message, sighing sadly. "We are really stuck." At that moment, someone knocked on the front door of the castle, catching Twilight's attention. She got up and walked out of the kitchen, headed towards the door.

She opened it, the object itself making a quiet groan. "Yes?" She asked.

"Hey, Twilight!" Apple Bloom loudly greeted. Her and Sweetie Belle were standing at the door with big smilez. "Have you seen Scootaloo? We've been looking all over for awhile and we can't find her!"

"I've checked every book Twilight!" Pinkie Pie said from behind her. "Twice! And I still can't find anything!"

"There is over a thousand...nevermind. Come inside," Twilight told the Crusaders while getting over the fact that Pinkie read through over a thousand books within three hours. The fillies walked into the castle, looking at the crystal design before Twilight walked in front of them. "Follow me to the library." Twilight walked slowly towards the library, dread weighing down her heart with the crusaders and Pinkie following after her as she opened the door, revealing the other ponies.

"Well, Twilight...Apple Bloom?" Applejack asked after spotting her. "What are you doin' here?"

"They...are looking for Scootaloo," Twilight answered. Then took a seat with the rest of the group. "So.....I figured we better tell them what happened."

"What happened to Scoots?" Apple Bloom asked a little timidly. This didn't sound too good.

The mares all looked at each other before Rarity sighed. "Sweetie Belle? Do you remember that dream you were telling me? About the bat pony?"

"Yeah, where they were eating ponies. But what does that have to do with Scootaloo?"

"Well......there was no Scootaloo," Cadance said, stepping forward. "Scootaloo was just an alias for her protection. You see.....you were right." The two fillies looked at each other before Twilight continued.

"Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash I might add, are thestrals. They were able to hide their wings and eyes for awhile until Scootaloo's birthday, where Scootaloo's wings began to come out again."

"That would explain the constant itchin' she was complainin' about," Apple Bloom muttered.

"What do you mean there was no Scootaloo?" Sweetie Belle asked a little upset.

"Her name was Amaryllis," Cadance answered. "And Rainbow Dash was named Anemone. They are in reality sisters. And are unfortunately the last two thestrals left in Equestria. The only known two."

"What?!" The fillies shouted.

"What happened?!" Apple Bloom asked.

"The others are deceased. Over five hundred thestrals. Right now, the two of them are trapped in an alternate world that could take a long time to retrieve them from."

Sweetie Belle shared a worried glance with Apple Bloom. Then stepped up and asked, "How....how long?"

The group all turned to Twilight, who had a depressed look on her face. "The portal that was created used chaos magic. The earliest we can get them back? Seven months."

"Seven months?!" They all yelled towards Twilight and Cadance. The princesses nodded before Twilight continued.

"That's the earliest."

Rarity sighed and whispered, "So...unless we figure out some way to get them back in time....then Equestria is open to attack from any deadly force out there."

"What.....what do you mean?" Cadance asked her.

"Anemone is still the Element of Loyalty, even if she is a thestral."

"She's right!" Twilight yelled, just realizing that. "We must not let the world know that Equestria is currently defenseless and that princess Celestia is unstable. Equestria is a place full of riches. And we are currently open to attack. Everything that has been discussed must remain a secret as of this moment." The rest of the group looked at each other and nodded, agreeing that a word is not to be spoken about this event.

Feelings; Worst News

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Sunset and Juniper continued their sudden date, constantly kicking and splashing water on each other from the "Fountain of Youth" as Juniper called it until they decided that it was time to leave and do something else. They grabbed their shoes since their feet were too wet to put them on and grabbed their purses and belongings before they walked up the stairs and out of the park. "So, what do you want to do now?" Sunset asked, grabbing her hand. Juniper gave her a grin before thinking of something else.

Juniper hummed then suggested, "How about... We just go around for a walk?"

"But we just went splashing in the water. We're going to get sick."

"So?" Juniper asked. She reached over and cupped Sunset's nonchalant face. "Don't give me that look, you're just trying not to smile. See, your face is turning red from the tension in your muscles." Sunset's red face broke as she turned away to hide her smile, making Juniper laugh again. "You just love it when we talk anyway."

"Yeah, yeah," Sunset said, waving it off. Although she couldn't help but agree to that. They turned a corner, heading for Twilight's street unknowingly. "I like to talk because it gets out my frustrations and other things that have a lot to do with my life."

Juniper turned to her in interest and asked, "Yeah? Like what?"

"Well... Just stuff in the past that I wish never happened. I mean, if they didn't I wouldn't be in this wor—mmm, I mean I wouldn't be here." Sunset mentally cursed herself for nearly slipping up and giving away her origin.

Juniper wrapped an arm around Sunset's shoulder and whispered, "Confide in me, Sunset. What did you do that made you come here? I'm here because I was born here. Actually, where are you from? Canterlot City?"

"Well... Yes and no. I'm from a different place that is just like this... It's just a different reality, though." At least half of that is true, Sunset thought.

Juniper giggled. "So like.....it got too small for you?"

Sunset shrugged and answered, "Yeah, sure. Let's go with that." They continued walking, unaware of two girls watching them from above inside a bunch of trees. Anemone couldn't say no to Rainbow Dash's offer on spying on them when she smelled them approaching from beyond. They quickly left everyone else and moved on to this. They smelled of Chlorine and moisture, spurring an interest out of Rainbow Dash.

"They are so... I guess cute?" Rainbow Dash assumed quietly. "Thanks, Anemone for getting me up in this tree."

"You're welcome. How'd you know they were even coming this way?" Anemone asked her confusedly. "I smelled them earlier but I didn't know where they were coming from. Chlorine is strong."

"Pinkie's pinkie sense."

"Ahhh, right. That thing she does. Speaking of Pinkie..." They both turned to look back down at the two girls, eager to see what would happen next. They were quickly approaching Twilight's house, unaware of the pink disaster upon them once they reach it.

Juniper wrapped an arm with Sunset's and asked, "So hopefully I'll see you again this summer?"

"Same here," Sunset responded. She flexed her hands and gripped entwined Juniper's hands with her own. "A lot has just came up and it's up to us to figure it out. Well us and another group anyway."

"It'll be okay. Whatever's going on, I'm sure you can fix it in a week." Sunset raised an eyebrow. She didn't know about that, since it took her awhile for a few other things, like getting her own self straightened out which took years, but she decided to play along anyway.

"Yeah, you're right. Oh, look! We're right by... "h no." A bunch of confetti shot out of a cannon that was positioned right in Sunset's face.

Pinkie jumped in the air and cheered, "Yippee! Oh my gosh oh my gosh, I have to throw you two a party!" Pinkie pulled the two girls into a hug by their necks. "How's it feel to be in a relationship? Huh, huh, huh?"

"It's... Great... Pinkie," Juniper choked out. Her face was beginning to turn blue from the girl's tight squeeze. "Could you... Could you let go now?"

"Seriously," Sunset agreed breathlessly.

Pinkie backed off. But immediately pulled both of the girls by the hand towards the house and threw them inside, where there was apparently a party already setup. Juniper looked around in disbelief. How in the world... Oh yeah, her pinkie sense that everyone talked about, "Oh my god, PInkie," Sunset groaned, planting her face into her hands. There were cupcakes, cake, some more food, and the rest of her friends already there.

Juniper scratched her head and muttered, "How did she even..."

"Don't even ask, Juniper. It's......Pinkie," Rarity interrupted, motioning towards the pink themed girl that somehow had just made another cake.

"Yeah....sure. Umm, so how is everyone?"

"We're fine. Great to see you again, by the way." Twilight urgently walked down the steps with that quik greeting, obviously looking for something. She yanked open the closet before groaning and closing it back. Then walked towards the kitchen and looked in, not spotting anyone. Except Pinkie with icing on her face.

Applejack watched her move around then asked, "What you lookin' for?"

Twilight answered without stopping her search, "Them."

"Ah, right."

Suddenly something fell onto the couch, making Rarity jump and turn around. Rainbow Dash propped her feet up with a sigh and apologized, "Sorry, I'm late. We were spying." She lifted her arms and spread them out along the bridge of the couch behind her.

"You and who else?" Twilight asked.

"Anemone." She gestured to Sunset and stated, "We saw you two from the tree, holding hands."

"OOO~," Pinkie cooed. She wrapped the two girls in a hug again.

"Wait, you were spying on us?" Sunset asked irately. She glared at Rainbow Dash who only shrugged her shoulders in response. Of course she wouldn't say anything.

Rolling her eyes, Twilight asked her, "Umm, where are they?"

"Sleeping in the tree you know..." Rainbow raised her pointer finger upwards before she rotated it towards the ground, signalling they were upside down. "You can't even tell they're there." Twilight walked towards the open glass doors and looked up at the tall pine tree. There were two gray pod things hanging from the branches, clearly visible.

"Rainbow, I can see them just fine. And I'm like eleven feet below them."

"Yeah, well those who don't know what they look like, won't recognize them. CONGRATULATIONS, SUNSET AND JUNIPER!!... You still don't win though."

"I don't know what that means," Sunset said slowly and shaking her head. "And I doubt anyone else does. Twilight leave them alone, they need to sleep."

Twilight groaned before coming back inside and closing the screen door. "Fine. But if something happens to them.... I'm blaming Rainbow." Rainbow Dash scoffed and threw a pillow at her.

"Okay, sister," Luna greeted. She took a seat on the bright green grass in front of Celestia. They were in the a grassy field behind Princess Cadance's castle, in case Celestia went haywire. No more things need to be destroyed. Let alone hurt. "I need to delve into your memories to find the root of the problem."

Celestia was planted in front of her with a distraught look on her face. "I feel horrible, Luna," she whispered. "All those thestrals... All those ponies... And I don't even remember it. Are you sure they're gone?"

"Absolutely. A little while ago, a team of our soldiers went into the cave where Twilight said they were in the past....and saw nothing but bones and skeletons. And there were thousands of the bones. There were also some Royal Guard stuff there."

Celestia closed her eyes and whimpered. "Do it already."

Luna nodded her head before she touched her horn with Celestia's, going into her mind.


Luna opened her eyes, witnessing a vast expansion of moving images that were flying by her, as well as doors that held a title above them. She walked forward and opened them. One after the other, checking everything to make sure that she didn't miss something that could possibly be a clue as to Celestia's assault by standing there and scanning for a few seconds. Luna herself couldn't believe Celestia would do this of her own free will. After all the thousands of years of knowing her sister, she has never been aggressive to anypony that did not bother a soul in Equestria. But suddenly, out of the blue, she comes in and slaughters hundreds of thestrals? Mares, Stallions, Colts, Fillies? Not to mention foals? There was absolutely no way that was how it went down.

She stopped at a door that looked like it could hold a clue. It was cracked open and there were multiple moving images of night inside Celestia's quarters in Canterlot castle. She pushed the door open and stepped inside before closing it back. It was pitch black inside when she sat down, preparing for the display. The blackness was interrupted by the sound of hoofsteps. After a few more seconds, they stopped and the darkness was sent back as whoever's mind she was ins eyes opened up. Standing right beside them was a pony, a tall pony shrouded in a cloak.

"Wh-What are you—" the pony, now recognized as Celestia, started to say before the mysterious pony's eyes opened up, revealing a yellow glow. They must've been a unicorn of some kind because underneath the hood, there was a yellow aura in the shape of a horn before the pony lunged at them. "AHH—" The blackness changed into an intense bright light, forcing Luna to shield her eyes. A few minutes later, it dimmed, revealing the darkness again and the sound of birds chirping. The darkness cracked open revealing Celestia's room and the pony lifted a hoof, revealing her white appendage before she slowly got up and looked at a calendar on the wall. June 22nd. Definitely a clue.

She looked down at her coat and gasped. There were bruises all over her. "What in Equestria?!" She went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Her entire body was in bruises and scratches.

Luna gasped when she was suddenly thrown out of Celestia's mind and on her back to the ground in the real world, amidst all the shining green trees and blue skies of the Crystal Empire. Celestia collapsed across from her before a voice permeated through Luna's mind. "You will never know."

It was deep, but still feminine, that much she could tell. Luna sat back up and walked towards the unconscious Celestia, placing her horn back to hers and tried to regain access, even just to wake her up. But whatever just happened affected the both of them. Because she couldn't get back in.


In brightly lit Ponyville, in the quiet and peaceful Castle of Friendship, Princess Twilight looked through some more notes in the dimly lit lounge, trying to figure out how to get back in contact with Sunset and tell them the bad news. This was already going to be hard with Anemone stuck there, Princess Celestia out of her mind, and the Elements of Harmony unable to be used. Thank goodness Discord was on their side. Spike walked in carrying a tray with snacks on it. Daisy sandwiches and a few more things that grabbed Twilight's nose. He set it in front of her, allowing Twilight to take one and a drink. With the snack in her magic, she nodded appreciatively at her little friend. "Thanks, Spike."

"You're welcome." He set the plate to the side and took a seat next to her. "So...what now?"

With her eyes still on her notes, Twilight sighed and answered, "Well, Luna is in charge of Celestia. The rest of us are in charge of the portal. I'm looking for some magic that could create a portal faster." She turned the page again, not missing a word as she spoke. "Most of these texts in here are about light magic. But I have a feeling we won't be able to find it in here."

"Why's that?"

"Because Starswirl used dark magic to create the portal. Which has dangerous effects to the pony spelling them. I don't want to... But we might have to resort to dark magic. If we don't... It will be a very long time until we get Anemone and Amaryllis back."

Spike nodded and sighed. "This is huge," he whispered.

"Very." Spike suddenly belched, puking a scroll that Twilight caught in her magic without even looking up from her book.

"Those scrolls are going to be the death of me," Spike complained.

Twilight chuckled before she opened it and read it out loud. "'Dear Princess Twilight. I have discovered a clue within my sister's mind. There was a blank slate between a moment of her sleeping and the next morning where she woke up with bruises on June 22nd. There were no images or whatsoever of anything between that time. I believe Celestia was controlled... Out of her free will. It began when she was sleeping and woke up to see a pony behind a dark cloak. The only clue I have of this pony was they were as tall as Celestia and they had a yellow magical aura. Possibly an alicorn or a unicorn. After she woke up, the scene changed to a bright light for maybe five minutes, with Celestia waking up having bruises all over her body. Once I was looking some more into her mind, I was pushed back out, having only a voice saying 'You will never know.' I believe we are dealing with a powerful pony. One who was able to take over my domain and kick me out, take over Celestia's mind, and possibly have influence over a few hundred Royal Guards. Tread lightly, Twilight Sparkle. Tell the other Elements that everything as of now is top secret. Considering that we are now defenseless without the Elements of Harmony.

"'Yours truly, Princess Luna.'" Twilight slowly lowered the note, looking at Spike's worried face. "We have a lot to work on... And to hide."

Spike nodded urgently and stood up. "So we're telling the others?"

"Yep, go get everyone!" Spike briskly walked out of the room and headed back towards the library, where everybody else was situated while Twilight made some preparations. A few seconds later, he pushed the doors open interrupting their conversation.

"I'm just saying! When they get back, we need to throw a party!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Applejack facehoofed and groaned, "For the last time Pinkie, we ain't throwin' a party. When they get back they're gonna be—"

"Guys we have a situation," Spike interrupted, catching their attention. He waved his claw out of the room for the hall and ordered, "Come with me." They all looked at each other before following Spike out of the library and towards the lounge. They walked in, spotting Twilight sitting there holding a hoof over her mouth.

"What's goin' on Twi?" Applejack asked. "Is everything alright?" They all took a seat across from her before Twilight explained.

She grabbed the letter she had before and answered, "I just got a letter from Luna. She went into Celestia's mind and saw something...different."

"Like what?" Rarity asked carefully.

"Another pony. But they were shrouded. According to Luna, the pony was either a unicorn or an alicorn. And right after she saw them, the scene changed to a white blank slate for a few minutes before it returned to Celestia waking up with bruises. And she had no idea where she got them from."

"So....she has no memory of what happened?" Cadance asked.

"That is what Luna thinks. I'm not so sure though. But also, while Luna was looking through her mind, she was pushed back out by some unknown force."

"Somebody kicked Luna out of her element?!" Rarity asked in disbelief.

Twilight nodded."Yeah. She says we are dealing with something, or somepony very powerful. Powerful enough to possibly take over Princess Celestia's mind, kick Luna out of her own domain, and possibly influence over a hundred something Royal Guards. She said that everything we know is to remain under the utmost of secrecy. We cannot tell anypony, mention it to anypony, talk about it without placing runes around the room, and anything else that poses a possible leak to anypony else. It's top secret. Not just secret, but TOP secret."

It was around six in the evening when the party ended and Sunset offered to walk her girlfriend back, which she gladly accepted. For a first date, this wasn't really bad. A party, a splash through the park, and a decent conversation Juniper actually enjoyed. "Well....that was an interesting party," Juniper concluded. She was trying to break the awkward silence they were suddenly thrusted into.

"Well, Pinkie threw it, so it was bound to be interesting," Sunset responded with a chuckle. "Whenever Pinkie throws a party, something will always hit somebody. You just got hit with Twilight somehow. Don't know how, but you did."

Juniper reached up to rub the sore spot and groaned, "Her butt hit my head, which still hurts by the way, thanks for asking."

"I was going to when you got home safely." They turned a corner as they neared Juniper's house. "I really think Pinkie picked up Twilight and just threw her at you. She does crazy things like that."

"Who knew a science geek could be so heavy." Juniper lowered her hand and made a note to get some ice when she got inside.

"Well, that's what one hundred and forty-three pounds will do to ya'."

"Yeah... Yeah, I got that." Juniper led her towards a certain light blue house on the corner. Then stopped at least two more houses down in case her parents were looking out the window or something. Everybody has their secrets. She stopped and turned around and held Sunset's hands, offering her a smile Sunset gladly returned. "Will I see you again?" She asked.

Sunset rolled her eyes and answered, "Duh. You just got me, I'm not leaving."

"Promise me."

"I promise." She leaned in and pulled Juniper in for a kiss that lasted for a romantic three seconds before moving back. Juniper squeezed her hand and jogged towards her house where she unlocked the door, waved, and walked inside.

Sunset watched for a moment before giving a small smile, turning around and walking home. She had a lot to think about. Hopefully, that date would be one out of many.


Rainbow and Twilight were taking down the banners around the house while the others were cleaning everything else. Right now, the two of them were alone in the living room, making Rainbow nervous. So much so that she was shaking. she was with Twilight. The egghead.

When Twilight turned around to toss a few more streamers into the pile they had created, she spotted Rainbow Dash's shaking. It concerned her a little. Was she in some distress? She asked quickly, "Rainbow Dash, are you okay?" Rainbow's back was facing her, but she didn't need to look at her face to tell something was up.

"I'm fine," Rainbow assured. She reached up and grabbed more of the streamers. Yanked was more of a better word for it.

"Are you cold? I could get you a blanket, jacket or something."

"I'm fine, Twilight," she repeated, a little agitated.

Twilight let go of her streamers to make way for the stairs leading to her room. "I'm getting you a jacket, I don't want you—"

"I SAID I'M FINE!" Rainbow yelled. Twilight jumped and caused Amaryllis to fall out of the tree outside.

When she hit her head in font of the patio doors, she yelped, "Ow!" Then sat up to rub her head. Where'd that even come from? Indoors? Glaring inside, she spotted Rainbow speaking to Twilight. Amaryllis lost her look, replacing it with a smirk. Oh yeah. Something to watch.

Rainbow sighed and quickly apologized. "Twilight...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I'm just stressed out."

"Why are you stressed, Rainbow?" Twilight asked. She's seen things like this with her brother and sometimes with Cadance. She walked over and added, "Can I help?"

"Well....." Rainbow turned around and placed the streamers on top of Twilight's. "I don't know."

"Well, can you at least tell me what's going on? Sit down. It's just us, no one else is here." Twilight took a seat on the couch and patted the spot next to her, inviting her to take a seat. Rainbow tightened her lips and slowly sat down next to Twilight. Trying to avoid eye-contact by staring at anything that wasn't her. "Now. Tell me."

Rainbow glanced up at her for a second from her hands before focusing on her lap once again. Twilight could pretty much see the reason why. Amaryllis already told her. She just wanted to give Rainbow the push.

"Well... I'm in love with someone," Rainbow said quietly. Whoa, straight off the bat.

Twilight slowly nodded and drawled, "Okay. And from what I've seen so far you haven't acted on these feelings." Rainbow sighed and shook her head. "Well what's stopping you from talking to them?"

"Well... It's a girl."

"Okay. Does she know about your feelings?"


"I beg to differ." Rainbow's eyes shot open before she turned her head to look right into Twilight's smiling face. "I know about your feelings for me, Rainbow. I've known since Amaryllis told me. Thestral Amaryllis."

Rainbow's eyes were literally about to pop out before she started blushing and turned her head. Twilight chuckled and grabbed Rainbow's face, turning it towards her own. "And since when did you get shy?"

Rainbow glanced somewhere else and murmured, "Shut up."

Twilight giggled before pulling Rainbow Dash into a hug and, surprisingly, pecked her lips. Rainbow gasped and looked up at Twilight. She explained, "I'm not gay or anything—Well not that I know of anyway since I've never studied on the subject, but I can't deny that I'm crushing on you too. I don't know my own feelings on this. But I am willing to explore them."

Rainbow looked at her in hope. "Are you saying you'll..."

"I'll go on a date with you to see how I feel about this and to satisfy your needs. I need to know... My sexuality too. I've never been on a date before in my life or been attracted to anyone else like this, so... We can give it a go."

Rainbow grinned nad pulled Twilight into a tight loving embrace. Twilight wrapped her arms around Rainbow Dash too and hummed. She enjoyed this. She really did.

Amaryllis smiled at the scene from the patio outside before something dropped down next to her. "What's going on?" Anemone asked. Then peeked in to follow her gaze.

Amaryllis pointed and whispered, "Well Rainbow's going on a date soon with the girl of her dreams. That leaves only you, Anemone."

Anemone expressed confusion on her face, not quite getting what she was talking about before walking over to the glass to see what the deal was. Twilight and Rainbow Dash were... Kissing?! Oh this is too good! She slowly and quietly slid the glass pane open so her and Amaryllis could walk inside. Then stalked behind the couch and just watched them make out for four more minutes before Amaryllis groaned, startling the two of them apart.

She popped up and declared, "I thought you were 'exploring' your feelings, not having a twenty minute make out sesh."

Rainbow's face was beet red just like Twilight's when she asked, "How long have you two been standing there?"

"As of right now, uhhh five minutes," Anemone answered. "You girls really go at it." They just stared back in embarrassment. "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. It's your secret to keep."

"But you two seriously need a room," Amaryllis grunted. "'Exploring my feelings.' Just admit that you wanna have sex with her, it's not that hard. You're in high school, just do it already." Everyone turned to her in surprise while Amaryllis stomped her way back out. "I'm going back to sleep. I fell and landed on my head when Rainbow yelled out 'I'm fine'. That hurt, Rainbow!"

"Sorry, Scoots."

"Yeah, whatever." She closed the pane back and flew up to the tree while the others laughed. But inside, Anemone was a little worried. Last time she checked, her sister didn't know anything about sex. How did she know about that?

The Tale Of Two Scootaloos

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The next morning was quiet. The grass outside of Twilight's home was wet with dew. misty and foggy, providing moisture to the wings of Anemone and Amaryllis, content with hanging upside down in their tree. It was comfortable. Nice and cool in this warm air. Just how hey like it. The glass sliding door slid open before Twilight stepped out, wearing a pair of red pajamas with puppies on them that Rainbow Dash would call cute. Hopefully she wasn't around, Twilight would turn into a cherry. She slipped her glasses on her face and looked up at the gray pods hanging from the tree. One of them shifted and moved a little, causing a family of squirrels to peek their heads out and spy at their own surroundings. The two thestrals were already awake, just not registering anything. Like there was absolutely nothing else in the world.

Once Twilight was comfortable, she lifted her hand and called, "Alright, girls! Come down and have breakfast!"

Amaryllis groaned before letting herself drop, like a giant gray. Spanning her wings, she flipped through the air and landed on her feet. Anemone did the same thing and landed next to her sister to get the aches and pains out of their bones. They were a little stiff from shrouding themselves in a cocoon-like state for around eleven hours. And Anemone was still a little bruised from the fight with Celestia. Twilight made a note to call Fluttershy over later to get a look at her. She was the more experienced one than any of them when it came to other beings. Let alone anything that had wings. Even bats.

Twilight turned around and led them through the patio doors into living room, quiet and silent. Twilight truly relished living in the house by herself. While Shining Armor enjoyed music and stuff to get him moving in the morning, it disturbed Twilight to no end. So much so that she just uses a pair of earphones to block out the noise as much as she can.

She led them across the carpeted floor to the front door. Then turned a sudden left in to the kitchen. While they got comfortable at the clean wooden table, Twilight walked towards the counter directly across and explained, "Since you guys don't eat meat, I just made you a veggie sandwich. It looks like meat, but there is actually no meat in it. Just tofu."

Anemone and Amaryllis shared a glanced before Twilight slid two plates their way across the table. Stopping right at their hands. It looked like a sandwich but had a weird piece of pink in between the two buns. Twilight sat down across from them and watched Amaryllis lean over to take a loud whiff. Were their noses different too? She was truly fascinated by the way Thestrals were made. She talked with Sunset on the subject before who said they lived out in the abandoned and deserted parts of Equestria. Which meant they had different survival functions. Different ways hey did things. Including smell. I would make sense for them to take big whiffs like that. It'd be hard to tell the difference between dirt and what they were actually looking for if everything was made out of dirt.

Amaryllis sat back and pointed to the sandwich with a skeptical look on her face and asked, "Are you ABSOLUTELY sure that's not meat?"

"Positive. I read the box." Twilight picked up a nearby box off the counter behind her and read the ingredients out loud. After she was finished, she looked up to see Anemone poking at the sandwich and rolled her eyes. "Ugh, just eat it."

They glanced up at her before they timidly picked up the sandwiches and hesitated. Amaryllis, deciding to take the plunge, took a huge bite. She chewed it slowly before shrugging and taking another. "It's... Good," she decided. Anemone looked over before taking a small bite out of her own, eyes widening in surprise.

"See? Nothing to be afraid of." Twilight grabbed her own sandwich while they ate, preparing to tell them her plan.

After swallowing, Amaryllis smirked and asked, "So... What are you doing today, Twi? Going to see Rainbow?"

Going to see Rainbow? What did Amaryllis know about relationships? Speaking of, she recently told them to go and have sex. What did she know about that? According to Sunset the freshman of Canterlot High would be fillies and colts in Equestria. So like older than three and younger than eight. So how did Amaryllis know about this stuff? "How old are you?" She asked seriously.

Amaryllis took a bite and answered, "In Equestria, I was ten."

"And you're talking like you're sixteen," Anemone added. She shook her head and asked, "And just how do you know about sex?"

"Come on, I'm ten, not five." She took another bit out of her sandwich then set it down so she could face her sister. "I'm pretty sure I know how foals are made. I knew when I was three."

"And who taught you that at THAT age?!" Rainbow asked incredulously. Twilight also wanted to know that.

"Ummm... Me." She took two more bites out of her sandwich, making sure her mouth was full to keep her from saying anything else.

"Yeah, we're definitely not done with this conversation, swallow your food." Amaryllis pouted before doing what she asked. "Now... It hurt me a lot when I wasn't able to be in your life while we were in Equestria, and it's a relief I am now. But... Who exactly took you in? I didn't actually leave you on a doorstep."

Amaryllis shook her head and answered, "I'm not quite sure." Twilight stood across from the two of them to go to the fridge, listening closely. "I was... Umm..." She tapped her fingers nervously together.

"You were what?" Amaryllis didn't say anything. "Amaryllis?...Who took you in?"

After Twilight got her drink she turned around to face them and listen to Amaryllis' answer. "I'm not really sure. I never got to actually see them. The most I can remember is... Sleeping outside." She said it so quietly, Twillight didn't hear her. And neither did her sister, even with those big ears on that could hear anything.

"What?" Anemone asked timidly.

Twilight looked at Amaryllis intrigued. Who would tell a child, er...filly, about sex at the age of three?

"Sleeping outside."

Anemone placed a hand on her shoulder desperately. "Speak up. I need to know about your living situation. Please tell me."

Amaryllis looked up at her sister worriedly. "Outside. Sleeping outside." Anemone and Twilight gasped and glanced at each other. Then focused back on Amaryllis.

"For how long?"Twilight asked worriedly.

"For as long as I can remember... Since I was two." Both of the girls gawked at her.

Anemone stood up and whispered, obviously upset, "Are you telling me you've slept outdoors in Equestria, in Ponyville, for seven years?! Oh just wait until we get back, I'm wringing Celestia's throat!" Her hands started glowing with magic before she grabbed her sandwich and started back eating, trying to calm her nerves. "I should've known. I should've been there," she scolded around her mouthful.

Amaryllis sighed and watched her sister eat like lightning. In her mind, Anemone was stressing out over nothing. In Anemone's mind, she was worried for her sister's safety. Amaryllis slid out of her seat and placed a hand softly on Anemone's right bicep and cooed, "It's okay. I mean...it wasn't too bad."

Anemone almost choked on her food she swallowed. When she did, she looked down at her appalled. "Not bad? You could've died out there! I would've lost you more than I already did!"

Amaryllis wrapped her arms around Anemone's middled and responded, "But you didn't. I'm alive right here. Right now. Moving, breathing, walking, talking, and unfortunately giving you a hug. You didn't lose me, Anemone." Anemone sighed and looked around the kitchen for a moment. Then decided to hug her back. Tight. There was no way she was getting away with the fact that somepony made her sleep outside, no way.

But she let it be for now. They had to worry about getting home first. She rubbed Amaryllis' back and whispered, "You're right. That doesn't matter right now." She leaned down and gave her sister a kiss on the forehead. "Right now we need to worry about where we are and what to do. We can't just camp out in Twilight's house all day. Shining Armor will be coming home tomorrow. Right, Twilight?"

They directed their vision towards Twilight who was apparently deep in thought. She was leaning with her back against the counter holding her chin with narrowed eyes directed to the floor, rubbing it. Something was wrong. This was big, this was really big. If Equestria's Scootaloo was abandoned, then... Oh no.

Twilight shot her hand into her pocket and whipped out her phone. Then immediately dialed a number. She raised it to her ear and waited for the dial tone to end, eying Amaryllis and Anemone across still wrapped in each other's arms. Cute."Hey, Twilight, what's up?" Rainbow asked. Her voice spooked Twilight a bit.

She shook her head and greeted quickly, "Hey, Rainbow. Look, do you know where Scootaloo lives? I just got a very troubling thought. And news."

"Uhhhh... No, I don't. Why?" Twilight looked at Anemone and Amaryllis in alarm who were sharing the exact same expression. Whatever happens in Equestria happens there as well. Just in a different form. If Amaryllis was sleeping in the streets for years in Equestria, where was Scootaloo sleeping?!

Twilight quickly ordered, "Rainbow, meet me here now. I'll get the others."

Rainbow asked nervously, "Twilight, what's going on?"

"Just get here." Twilight hung up the phone before she could respond. "I really hope what happened to you is not happening to Scootaloo."


It didn't take them long to get to the house. Applejack walked in stating she was just relaxing on the porch with nothing to do and Fluttershy was off from Volunteering at the pet shelter today. They would usually call her in and that was on most days when they were busy. According to them from Fluttershy, "She had a special touch."

Once they were all on the couch, Rainbow took in a deep breath and huffed. "Alright, Twi', we're all here. Now what exactly is going on?"

Twilight nodded and turned to Anemone who turned to Amaryllis on her left. "Is it okay if I tell them?" Anemone asked her in a hushed whisper. She may have been the oldest but her sister still had a say so in her business.

"Yeah," she answered sadly. Then shook her head and answered, "I don't see no other option."

Anemone sighed and looked back up towards the group. "This morning, Twilight, Amaryllis, and I were talking about something when the subject of how Amaryllis learned about sex was brought up."

Applejack widened her eyes and began to ask, "What in the—!"

"Anyhow," she continued, cutting off Applejack's inquiry. "I asked my sister about how she learned about it. They just don't have classes in Equestria about intercourse unless the parents sign a permission slip or something else. Well, she said she learned about it at... Three years old." They all looked at her wide-eyed before shifting their sights to Amaryllis, who was rubbing the back of her neck nervously and looking away, avoiding her gaze. "I then asked her who she lived with."

Lived with? Rarity asked, "She didn't live with you?"

"No, she couldn't. Celestia knew that two thestral sisters escaped without parents. If we were living together, she would have known something fishy was going on. I didn't want to leave a single clue. Anyway, I asked her who she lived with and she said she couldn't rightly remember. All she could remember since the age of..."


"Two, was that she lived... Outdoors."

"WHAT?!" They all yelled.

Rarity jumped up and yelled, "She's been living on her own?! Couldn't you have done something?!"

"I didn't know, I already feel bad about it, okay?" Anemone retorted.

"But that's not the troubling part," Twilight interjected, grabbing all their attention. Rarity sat back down and focused on her just like everyone else. "Equestria and this city are all part of one thing. It's just in a different view. For instance. Applejack in Equestria lives and owns a farm, same as the Applejack here. Rarity in Equestria does fashion and owns a boutique, like the Rarity here, except you don't own a boutique yet."

"I would like one though," Rarity added, daydreaming.

"And Pinkie Pie here lives in a bakery with the Cake family, just like in Equestria. Right, Anemone?"

She nodded her head. "Yeah."

"So a troubling thought came to me. Everyone in Equestria is in the exact same living situation as the ones here. So what do you think is going on—"

"Are you saying Scootaloo might be living on the streets?!" Rainbow interrupted in horror, standing up abruptly. Twilight nodded slowly. "Well we have to find her! I'm not letting her sleep on the streets like that!" She started making her way towards the door, the others right behind her, determined to find Scootaloo.

Scootaloo was actually walking down one of the less popular streets of downtown Canterlot City, keeping herself out of view of anyone she may recognize. Wearing the same clothes for years that were too small was definitely a big enough clue, she didn't want to see someone familiar looking at her and seeing the rip in her jeans. She had fell out of a tree earlier in the woods where she was living at. It's been like this for years. Before, she was kept in the shack in the backyard by her "parents", although they didn't deserve that title. All they did was give her scraps and keep her in the backyard, practically in a doghouse. No type of warmth. Why and how she was still around was a mystery.

Finally after three more years, when she turned five, she was forced away from the house like an animal. Literally picked up and thrown into a bunch of bushes before they hopped in their car and drove away. That was so long ago. So very long ago. She was fifteen now. Ten years. You never forget something like that. Homeless and digging through trash cans, stealing food, and going through dumpsters. Fighting animals and people. Gross men and boys who thought they could take advantage of her. And did.

She couldn't steal clothes like she could in the past. So she's been wearing the same ones she has now for years. She was wearing an orange shirt, slightly darker than her skin tone. It was really small, exposing part of her scarred stomach covered up by the worn black jacket she was wearing. That was one of the things that kept her as warm as possible during the dangerously cold winters primarily.

At a certain point on the sidewalk, Scootaloo stopped in front of an alley and looked around. Anyone that was in sight weren't paying attention to her. And those that were glanced at her for a fleeting second before moving on, completely oblivious. Taking her chance, Scootaloo ducked into the semi-dark alley and made her way for the dark green dumpster at the end. It may be a dumpster for one. But just like the saying goes: One man's trash is another's treasure. Or something like that.

She squeezed her body in between the wall and the dumpster. Then reached up to grab the black plastic lid and threw it upwards. It was heavy, but it definitely got her what she needed. The inside. Sometimes, there would be a whole meal in there from someone who definitely didn't value the necessities in life. The best one she had before was from Happy Burger. Someone had thrown a whole bag of french fries and a half eaten cheeseburger. She went ahead and ate it. Nothing was perfect, but it kept her going. She needed to brush her teeth sometime. It was difficult doing it at Canterlot High. She was already stealing school.

Scootaloo hasn't been to the doctor in years, any type of doctor. Having barely no information on her own self besides her name, birthday, and age didn't help her get one. Add that to the extreme lack of money and no doctor. The last time she could remember going to the doctor was... Never. In the last ten years. Maybe more. Her jerk of a family probably never actually took her. Of course in the future she would have to talk to somebody about it. But that probably wouldn't happen until she was eighteen or something, based off what she knew now. She could have a life-threatening disease and she wouldn't even know. Nor care. Her life was over once she was thrown in the bushes.

Once the lid was flipped, Scootaloo poked her head in and grimaced. The smell was really bad. Almost causing her to gag. That was what digging through the trash does. But if she wanted to eat, she had no choice. She had to do what she had to do.

Scootaloo jumped inside and began shifting through the bags for something she could eat. Is this what her life would come to? A homeless person? More than likely. At school, she always boasted about having dreams. Goals, skills. Riding her scooter was actually the only thing she was actually really good at. Other than that, nothing.

Eventually she felt something like waffles in one of the wet black trash bags. It more than likely came from the restaurant next door, a breakfast joint. She ripped the bag open, revealing a stack of soggy waffles. Of course, it was in something dirty. Grease. Old grease based on the smell.

Scootaloo sighed before grabbing the stack with her hands, making a face at the stack. She had to do what she had to do. So without further hesitation, she pulled in her lips before opening her mouth and taking a bite. The grease had made the pancake stack bad, and she would more than likely get sick later on, but it was either that or starve for the day.

While she chewed and held own her gag reflex, a few footsteps passed by the alley. Including a voice. "Anything yet?" Scootaloo glanced up at the roof of the dumpster but continued eating. They sounded familiar. Really familiar. Like she just talked to them familiar. Where did she recognize that voice from? "I haven't seen her. I'm getting really worried. Are you certain she could have been living out in the streets like that?" Scootaloo slowly stopped chewing and listened closer.

"Of course, dear." Dear?! That's what Rarity says! What were they talking about? Scootaloo slowly lowered the burger-pancake-trash and stopped her movement. The dumpster was making a few creaks. "Twilight is usually right about everything, darling. If Amaryllis was living like that, I'm sure Scootaloo is as well." Scootaloo gasped. What about her now? They knew about her living situation? How?! That didn't matter right now. Point is they knew or they had suspicions. Oh god, it was all coming back to her. The pain, the suffering, the sorrow of abandonment.

Scootaloo lifted the wet and possibly moldy stack of cakes to her mouth and took another bite when her foot slipped from the wet trash bags she was squatting on, pausing her chewing. She froze. Then glanced down. Was her foot slipping? It slipped some more before she finally fell, sliding down into the muck at the bottom. The impact made a loud crash from some metal cans and more on the inside that caught the attention of Fluttershy and Rarity. The two looked down the alley before glancing at each other. "A cat?" Rarity asked.

Fluttershy shook her head and answered, "That was way too big to be a cat." She turned her whole body towards the alley, listening closely.

Scootaloo gawked in disgust and looked down. She fell in something brown and gross. "Eeewww," she groaned. There was a bunch of other gross stuff in here too she wasn't too happy about slipping in. Her pancake stack fell in this crap too. Literally.

Rarity slowly moved into the alley with Fluttershy and called, "Hello? Is there someone in there?" The door to the buildings were in the front. And they were standing directly in front of the alley. If someone walked past and for some reason wanted to pull a Pinkie Pie and jump into the dumpster, they would've noticed.

Scootaloo hunkered down and silently muttered to herself, "Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say... What is this?" She lifted up a red colored tube thing sticking out of a trash bag that had a string attached. Then immediately dropped it when she realized what it was. "A freakin' tam—" Her foot slipped a little more, ceasing the conversation she was having with herself.

Rarity held her arm out in front of Fluttershy, pausing her movement. Then continued her own by stalking on her toes towards the dumpster. Taking timid steps so as not to alarm whoever was inside. Once she was close enough, she slowly reached up and grabbed the edge while Scootaloo was trying to find stable trash to hold onto so she didn't fall into the crap at the bottom. Then peeked her head in and gasped at her find. "Scootaloo?!" She yelled.

Scootaloo shot her head up and mentally cursed. She was so distracted, she forgot about them for a second. Rarity stared into her eyes. They were filled with sadness and desperation. She asked timidly, "Darling? What are you doing in the dumpster?"

"I.. Um..." Fluttershy walked forward and looked inside, spectating all the trash.

"I was... ummm..." Scootaloo stuttered, trying to find an alibi.

"She was looking for food," Fluttershy declared. She lifted a hand over and pointed into the dumpster at a stack of waffles with a splotch of black on one of the trash bags. "Those waffles are tightly pressed together. And there's an outline of fingers on the top. Very recent. You were hungry, weren't you?" Scootaloo looked from the pancakes to the inside of the dumpster. Settling in on the pancakes. Then she sniffled before her face scrunched up.

Scootaloo sobbed a little before she cried it out. She couldn't take it anymore. "Yes! Yes, I'm starving!" She shouted. She lifted an arm to her eyes and began bawling. Her voice resonated through the trash dumpster like she was in a tunnel. Filled with hopelessness and despair.

"Oh you poor thing," Fluttershy fawned. She looked around to spot some type of tool to get her out. She couldn't stay in a dumpster like this.

Rarity sighed and stepped back to pull out her phone to text everyone in the group chat that they found her. Immediately after the message was received with a location, the started running, and flying towards the location. Rainbow was the first to arrive after twenty minutes, literally sliding into the alley and nearly off her feet. "Where is she? Where... Oh no."

Rainbow stopped and stared down at the person they found in the trash. Scootaloo had her knees pulled up to her chest and eyes to the ground while she cried out her pain. Fluttershy was doing what she could to clean her up. She had managed to get her out somehow and was now providing as much comfort as she could to her while she cried. Rubbing her eyes with her dirty hands.

While the others jogged to a stop into the alley, Rainbow Dash kneeled by Scootaloo and looked her over. Not good. Not good at all. Twilight's theory was correct. Rainbow grabbed one of her arms and looked at her hands. They had small scars on them. Very old from wear and tear. As far as she could tell, Scootaloo's been like this for more than enough. She dropped her arm with a sigh and focused on Scootaloo's hidden face. "We gotta get you cleaned up. Why didn't you say something, we could've helped you."

Scootaloo refrained from answering. Those pancakes were starting to hurt her stomach. She could feel it. It was churning and bubbling. She looked up and shook her head at Rainbow before dropping it back and crying.

With the mentality that she wasn't going to be getting an answer anytime soon, Rainbow sighed and turned back to the others standing above her. "How are we going to get her out of here without being seen?"

Applejack reached in her pocket and pulled out her phone. "I'll call Big Mac," she suggested. "He has a truck, we can put her in the back and take her to Sweetie Apple Acres. Get her cleaned, fed, and whatever else from there." Rainbow nodded and turned back to face Scootaloo. Fluttershy had gotten some gloves from somewhere and was now scraping something from off her black jacket, now pretty much ruined.

"You weren't supposed to know," she whispered. "You weren't supposed to know about any of this." She buried her face back in her hands and cried some more. Tears started running down her face, pouring down her neck and into her shirt.

Rainbow rushed forward and pulled Scootaloo into a hug, despite the smell, whatever the heck Fluttershy scraped off, and the dirt Scootaloo definitely had on her. She hugged her tight and whispered, "It's okay, we'll figure something out. These days are over. No one deserves to be living on the streets. Especially a kid." Scootaloo wrapped her own arms around Rainbow tightly, crying into her neck. Releasing those pent up tears she's held inside for so long.

After a few minutes a burly red truck roared down the street. The growling engine reached Applejack's ear and ripped her away from the heartwarming scene of Scootaloo crying into her Rainbow's neck. She peeked her head out at Big Mac's truck slowing to a stop. Then made her way towards the curb when he pulled up. Once the truck was parked in front of the alley, he rolled down the passenger side window and waved to Applejack innocently. She rolled her eyes but smirked. "Hiya, Big Mac. Put her in the back?"

"Eeyup," he answered.

Applejack patted the side then turned around for the others. "Twilight!" She called.

Twilight whipped around then made an "oh" with her mouth. She turned back to Rainbow Dash and said something. Then everyone sort of helped Scootaloo up from her position on the ground and led her towards the back. Applejack ran back their first to unhook the hatch and stepped to the side once she did. Rainbow jumped in first and turned around to lift Scootaloo inside from underneath her arms. Once they were situated on the toolboxes, Applejack pushed the hatch back into place. Then patted the steel and yelled, "Alright, Big Mac!"

He stuck his thumb out and shifted the gears. then pulled out and into the street. Rainbow waved at the girls watching them, then focused on Scootaloo who wrapped her in a hug once more around the middle. Rainbow looked down towards her and pulled her into a tight side hug. "No more streets, Squirt," she whispered. "You belong with someone who loves you. not in the trash."

While they were attempting damage control across the portal, Twilight was running herself ragged to try and find different methods on how to create the portal between dimensions back in Ponyville. She was going all over the library, flying high and low, digging through every single book that may actually include even the term "portal" inside. When Spike pushed the front doors open and walked across the crystal floor for the pile of useless books Twilight ws throwing inside, he sighed, guessing in his head at her find. He stooped a few inches away from the pile and crossed his claws. "Well? Anything?" He asked.

Twilight grabbed another book and used her magic to flip through and scan the pages. Then sighed and tossed it over her shoulder. It flipped open and landed on top of Spike's head, who merely sighed in response. This wasn't the first time this happened. And it certainly wouldn't be the last. He was surprised Twilight was actually tossing books over her shoulder. Let alone tossing a book.

Twilight lowered to the ground and shook her head while he tossed the book into the pile. "No," she answered. Then landed and made her way over to the pile. She used her magic to grab a single book and looked at the cover. Then shot it back into its place way above them. She started to do the same to the rest, speaking all the while. "I really don't wanna do dark magic. At all. But it seems we have no choice. The other books are being destroyed. Why? No idea. And the only ones left are through a bunch of scrolls. I have to let Luna know about this. Take a letter."

