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Queen Scootaloo - officialmjsmith

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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No Light

Scootaloo slept soundly after lunch since there was nothing else really left to do. She was on strict ruling right now as the Unstable Patient. One of those rules was not having much of a say-so to what happens to her in here. Only when to go to the bathroom was probably it. Maybe in the future it may change. But that definitely won't be any time soon.

She stiffened her ear at the sound of someone knocking. What was the point of the knock, they had a key. And her privacy was already gone since there was a camera in here. There was a camera in all of the rooms definitely. Two seconds later, the door was unlocked and pushed open. Those male nurses from before were obviously here to pick her up for—

"Dinner," one of them said. "Are you going to eat this time?" Scootaloo rolled over and sat up to face them from the side of the bed with a look of nonchalance. She didn't respond to the question which gave him her answer. "Okay, we're doing the IV again."

The other nurse walked towards her and gripped her bicep to help her stand up before the other slapped on the plastic cuffs. Once she was secure and locked in, they led her out door and into the view of the others all lined up for dinner. Scootaloo's mind wondered why they never talked when they were in a line. It wasn't a rule not to talk.

One of her escorts closed and locked the door behind them before leading her towards the Line. Great. She really didn't want that. She REALLY didn't.

On the way over, she resisted by pushing her feet against the ground to try and gain traction. Her shoes squeaked with resistance and attracted the nurses already in the line.

One of the nurses, a male, walked over to help her get into line by calmly grabbing her hands. "It's okay...it's okay, they're not going to hurt you," he cooed. She still struggled and attracted attention by whimpering loudly, her face scrunched up with emotion. She really didn't want to get next to other people.

"It's okay, Scootaloo, it's okay. We'll be in the line with you." She was still struggling but not as much once they got her in. They held onto her shoulders tight as she continued to whimper and whine before she stopped resisting.

They didn't move yet until her rapid breathing had slowed and she was relaxed as much as she could be. Once she was, the nurses moved the line towards the cafeteria, but Scootaloo stayed on edge. During the trek, she looked around for a good place to sprint and hide in case things got nasty. There was practically none, it was so small in here. And everything that did have some type of hiding spot was locked with an electric key card.

The nurses reported her arrival before the doors to the cafeteria were opened. Once she was in, they sat her down at a table with a group of other girls. Most likely for interaction like they told her at lunch.

An IV pole was brought over before they went ahead and stuck her with the needle to deliver her nutrients. They walked away from the table and a little ways to the side in case something happened and left her to be surrounded by some more girls that sat down across from her. Including the one with dark yellow hair and ice blue skin that she spotted earlier on the way to lunch that same day. She smiled warmly at Scootaloo, but she didn't return it. As a matter of fact, she looked away and somewhere else. Like... The wall.

She did not feel comfortable around these girls. Although it wasn't nearly as bad while she was with guys, it still wasn't enjoyable. Her Anxiety started acting up again. She started breathing heavily and whimpered nervously. Her eyes darted around for an escape route and caught their attention.

"It's okay," the one across from her cooed. She had a very sweet voice, almost like a child's that caught her attention. Scootaloo looked back at her and trained on her smile and dark yellow eyes. "It's okay. We won't hurt you."

Scootaloo's rapid breathing slowed down with the relaxation of her nervous and constantly shifting eyes. Soon, she completely relaxed an focused only on the girl in front of her. There were two more sitting there beside her but she didn't pay them any mind.

"I'm Icy Spring," she introduced. "It's great to meet you." Scootaloo blinked before returning her sights to the table. "I've been in here for a week so far. I think I have one more or maybe two. What about you?" Those listening shifted their sights toward Scootaloo to see her stealing nervous glances at them every now and then. But most of the time, her gray eyes were on the table.

Figuring she wasn't going to respond, Icy continued. "Okay, well... I'm in here for attempted suicide. Most of us are. Majority of actions were slit wrists." She lifted up her arm and slowly turned it over, revealing the vertical stitching below her hand.

Scootaloo blinked without any emotion before she looked down at herself. Her arms and thighs were scarred too. Mostly from dogs who would attack her in the forests. But the others were from herself and from the person who raped her first. Her arms were no better. If anything, they were worse. All the cuts and bruises there were from the rape, leeches, and other things. And they riddled her body.

She put a hand up to her cheek to feel the massive gash on her face. Just thinking about it made her upset.

Icy motioned towards the gash with a piece of bread and asked, "Can I ask how that happened?"

Scootaloo looked up with a tear trailing down her face. She didn't want to but it could make her feel better. But Icy quickly backed up before she could do anything by waving her hand and saying, "Never mind, never mind. I didn't mean to upset you or anything, I—" Scootaloo swiftly held up a hand to stop her mid-sentence and caught the attention of all the girls sitting around her.

