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Queen Scootaloo - officialmjsmith

Why can't Scootaloo actually fly? And what is with the sudden pain and scratches in her back? And why does Rainbow Dash have the same?

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Feelings; Worst News

Author's Note:

How guys! Sorry for the really late update. It's been a little hectic.

Well here you go! A little more fluff here.

Sunset and Juniper continued their sudden date, constantly kicking and splashing water on each other from the "Fountain of Youth" as Juniper called it until they decided that it was time to leave and do something else. They grabbed their shoes since their feet were too wet to put them on and grabbed their purses and belongings before they walked up the stairs and out of the park. "So, what do you want to do now?" Sunset asked, grabbing her hand. Juniper gave her a grin before thinking of something else.

Juniper hummed then suggested, "How about... We just go around for a walk?"

"But we just went splashing in the water. We're going to get sick."

"So?" Juniper asked. She reached over and cupped Sunset's nonchalant face. "Don't give me that look, you're just trying not to smile. See, your face is turning red from the tension in your muscles." Sunset's red face broke as she turned away to hide her smile, making Juniper laugh again. "You just love it when we talk anyway."

"Yeah, yeah," Sunset said, waving it off. Although she couldn't help but agree to that. They turned a corner, heading for Twilight's street unknowingly. "I like to talk because it gets out my frustrations and other things that have a lot to do with my life."

Juniper turned to her in interest and asked, "Yeah? Like what?"

"Well... Just stuff in the past that I wish never happened. I mean, if they didn't I wouldn't be in this wor—mmm, I mean I wouldn't be here." Sunset mentally cursed herself for nearly slipping up and giving away her origin.

Juniper wrapped an arm around Sunset's shoulder and whispered, "Confide in me, Sunset. What did you do that made you come here? I'm here because I was born here. Actually, where are you from? Canterlot City?"

"Well... Yes and no. I'm from a different place that is just like this... It's just a different reality, though." At least half of that is true, Sunset thought.

Juniper giggled. "So like.....it got too small for you?"

Sunset shrugged and answered, "Yeah, sure. Let's go with that." They continued walking, unaware of two girls watching them from above inside a bunch of trees. Anemone couldn't say no to Rainbow Dash's offer on spying on them when she smelled them approaching from beyond. They quickly left everyone else and moved on to this. They smelled of Chlorine and moisture, spurring an interest out of Rainbow Dash.

"They are so... I guess cute?" Rainbow Dash assumed quietly. "Thanks, Anemone for getting me up in this tree."

"You're welcome. How'd you know they were even coming this way?" Anemone asked her confusedly. "I smelled them earlier but I didn't know where they were coming from. Chlorine is strong."

"Pinkie's pinkie sense."

"Ahhh, right. That thing she does. Speaking of Pinkie..." They both turned to look back down at the two girls, eager to see what would happen next. They were quickly approaching Twilight's house, unaware of the pink disaster upon them once they reach it.

Juniper wrapped an arm with Sunset's and asked, "So hopefully I'll see you again this summer?"

"Same here," Sunset responded. She flexed her hands and gripped entwined Juniper's hands with her own. "A lot has just came up and it's up to us to figure it out. Well us and another group anyway."

"It'll be okay. Whatever's going on, I'm sure you can fix it in a week." Sunset raised an eyebrow. She didn't know about that, since it took her awhile for a few other things, like getting her own self straightened out which took years, but she decided to play along anyway.

"Yeah, you're right. Oh, look! We're right by... "h no." A bunch of confetti shot out of a cannon that was positioned right in Sunset's face.

Pinkie jumped in the air and cheered, "Yippee! Oh my gosh oh my gosh, I have to throw you two a party!" Pinkie pulled the two girls into a hug by their necks. "How's it feel to be in a relationship? Huh, huh, huh?"

"It's... Great... Pinkie," Juniper choked out. Her face was beginning to turn blue from the girl's tight squeeze. "Could you... Could you let go now?"

"Seriously," Sunset agreed breathlessly.

Pinkie backed off. But immediately pulled both of the girls by the hand towards the house and threw them inside, where there was apparently a party already setup. Juniper looked around in disbelief. How in the world... Oh yeah, her pinkie sense that everyone talked about, "Oh my god, PInkie," Sunset groaned, planting her face into her hands. There were cupcakes, cake, some more food, and the rest of her friends already there.