Twilight tossed the last book into place and made her way for the bean bags set up in the middle of the room while Spike grabbed a Quill and a scroll. Twilight jumped onto her bag and said, "'Dear Princess Luna. I have completed the search for a portal in the light side of magic. Unfortunately, I have not discovered any sign, nor term, relating to dimensional transportation or dimensions in general. I am afraid, with your approval, we will have to resort to the dark arts. I really do not want to, and I know nopony else does either. But it seems we have no choice."' Spike jumped onto the bag next to her and wrote the rest of that down.

"'I await your decision. Your fellow Equestrian, Princess Twilight Sparkle.'" Spike finished writing the letter before sending it through the magical flames he spewed from his mouth onto the scroll. The wisp of ashes flew out the window into the sunny skies above them, leaving their sights. Then they turned to each other.

Twilight sighed and whispered, "I know you don't want to deal with any of this, Spike."

Spike fell back into his bag and sighed towards the ceiling. "It's okay, really," he responded. "It's just noneof this would be happening right now, should be happening, if Celestia hadn't gone all cookoo."

"But if what Luna is saying is true, then Celestia was taken over, not gone 'cookoo', as you so put it." Twilight stood up and made her way over to tower over Spike, staring into his eyes. "I don't know if I can forgive her for what happened. Ever, or at least for some time. But at least I know what would have caused this. Well, at least a little."

Spike sighed and asked, "So now we just wait?"

Twilight left his sight and made her way back for her bean bag. "Yup. We wait. And if she approves, then we tell the others and do it. It's more than likely gonna bite us in the flank for sure though."


The ride back to the farm was quiet. The truck holding Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo jostled at random intervals from the speed they were going and the bumps they were hitting. A truck was built to do this. It surely wasn't helping Scootaloo's stomach though.

When they passed Canterlot High, Rainbow moved her eyes down from the road to Scootaloo's form, still holding on tightly to Rainbow Dash's middle. Desperately holding on while they moved. Rainbow Dash had a very bad feeling about the way she was holding her though. And not because Scootaloo was rank. She needed a bath. Big time. But because she was sure she saw something on her wrist too. It was mostly hidden from the jacket she was wearing, but it was there. A scar. It was cut right through where her veins would be. Did Scootaloo attempt suicide before? Or were there a more issues she didn't know about her surrogate sister than the fact that she was homeless?

The truck started rocking when they reached the farm and Big Mac drove onto the dirt road leading up to the farm house. They kicked up dust, leading through the trees and up to the clearing where the farmhouse stood. Big Mac swiveled the truck and parked parallel to the building. Rainbow Dash leaned towards the glass separation for the cabin and yelled, "Thanks, Big Mac!"


Rainbow looked down to Scootaloo and whispered, "We're here, squirt. We're getting up, alright?" Scootaloo nodded into her shirt. So Rainbow gripped her side and helped her stand. Then led her towards the edge of the truck. She had to let Scootaloo go to reach over and lower the hatch, but she definitely didn't. Once it was down. She reached down and slowly pried off Scootaloo's arms. "Let me help you down, okay?" She requested. Then jumped over the edge and landed on the ground. Once she was down, she motioned for Scootaloo to take her hand. Then grabbed her arm and helped her over the edge of the truck.

Rainbow Dash grabbed the hatch and pushed it back into place while Scootaloo's arm went around her middle again. Then led her towards the farmhouse. While they moved, Scootaloo's thoughts moved too. What would happen to her now? Would the police come and grab her? The hospital? Some state workers? A bunch of questions were headed her way, she could hear them already. What happened to you? Where are your parents? And the one she was not anticipating at all: How long?

"Hey, Scoots!" Up ahead was Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. Great. Just to the two she needed to see in this state. "We were just... Um, what's going on?"

Rainbow swooped into the rescue with a quick answer, "Nothing, keep doing what you're doing." They walked past, letting the two girls get a whiff of their friend's body. They glanced at each other before they strode in right behind them.

Once they were inside, Rainbow pried Scootaloo's arms off again and grabbed her shoulders. She looked into her eyes and instructed, "Stand here, don't run off. Okay?" Rainbow stood up and made her way into the kitchen where she knew Granny Smith was right now. Scootaloo watched her go then turned around to face an older couch with crossed arms so she could make some thoughts and plans. So much has changed within a minute. When Rarity and Fluttershy poked their heads and saw her, it was over. She feels as if she lost this battle. As if everything she had, even if it was just trash she lost it. Everything was gone.

A timid pair of footsteps stepped up behind her, catching her ear. "...Scootaloo?" Sweetie Belle whispered. "What happened?"

"Nothing, just... Leave me alone," she replied quietly.

"Scootaloo, we just want to help," Apple Bloom said.

"I don't need your help," she retorted, a little upset at their persistence. "Just leave me alone."


"I SAID LEAVE—" She held a hand up to her mouth to block of airflow. Those waffles and that grease weredefinitely not agreeing with her stomach. Especially since they immediately left the latter's presence and were waiting at the door to the outside world. Scootaloo quickly looked around to find a bathroom. There, in the back. She pushed past the two girls and ran down the small hallway, ducking into a bathroom and letting her guts spill out a little on the floor and more into the toilet.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle gasped and looked to each other. Then ran down the hall behind Scootaloo. Apple Bloom yelled, "Scootaloo, what's wrong?!" They slid to a stop and immediately turned around. Scootaloo had either eaten something or she was possessed. She was puking up a storm. But what them disgusted and almost made Apple Bloom puke was the fact that it was black. What happened out there?

When Apple Bloom yelled, Rainbow immediately ran out of the kitchen and into the living room. She looked around and saw the other girls leaning against the hall across from the bathroom. Scootaloo must've been over there. She jogged over there and walked in. Black. A lot of black vomit. Food poisoning. She poked her head out and yelled, "Granny, call the ambulance!! Oh god, Scootaloo what did you eat?" She stood back up and closed the door, leaving her in the bathroom with Scootaloo and her friends in the hall wondering what in the world was going on.

After Granny made the call, the nearest ambulance rushed from their station straight to the farm. They rushed down the dirt road and swerved just like Big Mac's truck parallel to the door. While three paramedics jumped out and headed inside, the driver turned it around to back it up to the door, just in case they needed to get to the hospital. When they walked in, one yelled, "What's happening?"

Apple Bloom waved her hands to get their attention. Then pointed down the hallway. The one she got patted his partner's arm and jogged their way. Sweetie Belle pointed to the door, insinuating it was happening inside. One grabbed the handle and twisted it open, completely taken back by what they saw. A lot of vomit on the floor by the toilet that was nearly about to run over. Rainbow Dash had Scootaloo on her back with her head propped up on her knee away from the mess on the floor. She was taking quick breaths to calm her stomach, but it wasn't really working out right now.

"Looks like food poisoning based off the coloring," one of them concluded. They walked inside and kneeled down beside her to take some readings and apply as much care as they could in here. He looked up at Rainbow Dash and asked, "What did she eat?"

Rainbow Dash quickly shook her head and answered, "I'm not sure. I wasn't there when she ate."

He nodded and focused back on taking her blood pressure. They had to get her to the hospital. "Alright, well we need to get her flushed out, so we're taking her to the hospital." He nudged his partner and said something then turned back to Rainbow Dash. "While they're getting the stretcher, we need to stand her up and get her out of here."

Rainbow Dash nodded and looked down to Scootaloo. "Squirt, we're gonna get you out of here, okay?" She didn't respond. Too tired to even move if she were being honest with herself. Her stomach felt like something was about to blow up. As if someone grabbed a bunch of rocks and started stuffing her mouth, forcing her to swallow.

Once the stretcher was in the house, Rainbow Dash stepped back and allowed the Paramedics to lift her up by her legs and arms, and carry her to the stretcher that was parked in front of the bathroom. Door. Once they had her strapped in, they began to move her out of the house, leaving Rainbow Dash with the vomit to clean up, and a few people to tell. Not the first time.

Her friends in the living room watched in hope when Scootaloo was rolled out. Her eyes were shut, facing the ceiling when she was moved out the door, stopped in front of the ambulance doors, and hefted into the vehicle.

While the ambulance sped off, Apple Bloom turned to Granny Smith who got up out of the kitchen to watch and asked, "Granny, what is going on?"

"Well child... Your friend has been having a very rough time since she before she even attended pre-school. And we finally found out about it."

The Tale Of Two Scootaloos Pt. 2

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Scootaloo never registered the drive to the hospital. Never registered the shifting of movements of the gurney she was place on. The second she was in that ambulance, she lost consciousness. The dreams were expected. Dreams. Nightmares.

They were all the same. Flashbacks about what it was like living outside. Where dogs have attacked her and where she was... Leeches would bite onto her skin when she would try to take a bath at a seemingly peaceful and undisturbed lake, sucking the blood out of her. Sadly, she didn't know how to properly take them off. So she would grab and pull them off, which would take some of the skin off with them. THAT was painful. And the evidence was all over her legs and arms, not to mention her back where she could barely reach. They got most of her blood from there.

Those are mostly what her dreams were about. The leeches. And sometimes, it would be hard to wake up. She couldn't open her eyes, talk, or move at all. Just breath. When she did manage to get all those leeches off, she was a bleeding mess. Leeches pierce your skin deeply to get what they want. And just pulling them off instead of sliding them off with your thumb causes much worse problems. And considering that she didn't actually know how to take them off properly, caused blood to just pour out of her skin. The ones on her back were worse and harder. They hurt more than the ones on her arms, evident underneath her jacket. If they asked her to take it off.

Not to mention the abuse she would get from people who would find her and just attack her for no reason. That really knocked her down. As well as all the cuts from that guy who used her like a sex doll and a pin cushion. All of that she remembered on the way to the hospital. Not that she knew she was going there.

Sometimes, she wondered why she wasn't dead yet. She was all by herself for ten years. Yet, she's not dead. Sometimes... She wondered why she didn't just end it herself.

A few muffled voices pierced the haze inside her mind, becoming more coherent as time drawled on. Everything was beginning to come into focus. Everything that was black turned to gray and gained more detail.

She was lying down on her left side facing the window on something soft. Covered in something soft. Something that she would feel inside of Sweetie Belle's house. She blinked and trained her eyes on a steel pole, and above that a tiled roof. Listening to the beeping of a heart monitor that was attached in the corner. There were two chairs next to what looked like a window. It was daylight outside. The heat of the sun going through the window was heating up her mildly cool skin, providing comfort. As if it were giving her a hug.

Someone stepped into the room behind her with some dress shoes or something. She could only go off of what she was hearing. But that's what it sounded like. Next the door shut and a guy cleared his throat. "Hello, everyone. I'm Doctor Samson. Scootaloo will be in my care while she's here in the morning's. Can someone tell me about what happened?"

So there were more people in here. Someone, sounded like Twilight answered, "Scootaloo got food poisoning."

"I mean how did she get it? One of the paramedics said she ate..." He looked back at his notes. "'Waffles in bad grease.' Why was she eating that?"

No one answered. They didn't know. So Amaryllis probably just told them she was living on the streets. Possibly living on the streets. They weren't going to tell them. She wasn't going anywhere. They wouldn't let her. So Scootaloo silently sighed and said, "Because I can't eat anything anywhere else." She heard them shuffle around a bit. Which meant all eyes were on her now. "So I do what I can to survive. Going through the trash."

It stayed silent for a moment before the doctor responded, "Okay." He wrote down some notes and asked, "Any parents?"

"No." The doctor looked up for a moment before continuing to write in notes.

"Any family members?"


The doctor raised an eyebrow before writing down some more notes. Yeah, there was an issue here.

He looked up her way and asked, "Okay. Do you live in a facility?"

"No, and I'm not going to any."

The doctor sighed, already seeing where this was going. He tapped his pen against the notepad and said mainly to himself, "So no parents, no family, and no orphanage or facility. Do you have any information about yourself?"

"My name is... Amaryllis. But I go by Scootaloo. Always have, always will. Don't call me Amaryllis, I don't go by that. It's demeaning. My birthday... I don't know. Never had a party, probably never will. I'm not a registered student. I've been stealing classes. So you won't find my information in any of the school records. I taught myself how to read. Write. Draw. Talk. Everything I've done on my own. Now you know."

Everyone was just staring at the girl lying on the bed facing away from them in sadness. Especially Rainbow, mentally blaming herself. She should've known about this. Doctor Samson sighed deeply before writing down some more notes. The police were definitely getting involved in this.

He turned to the group of girls nearby. "Alright. Who brought her in?"

Rainbow raised her hand and answered, "I did, but we all found her."

"Are you a close friend?"


"Alright you can stay. Everyone else, I'm going to have to ask you to abandon the room for a moment." Twilight took Rainbow's hand and squeezed it supportively. Then stood up with the others and walked out of the room. Once they were gone, he set the clipboard down on the wall and made his way for the sink to wash his hands and get himself ready. "Scootaloo, can you sit up for me please? I'm going to have to do a full body evaluation on you."

Scootaloo sighed but did as requested. Her stomach still wasn't all that great, but it was getting there. They must've done something while she was asleep. While she was doing that Rainbow Dash stood up from her chair and made her way over. She had a feeling of what the doctor needed her to do. She took a seat beside her and took hold of her left hand, giving it a squeeze of encouragement with a smile.

Once Doctor Samson had his hands dried, he grabbed some rubber gloves and slipped them on. Then turned around to face them. "Alright. So Rainbow Dash here is going to stay by your side while I look over your body. Just to keep you calm and collected while I'm working, okay?"

Scootaloo nodded and answered quietly in a tone that would beat Fluttershy's, "Okay."

"Let's start with your jacket. Can you take it off for me please?" Scootaloo pulled in her lips and reached up with her right hand. She really didn't want to do it. But there was no escaping this. She gripped the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Rainbow Dash could tell this was hard for her. It wasn't slow, but it was tense. There was something under there she didn't want them to see. When it reached the bottom, she unhinged it and pulled it open to shrug it off.

She was dirty, bruised, heavily scarred, and overall abused by the elements. And this was just in the spring. In the winter, it was much worse and harsher. For a moment Rainbow stared at them, but soon closed her eyes and tightened her lips. She's heard horror stories of abuse by a lot of things. But this takes the cake. The shirt she was wearing covered most of her upper half, but she didn't need to see that to know she's been through so much. There were scars all over her skin, marking places where she was attacked and probably left for dead. As well as multiple skin lacerations here and there. Definitely from bites.

In tears, Scootaloo spat to the doctor, "Should I take off my shirt too?" She was clearly upset that she had to take off any type of clothing. This wasn't the first time Samson has seen something like this. But the degree of this one was horrifying.

Deciding to finally answer her question, the doctor shook his head and responded, "No, no, it's okay. We'll take a look at your legs first." He raised his clipboard and wrote down a few things while Rainbow Dash wrapped a loving arm around Scootaloo's shoulders. She shouldn't have had to go through that. Or this.

Samson casted casual looks at her to go into more detail of his notes. Then after a few more seconds lowered it back down on the bed to train his attention on Scootaloo once again. "Alright. Now Scootaloo? Before we go any further, I need to ask you a few questions. Give me your honest answer, okay?" Scootaloo knew where he was going with this. He was going to ask the one and most obvious question in the room. Samson directed his sights to Rainbow Dash and asked, "And Rainbow? No matter what her answer is, I need you to not 'flip out,' okay?"

Rainbow Dash's nod directed the doctor back to Scootaloo to ask the question. "Scootaloo? Have you ever... Been taken advantage of? Has anyone ever forced you into any sexual acts?" Rainbow Dash turned her entire face to look down at her sister. Her face was scrunched up and tears were leaking down her face. Not to mention shivering a little. But Rainbow didn't miss it. She gave the most subtle of nods.

Rainbow pulled in her lips, a tear threatening to fall down her own face. Her surrogate sister had been... She couldn't even finish it. She used the arm already around her shoulders to pulled Scootaloo into a side hug, letting her tears pour into her side.

Doctor Samson grabbed his notepad and wrote down her answer. Then glanced back to Scootaloo and ask, "How long ago?"

Scootaloo poked her face out and whispered almost inaudibly, "Two years."

"Anything else that we need to know?"

"Yeah, I'm not going to a home." She buried her face back into Rainbow Dash's side. "You can't place me in there."

The doctor sighed and set down his clipboard. This was normal. In a sense. "Scootaloo, we can't just throw you back out onto the streets. That's not how it works."

"Then I'll go with Rainbow." She sat back up and held onto her Rainbow Dash's arm tightly. "But I'm not going to a home! Forget it! I'll go with her, she'll take care of me!"

Rainbow pulled in her lips guiltily. As much as she would like to, her parents definitely wouldn't let another child in their house. Rainbow herself was already a handful. Not to mention already trying to leave. She used her free arm to push Scootaloo back a little so she could talk to her. "Uhhh, Scoots? Look, as much as I would love to take you in, it's not my decision." Rainbow swore she saw all the magenta color in Scootaloo's eyes leave when she said that.

They stared at each other for a few long seconds. No sound, save for the beeping of the Heart monitor attached to Scootaloo. After a few more seconds, she asked timidly, "Wh... What do you mean?" The doctor watched the exchange but kept his hand on his waist by a hidden radio to call for help in case things took a violent turn. Right on the panic button. It was a common thing for children like this to take their frustrations out on a random person.

Rainbow sighed and answered, "Squirt... I can't say, 'yeah, you can live with me.' It's not my say so. It's up to my parents. And even then it's a ninety percent chance you couldn't live with us. My parents told me they wouldn't get another kid, adopted or their own. Especially adopted. I don't know why, but they said I'm not allowed to bring up any kids either. Not even... A sister."

Scootaloo looked up at Rainbow appalled, realization dawning on her. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. Until she snapped, letting out all the years of neglect flow out of her like a waterfall. Rainbow witnessed her eyes turn a gray. Tears leaked from them, wetting the shirt she was wearing. "So... I'm back at square one then. You know when I said I want to go the skatepark with you?" Rainbow slowly nodded. "I take it back. Get out." Rainbow glanced up at the doctor. "Out. Out! GET OUT! BOTH OF YOU!" She grabbed her jacket and threw it at the doctor's face. It already smelled really bad.

Rainbow grabbed Scootaloo's arms to try and wrestle her down. "Scootaloo, calm down!" She ordered. But Scootaloo had some surprising strength. She pushed Rainbow off of her, off the bed, then onto the floor before she too jumped on top of her. The Doctor ripped the smelly jacket off of his ace and pressed the panic on his radio to call for help.

Scootaloo grabbed Rainbow's arms and held them down with bared teeth, "No!" She yelled. "You're abandoning me like everyone else!!" She let go of one arm to pummel Rainbow before a team of nurses rushed into the room to cease the situation. They grabbed Scootaloo's arms and pulled her off Rainbow and back onto the bed. She actually ended up hitting one in the face but they quickly grabbed her arms and legs, pinning her down.

"Hit her with the Valium!" One of them yelled.

"Get off me! Get off me!" Scootaloo screamed, and screamed louder like someone was killing her, ringing through the hallways. She yanked her left foot free before someone grabbed and pinned it back down. Someone poked her right shoulder with a needle to sedate her. "You are not drugging me again! You are NOT DOING THAT AGAIN!!"

Twilight and everyone else were covering their ears in the waiting area from Scootaloo's screams when Rarity saw Rainbow Dash be led out of the room and the door to it shut behind her. "LEAVE ME ALONE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Her voice could still be heard for a few more minutes, traveling down the halls and around the floor before it died down. The valium they used must've taken affect effect.

Rarity grabbed her purse and the others, then ran over to where Rainbow was, crying into her hands. She shook her head and whispered, "I didn't expect any of this. It's horrible, absolutely terrible."

Even though Applejack was afraid to ask, she had to know. "What happened?"

Rainbow lowered her hands and took a deep breath. "I think she was abused in the past. There were old marks on her body, as well as cuts, bruises, a lot of scars, and more. She was also... Taken advantage of. Two years ago. She was raped."

Twilight covered her mouth before the door opened again, allowing the doctor and the group of nurses to walk out. Scootaloo was in the bed under the covers with her face up to the ceiling, eyes closed and motionless. The doctor sighed and closed the door. Then turned to Rainbow Dash. "We need to call the school about some of this. The police are more than likely going to be involved as well." Rainbow nodded before he continued. Everything just took a wild turn. "She's sleeping right now. Had to hit her with a large dose of Valium that will more than likely keep her asleep for most of the day."

"And this is only morning," Applejack stated before he continued.

"Unfortunately," he continued. "With how things are looking, she'll have to be handed over to the state. We haven't done a test for any diseases or drugs, but with what she said early, she might've been injected with some before. She said, and I quote, 'you are not drugging me again.'"

"So she was more than likely drugged with something during the... Rape then," Rainbow muttered. "Why didn't she tell us?"

"Most kids find it dangerous to tell anyone. They believe it may cause them to be hurt worse or neglected by friends, family, and more. That, and it's a very traumatic experience. You just don't tell somebody that you fell fifty feet off a cliff and broke your back. You never want to relive that stuff."

Applejack couldn't deny that. She took off her stetson and whispered, "Yeah, you're right."

The doctor sighed then looked through the room's window before focusing back in front of him. "I'm going to go make these phone calls." Then patted Rainbow's shoulder again before making his way to the office in the hospital to inform the school.


"Yeah, these kids are definitely cleaning up this place," Principal Celestia stated. She and Principal Luna were standing in front of the school's glass doors at all the paper, snack bags, and someone's whole bag littering the ground.

Luna groaned nad replied, "Of course, sister. I'm sure there is a bird making a nest with how much of this over-break work is lying on the ground. Look, there goes one now." She pointed towards a crow putting a bunch of paper into a circle before settling down in the middle of it. "That is just unhealthy. Very unhealthy."

"Yes. I would do it, but—"

"Principal Celestia, Principal Luna!" They looked behind them at the secretary at the door. "The hospital's on the phone! They need to speak with you both about a student!" The sisters looked at each other before making their way into the building and office, going to the phone. Celestia put it on speaker as the two set themselves beside it.

"Hello, this is Principal Celestia."

"Hello, Principal. I'm, calling concerning a... Student. Scootaloo."

"Ah, yes. Yes, what about her?"

"Well, early this morning she was admitted to Equine General from food poisoning. Where we learned of a few things. Is Scootaloo in your record system?"


"Are you absolutely sure?"

Celestia and Luna exchanged a glance before the latter walked to the nearby computer behind the desk. Luna replied, "Let me make sure." Then sat down at her desk, pulled up the directory, and typed in Scootaloo. After waiting, there were no results. "No that can't be right." She did it again one more time. For a student not to be in the record system... It was unheard of. And it's not the system, it's never done this before. "She's not."

"Are you trying to tell me Scootaloo has been stealing classes?"

"She has a good reason. So no school records, birth records, or anything else, okay." He took a moment to type some stuff in. "Okay, so Scootaloo has no parents, is unknown to the state, and has stolen school. Interesting."

The principals glanced at each other in shock before Luna inquired, "Why is she in the hospital?"

"On normal occasions, I wouldn't be allowed to tell you this. But we need all the help we can get. Scootaloo came down with a really bad case of food poisoning after eating out of a dumpster for food."

"Why would she—"

"She's been living on her own for the last ten years. I'm not sure how she got into that situation. But she's homeless." Luna and Celestia stared at the phone in shock.

Luna shot her hands up to her head and shouted, "We had a runaway student in our halls and we didn't know about it?!"

"We don't rightly know if she was a runaway. We think she's been abused. I did an assessment on her and discovered bruises, scars, and bites. The bites are more than likely from the fact that she's been living outdoors for so long. As well as the fact that she has confessed to being taken advantage of in the past. Two years ago."

"Where is she?" Celestia demanded.

"Equine General Hospital."

"We're on our way." Celestia hung up the phone and grabbed her purse, following her sister out the door. They didn't waste any time. A child needed them.


A few minutes later after driving through multiple stop lights, they arrived at the hospital. They jumped out the car and ran inside urgently. And after asking the nurses about her location, they ran towards the room, eventually coming across the group of seven, including Sunset, who arrived a few minutes ago.

"Hey, what happened?!" Luna asked desperately.

"Well Scootaloo's in the hospital. Food poisoning, homelessness, abuse, drugged, raped, and probably an STD. Who knows what the hay else!" Everyone looked towards Rainbow who was definitely beating herself up over this. "I feel like I should've known. I should've known what my sister was up to all this time. I call myself her family, yet I'm not around when I need to be. Around thirty minutes ago, she got upset at me, because I couldn't take her in. They're thinking about putting her into the state. So she attacked me and the doctor. The nurses hit her with Valium. She'll be out for awhile."

"Rainbow you need to stop blaming yourself," Applejack said. "It's not your fault Scootaloo's in this situation."

"If I wasn't around, it wouldn't have lasted ten years. I was the only thing she was holding onto. I could see it in her eyes. When I told her that I couldn't take her in because it wasn't my decision to make alone, it's like her eyes went from their grayish purple to just... Lifeless. It's like I was the last thing she was holding onto. And I've let her down when she needed me the most. Now she's sleeping, but what will happen when she wakes up? Will she still be the same girl that would shout out 'Rainbow Dash!' when I walk up to her? Or will she just scowl and turn away from me because I disgust her so much? Will our relationship still be the same, or will it all have gone down the drain all because I couldn't be there for her? Will she become rebellious? She snapped in there at me. I think everything that she went through for the past years are finally spilling out. Only time will tell."

Later on that night, Scootaloo eventually woke up to a surprise. She was tucked into a bed for the first time in her life. She had to admit, it felt nice. Instead of waking up, going to school, and meeting with her... Friends? No. She had no friends. She was truly alone. She could jump off a bridge and no one would know about it. It was as simple as that. She knew now why she hadn't done it yet. She was holding onto false hope. She thought her "friends" could get her out of this. Instead, it only got worse. Way worse. They wanted to put her in a home. But there was definitely no way that was going to happen.

Scootaloo slowly sat up and looked around her room to check if anyone was near. The only sounds of anything were the lights from the hall creeping in through the windows. She pulled the IV out of her arm then swung her legs over the edge to stand up. Looking down, she realized she was still in her clothes that she hadn't taken off yet. Looks like they will have to do for now. A really small shirt with a tear in it, and some ripped jeans.

Scootaloo spotted a pair of scissors from afar sitting next to the sink. An accident of course, but it didn't matter. She crept over and grabbed the scissors, dropped them in her pocket, then strode towards the door. It was time to leave. There was no telling what would happen if she stayed here. SHe couldn't stay here.

She slowly lowered the door handle and slowly cracked it open to peek out through the light. Only a few nurses too busy doing everything else. Too busy to even look this way. So she silently opened the door cautiously. As silent as she could. Once it was wide enough, she poked her head out and looked around. Nobody was in the halls. Good. That makes this so much easier.

She slowly slipped out the door and into the hall on her left. There was an exit up ahead that a sign was pointing too. Perfect. She passed by the waiting area where everyone was currently sleeping. Twilight, Sunset, Rarity, all of them. ven Pinkie Pie. She stopped and just glared at them. She growled at Rainbow specifically before giving her the middle finger and continuing her trek.

Scootaloo rushed out the hospital's sliding doors and into the warm spring night air. The world of darkness that she's come to call home. But that did not soothe her heated anger. There was so much hate in her heart. So much. Everyone had let her down. They were leaving her. She had no one else. Only her. Looking around, she spotted a large loose rock by the wall.

Walking towards and picking it up, she walked to a nearby car and banged it onto the glass, making it crack and crack more before she stepped back and threw it with all her strength. It went straight through the passenger side window and into the driver's. She only found slight relief in that destruction. But it will be back, that's for sure. As long as she was alive, she was going to be angry again.

SCootaloo kicked the car and created a small dent before she walked away. Her destination? A new part of town where people definitely wouldn't find her. Nor would they care.


After three more hours, two in the morning, one of the nurses walked towards the "unstable patient's" room. She looked at the name on the clipboard again. Amaryllis. Cute. She didn't deserve what the report says what happened to her. Nobody does.

She looked up and slowed her walking, coming up to her destination. The door was already open, but there was no snoring or anything coming from it. Odd. She placed her hand by the radio on her waist in case she was assaulted before walking inside. She was expecting her to be sitting in a chair, relaxing in the bathroom, something. But the room was empty. The bed was messy, her shoes were still on the other side. But the IV was hostlessly lying on the bed.

She walked towards the bathroom and looked inside. No Amaryllis in there. That meant only one thing. She left the hospital.

She dropped her clipboard to the floor and picked up the radio. "We have a loose patient! Amaryllis is missing!" The nurses on the other end all checked their radios before pulling up the security camera footage all over the building.

"Patient Amaryllis is missing! Any nurses please search for patient Amaryllis on levels one, two, and three. Orange, female, magenta hair, Five foot six!" Twilight woke up first from the sound of nurses and Doctors scrambling around, looking for who knows what.

"What's going on?" Someone asked.

"Where was she before?"

"I don't know, I went into her room for my nightly rounds and she wasn't in there. Only her shoes, coat, and the IV that's lying on the bed." Oh no.

Twilight grabbed Rainbow's arm and shook her. "Wake up! Guys, wake up!" They all jolted awake from Twilight's shouting.

"What is it, Twilight?" Celestia groaned, rubbing her eyes. "I was having a wonderful dream."

"Someone's missing. I think it's Scootaloo."

"Any units! Please join search for Patient 1452761. Name Amaryllis. Orange skin. Magenta hair. Five foot six." They all gasped at the voice on the intercom before shooting up to their feet and running towards her room. Rainbow swung the door open with a loud bang. Sure enough, there was barely any sign she was even there. Only her shoes and jacket.

"Crap!" Rainbow yelled before she ran towards the entrance. The doors slid open, allowing the group through and revealing the glass on the ground that nobody has spotted yet from the vandalized car. They all stopped and stared at the damage, knowing exactly who did it. "I knew it," Rainbow said sadly. "We lost her. For good."


Scootaloo quietly made her way through the shadows of the night, making sure she wasn't seen for her destination. To get to the outside of town, she had to go through the bad part. Of course it would be on the outside of town. You never let the thugs into a bank when they have guns.

After a few more hours the sun rose to its peak. Basking the world around her in warm light. She finally made it out of the neighborhood. She was walking barefoot that whole time and probably will for the remainder of the day, maybe longer. It was definitely going to be hot today. Having no shoes, a shirt as small as a crop top, and purple hair, all she needed was some mascara and she'd look like the slut she was told she was when that guy raped her so long ago. It may be awhile before she can do anything. Her life was officially over. She needed to get out of the city, maybe out of Equestria County. But how? She had nothing to give to anyone. Then a thought came to her. But it wasn't a pleasant one.

She looked down at herself. Yeah she was fifteen but she looked like she was sixteen. She could do it. But she wouldn't like it though. She stopped in the road and put her thumb out, hoping to get a ride. She had to leave the town by daylight. These people weren't going to stop looking for her. So she might as well make it hard for them. They made it harder for her anyway.

Soon, a truck stopped and pulled over to the curb. A guy, definitely from that neighborhood she just walked out of, was the driver. He looked dangerous, but she didn't care.

He looked her up and down from the driver's side with greedy eyes and growled, "What's up? Need a lift?"

Scootaloo gulped, already regretting this. "Yes. I need to get to Trottingham."

"Of course. But you know.... There's a price. And it looks like you don't have any money on you."

"I know. But... I'm willing to pay." The man gave her a mischievous and hungry smile that she did not like at all.

"Get in." She pulled on the handle and opened the door, hopping inside before closing it.

"Now." He placed his hands on her jean covered thigh. "I just don't give favors without getting paid first. Now... Show me what you can do."

Scootaloo swallowed that lump in her throat to push down the fear she was feeling from this man before she went ahead and did once more what her past assailant told her to do before. To be a slut. Like she was told.


Twilight ran back to her house to grab Anemone and Amaryllis. If Scootaloo was missing, who better than to find her than herself? She took out her keys and put it in the lock, turning the knob to let her in. She stopped in shock at what she saw.

In the living room, her brother was pointing her gun at the two Thestrals, probably just got home. Anemone was standing in front of her sister with her hands glowing with her magic, trying to protect, while the cop had his finger on the trigger. "Shining Armor! What are you doing?!"

Great! Twilight was here. He turned his head to face her, but didn't move his eyes off them. "Twilight, do you know these things?!"

"Yes, that's Anemone and Amaryllis. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo from Equestria. Now put down your gun before Anemone hurts you, she's already highly protective of her sister!"

"What are they doing here?!"

"They're abandoned after Celestia tried to kill them! They're fine and not dangerous! They're just stuck and I'm trying to keep them hidden because things like THIS might happen! Now put your gun down!" Shining Armor looked at the two thestrals for a moment before sighing and lowering his gun. Anemone cut off her magic while Amaryllis tentatively poked her head out from around her sister's back.

"How'd you even... You know what, that's not important," Twilight said, getting down to Amaryllis' level.

Shining raised hand out to the Thestrals and shouted, "What?! How is two whatever-they-are sitting in my house watching TV not important?!"

Twilight ignored him and got to her knees to look into Amaryllis' eyes. They needed information. "Amaryllis. Where would you go if you ran away?"

Amaryllis put her finger to her chin to think. "Well first I'd look in abandoned buildings. If that doesn't work, then I'd go live in a cave or something. Why, what happened? Is Scootaloo okay?"

"No, she's not." Shining Armor started listening in while Twilight spoke. "She has no records, she stole classes. She's not even a student. But she's been going to school. We also learned someone took advantage of her and she was living on her own for ten years. She attacked the doctor as well as Rainbow Dash. Then she ran away and we don't know where she is."

"Wait are you talking about orange skin, magenta hair, maybe five foot something?" Shining asked. Twilight nodded quickly. "We just got a call saying a girl with that description was seen near the south of town, hitchhiking. She hopped in a burgundy truck that sat there for around five to six minutes before it left."

"That was Scootaloo!!" Twilight yelled. She pulled out her phone and dialed Rainbow Dash, who picked up not even a second later.


"She was spotted south of town before she hitchhiked. She's leaving right now. I'm not sure where."

"So... She's gone then? Is that it? Twilight, I'm really worried about Scoots. She doesn't have any money, she has no family, she was raped, drugged, abused....I am really worried she'll do something she'll regret."

"I am too. Shining can you send out an APB or something? This girl is going to kill herself like this." Shining nodded before he pulled out his phone, dialing the captain. "We're gonna try to get an APB sent out, Rainbow. We'll find her."

"I just hope we aren't too late."


View Online

Twilight woke up the next morning at the alarm that was Spike's belch, notifying her that Luna responded back...or even Celestia. Although she didn't want to admit it, she still loved her mentor. Even if she did kill all those thestrals....or whoever forced her.

She got out of bed and made her way over to Spike's basket that was situated next to her bed. She really should get him a bed. A real one that did not sit on the floor. Something far better than a basket. It looked far better for her as a princess to have her assistant actually sleep in a bed rather than the floor. Always is.

She picked up the scroll and looked at it, reading the message Luna sent aloud.

"Dear Princess Twilight. While it pains me to do this, I fear we have no choice as well. More so than on that letter you sent two days ago. The guards that were sent to the tomb of the thestrals have uncovered vital information as to what Celestia's, or whoever took her over, reason for killing the thestrals, which is why it took me awhile to respond back. They were searching for something.

"During the time of searching, the thestrals were just there. So they were slaughtered because she believed they were hiding it from her. The item is called 'The Orb of Zebrica'. We believe she is still actively looking for it. The orb is powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands. We have no idea who is precisely after it. But whoever it is, they are still looking for it. Where it was held before, it was taken and hidden away. We must find it before they do.

"The only clue we have is a riddle or a prophecy. Probably both.

"'The Orb of Zebrica is not here,
For it will bring to ponies fear.
But it still exists
In another world's forest.
Through the gateway you must roam
it will be found in the betrayed one's home.
Home to the human child who has flown twenty miles,
Away from the deceivers and non-believers.
Her heart will be hardened, her life has fallen,
Stop her before she heeds to her calling.'

"Whatever we are dealing with here, it's with the humans. We believe they have already left to go after the person. There was a bit of very recently used dark magic in the tomb.

"We must get to wherever these humans are and get to them fast.

"Your Fellow Royal,
Princess Luna."

Spike was sitting there with his eyes wide open. "We need to find someone who can do dark magic! Like, right now!" He said. "If only we knew some pony or something that could.........." Spike got a nonchalant look on his face as it dawned on him.

"What?" Twilight asked, walking in front of him. "What is it?"

"AWwwww, COME ON! We already have someone who can do chaos magic, which is a form of dark magic!"


"Discord!" Twilight looked at him frozen. How in Equestria could she forget Discord?! The only......Dranconequus that actually causes damage just to do it!

Twilight lit her horn, teleporting the both of them out of bed and in front of Fluttershy's cottage. Discord visits Fluttershy all the time. She'd know how to get a hold of him since the elements were out of service. The princess walked forward and knocked frantically on her door, spooking the timid Pegasus who was sitting down in her living room. She laid down her book and stood up, making her way towards the front door and to the frantic knocking of an 'insane pony'. "Who is it?" She asked quietly.

"Twilight! Open up Fluttershy, it's important!" Fluttershy quickly unlocked the door and let in the unbalanced dragon, dizzy from Twilight's transportation, and Twilight herself. "Fluttershy, we need you to call Discord! We figured out a way to get to Rainbow! Er...Anemone!"

"Um....okay. Discord!" They waited a moment before the creature in question appeared in a flash in Fluttershy's living room with a bathrobe on.

"Fluttershy! I was in the middle of a chocolate shower!" He cried, getting the chocolate of his back with an owl that was perched next to his head. "Warm me the next time you—"

"No time Draconequus!" Twilight yelled, getting his attention as she ran over to him. "We need your help! Right now!"

Discord groaned before setting the owl back on its perch. "Why is it that the only time you ask for me it's to help you? Why don't you ever do what Fluttershy does? 'Hello, Discord. It's great to see you again. How are you? Did you destroy a town lately? Oh that sounds just wonderful.' Hey. Here's an idea. Why don't you try that sometime? You might enjoy it."

Twilight just stared at him nonchalantly before shrugging. "Meh. I'll think about it. Look, Rainbow Dash has been exiled to Earth and we need to get there fast. Somepony is going after them to take something very important that could mean the end of Equestria, Earth, and you!"

"So somebody banished the two last notorious thestrals that Celestia didn't even know about? And you need to get them back?" Twilight wasn't even surprised he knew.

"Not only that. But what the thestrals were slaughtered over is on Earth. And we need to get there immediately! Is there any way you can create a portal there?"

"Of course, I go there all the time. But I'll only let you go if you agree to let me watch. This is going to be so good."

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Just get us there." Discord rolled his eyes and rolled his hand around while Twilight teleported to grab everyone else. After a few minutes, they were all in Fluttershy's living room.

"Do it!" They yelled.

"Okay, okay!" He snapped his fingers making a light blue portal appear in front of the fireplace.

"This better be towards Earth, Draconequus," Luna scolded. Celestia was just looking at the portal strangely. She walked forward and put her hoof in, not expecting the next thing. She yelped as she was pulled inside. Luna darted forward and grabbed her rear hoof, trying to hold on before everyone else did the same thing. Eventually they were all pulled into the portal. Discord looked around the empty room, making sure no one else was looking before grabbing the owl and jumping in after them.

Rainbow Dash was literally crying her eyes out on Twilight's couch. Her surrogate sister was gone. The one she called family away from family, sister forever, her inspiration...was gone. And she's the one who caused it. They were all situated in Twilight's house again, telling the police what they knew.

"Five foot six, fifteen years old, any relation to anyone?" One of the detectives asked.

"I'm her friend. Even though I don't deserve that title." They all looked toward's Rainbow's tear streaked face, definitely wallowing in a guilt that she was feeling.

The detective wrote that down as well, just in case something called for it.

"Wow, she looks bad," Amaryllis whispered. The thestrals were looking in through some bushes next to Twilight's patio.

"I'll say. I would be feeling the exact same way if any of this happened to you. You weren't.....taken advantage of...were you?" Anemone asked carefully. Afraid of the answer. Amaryllis shut her eyes giving Anemone giving her sister her answer.

The oldest sister almost screamed but put her hands over her mouth to contain her anger. Why the hell was this happening?! "Okay....okay, that's not important right now. We'll deal with that later. Right now, we need to focus on Scootaloo." They refocused their hearing back on the detectives in the house, although Amaryllis was worlds away in her own mind.

Suddenly, both thestrals felt a jolt of magic in the air, coming from the north. In a place that was very familiar to them. "Did you feel that?!" Amaryllis yelled a little too loud. The detectives outside looked towards the patio before going back to the work.

"It came from the school! Come on!" They flew out of the bushes and launched into the air, leaving the others inside wondering what in the world that was.


"Ugghhhh.....Sister get off of me," Luna groaned.

"I am way over here, Luna," Celestia called, lying on one of the rocks from the remains of the statue. Twilight was laying on top of her teacher's back while the others were in their own pile. Discord, in human form, was sitting on the steps of the school already, grinning at their predicament. He was dressed in all black. Black jeans, black shirt, and black boots. With a black baseball hat to match.

"You ponies sure know how to make a great entrance," he commented, chomping on some sunflower seeds. "I mean really. Who in the world could—"

"TWILIGHT!" They all looked up to see two objects flying towards them at full speed. "GET AWAY FROM THAT MONSTER!"

"Uh oh," Rarity said, standing up. Since this was their first time actually bipedalisms, they all, except Twilight had a little trouble getting them to move. "We totally—whoa—we totally forgot about Celestia and the Thestrals' feud."

"Yeah, that's not good," Applejack agreed. Amaryllis swooped in and grabbed Twilight from off of Celestia while Rainbow landed on Celestia, ready to pummel her.

"Do you realize what the hay you've done?!!"

"NO! I don't!" Celestia retorted. "What in Equestria is going on?!"

"Oooo, a fight," Discord said, grabbing the Thestral's attention. "I'm gonna need more popcorn."

"Who's that? They sound familiar," Amaryllis asked, pointing towards the person covered in black.

"That's Discord!" Pinkie said, somehow eating her own bag of popcorn. "He got us here. Now fight already!"

"Oh yeah." Anemone grabbed Celestia's shirt and hoisted her up to her face. "Do you realize what the hay you've put my sister through?! Everything is going upside down now because of you!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!!"

EVERYPONY STOP!! Luna yelled. They all looked towards the princess of the night who currently had a bewildered look on her face. "Celestia...you're not under the spell."

Realization dawned on the princess' face. "I'm not. It must be a flaw. Go to a different dimension and it doesn't work."

"What the hay are you talking about?!" Anemone yelled, bringing her back to reality. Luna rolled her eyes before using her magic to peel the anger-driven thestral off her sister and towards the others.

"Celestia has been spelled," Twilight explained. "Everything she did to your kind was completely out of her control. It looks like it doesn't work here though. Whoever that pony was probably didn't know that."

Luna helped her sister up before going into her mind. Perhaps she could get a clear visual as to who that pony was. Celestia's eyes flashed white while Luna poked around.

She ran to that same door and opened it, revealing the same dark chamber before Celestia's eyes cracked open revealing the pony in the cloak. But this time....they were visible. It was a mare alicorn. Yellow coat, that gradually turned red going down. Her mane was a blood red, her eyes were black slits while her horn shimmered with her magic. But instead of the yellow aura like it was before, it was black. She had a sinister smile on her face before she lunged at her, forcing Luna to jump back.

She let go of Celestia's mind and backed away, allowing her sister to get recuperated. "Celestia. Do you know of an alicorn with a yellow and red coat? Blood red mane?" She asked her.

Celestia put her hand to her chin, not even registering that she didn't have hooves anymore. But everyone else did. They were clearly freaking out on the other side. Moving their hands around, biting the fingers, looking at everything else like their faces.

"Yes. There was a pony by the name of Zolan Flair," Celestia answered.

"Did she have any relationship with the thestrals?"

"She helped conduct peace talks with them. The talk didn't go as well as I'd hoped it would, but we still managed to come to an agreement. The Thestrals and the ponies were having a problem with land. The badlands were apart of Equestria, but the thestrals have been living on it for some time. She and I went to settle the dispute, but she was more after the magic the thestrals had control over than peace. That was one hundred years before your return. We had the peace talks with my friend, the ruler of the thestrals, named Bright Zinnia. When I didn't agree to go after the power, she held nothing but hatred in her heart. After which I broke off the relationship. Are you telling me she went in my mind?"

"Yes. But....her magic was different. Before when I went in your mind, her aura was yellow. But this time when I saw her, it was black. She was using dark magic."

"She was able to go inside my head with dark magic," Celestia muttered. "It takes years to learn that."

"What ya' talkin' 'bout, Sunbutt?" Discord said, standing right beside the two. "I can easily go in your head with a snap of my fingers. It's as easy as—"

"TWILIGHT!!" They all looked behind them to see Sunset Shimmer and the others running over, worry written all over their faces.

"We thought you found her," Rarity said as she stopped in front of her before taking a look at....herself? "Why, hello, darling! Must I say, you look fantastic in all that purple!"

Ponyville Rarity looked down at her clothes to see all the purple she was wearing. It was a purple dress, purple shoes, purple knee high socks, and a light purple dress. "Why thank you! And you look just fabulous in the white and purple."

"Oh no. Two Raritys," Anemone and Rainbow said at the same time. The thestral looked over to her counterpart, who was still worried. "How you doin'?" She asked.

"I'm not going to get any better until she's found."

"Who are you talking about?" Princess Twilight asked. "You guys keep saying she, her, and sister. What's going on?"