She reached over and grabbed a napkin, twisting it up and shaping it to look like a shank. Afterwards, she set it aside and held up her index finger. Number one.

The girls around her listened, or rather watched, since she hasn't spoken yet. She looked towards a random spot in the room and held out her thumb, a symbol of hitchhiking. Then she made a gesture of someone driving a car, pressing on the break, and rolling down the window.

She then made a creepy smile on her face before changing it to one of fear, transitioning it from her recent rapist to herself. She nodded creepily before shaking it to one of fear. Her face face suddenly turned aggressive before lunging out and striking her own hand, symbolizing she was punched.

Then she grabbed her own neck and made a crying face. Tears were pouring from her eyes at this point in reality. She hated reliving this experience, this memory. But she was right that it felt better to talk about it in a way.

She let go of her neck and put her hand out, symbolizing she was choking someone, as well as pointing down towards her private area. She grabbed her throat again while shaking her head "no." Then she let her features relax besides the quiet whimpering and grabbed the paper shank and slice across her face on the gash, symbolizing she was cut. Then she made a hole with her right hand and pushed her left index finger through it roughly.

Icy had a hand over her mouth while the others watching shared the same expression. It was plainly obvious what happened. She asked for a ride and someone took advantage of it.

"I'm so sorry," Icy said quietly. "That shouldn't have happened to you or anyone. Is... That where everything else came from?"

Scootaloo didn't respond. Only staring at the table with tears going down her face and dripping off her chin.

"Well we're with you the whole way," Icy stated with determination. "You're not alone in this." She was wearing that sweet smile on her face, along with the other girls. Scootaloo sighed through her nose before looking back down at the table, not even acknowledging it.

In the black of the night in Canterlot, if you were to see a bright flash on the ground from above, you would probably think nothing of it. But for two thestrals, it means something important.

"They're over there!" Amaryllis announced. She pointed down towards the nearby alley below. They could make out some of the colors they were wearing earlier. So they changed their route by tilting and soared onto the rooftop of the building right next to the alley and peeked down or the ledge.

"Uggghhh... Princess Celestia?" Princess Twilight groaned. "Next time you teleport, could you... Do it in an area that isn't so cramped? Rainbow's butt is on my head." The group of teens and adults were all piled on top of each other due to Celestia's lack of knowledge of Earth. Thankfully, no one had seen them.

Celestia sighed and got to her feet. "Sorry," she meekly apologized. "I don't know much, if not anything, about this land." They all untangled themselves and rubbed their sore spots, mainly their heads since that's what everyone was sitting on.

"It's alright," Sci-Twi said, rubbing her head. "We don't know much about our magic either."

Princess Luna whirled around and asked, "Wait, you have magic?"

"Hey, guys!" They all looked towards the entrance to see Sunset standing there eagerly texting on her phone. Where'd she even come from?

"And where have YOU been?" Princess Twilight asked spitefully.

"Juniper's." She turned off her phone and walked into the alley. She didn't even recognize her former teacher standing to the side smiling softly at her. "We had a sleepover."

"That's so—"

"Don't even finish that sentence, Rainbow. So what's going on? I tracked Applejack's phone and you guys were way up here."

"Police came and picked us up after the Scootaloo incident," Rainbow clarified. "Princess Celestia got us out."

Sunset raised an eyebrow and turned around, facing where the athlete was pointing to see her former teacher smiling and waving.

She yelped and nearly dropped her phone. "P-P-P... P-P..."

Sci-Twi walked up and knocked the side of her head in an attempt to get her unfrozen. "Yeah, she's broken. You realize she's been around you most of the day, right?" She asked her blandly. "Ever since Princess Twilight got here. And you're NOW, at—" She looked down at her phone. "Eight fifty-four at night, just figuring it out?"

Sunset ignored her geeky friend and walked up towards her teacher. Her body fit right into her arms and giving her a warm hug. "I missed you," she whispered. A small tear of emotion escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek.

"I missed you too, Sunset Shimmer," Celestia replied. She returned the gesture in kind along with a soothing rub to her back.

Everyone else just sat back and watched, including the thestrals peeking over the roof.

"Shouldn't we go down?" Amaryllis whispered.

"Nah, let's not ruin the moment," Anemone suggested, laying down on her stomach.

"Juniper's on edge and a little upset that I didn't tell her everything that was happening," Sunset announced as she let go of the Princess and faced everyone else. "So I made it up to her by having a sleepover at her place. Her parents are out of town, leaving her alone. Her house is big, considering a close family member is a movie director. RIGHT, JUNIPER?!"

"Eep!" They all looked towards the other end of the alley to see somebody pop their head back around the corner.

"Come out, sweetheart! We know you're there!" Juniper groaned before walking out and revealing herself in a loose pink pajama set. "Awww, you look so cute!"