Juniper scratched her head and muttered, "How did she even..."

"Don't even ask, Juniper. It's......Pinkie," Rarity interrupted, motioning towards the pink themed girl that somehow had just made another cake.

"Yeah....sure. Umm, so how is everyone?"

"We're fine. Great to see you again, by the way." Twilight urgently walked down the steps with that quik greeting, obviously looking for something. She yanked open the closet before groaning and closing it back. Then walked towards the kitchen and looked in, not spotting anyone. Except Pinkie with icing on her face.

Applejack watched her move around then asked, "What you lookin' for?"

Twilight answered without stopping her search, "Them."

"Ah, right."

Suddenly something fell onto the couch, making Rarity jump and turn around. Rainbow Dash propped her feet up with a sigh and apologized, "Sorry, I'm late. We were spying." She lifted her arms and spread them out along the bridge of the couch behind her.

"You and who else?" Twilight asked.

"Anemone." She gestured to Sunset and stated, "We saw you two from the tree, holding hands."

"OOO~," Pinkie cooed. She wrapped the two girls in a hug again.

"Wait, you were spying on us?" Sunset asked irately. She glared at Rainbow Dash who only shrugged her shoulders in response. Of course she wouldn't say anything.

Rolling her eyes, Twilight asked her, "Umm, where are they?"

"Sleeping in the tree you know..." Rainbow raised her pointer finger upwards before she rotated it towards the ground, signalling they were upside down. "You can't even tell they're there." Twilight walked towards the open glass doors and looked up at the tall pine tree. There were two gray pod things hanging from the branches, clearly visible.

"Rainbow, I can see them just fine. And I'm like eleven feet below them."

"Yeah, well those who don't know what they look like, won't recognize them. CONGRATULATIONS, SUNSET AND JUNIPER!!... You still don't win though."

"I don't know what that means," Sunset said slowly and shaking her head. "And I doubt anyone else does. Twilight leave them alone, they need to sleep."

Twilight groaned before coming back inside and closing the screen door. "Fine. But if something happens to them.... I'm blaming Rainbow." Rainbow Dash scoffed and threw a pillow at her.

"Okay, sister," Luna greeted. She took a seat on the bright green grass in front of Celestia. They were in the a grassy field behind Princess Cadance's castle, in case Celestia went haywire. No more things need to be destroyed. Let alone hurt. "I need to delve into your memories to find the root of the problem."

Celestia was planted in front of her with a distraught look on her face. "I feel horrible, Luna," she whispered. "All those thestrals... All those ponies... And I don't even remember it. Are you sure they're gone?"

"Absolutely. A little while ago, a team of our soldiers went into the cave where Twilight said they were in the past....and saw nothing but bones and skeletons. And there were thousands of the bones. There were also some Royal Guard stuff there."

Celestia closed her eyes and whimpered. "Do it already."

Luna nodded her head before she touched her horn with Celestia's, going into her mind.


Luna opened her eyes, witnessing a vast expansion of moving images that were flying by her, as well as doors that held a title above them. She walked forward and opened them. One after the other, checking everything to make sure that she didn't miss something that could possibly be a clue as to Celestia's assault by standing there and scanning for a few seconds. Luna herself couldn't believe Celestia would do this of her own free will. After all the thousands of years of knowing her sister, she has never been aggressive to anypony that did not bother a soul in Equestria. But suddenly, out of the blue, she comes in and slaughters hundreds of thestrals? Mares, Stallions, Colts, Fillies? Not to mention foals? There was absolutely no way that was how it went down.

She stopped at a door that looked like it could hold a clue. It was cracked open and there were multiple moving images of night inside Celestia's quarters in Canterlot castle. She pushed the door open and stepped inside before closing it back. It was pitch black inside when she sat down, preparing for the display. The blackness was interrupted by the sound of hoofsteps. After a few more seconds, they stopped and the darkness was sent back as whoever's mind she was ins eyes opened up. Standing right beside them was a pony, a tall pony shrouded in a cloak.