"Well....while we were stuck here, we found out some very important things about the Scootaloos," Sci-Twi said, adjusting her glasses. "Both of them were living outdoors and had it really rough for years on end. The Scootaloo here was living on her own ever since she was five while Amaryllis has been living outside since......"


"Age three." Those who didn't know gasped and looked towards the girl who was hiding behind her sister. "So we checked into Scootaloo, since everyone here does the same thing, just in a different form, and found out about her situation. It was so much worse."

"Both of them were..........taken advantage of," the oldest thestral said. They all wore expressions of horror while Amaryllis hid more behind her sister. "But Scootaloo on this side was not only raped. She was drugged, as well as abused. We don't know by who. We just know she was."

"I took her to the hospital," Rainbow choked out, definitely having a hard time getting the words out. "We actually found her going through the trash for food where she ate something covered in old grease. She got food poisoning from it, so we took her there where I saw the scars, cuts, bruises, and I learned she was taken advantage of. The people wanted to put her in a home and get the police involved but she didn't want to go. She wanted to come home with me instead. I told her it wasn't my decision to make and that I had no say so in the matter. After that, all of Tartarus broke loose.

"She tried to hit me and the doctor. While I was speaking to her, it was like everything that she held onto was taken away from her. I was the only thing she had left and I abandoned her too. She escaped the hospital and hitchhiked with somebody she probably doesn't even know. By now she's probably left the city or even the county. And we have no idea where she is."

"She's hurt, she's depressed, and she's angry," Applejack said. "She has no money and nowhere to go. She's just runnin'."

"That's not good at all," Ponyville Applejack stated. "And you have no idea where she went? How about you, Amaryllis? You and her are technically the same."

"The only place I would've gone is the woods. She fled the whole city." They all sighed until something clicked in Princess Twilight's mind.

"Wait a second......Luna, the prophecy."

The Princess of the Night looked at Twilight trying to figure out what she meant until it clicked.

"Through the gateway you must roam," the two princesses repeated. "It will be found in the betrayed one's home. Home to the human child who has flown twenty miles, away from the deceivers and non-believers. Her heart will be hardened, her life has fallen, stop her before she heeds to her calling."

The others looked at them trying to see what they were getting at. "I launched an investigation into the slaughtered thestrals and discovered a clue," Luna explained. "There was something in there about a human child, betrayal, and has fled twenty miles away from home. We think that child is Scootaloo."

"And she's gone twenty miles," Sci-Twi finished. "There's a clue, that's where Scootaloo is!"

"But what city, or town is twenty miles away?" Rainbow asked. She pulled out her phone and started searching, confusing the Equestrian natives.

"Uhhh.....why is she looking at a block?" Ponyville Pinkie asked, eating another bag of popcorn.

"It's not a block, it's a smartphone," Sci-Twi stated matter-of-factly, clearing her throat to prepare a lecture.

"Oh no," Rainbow groaned. "Twilight, if you do that, no more kissy faces."

Twilight froze with her mouth open before she groaned and got her begrudged look on.

"Kissy face?" EQG Applejack asked, confused like the others.

"Nothing, let's just...let's just search for this place," Rainbow said, shutting down the conversation before it even began. She pulled up the maps before looking around the area. "There's a city, approximately twenty miles south of here. Trottingham."

"That's where I went then," Amaryllis said, finally stepping out from behind Rainbow Dash. "It sounds like something I would do. Trottingham is a city, a really big city. You can easily hide in there."

"Then that's definitely where she went." Sunset pulled out her phone and called the detectives, relaying the information to them.

"That's not enough," Rainbow said once she hung up. "She's already on edge, she needs a friend over there. We all need to get there."

"I know, I know," the princess of friendship said, rubbing her head. "But how? We can't all just take a car."

"What's a car?" Ponyville Rarity asked.

"I could get you there with a snap of my fingers. Easy as this owl." They all looked down to see Discord grinning up at them from the ground, poking the owl with a stick who was trying to kick it away with it's claws.

"Uhhh.....who are you?" Applejack asked.

"Discord," the Equestrians groaned.

"He actually helped us get here," Princess Twilight added. "And I gave him permission to tag along. He's the God of Chaos."

"What?" Sunset asked.

"Aww, come on, Sunny. Did you lose your ear or something?" Discord asked, holding up a familiar yellow ear in his left hand. Sunset looked at it before feeling the right side of her head to find her ear missing.

"Hey, put that back!" She yelled. Discord groaned and rolled his eyes before snapping his fingers, placing the ear back on her head.

"You humans are no fun either. But I can get you to Trottingham, easily. Are you sure your parents would approve though?"

"Just do it, Discord!" The princesses yelled.

"Fine, fine. All this hostility." The human draconequus snapped his fingers, making everyone there vanish in a flash of light. Headed on the way to see Scootaloo.

The drive to Trottingham was not pleasant at all. Scootaloo regretted every second of it. But she was here now. That was all that mattered.

"Here's your stop, slut," her driver said. Scootaloo opened the door and got out the truck with a blood gushing gash on her cheek and a black eye. During the "payment", she refused to do some things he told her to do during the drive. He purposely drove slow, slower than the speed limit to get his own pleasure to last longer. When she refused to do it, he grabbed a knife and cut her cheek and hit her multiple times to "convince" her. There was a big gash in her face now that would indubitably be another scar, as well as a black eye.

The tires screeched as the truck drove off, forcing the door slam shut while she kneeled down and threw up. That man was disgusting. Hopefully she wouldn't have to do that again, but she had to get out of that city. She couldn't stand being around the place where the last person she trusted had betrayed her. Practically pushed her to the ground. The last person she found as hope did as well. So she gave up. Now that she thought about it, she might as well become what that man had called her. A slut. A no good child that was thrown away into the bushes, treated like trash, and ate out of it for the last ten years. That's what she was. Nothing else. Only a slut.

After emptying her guts out onto the ground she looked up to face her new destination. Trottingham. It was a big city. Skyscrapers here, restaurants there. It was like the New York of... Whatever the hay state she was in. Scootaloo slowly rose to her feet and wiped her mouth to get that gross man stuff off. Then started making her way to the city.

Her clothes were tattered, her feet were bare, and she had a gash on her cheek. A large one that hurt and was burning a lot. Not to mention pouring out blood running down into her shirt. She would undoubtedly be asked about that if someone finds her. Hopefully no one will. If they do, she'll... She didn't even want to think about it. Although there were plenty of places and ways to do it, she couldn't yet. No matter how enticing it seemed. But it was more than likely going to happen soon. Because she couldn't keep going on like this.

She walked up to the entrance of the city, with a sign on the side of the road that read, "Welcome To Trottingham!" Obviously used to bring joy to those coming in. Once walking past, she looked back on the other side of the road where another sign was displaying fancy text. "Thanks For Visiting! We Hope To See You Again!"

"Yeah, right," she muttered. She cried out suddenly when she stepped on something sharp. She looked down her right foot. A large gash from a very sharp piece of littered glass now decorated her sole. Now her foot was bleeding quickly. "Great," she grumbled. She ignored the pain and continued limping into the city. The tall buildings provided shadows from the spring-turning-summer heat. This place was obviously made for business. Banks, technology, startups, CEOs, S-VIPs, Founders, etcetera. Not for people like her. Which made it easier for her to hide. You don't look for an ant in a hive of honeybees. That was just stupid and a waste of time.

She walked past a storefront, obviously luxurious. Only for the rich and famous. One could tell by the leather pocketbooks and jackets in the display window. If she wanted to, she would have thrown a brick straight through the glass. Just to make her feel better. But she didn't even have the strength to do it. She was numb. Emotionally numb and there was nothing anybody could do to get her out of it. Nothing at all. She was depressed. Sad. Done.

After walking a few minutes she started to see other people. And sure enough, they were giving her looks. Of course you'd give the scarred, battered, and raped girl a closer look. You'd treat her like the animal you think she is. The slut that even she calls herself. What else would you do besides call the police? They probably would scold her, give her a hard time for running away. But it's not technically running away if you had nothing to run away from.

She walked into a park area, where multiple people were hanging out at. Not a lot, just a little. Maybe the average student here and there from a rich high school or college she only wished she could attend. Having absolutely no official school attendance, she didn't actually know what it felt like to be in school and not worry about getting in trouble. Only run around it.
Scootaloo sighed and took a seat on the ground. Her back leaned against a brick wall behind her. Hopefully, nobody would stop to ask her what was up with her. What's with all the marks. Speaking of which, she had to clean that gash. It was so big, she didn't know if it was going to scar over or not. Having no health insurance, and figured going to the hospital could cause problems, she might as well see what nature has in plan for it. And had her.

Scootaloo barely got any sleep from the night's venturing. So she closed her eyes and let her high speed heart slow down. Riding twenty miles away from Canterlot was taxing. The sexual activity in the truck wore her out too, considering that jerk of a driver. She let a few tears release from her eyes as she thought about what she did. And why she had to do it. All because her last hope hadn't taken her in. The doctors were going to put her in a home, a place where she would have nothing. No freedom, no hope, and absolutely no say so on what went on in her life. The second the papers were signed and she was handed over to the state, that would be it. Her life would be erased. At least in Canterlot, she had the trash.

"Is she alright?"

"I don't know, I'm way over here."

"Well go talk to her."

Scootaloo let her mind relax before she registered what was going on in the world around her. Somebody was talking about her, that's for sure. They can say what she wants, she was dead anyway.

"Hey, kid." She slowly opened her eyes and glanced up into the eyes of some business guy in a suit. Definitely rich or something. "Are you okay?" Scootaloo didn't answer. Only stared at him, her nearly gray lifeless eyes burning holes into his soul. It was plainly obvious she was not okay. "I'll take that as a no. You need to go to the hospital, would you like a ride?"

Scootaloo slowly shook her head. She didn't need no bucking hospital. She didn't need anything. She just wanted to be left alone. Why couldn't these people understand that? Just leave her alone to die in peace for once?

"Well can we at least give you some food? You look really hungry." Scootaloo looked past the man and towards the woman on the sidewalk she just came off of. She was on the phone, but Scootaloo could read her lips. She was giving a description. Always the damn police. No one could leave her alone.

"Just... Leave me alone," she whispered, too down to even say anything. "I'm fine."

"Kid, you are not fine. You have a big gash on your face, along with cuts, bruises, and marks all over you. "You are the definition of 'not good'. You need some help."

Scootaloo grimaced from the cut on her cheek as she slowly stood up, looking around. She couldn't do this anymore. Eventually, she found a building. A very tall one across the street. Should be easy to get to. She walked around the man and towards it, ignoring his pleas for her to stop as she made her way over. His wife, girlfriend, coworker, whoever was probably telling the police about this too. Yeah, definitely couldn't take that anymore.

She looked both ways before she made her way over to the building on the other side of the street. It had to be at least forty or fifty floors up. Perfect.

She walked through the doors and towards the elevator. There was some more people in there staring at her, definitely judging her for her appearance. But it wouldn't matter because it would all be over in a few minutes. As soon as this bucking elevator arrived. Eventually, the doors opened at the same time her cheek popped. Some blood started pouring down her face as she walked in, pressed the very last number, fifty two, and closed the doors. One the way up she looked at a reflection of her face from the walls. It was a mess just like that guy said.

There were cuts all over her body, as well as the gash and blood dripping to the elevator floor. After thirty more seconds, the elevator's doors opened on a business floor. There was a secretary at a desk in front of her. Of course it wouldn't be the exact roof of the building, you'd have to take the stairs to get up to that point. Which were conveniently right next to the elevator.

The secretary gave her a smile before dropping that for a confused look as she walked towards the stairwell to push the door open.

"Ma'am, that area is a—" The fire alarm went off, making everyone in the building become distracted as the stairwell opened up. Scootaloo ignored them as she made her way up the steps going to the rooftop. "Ma'am!"

The secretary groaned as she got away from behind her desk and followed after her casually. Scootaloo ignored her protests as she pushed the roof access door outwards, revealing the roof itself with pebbles, rocks, and stones layering it. The wind brushed past her face and stung her cheek while she walked over to the ledge, looking down at the same time the secretary came up the stairs.

"Ma'am, you aren't allowed on...." Scootaloo stood on the ledge, looking down at the ground below. "Oh my god, kid don't do it!"

"Leave me alone!" Scootaloo responded back. "No one is going to stop me, so just leave me alone!"

The secretary pulled out her phone and called the police. This girl was going to commit suicide.

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A flash of bright light came out of one of the alleys at least thirty yards down the street where Scootaloo was, revealing a group of seventeen. Half from Equestria, the other half from earth.

Sci-Twi looked around theor environment and groaned. "I thought we were going to Trottingham, Discord!"

"We are in Trottingham," he replied back casually.

"This is an alley."

"In Trottingham." Their attention was captured as five police cars strode by, as well as people running towards the same direction. Something was obviously happening. And it was close by based on the loud voices.

"What's going on?" Rainbow asked. She ran towards the exit with the others following after her. Down the street there were firetrucks and a horde of police keeping the crowd back. The firemen were inflating some type of air mattress on the ground making the group look up. They couldn't see anything but they could already tell what was going on. Well... Some of them.

"Oh no," Sci-Twi said, putting a hand to her mouth.

"What, what's going on?" Princess Twilight asked.

"Someone's going to jump... From the top of that building." They all gasped lightly before coming out of the cut and running towards the mass of people. The police were holding them back as they made their way to the front. Anemone and Amaryllis having to stayed back and looked on from the trees by the park that was next to the scene.

"Any idea on who it is?" Sci-Twi asked someone.

"They say it's a child. High-School aged."

Rainbow gasped. No. No no no. She turned around and ran back towards the tree Anemone and Amaryllis were hiding in. She looked around and whispered urgently, "I need one of you to check out who's up there. I have a bad feeling it's Scootaloo." Anemone and Amaryllis looked at each other before focusing their sights on the crowd below and the top of the building. If one of them flew out there, there would be a very big problem later on.

"Screw it! I'm not letting myself die out there!" Amaryllis yelled before darting out of the tree. Anemone groaned before turning to Rainbow below.

"I'll let you know," She said before taking off from the tree and making her way towards the building.

Twilight and the others watched with fear, expecting the worse before something flew right past them and upwards. Actually two somethings. One bigger than the other that caused murmur among the crowd.

"What are those things?"

"I don't know! What in the world?"

Both Twilights looked at each other before they turned around, seeing Rainbow Dash with tears in her eyes, looking up at the building. "I sent them up there. I think it's Scootaloo who's trying to jump."

The police managed to get to the roof and had formed a line at the exit with Firefighters and medics. Scootaloo was standing on the edge facing them. Fidgeting. Nervous.

"Kid, look. I know things look very bad right now," the police officer said, trying to get her to get back down. "But jumping off a ledge is not the way to go. Your family will miss you, your friends will miss you—"

"I have no family!" Scootaloo retorted, turning around with tears brimming her eyes. "I was thrown in some bushes when I was five and I've been living on my own ever since! I'm bucking fifteen and no one cares! No birthday, no job, no school, no nothing! I ate out of the damn trash every day to survive! I took a bath in a pond where I was bitten by leeches! I lived in the woods where I was attacked by bees, bitten by dogs, attacked by birds! I was raped twice and nobody fucking cares! I'm all alone and there's nothing you can do! So stop telling me people will miss me! I bet I'm just a nightmare to people!"

"Scootaloo!" She looked to her right to see Amaryllis standing there unnoticed until now by the rest of the humans. They backed away in fear of the girl, never seeing someone with sharp teeth and slit eyes before. Let alone bat ears and wings. "Don't do this! We all love you!"

"You don't even know me, Amaryllis!" She yelled towards her. "Just go away and let me go!"

"You and I are literally the same person! Just from different worlds! We all love you! Yes, I know how you feel! Being the same person, we go through through the same things. You were raped, I was too! You slept outside, I did as well! That's how we found out. I was the first one to admit it and Twilight made the connection." Amaryllis walked closer, stopping as Scootaloo took a step back, her heels over the ledge. "Please Scootaloo. We all love you, just....come home."

While Amaryllis was busy trying to convince Scootaloo not to jump, Anemone glided straight towards the ground, before stopping right in front of the others, scaring the police and anyone else that was watching.

"It's her!" She yelled. "Amaryllis is up there trying to talk her down!"

"What?!" Rainbow yelled. She ducked under the fences there and stopped in front of her counterpart. "Take me there! Now!" Anemone groaned before the people around started screaming, making them both look back up. Scootaloo had jumped off and was plummeting towards the ground away from the inflation. Right towards the concrete.

"NOOOOO!!!!" They all yelled in horror as Amaryllis and Anemone flew up to try and intercept her.

Scootaloo closed her eyes, letting a small smile grace her face as she fell, the wind blowing past her hair. She slowly fell asleep, the exhaustion of the day finally catching up to her as Amaryllis flew down. "NO!" She yelled before she grabbed hold of her left leg and flapped her wings to pull to a stop. Eventually, she slowed down and stopped right before Scootaloo hit the ground, her head centimeters from the concrete. Everyone watched as she rose and started flying away from the building, the police and the people watching. Anemone followed right after her, while Discord teleported the group after them both.

They landed in a large alleyway. Anemone picked up Scootaloo's head and help lay her down on her back. A flash of light behind them caught their attention except Scootaloo who had fallen asleep.

"Oh my god you guys are life savers!" Rainbow yelled as she hugged the two thestrals. "Thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Yeah yeah, just check over her! She looks worse than before!" Anemone yelled.

Rainbow let go of them and made her way through the group to see the sleeping child. They cried, seeing the huge gash as well as the multiple cuts and black eye.

Fluttershy felt along the gash and suggested, "We have to take her somewhere, but she doesn't feel comfortable in a hospital. That's a very large cut. And I don't exactly have access to the vet's office right now."

Both of the Pinkies' hair was deflated, displaying their saddened mood. This was really bad.

"She said she was raped twice up there," Amaryllis said. She grabbed Scootaloo's hand and held tight. "We're just looking at the aftermath. It must've happened on her way down here."

"Can we take her back to Equestria?" Luna asked Discord, who was probably thinking the same thing.

"Maybe. And I'd prefer it. You two probably didn't tell anyone about your leave, did you?" He asked, pointing accusingly at the human alicorns.

"No, we did not," Celestia agreed. "If we leave, we will have to go back to Canterlot. But I prefer this world handle their own citizens. Something coukd happen if we bring her back to Equestria. We'll take her to her place of Origin."

Anemone picked up Scootaloo from the ground and prepared for a teleportation. Then at the snap of a finger, they were gone. Only Scootaloo's blood lied on the floor.

Scootaloo was floating in a black abyss with an empty mind. It was like she was in a coma. She could hear everything but could do nothing about it. And you know what... She liked it. This peace, this serenity.

Scootaloo sat down on whatever the hay she was sitting on and smiled, enjoying the peace and serenity. It felt good not having to worry about anything. All she had to do now was get their voices out and she'd be set.

"Feels great, doesn't it?"

"Yeah... Wait, what?!" She turned around to face the voice. To face another in this void. There was a woman standing there, filing her nails. She was tall, red, and had blood red ethereal hair. Her eyes were red too.

Scootaloo stood up in alarm. She was alone here before, where'd she come from? "Who are you, where'd you come from?"

"Me? Oh, I'm just the dark side of you," she said. She tossed the nail file aside into the darkness. Scootaloo watched as it fell down into the area below them. Going further and further out of sight. "My name is irrelevant. But I want to offer you a deal. I've seen the way you've been treated. I've been here all along to watch it. I saw you forced to give your body at the age of thirteen. Then again a few hours ago. He did some dirty things. But you had no choice in the matter. I can get back at him for you. I can get back at everyone."

Scootaloo squinted at her. She had to admit. She was enticed by this proposition, no matter how shady it sounded. "And exactly how would you do that?"

"I take over your mind, your body, and memories. And I use them against those who have hurt you. Hurt us. All I need is your permission and you can stay here in this peace for as long as you like, no limit. You will not hear or feel a thing going on out there. You can even change the darkness to whatever you like. All you have to do is think." The darkness around them changed into a garden in Equestria, not that Scootaloo could tell. It looked just like a normal garden. She reached out and felt along the flowers, smiling peacefully.

The woman blinked her eyes before the scenery disappeared back into the darkness. "It's as simple as pie, Scootaloo. Well, eating one anyway. They will not be hurting us again for as long as I am here."

Scootaloo pulled in her lips as she thought about. "I have to think some more about it." The woman smiled before nodding.

"As you wish. When you make up your mind, just call for me. My name....is Zo. But in the meantime....it's time to wake up." Zo snapped her fingers. And plunged Scootaloo back into the fearful reality. The reality of pain, suffering, lovelessness, and loneliness.


"How did this happen?"

"She ran away from here, caught a ride, got raped again, and tried to kill herself, man! Catch up!"

"Alright, well good thing she's asleep. We have to do a test on her before we have her admitted."

Scootaloo felt as her worn and torn pants she was wearing was lightly unbuckled , unzipped and pulled down. She wanted to stop them. In her mind, she was crying. In the outside world, she whimpered.

"It's okay, scoots," someone said down to her. "It's okay." She wanted to stop them so bad as soon as they started poking around, her body registering the feeling of everything they were doing.

"We have to take a look at this once we get to the lab. We'll get her changed and put in a secured room." Her mind went back to being still for a moment. She didn't register them changing her clothes, moving her, the mass of voices around her. Or the silence that followed after all of that.

After a few more minutes of darkness, she started to be able to move her body. There was a stiffness in her shoulder as well as in her female bits. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing to her a white tiled ceiling. She turned her head to the left to see a window with metal gating on it, keeping someone from actually touching the glass there. She sat up slowly, looking around the rest of the room which was very different than when she fell asleep falling down to the ground.

Scootaloo turned her head to the right, seeing a white door, two chairs, a heart monitor and an IV machine. Wait... IV?! She was back in the hospital! Scootaloo swung her legs off the right side of the bed to the cold floor. She was wearing some type of gown. A white one. Yep, definitely the hospital. But this was different.

There was no TV, no dressers, and barely anything else. She stood up in front of her bed to look around. Her feet first carried her curiously into the bathroom first. There was no door and the toilet had no handle. Only a button to press. Looking at the shower, she figured she was in some nut facility. The shower only had round knobs that you use to turn on the water. Same with the sink.

A beep sounded from the front door that was slowly pushed open, along with some footsteps. Since she was in the bathroom, she couldn't get glimpses of whoever it was, nor could they. "Scootaloo?" A woman. Definitely a woman. But was she friendly? Scootaloo stayed in the door-less bathroom and flattened herself fearfully against the bathroom wall. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. Can you please come out?" She sounded friendly. Too friendly. But she decided to be what that man said she was and follow orders. She was a slut anyway.

Scootaloo turned around and walked back towards the doorway and peeked out in fear, revealing only her messy magenta hair and gray eyes that had changed from their lively purple to a lifeless gray. Scared that whoever was in the world would try to hurt her. It was the opposite. There was a woman wearing regular clothing, short sleeved blue shirt and black pants, along with a stethoscope around her neck. She had blue hair, blue eyes and green skin. She was thin but fit as well.

She looked up towards the bathroom to meet her eyes and offered a gleaming smile. "Hello, Scootaloo. I'm Dr. Martina, your doctor here in the children's psychological ward of the hospital. How are you feeling?" Scootaloo only stared at her nonchalantly while she wrote down some things. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm here to help you." Scootaloo narrowed her eyes at her, not liking that word at all. Help. That's all everyone wanted to do.

Dr. Martina backed over to one of the chairs and took a seat. "Scootaloo? You're back in Canterlot after trying to commit suicide in Trottingham. Do you understand?" Scootaloo still didn't respond. "We're here to keep a close eye on you in case there is another conflict. No one will hurt you here. We're here to keep you safe from others as well as yourself, okay?"

Scootaloo continued staring at her, not moving from her spot. She didn't know why she was acting like this. She felt... Afraid of this woman. Like she was going to do what everyone else did. Hurt her. They would always say they were going to help her. But it was in fact the opposite. "You have some visitors here who want to see you. Do you want to see them?" Scootaloo squinted her eyes and shook her head. She had a sneaking suspicion of who they were. "Okay. Well as you can see, this is your room. The reason why it's so empty of anything fun is because they may cause you to be a danger to everyone. Yourself included. So if you want to watch TV or something, you would have to do it in the lounge with the others. Supervised of course. If you get better, we'll give you your space."

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow in confusion. There were more?

"Now, I'm going to leave you alone. Lunch will be in a few hours. We'll let you out and you'll be with everyone else, alright?" Scootaloo didn't answer, only continuing to stare. "You'll be fine." Dr. Martina got up and swiped her card on a magnet thing by the door, unlocking it and opening it before stepping out. After the door closed, it beeped again and clicked before sending the room back into a cold silence.

After about three more minutes of watching the door, she slowly slid out of her hiding place. "They brought me here," Scootaloo seethed, her voice hoarse. "They brought me here and left. Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!!! DAMN THEM ALL!!!!!!"


Dr. Martina made her way to the waiting room to inform everyone of what happened. Of course this was part of her job description. But it wasn't the best part.

"Hello, Everyone," She greeted to the two high schoolers in the waiting room.

"How is she?" Rainbow asked immediately, standing up and walking towards the doctor with tears in her eyes. "Can we see her?" That puppy dog look could melt a thousand souls because it sure melted the doctor's.

"Sorry, but she doesn't want to see anyone. And she didn't even speak. So far, it looks like it's going to be a long road to recovery. Even after she gets out. She's obviously been psychologically damaged. Permanently or temporarily, only time will tell. As well as a long road for the police. She's in the hands of the state right now, and they signed the forms for them to be informed of everything in her life that happened. That involves schooling, family, the assaults, non-consented sex, and the way of life for her. They will also be tracking down those who actually have raped her. But it will no doubt take awhile."

"How long do you think she'll be staying here?" Twilight asked. The others went back to the school to talk about everything. As well as the hope that Zolan didn't get to her.

"Well... So far, it looks like maybe a month." Rainbow whimpered and let a few tears roll down her face. Twilight gave her a side hug. "She is very traumatized about everything since it happened so fast. So she might become a little—"

"DAMMIT!!!! DAMN THEM ALL!!!!!" They all looked down the hall where Scootaloo's room was to hear banging, kicking, and cursing.

"—aggressive," Doctor Martina finished, turning back around to face them. "A little aggressive. The best thing to do when someone becomes like this is to let it go on until they run dry."

"So...I can't leave a note or anything?" Rainbow pleaded.

Dr. Martina shook her head sadly. "Although it seems like it'll help the patient, we don't allow it when they are first admitted. They can be reminded that you 'put them in here' and they react violently. Even though we let them vent their anger, we don't actually want it to happen in violence. So it takes them back to square one. I'm sorry, but you can't do anything right now. You can after a week."

Rainbow pulled in her lips as she nodded. "Thank you doctor," Twilight said as she led her girlfriend towards the door controlled by the desk behind them. They were opened as one of the nurses pressed the button, allowing them through and leaving Scootaloo's screams behind.

"So at least she didn't kill herself," Princess Twilight said to everyone else. "You girls saved a life today. But now we really have to keep you hidden. The world knows about you now. I checked my social media and the video's all over the place. Along with us. It's a wonder the police haven't shown up to my house yet."

They were all in front of the school's destroyed statue, putting down a plan as to what to do now that Scootaloo was safe... Sort of. "That is the least of our problems," Princess Celestia said. The principals were standing nearby, a little spooked while looking at their clones who had crowns on their heads as well as magic. Discord was in a painter's uniform painting something on a canvas and an easel at Pinkie Pie speed, trying to create something.

"You're right, sun butt," he agreed. "We have to worry about this lady." He turned the easel around so everyone could get a look at the painting of Zolan in human form. "She's red! She's bad! Give it up for Zolan!!!.....Who will try to use little Scoot Scoots for her own evil deed. That much we know."

"Yeah...but how?" Principal Luna asked. "All we know is that there was a prophecy, she's looking for something, and it's held where Scootaloo lived before. But where did she live before?"

"Probably in the woods," Amaryllis suggested. "That's where I went back in Equestria."

"You lived in the Everfree, didn't you?" Princess Celestia asked her. Amaryllis bit her lip and nodded, making the princess sigh. "Colts and Fillies aren't supposed to be in there alone. But to LIVE in there is something else entirely."

"What's so bad about the Everfree?" Earth Applejack said. "We took a trip back there one time, camping."

"The Everfree forest is one of the most forbidden areas of Equestria. Ponies who go in are usually chased back out by legendary creatures known as Timberwolves, Manticores, Ursas, Parasprites, and worst of all, the Cockatrice. A creature that has the head of a chicken, but the body of a serpent. It's stare can turn you to stone."

"So... Like Medusa?" Principal Celestia asked.

"What's a Medusa?"

"Anyway," Princess Twilight interrupted. "The two are coming back from the hospital. Hopefully unseen." The group looked towards where she was pointing to see Sci-Twi and Rainbow Dash making their way up the sidewalk towards the school. Twilight was holding onto Rainbow as she leaned on her shoulder. Looks like they didn't get any good news.

"So.....what's the verdict?" Anemone asked from the top of one of the rocks. The two of them stopped next to Princess Twilight, sighing at the same time.

"Well... They said the earliest she can get out is a month from now," Twilight answered for her girlfriend. "And that they are doing an investigation on her. She didn't want to see us and the doctor said she wouldn't even talk."

The group sighed sadly. Even Discord, which was very surprising to both Princess Celestia and Luna. "I may be the God of Chaos," he explained. "But even I do not like to kill... Or see anyone else die. Let alone kill themselves."

"And Zolan wants to take advantage of that. How despicable," Luna seethed. "Hopefully she'll show her ugly face soon. I feel like pummeling it like pizza dough."

"You and I both, sister," Celestia agreed. "She has continued to make dangerous moves against not only Equestria, but any world. First, she used me to get at Rainbow Dash....Anemone, excuse me, Amaryllis, and their kind. They are now the last two. Now she is attempting to go through the battered soul of a child. Who has been weakened beyond her limits. It is truly disgusting."

"You said it, sun-butt."

Scootaloo stared up at the camera that was positioned in the corner of her lonely bedroom. Or makeshift prison as she so calls it. No TV, no books, no nothing. They still had her on the IV. What for, she didn't know. Nor did she care. But she was hungry. There was no clock in there, only being able to tell time by the sun. She did that all the time while she was living on her own.

Earlier, she looked at herself in the protected mirror in the bathroom. At least she had one, these guys were obviously serious about her suicide. The door didn't even have glass on it. No window, no slot, nothing. She still had the open gash on her face with a piece of gauze over it that kept falling off. She just ripped it off and threw it on the ground with no care to what the doctor thought about her. She also had cuts and smaller scars on her face, as well as a black eye still from the man who had forced her to have sex with him.

She only gave him oral before for the ride, but the monster wanted more. So he pulled over and took it. Something told her not to get in that truck, but out of sheer desperation, she did anyway. Now she had an abused and overall used body.

The door beeped, signalling that someone was going to walk in that captured her attention. She darted her eyes away from the camera when the lock clicked and the door pushed open, revealing two nurses. Behind them were some more people, since she saw feet. She couldn't really tell because one of these guys were blocking the doorway. But they looked young and strong.

"We're taking everyone down to lunch in the cafeteria," the one guarding the door said to her. The other was busy unhooking her IV from her arm. She looked from his eyes to the whispers coming from outside the doorway, definitely from that line of people out there.

"Dude, that's the detainment room. And there's someone in there?"

"Only the worst go in there."

"So a new patient?"

Scootaloo sighed before she reluctantly got up and walked forward towards the nurse. He stopped her as the other placed some type of plastic binding on her wrists that were rounded on the edges but shaped like handcuffs. Afterwards, they stepped aside revealing the line of other people who were female teenagers.

They all stopped their whispering as they took in her physical state. They were expecting someone that just looked normal, not a monster like that. All except one girl. She had ice blue skin dark yellow eyes, and dark yellow hair, reminding Scootaloo of human waste. She offered her a smile that Scootaloo definitely did not return.

The nurses took hold of the Scootaloo's shoulders as the line started moving forward again. She was separated from it individually. These nurses were obviously afraid of her. Probably because of what she did to that doctor and threatened to do to Rainbow yesterday. All of this. Everything. Within only two days. What the hay was going to happen next?


View Online

The patients walking through the hospital's halls in a straight line, making conversation and such about things they've seen on TV, in books, and other things. But some of them were talking about the girl on the other side of the hall being held by two nurses with rounded plastic cuffs on her wrists with scars, scratches, a black eye, and bites all over her body. Scootaloo continued walking with her eyes to the ground, letting the nurses take her to wherever they were going.

They turned another corner that led into another hallway with a set of double doors at the end. Definitely a large area. One of the nurses who were guiding her along pulled out a radio from his waist, putting it up to his mouth.

"Patient U.P. 2057 arriving at cafeteria." He put the radio back down while they stopped at the doors.

"Alright, we're setting up." Scootaloo groaned noisily, attracting attention from everyone. That was the first sound she made ever since being in there for three hours already. That was something at least.

They stopped at the doors with the nurses having a much firmer grip on her shoulders as they opened up. The group she was walking with moved towards the food and make themselves some lunch.

"Are you going to eat?" One of the nurses asked as they escorted her inside. Of course she didn't respond. They already knew the answer based off her situation. She wasn't. "Okay, well you need energy and nutrients. We're going to hook you up to an IV."

The room they were in was already packed. It had another group in there that consisted of girls, most of them casting sideways glances at her. Clearly uncomfortable of her scarred and damaged orange skin along with the slight scowl. They sat her down at a table by herself that had an IV pole next to it before they lifted up her right arm and adjusted the entrance tool used to position the IV tube. Once it was correct, they grabbed the tube that was wrapped around the pole, unwrapped it, and poked it inside.

She was confused, although she didn't show it. They could've done that in the room. Why'd they bring her down here with these people?

"You're probably wondering why we brought you down here." Scootaloo glanced up to see Dr. Martina standing there before she looked back down at the cafeteria table. The doctor took a seat across from her and set down her clipboard. Then sighed and clasped her hands in front of her with a gaze focused on Scootaloo. "We brought you in here so you can get used to being with other people. We know your background. Living by yourself since you were five, going through the trash to survive. No child should have to live like that. At all."

Scootaloo continued ignoring her. There was nothing wrong with her. And they knew that.

"You have, officially, the worst case of Child Abandonment the country has ever seen," she continued. That caught her attention. She glanced up in interest, not getting where she was going with this. "I've just been notified of it. The FBI are actively doing an investigation on you and who you were living with years prior to now. Do you remember your birthday?"

Scootaloo held up four fingers, closed them for a moment, then opened them again, giving her a clue as to the date since she didn't want to talk.

The doctor nodded, understanding what she was telling her. Most children did that whenever they wanted to speak but was too traumatized to actually do so. She wrote down April fourth on her notes before continuing. "Your real name. Is it really Scootaloo?"

Scootaloo pulled in her lips before lifting her arms and gesturing for the clipboard. She handed it to her, including a pin with a tip on it that was mostly covered by rubber. A stylus pen. She turned the clipboard around and wrote down her real name on an empty area before handing it back to her, letting the doctor look at it and paint her face with a smile.

"Amaryllis. That's really pretty." She put the clipboard to the side and looked back at the patient. "Do you know what that is?" Scootaloo didn't respond like usual. "It is a bulbous flower, shaped like a narrow bell. It's really beautiful. They come in all types of colors and they smell really good. Embrace your name, Scootaloo. There's nothing wrong with it."

"That's the name they used when I was taken advantage of," she whispered. The doctor widened her eyes, finally hearing the girl's hoarse voice. It sounded so void of life. Like there was nothing else left in her that she could fight for.

"That shouldn't have happened to you," Martina said quietly and sadly. "That shouldn't have happened to anyone. According to my notes, it says here it happened twice. One this morning. Is that correct?"

Scootaloo only looked at her for a moment before a tear slipped out and rolled down her face. She then nodded her head and looked back down at the table. Dr. Martina wrote that down in confirmation with the rest of the stuff.

"Okay. Let me tell you why I'm here at this moment," she said, capturing her attention again. "Soon, not today, not even this week more than likely, the law will come question you when you can talk about it. I am also required to warn you that some things might become public. It usually happens with everyone in here, although to a certain degree. It just goes to their families. We've seen it happen plenty of times. But you having no family and being put into the state with absolutely no record, barely a full name, no official schooling, they will try to put you into an orphanage of some sort to try and get you adopted. Either that or a group home. Primarily, it's up to them. But you do have a say-so in the matter. So they will likely try to put a message of some sort through the news to help.

"Also, since this is the worst case of Child Abandonment the nation, not the state but the nation, has ever seen, it will be a media subject. A heavy topic. Most of it will be leaked underneath our noses. Like a dripping faucet that you have no idea about. The state will purposely let out some things just to get them off their backs and leave you to your treatment. Hopefully there will be no problems in that regard. They're just nosy. We're also doing an investigation and search on, and for, your original parents to find out if they have any place in your life. And if they were the ones who abandoned you. If so, they will be going to prison for a very long time. Even with a trial.

"The state will be investigating your attempted suicide as well. I was told you were in Canterlot before you went to Trottingham. The police would like to know how you got there. Can you tell me?"

Scootaloo was just staring at her emotionless, no tears, no motion, barely any breathing. She sighed heavily before raising her right arm with the IV in it, sticking her thumb up.

"Hitchhiking, okay." She wrote that down while the girl put her arm back in place. Some of the other patients were sitting around her unknowingly listening in. Some just had expressions of pity on their faces while others felt the same way without revealing any sort of expression.

"We also got your.....test results back. No diseases of any sort, nor an early sign of pregnancy. You're clean in that regard, thank goodness." Scootaloo sighed in relief while Zo was just screaming in her head quietly in frustration. She wanted this vessel down and to the ground, not boosted and put back up. She had to do something and she had to do it soon.

"You will spend most of your time here in the observation room," Martina continued. "Considering that you are a U.P., or Unstable Patient. If something happens to you, we'll know. You'll be under close observation. Do you understand?"

Scootaloo whimpered before nodding her head. "It'll all be over soon, Scootaloo. I promise you that. Everything has to come to an end." She grabbed her clipboard and stood up at the same time her group had to throw away their trash and get ready to leave. The nurses assigned to her took out the IV in her arm before grabbing her other arm, calmly placing the plastic cuffs back onto her wrists. They stood her up gently and led her towards the doors with the others, making sure she was calm and didn't flip out, which was standard for Unstable Patients. The doors were unlocked and the group walked out into the hallway, Scootaloo herself on the opposite side of it.

During the trek, she looked around the area, darting her eyes left and right to get a feel of the place. There were a few nurse's desks situated around the floor, obviously being around in case something went down, as well as a few things for the floor as entertainment. There was a sign that read "Gymnasium" overhead, pointing down towards another hallway. She liked to do tricks on her scooter, but that was undoubtedly one of the things that was NOT allowed in this building. Would it hurt to bring it in? Yes.

There was another sign that read lounge and library. Even Observatory, whatever that was. It probably didn't mean 'Go on the rooftop and look around'. It was probably more like 'go in a room and look out a window at the city you could be in right now.' Just thinking about that made her upset.

But besides that, everything else was pretty lonely. There was nothing else to do and she definitely wasn't going outside anytime soon. She grunted in frustration. If those "friends" of hers had just left her alone, she wouldn't have been in this situation. Being admitted to the hospital, being stuck with needles, raped again, poked around, and nearly committing suicide. They were all to blame.

The rest of the group continued walking past as the nurses stopped at the observation room, which was far different than 'Observatory', unlocked it, and led her inside. One nurse stood at the door while the other led her inside and took off the cuffs. "We'll be back for dinner. At that time you'll be sitting with some more girls."

The nurse left and closed the door behind him, which beeped and clicked, reminding Scootaloo that she was locked in again. In a room all by herself where no one could hurt her anymore.

The scene in Trottingham was enough to shake some people. Seeing a girl plummet down to her death and then caught by some....THING that had grabbed her and taken her somewhere was enough to make some people cry. Some in relief and more in fear. But for some people, this was just the beginning.

News had spread unfortunately about the fact that a girl was grabbed from falling to her death by "Two Bat Creatures", along with the interaction of individuals who all had a twin, except three. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Discord, who all have gone back to Equestria through a portal that Discord created. The rest of the Equestrians decided to stay behind to help solve the mystery of whatever the heck Zolan was after. Right now, they were situated in Applejack's barn, trying to create a plan to figure out what to do and how to begin. Sitting on haystacks or other things, listening in.

Beside her counterpart, Princess Twilight pulled out a pen and paper. "Okay. We all know there is a maniac pony out there, on Earth, who is doing Dark magic and going after Scootaloo. So far, we know that the Orb of Zebrica is 'in the betrayed one's home'. But that's it. We have no idea where Scootaloo lived before."

"She could have possibly been a nomad," Sci-Twi suggested. "Or she could have lived in the Everfree Forest, which sounds like where something magical would dwell or be left in. But that's too far. Even for Scootaloo."

"She could always ride a bike there," Rainbow Dash added from the top of a haystack, getting their attention. "She always loved riding bikes, skateboards, and of course scooters. That's why we called her Scootaloo. But unless she had an electric high-speed one, which I really doubt, then there's absolutely no way she could've gotten down there."

"It is too far," EQG Applejack agreed. "So she might've put it somewhere 'round Canterlot here."

"Yeah, but where?" Both Raritys asked.

EQG Rarity inputted, "The city is filled with forests, parks, and any other place that have trees. I for one am not so keen on going through the woods, but it's for little Scootaloo."

"Yeah, me neither," Ponyville Rarity said, looking at her nails. "Shouldn't you girls be in school?"

"School let out Friday," Anemone clarified, running her hand through her sister's hair. "So their break just started for....."

"A month, school is stupid!" Ponyville Pinkie shouted from above. They all looked up to see the party girl sitting on top of a beam way above their heads.

"How'd you even get... You know what, I'm not even going to question it," Sci-Twi said, waving her hand with a slight chukle. "Two Pinkies is like having two crabs nip at your ankle. You don't know why they're doing it."

"But back on topic," EQG Pinkie said, leaning on Princess Twilight. She smells like cotton candy. How? "We need to know what to do in case the police come. We're being actively sought out by those guys because of Amaryllis and Anemone. Even though they saved Scootaloo, they'll want to know what 'those things' were. So they're probably tracking phones, faces, and anything else related to us. I'm surprised they haven't even gotten here yet."

"Dagnabbit, Pinkie!" EQG Applejack yelled. "Now they might get here because you just said it. Have you never heard of jinxin'?"

"Of course I've heard of a genie. What, do you think I'm Rarity or something?" She pointed at the fashionistas right across from her.

"No, she said, jinxing," Rainbow said calmly. "It means when you say something's going to happen and then it does at that exact moment."

"So you mean like how I just said the police are coming and now they're waiting to rush into the barn right now?"

"Wait what?!"

"Nobody move! Nobody move!" They all looked towards the doorways. A group of SWAT ran into the building, holding up weapons towards the group.

They all put their hands up, Pinkie jumped down from the beam per the orders, getting in the same position as the others, while Anemone put Amaryllis behind her back, putting magic into her hands. Some more police rushed into the building from behind. It being a barn, it had two entrances. And the thestrals didn't see what was behind them.

They shot some type of needle into both of them, making both of them yelp. Anemone shot a beam of magic at them, hurling two back and out of the barn. Some more police ran inside before they could run away and tackled them both to the ground while the others were being put in handcuffs.

"What are you doing?! Get off of them!" Princess Twilight yelled.

The police didn't listen instead pulling up all the teenagers, and freaking out a little since they all had a twin of some sort. Down to the same clothing.

"You have the right to remain silent," the officer holding the princess said. "Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?"

"Yeah! Are you nuts?!!" Rainbow Dash yelled as they were led out of the building. "Why'd you shoot Anemone and Amaryllis?!" Outside, there were a ton of police cars. Ranging from the paddy wagons to the average cruiser, along with more officers waiting by them. They must've brought the whole city!

"Why are we being arrested?" Both Twilight's asked.

"You will find out once we are at the station." Twilight looked back to see the thestrals completely knocked out and sleeping on the ground before they were hoisted into a truck that pulled into the building, with handcuffs on their wrists and behind their backs.

"They are not going to like that," she muttered before they were all pushed towards the van. "I'm still trying to figure out what in Equestria we did."

"Same here." They all looked to the side to see Principal Celestia and Luna in the back of a police cruiser.

"What?! You too?!" Ponyville Rarity asked as they were waiting to be led inside the truck.

"I think they tracked our faces through that video that was on the internet and are now thinking we had something to do with Scootaloo's suicide attempt," Luna explained. "That's what I think. Celestia believes they think you are part of some genetic mutation program or something. I mean it sounds....reasonable, I guess?"

They were forced to cut the conversation short when everyone was pushed into the large truck and the doors were closed.

"Well... You jinxed it, Pinkie," Applejack spat out. "I hope you learned your lesson."

"Hey, at least they're not—"

"Don't. Even."

Anemone woke up tiredly, her mind fuzzy of what happened. She opened her eyes slowly, revealing the slits for the pupils and her attentiveness. She moved her eyes, trying to figure out what happened before her mind went back to Amaryllis. And the raid.

She gasped and sat up quickly, looking around to find her sister. Who knows what the hay these people were going to do. She realized she was in some type of large cage that had an electronic lock on it. Definitely not getting out of there. It was in a brightly lit and large examination room, completely white with led lights above them. There was also an examination table on the left, right in the middle. She shook that off. Wasn't important right now. Well, it sort of was, but not as important as her sister.

Across from her there was another cage with another thestral in it. "Amaryllis! Amaryllis, wake up!" She grabbed hold of the cage only to step back from the shock that it gave her. It was electrified. "These people are nuts!"

