Queen Scootaloo

by officialmjsmith

Go Pt. 2

A few miles away, in the city of Canterlot, you could see a giant plume of smoke rising into the air. It was causing mild concern among the populace walking around, pointing to the sky at the giant black cloud. But no one actually knew where it was coming from. And it was getting bigger. Which could start a problem in the city. From the Fire Station's point of view, it seemed to be coming from a field. That means there could be a wildfire. So the station quickly put on their suits and made their way to their vehicles. Along with a few more units, as well as the news, and the paramedics and police just in case, to make sure people made it out of the area if there were any.

But unbeknownst to them they were heading right into the devil's den. Literally.

The wielders of the Elements of Harmony and the Diodes, as well as the Princesses, were in deep combat with Zolan. A pony from Equestria that had ill intentions to enslave two worlds by using the Orb of Zebrica, a gift given to the Thestral Colony in the Badlands that was slaughtered by Celestia after Zolan had taken control of her, planning to take her out of the picture. Unfortunately, that didn't work. And unfortunately for Zolan, it pissed Celestia off.

Right now the battle was becoming greatly intense. Zolan's whip spell was creating a wildfire, keeping back the elements of Harmony and the Diode wielders, as well as Princess Luna, who were all trying to get a shot at her. But they could barely get close enough to even actually touch her. So they were stuck with magic. Princess Twilight realized that they couldn't apprehend her if they couldn't even touch and grab her long enough. And they were down one fighter. Who had saved their lives. Princess Twilight saw what was about to happen back there. She was directly there beside it. That whip was about to come in and take a body part off of everyone. And Sunset had risked her life to give them enough time to get back up. She will be thanking her later. Hopefully she's okay.

Celestia was cradling Sunset Shimmer's head in her lap while she quickly attempted a healing spell, trying to get rid of the excruciating pain that her former student was currently going through, evident by her loud yelling, groaning, and moaning. There was a lot of blood coming out, pouring down her clothes. And she was losing consciousness. Celestia could see that this healing spell was going to take a long time. It had to stitch this wound back together. Her skin was practically ripped open in a straight line, and went through the flesh there. The whip had went partly inside her body for maybe two seconds. But that was all it needed to inflict maximum damage. She needed help. And she needed it now.

"Anemone!" She yelled in her royal Canterlot voice. The thestral in question's ear twitched before she looked over towards the dot in the distance. Celestia was waving her hand in the air, desperately trying to get her attention. She and Amaryllis shared a look before Anemone flew off, going to see what she wanted. She still wasn't fond of Celestia, but it sounded desperate. Something was going down.

After she flew off, Amaryllis looked towards the two girls she was supposedly protecting. How was she going to protect them, she had no idea what to do! But she had to try. Another explosion rocked the land, catching her immediate worried attention. She glanced up and looked towards the battlefield, where the fire there was huge. It seemed Princess Twilight had put a up a protective barrier around them, keeping them safe. But that barrier could only last but so long. So far...it seemed like Zolan was winning.

Anemone flew towards the dot and flapped her wings, slowing down before she came to a hover, gasping at what she found. Sunset was laying down drenched in blood with her head on Celestia's lap, who was currently applying a spell to the huge gash on her front. "What the hay happened?!" She yelled, landing and looking down at her.

"Zolan hit her with a burning whip," Celestia informed her quickly. "She's lost a lot blood and she's losing consciousness. Wake up, Sunset!" The girl moaned again and blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to stay awake and keeping her eyes on Celestia's face. Her breathing was becoming shallow and she had little time. Celestia could see that already. So could Anemone.

"We have to get her to a hospital!" Anemone yelled. "We can't just let her die!" Anemone glanced up, seeing red lights heading their way. "Someone's coming!" She pointed towards the mess of red lights headed their way. Celestia looked away from her work for a moment and towards the lights and sirens.

"I don't know what those are," Celestia said quickly before going right back to the healing spell. The bleeding was slowing, but that was it. It was slowing, not stopping. "Probably someone to deal with the fire. It's huge." They looked back at the huge plume of smoke, as well as the lights in it, coming from the constant fighting.

"Celestia." The both looked down at Sunset's pale face, which was offering a smile. "Go and fight Zolan."

"Sunset, I am not leaving you here!" Celestia replied desperately before going back to the spell, putting as much magic as she could into it.