"Wh-What are you—" the pony, now recognized as Celestia, started to say before the mysterious pony's eyes opened up, revealing a yellow glow. They must've been a unicorn of some kind because underneath the hood, there was a yellow aura in the shape of a horn before the pony lunged at them. "AHH—" The blackness changed into an intense bright light, forcing Luna to shield her eyes. A few minutes later, it dimmed, revealing the darkness again and the sound of birds chirping. The darkness cracked open revealing Celestia's room and the pony lifted a hoof, revealing her white appendage before she slowly got up and looked at a calendar on the wall. June 22nd. Definitely a clue.

She looked down at her coat and gasped. There were bruises all over her. "What in Equestria?!" She went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Her entire body was in bruises and scratches.

Luna gasped when she was suddenly thrown out of Celestia's mind and on her back to the ground in the real world, amidst all the shining green trees and blue skies of the Crystal Empire. Celestia collapsed across from her before a voice permeated through Luna's mind. "You will never know."

It was deep, but still feminine, that much she could tell. Luna sat back up and walked towards the unconscious Celestia, placing her horn back to hers and tried to regain access, even just to wake her up. But whatever just happened affected the both of them. Because she couldn't get back in.


In brightly lit Ponyville, in the quiet and peaceful Castle of Friendship, Princess Twilight looked through some more notes in the dimly lit lounge, trying to figure out how to get back in contact with Sunset and tell them the bad news. This was already going to be hard with Anemone stuck there, Princess Celestia out of her mind, and the Elements of Harmony unable to be used. Thank goodness Discord was on their side. Spike walked in carrying a tray with snacks on it. Daisy sandwiches and a few more things that grabbed Twilight's nose. He set it in front of her, allowing Twilight to take one and a drink. With the snack in her magic, she nodded appreciatively at her little friend. "Thanks, Spike."

"You're welcome." He set the plate to the side and took a seat next to her. "So...what now?"

With her eyes still on her notes, Twilight sighed and answered, "Well, Luna is in charge of Celestia. The rest of us are in charge of the portal. I'm looking for some magic that could create a portal faster." She turned the page again, not missing a word as she spoke. "Most of these texts in here are about light magic. But I have a feeling we won't be able to find it in here."

"Why's that?"

"Because Starswirl used dark magic to create the portal. Which has dangerous effects to the pony spelling them. I don't want to... But we might have to resort to dark magic. If we don't... It will be a very long time until we get Anemone and Amaryllis back."

Spike nodded and sighed. "This is huge," he whispered.

"Very." Spike suddenly belched, puking a scroll that Twilight caught in her magic without even looking up from her book.

"Those scrolls are going to be the death of me," Spike complained.

Twilight chuckled before she opened it and read it out loud. "'Dear Princess Twilight. I have discovered a clue within my sister's mind. There was a blank slate between a moment of her sleeping and the next morning where she woke up with bruises on June 22nd. There were no images or whatsoever of anything between that time. I believe Celestia was controlled... Out of her free will. It began when she was sleeping and woke up to see a pony behind a dark cloak. The only clue I have of this pony was they were as tall as Celestia and they had a yellow magical aura. Possibly an alicorn or a unicorn. After she woke up, the scene changed to a bright light for maybe five minutes, with Celestia waking up having bruises all over her body. Once I was looking some more into her mind, I was pushed back out, having only a voice saying 'You will never know.' I believe we are dealing with a powerful pony. One who was able to take over my domain and kick me out, take over Celestia's mind, and possibly have influence over a few hundred Royal Guards. Tread lightly, Twilight Sparkle. Tell the other Elements that everything as of now is top secret. Considering that we are now defenseless without the Elements of Harmony.

"'Yours truly, Princess Luna.'" Twilight slowly lowered the note, looking at Spike's worried face. "We have a lot to work on... And to hide."

Spike nodded urgently and stood up. "So we're telling the others?"

"Yep, go get everyone!" Spike briskly walked out of the room and headed back towards the library, where everybody else was situated while Twilight made some preparations. A few seconds later, he pushed the doors open interrupting their conversation.