Amaryllis groaned before she sat up slowly, rubbing her head and opening her eyes. Anemone noticed that her large wings weren't visible but there was some type of belt wrapped around her mid section. She looked down at her own body, seeing the same thing. She could've easily pulled it off since it was straining on her wings. But if she did, they would touch the gating and shock her.

Anemone groaned before looking at her sister who was standing up, looking around. "Don't touch the cage, it's electrified. Remember what Twilight said? About how they use a different source of energy?" Amaryllis nodded. "That's what this is. It's some type of energy. And it's dangerous."

"Okay. But why are we in cages?" She asked, scared out of her mind. "I...I-I don't like this. Not at all."

"Me neither." Anemone turned her head towards the door, spotting movement out of the small glass window. "There's people out there. Hey! What are you doing let us out!!" She pointed a finger at the door and summoned a bit of her magic, shooting it past the cage and into the door with a loud clang, leaving a scorch mark in the process of trying to get someone's attention.

It must've worked because someone peeked through the door and said something. "Who... Who are they?" Amaryllis asked, backing up a little bit.

"I don't know, just be ready." Both of their hands started to glow, Amaryllis' more because she didn't actually know how to use her magic. The door made a click before it opened slowly, allowing whoever to slide inside. It was three people in white lab coats with name tags holding clipboards along with two more policemen. Anemone raised an arm towards her sister, attracting their attention, and diminished the glowing, motioning for her to do the same. Amaryllis was shaking in fear, but went ahead and did it anyway. The lab coats all stopped in front of their cages, looking closely at them.

"Hello," One of them said slowly. A man. They must didn't know they spoke English. "My name is Doctor-"

"Dude, just talk normal. We're not aliens, come on," Anemone said clearly, making them all look at her strangely. Amaryllis looked down at the cage she was in. Why the heck were they even in there?

"Umm... Excuse me?" She said, getting their attention. "Why exactly are we in cages? Did we do something wrong?"

"Umm... Well..." One of the doctors stammered, a woman. She was light blue with green hair. "We need to keep you in here to see if you're dangerous or not. We don't know—"

"Screw that, where are our friends?!" Anemone yelled, pointing a glowing finger at the doctors. "You better not have hurt them or so help me...."

The police at the door put their hands on their weapons, but Anemone didn't back down. Her sister looked on in fear, not knowing what those things on their hips actually did.

"Your friends are just being questioned, that's all," one of the policemen said.

"You guys should really let us out, there is more going on than—" The youngest started to say.

"Amaryllis, don't say it!" Her sister scolded before redirecting her attention to the doctors. She lowered her hand and stopped the magic before the policemen relaxed. "Why are we here?"

"Well, since you're something that we've never seen before, and DOING things we've never seen before, we want to get a reading and understanding of you," the woman said.

"Not happening."

"I'm sorry?"

"You are not going all egghead on us. We've been there, done that, no more." Anemone sat down, Amaryllis doing the same while the doctors came over to her.

"Ma'am, you're something the world has never seen."

"And it's going to stay that way. If not, I have a lot of magic with your name on it. With ALL your names on it." She waved her hand at the people in the room.

"Why are our friends being questioned?" Amaryllis said sadly. "They didn't do anything wrong. You guys came in with... Whatever those things are." She pointed at the guns on the officers' waists, making them all look at her strangely.

"You don't know what these are?" One of the doctor's asked.

"No, now let us out!" Anemone yelled, firing a bolt of magic at the clipboard in his hand. He yelped and dropped it once it caught on fire, stepping on it trying to put out the flame. Once it was extinguished, they looked at her strangely.

"Anemone, stop," Amaryllis ordered. "If we want to get out of here, we have to ask them nicely. Can you please let us out? We did absolutely nothing wrong. We did something right. We saved a life and—"

"Wait a second," one of the doctors said, coming closer. He was a weird looking man. A blue beard and blue hair, with white skin. "You look like that girl that was in Trottingham." The other doctors came closer to her, trying to get a look.

"Get away from my sister!" Anemone fired another beam at him, hitting him in the rear, making him yelp and the rest to back away. "What the heck do you think you're doing? Get away!"

"Subject 1 is more aggressive than Subject 2," the woman said, writing something down. "They're apparently siblings."

"We're not subjects," Amaryllis said. "We're... People. Not... Specimen."

"You know what that means?" Her sister asked her.

"Twilight taught me some of the words here. I'm getting the hang of it so far. Specimen are organisms used for study. If we were back in...you know where, we'd be called thestrals. But here, we're called....bat people I guess."

"Wait," the woman said, turning to Amaryllis. "What are you called again?"

"Wow, you guys sure get picked up fast." They all looked up to see Discord relaxing on the ceiling, eating an apple. He was facing down, looking at the display intrigued. "I've been up here this whole time, thanks to a little birdie who saw everything."

"Where have you been?!" Anemone yelled, standing back up. "Twilight and the others were taken! Where are Princess Celestia and Luna?"

"How is he even up there?!" One of the doctors asked. "That defies physics!"

Discord just stared at the man. "Uggghh, you remind me of the princess, jeez louise." He snapped his fingers, making the cages disappear and removing the belts restraining their wings. "Oh, don't be surprised if everything out there is fantastic and beautiful. Celestia gave me permission."

"You made it a chocolate wonderland, didn't you?" The oldest said blandly.

"You know it. Hold on, let me get rid of these party poopers." He snapped his fingers, turning the policemen's guns into fried chicken. "You boys need to stop playing with your food. It's made for serious situations. Now eat and enjoy the show. Good luck ladies. Celestia and Luna are looking for the....uggh...elements," he spat out. "Just because I'm on your side doesn't mean I enjoy those things as much as you ponies. Now go already, what are you waiting for, a kick?" Discord summoned a boot from behind both of the girls, punting them in the rear and towards the doctors who backed away.

"Oh my god, they're loose!" The policemen yelled. He looked back up for that person wearing all black, only seeing nothing. "And that guy is gone!"

Anemone summoned her magic and pushed the group out of the way, allowing them access to open the door and out into complete chaos. There were roses flying around, water coming out of fountains that were turning into flowers and floating upwards towards......the pink clouds, and a bunch of ducks waddling through the halls.

"Come now, little duckies," Discord said, leading the trail of ducks towards a different hall, he stopped once spotting the two thestrals. "Ah, there you are. The exit is right over there." He pointed towards the other end of the hall where there was a door. The two thestrals ran towards it and burst through, scaring those in the area before sprinting for the glass doors.

They crashed straight through them and soared into the sky, looking around. Luckily, they were still in Canterlot. Amaryllis could tell because of the Doughnut Joe's yards away from where they were.

"We're still in Canterlot," Anemone confirmed. "But the others are still missing. We have to find them and fast. We have no idea what they're doing to them...or asking them."

Amaryllis nodded before they flew around, hoping to find some clue as to what happened to their friends. And hoping that they weren't hurt.

"Can you tell me your name?" A detective said inside the dimly lit room, only lit by an overhead lamp. In front of him was a stainless steel table with a folder on it, obviously for notes. In the corners were two police officers, obviously keeping watch over everything that was going to happen in there.

"Pinkie Pie!" The Equestria girl said happily. He wrote that down before asking his next question.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"Noperooney! Is it for a party, because I'm good with parties! I once planned a party for my friend Twilight. She does NOT like them, only likes science, which is just CRAZY! One time I asked her why she didn't like parties and she gave me this long lecture about how parties make you lose focus and that focus is a key part in our society. And I was like, You don't party?! She said nope! So I went back to school, grabbed a bunch of balloons, banners, cake, cupcakes, drinks, chips, chairs, movies, games, markers, spray cans, and my friends. Then we threw a huge bash and welcomed her to Canterlot!"

The detective just sat there frozen with his mouth open, eyebrow raised, and the pen poised above the paper.


"My name is Rarity, and I'm from Canterlot. I wish to be a designer and put my fashion all over the world! Right now darling, I am only known locally through friends, family, and recommendations. But I would like to expand to another city at least."

The detective and the police in the room just stared at the Ponyville native nonchalantly. "I did not ask you a single question yet."

"Oh... Well now you know."


"My name is Applejack," Ponyville Applejack introduced happily. The detective wrote that down before asking his next question.

"What do you do for a living, what are your hobbies?"

"Well, I buck apples and sell 'em. We have the best tastin' apples in all of Ponyville."

"You... 'buck' apples?" He repeated confusedly.

"Yep," she answered, nodding proudly. "My family grows the best apples in Equestria. We make Apple Pies, Apple Crust, Apple Fritters, Apple Cakes, Apple...."

"Uggghhh," the detective groaned, dropping his head down onto the table as she droned on.


"What is your name?"

"Rainbow Dash," she answered depressingly. He wrote down some things before looking at her closely.

"What are your interests, hobbies?"

"Sports." He wrote that down before continuing with the questions.

"What is your relationship with everyone else?"

"Friends and girlfriend." He wrote that down before he continued, asking her a question he deemed important in this investigation.

"Who is... Twilight Sparkle? That name was mentioned a lot when I asked everyone else."

"My girlfriend and the Princess." He stopped writing and looked up at her.

"What? Princess?"


"What do you mean 'Princess'? This isn't a fantasy, kid." Rainbow rolled her eyes and huffed.

"What, have you been living under a rock, G-dude? You just hit two thestrals with needles and they are probably out cold right now. They are our last hope to save this world and you just destroyed it man." The detective just sighed and wrote down some more things. This girl was obviously crazy.


"What is your name?"

"Princess Twilight Sparkle."

"Are you dating Rainbow Dash?"

"No, that's Twilight Sparkle."

"But you're Twilight Sparkle."

"No, I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle."

"So you're a Princess or somethin'? What is that like a... Role? A name used for a play at school?"

"Nope. I'm the Princess of Friendship." The detective just shook his head slowly, not understanding what the heck she was talking about before a new voice showed up. Two new ones.

"Wow, it's so dark in here. How can you write in this light?" The police and detective in the room looked around before the overhead lamp was turned up to a bright light, hurting their eyes and revealing two women in the corner.

"There that's better. Twilight, what happened?" Celestia asked, walking over to her student. Luna was still in the dark, blending in in case things got ugly. "We went back to the barn and you weren't there."

"Who are you, get out of here, we're in the middle of an interrogation!" The detective yelled, standing up.

"WATCH YOUR TONE!!" Luna yelled coming out of the dark and using her royal canterlot voice, shocking the detective and officers so much he they yelped and covering their ears. The princess of the night walked towards the younger princess with her sister to address her. "Discord is getting out the thestrals while me and Celestia have teleported the elements and natives out of here. We're leaving too."

"No you're not," one of the policemen in the room said, walking towards them before there was a crack and a flash of light. They covered their eyes before letting down their hands to see them... Gone. "Ehere'd they go?! What just happened?!"

"I...have no idea," the shocked detective said before he got back up and rushed out the door. He ran towards the room where everyone else was being held before he pushed the guards aside and opened it. It was completely empty. "They just vanished?!"

All the policemen ran towards the room to see that it was completely empty, no evidence they were even in there. What just happened?

No Light

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Scootaloo slept soundly after lunch since there was nothing else really left to do. She was on strict ruling right now as the Unstable Patient. One of those rules was not having much of a say-so to what happens to her in here. Only when to go to the bathroom was probably it. Maybe in the future it may change. But that definitely won't be any time soon.

She stiffened her ear at the sound of someone knocking. What was the point of the knock, they had a key. And her privacy was already gone since there was a camera in here. There was a camera in all of the rooms definitely. Two seconds later, the door was unlocked and pushed open. Those male nurses from before were obviously here to pick her up for—

"Dinner," one of them said. "Are you going to eat this time?" Scootaloo rolled over and sat up to face them from the side of the bed with a look of nonchalance. She didn't respond to the question which gave him her answer. "Okay, we're doing the IV again."

The other nurse walked towards her and gripped her bicep to help her stand up before the other slapped on the plastic cuffs. Once she was secure and locked in, they led her out door and into the view of the others all lined up for dinner. Scootaloo's mind wondered why they never talked when they were in a line. It wasn't a rule not to talk.

One of her escorts closed and locked the door behind them before leading her towards the Line. Great. She really didn't want that. She REALLY didn't.

On the way over, she resisted by pushing her feet against the ground to try and gain traction. Her shoes squeaked with resistance and attracted the nurses already in the line.

One of the nurses, a male, walked over to help her get into line by calmly grabbing her hands. "It's okay...it's okay, they're not going to hurt you," he cooed. She still struggled and attracted attention by whimpering loudly, her face scrunched up with emotion. She really didn't want to get next to other people.

"It's okay, Scootaloo, it's okay. We'll be in the line with you." She was still struggling but not as much once they got her in. They held onto her shoulders tight as she continued to whimper and whine before she stopped resisting.

They didn't move yet until her rapid breathing had slowed and she was relaxed as much as she could be. Once she was, the nurses moved the line towards the cafeteria, but Scootaloo stayed on edge. During the trek, she looked around for a good place to sprint and hide in case things got nasty. There was practically none, it was so small in here. And everything that did have some type of hiding spot was locked with an electric key card.

The nurses reported her arrival before the doors to the cafeteria were opened. Once she was in, they sat her down at a table with a group of other girls. Most likely for interaction like they told her at lunch.

An IV pole was brought over before they went ahead and stuck her with the needle to deliver her nutrients. They walked away from the table and a little ways to the side in case something happened and left her to be surrounded by some more girls that sat down across from her. Including the one with dark yellow hair and ice blue skin that she spotted earlier on the way to lunch that same day. She smiled warmly at Scootaloo, but she didn't return it. As a matter of fact, she looked away and somewhere else. Like... The wall.

She did not feel comfortable around these girls. Although it wasn't nearly as bad while she was with guys, it still wasn't enjoyable. Her Anxiety started acting up again. She started breathing heavily and whimpered nervously. Her eyes darted around for an escape route and caught their attention.

"It's okay," the one across from her cooed. She had a very sweet voice, almost like a child's that caught her attention. Scootaloo looked back at her and trained on her smile and dark yellow eyes. "It's okay. We won't hurt you."

Scootaloo's rapid breathing slowed down with the relaxation of her nervous and constantly shifting eyes. Soon, she completely relaxed an focused only on the girl in front of her. There were two more sitting there beside her but she didn't pay them any mind.

"I'm Icy Spring," she introduced. "It's great to meet you." Scootaloo blinked before returning her sights to the table. "I've been in here for a week so far. I think I have one more or maybe two. What about you?" Those listening shifted their sights toward Scootaloo to see her stealing nervous glances at them every now and then. But most of the time, her gray eyes were on the table.

Figuring she wasn't going to respond, Icy continued. "Okay, well... I'm in here for attempted suicide. Most of us are. Majority of actions were slit wrists." She lifted up her arm and slowly turned it over, revealing the vertical stitching below her hand.

Scootaloo blinked without any emotion before she looked down at herself. Her arms and thighs were scarred too. Mostly from dogs who would attack her in the forests. But the others were from herself and from the person who raped her first. Her arms were no better. If anything, they were worse. All the cuts and bruises there were from the rape, leeches, and other things. And they riddled her body.

She put a hand up to her cheek to feel the massive gash on her face. Just thinking about it made her upset.

Icy motioned towards the gash with a piece of bread and asked, "Can I ask how that happened?"

Scootaloo looked up with a tear trailing down her face. She didn't want to but it could make her feel better. But Icy quickly backed up before she could do anything by waving her hand and saying, "Never mind, never mind. I didn't mean to upset you or anything, I—" Scootaloo swiftly held up a hand to stop her mid-sentence and caught the attention of all the girls sitting around her.

She reached over and grabbed a napkin, twisting it up and shaping it to look like a shank. Afterwards, she set it aside and held up her index finger. Number one.

The girls around her listened, or rather watched, since she hasn't spoken yet. She looked towards a random spot in the room and held out her thumb, a symbol of hitchhiking. Then she made a gesture of someone driving a car, pressing on the break, and rolling down the window.

She then made a creepy smile on her face before changing it to one of fear, transitioning it from her recent rapist to herself. She nodded creepily before shaking it to one of fear. Her face face suddenly turned aggressive before lunging out and striking her own hand, symbolizing she was punched.

Then she grabbed her own neck and made a crying face. Tears were pouring from her eyes at this point in reality. She hated reliving this experience, this memory. But she was right that it felt better to talk about it in a way.

She let go of her neck and put her hand out, symbolizing she was choking someone, as well as pointing down towards her private area. She grabbed her throat again while shaking her head "no." Then she let her features relax besides the quiet whimpering and grabbed the paper shank and slice across her face on the gash, symbolizing she was cut. Then she made a hole with her right hand and pushed her left index finger through it roughly.

Icy had a hand over her mouth while the others watching shared the same expression. It was plainly obvious what happened. She asked for a ride and someone took advantage of it.

"I'm so sorry," Icy said quietly. "That shouldn't have happened to you or anyone. Is... That where everything else came from?"

Scootaloo didn't respond. Only staring at the table with tears going down her face and dripping off her chin.

"Well we're with you the whole way," Icy stated with determination. "You're not alone in this." She was wearing that sweet smile on her face, along with the other girls. Scootaloo sighed through her nose before looking back down at the table, not even acknowledging it.

In the black of the night in Canterlot, if you were to see a bright flash on the ground from above, you would probably think nothing of it. But for two thestrals, it means something important.

"They're over there!" Amaryllis announced. She pointed down towards the nearby alley below. They could make out some of the colors they were wearing earlier. So they changed their route by tilting and soared onto the rooftop of the building right next to the alley and peeked down or the ledge.

"Uggghhh... Princess Celestia?" Princess Twilight groaned. "Next time you teleport, could you... Do it in an area that isn't so cramped? Rainbow's butt is on my head." The group of teens and adults were all piled on top of each other due to Celestia's lack of knowledge of Earth. Thankfully, no one had seen them.

Celestia sighed and got to her feet. "Sorry," she meekly apologized. "I don't know much, if not anything, about this land." They all untangled themselves and rubbed their sore spots, mainly their heads since that's what everyone was sitting on.

"It's alright," Sci-Twi said, rubbing her head. "We don't know much about our magic either."

Princess Luna whirled around and asked, "Wait, you have magic?"

"Hey, guys!" They all looked towards the entrance to see Sunset standing there eagerly texting on her phone. Where'd she even come from?

"And where have YOU been?" Princess Twilight asked spitefully.

"Juniper's." She turned off her phone and walked into the alley. She didn't even recognize her former teacher standing to the side smiling softly at her. "We had a sleepover."

"That's so—"

"Don't even finish that sentence, Rainbow. So what's going on? I tracked Applejack's phone and you guys were way up here."

"Police came and picked us up after the Scootaloo incident," Rainbow clarified. "Princess Celestia got us out."

Sunset raised an eyebrow and turned around, facing where the athlete was pointing to see her former teacher smiling and waving.

She yelped and nearly dropped her phone. "P-P-P... P-P..."

Sci-Twi walked up and knocked the side of her head in an attempt to get her unfrozen. "Yeah, she's broken. You realize she's been around you most of the day, right?" She asked her blandly. "Ever since Princess Twilight got here. And you're NOW, at—" She looked down at her phone. "Eight fifty-four at night, just figuring it out?"

Sunset ignored her geeky friend and walked up towards her teacher. Her body fit right into her arms and giving her a warm hug. "I missed you," she whispered. A small tear of emotion escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek.

"I missed you too, Sunset Shimmer," Celestia replied. She returned the gesture in kind along with a soothing rub to her back.

Everyone else just sat back and watched, including the thestrals peeking over the roof.

"Shouldn't we go down?" Amaryllis whispered.

"Nah, let's not ruin the moment," Anemone suggested, laying down on her stomach.

"Juniper's on edge and a little upset that I didn't tell her everything that was happening," Sunset announced as she let go of the Princess and faced everyone else. "So I made it up to her by having a sleepover at her place. Her parents are out of town, leaving her alone. Her house is big, considering a close family member is a movie director. RIGHT, JUNIPER?!"

"Eep!" They all looked towards the other end of the alley to see somebody pop their head back around the corner.

"Come out, sweetheart! We know you're there!" Juniper groaned before walking out and revealing herself in a loose pink pajama set. "Awww, you look so cute!"

Juniper tried to give her girlfriend a scowl, but eventually ended up blushing and pulling her lips into her mouth.

"Well you got me here," she said, walking into the crowded alley. Sunset darted forward and pulled her close, making the girl yelp before she pecked her on her lips, giving her bedroom eyes.

"Now....why were you following me?"

Juniper chuckled and tapped her nose. "Because YOU are hiding things. And I need to know ALL your secrets."

"My my, Sunset," her former teacher teased. "I had no idea you liked mares." Juniper got a quizzical look while Sunset was slicing at her neck desperately.

"What?" She asked. "Mares? Sunset what's going on?"

"Nothing, just slapping your butt."


*SLAP* Juniper yelped before she began blushing madly while everyone snorted, pulled in their lips, or, in both the Pinkies, Discord, and Rainbow Dash's case, straight up guffawing. "S-Sunset!"

"Where are the thestrals?" She asked, ignoring her girlfriend for a second.

"Up here." They all looked up to see Amaryllis waving her hand and Anemone who was sitting on the ledge looking down.

"How long have you been up there?"

"Since you teleported in," Anemone asked. "We've just been watching you from above. We're really quiet. Thanks to Discord, we escaped from becoming...." She turned to her sister. "What was it again?"


"Specimen, yeah. And we have to get out of here too and begin this search. I'm pretty sure the police and the lab coats are looking for us."

"She's right," Rainbow agreed, jumping off the lid of the dumpster. "We can't just stay out in the open like this. They're probably tracking us right now. Quick, take out the batteries in your phones."

"Why?" Applejack asked.

"There's probably a tracking chip in it or something."

"Then I'll just turn it off."

"It still won't work. Let me give you a lesson." She cleared her throat. "The motherboard in your phone contains chips whip are all connected to the battery. Yes, with silicon you can turn off the energy flowing through the motherboard, but only slightly. Some phones, like the Equines we all have, are still on, whether you want them to be or not. Energy is still flowing through the radio in case of an emergency and someone needs to track our location. So to stop the flow of energy, you take out the whole power source. And it stops completely."

Everyone just stared at her in silence, the only noise being the night air flowing through their hair.

"Man how did I stoop so low?" Anemone groaned, shaking her head slowly. "You sound like the eggheads. But yeah she's right, take out......whatever the heck she said." The Equestria Girls all took their phones out of their pockets and took out the batteries.

"Now... We head to Juniper's place," Sunset said.

"What?" Juniper asked.

"Follow me." She turned around and walked out of the alleyway with everyone else behind her, ignoring Juniper's protests.

The girl groaned before she followed after them. Sunset could be such a pain sometimes.

The door behind Scootaloo locked as she was placed once again in observation, with the camera in the corner centered on every speck in the room. The lunch was good. Not the food, but telling people what happened to her. It felt great to get it out although it made her realize some things. She was ugly. She wasn't beautiful anymore. Before, she had beautiful orange skin. Flawless. She remembered it. That all changed when she was thrown into those bushes.

Fire ants bit her when she slept. That's why she would sleep in the trees. Although that didn't stop other insects and more from getting to her. The leeches in the pond where she would bathe in were the main issue of her skin problems.

She sat down on the bed with no car if they were watching and took off the gown. They were polite enough to give her underwear since she never wore any while she was alone.

After taking off her bra she put her arms out and looked at her body. Nothing but scars, bites and cuts. The first time she was taken advantage of, he tried to make it miserable for her. Using her like a pin cushion. It was painful. More painful than what he was doing to her before he even took out the blade.

She sighed and lowered her arms to take a look at the rest of her body. Her torso and upper areas were the worst of them. Her breasts were cut too, about as bad as her face. Her left one had a large scar on it from being stabbed there. She could've bled out in those woods, but instead she placed a hand over it and just covered it up for around two hours. It eventually scabbed over and peeled off almost two and a half months later, revealing the large scar. The same happened to the rest of her body.

She thought she wasn't beautiful. No... She knew she wasn't beautiful. Who could ever fall in love with a girl like her? A person riddled with scars, skin lacerations, and a large gash on her face. Not to mention someone who was thrown away by those who called themselves her parents.

She closed her eyes and sobbed for a minute before letting the tears just pour out along with the wailing, burying her face in her hands after doubling over, the sobs wracking all over her body.

Zolan was inside the child's mind, listening to what she was thinking. Although she was actually somewhere else, she had a connection to Scootaloo. Listening, watching, and waiting for the right time to strike. But it was still sad. The child did not deserve any of what happened to her. None of it at all. Who deserves to be thrown in the bushes and left for dead? No one. Nopony.

But she wasn't there to listen to a sob story. She was there to influence. No matter how evil it may be, she had a job to do.

Scootaloo was on her knees, crying her eyes out. There was nothing left to do but that. Wail and let it all out. The door across the room beeped before it was unlocked and pushed open after the nurses had checked the cameras and saw the patient's state.

Dr. Martina walked in holding her purse, probably on her way out before she was notified of the situation. She walked in briskly before stopping, pity written all over her face. "Oh you poor baby," she said sadly. Scootaloo was crying loud by this point, her wails traveling through the halls. The doctor didn't even bother to close the door before she dropped her purse in the chair outside and made her way over. She dropped down to her level and wrapped her body in a hug.

"It's going to be okay," she cooed, rubbing her back. "I'ts all going to be fine."

"No! No, it's not!" Scootaloo protested through her tears. "They took it all! My freedom, my pride! Everything is gone! And there's nothing I could do but let them take it!! They took every damn THING! They even took my skin, my looks! I was beautiful but even THAT changed the second I was thrown away, Left to fend for myself! They even took my MIND so much that I can't even talk to people willingly! Everything is GONE!!!" She buried her face in Martina's shoulder to pour out all the pain, frustrations, struggles, and loneliness out that she's felt over the last ten years.

Her cries reachex a group of teens in the lounge watching TV. Including Icy Spring, who had her eyes closed. It's a wonder that girl managed to survive like that. How could somebody take almost everything away from her like that?

"That's really sad," one of the three girls voiced. Her face was still planted in the book. "I know we all have bad back stories, but so far hers takes the cake."

"Really," another one agreed, nodding her head. "It sounds, and LOOKS, like a lot. Bad. But why is she here? This place isn't for someone who's been abused."

"I think she probably did something to try and ease the pain," Icy said, looking up from the deck of cards she was shuffling. "She had to do something to end up in here. But I'm not going to pry or ask about it. We'll find out another way. The only people who do know would be the nurses and the doctors." They all stopped and listened some more as her cries grew more intense, dying down for a second before going back up. "I just know she was raped and abused."

"We'll find out probably by—"

"A shocking story has been circulating across the nation about the creatures that saved a girl from her death after jumping off a twenty story building in Trottingham." The girls stopped talking and looked up at the television. "Witnesses at the scene say that she stood on the roof, where one of the creatures attempted at persuasion, when she jumped and plummeted down before being caught by the ankle. A video of the scene was submitted to us just hours ago." The feed changed from the newsroom to a scene in Trottingham, the place filed with people, policemen, and firefighters. It was obviously a guy holding the camera. He was muttering something with the camera facing the ground before it was righted up towards the top of the tall building.

"Oh my god, oh my god....don't do it kid, don't do it!" The patients watched anxiously before the first scream sounded off along with everyone else's. There was a falling black dot that was getting very close to the ground very fast. She was followed by something with bat wings that grabbed her right before she hit the concrete, slowing down and coming to a stop. It flapped it's wings and soared over the crowd, showing her face and the the body of the victim before it soared off into the distance with the girl in it's grip.

"We have not confirmed what that was or the identity of the victim, but we do know that she was a teenager, fifteen years old. This story has become a very hot topic all over the nation and we are doing our part as well in the investigation for who that girl was."

The patients in the room all looked to each other with horror written all over their faces before they slowly turned their heads to the door where the crying had died down to only sniffles and the sob that would escape Scootaloo's trembling form.

"I'm not sure if that was her, but if it is that explains everything," Icy muttered. "Twenty stories. that's actually worse than cutting your wrist. You cut yourself, you have a chance to stop the bleeding. To stop the flow. Stitch it, cover it. But jumping off something, you can't back out. You just fall. There's no wings, there's no flying, there's no stopping in midair and saying 'screw this.' You can't change your mind. That was twenty stories. If she had hit that concrete...."

"It would traumatize everyone watching and it would be a huge mess to clean up," the oldest in there finished. She was yellow with golden hair and blue eyes, named Loud Symphony.

"She's traumatized either by the rape or something else," the other one said. She was entirely green. Green skin, forest green hair, and light green eyes. Green Rush was her name. "And it's bad. REALLY bad. I don't know, but from what I heard that news reporter just said, this is going to become an investigation. A big one. A nationwide one."

Center Of Attention

View Online

That night was so restless for Scootaloo that they had to give her some sleeping pills. After taking them reluctantly she was knocked out within ten minutes. Sleeping on the hope to have at least one pleasant dream that didn't revolve around fear, pain, and frustration. Those sleeping pills must've worked really well because those dreams were about nothing but blue skies, gardens, and animals that didn't bite her.

Of course, being in the dreamscape must come to an end. Her eyes opened rather abruptly and forced her out of the pleasantries of sleep. The sun's rays came in through the gated window and hit her face hard. Hard enough to knock her out of her cool sleep into the heat of the situation around her. She unfortunately had to wake up now.

After a few seconds of reluctance, Scootaloo groaned and sat up with her hand in front of her eyes to block out the rays. She had to use the bathroom, but she didn't feel comfortable with using it without a door. But she's taken plenty of risks before. What's a little use-the-bathroom-with-the-door-open gonna do?

Scootaloo threw her legs over the left side facing the door and stood up to stretch out her arms and legs. The pops of cartilage and joints were accompanied by the pleasure of relaxation. Once calm, she trudged her way to the bathroom that was directly across from her bed to relieve herself.

A few minutes later, she walked back out refreshed, and had actually taken a bath. There was a washcloth and towel in there. She's never used a shower before, but it also wasn't new to her to be rained on. Luckily, no one came in yet, so that was a plus. Definitely a plus. She was only allowed out when they allow her with one of those key cards that the nurses, doctors, and who else has with them.

She put on underwear, a gown, and socks. Then dropped down on the bed facing the door with a tired sigh and just looked around her room for a few minutes. She didn't really have a good look at it when she arrived there yesterday morning. Everything was hectic. It all happened so fast. She looked behind her through the protected window to tell the time. It was around nine in the morning so far based on the sun's position. She never had a watch before, and you couldn't exactly find a clock in the woods. Well one that wasn't thrown away.

Although yesterday was taxing, Scootaloo admitted to feeling a little better. It wasn't much but she was a little more focused. Yesterday when she first came there, she would barely look at things. And if she did, she couldn't register them. Today it felt different. Like she actually knew what was going on. She was in a facility. But that was it. She didn't like it. She shouldn't even be in this situation. Yet, here she was. Cut up, heart broken, and slowly becoming lifeless.

Her thoughts were moved to curiosity when the door clicked and buzzed open. The one who opened it was Dr. Martina in a business suit. Yesterday must've been casual or something. Because today she was all business with a white coat, clipboard, and jeans.

"Good morning, Scootaloo," she greeted happily. She didn't expect an answer. Nor did she receive any. "I hope you had a good night's rest." She softly closed the door with a click, then walked over to sit next to her. Scootaloo was nervous now. She was getting used to things, but not noticeably better. So someone who was in close proximity was still something she didn't enjoy, let alone like.

So she shifted down the bed to make noticeable room between her and the doctor. Dr. Martina sighed with a sad smile on her face. "Still not comfy with other people, I see," she observed. She reached inside of her jacket and pulled out a pen for her clipboard. "How can we make you more comfortable here?"

She watched Scootaloo actively try to avoid her gaze by looking at the ground. Figuring she wouldn't answer, she decided to coax one out of her. "How about TV? Do you like TV?" She kept looking around on the floor and bed. No reaction there, try again. "How about... reading?" Nothing still. "Okay well... Moving I guess. Anything with exercise?"

Scootaloo shifted her eyes upwards before moving her entire head up to look at the doctor, smiling a little. "You like exercise?" She nodded. "Okay. Any sports?"

Scootaloo looked around the room for something she could use as an example. She grabbed the doctor's notepad and pen, sticking the writing utensil into one of the holes. she then placed her left pointer and middle finger on it and made it look like it was skating.

"Scootering?" Martina assumed. Scootaloo nodded slightly and handed her back the notepad before moving away again. She wrote that down before telling her the situation. "Most of the time we don't usually allow those type of things in here. Actually, we never do. But... I'll see what I can do to make you smile again." Scootaloo nodded her head before Martina moved onto something else. "We're having breakfast in a few minutes and I want you to eat. If you don't, your body won't recognize food in the future and it will begin to reject it, making you vomit. I don't want that happening to you."

Scootaloo groaned and glared towards the door. It wasn't that the food wasn't good. It was just that she didn't want to take that risk. School meals were bad enough. Martina chortled and said, "Oh, don't be like that. The food is good and you'll probably want a second plate. Here's a list of what's going to happen today." She placed a sheet of paper on the bed. A schedule, Scootaloo realized. There were times and locations beside titles. "One of them may help you out and see the beauty in yourself."

The door beeped and unlocked when two nurses walked in. This time they were different. They were women. Young. Both of them were maybe twenty or twenty-two, one of them had long white hair, purple eyes, and purple skin. The other one was a light yellow with brown eyes and brown hair. They were the same shape, fit but thin at the same time.

"These are your new nurses, Violet Twinkle and Misty Flyer." The two nurses waved at Scootaloo before she turned her sights back to the ground. "The board found it a bad idea since you've had bad experiences with men for them to be around you. So we switched them out for women instead." The doctor stood up when the nurses approached. "I'll be seeing you later on today after the session in the lounge."

Scootaloo looked up quizzically with the question in her eyes. What session? Dr. Martina pointed towards the schedule she left on the bed before making her way out the door. Scootaloo grabbed it before she stood up, and allowed the nurses to slip the cuffs on her wrists. Since she was classified as a UP, they would continue to use those until the title was dropped. She had a feeling it wouldn't be dropped.

They walked Scootaloo outside and into the line where her anxiety started acting up again, forcing her to try and go back. "It's okay... It's okay," Violet, obviously the purple woman cooed in a vain attempt to get her to calm down. "They won't hurt you, I promise." Scootaloo finally got her footing down and stopped, refusing to move. Frozen in fear and uncertainty.

"It's okay, we'll be right there with you," Misty assured her. Scootaloo looked at the line until she spotted Icy Spring smiling at her with the others. Scootaloo pulled in her lips before she tried to tame her anxiety and stepped forward, going into the line and facing the same way the others go.

"There you go," Misty calmly praised her. "You'll be fine." The line started moving again towards the cafeteria for breakfast. She figured since she couldn't just run away and hide, she might as well just follow instructions.

On the way there, she spotted Dr. Martina talking to three men in business coats. FBI. One of them glanced her way and tapped the guy next to him's shoulder, motioning towards her. Scootaloo glanced away to avoid their gazes on the way to the doors of the cafeteria. The metal ones with tiny windows on them. The leading nurse placed her card on the electromagnet on the side. The doors unlocked with click and swung open for the lunchroom.

They all walked in towards the line while Scootaloo stayed behind and to the side for a moment with the nurses. "Do you want food or the IV tube?" Violet asked her. Scootaloo glanced towards the lunch line and sighed quietly. Dr. Martina recommended she eat some real food and since this was pretty much her first doctor, she might as well obey it. There was no telling if this was going to help her, or if this was going to hurt her.

She lifted her locked arms and pointed towards the line with the other girls. "Okay, we'll get some food."


After the nurse chose out the edible items of the hospital, which actually smelled good they moved Scootaloo over to the same table where she sat at last time. Conveniently across from Icy and the other two girls that she didn't know the names of. She sat down across from them while they were eating and talking about whatever. They didn't notice her presence yet, which was okay. She didn't want everyone watching her. After Violet set the tray down in front of her, the girls finnally looked up and smiled at her.

"Hey," the green-haired one greeted kindly. "Me and her haven't actually told you our names even though you saw us sitting here yesterday. I'm Green Rush and she's Loud Symphony." She pointed towards the girl with the yellow skin who waved as a greeting.

Scootaloo just looked at them before glancing down at her plate. The food looked good. REALLY good. She picked up her fork and poked at the doughnuts on her plate testing it's hardness and texture. Finding it soft, she set down her fork and picked it up with her hands, smelling it.

"You've never tasted hospital food before, huh?" Green Rush asked her sincerely. Scootaloo glanced at her before taking a small bite out of the food. Her eyes widened instantly before she took another larger one, eating half the of the whole pastry.

"Wow, okay," Icy chuckled, watching as Scootaloo greedily dunked down the second doughnut up to the fourth. The nurses on the side chuckled as she moved on towards the rest of the food. Eating the sausages and bacon.

Within four minutes, she's cleaned the whole plate, not necessarily licking it but coming really close.

The three girls and two nurses stared at her in disbelief and with a little bit of concern.

"Are you okay?" Misty asked, walking over to her. Scootaloo nodded nearly unnoticeably. One thing Icy had realized though that after all that... She still didn't wear a smile. "Sweetheart... When was the last time you ate food? Real, healthy food?" Scootaloo looked down for a moment trying to remember the last time she had food that wasn't rotten, dirty, or contaminated. She sighed sadly and shook her head for an answer. "Okay. I'll talk to Dr. Martina about putting you on a healthy diet. Would you like more doughnuts?" Scootaloo nodded, letting the nurse go to grab more food while the girls across from Scootaloo looked at each other, all thinking the same thing. What had happened to her?

After an hour of breakfast, their group—which Scootaloo later learned was called 'Block A'—was led towards the gymnasium for the session she saw on her schedule. Most likely a therapy session. So instead of going down the hall she was used to, they turned down the big one on the left during the trek back past the nurse's desk with the double doors on the end. There were rooms on this hallway too, letting Scootaloo have a peak. There were tables, books, and two beds inside. They had roommates. Interesting. It was just her in her own.

Before they reached it, the gym doors were opened to allow them entry. The floors were padded down with barely any hard areas underneath their feet as they walked towards a setting on the side. Up ahead was a much better play area with goals, soccer balls, sporty stuff. But they weren't going in that direction. They turned to the right where a round circle of chairs with two occupied ones in the front were placed.

A man who was maybe in his early thirties was looking through two pages of notes on the one on the left. Probably trying to understand the discussion for the day. He was dressed in casual wear along with a name tag. Yellow Buzz. His name matched his body. Yellow skin, light yellow hair, and Yellow eyes with a body shape that let Scootaloo know he worked out a lot. There was also a woman named Chrysanthemum who had purple skin, dark blue eyes, and dark blue hair. She was the same shape and size as Scootaloo's nurses.

Yellow Buzz looked up after the gym doors opened and smiled to those entering on their way towards the chairs. "Good morning, everyone!" He greeted. They all responded back in their own way before continuing. "I hope you all had a great rest."

The group took a seat on their own in the plastic chairs in a comfortable position facing the therapists. The nurses sat down on both sides of Scootaloo, once again handcuffed. Once everyone was situated, they began.

"As you all know, I'm Yellow Buzz and this is Chrysanthemum." The purple lady smiled and waved at her name. "And we're the hospital therapists."

"I see we have some new faces," Chrysanthemum said happily. She looked directly towards Scootaloo. She in turn kept her gaze to the floor to avoid any interaction of any kind. "What's your name?" They all looked towards Scootaloo who was shaking a little from the attention.

"She more than likely won't answer," Violet commented. "She's still in shock."

"Oh... Okay. Well, we won't ask her many questions if she—"


Their attention moved back towards Scootaloo. "What was that?" Chrysanthemum asked.

Scootaloo glanced up and answered timidly, "Scootaloo."

"Okay. Would you like to tell us why you're here?" Scootaloo shook her head quickly. "Okay, that's fine. Whenever you want to you can."

They began the therapy session, which lasted a good hour. During that time, Scootaloo barely looked up, but she was listening. Mostly avoiding the gazes of others. She fiddled with her gown the whole time. That gave her something to do while listening to the interactions of the patients. Even though she didn't want to admit it, she wanted to participate. She really did. All of their stories of success and failure was something she could participate in. She had so many stories of her own about the years she lived by herself. But her anxiety was holding her back. But she wasn't going to let that deter her.

"So I did drugs to try and ease the pain," one of the patients finished telling their story. "Not doing that again."

"Good," Yellow Buzz agreed. "It's always good to have outlets that don't have negative impacts. Anyone else wanna tell their story? No judgement here." They all looked around, expecting one hand to go up. "Okay. Well I think—"

"I'd like to... Maybe," Scootaloo whispered, holding up her handcuffed hands. They all turned to her and became really quiet as she took a deep breath. "I've been hurt. More than enough. Everything you see on me, the cuts. Scars... And bruises, they all came from different things. But most of them came from... People." She stayed silent for a moment to mentally prepare for the path she was taking. A path down memory lane.

"How have they hurt you?" Chrysanthemum asked calmly.

Scootaloo glanced up at her before looking down again, a few tears streaming down her face.

"They would... Beat me Just for fun. They were all guys. Each time, there was a group of five. They would do whatever they want. One of them took advantage of me and beat me at the same time. He treated me like a pin cushion. That's how I got most of these."

She lifted her arms up to reveal all the cuts before lifting up the gown for the same on her legs.

"At that point, I shut myself off in the woods nearby. It... Happened again and I got my face cut open on my way to Trottingham. After that I went to the top of a building and jumped. I couldn't do it anymore. Ten years on my own, raped twice, beat at least once a week... I couldn't do it anymore. I'm not beautiful, I hold no value... And all the trash I did have is gone."

All the girls in there had looks of sympathy plastered on their faces while Scootaloo closed her eyes and lightly sobbed.

"I am so sorry you had to go through that, Scootaloo," Yellow Buzz said to her. "No one should have to endure that. Especially not someone as young as yourself."

"Thank goodness you survived that jump," Icy said. Scootaloo looked up at her specifically with red eyes full of emotion. "Or else I never would've met you."

She blinked at Icy sadly before looking back down again. Sighing.

"Okay where's our first stop?" Twilight asked. Everyone was situated in front of the school again, looking at a map Sunset had printed off of Canterlot City. She had the areas circled that contained forestry and dense areas where Scootaloo would more than likely have lived in.

"Out of all of these areas, I've determined she'd be on uhhhh... Applejack's farm," Sunset answered. Her finger landed on a wooden area of the map. "Since Scootaloo was abused, I doubt she'd want to be around a lot of people. So she would want to live near a place that has food and was sort of irrelevant to the town. But was nearby enough to walk Into town."

"Sounds logical," Sci-Twi admitted before turning to EQG Applejack. "Do you think the police are still there?"

"Not sure," she replied, shrugging her shoulders. "If they are, we wouldn't be able to tell until we're actually there."

"Guys, act casual," Rainbow reported quickly from the statue's remains. "Black suburban." They all relaxed, letting the suburban and white truck roll by and drive towards....

"My farm," Applejack groaned once they were out of sight. "They're headed right for it. Looks like they're still at 'the scene of the crime,' Princess."

"Then we have to be careful. Anemone! Amaryllis!" They all looked towards the roof of the school to see the thestrals jump off and glide down down towards them.

Anemone landed and stretched her wings. "What's up, egghead?"

The Princess just stared at her unamused before she blushed and snorted. "Stop calling me that, you look weird saying it. We're headed deep into Applejack's farm and looking for Scootaloo's camp. You'll know it if you see a scooter. Once you find it, fire a spell up into the air. We'll come to you. Catch is the FBI, whatever that is, is there too. If you get caught, stay firm and we'll find you. I don't know what these guys do to thestrals."

"The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation," EQG Rarity clarified. "They handle federal... Investigations. Very bad subjects. So they're probably looking for the Thestrals and doing an investigation on Scootaloo at the same time, since they were with her."

"Speaking of her, I need to visit the hospital at three," Rainbow remembered. She jumped off the stone and approached. "I need to make sure she's okay."

"We're all going," EQG Fluttershy said. "I mean if...if we can."

"Maybe I can bring her a cupcake," Ponyville Pinkie suggested. She reached up to her head and pulled three cupcakes out of her hair. Everyone looked at the desserts strangely. Specifically the strands of hair poking out of the icing.

"Uhhh... Surrrrreeee," Princess Twilight drolled. "Maybe. But we should get going right now. It's almost twelve, meaning that some of them may be going off for lunch, giving us an open window. You girls take the lead and fly high. We'll come up behind you. Once we're all in place, we can begin the search."

Anemone nodded before she and Amaryllis took off into the air for Applejack's farm. They flew high. So high that if you looked up, you would only assume it's a bird or a plane.

"Let's hope it's here," Amaryllis commented, breaking the silence. "Because this world is making me sick."

Anemone looked over in interest "Why?"

"Well it's what they did to Scootaloo! Look at her, she's a mess! She was raped twice, beat up, cut up, and someone else is trying to take advantage of all that. Why? I don't know, but... I have a hunch Zolan is trying to get an apprentice or something."

Anemone sighed and looked down. They were nearly at the farm. She could make out all the tasty apples in their trees. "I really hope Scootaloo can hold out a little longer," she said sadly. "If she doesn't, dark magic will spread all over. Do you think Zolan runs off of despair and sadness?"

Amaryllis thought about that theory. "Maybe. It would make a lot of sense. Make someone extremely sad and upset, and you've hit the jackpot. Gives you more power... Magic... Whatever."

Anemone chuckled before nodding. "Alright, we're here. Let's scout it out. Stay behind me and we'll cover the radius." She sped up and got in front of Amaryllis as she tilted her wings, slightly navigating their flight path.


