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Queen Scootaloo - officialmjsmith

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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"Hello, Scootaloo," the light green woman across from her greeted calmly. "I'm Serene Query, one of the agents investigating your case."

"And I'm Melody Love," the dark orange woman next to her greeted, offering a small smile. "Out of all the years that I've worked with children, yours is the worst. How old were you when you were abandoned?" Scootaloo held up five fingers while Serene wrote down some notes. "Okay, and where have you been living?"

"Behind Sweet Apple Acres," she whispered, giving the woman the clue that she was traumatized by all this. She wrote down some more notes before Melody asked another.

"How did your friends find out?"

"From Amaryllis."

"And who is she?"

"She's a human thestral." Serene stopped writing and glanced up before sitting up entirely, both of them looking at Scootaloo expectantly.

"Can you tell me what a human thestral is?" She asked

"It's what you saw on the TV when I jumped. She's the one who caught me."

"That's what that was? A human thestral?" She asked, making sure she was hearing this right. Scootaloo nodded, letting her write down a side note. "And do you know how she found out?"

"Because she's me." The agent sat back up, getting a strange vibe from this. "Amaryllis is Scootaloo in Equestria."

"What's Equestria?" Melody asked, tentatively.

"Another dimension."


"Alright," Princess Twilight called to her brother and Cadance, who she learned that in this world is her babysitter years ago. Makes sense. She sat down on the leather couch with her friends in front of the two. "So you both know about Scootaloo and her situation. Is there anything you might know about her? Ever seen her around any other people?"

"Particularly a Red themed lady that looks like she crawled out of the pits of Tartarus?" Princess Celestia added, walking in from the patio door.

Cadance shared a confused glance with Shining and answered, "Well, not really and what's Tartarus?"

"It's Equestria's underground," Princess Twilight clarified, looking at Sci-Twi fix her bun. "It's where all the villains go."

"Not me, I'm too good for it," Discord said, tossing his owl up and down. "But you did turn me into stone, very uncomfortable for over a thousand years might I add. Thank you, ladies." He turned his head and growled at the two grinning royal sisters.

"You turned out okay, Discord," Luna said proudly. "Now get back on task and give Fluttershy back her owl." The human Draconequus rolled his eyes and gave the owl back to Ponyville Fluttershy.

"So no clue of a weird woman?" Princess Celestia asked them, watching the couple shake their heads. "How exactly can we get to tracking her?"

"Well we could always bring her to us," Sunset suggested, putting her hands behind her neck. "But that's dangerous at the same time."

"And who is this woman you're trying to catch?" Cadance inquired.

"Her name is Zolan," Celestia answered, crossing her arms. "She used me to kill off a whole colony of Thestrals and is trying to take over Earth and Equestria through black magic." Cadance and Shining stared at her in disbelief.

"Wait, you KILLED SOMEBODY?!" Cadance asked.

"She framed me by taking over my body. Apparently she thinks only I can stop her, so she tried to take me out of the picture, as well as the thestrals at the same time. She's after this." Celestia grabbed the box of magic from Luna and held it in front of her. "The Orb of Zebrica. It has an insane amount of magic that I believe she wants to corrupt and use to her will. If she gets her hands, or hooves, on this, it's the end of both worlds."

"We don't know how much power she has, but apparently she's been here all this time, waiting and planning," Luna stated, catching their attention. "Time is of the essence. We have to find, and bring the fight, to her. If not, she can take us by surprise and take the orb. Twilight Sparkle of Earth, how is that device you're working on coming along?"

"Really well," The geek responded, pulling out some blueprints. "It should be able to hold the magic, but this is just based off of what happened last time. Sunset here said that it's far more powerful than what corrupted me during the Friendship Games, so I'm making adjustments to the last one to be able to hold this one."

"How long will that take?"

"I'm not sure. I'm just making estimates at this moment, so it could take a few days to a few weeks. But it will all be done within thirty-one days."