Juniper tried to give her girlfriend a scowl, but eventually ended up blushing and pulling her lips into her mouth.

"Well you got me here," she said, walking into the crowded alley. Sunset darted forward and pulled her close, making the girl yelp before she pecked her on her lips, giving her bedroom eyes.

"Now....why were you following me?"

Juniper chuckled and tapped her nose. "Because YOU are hiding things. And I need to know ALL your secrets."

"My my, Sunset," her former teacher teased. "I had no idea you liked mares." Juniper got a quizzical look while Sunset was slicing at her neck desperately.

"What?" She asked. "Mares? Sunset what's going on?"

"Nothing, just slapping your butt."


*SLAP* Juniper yelped before she began blushing madly while everyone snorted, pulled in their lips, or, in both the Pinkies, Discord, and Rainbow Dash's case, straight up guffawing. "S-Sunset!"

"Where are the thestrals?" She asked, ignoring her girlfriend for a second.

"Up here." They all looked up to see Amaryllis waving her hand and Anemone who was sitting on the ledge looking down.

"How long have you been up there?"

"Since you teleported in," Anemone asked. "We've just been watching you from above. We're really quiet. Thanks to Discord, we escaped from becoming...." She turned to her sister. "What was it again?"


"Specimen, yeah. And we have to get out of here too and begin this search. I'm pretty sure the police and the lab coats are looking for us."

"She's right," Rainbow agreed, jumping off the lid of the dumpster. "We can't just stay out in the open like this. They're probably tracking us right now. Quick, take out the batteries in your phones."

"Why?" Applejack asked.

"There's probably a tracking chip in it or something."

"Then I'll just turn it off."

"It still won't work. Let me give you a lesson." She cleared her throat. "The motherboard in your phone contains chips whip are all connected to the battery. Yes, with silicon you can turn off the energy flowing through the motherboard, but only slightly. Some phones, like the Equines we all have, are still on, whether you want them to be or not. Energy is still flowing through the radio in case of an emergency and someone needs to track our location. So to stop the flow of energy, you take out the whole power source. And it stops completely."

Everyone just stared at her in silence, the only noise being the night air flowing through their hair.

"Man how did I stoop so low?" Anemone groaned, shaking her head slowly. "You sound like the eggheads. But yeah she's right, take out......whatever the heck she said." The Equestria Girls all took their phones out of their pockets and took out the batteries.

"Now... We head to Juniper's place," Sunset said.

"What?" Juniper asked.

"Follow me." She turned around and walked out of the alleyway with everyone else behind her, ignoring Juniper's protests.

The girl groaned before she followed after them. Sunset could be such a pain sometimes.

The door behind Scootaloo locked as she was placed once again in observation, with the camera in the corner centered on every speck in the room. The lunch was good. Not the food, but telling people what happened to her. It felt great to get it out although it made her realize some things. She was ugly. She wasn't beautiful anymore. Before, she had beautiful orange skin. Flawless. She remembered it. That all changed when she was thrown into those bushes.

Fire ants bit her when she slept. That's why she would sleep in the trees. Although that didn't stop other insects and more from getting to her. The leeches in the pond where she would bathe in were the main issue of her skin problems.

She sat down on the bed with no car if they were watching and took off the gown. They were polite enough to give her underwear since she never wore any while she was alone.

After taking off her bra she put her arms out and looked at her body. Nothing but scars, bites and cuts. The first time she was taken advantage of, he tried to make it miserable for her. Using her like a pin cushion. It was painful. More painful than what he was doing to her before he even took out the blade.

She sighed and lowered her arms to take a look at the rest of her body. Her torso and upper areas were the worst of them. Her breasts were cut too, about as bad as her face. Her left one had a large scar on it from being stabbed there. She could've bled out in those woods, but instead she placed a hand over it and just covered it up for around two hours. It eventually scabbed over and peeled off almost two and a half months later, revealing the large scar. The same happened to the rest of her body.

She thought she wasn't beautiful. No... She knew she wasn't beautiful. Who could ever fall in love with a girl like her? A person riddled with scars, skin lacerations, and a large gash on her face. Not to mention someone who was thrown away by those who called themselves her parents.

She closed her eyes and sobbed for a minute before letting the tears just pour out along with the wailing, burying her face in her hands after doubling over, the sobs wracking all over her body.

Zolan was inside the child's mind, listening to what she was thinking. Although she was actually somewhere else, she had a connection to Scootaloo. Listening, watching, and waiting for the right time to strike. But it was still sad. The child did not deserve any of what happened to her. None of it at all. Who deserves to be thrown in the bushes and left for dead? No one. Nopony.

But she wasn't there to listen to a sob story. She was there to influence. No matter how evil it may be, she had a job to do.