Both Pinkies poked their heads over some bushes by the farms gate dressed in all black uniforms, complete with ski masks. Going incognito. EQG Pinkie looked around before she pulled out some binoculars and checked over the area while Ponyville Pinkie pulled out a radio.

"Team Pinkie to Team Egghead, this place is swarming with the black flies. Over." She lowered the radio before taking hold of the binoculars. There were scientists and FBI agents poking all around the barn area, but they were also in the house. There were tents and other things setup too. They're obviously looking for something or someone... Or two someones.

"Pinkie, we have no idea what that means," Princess Twilight replied. She teleported herself and Sci-Twi behind a large Apple Tree near one of the tents. "We have to get past these tents and reach the wooded areas on the other side. But there's so many. There were only two thestrals, not twenty. And stop calling us Eggheads, jeez. What is with you guys?"

Team Rarity and Applejack made their way over the white picket fence on the East side of the farm. "Seriously," Applejack agreed through the radio. "Thanks Pinkie for the Radios. I don't know where you got 'em from, but they sure helpin' us out. Rainbow how you doin'?"

"Yeah, I'm the only one... Without a partner," she whispered back. "So I have double the workload. I have to watch my back And watch for a scooter." Rainbow Dash turned down the level of the radio before she got down and crawled behind some bushes that were providing cover behind some agents near the outside of the farm talking with each other. Once she was out of sight—which took two minutes—she got back up and turned the radio back on. "I had to crawl underneath a bunch of agents just now. Any sight on the thestrals?"

Princess Twilight looked up, seeing two specks on the opposite sides of each other in the air over the farm. "I see them," she radioed. "They're circling. I don't think they see anything. That's why we're here to get a closer look."


Anemone waved her hands across from her sister and pointed down to the ground, signalling to land. They both nose dived towards the ground in the forest before flapping their wings, slowing to a light hover. Anemone waited for Amaryllis who burst through the forestry a second later, panting a little.

"I didn't see anything," she said, dusting the dirt off her jeans. "Did you?"

"Not yet," Anemone answered, looking around the area. "We have to be careful. It's like a hunting ground out here. I saw a few of them walking around here with whatever those things were that they hit us with."

"The things that fire some type of bolt?"

"Yeah. And they're in these woods." They both looked around with large ears listening for any threat. "So we stick together so I can protect you. I'm not losing you this time. Because if they catch us, they may split us up." They began walking into the forest. Their footsteps were silent in an attempt to make little to no noise.

Amaryllis eyed the dirt under their feet and asked, "Why?"

"We escaped last time and it was aggressive. So if we got loose together again, they'll put us in separate areas so they can use us as specimen again. Hopefully it won't come to that." Amaryllis gulped loudly as they continued their search, looking for some type of sign for Scootaloo's campsite. Soon they came to a clearing. But it wasn't alone.

There was another tent setup that was active. "There's more in there," Anemone whispered as they got down. "They probably found something. We need to get in the dark, come on." She grabbed her sister's arm and pulled her towards a more dense area of the woods, sticking to the shadows.

Amaryllis smirked to Anemone and teased, "You know... Your hair is a complete giveaway. Even if we are in the dark."

The oldest groaned before running a hand through her hair that had gotten noticeably longer ever since they've been on the run. "Well, that magenta hair of yours isn't doing us any favors either. Let's focus more on—"

"Hey, do you hear somethin'?" Someone on the other side of the tree asked. Anemone and Amaryllis froze up and straightened their bodies.

"Yeah," another answered. "It's coming from over there. Go check it out." Amaryllis would've shrieked if Anemone hadn't placed a hand over her mouth. The footsteps got closer as well as a metallic clinking sound. They both kept as quiet as they could, waiting for the steps to stop. Some rustling came from beside them before a long rifle came into view. They kept as still as they could while it moved through some bushes right next to the tree they were hiding behind. A few seconds later it retreated, going back out.

"Yeah, there's nothing here. If there's someone here, they'll step in those traps." The footsteps walked back away, letting the two thestrals relax.

"That was too close," Anemone whispered holding her hand to her chest. "And what traps?"

Amaryllis removed her sister's hand from her mouth. "I don't know, but they have this place wrapped around their finger. I hope the Apple family got out."

"Yeah, me too. Come on. Let's continue this—" they both froze before looking down at their feet. There was some type of cord going across the ground. A trap. How did they not see this before? A loud pop sounded off from right beside them, attracting the FBI's attention.

"Hey! They're over there!" A gun cocked before the two ran past the tent.

"Let's go!" A few of those darts hit a tree right in front of them as they rushed past, jumping over something.


EQG Pinkie looked through the binoculars while her counterpart was eating a cupcake. "Uh oh." She picked up the radio before pressing the dial. "Guys, the'yre moving."

"Who's moving?" Sci-Twi asked as they walked past another campsite.

"FBI. They're running towards the woods." The Equestrians stopped and looked out towards the encampment, seeing multiple agents rushing out of the tents and into the woods. "I think the thestrals were spotted. What do we do, Twilight?"

Both Twilights looked at each other before sighing. The princess grabbed the radio, barking orders into it. "We're going to try and help them out, you guys raid the tents. Once we find something, anything relevant, we leave. Go."

Everyone rushed out off their spots and stalked towards the tents, making sure to stay under cover while thew agents ran by. "Boy I sure hope there's no one' in here," Ponyville Applejack said as she walked into the tent.


"Get in the trees," Anemone whispered, before taking off and latching onto a branch above her. Her sister followed along by hopping onto a branch and clinging onto the trunk as they watched a team run right beneath them. A few more came, although they were more careful. They were even looking up, which meant bad news for the thestrals.

"How do we get out?" The youngest whispered. "I don't know what those dart things are, but they stick in stuff."

Anemone shook her head and whispered, "I'm not sure. From what I can see, the only way out is to fly, but then they'll try and shoot us down from the air. Without a distraction, we won't get far. That and we'll leave our friends behind. And we can't do that. This is for Scootaloo. The faster we find the Orb of Zebrica, the faster we can save her."

Amaryllis was about to respond until a dart stuck into the bark right in front of her face. "Eep!"

A few more shot around them hitting the bark and spearing across Anemone's arm. "Ow!" She yelped, rubbing the scratch. She snarled before summoning her magic and firing a bolt towards the ground. She hit one of the agents and knocked them back.

"Come on!" She grabbed Amaryllis and jumped right when they switched to the bullets, hitting the tree. They landed on the ground and started running again. But it was getting close. They slid to a stop right behind another group of them.

"Behind you!" They all turned and pointed their weapons at Amaryllis.

She screamed before Anemone pulled her to the right, causing them to hit nothing. "That would've hurt!" Amaryllis shouted.

"I know, I know!" Her sister yelled before turning again. "We're cutting it really close!" They ran towards the right, knocking down another agent as they ran past. "I wish we could fly in here but it's way too stuffed!"

"Yah think?!"

The two looked around and spotted more of them shooting. Out of the rain of darts one finally landed in Anemone. "I'm hit!" She shoutex. "Amaryllis, get to the air and go REALLY high where they can't see you, okay?!"

Amaryllis grabbed her arm and asked, "What about you?"

"Just go! Go!" Amaryllis looked at her sister sadly before flapping her wings and going upwards. Some darts fired out of the canopy before falling back to the ground, unable to make contact with it's target.

Anemone watched her sister go off into the air while she flew high up into a tree, already feeling the drug start to take effect. Once she was high enough she relaxed, throwing herself over a branch and laying across it. "These people are crazy," she whispered as she slowly fell asleep.

Team Twilight tip-toed into the woods before quickly hiding behind some trees after spotting the FBI walking out with something on a stretcher. Princess Twilight peeked around it to see...Anemone laying across it, knocked out with her hands cuffed together and something on the fists. She closed her eyes tight and bit her lip.

"Can we get her out?" Sci-Twi whispered. The princess shook her head.

"If we do, we're caught too. Radio the others and tell them to search the woods. We'll come back for Anemone like we planned." Princess Twilight watched them carry her back out onto the land and towards the truck while Sci-Twi radioed the others. This is not gonna be good.

A loud "flump" behind them made them both turn around in alarm to see Amaryllis looking in horror at the sight of her sister being pushed into some type of vehicle. "What are they doing? Why are they pushing her in... Whatever that is?!" She asked loudly before Sci-Twi put her hand over her mouth.

"They're still in here," she whispered. Then pried off her hand away from those fangs. "Did you see anything?"

"There was a pond in there, but we were too busy running to stop at it." Princess Twilight looked towards the area, contemplating what to do.

"Well, we can't teleport around in there since I have no idea what it looks like. We're walking. You stay in the trees until I fire a bit of magic into the air or we call you down. Twilight, where are the others?"

"Right here." The girls looked back towards the rest in front of them, watching the truck drive off.

"I'm guessing they got Anemone?" EQG Rarity asked sadly. Princess Twilight nodded her head.

"She's strong...like me," Rainbow said, turning back around with determination in her eyes. "She'll survive and probably kick a lot of butt while she's at it. Let's go save Scoots."

Princess Twilight nodded before she explained that there was a pond in there, more than likely where Scootaloo got the bites and more from. After the briefing, Amaryllis flew up into the air and into a tree, watching as they took her sister to some place she had no idea of. The group continued walking, taking cover every now and then whenever a group of FBI walked through the area and popping back out once they were out of sight. Eventually they made it to the pond. It was a level below them, perfect for hiding in but it was, in both of the Rarities opinions, gross as well.

"Rarity, it's a pond in the woods, of course it's gonna be gross," Rainbow protested as she jumped down in the level. The Applejacks followed suit along with Team Twilight, and the Pinkies.

"Uhh... Okay, yeah, so we'll just stay up here in case someone comes here," EQG Rarity said. The other nodded her head in agreement.

"Uggghhh, fine whatever," Applejack protested. Then returned back to the task. Someone was obviously living there, based on all the trash on the ground. There was also a few places on the ground where some people even sat at, meaning it was a common spot.

"Someone definitely came here often," Scit-Twi confirmed. "So if this Orb of Zebrica was around here, they either have it or it's still hidden."

"I think it's still hidden," Princess Twilight said. She pressed her foot against the ground to see if there was something under it. "You don't just grab a magical item that's more powerful than the Elements of Harmony."

Sunset placed her hands on her hips and walked around. "Well, considering that there is more magic in Equestria than there is here," she concluded. "I'd bet if someone did find it, like say Scootaloo perhaps, she'd probably sell it or something for money or food." She poked her hand at the ledge that had a lot of vines going over it. Instead of just finding resistance, her hand went straight through them. "Guys. I think I found something."

They all stopped searching and looked towards her as she parted the copious amount of vines. Once she did, she walked inside with the others right behind her.

"Yeah, she lived here," Rainbow whispered sadly before walking towards the blue scooter sitting in the corner. While she was dealing with that, the others looked around the cave beneath the area above for any clue. Rainbow Picked up the scooter with both hands and looked at it. It was really worn out and old, having cracks going through the wood and the handle bars rusting. "I'm going to get her a new one."

"I'm positive she'll appreciate it a lot!" Pinkie said. She dropped a hardhat on her head and turned on a drill that she retrieved out of nowhere. It was placed against the wall and turned on, making everyone cover their ears. "She'd love a new scooter! Probably a new skateboard too. AS WELL AS CUPCAKES!"

"Pinkie," Sci-Twi called. She pointed to the wall. "I think you're deep enough."

"What?" She yelled out from inside.


"OH, OKAY! BY THE WAY, I FOUND A BOX!" Pinkie walked back out holding a gray ornate cube and the jackhammer. "It was in the middle, but I went right past it."

She placed it into Princess Twilight's hands and allowed her and Sunset to look it over. Twilight nearly dropped it after feeling the insane amount of magic in it. It was Equestrian alright. It had the symbol of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on it, along with the sun and the moon.

"This is Equestrian," Sunset confirmed, getting a closer look at it. "It has the marks of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on it. But wouldn't it have the symbol of Zebrica on it instead? Or the Crest of the Thestrals?"

"I'm not sure, but I feel a lot of magic coming from it," Princess Twilight answered. She moved it around to study. "It's really strong in there. REALLY strong. It must be more powerful than Discord or the other Princesses."

"And that's what has me on edge," Sunset agreed. "We got the two things we came for. The Equestrian magic and Scootaloo's scooter, as well as the knowledge that she did live here. Now let's bail before Rarity goes nuts up there."

Rainbow folded up the scooter before Twilight teleported them all up to the level above them, startling the two girls up there. "Whoo! Twilight, Darling you need to have a better and more subtle entrance than always appearing in a flash of light," EQG Rarity said, trying to slow her heart rate.

"We found something with Equestrian magic," Sunset informed her. "We're not sure if it's the orb, but it's really strong according to Twilight, the princess one, not the geek."

"They're both geeks," Rainbow argued, making them all chuckle at the two girls who had scowls on their faces. "I'm just playing with you Twilight one and two."

"Shut it, Rainbow," they both replied.

"Now we have to get this back to the princesses," Princess Twilight suggested. She teleported them back to Amaryllis' tree. She was looking out towards the distance watching as the last of the FBI vehicles pulled away. While they were searching, those guys quickly packed up and left. They must've been there for them.

"Amaryllis!" Twilight yelled up to her, catching her attention. She looked down, seeing Sunset holding some type of box. They must've found it. She jumped out of the tree, flapping her wings to a slower descent before landing in front of Twilight.

With her eyes on the box she asked, "You found it?"

"We found something," Sunset clarified. "Do you know what this is?" She held the box towards Scootaloo who took it in her hands.

"It has magic in it," she answered. "A lot of it."

"We feel it too. We're going to ask Luna, see if she knows anything about what the artifact may look like. This is more than likely it, but since time is running out, we need to make sure this IS actually it. We don't want to waste our time."

"Okay," Princess Twilight said. "Sunset, take that to the Princesses. Rainbow Dash, go visit Scootaloo. The rest of us will try to find Anemone. Let's move."

Rainbow Dash

View Online

"Ugggghhhh......what happened?" Anemone asked as she sat up. Her eyes were still closed so she had no idea where she was, along with a splitting headache. After a few more seconds, she finally opened them to reveal she was in some type of room...that looked nearly identical to the last one. Except this one had those FBI dudes in there with her, all looking at her with those weapon things in their hands. She tried to stand up when her head met some type of force that shocked her.

"Ow!" She yelped before sitting back down, holding her rainbow colored head. She looked up to see herself in a low top cage. Again. At least last time the cage she could actually stand in. This on however was far smaller. Like for a dog. "What is this?! Why am I in a cage?!"

"Because you're hostile." She turned her head to the right to see that woman again that she saw yesterday. Dang, she got her back. "And not a human being. We took a sample of your blood and discovered that you have absolutely no homesapien genes in your body."

"Wait, you took my blood?!" Anemone yelled in disbelief. "What gives you the right to take my blood, you creep?!"

"It's for science," she replied nonchalantly, taking down some notes.

"You sound like an egghead," Anemone teased, shaking her head at the technician. "Maybe I should throw you somewhere where you can crack, no one told you to touch my body!"

"And no one told you to escape."

"Because you were touching my body! Let me out of here!" She tried to open her wings to find them bound to her body again by the belt. "And why do you guys keep putting my wings against my body, jeez! They're not for that, it's really uncomfortable!"

"Sorry, but we can't have you touching the cell gating. So we had to bind them to you." She walked over and placed the notepad on the table in front of the cage. "Where are you from? Some planet? World? You're definitely not of earth or this timeframe since your chemical makeup is something that we have no record of."

"And who is 'we?'" The thestral asked accusingly, crossing her arms.

"The lab."

"What lab?"

"The one you're in."

"Is this Twilight's lab?"

"Who?" The doctor looked at her suspiciously, preparing her notes. "Who is Twilight? We need to know this information."

"And why do you 'need' to know? Why can't I just leave? You guys keep chasing my sister and I around with whatever those things are." She pointed towards one of the rifles the guards were holding. The doctor looked at the officers and then back in confusion.

"Those are Rifles. Guns."

"What's a gun? It sounds dangerous."

"They're designed to kill, intimidate." She pulled one out of her own pocket and placed it on the table for Anemone to see. "And cause harm in general. Now, I'm gonna ask again before we move onto other unpleasant things. Where....are you....from?"

"You don't scare me, lady. I've faced a massacre and survived. I've faced a world of hiding and still lived. I've faced THAT guy and STILL lived." She pointed her hand towards the door to reveal Discord calmly standing there eating a burrito, shocking the guards and the lab technician.

"Rainbow, you really need to stop doing that," he complained, going over to the sink and washing his hands. "Dang, that burrito was good."

"Guards, get him out of here," the woman ordered. The guards put aside their weapons and approach the man. Anemone clicked her tongue and shake her head.

"Yeah, I wouldn't do that."

Discord snapped his fingers, making a bright light flash, blinding everyone in the room before it diminished, revealing them in some type of space. A black space. The woman screamed as she tried to find her footing while the guards were just trying to grab a bunch of things that were flying by. Like that metal pole one guard just grabbed before it turned into a venomous snake, making him scream and let go.

"Come on, have a little fun," Discord joked, tossing a rubber ball to the technician. "Here's a ball.....I meant bomb."

She yelped and threw it to the side before it exploded into a bunch of confetti. "What IS this?! Who are you?!"

"Oh, me?" he responded pointing before he reached Anemone's cage. unlocking it for her with a touch. "I'm Discord. The God of Chaos. Hey, are you hungry? I'm hungry. Even though I just ate a burrito....and they are too." He pointed his fingers down at their feet, showing the little rubber ducks with sharp teeth climbing up their legs.

They started screaming and tossing the ducks off their bodies while Discord waved, teleporting himself and Anemone out of the void. His head appeared once more with a grin, stating, "You'll be out in about five minutes. Have fun."

After the therapy session was dismissed in the gym, Scootaloo stood up with the rest of the group to whatever they wanted to do that was available until they had another activity or lunch. Some stayed in the gym while others either went back to their rooms or the lounge. Scootaloo instead stayed exactly where she was. She didn't know what to do.

Violet leaned down from her right and asked her calmly, "Scootaloo? Would you like to go somewhere that isn't your room?" She looked around the gym at the other girls who were either walking or playing with a Frisbee or something. Eventually she made up her mind. That room was stupid anyway.

Scootaloot nodded. "Where would you like to go?" She whispered something in response. "I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you."

"Lounge, please." The nurses nodded before they walked her to the doors, taking her to the area that was requested. There were some more girls that were around watching but didn't actually pay attention. They were too busy playing with the balls in the room and chasing each other.

The three walked through the entrance and out into the hallway towards the lounge room, which was pretty big now that she looked at it. It was justa lounge. A place to chill at obviously. That was occupied. Crap. Well, it was a lounge for everyone. They walked her in and took off her handcuffs while the other girls tried not to make eye contact. Instead, going back to reading, watching TV, or having a forced conversation about the color of the crayons for the three in the corner. How was this place so crowded?

"We'll be on the side in case you need us okay?" Violet said down to her. Scootaloo nodded and took a seat on the couch, checking out the books on the table in front of her. They had some adventure novels, something called Daring Do that looked interesting.

She decided to go ahead and check it out, finding the cover amazing above all. After reading it for around twenty minutes, and already up to chapter five, someone tapped her shoulder, making her yelp and jump.

"Oh! Sorry sorry!" Icy quickly apologized pulling her hand back. "I didn't mean to frighten you like that, are you okay?" Scootaloo just stared at her wide eyed, trying to slow her heartbeat as they had the world's longest staring contest. After awhile, Scootaloo closed her eyes and took a deep breath before nodding. "Okay. Can we have a seat with you?" Wait, we?

Scootaloo looked around her to see Loud Symphony and Green Rush smiling and waving at her. Finding them harmless, Scootaloo slid over to make some space, allowing the three girls to sit down.

"Thank you," Icy appreciated before taking a seat next to her. But not too close. It was clear Scootaloo didn't really feel comfortable around other people. She was surprised she actually gave them room to sit down. "So what are you reading?"

Scootaloo glanced at her quickly before redirecting her sights to the book that she dropped on the tiled floor in shock earlier. She picked it up and showed her the cover without looking her in the eye. "Oh, Daring Do! I love that book! It was actually one of my first reads in middle school. Are you just starting the series?" Scootaloo, almost unnoticeably nodded her head.

"Well you'll enjoy it. I'm glad you actually talked today during the session. It shows you're still you in there. Not gone." Scootaloo looked back down at the book in her hands, thinking about that. "Of course this is only a small step, but it's something still." Scootaloo shrugged at her before looking back at her.

"I guess," she responded timidly.

"You'll be fine," Green Rush said from over icy's shoulder. "And we'll be here for you too. Me and Loud here have two weeks until we get out. I don't know when Icy leaves."

Icy looked over her shoulder and said, "I think after two more weeks too. I didn't do too much to stay in here for four. Do you know when you're getting out?"

Scootaloo shook her head before looking towards the TV, watching the weather. Well that was irrelevant inside unless it was in the winter during a snowstorm. And even then, it was a hospital. It has a backup generator, right?

"Hey, girls!" They turned their heads at Dr. Martina leaning against the doorframe with a clipboard, smiling proudly like a mom would.

"Hey, doc lady," Green Rush greeted, making the other nurses in the room chuckle.

"Hello, Green. I'm here for Scootaloo. You have a visitor and she said she won't leave us alone until she sees you. Said she's your sister." Scootaloo looked at her oddly before picking up her book and stroking her finger across the title.

"You want the name?" She nodded. "Uhhh... Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo pulled in her lips. She was still upset with her, but not as bad as before. Sighing, she nodded her head and stood up while the nurses came and put the cuffs on her.

"Good luck, Scootaloo," Icy said to her as the others waved. She nodded back at them while the nurses led her out and walked her down the hall. They were apparently headed back to the cafeteria where there were some more nurses waiting for her at the doors. Once she was close enough, they opened them to reveal Rainbow sitting at one of the tables, twiddling her thumbs worriedly. They walked her in, the footsteps catching her attention.

Rainbow stood up and called out, "Scoots!"

"We'll be standing nearby," Violent whispered to her calmly. Once they were gone, Scootaloo walked over to Rainbow, grabbed her hand, and popped it.

The nurses stared at her wide-eyed while the two girls shared a smile. "It's great seeing you at least going around hitting people again, you know," Rainbow said as the two sat down next to each other. "Although there are some things you should know." Scootaloo groaned. "It's not bad. If anything, it's a relief. I got your scooter." The girl popped her eyes open and smiled for the first time since being in there. "I told the doctor and she said she MIGHT let you ride it in the future. She has to talk to the state and the medical people about it. But it might be a possibility. The second thing...." Rainbow lowered her voice down to a whisper. "There was an unstable Equestrian artifact where you were living at. Called the Orb of Zebrica. The girls found it in the wall in that I guess cutout you were living in. There is another thing. There is another Equestrian alicorn named Zolan who is after you. Don't let her get to you okay? She is not going to be any good. We think she'll use you to get some dark magic. And take over both worlds. Equestria and Earth. Okay?"

Scootaloo nodded before Rainbow pulled her in and gave her a hug. "I miss you so much, Scootaloo. Just get better for me okay?" Scootaloo nodded before both of the girls cried a little, the younger one burying her head in her surrogate sister's neck. "And you'll get a family... Have a life a child is supposed to have. I'll be there the whole step of the way."

Scootaloo nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, little sis."

A flash of light showed up in an alleyway outside of Canterlot City, along with a bunch of groaning, moaning, and complaining. Something that looked like a cheeseburger flew out and landed on the sidewalk when the two human thestrals popped their heads out tiredly. Anemone cursed Discord quietly.

"Uggghhhhh.....Discord....why?" She asked from inside the dumpster. "What is this, fish?"

"Just get out of the dumpster, bat head, the others are looking for us," Discord ordered. Anemone shuffled around, putting her foot into various things before she jumped out with a banana covering her rainbow colored hair. "Pee You. you stink. You need a bath."

"And you're washing me. You put me in there, you're gonna clean me too."

Discord was about to respond until a bunch of footsteps caught their attention. "Anemone!" The girl turned around to see her sister running towards her and crashing into her, knocking her back down onto the stone sidewalk with a grunt. Amaryllis gave her the biggest hug she could manage, screaming, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE FOREVER! I THOUGHT.....you smell really bad," she said calmly, covering her nose and sticking out her tongue.

"Yeah, well blame Discord, he put me in the dumpster."

"At least I got you out, right?" The human draconequus complained. "I'm pretty sure they were going to dissect you."

"ANYWAY," she interrupted him. "Help me up. You knocked me down." Amaryllis rolled her eyes before grabbing her sister's outstretched hand and pulling her up. "Where's everyone else? And did you get the Orb?"

"They're coming. I flew ahead. And we found something but we don't know if it's an Orb or not. So Princess Luna's going to have a look at it." Anemone nodded as she peeled the banana peel off her head. "It's been sitting up there for three minutes," Amaryllis deadpanned.

Anemone scoffed and retorted, "Yeah, well......I don't have eyes on the TOP of my head, so......"

"Found her!" The three looked up to see Twilight waving behind her for the rest to follow her. "We thought you got taken."

"I did get taken," Anemone deadpanned. "Then busted out, and thrown in the dumpster by Discord."

"I said I was sorry."

"You said NO such thing," she chuckled. "Now...I stink. Is there like a lake or something?"

"A....lake?" Sunset laughed. "We have showers here, remember?"

"A what? I always used like a tub full of water," Anemone said, gesturing with her hands the size of it. "I'd take off all my clothes, and-"

"TMI! TMI!" Sunset yelled, dismissing that scene. "Juniper's supposed to be here with the Princesses soon." Princess Twilight looked at her in confusion.

"How will she find us?"

"The Princesses will track the thestrals. I know Celestia can do it.....obviously. Sorry, girls for bringing her up."

"Screw you, sunset," Anemone said, watching as the former Equestrian gave a small smile and a shrug. Another flash of light appeared before the Princesses walked out with Juniper at the lead and Luna holding the box. "So....you got it."

"Yes, but it's spelled," Luna reported. "There was only one who could open it. His name was Forcehoof."

Anemone bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes, and groaned loudly. "Do you know them?" Princess Twilight asked her.

"Of course. He helped me and Amaryllis escape from her." she pointed a finger at Celestia, making her feel more guilty that she already was. "And the last one she chased. He was our father."

"Oh......." Sunset muttered, looking down at her nails. "Hmmmm....this is awkward."

"Very, now is there any other way to open it?" Sci-Twi asked in desperation. "I don't know what this lady wants with something like that, but Princess Luna said it felt very unstable around an hour ago." Anemone looked at her oddly before she approached the box, using her magic to grab it out of Luna's and into her own. She looked at it strangely, hoping to find a way inside.

"Maybe there was....nah.....no there wouldn't be instructions at where you found it in case someone else got their hands on it. What about on the letter clue?"

Luna reached into her jacket and pulled out the folded up prophecy and unfolded it gently. It was already yellowing around the edges. She started muttering, trying to piece it all together. "No...there's no other words up here about a key or anything. I think he was only meant to open it."

"Maybe it's thestral magic that opens it," Celestia inferred. "Try it."

Anemone looked from her then back down to the box before using her magic on it. It glowed brightly for a moment before it popped open, revealing a light blue orb.....and its power.

"OH MY GOD, CLOSE THAT!" Luna yelled, running forward and slamming the box shut. Those who could feel the magic were shivering in their shoes before the orb's feedback wore off.

"What.....what was that?" Sunset asked timidly, hugging herself.

"That's the orb of Zebrica," Celestia answered. "I know that power anywhere. That was way too strong. We must take this back to Equestria as soon as possible. But Zolan is still here. And if it's on Equestria it can be found easily."

"So we can't go back until we find Zolan," Princess Twilight finished. "And we still have to rescue Scootaloo. Unless Dash can, which I doubt a lot. She can't do this all on her own. Scootaloo needs all of us."

"So we stay in this dimension then," Luna agreed.

"Leave it to the Princesses," Sunset muttered, shaking her head. "Princess Amaryllis? Princess Anemone? Why don't you two join in?" The two thestrals looked at each other before shrugging and trying to give their input. "I was joking!"

After Rainbow had left, Scootaloo was put back in cuffs and taken back to the lounge. Of course though, they still had another activity. Something about a...... Scootaloo reached into the pocket of her gown and pulled out the schedule, unfolded it and checked it out, causing her eyes to nearly bug out of their sockets at what they were about to do next. A Body Scan?! What the heck was a Body Scan?! She gasped, catching Misty's attention. "Scootaloo? What's wrong?"

"Wh.....wha-what...." She couldn't get the words out, so she just pointed at the activity.

"That's a therapeutic exercise," she explained calmly. pointing at the term. She could see Scootaloo's apprehension was making her a little uneasy. "It's when you lie down on a mat, or something that you can feel specifically, and feel along your body without moving." Scootaloo raised an eyebrow in confusion. Misty chuckled and appeased her. "Don't worry, it won't involve touching. But if you have a panic attack, we'll get you out of there, okay?" Scootaloo sighed and nodded as she walked forward and put the agenda back in her pocket. It sounded a little unnerving to her, being able to feel without moving. It sounded.....dirty and scary. Especially considering what had happened to her. Soon they walked back into the gym where the activity was being held at. A few nurses were already in the room to direct the task.

"Hi, Scootaloo!" One of them called to her, waving and standing in front of the rest of the patients who were sitting on the floor. "We were just about to get started, have a seat." Scootaloo looked from her to the mats on the floor, taking a seat right next to Icy. That girl was just everywhere. Why was that?

Once she got situated, the nurses counted off the patients, making sure they were all in the room. "Alright! So today we're gonna try an exercise to get you more aware of things. It's called a body scan. We'll have you lay down on the ground and feel things without actually moving. Like the softness of your clothes, the air brushing by your face, the texture of the mat. So everyone lay down on your back." The girls all laid down like they were looking at the stars, their arms and legs away from each other. Scootaloo did the same, already having flashbacks of what happened in the past two, almost three years ago. "Now, don't move at all, but try to feel the texture of the mat."

The activity went by fairly quickly, with Scootaloo having absolutely no idea what the heck it was all for. Something about alertness. Either way, the activity lasted for thirty minutes before she was stood up again and the cuffs were placed on her. But of course, some people still wanted answers about her.

"Scootaloo?" The girl turned her head to see Dr. Martina standing there with three other people, all in black business suits. Two were women and another a big man, too big for her anyway. The first was a small woman with light green with dark blue hair and light green eyes, small in height. The second was a woman with dark orange skin, orange eyes, and bright orange hair. The third was a man with dark brown skin, white hair and dark brown eyes. "Some people would like to speak with you."

Scootaloo just stared wide-eyed at the man, not finding his presence comforting at all. He was big and buff. He did NOT look friendly. "It's okay, he won't hurt you. They just want to ask some questions."

Scootaloo looked at him before her emotions got a little unsteady. She slowly backed away from them a little bit. Dr. Martina turned to the man and whispered something to him, making him leave the area. "It's okay Scootaloo, he's gone. They're gonna be the ones doing the questioning, okay?" She gestured to the green woman standing next to her who gave the UP a smile and a wave. Scootaloo stared at her for a moment before walking over slowly and peeking out the doorway, trying to find the guy. He wasn't in the hall, but he was around there somewhere. She looked towards Dr. Martina and sighed before she stood up straight.

"They're with the law and just want to ask you some questions okay?" The doctor said again. Scootaloo nodded nonchalantly. "Alright, let's go." She led them out of the room and down the hall towards another room that had some two nurses waiting outside of it. Upon reaching it, it was opened, the door making a groan to reveal a plain white room with a table in the center and a camera in the upper right corner. They walked her in and towards the far side of the table where there was a plain chair waiting. They took off her cuffs and let her sit down while the two women took the exact same position across from her.

"We'll be right outside the door if you need us, okay?" Violet whispered calmly to her before they started to walk away. Scootaloo quickly reached out and grabbed her shirt, a look of pity on her face. "It's okay. We won't be far away." Scootaloo stared at her for a moment before she let her shirt go, letting the two nurses walk out. Leaving the patient alone with the FBI agent. Alone. She did not like this.


View Online

"Hello, Scootaloo," the light green woman across from her greeted calmly. "I'm Serene Query, one of the agents investigating your case."

"And I'm Melody Love," the dark orange woman next to her greeted, offering a small smile. "Out of all the years that I've worked with children, yours is the worst. How old were you when you were abandoned?" Scootaloo held up five fingers while Serene wrote down some notes. "Okay, and where have you been living?"

"Behind Sweet Apple Acres," she whispered, giving the woman the clue that she was traumatized by all this. She wrote down some more notes before Melody asked another.

"How did your friends find out?"

"From Amaryllis."

"And who is she?"

"She's a human thestral." Serene stopped writing and glanced up before sitting up entirely, both of them looking at Scootaloo expectantly.

"Can you tell me what a human thestral is?" She asked

"It's what you saw on the TV when I jumped. She's the one who caught me."

"That's what that was? A human thestral?" She asked, making sure she was hearing this right. Scootaloo nodded, letting her write down a side note. "And do you know how she found out?"

"Because she's me." The agent sat back up, getting a strange vibe from this. "Amaryllis is Scootaloo in Equestria."

"What's Equestria?" Melody asked, tentatively.

"Another dimension."


"Alright," Princess Twilight called to her brother and Cadance, who she learned that in this world is her babysitter years ago. Makes sense. She sat down on the leather couch with her friends in front of the two. "So you both know about Scootaloo and her situation. Is there anything you might know about her? Ever seen her around any other people?"

"Particularly a Red themed lady that looks like she crawled out of the pits of Tartarus?" Princess Celestia added, walking in from the patio door.

Cadance shared a confused glance with Shining and answered, "Well, not really and what's Tartarus?"

"It's Equestria's underground," Princess Twilight clarified, looking at Sci-Twi fix her bun. "It's where all the villains go."

"Not me, I'm too good for it," Discord said, tossing his owl up and down. "But you did turn me into stone, very uncomfortable for over a thousand years might I add. Thank you, ladies." He turned his head and growled at the two grinning royal sisters.

"You turned out okay, Discord," Luna said proudly. "Now get back on task and give Fluttershy back her owl." The human Draconequus rolled his eyes and gave the owl back to Ponyville Fluttershy.

"So no clue of a weird woman?" Princess Celestia asked them, watching the couple shake their heads. "How exactly can we get to tracking her?"

"Well we could always bring her to us," Sunset suggested, putting her hands behind her neck. "But that's dangerous at the same time."

"And who is this woman you're trying to catch?" Cadance inquired.

"Her name is Zolan," Celestia answered, crossing her arms. "She used me to kill off a whole colony of Thestrals and is trying to take over Earth and Equestria through black magic." Cadance and Shining stared at her in disbelief.

"Wait, you KILLED SOMEBODY?!" Cadance asked.

"She framed me by taking over my body. Apparently she thinks only I can stop her, so she tried to take me out of the picture, as well as the thestrals at the same time. She's after this." Celestia grabbed the box of magic from Luna and held it in front of her. "The Orb of Zebrica. It has an insane amount of magic that I believe she wants to corrupt and use to her will. If she gets her hands, or hooves, on this, it's the end of both worlds."

"We don't know how much power she has, but apparently she's been here all this time, waiting and planning," Luna stated, catching their attention. "Time is of the essence. We have to find, and bring the fight, to her. If not, she can take us by surprise and take the orb. Twilight Sparkle of Earth, how is that device you're working on coming along?"

"Really well," The geek responded, pulling out some blueprints. "It should be able to hold the magic, but this is just based off of what happened last time. Sunset here said that it's far more powerful than what corrupted me during the Friendship Games, so I'm making adjustments to the last one to be able to hold this one."

"How long will that take?"

"I'm not sure. I'm just making estimates at this moment, so it could take a few days to a few weeks. But it will all be done within thirty-one days."

"That gives us enough time ta' search," EQG Applejack said, leaning on the wall. "And for us ta' try and find Scootaloo's parents so I can bust them in the nose. Both of 'em."

"How is she doing?" Shining Armor asked sadly. "I just heard from the news about the case. Sounds horrible. I can't imagine living on my own for ten years. As a child too."

"We don't know," EQG Rarity said from the patio doors on their left. "Only Rainbow Dash visited her since they have a sisterly bond. Speaking of which, she should be—" Someone knocked loudly on the door. "Back by now." Sci-Twi got up and walked down the hall towards the door, opening it to reveal Rainbow holding a newspaper, attempting a small smile.

"Hey," she greeted solemnly before walking inside.

"Hey, how'd it go?" Applejack sadly replied from the living room before Rainbow walked in.

"Well....they had her in some type of cuffs, a long gown, a room without any type of metal or sharp edge, no doors on the bathroom in a room that is electronically locked and under surveillance at all times, and she looked horrible. She wasn't wearing anything that covered her arms, so.....I saw it all. There were so many cuts and scars on her. Not to mention stab wounds. I know those when I see them. They also refer to her as 'UP 2057.'"

"What's that?" Ponyville Rarity asked.

"Unstable Patient." The group went quiet whil she tossed the rolled up newspaper to her farmer friend. She caught and unrolled it, looking at the front page with a fearful eye, scanning the title.

"'The Worst Case Of Child Abandonment In The History Of The Country,'" She read aloud before looking up at Rainbow Dash. "They're leakin' this?"

"Well, since the FBI is involved and it happened here, I would expect it to," Shining Armor remarked, rubbing his face in frustration. "What about the other one? What's her name?"

"Amaryllis," Celestia answered. "And they're out back talking or doing something, I'm not too sure of which. We're going to try and do a case of that too. Since she went through the same thing, we want answers."

The two agents in front of Scootaloo shared a strange glance. What did she mean by "Another Dimension"?

"So........Amaryllis is from another dimension," Melody repeated in disbelief in front of Scootaloo, making sure she heard her correctly.

"She and I are the same, just from different worlds." Serene nodded before writing some more notes.

"Do you know what she looks like?"

"Just like me," she whispered. "I'm sure you can get a video of her somewhere."

"Alright. I'll look into that later. Now....these next questions are going to be a little tough. If you feel the urge to cry, there are some tissues here." The woman beside her reached into her bag and pulled out a box of tissues, setting them in the middle of the table in front of her. "We're going to ask you how you were....taken advantage of and we want you to tell us how it led up to that point okay?"

Scootaloo's eye-twitched before she almost unnoticeably nodded. "Okay."

Melody pulled out a clipboard and a pencil and started asking the questions. "How did the first happen?"

Scootaloo answered the questions best to her ability, trying her hardest to keep back the tears while the agents both wrote down her words. Eventually she did break down sobbing while the officers offered her tissues. After the tears, she continued her tale, starting on the second one. She told them that she felt low. Like nothing else mattered. So she hitchiked with a stranger who told her she had to give oral sex, which she agreed to. Afterward he drove slow enough before eventually pulling over to the side, forcing her to have full on sex. After that, she was kicked out outside the city of Manehattan.

Melody finished up the report, making sure to add every little detail she could about it before nodding. "Thank you for telling us Scootaloo. I'm just happy you're alive." Serene agreed while Scootaloo just stared at the tile floor, tears rolling down her face. "Is there anything else you need to tell us?"

Scootaloo continued staring at the floor for a few seconds before shaking her head. "Okay," Serene whispered as the two stood up and packed their things. Melody walked towards the door and knocked three times. The nurses outside opened it and walk in to help Scootaloo up gently.

After getting her situated, they walked her out and back to her own room until dinner, allowing her to relax. And let out the tears before Dr. Martina could see her.

Rainbow Dash opened the door to her house after leaving her girlfriend's, already missing her presence. She obviously hasn't told her brother about her relationship with her yet, probably scared of his reaction.

She walked inside and closed the door behind her, making her way up to her room before walking past the living room, spotting her parents sleeping on the couch. That didn't make any sense, it was only four.

Shrugging it off as just them being tired she bounded up the stairs and towards her room, walking in and flopping down onto the bed. She pulled out her phone and played some quiet tunes, getting into the relaxed state of mind. It was so peaceful, so easy. So—

The door slammed shut. She yelped and sat up quickly, looking around for the noise that had interrupted the peace she just got into. Her sights stopped at the door, which was now closed. Wasn't that open a second ago?

Rainbow Dash stood up and walked towards it in confusion. It was definitely open before, no doubt. She tried twisting the handle, finding it locked and unmoving. But it didn't have a lock! She twisted and pulled it wildly, trying to force it open. Even placing her foot on the wall, pushing and pulling, but still finding no success. Something weird was going on.

"Nice room, Rainbow Dash." She gasped and turned around. A red themed woman was lying on her bed looking through her phone. "Makes me think of the old days in Equestria. Where there were no problems, issues, or situations."

"Who are you?! Mom! Dad! Wake up!!!" Rainbow yelled. The woman casually got back up and tossed the phone onto the bed again.

"They can't hear you, Rainbow Dash," she informed her. She walked over to the dresser, looking at the dolls. "They're asleep. And only I can wake them back up. As for who I am, you already know. Your little ragtag group of friends and my old plaything Celestia are looking for me." She picked up the doll and placed it on the ground, facing the frightened teenager, before using her index finger to shoot black magic into it.

Rainbow watched it suddenly move it's hands, then run towards her. "What the hay!" She yelled, backing away from the mostrosity. It jumped up at her and latched itself onto her face, forcing her to fall from shock, trying to pull it off.

"I am here to make a deal, Rainbow Dash," Zolan said, reaching down calmly and plucking the toy off the thrashing teenager. "You have something I really want and I have THREE things you want to KEEP. Actually four." She retrieved the black magic and placed the doll back on the dresser while Rainbow stood back up, looking at her manically.

She growlef, "And what would that be?"

"The Orb of Zebrica, of course." Zolan turned around and faced her, giving the teen a narrow eyed smile. "You bring it to me, and you won't lose those four things."

"And what are those four things?"

"Scootaloo, your friends, your girlfriend, and something else very important that you will not like at all. But it ties in with Scootaloo, and seeing your girlfriend and friends again."

"LEAVE SCOOTALOO ALONE, YOU—" Zolan reached out and shot magic at her, sending her flying back into the wall. Rainbow collapsed on the floor and moaned in pain. Sliding her hand along the carpet with her face still on the ground.

"Uh uh uh, Rainbow," Zolan taunted, waving her red index finger. She smiled down at her as the magic crawled through Rainbow's body, shivering from the cold feeling. "Let's be civil, not cutthroat. Here's the deal. Get me the Orb...and you don't lose Scootaloo, your friends, your girlfriend, and the most very important thing that I will not reveal."

Rainbow stood up and faced Zolan again with a face of anger. "Let me guess," she seethed, standing up slowly. "My life?"

"Close. Just get me the Orb. When you do, meet me back here. In your room. You have seven days. Do not tell anyone about this meeting or even give hints. I'll be watching and waiting, Rainbow. Don't let me down." A large flash lit up her room before she left, leaving everything back the way it was before the slamming of the door, which was now open like it was never shut.

She was alone, letting her think about her decision. Whether to give her the Orb that'll destroy two worlds, or not give it to her that will destroy only hers. What to do?

She grabbed one of the dolls and threw it across the room. Seven days.

Decisions Decisions

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After the questioning and Scootaloo was left in her room, she sat on her bed and started thinking. What would become of her once she got out? Where would she go? Could she get a job? Schooling? A life that she never had? Or was that all over? She sighed and sat up in her bed, worry on her mind. Everything was happening so fast. One minute she was hanging out with friends, the next she was stuck in a facility for a month as an "Unstable Patient". This was getting out of hand really fast. So fast, that it worried her. Would she even survive out there? Only time could tell. And the time was agonizingly slow.

After going to sleep and waking up the next day, she went ahead and took a shower. Avoiding all the bad parts of her body that were sensitive to the touch. And there were a lot of those. The scars went back all the way to nine years old actually, the first three from being attacked by a dog. Somehow, she was able to escape that. The second time was by two dogs. After that, she just assumed that fate definitely hated her for some reason. For what, no one would ever know. She just knew it was that. The rest was from the humans' beating, stabbing, and raping her. Of course after that she lost all self-esteem to the point where she would just start adding her own scars. There had to be at least fifty big and small ones on her, mostly on her front, less so on her back. Things like that just naturally happened to her.

Sighing, she turned off the water to the shower and grabbed the towel on the rod above her, drying herself off in the tub. She didn't feel comfortable being so exposed like that around where people could see her. The only bit of privacy she really had was in the shower, and even then she was afraid someone could just walk in and yank open the curtain. There was no door! She had a really REALLY bad case of anxiety. During the time she was in the shower, she kept her eyes on the curtain and the shadows that were on it. If they moved, she stuck her head out of it, making sure no one was there. And if they were, she'd scream. Just a precaution. Thankfully no one had wondered in.

After drying herself off, she checked out some of the bathroom items she was given. She hadn't actually been able to take a bath there after arriving three days ago, she didn't really feel comfortable doing it. But now that she did, it felt good. After putting on the deodorant and such, she put on the clothes she was given. New ones, finally. It wasn't a gown anymore, instead it was a pair of drawstring white pants and a white short sleeve shirt. It was made out of some type of paper and plastic. Apparently, the patients weren't trusted enough to be put into any kind of fabric. Says a lot about what goes on in here. Not really a surprise, it was a psychological ward.

Soon she walked out of the bathroom and rubbed the gash that was turning into a skin covered digout on her face. The cut would always be there, it would just match her face color instead of what was underneath. The pink of flesh and red of blood. It would probably take a month or two to get to that point, but it doesn't matter, her face was never going to be restored. She flopped down onto her bed and laid back, waiting for the nurses to come in, slap on the cuffs, and take her to breakfast beside, not with, but BESIDE the rest of the unit. She finally figured out where she was. They called it "Unit F". So original. It stood for freakin' female, that wasn't creative at all! Well...it must not be safe to try and be creative around a bunch of girls that are violent, suicidal, or both in her case. And probably in another's in this hospital. Had to be, she couldn't be the only one.....right?