"That gives us enough time ta' search," EQG Applejack said, leaning on the wall. "And for us ta' try and find Scootaloo's parents so I can bust them in the nose. Both of 'em."

"How is she doing?" Shining Armor asked sadly. "I just heard from the news about the case. Sounds horrible. I can't imagine living on my own for ten years. As a child too."

"We don't know," EQG Rarity said from the patio doors on their left. "Only Rainbow Dash visited her since they have a sisterly bond. Speaking of which, she should be—" Someone knocked loudly on the door. "Back by now." Sci-Twi got up and walked down the hall towards the door, opening it to reveal Rainbow holding a newspaper, attempting a small smile.

"Hey," she greeted solemnly before walking inside.

"Hey, how'd it go?" Applejack sadly replied from the living room before Rainbow walked in.

"Well....they had her in some type of cuffs, a long gown, a room without any type of metal or sharp edge, no doors on the bathroom in a room that is electronically locked and under surveillance at all times, and she looked horrible. She wasn't wearing anything that covered her arms, so.....I saw it all. There were so many cuts and scars on her. Not to mention stab wounds. I know those when I see them. They also refer to her as 'UP 2057.'"

"What's that?" Ponyville Rarity asked.

"Unstable Patient." The group went quiet whil she tossed the rolled up newspaper to her farmer friend. She caught and unrolled it, looking at the front page with a fearful eye, scanning the title.

"'The Worst Case Of Child Abandonment In The History Of The Country,'" She read aloud before looking up at Rainbow Dash. "They're leakin' this?"

"Well, since the FBI is involved and it happened here, I would expect it to," Shining Armor remarked, rubbing his face in frustration. "What about the other one? What's her name?"

"Amaryllis," Celestia answered. "And they're out back talking or doing something, I'm not too sure of which. We're going to try and do a case of that too. Since she went through the same thing, we want answers."

The two agents in front of Scootaloo shared a strange glance. What did she mean by "Another Dimension"?

"So........Amaryllis is from another dimension," Melody repeated in disbelief in front of Scootaloo, making sure she heard her correctly.

"She and I are the same, just from different worlds." Serene nodded before writing some more notes.

"Do you know what she looks like?"

"Just like me," she whispered. "I'm sure you can get a video of her somewhere."

"Alright. I'll look into that later. Now....these next questions are going to be a little tough. If you feel the urge to cry, there are some tissues here." The woman beside her reached into her bag and pulled out a box of tissues, setting them in the middle of the table in front of her. "We're going to ask you how you were....taken advantage of and we want you to tell us how it led up to that point okay?"

Scootaloo's eye-twitched before she almost unnoticeably nodded. "Okay."

Melody pulled out a clipboard and a pencil and started asking the questions. "How did the first happen?"

Scootaloo answered the questions best to her ability, trying her hardest to keep back the tears while the agents both wrote down her words. Eventually she did break down sobbing while the officers offered her tissues. After the tears, she continued her tale, starting on the second one. She told them that she felt low. Like nothing else mattered. So she hitchiked with a stranger who told her she had to give oral sex, which she agreed to. Afterward he drove slow enough before eventually pulling over to the side, forcing her to have full on sex. After that, she was kicked out outside the city of Manehattan.

Melody finished up the report, making sure to add every little detail she could about it before nodding. "Thank you for telling us Scootaloo. I'm just happy you're alive." Serene agreed while Scootaloo just stared at the tile floor, tears rolling down her face. "Is there anything else you need to tell us?"

Scootaloo continued staring at the floor for a few seconds before shaking her head. "Okay," Serene whispered as the two stood up and packed their things. Melody walked towards the door and knocked three times. The nurses outside opened it and walk in to help Scootaloo up gently.

After getting her situated, they walked her out and back to her own room until dinner, allowing her to relax. And let out the tears before Dr. Martina could see her.