"I'm just saying! When they get back, we need to throw a party!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Applejack facehoofed and groaned, "For the last time Pinkie, we ain't throwin' a party. When they get back they're gonna be—"

"Guys we have a situation," Spike interrupted, catching their attention. He waved his claw out of the room for the hall and ordered, "Come with me." They all looked at each other before following Spike out of the library and towards the lounge. They walked in, spotting Twilight sitting there holding a hoof over her mouth.

"What's goin' on Twi?" Applejack asked. "Is everything alright?" They all took a seat across from her before Twilight explained.

She grabbed the letter she had before and answered, "I just got a letter from Luna. She went into Celestia's mind and saw something...different."

"Like what?" Rarity asked carefully.

"Another pony. But they were shrouded. According to Luna, the pony was either a unicorn or an alicorn. And right after she saw them, the scene changed to a white blank slate for a few minutes before it returned to Celestia waking up with bruises. And she had no idea where she got them from."

"So....she has no memory of what happened?" Cadance asked.

"That is what Luna thinks. I'm not so sure though. But also, while Luna was looking through her mind, she was pushed back out by some unknown force."

"Somebody kicked Luna out of her element?!" Rarity asked in disbelief.

Twilight nodded."Yeah. She says we are dealing with something, or somepony very powerful. Powerful enough to possibly take over Princess Celestia's mind, kick Luna out of her own domain, and possibly influence over a hundred something Royal Guards. She said that everything we know is to remain under the utmost of secrecy. We cannot tell anypony, mention it to anypony, talk about it without placing runes around the room, and anything else that poses a possible leak to anypony else. It's top secret. Not just secret, but TOP secret."

It was around six in the evening when the party ended and Sunset offered to walk her girlfriend back, which she gladly accepted. For a first date, this wasn't really bad. A party, a splash through the park, and a decent conversation Juniper actually enjoyed. "Well....that was an interesting party," Juniper concluded. She was trying to break the awkward silence they were suddenly thrusted into.

"Well, Pinkie threw it, so it was bound to be interesting," Sunset responded with a chuckle. "Whenever Pinkie throws a party, something will always hit somebody. You just got hit with Twilight somehow. Don't know how, but you did."

Juniper reached up to rub the sore spot and groaned, "Her butt hit my head, which still hurts by the way, thanks for asking."

"I was going to when you got home safely." They turned a corner as they neared Juniper's house. "I really think Pinkie picked up Twilight and just threw her at you. She does crazy things like that."

"Who knew a science geek could be so heavy." Juniper lowered her hand and made a note to get some ice when she got inside.

"Well, that's what one hundred and forty-three pounds will do to ya'."

"Yeah... Yeah, I got that." Juniper led her towards a certain light blue house on the corner. Then stopped at least two more houses down in case her parents were looking out the window or something. Everybody has their secrets. She stopped and turned around and held Sunset's hands, offering her a smile Sunset gladly returned. "Will I see you again?" She asked.

Sunset rolled her eyes and answered, "Duh. You just got me, I'm not leaving."

"Promise me."

"I promise." She leaned in and pulled Juniper in for a kiss that lasted for a romantic three seconds before moving back. Juniper squeezed her hand and jogged towards her house where she unlocked the door, waved, and walked inside.

Sunset watched for a moment before giving a small smile, turning around and walking home. She had a lot to think about. Hopefully, that date would be one out of many.


Rainbow and Twilight were taking down the banners around the house while the others were cleaning everything else. Right now, the two of them were alone in the living room, making Rainbow nervous. So much so that she was shaking. she was with Twilight. The egghead.

When Twilight turned around to toss a few more streamers into the pile they had created, she spotted Rainbow Dash's shaking. It concerned her a little. Was she in some distress? She asked quickly, "Rainbow Dash, are you okay?" Rainbow's back was facing her, but she didn't need to look at her face to tell something was up.

"I'm fine," Rainbow assured. She reached up and grabbed more of the streamers. Yanked was more of a better word for it.

"Are you cold? I could get you a blanket, jacket or something."

"I'm fine, Twilight," she repeated, a little agitated.

Twilight let go of her streamers to make way for the stairs leading to her room. "I'm getting you a jacket, I don't want you—"

"I SAID I'M FINE!" Rainbow yelled. Twilight jumped and caused Amaryllis to fall out of the tree outside.