Getting tired of thinking of the ward, she turned her thoughts to something that had her on edge throughout this whole experience. Zo. She has not spoken at all since the last time they talked. And that was four or three days ago. Rainbow said that she's a sneaky character, so she's either planning something or just digging through her mind or something. She is Equestrian, she could probably do that. Question is...just what was she looking to do?

The door beeped, signalling that someone was walking in, thus catching her attention. She sat up as it creaked open, revealing Violet Twinkle and Misty Flyer, both offering her a smile. "Good morning, Scootaloo," Misty said calmly. "You ready for breakfast?"

Scootaloo stood up and offered out her wrists without answering. Violet stepped forward and softly place the cuffs on, locking them in place comfortably. Secured, Scootaloo lowered her arms and allowed herself to be guided slowly towards the door. Misty stepped aside, letting the two out before closing and locking the door back the way it was before, then going over and standing on the left side of Scootaloo. The other girls were already there, looking at her before they began walking towards the cafeteria again.

After making it to the room, they all went and got their food. The nurses asked Scootaloo if she would like the food or the tube and she said doughnut. They chuckled, remembering the first time she tasted those. While Misty took her to her seat next to the other three girls, Green Rush, Loud Symphony, and her secret acquaintance, Icy Spring, Violet went to grab her breakfast.

"Good morning, Scootaloo," Icy greeted from her right. Scootaloo glanced over and gave a small smile.

"Good morning," she replied, albeit quietly. Maybe one day she'll talk at full volume again. But it was obviously not happening any time soon.

"Did you sleep well?" Scootaloo shrugged before a plate of food was sat in front of her, stacked with three doughnuts, eggs, and something else. She picked up a utensil and started eating while they continued.

"Yeah, I don't know what to make of my night either," Loud Symphony agreed, taking a swig of Apple Juice. "When I sleep, I like to have the moonlight hit my face. It's really relaxing. But....I don't have a window, so.....yeah."

"Seriously. Do you have a window, Scootaloo?" Green Rush asked. The girl stopped chewing and looked up before giving the world's most smallest of nods that could be noticed. "What? I just have three walls and a door."

"I don't think this place was made for fun," Scootaloo commented between bites, surprising them all that she actually spoke again.

"Well....I still think I could use a TV," Loud Symphony muttered, crossing her arms and looking away. Scootaloo smiled and let out a faint chuckle, that no one else noticed but Icy, before finishing off her four doughnuts. Icy smiled before she resumed her food as well, letting her two friends argue about the room arrangements.

"Is this really happening?" Rainbow muttered to herself that same morning, placing her hands on both sides of her head and pacing around in her room. "This is so not happening. Why is she doing this? I didn't even do anything. That lady is nuts and she's making me nuts too. Oh my god, I'm talking to myself right now, how worse could this—nope! No, don't even say that, something bad might happen! Like Pinkie Pie crashing through that window, coming out the closet with a cake or something. That's far worse than....nevermind, I'll take Pinkie Pie crashing through windows scaring the speed out of me than Zolan blackmailing me to either betray my friends and save Scootaloo, or have Scootaloo disappear from my life forever to save Equestria and Earth. What is she even planning to do with Scoots?"

Finally taking a breather, she sat down on her bed and buried her face into her hands and screamed loudly. "Why is this so hard?!"

"Rainbow, be quiet!" Her mother yelled from downstairs. Sighing, she removed her hands from her face and looked at the mirror across from her.

"What am I going to do?" She whispered. "I can't just leave Scoots behind. But I also want to be able to find out who did this to her. But even if I did, I'll possibly lose Scootaloo, Twilight, the others, and something else she didn't tell me. That's a really bad sign." Before she could think more on it, her phone vibrated, making her look down. Her girlfriend was calling her, probably important. It could be another lead! Picking it up, she answered it and placed it to her ear. "H-hello?" She answered carefully.

"Hey, Rainbow!.......Uhhh....you okay, you sound distressed." Twilight was at her house with the others, discussing more ideas. The only person not there was Rainbow. She had her on speakerphone so everyone could hear her.

"I-I'm fine, I'm fine. W-What is it?" Rainbow ran a hand through her hand, trying to get it back to being smooth.

"Well, we're all waiting for you to come over so we can start brainstorming our next step. Are you coming?"

Rainbow's mind blanked, having totally forgot about everything else they were doing today. "I, ummm.....I don't know, Twi. Just start without me."

"Rainbow, darling, are you sure you're okay?" Rarity asked, concerned.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, just....do what you're....doing over there."

"Rainbow, I don't rightly believe you," Applejack asked suspiciously. There was a click and then the dial tone, meaning she hung up. "Did she just hang up in the middle of a conversation? Don't tell me somethin' else is goin' on, I can't handle Amaryllis, Scootaloo, and her at the same time."

"I don't know....but it sounded big enough to hang up on you," Amaryllis commented, watching Twilight pick up the phone. "Do you think she's in trouble and someone took her phone?"

"Maybe someone kidnapped her, tied her to a chair, and she only had twenty seconds to speak before her captors hung up to resume the torturing!" Pinkie Pie suggested loudly. They all stared in horror at her before Anemone shook her head.

"No matter how much I don't wanna believe it, it's been confirmed that this world's version of Pinkie Pie is worse than our world. Our Pinkie Pie barely spoke ever since coming here." She motioned towards the pink girl in the kitchen holding a large cupcake she was preparing to munch into. Spotting everyone staring at her she waved. Princess Twilight shyly returned the gesture before looking back at the rest of the group.

"Well, now I'm worried about Rainbow Dash," she said. "Should we go over to her house or something? She's now the only thing on my mind, and I'm betting all of yours' too."

"Yeah, she's weighing heavily here," EQG Rarity said, standing up with the rest of the group.

"Yeah, let's go check her out," EQG Applejack agreed. "You guys might wanna stay here. Seeing double of everyone may attract eyeballs."

"Yeah, sure, just go find out Rainbow's itch and scratch it, I don't want her making me look bad," Anemone said, walking outside with her sister to relax in the trees.


"If I do that, then this will happen. Not good at all," Rainbow continued muttering. "But if I do this, that will happen, still not good. Nothing good will come out of any decision I make." Running her hands through her hair, she groaned loudly. Why did she have to choose her? Out of all people?! "I have to choose something, I have to choose something. Six days left, six days, six days left."

The doorbell rang, making her look towards her bedroom doorway. Someone was unexpectedly at their house without them knowing. Strange. She heard her mother open the door, speak and then a group of footsteps. making their way towards the stairs. "Rainbow! Your friends are here!"

"Sunuva..." She muttered before raking her hands through her hair again. The steps stopped at her door before someone knocked on the frame.

"Rainbow, darling, we just wanted to—OH MY GOODNESS, YOUR HAIR IS JUST AWFUL!" Rarity exclaimed, walking briskly into her room and looking for a brush. "No wonder you didn't wanna come out today, you look dreadful!"

"Uhhh......yeah, sure, whatever, just what are you doing here?" Rainbow asked, pushing Rarity away from her stuff. She returned a not even a second later.

"You sounded weird on the phone, so we thought to check up on you," Twilight answered, looking around her room. "It's nice in here. Can I sit with you?" Rainbow patted the spot beside her while the others took a place around the room. "Can you tell me why you were so anxious to leave the conversation?"

"I....umm...it's complicated, and I really don't feel like talking about it."

"Maybe it would help...if you combed your hair, darling." The group watched Rarity take a seat on the other side of Rainbow, finally managing to find a brush, and started brushing through her strands. "I mean, really. Whatever is bothering you was clearly showing. How many times have you raked your hands through you hair this morning?"

"Uhhh......I lost count." Rarity groaned before Twilight took the floor.

"Well, we just want to make sure you're okay. We love you Rainbow Dash, and if there's something bothering you you can tell us."

'If only that were true, Twilight,' Rainbow thought, looking towards the ground. 'If only that were true.'

Happy Birthday

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After the group had left Rainbow's house, and Rarity finally had her way with Rainbow's hair that she was still messing up at that moment, they went back home, finding her seemingly alright. But that was seemingly. Twilight stayed behind to give her a quick kiss and a look over before following them out.

"Notice anything weird about her?" Applejack asked her once she caught up to them. They were nearly at her home where the thestrals were currently camping out and looking down at them from a tree.

Twilight nodded and answered, "Yeah, just really fidgety and nervous. But besides that, nothing else out of the ordinary."

Just fidgety?! Rarity gasped and queried in disbelief, "What are you talking about, her hair was a mess! I mean, really! That was anything but normal!"

"Rarity we understand your fashion concerns, but this is about Rainbow Dash, not Rainbow Dash's hair," Fluttershy stated. "Something was up with her. And it looked serious."

"And she's not telling," Twilight added, knocking on the door since everyone was inside. It was opened a few seconds later by Cadance. She ushered them in then closed the door calmly behind them.

"Well, she was insanely out of it," Applejack reported, making her way into the living room and taking off her hat in respect. "I've never seen Rainbow so frantic before. It must've been big." She flopped down into the couch and relaxed.

"She was literally pulling her hair out, this is more than big," EQG Rarity commented. She took a place on Twilight's couch with the others. "I think she might be worried about Scootaloo inside the facility. I don't know what goes on in there so...I don't know."

"We should visit her sometime," Princess Twilight recommended. Then quickly added, "Well, you guys should, we all can't just walk in there."

"Yeah, that's not a very good idea," Princess Celestia agreed. "And we still have no leads on Zolan. Should we spring a trap?"

"Too risky," Luna said, shaking her head. "If the trap fails, she gets the box."

"And we can't let her have that, apparently," Cadance agreed, glancing up at them. "Let's assign roles. Those from Equestria will do what they can about the Orb of Zebrica while the rest of us will worry about Scootaloo. She needs us more now than ever. A LOT more."

"I agree," Princess Twilight said, nodding her head. "We need to find a spell that can track dark magic. You guys be there for Scootaloo."

After breakfast, which was always good for Scootaloo, the group was led down the hospital halls towards the gym for... Reality digest? What was that? Must be something therapeutic.

Sighing, Scootaloo folded up the agenda as best as she could with her wrists bound and put it back in the shirt pocket of her clothing. They were headed towards the lounge, where they apparently held most of the group sessions. Must be a familiarity thing. As well as a safety thing, can't forget about that in a hospital.

The other girls went in first before Scootaloo was led inside last. The room had most of the lights out like it was a movie theater. Hey, didn't they have movies in there? It's a children's unit, they should have movies. Right? She's never saw one before.

"Are there... Movies in here?" Scootaloo asked quietly, sitting down next to Icy. Icy gave her a smile before crossing her legs.

"Sometimes," she responded. "But I heard that it's after fourteen days. We have a vote and whatever is voted the most we get to watch. Of course most of the movies are therapeutic. You know, when the plot is when something bad happens and then it gets good after some talking and stuff. Like what goes on in here." Scootaloo looked from her to the front where two people walked in, very familiar.

"Hey, everyone!" Yellow Buzz greeted in excitement, taking a seat beside Chrysanthemum who gave a smile and waved. Why the hell were they so happy? Scootaloo got a little upset at their smiling faces. She could barely hold a real one yet they could walk into a room where most of the girls have tried committing suicide with smiles?! "You're probably wondering why we're having these gleaming smiles, huh?" Chrysanthemum asked.

"Yes... I would very much like to know that," Scootaloo muttered. Icy glanced over at her before focusing back at the two up front.

"Well... The reason why is because it's someone's birthday today!" Yellow Buzz said loudly, throwing out his arms. "Wanna guess who it is? It's one of you."

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow looking around the room. It's someone's birthday? They celebrated those here? She hasn't had a birthday celebration with anyone else before. Not even Rainbow Dash. She just knew her age, never her birthday. No one knew her birthday... Unless Amaryllis told them. Scootaloo's actually never had a birthday party. Been too busy trying to survive. She barely even knew when she was born. Only that she was born.

The girls around started pointing at the others, trying to figure it out. "No, sorry, not her! Try again!" Chrysanthemum said, shaking her head.

"Is it Icy?" Green Rush asked.

Icy shook her head. "No, it's not me. Loud Symphony maybe?"

"No, my birthday is October ninth, it's April 4th, I think," Symphony said, looking around the room for a calendar. Finding it she pointed to it. "Yeah, it's April 4th."

"Do you give up?" Yellow Buzz asked, looking around at the girls. They looked around the room before nodding their heads. Even Scootaloo wanted to know, leaning forward in her chair and not even noticing the nurses behind her share a knowing glance.

"The birthday girl....is~...."

"Scootaloo." They all looked towards the doorway to see Dr. Martina walking in with a birthday cake that had the number sixteen on it. "Happy Birthday, Scootaloo!" The girls all looked towards Scootaloo cocking her head at the doctor. It was her birthday? She was born on April 4th? What?

"Today's my birthday?" She asked quietly, pointing to herself in confusion. "Are you sure?"

"Yep, just checked a few minutes ago," she confirmed. She took careful steps into the room with the vanilla cake for a destination to the table. That's why the lights were dimmed. To give the candles some glow, Scootaloo guessed.

She was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that it was her birthday. Martina stopped at the table and explained, "We usually don't allow birthday parties in here. Instead we hold it in the cafeteria. But we came to the stunning realization that well, we just wanted to hold a birthday party where you could be relaxed and not cold." She placed the cake on the table behind Scootaloo. "Happy Sixteenth!"

The girls all turned to the patient who was just staring at the cake in shock. It was her birthday? And they were willing to give her a cake? Her bottom lip started quivering before she buried her face in her hands, trying to stop the happy tears from coming down. That wasn't awesome.

Martina bent low and rubbed her back comfortably. This girl was something else. Something she'd personally fight for. "It's okay," she cooed. "Do you want me to take the cake back?"

Scootaloo wiped her eyes and shook her head to answer. Then spoke at a volume that they could all hear, "No... No, I'm just... I'm just happy. I've....I've never had a birthday party before. Or presents, cake, candles.....or anyone to really celebrate it with. So I'm... Thank you."

"You are very welcome Scootaloo."

"Happy birthday, Scootaloo!" Icy said, giving her friend a hug. "I didn't even know you were fifteen recently. Now you're the big one-six! Sixteen!"

"What's.......alright," she replied. "So....what am I supposed to do with this?" She looked around the cake, trying to figure it out.

"You blow out the candles," Dr. Martina said. "Let's see how fast you can blow it out." The other girls cheered before she looked back at the cake, licking her lips. They all gathered around before she took in a deep breath and blew, taking out three of the candles before going onto the rest.

"How ironic, it took you sixteen seconds," Green Rush commented. "Happy Birthday!"

Decisions & Consequences

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A full week had passed, meaning the time for thoughts and planning were over. It was time for action. To take a step that could either ruin Rainbow Dash...or ruin Scootaloo. Either way, Rainbow Dash had to do something. And her hair definitely wasn't getting any better from thinking about it. Nor from the pulling.

She sighed and sat up, looking around the room before getting out of bed. She couldn't sleep. And she had to figure out this decision. A big decision. Which she just made.

Sighing, Rainbow Dash looked up around her room. It was still dark, being only one in the morning, the moon's light brightening up the room through her window. She knew she was watching. She could feel those eyes watching her every move, her every step. Wherever she looked, she was too.

"I'm not doing it," she said bravely. "I'm not doing either of them. Blackmail me all you want, HIT me...all you want, but I'm not doing it, Zolan."

She waited a few moments before a rush of air came from behind her. Rainbow Dash quickly turned around to see the red themed Equestrian giving her a glare. "So......you've made a choice that I didn't give you," she said coldly. "You know......I could just as easily take you AND Scootaloo off the map with a single touch. Is that what you prefer?"

Rainbow didn't answer, too busy staring the woman down with a glare of her own. Eventually, Zolan sighed. "Very well then. You will be affected by all three consequences I have told you. You lose your girlfriend You lose your friends. You lose Scootaloo And my favorite surprise of all....you will lose your parents. Starting now." She snapped her fingers, creating a red wave originating from the house and spread out all over the city, hitting Rainbow Dash with a yelp and sending her flying back into the wall. She hit her head, knocking her out cold. "Try to live with yourself.....Rainbow Crash. And this will not be a dream. Everything that happens next....is real."

A few hours later, after the unfortunate forceful sleep agent, the Equestria girl woke up with a groan and opened her eyes, looking around. Zolan was nowhere to be found. That's good....right? No wait...what did she say before she left? This will not be a dream? What did she mean by that?

Shrugging it off, Rainbow stood up and stretched, happy with her decision that she just made. Sort of. She didn't know that lady very well. So she could either be bluffing...or she could be deadly serious. Either way the decision has been made. And she had to stay hopeful that her surrogate sister would be alright. As a matter of fact, she needed to go visit her this morning. See how everything was going in there. Hopefully she was okay.

She walked out of her room and towards the bathroom to wash up before three knocks sounded off at the door, banging loudly. She stopped and looked towards the stairs before some loud voices yelled out, "Police! Open up now!"

"Crap! We gotta get out of here!" Her father yelled. "We can't let them get us!"

"What about—"

"Leave her, we're gone!"

"Hey, what's going on?!" Rainbow yelled while running to her parents room. She walked briskly through the doorway just in time to see her parents crawling out through the window. What in....?! "Where are you going?!"

"Shut up and stay here!" Bow Hothoof yelled, before he and his wife soared through the bushes, out of sight.

"We're coming in!" Rainbow gasped and turned around to run to her room, right when something banged into the door, cracking it open. She rushed into her room and looked out the window at her parents who were on their hands on knees on the other side of the hedge. The police had arrested them. What was going on?!

A crash downstairs brought her back to reality before a lot of footsteps broke into the house, as well as a voice barking out commands. "Check every room in the house for anyone else!" A round of footsteps came up the stairs before someone came through her bedroom door.

"Hold up your hands!" The police man screamed, prompting her to do just that before he came in and grabbed her by the arm, putting her on the ground by the front and placing his knee on her back. "I have one in here!"

"Take them into custody, we're having them questioned!" Someone yelled from downstairs.

"WHAT?! What's going on?!" Rainbow yelled in fear before the officer put her arms behind her back.

"You have the right to remain silent—"

"What the heck?!"

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." The officer pulled out some handcuffs and slapped them on her wrists before getting off her back and lifting her up. "You have the right to an attorney—"

"I don't have money for an attorney but I'm definitely getting one!"

"If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you." He led her out of the room, and down the hallway, making their way down the stairs. "Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?"

"Yeah!" They led her out the house and into the view of the neighborhood where the neighbors were outside watching what was going on. This did not look good.

"With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?"

"Yeah? Why am I being arrested, I've never done an illegal thing in my life!"

"You will know when you arrive at the station." One of the officers opened the car door before he placed her inside and situated her in a seatbelt. One finished, they closed the door and drove her away, along with another police car in front of and behind her. Leading her towards an area that could change her life forever.


"Okay, Twilight, we're here. Now what's going on?" Rarity asked as she and the others quickly rushed into Twilight's house. "Why are we here?"

"Did you find Zolan?" Princess Twilight asked hopefully.

"No," Twilight said, tearing up slightly. "No, we didn't. But Rainbow Dash's been arrested." They all looked to her in shock before EQG Applejack decided to ask her.

"What are you talking about?"

"They rushed into her house, put her in handcuffs, and sent her to the police station along with her parents! They're saying her parents were the birth parents to Scootaloo and that she knew about it, but never told anyone!"

"WHAT?! That's ridiculous!" Rarity said.

"Rainbow would never do something like that," Fluttershy denied. "She would never intentionally hurt Scootaloo!"

"That's what I said! We have to go down to the station and get this handled! We're her friends, we have to make sure she's not guilty!"

"Then let's go!" Princess Twilight yelled before Twilight caught her hand.

"You guys can't, they'll think something's up! There's two of each of us! Plus we're already wanted by them because we were spotted with Amaryllis and Anemone!"

"How about this?" Princess Celestia said, catching their attention. "We'll use our invisibility spells to go in and find out what she knows. That will help us. Luna, do you have the orb?"

"Right in this saddlebag." She motioned towards the purse she held on her shoulder. "This is a great means of transportation for items here."

"I like the plan, let's go! Everyone else from Equestria, stay here!" Princess Twilight ordered before she and the Princesses all ran out the door and towards the city. Leaving the others to discuss what was happening. This was not good at all.


Rainbow Dash, once again, sat in front of a detective behind a stainless steel table. But this time, she was in chains. Chains and handcuffs. The clock on the wall ticked the minutes away, creating a very tense atmosphere in the interrogation room. Causing Rainbow to be more jumpy than she was already. The detective was looking through a folder that contained all her personal information. School records, legal records, hospital records, state identification. All of it.

"Ms. Dash," he said, breaking the silence. "I'm going to ask you one question. Do you have a sister?"


"Hmm." He nodded his head not looking up from the folder before he sighed. "I don't take kindly to liars, kid. You do have a sister and right now, she's in the hospital because you knew about a child that was abandoned and didn't tell anyone about it."

"What are you talking about?!"

"Your sister was Amaryllis!" He yelled, standing up, before retreating back down. "Also known as Scootaloo who is in the hospital due to food poisoning and attempted suicide. Your parents are her parents who abandoned her shortly after five years. Literally threw her in the bushes to live on her own for ten years. Now she's in the hospital for mental disabilities."

"SCOOTALOO'S MY SISTER?!!" Rainbow yelled, not quite believing what she was hearing. "Are you absolutely sure?! I know we're close, but I never thought she'd be my sister! My actual sister!"

"You wanna see the birth certificate? Actually, no. You ain't seeing anything for not reporting this act."

Rainbow was aghast. "What? I helped take her to the hospital after we found out!"

"Which was supposedly," he opened up the folder and pulled out some more documents. "Almost two weeks ago. That checks out. But we found out about the child abandonment from her. Not from you. Or anyone else for that matter. But you did know and we have proof of that. Thanks to an anonymous tip, we were allowed to check everything that had your name on it. Including a diary that was in your locker at Canterlot High School."

If Rainbow could stand up, she would. What was he taking about? "What?! I don't own a diary, why would I have a diary?!"

"So little girls like you, in your teenage years, can talk about your hopes and dreams throughout your life." He reached down and picked up a large plastic bag, holding a book of some sort. He put on some rubber gloves sitting nearby then opened it up, pulling out the book. "There was an entry in here clearly dating back to 2011, June 14th. Five years after Scootaloo was abandoned. She was eleven at the time. I'll read it out loud for you."

He cleared his throat before reading the passage. "'Dear diary. Today is June 14th, 2011. For the last few weeks, I've been following Scootaloo after school, like I informed you yesterday. Apparently, she's living behind Applejack's farm. Doesn't she have any parents? That can't be safe at all.

"'This time I followed her through the woods to confirm my suspicions and it was true. There's like this cave thing built into a wall of a dried riverbed in those woods where I saw her bag, scooter, and a blanket. Not to mention her homework and crusader's uniform. She's actually living on her own! But for how long? How long has this been going on?!

"'That doesn't matter right now. What does is if I should tell someone. Should I talk to her about it? This is really dangerous. I have to sleep on this because this is SO not awesome.' That was the first entry. Then there was a second. The next day."

"'Dear Diary. I finally made a decision. I can't tell anyone about this. At all. Scootaloo trusts me not to go snooping through her business. If she finds out I know about this, she'll go off the handle and bury herself in the ground. I'm in between a rock and a hard place and I'd rather not touch that rock. But I promise that if it gets worse, I'll take her to the hospital.'"

The detective closed the notebook and slammed it down beside him. "I don't have a flippin' diary!" Rainbow denied angrily.

"This is your handwriting!" He grabbed the book and opened it to a random page, showing it to her. "We matched it with your schoolwork, this is your handwriting! Even the numbers are the same! Kid do you know how big this whole situation is? A child that was five has grown up without a family, went digging through trash cans for food, bitten by dogs, ants, birds, predators in general, assaulted by random people, raped twice, and tried to end it all by jumping off the roof of a thirty story tall building all because her parents, YOUR parents if they even deserve that title, wanted something better than children.

"She was out there for ten years, TEN FREAKING YEARS, going through that torture. And you knew all about it when she was eleven. She was raped at the age of twelve, and again at the age of fifteen. You could've stopped it, kid. But now, you could be possibly going to prison for ten years for failing to report child abandonment, which is a third degree felony here. But considering the severity of this case, you could be getting fifteen."

"But I didn't know!" Rainbow cried. "I swear I didn't know! I don't own a diary, th-that's not mine, I swear!"

"Your handwriting says something entirely different kid. Take her away."

The monitors in the room stepped forward and unlocked her from the table before grabbing her by the arms.

"That's not my diary! You have to believe me! That's not my diary, I swear!" She protested, being led out the room. "I just found out about Scootaloo, none of that is true! You have to believe me! You have to...." The door to the interrogation room shut, leaving the detective to sigh and pack up.

"Wish I could kid," he muttered. "Wish I could."


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While Rainbow Dash was being put in a cell, the Princesses were using their invisibility to get into the precinct where she was being held. So far, things were looking glim. They had managed to get inside, but now they had to get past the large amount of officers without bumping into them. What would it look like if you were to just start walking into people and they had absolutely no idea there was somebody there? Actually, that's a good idea.

"Follow my lead," Twilight whispered before she did the calculations in her head. If she were to knock one down, they'll all fall like dominoes. "I'm going to knock them over."

"What?" Celestia asked before Twilight took her foot and kicked one over into another, who fell into another, and so forth.


"Man, what the hay?!"

"Who just knocked me over?!"

"Come on!" Twilight said, jumping over the group and landing on the other side. The Princesses followed suit, landing unseen before they continued on their way, leaving the officers confused and upset. Not to mention rubbing their heads. They looked through the rooms, which was built in the same fashion a dungeon would be in. Next to each other with absolutely nothing in them but a bench. They saw Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles in one of them, discussing something about... something.

"We're in some deep manure right now," the father whispered, rubbing his forehead. "We really should've just killed her when we had the chance." Twilight grunted before continuing on with the other two to look for Rainbow. Those two obviously did it. Question is was Rainbow in on it.

"Over here," Celestia whispered. The other two turned around and quickly walked back towards the second to last room on the right. Rainbow was in there, currently crying. "This is not good. I'm teleporting us in." She grabbed the other princesses hands before teleporting inside, scaring Rainbow enough for her to let out a really girlish squeak. Although there was a flash, she didn't see anything that caused it.

Scratching the side of her head, she looked around.

"Rainbow." She yelped and jumped nearly a foot in the air after hearing Twilight's voice in her right ear.

"Twilight?! Where are you?!" She yelled, looking around the room.

"Quiet, Rainbow Dash," Celestia said from her left. "We have an invisibility spell running. There are listening and recording devices in this room. We cannot show ourselves."

"Okay," she whispered, pulling up her legs. She was still in her nightclothes since she was literally thrown on the ground before she could actually go and take a shower.

"What happened?"

She sighed and whispered, "Zolan. Remember a few days ago when I was acting all strange and you guys came to check on me?"

"Yeah, they said you were hiding something," Twilight responded.

"The night before, Zolan paid a visit. She blackmailed me, saying she knew we had the orb. She wanted me to steal it and give it to her in exchange that I keep my friends, girlfriend, and Scootaloo. And apparently not have years of my life stripped from me. I told her no, and she put a fake diary in my locker at school, complete with full entries. Two of them were about me knowing about what happened to Scootaloo and that I didn't report it dated a year I think before she was raped. So now, because of that fake book and an 'anonymous' tip, I'm going to jail for a long time. Apparently fifteen years. And also... Just found out that Scootaloo's actually my sister. My real, blood sister."

"So Zolan wasn't going after Scootaloo," Celestia whispered. "She was going after her sister because she loves her and wouldn't let anything happen to her. She thought Rainbow would fall for it."

"But now you're both in danger," Luna whispered from the doorway. "There are three things at stake here. Actually five. Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, the Orb of Zebrica, Anemone, and Amaryllis. From what I've heard, if Zolan sees those two, she will try to kill them immediately. She still holds a grudge against the Thestrals."

"And even more against my fallen friend's children," Celestia responded. "We must act quickly. Zolan will make an appearance soon. Either with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, the Thestrals, or for the Orb. And I believe Rainbow Dash. She would never do something like this."

"Don't worry Rainbow, we'll get you out of here," Twilight whispered, giving her a hug. "Question is.... Now? Or later?"

"Leave me here and go check on Scoots. If I leave, I'll look even more guilty. Just please. Go and check on my sister."

"You got it. Stay strong, Rainbow." Celestia teleported the three of them out of the building right when Rainbow's door was unlocked. Two officers walked in and stood her up to slap some handcuffs on her.

"Pen time, kid. Instead of Juvenile, you're going to the women's detention center," one of them told her. They put her hands behind her back and slapped the cuffs on her, locking them and walking her out of the room.

"I didn't do this, you have to believe me," Rainbow said while something tapped against her collarbone. She looked down and gasped unnoticeably at the geode around her neck. She totally forgot about that!

She could use this for two things: get out of these cuffs and make a speedy escape, or get out of those cuffs and make a speedy escape. They'll never catch her. She sighed and made up her mind after they walked her outside. She had no choice, she let the necklace stay underneath her shirt as they put her in the car. Ready to take her to the nearest detention hall.

Scootaloo was reading a book in the lounge, relaxing with Icy. They were alone while everyone else was doing their own thing. Her nurses were at the desk looking for something and the others were just in their rooms.

"So what are you going to do when you get out of here?" Icy asked without looking up from her book.

"I don't know," Scootaloo replied. She had successfully reached full volume, surprising Icy. "I mean...what am I supposed to do? I don't have a family to go home to. My real family threw me away."

"One of them didn't." The girls looked around, trying to find that voice that seemed really familiar to Scootaloo.

Icy looked at her confused. "Did you....hear that?"

"Yeah. It sounded like...."

"Princess Twilight."

"Yeah. Wait what?!" The two of them turned around and nearly yelled before the Princess placed a hand over their mouths.

She was hiding behind the couch, all ponied up with the wings and everything. "Try not to scream okay?" She whispered. "Especially you, Scootaloo. This is really important and it couldn't wait. Nod if you understand." The two nodded before she released them and stood up to her full height. Then reached down and pulled Scootaloo into a hug.

"I'm so happy you're okay," she said calmly.

"Forget that, how'd you get in here?!" She scolded quietly. Icy was thinking the same. Maybe she was really nuts since she's looking at a girl that had wings coming from her back and pony ears on the top of her head.

"We teleported. I know it's against rules and regulations, but this couldn't wait." She jumped over the couch and sat in between the two. "They found who abandoned you. Your parents."

"Okay. And why couldn't the police tell me this?"

"Because this is much easier for you if I do it. The parents are... Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof...Rainbow Dash's parents." Scootaloo's mouth gawked open. "I know Rainbow Dash is like a sister to you. That's because she actually is your sister. She didn't even know it either." Scootaloo stayed quiet for a moment. That was very sudden. Rainbow Dash...

"I.....I have a sister?" She asked, looking away for a moment.

"Yeah. And they took her into custody too." Scootaloo turned to her in surprise.


"A woman from Equestria, known as Zolan, has set all of this up. In Equestria, Zolan used Princess Celestia to kill all of the Thestrals. Because she's after something that could take over all worlds. Equestria and Earth. The Orb of Zebrica. We found it in one of the walls at the place you were living in. Now we have it. However, she wants it so bad, she blackmailed your sister, ordering her to try and steal it to give to her. Rainbow said no. So Zolan set her up as an accomplice in your abandonment by creating a fake diary, planted it in her locker, and told the police. Now Rainbow Dash could be facing fifteen years because of this. She used your abandonment as a way to get to us."

"Wait....Zolan? Is she..... entirely red themed?"

"Yes." They all looked towards the front of the room for the source of the voice. "It's Princess Celestia, Scootaloo. From Equestria. Yes, Zolan is entirely red."

"Zo," she seethed. "When I first came here, there was this woman in my mind, called herself Zo. She told me that she could help me get revenge on everyone for putting me in here. I turned her down, but every now and then, she makes little appearances."

"Whatever you do, Scootaloo," Celestia warned. "Don't let her takeover. She will make you do horrible things like she made me do."

"Promise me you'll be careful, Scootaloo," Twilight asked, grabbing her hand.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Twilight smiled and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm so proud of you," she said. "Stay strong. It will all be over soon."

"I hope so."

She pulled away and looked at Scootaloo's face. That gash in her cheek will always be there. And so will the copious amount of scars riddling her body. But she was still beautiful. "See you soon, Cutie Mark Crusader." Twilight teleported out of the room with Celestia, leaving behind a completely shocked Icy.

"Wha..... wh-what just happened?" She stammered, looking around confused.

Scootaloo looked up at the ceiling and sighed, "I just got the biggest news of my life.....I have a sister."

Resolution Made

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"We just spoke to Scootaloo," Princess Twilight said as they ran up to the benches to meet with the others on the Canterlot High School football field. "We told her the news of what we learned."

"Which was what?" EQG Applejack asked. "Why did Dash get arrested?"

"Zolan," Celestia spat out. "She blackmailed Rainbow earlier this week. The day she was acting all strange was the day it happened."

"Zolan knows we have the Orb of Zebrica," Luna continued. She pulled out the Orb from inside of the purse she was holding, still in its container and presented it to everyone. "So she used Rainbow Dash as the key to get to it. She knew that Rainbow has a lot of things that can be taken away from her. Scootaloo, her girlfriend here..." She motioned towards Sci-Twi's apple red face. Rarity did a double take before she continued. "All of you, and her family. Not to mention a secret that she never knew about and won't matter if we don't get her out of this mess."

"What secret?" Anemone asked. She and Amaryllis landed beside Celestia, at least a little comfortable around her. Although Anemone was still between her and her little sister. She didn't trust her that much.

"Rainbow Dash has a sister," she answered, shocking them all except the Thestrals.

"We know," Amaryllis responded, catching their attention. "We—" She motioned between herself and Anemone. "Are them."

"Well, they apparently didn't know," Princess Twilight told them. "But you know what that implies right? Do you really see the magnitude of all of this?"

Both of the Applejacks responded with, "Not really."

"Rainbow Dash's parents are the ones who abandoned Scootaloo. But that's not the worst part."

"Zolan created a fake diary that was supposedly Rainbow Dash's and stowed it away in her locker," Celestia told them. "It was filled with faux entries, two of which had gotten her arrested. It read that she discovered that Scootaloo was homeless and another read she wasn't going to tell anyone about it."

"And that was approximately one year before Scootaloo was taken advantage of," Princess Luna explained. "Which was between ten and eleven years ago."

"So they are blaming Rainbow Dash for not telling anyone," Princess Twilight continued. "Which means she will be getting probably the same amount of time, if not more, as her parents."

"Because the power was in her hands to stop it and she did nothing about it," Ponyville Rarity finished. The group sighed before they asked the obvious question.

"What do we do Twilight?!" The pink duo yelled, scaring the two eggheads.

"Pinkie not so loud," they both scolded.

"OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH! You know something that we totally forgot, girls?" EQG Pinkie stated, catching their attention. She reached into her shirt and pulled out the pink diode. The Equestria Girls gasped and pulled out their own.

"I totally forgot about these!" Sunset exclaimed, rubbing her thumb across its surface.

"And what are those?" Princess Twilight asked, pointing to the weird rocks.

"They're the Magic Diodes we received after going to the Everfree Forest almost two years ago," Sunset explained. "They're like the Elements of Harmony here, and they give us abilities. They help us transform into some superhero-type people. They could be very useful."

"Well even if they are, we need a new plan to track down this woman," Ponyville Applejack said, getting back on track. "She's literally runnin' around and ruining' people's' lives over power. We need to find a way to fish her out."

"Any ideas?" Celestia asked. They all looked around, hoping for an idea to come out of someone's mouth.

"I have one," a familiar voice spoke up. They looked above them to see Discord sitting on a floating stick like a witch. "You all should know that Zolan will be expecting you to give it up during the trial. More than likely as a last chance. She will probably be waiting for you in the crowd, which will indubitably be televised all over the nation. This is a giant and big deal. The worst of Child Abandonment apparently. So it will be put out there."

They all stared at him before Ponyville Fluttershy chuckled. "That is the first time since being here that you said something without being sarcastic. I'm proud of you, Discord." The human Draconequus rolled his eyes and patted her head.

"Discord's correct, she'll be there to tell us this is our last chance," Celestia finished. "Zolan is bright, but she isn't so bright."

"Wait, are you suggesting we—"

"Yes, we are," Luna interrupting, cutting off Sunset. "We will take the fight to her before it is too late. Rainbow Dash's life is counting on it, as well as Scootaloo's. And the whole world's. We do not know what type of judge they will be getting, so we are not taking any chances. We can't just bust into the prison, that is a disaster waiting to happen. So....we will bust into the courtroom."

"ARE YOU NUTS?!" EQG Applejack screamed, shocking all of them. "That's a federal crime! If you get caught, we are ALL goin' to prison for, like, twenty years! Maybe more!!"

"What other choice do we have?" Princess Twilight argued. "Seriously, what other choice? Everyone is in some type of lockdown facility, and if we break them out, the whole nation is after us. The only time they're out in the open will be in court. And that's exactly where Zolan will be too. If court is setup like it is in Equestria, they'll ask for the witness of Rainbow Dash to take the stand. That's Zolan. She will make Rainbow out to be the bad guy. By my calculations, the witnesses will be Principals Celestia and Luna, the police who filed the case, Scootaloo, the doctors at the facility, the person who spotted Scootaloo getting into the car on her way to Manehattan, and her. There could be more, but I'm not so sure."

"Everyone will be in one spot, where the truth can come out and we can fight her," Celestia backed up. "And we will have the chance to take her down. Simple words won't do it."

"That is the only choice we have," Discord added, eating what looked like a doughnut.

The group all looked around, hoping that someone has another way. "So....we're really doing this?" EQG Rarity finally asked. "Breaking into an occupied courtroom?"

"I'm afraid so," Sci-Twi answered solemnly. "Unfortunately, they're right. Zolan has given them 'evidence' to Rainbow Dash's case, the parents we obviously can't save, and Scootaloo is probably at the hands of death right now. She's been through so much. And Zolan is only making it worse. And who knows, she probably brainwashed her parents to throw her away. I don't know! All I know is that Rainbow and Scootaloo are in the crossfire of whatever the heck is going on in Equestria."

"Uh, you forgot us," Anemone reminded her, gesturing between herself and Amaryllis.

"Oh yeah. You guys too."

"And she used me to slaughter innocent ponies," Celestia responded grimly. "She has taken her whole body into the dark side. Hopefully the full capacity of her magic won't work here on Earth."

"And if it does?" Celestia glanced towards Princess Twilight.

"Then we will fight fire with the biggest water reservoir we have. Princess Twilight? Be prepared. We are about to go to war. Once more."

The police opened the car door and unbuckled Rainbow Dash before they grabbed her by the arms and helped her out of the vehicle. She was still in handcuffs with tears rolling down her face. She didn't do a thing and these police weren't even listening. And who knew how long it'd take for this trial to begin. It could be next month, two months from now, three months from now. Either way, she needed to stay strong. At least for Scootaloo.

They led her in through the back to get Rainbow Dash registered in the system. This place was actively a prison. But a low class one apparently. The guards at the corridor swiped a card and unlocked it before they pulled the wide thing open, allowing them to move her inside. There were cameras everywhere. Every corner, every room, every area as far as she could see. This place was secure.

After leading her through the hallways, they opened another door into a different area that looked familiar. The holding area. There were two floors of cells and an area down below that looked like it served lunch, as well as had a few televisions in the corners. Currently, it looked like the teenage convicts were eating lunch. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't even eaten breakfast yet. Or any type of food. She skipped out on dinner yesterday, too troubled to even eat while she was thinking about Scootaloo. Her sister. Her parents didn't even tell her she had a sibling. There were no pictures, no references, nothing at all. Hopefully these months will fly by. Because this was looking terrible.

Finally after fifteen more days of Rainbow's imprisonment, Scootaloo's month was up. Which meant she could get out of the hospital. Or so she thought. Most of the original girls in there had already left. Including Icy, Green Rush, and Loud Symphony. She was pretty much alone in there once again. They had decided to keep her in the observation room since she was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Not to mention had attempted to commit suicide in there. Twice. Mostly by banging her head against the wall. The nurses had to come in and sedate her for awhile during those episodes. That's how they diagnosed her with Clinical Depression and Anxiety. After that mess, she was sure they were just going to lock her in a room in a straight jacket. Thankfully, they didn't do that. Doctor Martina reassured her that this wasn't that kind of facility. Instead, they just doped her up on some antidepressants, trying to keep her smiling. Unfortunately, instead of making her happy, it made her realize how alone she truly was.

Rainbow was apparently in prison or something, that's what her lawyer, provided by the state, came and told her. And everyone else...were too busy tracking down Zolan. At least Princess Twilight had visited her a few weeks ago. But that was it. A few WEEKS ago. No one has seen her ever since. And she rarely talked to anyone else in the unit. Too afraid that they were going to do something to her. Doctor Martina thought that she was lonely. But truthfully....this has always been an everyday thing. But right now she felt even more alone. Until someone knocked on the door. She looked up one it opened a second later.

"Scootaloo?" Misty said to her. "You have two visitors. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. Do you want to see them?"

Scootaloo sat up and stared at them nonchalantly, but her mind was screaming. Where have they been?! She nodded her head and held out her wrists. They were once again doing the handcuffs thing since the suicide incidents. She still had a dark bruise on her forehead because of it. That probably wasn't going away anytime soon.

Violet Twinkle strode forward and locked her in the cuffs before she helped her get up by gently grabbing her by the arm. Once they were situated, the three of them walked out of the room and into the hall, closing the door behind them. Once it was locked, they led her towards the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Scootaloo was still trying to figure out where the hay they've been. It's been a month and they were nowhere to be found. A little voice in her mind was telling her they probably weren't allowed because of their age range. Fifteen and sixteen. Rainbow Dash was seventeen. Was there a rule she didn't know about?

Before she realized it, Violet Twinkle was pressing her key card against the pad and the doors were opening. Was she ready for this? She looked horrible! The only thing that looked decent was her hair. They had combed it everyday, but that's it! She would take a shower and all that other stuff. But that wouldn't get rid of her scar-riddled body. Nor the doors that had opened fully. After a moment they walked her inside.

Sure enough, there was Apple Bloom and Sweetie engrossed in a conversation. Something to do with cars and how to get one without spending any money. The first one to spot her was Apple Bloom, who glanced past Sweetie Belle, who had her back to the door, and stop talking immediately. She had a look of shock on her face before Sweetie Belle turned around, trying to see what made her stop talking. A second later she shared the same expression.

"H-Hi, Scoots," Apple Bloom greeted, trying her hardest not to cry. Scootaloo could see the tears wavering in her eyes. "How are ya'?" The nurses sat her down across from the two and set her arms on the table to unlock the cuffs. Once they were off, they backed up and allowed her to have her space.

"Hey, Scoots," Sweetie Belle greeted softly. She was wiping her face of the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes. "Is everything...how....how are you doing in here?"

She shrugged before responding. "Managing," she whispered.

"We are so sorry we couldn't come sooner," Apple Bloom apologized, lightly grabbing her scarred hand and stroking her thumb across it. Scootaloo pulled it back, shocking her a little bit. "Th-the doctor wouldn't allow us to see you because we were too young. But apparently, she pulled some strings and let us come see you. Something about therapy."

"Thanks," she mumbled.

"I really wish we would've known," Sweetie Belle said quietly. "You would not be in this situation if we had known. As your best friends, we should've been there for you." Scootaloo looked her and then Apple Bloom in the eyes. Were they blaming themselves for this? That just won't do.

She reached out and grabbed both of their hands, taking them completely off guard. "There is nothing you could've done," she told them in full volume. "Mostly everything that happened to me happened before I even met you. Everything else I kept secret for a reason. There was, and there is, nowhere for me to go. If I had told you, I would be taken away from you and everyone else. And you would have never seen me again. These scars are the main reason I always wore a black jacket. I would roll them down so you can't see them. And you would never know."

"What about....." Apple Bloom couldn't finish the sentence.

"Just say it."

"What about your face?"

"Happened on my way to Manehattan. I was raped and he cut my face." They pulled in their lips trying not to cry before Sweetie Belle got up and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that," she whispered into her ear. "I am so sorry. We'll be here every step of the way."

Apple Bloom joined in on the hug, hugging her tight. "And we'll come here everyday if we'll have to," she whispered.

Scootaloo didn't respond, but she did have a stray coming out of her right eye. They wanted to come, but weren't allowed because of their age. Rainbow Dash...her sister, probably pulled some strings to get herself in. Says a lot. "Can I tell you something?"

They pulled back and looked down at her. "I have a sister."

"Oh, really?!" Sweetie Belle asked excitedly. "Who is it? Do we know her?"

"Yeah, it's.......Rainbow Dash."

"Oh, okay-wait..." Apple Bloom looked at her strangely. "Are you telling me...Rainbow Dash....the one in jail right now that's like your best friend...is your sister?" The patient nodded. "Did she really know about-"

"No, she was setup," Scootaloo interrupted. "An Equestrian enemy set her up and used my condition as a playing card. She planted a diary, wrote in entries in Rainbow's handwriting using magic, planted it in her locker, and told the authorities. Under what name, and how she actually got it in there? I don't know. But she was framed."

"So that's why Princess Twilight is here!" Apple Bloom pointed out, literally pointing a finger at Scootaloo.

"And the rest of them!" Sweetie Belle figured.