Rainbow Dash opened the door to her house after leaving her girlfriend's, already missing her presence. She obviously hasn't told her brother about her relationship with her yet, probably scared of his reaction.

She walked inside and closed the door behind her, making her way up to her room before walking past the living room, spotting her parents sleeping on the couch. That didn't make any sense, it was only four.

Shrugging it off as just them being tired she bounded up the stairs and towards her room, walking in and flopping down onto the bed. She pulled out her phone and played some quiet tunes, getting into the relaxed state of mind. It was so peaceful, so easy. So—

The door slammed shut. She yelped and sat up quickly, looking around for the noise that had interrupted the peace she just got into. Her sights stopped at the door, which was now closed. Wasn't that open a second ago?

Rainbow Dash stood up and walked towards it in confusion. It was definitely open before, no doubt. She tried twisting the handle, finding it locked and unmoving. But it didn't have a lock! She twisted and pulled it wildly, trying to force it open. Even placing her foot on the wall, pushing and pulling, but still finding no success. Something weird was going on.

"Nice room, Rainbow Dash." She gasped and turned around. A red themed woman was lying on her bed looking through her phone. "Makes me think of the old days in Equestria. Where there were no problems, issues, or situations."

"Who are you?! Mom! Dad! Wake up!!!" Rainbow yelled. The woman casually got back up and tossed the phone onto the bed again.

"They can't hear you, Rainbow Dash," she informed her. She walked over to the dresser, looking at the dolls. "They're asleep. And only I can wake them back up. As for who I am, you already know. Your little ragtag group of friends and my old plaything Celestia are looking for me." She picked up the doll and placed it on the ground, facing the frightened teenager, before using her index finger to shoot black magic into it.

Rainbow watched it suddenly move it's hands, then run towards her. "What the hay!" She yelled, backing away from the mostrosity. It jumped up at her and latched itself onto her face, forcing her to fall from shock, trying to pull it off.

"I am here to make a deal, Rainbow Dash," Zolan said, reaching down calmly and plucking the toy off the thrashing teenager. "You have something I really want and I have THREE things you want to KEEP. Actually four." She retrieved the black magic and placed the doll back on the dresser while Rainbow stood back up, looking at her manically.

She growlef, "And what would that be?"

"The Orb of Zebrica, of course." Zolan turned around and faced her, giving the teen a narrow eyed smile. "You bring it to me, and you won't lose those four things."

"And what are those four things?"

"Scootaloo, your friends, your girlfriend, and something else very important that you will not like at all. But it ties in with Scootaloo, and seeing your girlfriend and friends again."

"LEAVE SCOOTALOO ALONE, YOU—" Zolan reached out and shot magic at her, sending her flying back into the wall. Rainbow collapsed on the floor and moaned in pain. Sliding her hand along the carpet with her face still on the ground.

"Uh uh uh, Rainbow," Zolan taunted, waving her red index finger. She smiled down at her as the magic crawled through Rainbow's body, shivering from the cold feeling. "Let's be civil, not cutthroat. Here's the deal. Get me the Orb...and you don't lose Scootaloo, your friends, your girlfriend, and the most very important thing that I will not reveal."

Rainbow stood up and faced Zolan again with a face of anger. "Let me guess," she seethed, standing up slowly. "My life?"

"Close. Just get me the Orb. When you do, meet me back here. In your room. You have seven days. Do not tell anyone about this meeting or even give hints. I'll be watching and waiting, Rainbow. Don't let me down." A large flash lit up her room before she left, leaving everything back the way it was before the slamming of the door, which was now open like it was never shut.

She was alone, letting her think about her decision. Whether to give her the Orb that'll destroy two worlds, or not give it to her that will destroy only hers. What to do?

She grabbed one of the dolls and threw it across the room. Seven days.

Author's Note:

Who! Blackmail much? Bet you guys weren't expecting that now were ya?

Stay tuned, more chapters coming soon. The next one's going to be around four to six thousand words. Sorry for the shortness.

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