When she hit her head in font of the patio doors, she yelped, "Ow!" Then sat up to rub her head. Where'd that even come from? Indoors? Glaring inside, she spotted Rainbow speaking to Twilight. Amaryllis lost her look, replacing it with a smirk. Oh yeah. Something to watch.

Rainbow sighed and quickly apologized. "Twilight...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I'm just stressed out."

"Why are you stressed, Rainbow?" Twilight asked. She's seen things like this with her brother and sometimes with Cadance. She walked over and added, "Can I help?"

"Well....." Rainbow turned around and placed the streamers on top of Twilight's. "I don't know."

"Well, can you at least tell me what's going on? Sit down. It's just us, no one else is here." Twilight took a seat on the couch and patted the spot next to her, inviting her to take a seat. Rainbow tightened her lips and slowly sat down next to Twilight. Trying to avoid eye-contact by staring at anything that wasn't her. "Now. Tell me."

Rainbow glanced up at her for a second from her hands before focusing on her lap once again. Twilight could pretty much see the reason why. Amaryllis already told her. She just wanted to give Rainbow the push.

"Well... I'm in love with someone," Rainbow said quietly. Whoa, straight off the bat.

Twilight slowly nodded and drawled, "Okay. And from what I've seen so far you haven't acted on these feelings." Rainbow sighed and shook her head. "Well what's stopping you from talking to them?"

"Well... It's a girl."

"Okay. Does she know about your feelings?"


"I beg to differ." Rainbow's eyes shot open before she turned her head to look right into Twilight's smiling face. "I know about your feelings for me, Rainbow. I've known since Amaryllis told me. Thestral Amaryllis."

Rainbow's eyes were literally about to pop out before she started blushing and turned her head. Twilight chuckled and grabbed Rainbow's face, turning it towards her own. "And since when did you get shy?"

Rainbow glanced somewhere else and murmured, "Shut up."

Twilight giggled before pulling Rainbow Dash into a hug and, surprisingly, pecked her lips. Rainbow gasped and looked up at Twilight. She explained, "I'm not gay or anything—Well not that I know of anyway since I've never studied on the subject, but I can't deny that I'm crushing on you too. I don't know my own feelings on this. But I am willing to explore them."

Rainbow looked at her in hope. "Are you saying you'll..."

"I'll go on a date with you to see how I feel about this and to satisfy your needs. I need to know... My sexuality too. I've never been on a date before in my life or been attracted to anyone else like this, so... We can give it a go."

Rainbow grinned nad pulled Twilight into a tight loving embrace. Twilight wrapped her arms around Rainbow Dash too and hummed. She enjoyed this. She really did.

Amaryllis smiled at the scene from the patio outside before something dropped down next to her. "What's going on?" Anemone asked. Then peeked in to follow her gaze.

Amaryllis pointed and whispered, "Well Rainbow's going on a date soon with the girl of her dreams. That leaves only you, Anemone."

Anemone expressed confusion on her face, not quite getting what she was talking about before walking over to the glass to see what the deal was. Twilight and Rainbow Dash were... Kissing?! Oh this is too good! She slowly and quietly slid the glass pane open so her and Amaryllis could walk inside. Then stalked behind the couch and just watched them make out for four more minutes before Amaryllis groaned, startling the two of them apart.

She popped up and declared, "I thought you were 'exploring' your feelings, not having a twenty minute make out sesh."

Rainbow's face was beet red just like Twilight's when she asked, "How long have you two been standing there?"

"As of right now, uhhh five minutes," Anemone answered. "You girls really go at it." They just stared back in embarrassment. "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. It's your secret to keep."

"But you two seriously need a room," Amaryllis grunted. "'Exploring my feelings.' Just admit that you wanna have sex with her, it's not that hard. You're in high school, just do it already." Everyone turned to her in surprise while Amaryllis stomped her way back out. "I'm going back to sleep. I fell and landed on my head when Rainbow yelled out 'I'm fine'. That hurt, Rainbow!"

"Sorry, Scoots."

"Yeah, whatever." She closed the pane back and flew up to the tree while the others laughed. But inside, Anemone was a little worried. Last time she checked, her sister didn't know anything about sex. How did she know about that?