"The enemy," Scootaloo continued. "A woman by the name of Zolan wants something they have, and used me as a tool to get to it. But Rainbow took the shot for me. I really hope they can get her out of that cell. She doesn't belong in there. And neither does anyone else. Except Zolan."


While Scootaloo was having her visits, the Equestrians and Equestria Girls were holding a briefing on the plan. They knew they had to get inside. But how? Luckily, Princess Twilight knows the way.

"We will send in Sunset Shimmer to be checked in and find the way to the room," she told everyone standing in front of the school. "She will find the courtroom and let us know she is there. I will teleport us all to be there for both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. Then we will all make an appearance when Zolan takes the stand."

"Yes, but how will we know when it's her?" Sunset asked.

Celestia shook her head. "Her eyes. If her eyes are the reddest red you have ever seen, then that is Zolan. You cannot miss it."

"Good, we have a description," Sci-Twi answered. "Now how exactly do we approach her in the middle of a court session? She'll more than likely be in the middle of a questioning." Celestia laughed from the side, confusing them.

"Oh, you'll see," she answered. She reached down and grabbed her purse from the ground. "She knows we have the Orb. And she'll do whatever it takes to get it. We'll just cause her to do something stupid and make herself look bad. She doesn't care about the humans, she just wants to have something to rule over. So we will tease her relentlessly until the time is right."

"How exactly will you 'tease her', if you don't mind me askin'?" Ponyville Applejack asked.

"Like this." Celestia pulled out the magical box from Luna's purse and held it in front of her, tossing it up and down in her hand. "But instead of me tossing it like this, I'll just hold and cradle it like a newborn foal. Easy. She is very greedy. She possesses the mentality that if she doesn't get something right then, she will never get it. And in this case, she is correct in that regard. We play and toy with her, let her get distracted, then we strike. Just be ready."


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A few weeks after that moment, the day when everyone was going to the courthouse was right around the corner. During the time in between, Scootaloo was moved to a group home where she could be watched for the time being until they could find someplace to put her. She wasn't going to be living with her family, nor was she going to be living alone. So she was going to be living with only a few more children that actually belonged in a group home rather than be in the hospital twenty four seven where they could actually watch her. And she could finally enjoy what it felt like to be a child. Even if it was eleven years too late.

Finally, the day had come after a few more months. Scootaloo was dressed up in a suit and tie since she was going to a supreme courtroom. This was a very important event that had everyone on the edge of their seats. What exactly happened to the child who was found abandoned in the woods for ten years and was raped twice? How did all of this start? It was the story of the year. And more than likely will cause a new law to be created.

"Scootaloo? Are you ready?" A woman asked calmly through her bedroom door. Scootaloo looked up from the book she was reading and sighed when she closed it and set it back on the bed. Something was telling her that this was going to be a moment she would never forget.

"Yes," she replied before standing up and smoothening the slacks she was wearing. She was wearing all black with a long sleeved shirt and long sleeved coat. As well as a clip on tie. Her hair was combed and the healed gash on her cheek...was on full display. That's how they would know it's her. No doubts the stupid news crews were there to broadcast this.

She walked towards the door and opened it to go out into the dark and quiet hall. Where one of the staff was waiting for her. As well as her lawyer. He was a person of interest. "Hello, Scootaloo," he greeted. "We're going to try and get you justice today. Okay?"

She nodded, not giving him a verbal answer before they walked outside, where there was a black SUV with two police cars in front and behind it. She stopped on the porch and groaned, already hating this before she continued walking towards the car. She also spotted an officer inside of the SUV in the front passenger seat. More than likely to provide security in case of people rushing the van. The trial was at three and the verdict and sentencing would be decided today. Looks like the federals were taking this seriously. Someone was angry.

The lawyer rushed forward and opened the door for her. Then she stepped in and took a seat, wiggled around to get comfortable. He shut the door, leaving her in silence for a moment and looking up at the ceiling in thought.

"Hello, Scootaloo." She looked over and gasped lightly at the green skinned doctor grinning at her. "I'm surprised you didn't notice me right away. Is this suit too dark too see?"

"Doctor Martina!" She leaned over and pulled the woman into a hug which she happily reciprocated. It was great to see her after a few months alone. After a moment, she pulled away and looked her over. The doctor was wearing a dress suit that was gray. Definitely a contrast to what she usually wears.

"I came to provide emotional support," she explained. "As well as to present the court with my findings on what the abandonment has done to you. We'll get those people in prison."

"Except Rainbow," She corrected, buckling in her seatbelt.

"I'm sorry?"

"Rainbow Dash had nothing to do with it," Scootaloo explained as the lawyer got into the driver's seat. "They say she had a diary but I know Rainbow Dash. She has a reputation to uphold that revolves around toughness, and she has never had a diary before. And I've known her for years. I've been around her locker, I've looked in there, I've even rummaged through there before. She has never owned a diary. And I doubt those...parents would even get her one if she even bothered to ask. And I really REALLY doubt she'll go to a store and get one herself. Her parents were always rough on her. I would go see her at soccer games, but I'd never see her parents. As long as I have known her, I have never known her parents. OUR parents. Because they'd never go with her to places. Rainbow Dash never owned a diary. And I doubt she ever will. If she needed a problem with something she wouldn't hesitate to ask her friends or someone else for help on it."

The doctor looked from her to the rearview mirror up front, meeting the lawyer's eyes, who had heard everything while driving, before turning back to Scootaloo. "Are you absolutely sure about that?" She asked.

Scootaloo nodded and added, "Rainbow Dash's locker has stayed the same throughout the years she has been at Canterlot High School. You don't change lockers in there. The only thing she really has inside are photos of her boasting, and of her with the soccer team. I'm pretty sure they would back her up too. Rainbow Dash is not the type of person to own a diary. The parents on the other hand...they probably are majorly guilty of what they did."

"Well, we'll take note of this," the lawyer up front said. "Although it'll make very little impact. The jury may say that she brought the diary from the house and put it in her locker as a counter argument."

"Then you ask the policemen to look at her room and determine if it looks like it belongs to a girl who owns a diary. I'm telling you, Rainbow is innocent. She has had absolutely no part in this. I doubt she even knew we were sisters. From what I've seen from OUR parents, they don't have any part in our lives. Evident of me being thrown into bushes at the age of five. I don't know about Rainbow Dash. I just...." Scootaloo paused an wiped a stray tear from her left eye. "I..I-I just want to know why they threw me away."

Doctor Martina wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into a tight and loving embrace before she could cry. "Well they threw away a wonderful and beautiful treasure that the world better watch out for," she whispered. "You are a loving person and have a beautiful soul. Yes, you have been through some things. Yes, you have been permanently marked by them. But that only slowed you down. Now it's time to pick up the pieces, rebuild, and start your empire. Get back to running towards your dreams. Don't let this predicament slow you down. It's all about to come to an end and you are going to win that gold medal and shove it in their faces."

Scootaloo glanced up at her. "You really think so?"

The doctor chuckled. "I know so," she replied. She leaned down and gave her a kiss on the top of her head before she hugged her tighter. Scootaloo sighed and hugged her back. Was this what having a family felt like? A mother? Because she was getting that vibe. And it felt amazing.

Two Hours Earlier

Princess Twilight poked her head out of an alley and looked around. The streets were a little packed with news reporters in front of the Canterlot Supreme Courthouse. All waiting for the arrival of the people in trial. More notably Scootaloo. Seeing the place clear, Twilight ducked back into the alley with the other Princesses and Sunset.

"Alright, Sunset," she said, getting her attention. She was dressed in a dark blue business suit and looked noticeably older thanks to an age altering spell from Princess Celestia. Camouflaged as a lawyer. "You're up. Just walk right up those stairs and do whatever the heck it is they do in the Courtrooms on Earth." Sunset played with her hair and put the diode, that was embedded with a tracking spell from Twilight, inside her shirt.

"You look great by the way," Luna complimented.

"Thank you, I love this thirty year old hair," she agreed before walking out of the alleyway with a faux portfolio in her hand. Twilight looked at her from around the corner as she made her way to the steps. She pulled out her phone and texted Rarity for a moment as she tried to ignore the news reporters asking her questions about the trial.

"I don't know anything about the trial," she lied without looking up from her phone. "I'm just going to work." Before they could ask more, she walked in and made her way to the security checkpoint.

"Good morning, Ms. Shimmer," one of the officers greeted her. She raised an eyebrow at him before she nodded, set her portfolio down on the belt with her purse, letting them scan it. Who was this officer greeting her? She walked through the checkpoint, which went off a little. The officer held out a hand, making her stop. "Spread your arms and legs, please."

She did as asked, allowing him to scan her with the wand. "And try not to wear so much yellow the next time you go somewhere," he whispered. Who was this guy? he glanced up at her for a second before he mouthed the word, "You're causing 'chaos' here." Oh. Discord. Makes a lot more sense than thinking Twilight had hacked into a federal computer. He waved his hand, allowing her to walk away. She thanked him, grabbed her portfolio and made her leave, looking out for and heading towards the nearest heavy police occupied courtroom. The one that had officers in front of it was the one where the trial would be held. And she spotted it on the first floor three doors down. Beside it was bathroom that she smiled at. Perfect location. She walked past the courtroom and into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Once she was in, she pulled out her phone and called Twilight through a single use number, putting the phone up to her ear. A few seconds later, it clicked.

"Sunet? Are you there?"

"Yeah," she responded. She glanced at the door, making sure to keep her ear open for anyone. "I'm in the bathroom, waiting for you guys. Discord's here disguised as a cop. 'Check my pockets and scan me with a wand' type cop. What was that about?"

"He got there before we did. Everyone's already in position, waiting for her arrival. We'll be in the bathroom in a second."

"Alright." Sunset hung up the phone right when Twilight, Celestia, and Luna teleported into the bathroom. They looked towards her and motioned for her to debrief them. "So. There's security at the door, and I'm pretty sure there's more inside waiting for someone to try something dumb. Something Discord would do."

"That's why we're going to let Discord go first," Celestia answered. "He'll be disguised as a police officer and will be on the side. And he'll start it all off...just like how he does everything else."

"Okay. Well what do we do until then? I mean you guys are all dressed up, ready to go to war, and I'm over here dressed in a lawyer's outfit." The princesses looked down at their battle outfits. They were just wearing their designated colors that were practically leather onesies.

"I mean...you can fight in that," Luna tried.

"No I can't."

"Well we cannot just stay in here and we cannot just walk around outside in these," Celestia agreed. Eventually she sighed. "We will put up a filter in here and wait. No matter how much it smells."

Two hours later

"Is it really sanitary to be sitting on the floor?" Luna asked while she was checking out Sunset's phone. "What kind of magic is this where you can touch the glass?"

"It's a smartphone," Sunset replied, looking at the device. "It has a lot of..." She took the phone out of Luna's hand and looked at the notification she received. "Time's up girls. Scootaloo's here."

"How do you know that?" Twilight asked.

"Well I set up a Google alert on my phone."

"What's Google?"

The police cars and black SUV pulled to a stop in front of the courthouse where news reporters from all over the nation were present, as well as people just trying to get a look and see what the heck was going on. They were held back by policemen, allowing the new arrivals to have their space once they would actually get out of the car.

Scootaloo glanced out the window and thought about what was going to happen next. Either way, her future was made out by the government. She closed her eyes and looked to the ceiling when someone knocked on their door, catching their attention. The doctor raised up a finger, telling them to wait a moment before she turned to Scootaloo. "Are you ready?"

Scootaloo bit her lip and responded sheepishly, "Not really, but....I have to do it anyway."

"Well I'll be there the whole step of the way. I promise." Scootaloo gave her another smile before the doctor hugged her once more. A second later she pulled back and got out of her side of the car, closed the door and walked over to Scootaloo's side. The lawyer, along with some more law experts were standing around the door, so she would see them when she stepped out. Once they were all in position, the lawyer gripped the handle of the door and pulled it open. Revealing Scootaloo to the world.

Go Pt. 1

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The back passenger door to the black SUV opened, sending in the warm spring air that tickled along Scootaloo's scarred hands. She took a deep breath before she turned and stuck her leg out of the car which was followed shortly after the next one. Then rose up out of the car, distracted by the flashes and clicks of the cameras. "Just ignore them," Dr. Martina told her. She grabbed Scootaloo's hand lightly and led her towards the doors at the top of the steps. There were a lot of reporters outside. And there was no doubt more inside. Soon, the group of lawyers, doctor, and victim reached the entrance and stepped into the cool building. She shivered, but it wasn't from the cool air. It was from what was going to see in the building. Her parents. The same ones that didn't want her so much that they threw her in some bushes and left her to die. Except...she got something much worse.

She was led through the second set of doors and made her way to the security checkpoint. The lawyers and others went first before she did, getting their bags and purses checked. Each time they went through they sounded off with a beep. And they were scanned with a wand. Soon, she was next up.

Scootaloo walked up to the metal detectors before she stopped. "Do you have anything on you?" One of the police, a woman, asked her. She shook her head. "Okay. Well walk through the detectors, please." Scootaloo did as asked and came out on the other side noiseless with her group before they continued walking again. Along the way, she spotted a woman that looked similar to Sunset Shimmer standing in the hallway talking on the phone. Before she could ponder it further, she was led into the courtroom offices to talk. The woman had glanced at her before she made a waving movement with her hand behind her. Twilight cast an invisibility spell on herself and the other two princesses before they walked out the bathroom hallway and towards the policemen in front of the courtroom.

Carefully, Twilight edged through first unseen and motioned for the others to follow. Sunset was going to be waiting for the interception with the Thestrals and everyone else, who had already ponied up, waiting at the battlefield that was surely going to be in use. Hopefully, EQG Fluttershy liked heights, unlike her counterpart. Once the three Princesses were all inside, they walked away from the door and stayed close to the wall next to each other while facing the Courtroom gallery.

"How long will this invisibility last us?" Luna whispered as they flattened their backs against the wall in the courtroom.

"Two hours," Twilight whispered back. She looked around the courtroom. It was already becoming a little crowded inside. And this was a supreme courtroom. There was so much more room than the average. In the very front were the Judge panel, and behind it was the Seal of Canterlot, which ironically enough was a horse. In front of them would be the associate. And in front of them would be the tables where both parties would be:

Counsel and Solicitor for the prosecution on the left, and the other team on the right. On the wall on the right there was a two row box for the jury and across from them on the other side was where the media was currently. There were seven channels and a few journalists. And behind all of that, in their area, was the public gallery. Which was packed. A lot of people had turned out just to see this.

"This is a small courtroom," Celestia whispered.

"Humans are more minimized than Equestria," Twilight figured while looking around. She grabbed Luna's hand, who grabbed Celestia's, and pulled her towards an empty space in the back. "We'll be right here to watch everything. And be ready to strike."

"Hopefully this won't take too long," Celestia responded. The other two nodded in agreement, hoping the same thing. A few minutes later of waiting, the doors to the courtroom were shut and the bailiff cleared his throat from the front. He had his hands clasped in front of him with his posture talle before he said loudly:

"All rise for the honorable Judge Gavel, Judge Blue Sails, and Judge Rising Fire." Everyone stood up when the door on the far right of the room opened. A woman with dark brown skin and blue eyes came out the back first, followed by a gentleman with light blue skin and light blue eyes. Then a woman with light red skin and dark orange hair with light blue eyes came out last. They walked to their seats on the panel and sat down. Then adjusted themselves into a comfortable position before the one known as Judge Gavel spoke.

"Please be seated," she instructed calmly. Everyone sat down before she spoke again. "Today we are putting Bow Hothoof, Windy Whistles, and Rainbow Dash on trial for the following charges. Second Class Child Neglect and Second Class Failure to Report Child Neglect. The maximum years of imprisonment in this case will be forty while the minimum is fifteen."

"What in Equestria?" Celestia muttered.

"Bring out the accused!" Blue Sails ordered. The door to the right side of the courtroom opened to lead out Windy Whistles, Bow Hothoof, and Rainbow Dash, who had tears coming down her face. They were all wearing orange jumpsuits and were in handcuffs. Everyone watched them as they were led towards the table in the front on the left. The policemen around them sat them down and put their handcuffed hands on the table.

Once they were situated, Judge Rising Fire asked, "Bow Hothoof, Windy Whistles, and Rainbow Dash. You have been charged for Second Class Child Neglect and Second Class Failure to Report Child Neglect. The maximum for Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles is forty years while the maximum for Rainbow Dash is fifteen. How do you plead, Windy Whistles?"

Everyone turned to her. Waiting for her to say it.

"Not guilty," she spoke.

"Bow Hothoof? How do you plead?"

"Not guilty," he repeated.

"Rainbow Dash, how do you plead?"

"Definitely not guilty," she responded. The judges sighed before Judge Fire continued.

"We will now begin the trial. On May 25th, 2018, the defendant, Scootaloo, was found looking for food through a dumpster in an alleyway next to a restaurant by witnesses Fluttershy and Rarity. She was then taken to a farm by Applejack to be cleaned up where she became sick and was transported to a nearby hospital, where she was diagnosed with food poisoning and where we learned that she has been living on her own for ten years, soon to be eleven. She has gone through the hardships of random assaults, rape, animal attacks, and sickness. And recently added to the list, undereducation. A little while during treatment, she ran away from the hospital and made her way to Manehattan, where she was raped by a man she had hitched a ride with, whom we are still searching for. He used her, cut her face, and then left her on the side of the road." Rainbow sighed in sadness. If she ever finds the guy who did that to her sister, then she is definitely going to jail. "After making her way into Manehattan, she attempted suicide by jumping from the top of a fifty story building. Thankfully she was saved while falling. She was then admitted to a Psychiatric Unit in the hospital where she was kept for thirty days. She had her sixteenth birthday in there and made a few friends."

"What I want to know," Judge Gavel said while taking off her glasses. "Is why there was even a child who was way~ under the age of eighteen out on her own for ten years in the first place. She was alone! For ten years! Ten! Since she was five! I would like an explanation from all of you at the end of this session. As well as an apology to Scootaloo when we bring her out. Bring out the Defendant." The door on the right opened again and the cameras, not to mention the spectators, turned their heads and tried to look over the person in front of them. The first one out was Scootaloo's attorney, then the doctor for her at the Psychology unit. There were also some more people before Scootaloo herself walked out. Celestia bit her lip and sighed while everyone else just watched and mumbled.

The police directed them towards a table and let them take a seat. Scootaloo calmly sat down in the middle and tried to avoid eye contact with the judges who were staring at her. "This is Scootaloo, although I am sure you have all met by now," Judge Blue Sails said. "Now we would like an apology to her from each and every one of you for abandoning her when you knew what she did."

Rainbow Dash raised a hand. "Yes, you may go first," Judge Gavel answered.

"No, that's not why I'm raising my hand," she responded. "I'm raising my hand to tell you that I was the one who brought her back to the facility after we found her in Manehattan. I was the one who was part of the search party looking for her in Canterlof City. It wasn't just Rarity and Fluttershy. There were seven people who were looking for her. Fluttershy and Rarity, like you said, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, myself, Pinkie Pie, and Sunset Shimmer. We were all looking around the city immediately after we discovered that she was on her own."

"And how exactly did you discover that?" Judge Gavel asked in suspicion. "Unless you already knew."

"Discord, come on," Twilight muttered under her breath.

"Someone who knew told Twilight and she told all of us. She didn't say who. Only that Scootaloo was out there by herself. So we started looking around! I had absolutely no idea that Scootaloo was homeless. Or on her own for that long. Let alone my sister! She always wore a long sleeved jacket and long legged pants to cover her body, I didn't see all the scarring! That diary is a fake, it is not mine!"

"Sit her down," one of the judges said. The police laid a hand on her and pushed her down into the chair, shutting her up. "And instead of lying to us, how about you start using that mouth to start apologizing to Scootaloo?" Rainbow sighed and looked towards her sister on the other side of the courtroom.

"Scootaloo, I am so sorry that you had to go through all that," she cried. "If I was a better sister—"

"You are already a good sister," Scootaloo interrupted. "Both of us didn't know we were really related. We always just hung out. Both of us didn't know your parents were...criminals. It's alright. There is no reason to apologize. But I would like to hear an apology from...them." Rainbow sat back and looked towards her parents, just like everyone else. But they stayed silent, looking towards the front of the room.

"If you don't start apologizing, we will up your most certain prison time," Judge Fire said matter-of-factly. Windy sighed, then looked towards the girl and went first.

"Scootaloo we're sorry you...were in the woods where you bel.....where you went through those hardships," she said loudly. Scootaloo was most certain she was going to say "Where you belong." So she only sighed in response. That wasn't a real apology.

Bow Hothoof huffed and looked towards her next. "Scootaloo, we're sorry you had to be raped." Scootaloo flinched at that, which the judges took note of. That also wasn't a real apology. They could tell.

"Scootaloo, do you forgive them?" Judge Sails asked. Everyone trained their eyes on her except Bow and Windy.

"I forgive Rainbow, but I do not forgive those two. Rainbow had absolutely nothing to do with it."

"Alright. Well let's get this case started."

The first one up to the stand was the doctor who reported her findings on what Scootaloo had went through, as well as the state or mind she was in when she first arrived. She wouldn't talk, she would barely eat, and she had to be put in restraints in case she became unstable. Of course there was also the fact that she had a bad case of anxiety, and is still in the midst in it. It would be a long time until a full recovery.

Second up was the SWAT team sergeant who was reporting what he found in the family's household. There were no visible photos of Scootaloo when you would walk into the home. But in the attic there were boxes with a few baby items. As well as a birth certificate for Scootaloo, issued to them by that same hospital she was put in years later after it was signed. That had sealed the deal for the parents. But Rainbow Dash was still seemingly innocent. Before the next thing came up.

"We call to the stand Ms. Burning Bush," Scootaloo's attorney said. "She was the one who found the Diary that held Rainbow Dash's involvement into this crime." A woman in one of the rows strode forward and made her way to the witness stand. After she took a seat, she looked up, confirming the Equestrian Princesses suspicions. Her eyes were red. The deepest red they have ever seen.

"Zolan," Twilight whispered. Celestia nodded in agreement, eyes slitted in suspicion.

"That is her," she muttered. "Time to roll. Discord, hurry up and act. Do not dawdle, please."

After Zolan was sworn in, which Celestia was sure she didn't care about, they started the questioning. The lawyer leaned against the booth and sighed. "Ms. Bush," he started. "Is this!" His hand shot up, holding the supposed journal. "The Diary that you said was in Rainbow Dash's locker?"

"Yes," she answered, playing innocent. The Equestrians scoffed, attracting one of the officers' attention. He glanced over, but when he realized nothing was there he continued looking at the trial. "I saw Rainbow Dash writing in it a few months back and decided to take a look in it when I could. Yes I invaded her privacy but....I was always the nosey box." Celestia shook her head. Yes you were and just could not leave well enough alone, she thought.

"Can you recall what was in that journal off the top of your head?" The lawyer asked.

"Of course she can, she wrote it." Burning Bush flinched while everyone looked towards the side at a well dressed gentleman who made his way to the stand. He was wearing a completely black suit complete with a cane and a top hat. He pushed the lawyer to the side, making everyone gasp and took his place in front of the box. He sighed and looked up at her.

"I know you are not interrupting MY court-" Discord snapped his fingers, freezing Judge Blue Sails, and shocking the crowd.

"He was about to become really annoying," Discord cackled. "Now, Zolan? I am all for chaos but this is a little much don't you think?"

"Discord!" Burning Bush yelled.

"The one and only!" he responded happily. "Hey! Wanna see a coffee mug dance?" He snapped his fingers again, making the Judge Blue Sails' coffee mug sprout legs and start hopscotching on the top of the desks. The judges yelped and quickly jumped out of their seats. Scootaloo chuckled before the bailiff and the surrounding police officers attempted to apprehend him. They rushed forward and were nearly close before he snapped his fingers again, freezing them midstep.

"Now. I...actually, WE...are going to ask politely!" A voice said around from the gallery. Celestia was throwing her voice around the room, making it untraceable. "Either you let all of this nonsense go....or we take you back to Equestria in chains!"

"Celestia!" She yelled, standing up abruptly.

"What's going on?" Doctor Martina asked in worry. Everyone else was feeling the same way, which was evident by them getting out of their seats, prepared to run.

"I told you....Rainbow Dash didn't do it," Scootaloo told her group. They looked at her in confusion before she pointed to the red woman in the witness booth. "Burning Bush, also known as Zolan, planted that Diary in Rainbow Dash's locker."

The woman sighed before she snarled at her. "Very good, Scootaloo," she congratulated before she jumped over the box, headed right for her. "However, and unfortunately, I still do not have the Orb of Zebrica. So...there will be a price. Celestia! This is your only warning!" She reached out her hand and grabbed Scootaloo in her magic. The girl screamed when she was yanked roughly out of her chair by an unknown force, grabbed by the neck by Zolan, and hefted high into the air. "The Orb....or Scootaloo. I'll give you thirty seconds."

Everyone gasped in surprise before Rainbow Dash rushed forward towards her, in chains and everything. "You will not hurt my sister!" she yelled. Zolan saw this coming, so she merely stepped to the side, allowing Rainbow Dash to fall through. A red orb was being created around Scootaloo's head, keeping her locked in and choking her. Her face was turning dark blue and she clawed at Zolan's arm.

"Let her go!" Doctor Martina yelled to her before she threw a book hard and fast at her face. Zolan yelped at the impact to her nose and lost her grip on Scootaloo. She fell and hit the ground, gasping for air, and allowed the princesses to move. "Twilight! Now!" The invisibility spell fell, revealing the three princesses. One of Scootaloo's lawyers grabbed her and checked over her while the Equestrians rushed around the seats and over the separation. The crowd screamed and ran out of the room while the Equestrians ran towards the lady on the ground. Zolan gasped and quickly got back to her feet before Celestia grabbed her and pinned her back down, malice written all over her face. Twilight thrusted out her hands, about to put a restraining spell on her before Zolan cast a spell of her own, sending them all yelling and flying back into the tables and the gallery.

"Why in the stars are you not cooperating?!" Zolan yelled before she dropped the disguise. Her dress suit burned away before her black eyes with red balls for irises revealed, along with her red skin and dark red hair. Her outfit was replaced with a blood red dress and her hands had razor sharp nails on them. She snarled evilly at the Equestrians, showing her sharp teeth.

"Okay, she did not look like that when she threatened me," Rainbow informed them. Zolan looked down at the Doctor who was on the floor before she lunged at her. Doctor Martina gasped when she was grabbed by the neck and lifted high into the air. Discord snapped his fingers, unfreezing the officers who looked around for a moment, trying to figure out what was going on. Once they saw Zolan, they gasped and pulled out their guns, aiming at her.

"Drop the lady! Now!" One of them yelled. Zolan looked towards the Princesses and smirked evilly, keeping the Doctor in the air, struggling for air in her grip.

"Well, well, well," She taunted slowly. "Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and my old friend Princess Celestia," Zolan chuckled. She squeezed the doctor's neck tighter, cutting off her airway and causing her to choke. "I have the whole team right in my hands....now all I need is the Orb. I know you have it...so give it up and I let this woman live. You don't? I start going through everyone in this room like I'm pulling out tissue paper."

Twilight grunted. This woman was not joking around, she could tell. Discord was preparing a spell of his own while everyone else was making their way out of the room. The judges were still sitting stock still trying to figure out what was going on. Not that Judge Blue Sails had a choice, he was still frozen.

"Well?" Zolan asked. She still has that mocking smirk on her face that Rainbow Dash was just itching to knock off. "What is your-AHH!" Scootaloo had gotten back up and threw a chair at her, hitting her right in the stomach. She lost her grip on the doctor and fell to the ground, rubbing the spot. Scootaloo had a hard throw. The princesses, Rainbow Dash, and Scootaloo all rushed at her before Zolan fired a spell at all of them. Twilight ducked just in time because it soared right over her and hit one of the walls, leaving a black scorch mark. Once they all had a good grip on her, Celestia sent out the command.

"Discord, now!!"

Doctor Martina gasped, rushed forward, and grabbed Scootaloo desperately by the ankle right when Discord snapped his fingers, teleporting them all away from the courthouse. And away from society. All the Judges and police looked around the area, seeing the mess of chaos that just happened. But the question still stands.

"What the buck just happened?!" The defendant's Attorney yelled. The real criminals were just staring in shock with the same question on their minds.

A flash of light appeared in a nearby field where everyone was waiting, making them all jump up and look towards the area. Scootaloo, Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Discord, a blood red woman, and some other lady fell on the ground and rolled. The blood red lady teleported quickly to a safe distance while everyone else quickly rose to their feet. Doctor Martina quickly grabbed Scootaloo by the hand, helping her to her feet while breathing erratically. "What the buck is going on?!" She yelled, catching everyone's attention.

Zolan laughed maniacally before yelling, "What's going on is that your friend, or whatever she is, is going to be my little bargaining chip!" She jumped and took to the air, then looped back down, heading right towards them. Scootaloo yelled and pushed Doctor Martina to the side before she threw her own self to the ground, landing and skidding across the grass before Zolan rushed right over them. Zolan swiped at the area she was just at before she landed and slid to a stop, then turned around. Right into a face full of fist. EQG Applejack had rushed forward and punched her, starting off the fight. Ponyville Applejack helped Scootaloo and Doctor Martina to their feet and quickly pulled them out of the way, heading towards the woods nearby. "Stay with Anemone and Amaryllis!" She ordered once they arrived. "Don't move!" Before they could question it, she rushed back out to the fight.

"Okay," Doctor Martina said while taking deep breaths, grabbing Scootaloo calmly by the shoulders and turning her around to face her. The Doctor took deep calming breaths before she asked, "Sweetheart.....what...is happening right now?"

"I don't actually know myself," Scootaloo responded with a shrug, breathing hard. "Just that that lady was using what was happening to me as a bargaining chip for something called an Orb of Zebrica. I have no idea what that is."

"It's this!" The two looked up before Doctor Martina nearly screamed. Scootaloo placed a hand over her mouth and shut her up before Anemone could continue. The two thestrals were hanging upside down and watching the fight. Zolan had grabbed Celestia by the throat and threw her into Luna. The two thestrals grimaced before both Twilights kicked her in the side, sending her back into the ground. "That had to hurt," Anemone commented.

"Okay back on topic, the Orb of Zebrica is this," Amaryllis said. She reached behind her and pulled out a dark gray box that had writings all over it. The two women stared at it before she pointed back at Zolan. "She...is looking for THIS. If she gets THIS, THIS world, and Equestria, is doomed. This is unbridled, unmeasured, completely raw, and dangerous power of unknown magnitude. And we can't open it." She put it back behind her before she nearly lost her footing on the branch above, flapping her wings to stabilize herself.

"Okay, uhh....what are you?" The doctor asked in fear.

"We're human thestrals," Amaryllis answered. "I'm actually Scootaloo, but from a different universe." She flapped her wings and let go of the branch above, letting herself fall downwards. She did a flip in the process and landed on her feet, stretching. Once she had the kinks out she walked over and stood beside Scootaloo for a comparison. "If you take away the wings, fangs, hair, and ears, we'd be twins." The doctor looked at them in shock. Now that she actually paid attention, she could actually see them being twins.

"And I would be Rainbow Dash," Anemone added.

"Okay, let me get this straight...you're a—" An explosion behind her, along with the ground rocking, cut her off and made her yelp. Scootaloo and Martina both fell to the ground, keeping themselves out of view.


Twilight ducked another swing before she summoned a spell in the shape of a small ball, and tossed it underneath Zolan's feet. "Everyone back!" She yelled. All the Equestrians and humans ran back and fell to the ground before the spell blew up, sending them all to the ground. Zolan yelled in pain before she was thrown back and slid through the grass, creating a groove after being sent twenty feet into the air. She grunted and pulled her face out of the ground, growling. Celestia quickly jumped back to her feet, running right back to her with anger. Zolan rose slowly and turned around, clenching her fists and watching them all rush at her, ready for another round. She growled again in frustration before she yelled out in anger. Then pushed her hands out and built up her power. They all slid to a stop and just watched her in interest and uncertainty.

"What is she doing?" Sci-Twi asked, sweating bullets just like everyone else.

"She's making a blast, everyone behind me!" Celestia yelled. They all crowded around before she put up a spell just in time when Zolan fired her blast with a yell. Sending the ball of fire straight for the shield Celestia just put up.

"HOLD ON!" The fireball hit, shocking everyone and sending out a shockwave that leveled the trees. Amaryllis yelped and dropped down from the branch she just got back on just when the high winds hit the area, sending the group flying back and destroying nature. Scootaloo rolled into a nearby tree trunk while Doctor Martina flew through the air and latched onto a tree branch of a tree that hadn't crashed to the ground.

After a few seconds of silence, Celestia and everyone opened their eyes, coughing to get the dust out of their system before they directed their attention back to the space in front of them.

"I. Have. HAD IT!" Zolan yelled. She clasped her hands together and slowly pulled them apart to reveal a slowly growing whip that was on fire. It extended ten feet before it fell to the ground and caught the grass on fire. Princess Twilight was breathing hard with eyes full of certainty. Zolan...was definitely mad. "Give me the orb, NOW!! OR you ALL will DIE!!" She cracked her whip at them, sending sparks flying through the air and landing on Sci-Twi's pony-up form. It burned through and created small holes.

"Ow, hot hot!" She yelled, patting her shoulder.

"Like it?" Zolan taunted with an evil grin as she approached slowly approached, evil intentions written all over her. She lifted it with both hands, smiling at it. "This is my personal spell that I myself created for my future slaves. Shall they disobey me....they will know what the sun feels like when you make contact with it multiple times.....like YOU!" She swung her whip horizontally at them.

"Hit the ground!" Princess Luna quickly ordered. They did as asked before it swung over them. EQG Rarity could feel the heat radiating off of it, even from meters over them. It was certainly messing up her hair. She sent her hand out from the ground, spelling a large gem towards her. Zolan jumped to the side to avoid it once more before they all rose to their feet.

"Everyone, surround her!" Princess Twilight ordered. "Rainbow, go to Scootaloo, you don't have your diode! You're defenseless right now!"

"What?! I want to help!" She yelled. She looked at her orange jumpsuit which had a few burn marks on it from the sparks of flames flying around. The grass around them was burning bad. Sending plumes of smoke into the air No doubt in a few minutes the Fire Department were going to be there. Twilight had gotten the cuffs and shackles off of Rainbow when they first arrived, allowing her to participate.

"You can help by keeping your sister safe! Go!" Twilight fired her own spell at Zolan hitting her from behind and annoying her even more. Rainbow huffed and ran towards Scootaloo and the others in the forest. After she left, Twilight ducked another swing from Zolan's whip before the power hungry Equestrian was hit with a punch delivered by both Applejacks. She fell to the ground before Celestia attempted to kick her in the stomach. Zolan grabbed her ankle just in time and pulled, forcing Celestia to fall on her back. She was about to bring the butt of her burning whip on her stomach, which would definitely hurt before Luna pulled her sister back by a teleportation spell, keeping her out of reach.

"Do not get too close," She warned her, panting. She was out of breath. Almost everyone was. "That whip of hers will kill anyone who touches it."

"Well how else can we apprehend her??" Celestia asked. "She is too strong!"

"We need something stronger!" Twilight yelled. The whip cracked at the area next to her, forcing her to jump away. In the midst of Zolan getting ready, she totally forgot about one more person. A blaze of fire hit her in the face, forcing her to fall to the ground. She turned around, looked up, and gasped at the person making her way towards her, wearing a yellow and orange dress with a horn made out of a beam of light over her forehead. Instead of flowing down, her red and yellow hair was flowing upwards.

Daydream Shimmer made her way briskly over to her. Her silhouette was in front of the wall of fire that was being created from Zolan's whip, creating, in Amaryllis' opinion, an epic entrance. And she did not look happy. "Let's fight fire with fire, Zolan!" She yelled, quickly making her way towards her. She created a bunch of orbs of fire in her hands before she sent them towards her like a bunch of golfballs. Zolan rolled out of the way, dodging them before they could hit her, creating a loud sizzle each time they impacted. But one did eventually hit her in the stomach, making her scream out in pain, before she growled at Daydream. She jumped back up and twisted her body around, sending the whip right towards the side of her head.

"SUNSET!" Princess Twilight yelled. The whip was right at Sunset's arm before she reached out and grabbed it in her own. Everyone gasped before she yanked it out of Zolan's hand and tossed it to the ground. Seeing this as their chance, everyone else ran forward and grabbed her, pinning her to the ground.

"No! This is not over!" Zolan yelled. She rolled over and sent out a stunning spell, making them dizzy for a moment, before she created another whip and spun around, sending it straight for the group of stunned fighters. Sunset gasped and ran forward. That whip would take out everyone if it hit! She couldn't let them fall victim to that evil sorceress. She just couldn't! Not after what they did for her.

Sunset slid into the fray by the knees and used all the magic she could to stop it right over Twilight's leg, now positioned extremely close to Sunset's breast. Earlier when she caught Zolan's first whip, she had a thick layer of shielding magic around her. But that had used up most of her reservoir. So she didn't have enough to completely slow this whip down. She held up the shield with her hands before it gave way, allowing the extremely hot whip to land across her breasts and her right shoulder. On her unprotected body. She screamed agonizingly loud and high pitched before a blast sent Zolan back, along with the whip.

"SUNSET!!" Celestia yelled. Twilight, Luna, and both Pinkie Pie's rushed forward to deal with Zolan while Celestia ran forward and caught Sunset's body. Then teleported away from the burning field. They arrived in an area far away from the battle, although you could still see the smoke from the flames rising in the distance.

Sunset was still screaming in pain from the past-third-degree burns on her body. Celestia pulled the burned and open dress apart, looking at the damage. She gasped at what she found. There was a huge burning gash in her skin that began on her left hip and traveled up to her right shoulder. Not good. Not at all.

Go Pt. 2

View Online

A few miles away, in the city of Canterlot, you could see a giant plume of smoke rising into the air. It was causing mild concern among the populace walking around, pointing to the sky at the giant black cloud. But no one actually knew where it was coming from. And it was getting bigger. Which could start a problem in the city. From the Fire Station's point of view, it seemed to be coming from a field. That means there could be a wildfire. So the station quickly put on their suits and made their way to their vehicles. Along with a few more units, as well as the news, and the paramedics and police just in case, to make sure people made it out of the area if there were any.

But unbeknownst to them they were heading right into the devil's den. Literally.

The wielders of the Elements of Harmony and the Diodes, as well as the Princesses, were in deep combat with Zolan. A pony from Equestria that had ill intentions to enslave two worlds by using the Orb of Zebrica, a gift given to the Thestral Colony in the Badlands that was slaughtered by Celestia after Zolan had taken control of her, planning to take her out of the picture. Unfortunately, that didn't work. And unfortunately for Zolan, it pissed Celestia off.

Right now the battle was becoming greatly intense. Zolan's whip spell was creating a wildfire, keeping back the elements of Harmony and the Diode wielders, as well as Princess Luna, who were all trying to get a shot at her. But they could barely get close enough to even actually touch her. So they were stuck with magic. Princess Twilight realized that they couldn't apprehend her if they couldn't even touch and grab her long enough. And they were down one fighter. Who had saved their lives. Princess Twilight saw what was about to happen back there. She was directly there beside it. That whip was about to come in and take a body part off of everyone. And Sunset had risked her life to give them enough time to get back up. She will be thanking her later. Hopefully she's okay.

Celestia was cradling Sunset Shimmer's head in her lap while she quickly attempted a healing spell, trying to get rid of the excruciating pain that her former student was currently going through, evident by her loud yelling, groaning, and moaning. There was a lot of blood coming out, pouring down her clothes. And she was losing consciousness. Celestia could see that this healing spell was going to take a long time. It had to stitch this wound back together. Her skin was practically ripped open in a straight line, and went through the flesh there. The whip had went partly inside her body for maybe two seconds. But that was all it needed to inflict maximum damage. She needed help. And she needed it now.

"Anemone!" She yelled in her royal Canterlot voice. The thestral in question's ear twitched before she looked over towards the dot in the distance. Celestia was waving her hand in the air, desperately trying to get her attention. She and Amaryllis shared a look before Anemone flew off, going to see what she wanted. She still wasn't fond of Celestia, but it sounded desperate. Something was going down.

After she flew off, Amaryllis looked towards the two girls she was supposedly protecting. How was she going to protect them, she had no idea what to do! But she had to try. Another explosion rocked the land, catching her immediate worried attention. She glanced up and looked towards the battlefield, where the fire there was huge. It seemed Princess Twilight had put a up a protective barrier around them, keeping them safe. But that barrier could only last but so long. So far...it seemed like Zolan was winning.

Anemone flew towards the dot and flapped her wings, slowing down before she came to a hover, gasping at what she found. Sunset was laying down drenched in blood with her head on Celestia's lap, who was currently applying a spell to the huge gash on her front. "What the hay happened?!" She yelled, landing and looking down at her.

"Zolan hit her with a burning whip," Celestia informed her quickly. "She's lost a lot blood and she's losing consciousness. Wake up, Sunset!" The girl moaned again and blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to stay awake and keeping her eyes on Celestia's face. Her breathing was becoming shallow and she had little time. Celestia could see that already. So could Anemone.

"We have to get her to a hospital!" Anemone yelled. "We can't just let her die!" Anemone glanced up, seeing red lights heading their way. "Someone's coming!" She pointed towards the mess of red lights headed their way. Celestia looked away from her work for a moment and towards the lights and sirens.

"I don't know what those are," Celestia said quickly before going right back to the healing spell. The bleeding was slowing, but that was it. It was slowing, not stopping. "Probably someone to deal with the fire. It's huge." They looked back at the huge plume of smoke, as well as the lights in it, coming from the constant fighting.

"Celestia." The both looked down at Sunset's pale face, which was offering a smile. "Go and fight Zolan."

"Sunset, I am not leaving you here!" Celestia replied desperately before going back to the spell, putting as much magic as she could into it.

"Celestia, you have to help Princess Twilight save Equestria and Earth," she retorted. "I'm just one pony. One casualty among millions, possibly billions more that will occur if you don't stop her. Stop wasting your magic on me. And kick her—" She started coughing violently before the firefighters nearby stepped out and looked around. Anemone looked at Celestia, who looked back with tears in her eyes. At that moment, the thestral could see that Celestia was innocent. It was never about her. It was about people. And ponies. She was fighting for the thestrals. And she was fighting for the humans.

She rose up and waved her hands around, trying to get the firefighters' attention that had stopped nearby. "HEY!....HEY, HELP!!" They must've heard her because they looked her way and starting to jog over. She went back down to see Celestia stroking Sunset's face.

"You were my student," Celestia whispered to her. She was visibly sobbing. "You are like a daughter to me. You and Twilight." Sunset smiled, then reached up, placing a hand on Celestia's left cheek. She lifted her own hand and grabbed it.

"Just save Equestria and Earth. Then worry about me. I'll be fine." Sunset lifted one of her hands and summoned a heavy spell, pouring the rest of her magic into it before she placed it on herself, doing something that Celestia had no idea of. But Sunset knew what she was doing. She let the magic flow through her, grabbing hold of something before she opened her eyes.

"Sunset, you're dying!" Celestia said desperately.

"And that's okay. All soldiers risk their lives to save the ones they love. And Celestia?" She whispered. The Princess nodded before the firefighters stopped by them. "Thank you...for everything." Sunset closed her eyes and let the darkness wash over her before the Firefighter's motioned towards the paramedics nearby.

"We got someone hurt over here!!" They yelled before Celestia started shaking Sunset.

"Sunset!....Sunset Shimmer, you wake up right now!!!" She didn't move. Her breathing had stopped, as well as her heart. Anemone sighed and stroked her face, tears coming down from her eyes. A big boom caught their attention, making them look from Sunset to the field of flames. The Firefighters were hopping in their trucks after having come up with a plan, preparing to drive onto the field while a medical team and policemen rushed over to Sunset.

"Celestia?" The princess didn't even acknowledge Anemone, too busy replaying the events that had happened. Zolan had caused so much to happen. And she had killed her student. A student she loved so much that she viewed her as a daughter. And she was trying to take out more. Celestia picked up Sunset and set her softly on the ground before the team stepped in to perform some hopeful resuscitation. Celestia knew it was futile. The only way to bring her back would be by magic. And that would be just for her body. Everything else would be gone. Memories, heart...all of it would be gone. And even Celestia didn't even have that much magic. Sunset was gone. A long shot would be to get that Orb of Zebrica opened, but that was indeed a long shot.

Celestia turned to Anemone, who was staring right back at her. "What are you going to do?" The thestral asked her tentatively.

"Avenge." Celestia turned and ran towards the field of fire that the fire trucks had stopped outside of before taking to the air, flying straight into the flames. In her anger, she missed her body turning into something different. Something that nopony had ever hoped to see again. Her hair turned ethereal, her eyes became slitted, her clothing changed to orange high heels, an orange skirt with a bare midriff, and a dangerously sharp orange crown. Celestia was going to get vengeance for Sunset Shimmer. And there was absolutely no one, pony or humans, that was going to stop her. A few seconds later, she flew straight into the fire, which parted for her the second she entered, realizing its master was coming through. And she was angry.

Princess Twilight took to the air, dodging another swing by the burning whip that was aiming for her. All of her friends were becoming tired, sweating buckets, and nearly drained. If Twilight hadn't put up that barrier, they would all be fried right now. Except Zolan, who somehow had control over it. "Twilight we cannot keep this up much longer!" Rarity yelled breathlessly from down below.

Princess Luna was doing no better. She was slowing down noticeably but was still fighting Zolan. Zolan herself was getting a little tired too, but not as much as the Equestrians. Everyone on the offensive before was now trying to defend themselves. Good news though is Zolan had terrible aim. Just like every villain. Bad news was they were slow enough for her aim to nearly hit. Eventually, it wouldn't even matter if her aim was terrible. They would all be on the ground unconscious and she would be able to get all of them. And they could do nothing to fight back.