"Celestia, you have to help Princess Twilight save Equestria and Earth," she retorted. "I'm just one pony. One casualty among millions, possibly billions more that will occur if you don't stop her. Stop wasting your magic on me. And kick her—" She started coughing violently before the firefighters nearby stepped out and looked around. Anemone looked at Celestia, who looked back with tears in her eyes. At that moment, the thestral could see that Celestia was innocent. It was never about her. It was about people. And ponies. She was fighting for the thestrals. And she was fighting for the humans.

She rose up and waved her hands around, trying to get the firefighters' attention that had stopped nearby. "HEY!....HEY, HELP!!" They must've heard her because they looked her way and starting to jog over. She went back down to see Celestia stroking Sunset's face.

"You were my student," Celestia whispered to her. She was visibly sobbing. "You are like a daughter to me. You and Twilight." Sunset smiled, then reached up, placing a hand on Celestia's left cheek. She lifted her own hand and grabbed it.

"Just save Equestria and Earth. Then worry about me. I'll be fine." Sunset lifted one of her hands and summoned a heavy spell, pouring the rest of her magic into it before she placed it on herself, doing something that Celestia had no idea of. But Sunset knew what she was doing. She let the magic flow through her, grabbing hold of something before she opened her eyes.

"Sunset, you're dying!" Celestia said desperately.

"And that's okay. All soldiers risk their lives to save the ones they love. And Celestia?" She whispered. The Princess nodded before the firefighters stopped by them. "Thank you...for everything." Sunset closed her eyes and let the darkness wash over her before the Firefighter's motioned towards the paramedics nearby.

"We got someone hurt over here!!" They yelled before Celestia started shaking Sunset.

"Sunset!....Sunset Shimmer, you wake up right now!!!" She didn't move. Her breathing had stopped, as well as her heart. Anemone sighed and stroked her face, tears coming down from her eyes. A big boom caught their attention, making them look from Sunset to the field of flames. The Firefighters were hopping in their trucks after having come up with a plan, preparing to drive onto the field while a medical team and policemen rushed over to Sunset.

"Celestia?" The princess didn't even acknowledge Anemone, too busy replaying the events that had happened. Zolan had caused so much to happen. And she had killed her student. A student she loved so much that she viewed her as a daughter. And she was trying to take out more. Celestia picked up Sunset and set her softly on the ground before the team stepped in to perform some hopeful resuscitation. Celestia knew it was futile. The only way to bring her back would be by magic. And that would be just for her body. Everything else would be gone. Memories, heart...all of it would be gone. And even Celestia didn't even have that much magic. Sunset was gone. A long shot would be to get that Orb of Zebrica opened, but that was indeed a long shot.

Celestia turned to Anemone, who was staring right back at her. "What are you going to do?" The thestral asked her tentatively.

"Avenge." Celestia turned and ran towards the field of fire that the fire trucks had stopped outside of before taking to the air, flying straight into the flames. In her anger, she missed her body turning into something different. Something that nopony had ever hoped to see again. Her hair turned ethereal, her eyes became slitted, her clothing changed to orange high heels, an orange skirt with a bare midriff, and a dangerously sharp orange crown. Celestia was going to get vengeance for Sunset Shimmer. And there was absolutely no one, pony or humans, that was going to stop her. A few seconds later, she flew straight into the fire, which parted for her the second she entered, realizing its master was coming through. And she was angry.

Princess Twilight took to the air, dodging another swing by the burning whip that was aiming for her. All of her friends were becoming tired, sweating buckets, and nearly drained. If Twilight hadn't put up that barrier, they would all be fried right now. Except Zolan, who somehow had control over it. "Twilight we cannot keep this up much longer!" Rarity yelled breathlessly from down below.

Princess Luna was doing no better. She was slowing down noticeably but was still fighting Zolan. Zolan herself was getting a little tired too, but not as much as the Equestrians. Everyone on the offensive before was now trying to defend themselves. Good news though is Zolan had terrible aim. Just like every villain. Bad news was they were slow enough for her aim to nearly hit. Eventually, it wouldn't even matter if her aim was terrible. They would all be on the ground unconscious and she would be able to get all of them. And they could do nothing to fight back.

After Luna took a step back, Zolan gave an evil cackle and laugh. "Oh how the mighty have fallen," she taunted with an evil grin. "Look at all of you. Equestria's mightiest heroes. Turning to—" Something had grabbed her, cutting her off, and flew out of the barrier within a second, confusing the Equestrians. Princess Twilight looked down to Princess Luna before a burst of fire from outside the barrier caught their attention.