Scootaloo was on her knees, crying her eyes out. There was nothing left to do but that. Wail and let it all out. The door across the room beeped before it was unlocked and pushed open after the nurses had checked the cameras and saw the patient's state.

Dr. Martina walked in holding her purse, probably on her way out before she was notified of the situation. She walked in briskly before stopping, pity written all over her face. "Oh you poor baby," she said sadly. Scootaloo was crying loud by this point, her wails traveling through the halls. The doctor didn't even bother to close the door before she dropped her purse in the chair outside and made her way over. She dropped down to her level and wrapped her body in a hug.

"It's going to be okay," she cooed, rubbing her back. "I'ts all going to be fine."

"No! No, it's not!" Scootaloo protested through her tears. "They took it all! My freedom, my pride! Everything is gone! And there's nothing I could do but let them take it!! They took every damn THING! They even took my skin, my looks! I was beautiful but even THAT changed the second I was thrown away, Left to fend for myself! They even took my MIND so much that I can't even talk to people willingly! Everything is GONE!!!" She buried her face in Martina's shoulder to pour out all the pain, frustrations, struggles, and loneliness out that she's felt over the last ten years.

Her cries reachex a group of teens in the lounge watching TV. Including Icy Spring, who had her eyes closed. It's a wonder that girl managed to survive like that. How could somebody take almost everything away from her like that?

"That's really sad," one of the three girls voiced. Her face was still planted in the book. "I know we all have bad back stories, but so far hers takes the cake."

"Really," another one agreed, nodding her head. "It sounds, and LOOKS, like a lot. Bad. But why is she here? This place isn't for someone who's been abused."

"I think she probably did something to try and ease the pain," Icy said, looking up from the deck of cards she was shuffling. "She had to do something to end up in here. But I'm not going to pry or ask about it. We'll find out another way. The only people who do know would be the nurses and the doctors." They all stopped and listened some more as her cries grew more intense, dying down for a second before going back up. "I just know she was raped and abused."

"We'll find out probably by—"

"A shocking story has been circulating across the nation about the creatures that saved a girl from her death after jumping off a twenty story building in Trottingham." The girls stopped talking and looked up at the television. "Witnesses at the scene say that she stood on the roof, where one of the creatures attempted at persuasion, when she jumped and plummeted down before being caught by the ankle. A video of the scene was submitted to us just hours ago." The feed changed from the newsroom to a scene in Trottingham, the place filed with people, policemen, and firefighters. It was obviously a guy holding the camera. He was muttering something with the camera facing the ground before it was righted up towards the top of the tall building.

"Oh my god, oh my god....don't do it kid, don't do it!" The patients watched anxiously before the first scream sounded off along with everyone else's. There was a falling black dot that was getting very close to the ground very fast. She was followed by something with bat wings that grabbed her right before she hit the concrete, slowing down and coming to a stop. It flapped it's wings and soared over the crowd, showing her face and the the body of the victim before it soared off into the distance with the girl in it's grip.

"We have not confirmed what that was or the identity of the victim, but we do know that she was a teenager, fifteen years old. This story has become a very hot topic all over the nation and we are doing our part as well in the investigation for who that girl was."

The patients in the room all looked to each other with horror written all over their faces before they slowly turned their heads to the door where the crying had died down to only sniffles and the sob that would escape Scootaloo's trembling form.

"I'm not sure if that was her, but if it is that explains everything," Icy muttered. "Twenty stories. that's actually worse than cutting your wrist. You cut yourself, you have a chance to stop the bleeding. To stop the flow. Stitch it, cover it. But jumping off something, you can't back out. You just fall. There's no wings, there's no flying, there's no stopping in midair and saying 'screw this.' You can't change your mind. That was twenty stories. If she had hit that concrete...."

"It would traumatize everyone watching and it would be a huge mess to clean up," the oldest in there finished. She was yellow with golden hair and blue eyes, named Loud Symphony.

"She's traumatized either by the rape or something else," the other one said. She was entirely green. Green skin, forest green hair, and light green eyes. Green Rush was her name. "And it's bad. REALLY bad. I don't know, but from what I heard that news reporter just said, this is going to become an investigation. A big one. A nationwide one."

Author's Note:

Equine Phone. I didn't know what else to call it. I also realized I totally excluded Sunset Shimmer and Juniper in the story. Sorry about that! I know this story got really dark really fast. But it runs in with the line of Zolan.

And should I either make a sequel centering around Scootaloo's and Amaryllis' trials/court trials in Equestria and on Earth as well as their recovery? And does anyone know where the Equestria Girls actually live?! I've just been making guesses and finally decided not to say a state or county. Just the city and nation. That's it. But if somebody knows, please...let ME know so I can write this better.

I'm trying to tone this down a bit, but I like it this way. What about you guys? Let me know....in the comments below. ;)