After Luna took a step back, Zolan gave an evil cackle and laugh. "Oh how the mighty have fallen," she taunted with an evil grin. "Look at all of you. Equestria's mightiest heroes. Turning to—" Something had grabbed her, cutting her off, and flew out of the barrier within a second, confusing the Equestrians. Princess Twilight looked down to Princess Luna before a burst of fire from outside the barrier caught their attention.

"DO YOU REALIZE HOW ANGRY I AM??!!" Celestia's voice rang out. The fire outside the barrier started to move, gathering towards the left and leaving the right open to the air, allowing Twilight to see the law enforcement arriving on the scene before looking back towards the left, gasping at what they saw. Celestia had transformed into Daybreaker. The human version. And she was hoisting Zolan into the air by the neck, completely cutting off her airway. "You're pettiness has taken one of my students! One of my daughters! All because you want to rule two worlds that you can barely go to!!" The fire gathering around her dissipated, revealing the burned field. Twilight lowered the barrier, allowing the smoke inside the begin suffocating them lightly while relaxing their burning lungs. It looks like their enemy from the past had shown up and was on their side. That's good news, it let them fall on their knees and relax. Bad news though is that she was out for blood. The Equestrians needed Zolan alive.

Daybreaker continued choking Zolan who was clawing at her arm after dropping the whip. It fizzled out the second it hit the grass, burning to ashes just like the grass below their feet. Daybreaker screamed in anger before she threw her into the ground, knocking the air out of her. Zolan started coughing violently, gasping for air before the angry princess kicked her in the stomach, knocking it right back out of her. "Do you know how much pain, how much agony, you have caused!? Even I could not, and would NOT, cause that much! I just wanted to rule Equestria. Not enslave, kill, or even take advantage of a child's state of mind to take over the worlds!!!!" She took her foot and kicked her in the face. Zolan screamed out in pain and fell on her side, holding her bleeding mouth while looking up at Daybreaker in fear.

"You may have struck fear in hundreds," Daybreaker whispered before she got real close into Zolan's face. The woman whimpered and looked away before the angry person grabbed her head and made her look into her angry slitted eyes, as well as the sharp teeth snarling at her. "But I could strike fear in you." She grabbed her by the neck again and lifted her back up into the air, ignoring the calls to stop from her sister and Princess Twilight. "Now I am about to give you all of that pain and anguish that you have caused back...painfully." Daybreaker lifted her hand, which ignited into an inferno before it inched towards her face.

"Sister, stop!" She looked over to her side where the Equestrians and the Equestria girls were all sweating bullets. And Luna was looking at her with desperation. "We need her alive!" Luna told her.

"Why?!" Daybreaker yelled. "She does not deserve to live! So I am going to send her back to Tartarus where she crawled out of!"

"Sunset wouldn't want that!" Daybreaker froze. Luna had heard what she was yelling to her earlier. "Sunset Shimmer would not have wanted you to kill her. Imprison her for life, yes. But not kill her. She needs to answer to her crimes. Here on Earth, and in Equestria." Twilight was looking confusedly at the two princesses. What had happened to Sunset?!

Daybreaker grunted before she let go of Zolan's blue head. She fell down and crumpled, desperately gasping for air. "You will answer to the courts of Equestria and Earth for your crimes against humanity and ponykind! And you will have no lawyer!" She kicked her one last time before she changed back to Celestia. Who fell to the ground, sobbing into her hands.

"Twilight detain her!" Luna ordered, motioning towards the weak Zolan. Princess Twilight strode forward and put a very strong box spell around her, keeping her trapped inside before levitating it into the air. Luna ran forward and pulled her crying sister into a hug. Keeping her close and soothing sweet things into her ear. While they were doing that, Sci-Twi turned around and motioned for everyone to come towards her.

"Go find Sunset!" She ordered. "Go find her now!" They nodded before turning around and jogging towards the firefighters, police cruisers, and ambulances in the distance, ignoring the shouts to stop along the way. EQG Rarity actually did when she realized they could've found her. She ran towards a random one and asked a question before he could.

"Have you seen a girl with orange skin, with orange and red hair?" The policeman took out his radio and asked someone at the crime scene about it, then waited for a response. He held it up to his ear and listened before biting his bottom lip and sighing loudly.

"Copy," he replied before lowering the radio. He turned towards the girl. "Were you her friend?"

"Yes, I'm Rarity. Now...wait...you said 'were'," she replied softly.

"The girl you're looking for...she's at a nearby morgue ma'am. I'm sorry."

"It looks like it's over," Amaryllis assumed, motioning towards the calmed down field and the violet box that was holding Zolan. Scootaloo nodded and walked out with the doctor. Heading to the police officers. The ground underneath them was burnt to a crisp. They would have to replant the grass or do something. Because this field was dried out.

Doctor Martina wrapped an arm around Scootaloo, providing her comfort and stroking her hair as they walked a little ways behind Amaryllis. "Are you okay?" She whispered down to her.

"I'll be fine," she replied softly, returning the hug tightly. "I just want to know why all of this was going on. I mean...Zolan literally appeared out of nowhere and tried to use me...everything that I've gone through...for her own goals."

"That tends to happen...a lot around you, huh?"

Scootaloo looked up at her before she chuckled nervously in agreement. "Yeah...," she replied sadly. The doctor stopped her for a moment. Then turned her around to face her.

"We're almost done Scootaloo. This journey is almost over. Then you can go and chase that medal. And...you can start a new life."

"Martina, I don't have a life. My life was digging through dumpsters, finding a place to sleep at night where I wouldn't get attacked by animals, keeping a weapon of some sort that would eventually prove useless whenever someone would come and attack me. Or...use me."

Martina sighed, lightly grabbed Scootaloo's chin, and looked her in the eyes, gracing her with a smile. "Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. I have a surprise waiting for you. As soon as all this nonsense is over I'll show you okay?" Scootaloo nodded before they continued on their way towards the scene. Hoping for some good news.

Celestia was sitting by the roadside, looking towards the distance where Canterlot was. And where Sunset Shimmer was being held. She sighed in despair. And depression. Sunset had given her life to save them, so they could save the worlds. They could not thank her enough. And now they couldn't thank her at all. Each time she closed her eyes she could envision Sunset's smirk. That grin whenever she thought of something smart to say, or just to play around. The last time she saw her would be when she died in her arms. And told her to go save the world and not to worry about her. Like Tartarus she wouldn't. She was her first student. Her very first! Who turned evil, became reformed, and came back to her. All smiles like she was when she met her. She was bitter before, but in the end she proved herself to still be her loyal student. Twilight was her faithful. Sunset was her loyal. And she would always stay that way.

Celestia glanced over when she saw Princess Twilight sit next to her and pull her into a hug, crying loud into her shoulder. Celestia returned it greatly, squeezing her tightly as if she was afraid she would lose her too. It seems she just found out. "Th-There has to be something we can do to bring her back!" Twilight cried, emotions making her voice shaky. "Something, anything!"

"I wish we could, Twilight," Celestia said in the midst of tears. "But I fear it is too late. She's been gone for over an hour. All the spells that would've brought her back would not work by this point. And we would have to heal her fully for them to work. Her wounds were too great." The two cried into each other's shoulders, getting out their feelings. Anemone watched with pity from close by. She didn't know Sunset all that well but she was a pretty good friend when she was getting to know her. She looked down at her sister that walked over and pulled her into a hug, burying her face into her chest, sniffling. Anemone sighed and wrapped her in a hug tightly.

"I know, squirt," she whispered. "I miss her too. But I have an idea." The two shared a heartfelt moment as if everything else wasn't even happening. No one else but them. Ignoring the stares they were getting from the police officers and news crews that had arrived on the scene to report what had happened, trying to figure out what they were. As well as the voices of their friends.

Rainbow Dash gasped in the middle of a questioning when she spotted her sister walking towards her. Scootaloo shared the same look before she ran towards her. Rainbow Dash's slow walking turned into a run before the two collided, giving each other a hug. Scootaloo cried loudly into her sister's prison uniform while Rainbow sniffled and stroked her magenta hair, burying her face in it. "This is the first time I've gotten to hold you after finding out," Rainbow whispered down to her.

Scootaloo laughed with tears in her eyes before she looked up to her face. Rainbow sighed and felt along the gash on her cheek. Thinking about what had happened for it to get there. Scootaloo placed a hand on it and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'll be fine," she whispered.

"Of course, you're my sister," Rainbow replied with a chuckle. "I'm going to make sure you can't just be only fine, but great! You can count on it." Scootaloo rolled her eyes and nodded before they embraced again. Doctor Martina was watching with her arms folded and her mouth turned up in a soft smile. It seemed that Scootaloo was telling the truth. But now they had more problems. The trial was interrupted and everybody had a magical firefight outside that set a wildfire to a field, completely destroying it. She looked towards the battle area which was just gray and lifeless, filled with ash that was floating through the air. Not to mention the smoke wafting through and around, burning her nose.

But all of that could wait. Right now it was sister bonding time.

After the fight that happened on the outskirts of town, everyone went right back to the courthouse, including Zolan who was still held in the violet box. She was not getting back out until she was in the prisons back in Equestria. The gallery was back to being packed again, although there was a lot more policemen in the room this time. That scorch mark was still on the wall, reminding Zolan that she started all of this. Princess Luna set her in the middle of the room, facing the judges on her knees, who were looking at her in confusion. They then looked up at the Equestrians, still wearing their battle clothing.

"This woman, by the name of Zolan, has been a tyrant of Equestria," Celestia told them. "My name is Princess Celestia. I am the head ruler of Equestria. A world that is parallel to your own. This is my sister, Princess Luna, and my student, Princess Twilight sparkle." She motioned to the women beside her. Twilight was looking down, shedding light tears with the rest of her friends. From Equestria and Canterlot High. "We are sorry for the intrusion upon this great land and it's justice system. However we needed to retrieve her in this granted moment before she could break apart these two sisters." She motioned towards the girls on her right holding each other's hands. "Rainbow Dash is indeed innocent. She did not write in that journal, and she definitely does not have one."

"Told you!" Rainbow yelled.

The Judges shared a glance before focusing on the lady held in the box in front of them. Judge Gavel sighed and asked her, "Is this true....er...Zolan?"

Everyone focused on her before she sighed and nodded in defeat. It was over. "Did you manipulate this family..." Celestia asked her, pointing towards Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof in the chairs behind her. "To discard of Scootaloo?" Rainbow Dash was holding her sister tightly, in the thought that this was the moment of truth.

Zolan inhaled and said, "No. I just used the predicament to my advantage."

Rainbow pulled her sister tightly into a hug. Her parents were just evil. And they didn't even show it on their faces. Scootaloo whimpered into her shirt while Rainbow Dash stroked her hair, realizing her sister could really use a family member that actually did care for her at this moment.

"Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof have officially just put themselves in prison," Judge Gavel said. "We are now looking into Rainbow Dash's case. Based on the evidence presented before us, and the jury, we believe that the only hand that Rainbow Dash has in this case is taking her sister to the hospital...and actually being a sister and loyal friend to her when she can. We will now leave the verdict in the hand of the jury." The judge was about to bang her gavel before the jury foreman raised her hand.

"Um, we've made a decision, your honor," he said. "We find the offenders Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof guilty of the charges of Child Abandonment and Child Neglect. And we find Ms. Dash not guilty of Failure to Report." Rainbow sighed while Scootaloo smiled. Her second real smile out of all of this before she turned around and gave her sister another big hug. Rainbow sighed in relief and stroked her head. Dr. Martina began clapping before everyone else began to do the same, happy that justice was found for the two. At least for them. After the clapping was done, they moved onto the next thing.

"Now umm, Princess Celestia was it?" Judge Blue Sails questioned, motioning towards her. The princess nodded in acknowledgment. "I guess your mission here on our...world is complete now that you have Zolan here. What's next?"

"We will take her back to Equestria," Celestia told her, glancing over to the woman kneeling on the floor in the box. "And have her pay for her crimes against our kind and yours. She has done a most grievous act there that she manipulated me for. Genocide of a race that now only has two." The judges and everyone else that was not an Equestrian widened their eyes before she continued. "We will try her for that, which will get very technical. Either way she will face a grievous sentence."

Judge Rising Fire nodded in acknowledgment before she grabbed her gavel. "Very well. The court finds Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles guilty of all charges and sentences them both to fifty years in maximum security prison. Court is adjourned and the case is closed." The three judges all banged down their gavels and the police strode in to grab the prisoners. Scootaloo and everyone else grabbed their things and prepared to walk out and head somewhere else before Applejack sniffled, still grieving.

"Hey...where's Amaryllis and Anemone?" She asked.

The group looked around before they shrugged. They were nowhere in sight. Now that they thought about it, they weren't with them on the way to the courthouse either.

The thestrals were actually sitting over the edge of a building across from the hospital Scootaloo was previously held in, watching the cars down below go back and forth. They stayed silent and just stared for awhile, listening to sirens, wind, and birds.

"Are you sure this will work?" Amaryllis asked her sister beside her. Anemone directed her gaze to the Orb of Zebrica in her hands, tilting it from side to side, trying to figure it out.

"I overheard Celestia," she replied without taking her eyes off of the cube. "The only way is for there to be a large amount of magic. Basically a life force. I'm no egghead but I bet that's what it's for. Celestia may have slaughtered everyone I know, as well as our family...but it was completely out of her control. Just like how discord can control things, Zolan controlled Celestia like she was a puppet with strings. And Sunset didn't deserve to die. I do not believe she wanted to either. So I'm going to break this thing open, metaphorically, and give her some magic."

"And the rest?"

"We'll put it in ourselves. Rightfully it belongs to us since it belonged to our colony. We bust it open, absorb our halves, and then give some to Sunset Shimmer. And if it doesn't work...at least we know we tried. Let's do this. For Sunset Shimmer. And for Twilight and Celestia." She rotated her body off the ledge and walked back onto the roof, her shoes made a crunch sound along the gravel as she strode towards the middle, and set the cube down while Amaryllis made her way to the other side. Anemone backed away a little before she said, "We couldn't open it before because it wasn't meant to be opened. It would be too disastrous. So they transferred it directly from one object to the other. From an orb to a cube. Nothing in between. You can't grab the orb, it has be contained. Now we're about to transfer it from a cube to ourselves. You ready?"

"I have absolutely no idea how to do this!" She yelled from the other side, throwing her hands up in the air.

"Instead of throwing your magic out, draw it in. We have to do it quick because the others will sense the magical leak. On my mark!" She pushed her hands out in front of her while looking down at the cube, eyes narrowed in focus.

Amaryllis copied her sister, muttering, "Suck it in, don't push it out," over and over. Once they were ready, Anemone started the countdown.

"One...two...three!" The two sisters summoned a spell pulling out the magic. They strained to do it, eventually putting beads of sweat on their foreheads. But soon, the box began to glow a light purple before two beams shot out and into their palms, traveling through their bodies. The two screamed at the feeling. It was unstable alright. And they could feel it. And so could the equestrians. Twilight, Celestia, Luna and the other Elements all gasped at the familiar feeling that washed over them before they shared a glance and ran out of the courtroom, confusing the court for a moment.

"Wait! Luna!" Celestia placed a hand on her sister's shoulder from behind, stopping her. She turned and looked towards Celestia with eagerness. "Watch over Zolan. She must not escape." Luna nodded and turned around headed back towards the box while Celestia and the others continued the eager journey outside into the crowd of news reporters. The second those people saw them, they attempted to approach before Celestia rolled her eyes and teleported the large group away into a nearby alley. They staggered around for a moment to get their bearings, while Celestia smiled apologetically.

"Sorry," she apologized breathlessly and urgently. "I could not let them stop us. Let's continue." They ran out of the alley and looked around, hoping to find a sign. They could feel the magic in the air. They just couldn't see it. But the thestrals could.

Back on the roof, after around five minutes of absorbing, the cube began to dwindle, the light coming from it starting to thin out before it snipped off the box and traveled into the the sisters' hands. Once it was done, they fell on their hands and knees, taking deep breaths. That took almost everything out of them. It was like drinking five bottles of water at a fast pace. After a few more seconds of panting the two looked up at each other, gasping a little.

They were glowing brightly, shining like the brightest flashlight with different colors. Anemone let out a little chuckle. "You look like a glowstick, squirt."

"And you look like...something that glows." They laughed before they stood up and looked at themselves. Their whole body was glowing. Even their clothes. And slitted eyes. "Now what?" Amaryllis asked.

"Now we go and revive Sunset," Anemone responded. She turned around and jogged towards the edge of the building before jumping off towards the hospital, leaving a trail of light behind her. Amaryllis quickly followed after her, having the same effect. From the ground, the Equestrians were looking around before Rarity gasped.

"LOOK!" She yelled, pointing towards the sky. They all turned towards her direction of pointing, spotting the two light trails.

"Let's go!" Twilight yelled, running after it. The others followed along, curious as to what was going on with the Orb of Zebrica. A few seconds later, Anemone and Amaryllis landed in front of the busy hospital. Amaryllis was a little more tentative about it then her sister. Couldn't they just go invisible and look around instead of taking the front door and asking for directions to the morgue? It'd be much easier than doing all of this.

Well it was too late because Anemone walked in, glowing and everything. She was on a mission and nothing was going to stop her. She walked straight up to the nurses desk and knocked on the counter, putting a little too much force into it because it cracked a little. The nurses jumped at the loud noise and looked up, shrieking. That caught everyone's attention. They looked over and nearly swore before they jumped up and ran to the other side of the room. Everything got deathly quiet in the room since everyone was focused on what the glowing person with wings and bat ears wanted.

"Can you point us towards the morgue please?" She asked nicely. The nurse was just staring at her with her mouth opened before she opened and closed it like a fish.

"Y-you...." She stuttered. "You...y-you want....to go to the morgue?" she asked carefully. Anemone nodded.


"It's in the basement level but—"

"Thank you. Let's go, Amaryllis." She made her way towards the back doors while Amaryllis finally decided to rush in, glowing just like her sister and straight through the doors before Anemone could even reach them. They walked into another section of the hospital before they asked another nurse how to get to the basement. She had the exact same reaction as the nurse at the desk and motioned towards the elevators nearby. Anemone thanked her before she walked towards the elevator with her sister. They pressed the button and waited for it to rise up while trying to ignore the frozen faces of the doctors and nurses staring at them. Not to mention some visitors. Amaryllis clicked her tongue and looked around, waving awkwardly at one of them. The doctor shockingly waved back slowly, his face not changing at all before the doors opened and the two walked in. Anemone inspected the pads and, assuming that "B" meant basement, clicked the button. It lit up a dark green before the doors closed and the elevator made its way down.

The silence inside of it, besides the hum, was deafening. And Amaryllis was a little scared of the groaning going on above them. Something was definitely going to snap up there. And they were all going to die and be...specimen. After a few more seconds, the elevator opened up, revealing a hallway that was indeed different from upstairs. There was no doubt about it. This was the morgue. It felt dead in there. And was eerily silent.

"Okay, we're here," Amaryllis whispered while walking tentatively out of the elevator. Anemone followed out shortly, looking around. It was so silent down there. There were four rooms that they could see. One of them had to be where Sunset's body was. And the others they just didn't know.

Anemone sighed and said, "Keep your eyes open for—"

"Found her." Amaryllis was pointing through the window of a door on her left, at a table that held Sunset Shimmer's pale and dead form lying on the stainless steel. She was covered by a white sheet but you could still see her red and orange hair flowing over the edge. Amaryllis twisted the door handle and walked inside the room slowly, looking around and taking in the sites of all the silver blocks on the walls. One of them, directly across from Sunset, was wide open.

"She must've been in there," Anemone guessed, motioning towards the open plot. Amaryllis walked towards the head and reluctantly flipped the sheet, revealing Sunset's face. It was a pale sickly yellow and her eyes had black rings around them.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked her sister. "What if it works only halfway? I... literally can't compare her to anyone else, nor would I want to, but...she looks pretty gone."

"I have a few theories," Anemone responded. "From the looks of her skin, she has lost all of her blood. Every last drop. She would have to come back to life and run by magic."

Amaryllis looked up to her in confusion. "So she'll just be pale from here on out?"

"Yep. If this works. I really hope it does. Let's do this." Amaryllis lifted her hands and pointed them down towards the body before Anemone followed shortly after, proud to see her sister actually taking the lead for once. "Shoot a small amount of magic into it okay? And let it out in a streaming trickle until I say stop." The two glowed a little brighter before they sent in their magic, starting the spell. Some people watching this would call it a modified version of witchcraft or something similar. But they were definitely wrong. After around five minutes, Anemone gave the order to stop.

The two lowered their hands and looked towards the body hoping for some movement. So far, Sunset still looked dead. Before a very familiar voice sounded off from far away behind them. "Thanks guys, you literally helped me out of there. I owe you something."

The two turned around and gasped at who was standing there. Sunset Shimmer smiled innocently before she waved. "Thanks for finishing the spell for me."

Message From Sunset; Epilogue

View Online

The thestrals were staring in shock, frozen in surprise at the girl casually leaning against the wall looking back at them. She had her feet crossed and was leaning against the bare wall with her arms crossed, trying to avoid the awkward eye-contact. Sunset clicked her tongue, trying to get rid of this awkward silence. "H...how?" Anemone asked in disbelief. "I saw you die! This is you!" She pointed a finger at the body's bare face.

Sunset sighed and made her way to the table, the trail of her pink dress trailing on the floor behind her while the lights in the room bounced off the metal marks on her shoulders and orange high heels. When she got close enough, Amaryllis could see through her. She was partly transparent. "Well...when I died in Celestia's arms, I put a spell on myself," she explained while looking at her body. "By the way, you guys look like neon signs at night." Amaryllis groaned and threw up her hands. That's the second time. "It was an old, and very rare spell that I just tinkered around with in the past. Just in case if one of our enemies was actually strong enough, as well as deadly enough, to try and kill us. In the past I had no reason to use it. But even I knew it was only a matter of time. Someone was coming. And they were going to try and take over the world. And move us out of the way. Permanently. So I always kept it in my mind. It uses a lot of magic."

Sunset flipped the cover of her body a little to reveal the giant gash across her body. It was like someone got a very very sharp blade and cut her open with it. "Looks like they cleaned me up. Anyway, I didn't have enough magic at the time because I used it to keep that whip from hitting my friends, and my teacher. So I only used a little bit of it. But I needed more. A lot more. That's when you came in and put it in my body, successfully finishing the spell. So now....I'm this." Sunset reached forward and put her hand onto Amaryllis' head...that sunk inside. The child yelped at the cold feeling and backed away quickly while Sunset just laughed. "I'm a ghost now. Unfortunately, my body suffered too much damage. Even if I did come back to life, I would just die again. So the spell used a backup."

"So you're a ghost now," Anemone guessed reluctantly. Sunset sighed and nodded. "We wanted you back fully! Not paranormally!"

Sunset turned to her and gave her a sad smile. "Anemone, you helped me get out of that darkness. I was dead, gone. I'm talkin' 'no-way-she's-coming-back' gone. You gave me a backup. Just be happy about that. And it looks like you guys ate the cube."

"We absorbed the magic in it," Anemone clarified, turning her head away from the body. "I figured that the reason we couldn't open the cube was because it wasn't meant to be opened. It was meant to go from one container to the other. Not from one container, into somepony's hands, and then into another container. So we just used our bodies as the container. And we can combine the orb of Zebrica with our magic."

Sunset smiled and nodded. "Thanks, Anemone. But I have to ask a favor of you. Of both of you." The two stood in front of her and nodded. "Don't tell anyone I'm a ghost yet."

"What? Why?!" Amaryllis asked in confusion. "Don't you want them to know?!"

"Of course, but...I want it to be on my terms. You understand?" The two thestrals sighed and nodded before Anemone gasped, nearly forgetting something.

"But they're on their way here right now! The Orb of Zebrica's magic had to have let them know something was up."

"I know." Sunset reached behind her back and pulled out two bouquets of roses. One red the other white. "As far as they know you were giving me flowers. Don't tell them about the spell and what you did. Or of the spell I did. Just go home to Equestria. And...if you want...attend my funeral or memorial service." They nodded again and took hold of the roses before the elevator doors dinged and opened up down the hallway. They all glanced towards the entrance to the room before looking at each other. "We'll see each other again. I promise. Maybe even in Equestria." Sunset stepped back and waved before she broke apart like smoke, disappearing into the air.

The two were just staring at the place she was at before they turned around and placed the roses on Sunset Shimmer's body. It looked so...lifeless. It was pale and cold, and was definitely not coming back. It seemed like Sunset was right. Even if they had successfully revived her, she would just die again.

"Girls!" Someone yelled out in the hall. "Girls, we know you're down here!"

"Anemone, Amaryllis!" Celestia yelled. The Equestrians walked past the room they were in and looked around before Ponyville Pinkie Pie stopped, spotting them through the window.

"In here!" She yelled, pointing to the room they were in. The group turned around and walked back towards the room that Pinkie was looking into. Celestia cautiously opened the door and looked around. She saw the thestrals looking at something on the table and all the metal blocks on the walls before Twilight gasped. She looked from her to where Twilight was looking at. Everyone in there, except the thestrals, whimpered. They walked towards the table where Sunset's body was laying. With a bouquet of roses on her chest above the blanket.

"Oh, Sunset," Princess Twilight cried down to her. She along with everyone else were crying for their fallen friend. And comrad. "I wanted to thank you for saving our lives. But I never thought it would be this way."

Sunset Shimmer was watching from above, floating on her stomach and looking down at them. They would never realize she was there. Listening to them say their words. But all of this had to go according to plan. She needed a grave site, or an urn, and no one could do that if they spotted her. She listened to them cry some more before they, and the thestrals, walked out of the room. Finally, Sunset thought as she floated down to the area behind them, although silently and walked out behind the thestrals. She could easily just float up through the roof and the ceiling since she was technically just a bunch of living air that could go through things. As long as air could get through, she could too. She did not understand this at all.

A cold draft wafted by Amaryllis' ear, making it flick for a second. She looked towards her right at Sunset, who mouthed, "Remember what I said." Amaryllis nodded as soon as they reached the elevator, and Sunset took that moment to turn back into air and float through the ceiling, leaving them for the time being. They would see her again in the future.

After teleporting back to the courthouse from the hospital, and grabbing Luna with Zolan, the group made their way back to the destroyed statue in front of the school. The walk was eerily quiet, no one had anything to say about the events that had transpired today. Even both of the Pinkie Pies were back to being silent, their hairstyles completely deflated. "Discord," Ponyville Fluttershy called. The human draconequus appeared before the group, his face not usually happy and teasing like it usually is. He snapped his fingers, creating a portal back to Equestria and jumped in before the others. Celestia sighed and turned back to the Equestria girls before they could step through.

"Stay strong," she told them. "Everything will be fine."

"What are we supposed to do with her?" Sci-Twi asked her sadly. "She's from Equestria, she has no parents. No record of existence. No job. No money. Only...us. How are we supposed to...bury her?"

"I...don't know," Celestia admitted sadly. "But I am sure you will figure something out. Maybe the school can help pay for her burial. It's only a thought. Sunset Shimmer spent her last happy days here. I'm sure she would want to buried where her friends can reach her. Be well, humans." The group nodded before the Equestrians walked through the portal and it closed behind them, leaving them alone for the time being. Sunset was watching nearby from the top of the school, looking down at herself as well. She presented her hands out in front of her face. The light from the sun was going through her. Interesting. Pushing those thoughts aside, she realized they needed to do something to bury her. But what? She could tell they weren't doing a lot of thinking. They needed help. Bad. Then she got an idea.

She turned back into air and flowed through the airways that led into the school, coming out through a grate in the ceiling, and reformed in the hallway. Being a ghost was sad. But it had its advantages. For instance, she made copies of herself without using any magic, and ordered them to quickly bring her any fliers that had any type of fundraisers on them. They quickly flowed off to perform the task while she made her way into the empty office. She soared underneath the door and reformed back into her paranormal self. She sighed and looked around the area clean and quiet area. It was going to be a very long time until the people in this office got over her death. One more so than the other. She walked further in and soared underneath the doorway of Principal Celestia's room. It was so quiet in there. Well the whole school was quiet. And would probably stay that way for awhile.

Sunset sighed and looked down at herself. The clothing she died in...she was still wearing it. Daydream Shimmer. Just without the wild hair, crazy red eyeshadow, sun white wings, and sun white horn. Besides that, everything was the same. The eyeshadow would scare anyone if they saw her. As well as the horn. She sighed and walked forward in her orange high heels, making her way towards the desk. She looked through the drawers and found a flier that was for their old school car wash that they did in the past. She grabbed a marker and circled the word "fundraiser" before she flew through the door and back out into the foyer. The others were already there, holding sheets that she could use. She grabbed and thanked them before they dissipated back into the air, since she had no other use for them. Then looked out the window towards the destroyed statue. Her friends were still sitting there on the stone, holding each other and crying. It really hurt her to see them like that, but she needed her body gone. So she laid the papers out on the floor, keeping the words "Fundraiser" pointed out by circle on all of them before she turned back into air.

The front door opened slightly and then closed loudly with a bang from the air she was applying to it. Attracting attention.

"I...don't know what to do," Twilight said from the top of the stone. The others were just looking at the ground or at their hands. "She's...we have—" A loud noise made them all look up and look around. Seeing nothing there, Twilight was about to continue before it happened again, catching their attention once again. They spotted one of the glass doors of the school opening and closing, probably hard enough to shatter. They all shared a confused glance before they got up and quickly made their way over. The school was closed, no one was allowed inside. They got close to the door that was opening and closing before Twilight stopped it with her hand and pulled it back out of the person's grip.

"Excuse me, the school is....closed....hello?" She looked around the dark halls, seeing nothing at all. She shared a confused glance with the others before a very strong gust pushed her inside. She fell in on her stomach and face. The others gasped and ran in with her before the door slammed shut behind them and clicked, locking them inside for a moment. They all got up and looked around nervously, ready for a fight before they realized that the door was...unoccupied. There was no one there.

"Uhh....hello?" Applejack asked nervously. They were all sharing the same emotion, evident by their heightened breathing and constant shuffling. They received no answer. But Sunset was watching and listening. She blew her ghostly and invisible form underneath their feet, shuffling the papers. Rarity glanced, then looked down at the movement. Why was there wind in the school? Before she could ponder it further, a sheet of paper caught around her leg, making her gasp and yelp in reflex before realizing what it was. The others looked over while she bent low slowly and picked up the paper, looking at it. It was the flier of the carwash that had the word "Fundraiser" circled with red marker.

"It's our old flier," Twilight said, looking at it. "There's Sunset." She pointed at the photo of the image where Sunset was wearing a bikini and holding a washcloth with the rest of the girls, grinning gleefully. "We were so happy back then." They all gathered around and looked at the photo before Pinkie Pie stepped on another paper. Looking down, she noticed there were four more of them.

"Ooo, lookie what I found," Pinkie Pie said halfheartedly. She bent down and picked up the sheets while they gathered around. They were all fliers for a fundraiser of any kind with the word fundraiser on the front circled in red marker. "That's strange."

"I'll say," Applejack agreed. "Maybe someone was looking for a fundraiser to help out in?" Sunset could've groaned. Looks like they needed help. She made the air in front of the doors heat up before combusting loudly into blue flames, scaring the girls. She couldn't use orange at the moment.

"WHOA!" Twilight yelled as they jumped back in shock. "What the...where did that come from?!"

"I don't know, Twilight," Rarity said while getting into a defensive position. "But I don't like this." Applejack agreed before they all got into a defensive position.

Finally, I have their attention, Sunset thought before she moved the air around it, turning it into a marble sized ball of blue light. The girls looked at it confused, but still stayed in their defensive positions. It crept slowly towards them before Twilight stepped back. The ball did as well, confusing them even more.

"Uhh.....any ideas?" Twilight asked the girls behind her. They all just shrugged before it continued to creep closer. Twilight stared at it for a moment, frozen before it landed on the paper and sort of jumped on it, spiking the egghead's curiosity. "I...think it's trying to tell us something." Sunset sighed in relief, creating wind that flowed through the hallway, ruffling the hair of the girls before she went back to work. It moved up and down in excitement before it lowered some more, and circled around the head of Sunset Shimmer, then around the word Fundraiser. Again and again. Twilight gasped before she realized what it was trying to say.

"A fundraiser!" She yelled excitedly. "Are you trying to tell me that we should do a fundraiser for Sunset Shimmer?" The girls looked up from the sheet then back to the blue ball before it flew back out into the air and created a fiery blue checkmark in the air that dissipated. A strong wind blew from behind, nearly knocking them off their feet before the door opened allowing them back out. "Wait! I wanna ask some questions!" Sunset sighed, realizing Twilight wasn't going to leave until she gets some questions answered. She might as well. A light, but still strong, air current blew through, closing the door back, and the blue light lit up again. "What are you?"

A ghostly wail flew through the air, as well as the flow of wind that once again ruffled their hair, and annoyed Rarity. She pulled out a comb and started brushing it while Sunset just wanted to laugh. She decided to play a trick, and used the air around Rarity to grab the brush from her hand and take it out. Rarity gasped and turned around at the floating brush...that was going through her gorgeous hair. "Twilight? I..I-I think I know what it is."

The group turned around and blanched at the brush going through Rarity's hair, getting rid of the mess before the brush was placed lightly in her hand. Rarity looked at it before she looked back up. Everyone else was looking around, trying to find it. "Are you a...ghost?" Applejack asked aloud.

The light blue ball floated around in front of the hallway and made a fiery check mark once more before it disappeared. Fluttershy screamed and hid behind Twilight. Sunset laughed silently. This was actually kind of fun. So she decided to have a little more fun with this. She flowed over to the light switches and turned all of the ones that were on in the building, that were usually left on for some reason, off. The only light coming in was the light blue orb dancing around, and the light from the glass doors. The area in front of them combusted into a flaming phrase suddenly, reading: "1 Min"

Then everything went silent. Twilight looked around for a moment before she turned to the others with confusion mixed with wonder sketched on her face. "There's a ghost....right here in front of our faces," she whispered.

"Yes, I see that," Rarity whispered back unsure. She took a few tentative steps forward and looked around. "Question is...of who?"

"It could be a past person that went to this school," Applejack whispered, looking around the hallway. She sighed and shuffled her feet. "It's going to be really sad around here these next few weeks."

"Yeah...I'm prepared for it," Twilight agreed. A large flame of fire burst out in front of their faces, creating a sentence:

"You do not have to let her death be a reason to not move on."

"What are you talkin'...er...writin' about?" Applejack asked.

"You are sad about your friend's sacrifice," it wrote again. Sunset was amazed at how effortlessly it was to actually write without moving. She was just moving her finger and lighting up the area she wanted to write in.

"Yeah, we are," Twilight whispered.

"You did not hear Sunset's last words." They looked at each other before the words wrote again. "She said, 'All soldiers risk their lives to save the ones they love.' She loved you. And I am sure she would do it again in a heartbeat."

"Wait, how do you know what Sunset said?" Rarity asked in suspicion.

"I am everywhere. I am watching you, you, you, you, and you. As well as the one known as Rainbow Dash. Sunset's body will indubitably be cremated. And a funeral is expensive. I suggest you create a memorial. A new statue in place of the old one, and put the insignia of the school above the doors outside." Twilight looked behind her at the entrance doors, and the destroyed statue, where all of this began before she focused back on the area in front of her. "By the way...Sunset Shimmer is fine. She has moved on, yes. But still fine. We are becoming good friends." Sunset was trying her hardest not to snicker and create an echo that they would surely hear.

"WHAT?" They all yelled.

"You can speak to Sunset Shimmer?" Applejack asked. The check mark appeared once more.

"We kicked it off just great. She told me everything that has happened to the child known as Scootaloo. As well as the fight that has happened. I told her I saw it already but she decided to go ahead and retell everything. It annoyed me somewhat. Don't let her know I told you when she returns in the future."

Twilight gasped before asking excitedly, "Wait, she's coming—"

"That is all I can say, Ms. Sparkle. I am afraid I am running out of time. However, if you ever need help, I will always be watching. Just call." The flames diminished before the door behind them opened up once more. They looked at it before they turned back and looked at the space in front of them. The lights in the building had been turned back on and everything was back to normal before they had walked inside. They sighed and walked back out before the door behind them was shut and locked. Then all was quiet. Sunset flowed up to the roof and reformed, looking down at her friends. She'll see them again soon. Maybe in a few months. But right now, she needed to find a way to get to Equestria. Maybe that book she carried around can be of assistance. But where did she leave it? Wait....that was destroyed. She sighed and turned herself into a light blue ball, keeping up the disguise before she followed them. They were going to need some reassurance. Big time.

After the Equestrians and thestrals walked out of the portal and back into Fluttershy's cottage, they all fell back down to their hooves and sighed in relief. All except Twilight and Celestia. "I'm heading home," Twilight whispered slowly before teleporting to her castle. Celestia looked towards Zolan in the box before Luna teleported them all outside of the cottage, including Fluttershy.

"I have to get back home," Applejack said suddenly, making her way to the farm in the distance. She was already behind a bunch of chores. She didn't need more problems. That gave everyone the cue to head on home. Rarity made her way back to the boutique, Pinkie Pie to the bakery, and Fluttershy back into the cottage behind her. The princesses sighed before they looked to each other. Even Zolan, who was sitting in the box above was a little put off by their exits.

"I must go and speak with Twilight," Celestia told her sister. "Put Zolan under lock and key. As well as runes. And guards." Luna nodded before she took off back to Canterlot with Zolan in tow, leaving only the thestrals. She turned around and looked towards Anemone, sighing. "I am oh so sorry you were caught in this. I hope you can forgive me."

Anemone sighed. "Celestia? I've already forgiven you. And believe it or not, I am still the fastest flier in Equestria. I am more worried about Twilight though. So...go see her. And tell her I'm sorry." Celestia nodded and left, making her way towards the Castle of Friendship.

"Hey!" Anemone looked down at her sister, who was sporting a mischievous grin. "What about our deal, huh? You were supposed to be there with Twilight after this was all over. Not Celestia. It would have been a good time to talk to her."

Anemone blanched and lightly flapped her wings, her fangs biting into her bottom lip. "I uhh...I forgot about that."

"I noticed." She sighed and began to make her way into town. "I have to see my friends and tell them I'm okay. And make sure Sweetie Belle doesn't hit me again." Amaryllis flapped her wings and soared into Ponyville, followed shortly by a groaning and mumbling Anemone. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash were back. Although a lot different than before.

Celestia walked into the Castle of Friendship quietly, sighing while she reminisced on everything that has happened. The threat was defeated. But at a cost. A very high one that has affected everyone and everypony. A death.

She shut the door behind her and spotted spike walking into the foyer eating a small gem. He just happened to look her way before he gasped, running up to her. "Celestia! You're back!" He yelled grabbing her around the legs and giving her a hug. The Princess let out a soft chuckle and returned the gesture gladly.

"Hello, Spike. We have successfully completed the mission. Have you seen Twilight around? She said she was on her way back in here."

Spike pulled back and looked up at her oddly. "I haven't seen her yet."

"Hmm," Celestia hummed. "She must've teleported up to her room. Excuse me." Princess Celestia teleported away, leaving Spike alone in the foyer once more while she appeared in Twilight's bedroom. Sure enough, Twilight was in her room, sobbing into her pillows. Celestia sighed and hung her head low in sadness, feeling her student's pain. She quickly made her way over and got into the bed with her, wrapping a wing around her for comfort which Twilight gladly accepted. Sunset Shimmer was a friend to Twilight, and practically family to Celestia. The two cried and mourned for her, reminiscing on memories that they had with her. Proud memories and ugly memories. Either way, those memories were something that the two would hold onto. And never let go of.

After the sentence was given, and the prisoners were taken away, Rainbow Dash was given her release papers and her belongings. She thanked the officers and lawyers in the back room before she opened the door and made her way out into the hall, heading towards the lobby where there was a lot of noise, as well as clicks from cameras. Looks like the news channels were still covering what happened.

She adjusted the documents underneath her arm and made her way out of the hall...and straight into the lion's den. The news practically swarmed her, asking her what was next in their lives now that she realizes she has a sister, and has no parents. And to be honest...she had no idea. But those small arms that just wrapped around her made her realize they were going to take it one step at a time. And that it was all going to be okay. The doctor walked forward with a vanilla folder in her hand. After the two released each other, she let herself be known.

"Hello, Rainbow Dash," Doctor Martina greeted her, stepping out of the crowd and making her way towards her with her hand outstretched.

Rainbow Dash looked up, reached forward, and shook her hand happily. "Hello, Doctor. Thanks again for getting me into the hospital to see Scoots."

Martina chuckled and nodded. "You're very welcome. Earlier, after the battle, I was telling your sister I had a surprise for her. Well, I also have a surprise for you too. She was telling me in the car when we first arrived before the trial that you were innocent. I admit I was a little skeptical about it, but then I had something made just in case. I asked the courts a few questions, got some strings pulled last minute, and....well, I want you two to see and tell me what it is." She passed over the vanilla envelope, letting her take it and look at it. She and Scootaloo shared a look before the folder was flipped open revealing two stacks of documents. There was a state logo on the top of it, as well as Scootaloo's name.

Anemone, or Rainbow Dash, quickly read through it before her eyes slowly widened, inhaled sharply, and she glanced up at the doctor with her mouth open. "You want to....adopt Scootaloo?"

"As well as you," Martina clarified. "Since you are seventeen, you are still officially a minor of the state. So you must have a parent or guardian. However, with them being detained you were supposed to go into a home. One for Scootaloo and one for you. Technically, the courts were going to split you up because of Scootaloo's predicament. Well, I begged and pleaded the courts to allow me to take you under my wing. After reviewing my background, as well as my income, my occupation, and a bunch more stuff that you will more than likely learn in the future, they finally gave me the rights to adopt you. Then I signed the forms. Now all you have to do is say yes and sign yours. If you'll both allow me to be your mother."

Rainbow was looking at her open mouthed before turning to Scootaloo who was wearing the same expression. Her mouth turned into a grin before her face scrunched up and she buried it in her hands. "Yes!...Please, Yes!..." She cried into her hands. Rainbow Dash pulled her into a hug, letting her cry in happiness into her shirt while the Doctor came around and gave her a hug from behind. The crowd around them fawned at the sight, taking more pictures of the new family that was to be.

A few yards away, on the other side of the building, a girl wearing a pink, white, and yellow dress with yellow skin, along with orange and red high heels that had a red and yellow sun on the front of them, as well as on her shoulders, was watching the scene in serene happiness. Her red and yellow hair was flowing as if there was air when in fact the breeze was going through her. Sunset Shimmer sighed and graced her face with a smile, happy that the mission was complete. After all of this, Scootaloo finally found her home. And Rainbow Dash got a parent that could actually provide for them. And show they care. Those scars riddling Scootaloo's body were going to cause a few problems at school in the future, she could see that now. But everyone would be there to watch over her. Herself included. She wasn't backing out of that action. And she had a plan in place.

The three began to make their way towards the front of the building catching Sunset's attention. She looked up and dissipated into the air, flowing directly behind them, and out into the air outside. She flowed high up, nearly breaching the clouds before she stopped and formed back into her ghostly form, looking at the ground below. Listening to the car horns, and the music bumping from the stereo speakers. She was sad. But not for herself. For her friends. They were going to miss her. And she was going to miss them. They would eventually see her again, but they wouldn't be able to hold her, touch her, feel her again. She could only touch things that weren't moving. Immobile. As well as other spirits. But Twilight and the others...they were very much alive. Not spirited at all.

Sunset was sad for her friends in Equestria. Including Starlight Glimmer. She didn't know her that long, but she was still a good friend. Hopefully Starlight wouldn't take it as hard as Princess Twilight did. Or Princess Celestia. Hopefully losing her won't put a damper on Equestria. Not many people knew her. But those that did...they would indeed cry over her.

She sighed and looked towards the fading sun in the distance. It was nearing the evening, and everyone was heading home. Hopefully they could all get some sleep tonight. Because tomorrow was going to be hard. On Scootaloo, Princess Twilight, her friends, Earth's Twilight, and her friends. Including Celestia. The news was going to cover everything that has happened today in Canterlot. Including the fight on the lawn that they would refer to as a wildfire, that left one person dead. Origin unknown, and occupation not available. She would be put under investigation or something, she could feel it. But Sunset's friends were more than likely not going to let that happen. Everyone was on her side now. As well as Scootaloo's.

She looked back towards the courthouse where the new family had got into a black SUV and sped off towards the Sunset. Rainbow would probably be cradling her sister tonight while she slept in her arms, sharing the same bed to get close to her as a family for the first time in ten years. Sunset smiled and thought about how "Awesome" Rainbow would call that. Matter of fact, she could see Rainbow Dash changing in the future. All for her sister to set a better example. Becoming less arrogant, making better choices, and thinking more than she already does.

"That'd be the day," Sunset muttered before she sat down on the air. It was going to be a sleepless night. Because one, she couldn't sleep. Ghosts don't even have energy to waste, and she couldn't go back to her resting place, which would be her body. If she went in, she would not be coming back out. And two. Someone was going to cry themselves sleep tonight. Actually, everyone was. She could feel it. And it would be that way for a few days afterwards. But she knew she would always be there for them. Including in the future.

Sunset was telling the truth when she told them she would always be watching. And that she was coming back. They'd better be prepared. Because it was going to shake them all. Especially Princesses Twilight and Celestia. And everyone else in between.

"Rest easy, guys," she whispered to the sun setting in the distance. "Because I'll be watching over you. Like always."

To Be Continued...