"DO YOU REALIZE HOW ANGRY I AM??!!" Celestia's voice rang out. The fire outside the barrier started to move, gathering towards the left and leaving the right open to the air, allowing Twilight to see the law enforcement arriving on the scene before looking back towards the left, gasping at what they saw. Celestia had transformed into Daybreaker. The human version. And she was hoisting Zolan into the air by the neck, completely cutting off her airway. "You're pettiness has taken one of my students! One of my daughters! All because you want to rule two worlds that you can barely go to!!" The fire gathering around her dissipated, revealing the burned field. Twilight lowered the barrier, allowing the smoke inside the begin suffocating them lightly while relaxing their burning lungs. It looks like their enemy from the past had shown up and was on their side. That's good news, it let them fall on their knees and relax. Bad news though is that she was out for blood. The Equestrians needed Zolan alive.

Daybreaker continued choking Zolan who was clawing at her arm after dropping the whip. It fizzled out the second it hit the grass, burning to ashes just like the grass below their feet. Daybreaker screamed in anger before she threw her into the ground, knocking the air out of her. Zolan started coughing violently, gasping for air before the angry princess kicked her in the stomach, knocking it right back out of her. "Do you know how much pain, how much agony, you have caused!? Even I could not, and would NOT, cause that much! I just wanted to rule Equestria. Not enslave, kill, or even take advantage of a child's state of mind to take over the worlds!!!!" She took her foot and kicked her in the face. Zolan screamed out in pain and fell on her side, holding her bleeding mouth while looking up at Daybreaker in fear.

"You may have struck fear in hundreds," Daybreaker whispered before she got real close into Zolan's face. The woman whimpered and looked away before the angry person grabbed her head and made her look into her angry slitted eyes, as well as the sharp teeth snarling at her. "But I could strike fear in you." She grabbed her by the neck again and lifted her back up into the air, ignoring the calls to stop from her sister and Princess Twilight. "Now I am about to give you all of that pain and anguish that you have caused back...painfully." Daybreaker lifted her hand, which ignited into an inferno before it inched towards her face.

"Sister, stop!" She looked over to her side where the Equestrians and the Equestria girls were all sweating bullets. And Luna was looking at her with desperation. "We need her alive!" Luna told her.

"Why?!" Daybreaker yelled. "She does not deserve to live! So I am going to send her back to Tartarus where she crawled out of!"

"Sunset wouldn't want that!" Daybreaker froze. Luna had heard what she was yelling to her earlier. "Sunset Shimmer would not have wanted you to kill her. Imprison her for life, yes. But not kill her. She needs to answer to her crimes. Here on Earth, and in Equestria." Twilight was looking confusedly at the two princesses. What had happened to Sunset?!

Daybreaker grunted before she let go of Zolan's blue head. She fell down and crumpled, desperately gasping for air. "You will answer to the courts of Equestria and Earth for your crimes against humanity and ponykind! And you will have no lawyer!" She kicked her one last time before she changed back to Celestia. Who fell to the ground, sobbing into her hands.

"Twilight detain her!" Luna ordered, motioning towards the weak Zolan. Princess Twilight strode forward and put a very strong box spell around her, keeping her trapped inside before levitating it into the air. Luna ran forward and pulled her crying sister into a hug. Keeping her close and soothing sweet things into her ear. While they were doing that, Sci-Twi turned around and motioned for everyone to come towards her.

"Go find Sunset!" She ordered. "Go find her now!" They nodded before turning around and jogging towards the firefighters, police cruisers, and ambulances in the distance, ignoring the shouts to stop along the way. EQG Rarity actually did when she realized they could've found her. She ran towards a random one and asked a question before he could.

"Have you seen a girl with orange skin, with orange and red hair?" The policeman took out his radio and asked someone at the crime scene about it, then waited for a response. He held it up to his ear and listened before biting his bottom lip and sighing loudly.

"Copy," he replied before lowering the radio. He turned towards the girl. "Were you her friend?"

"Yes, I'm Rarity. Now...wait...you said 'were'," she replied softly.

"The girl you're looking for...she's at a nearby morgue ma'am. I'm sorry."

"It looks like it's over," Amaryllis assumed, motioning towards the calmed down field and the violet box that was holding Zolan. Scootaloo nodded and walked out with the doctor. Heading to the police officers. The ground underneath them was burnt to a crisp. They would have to replant the grass or do something. Because this field was dried out.

Doctor Martina wrapped an arm around Scootaloo, providing her comfort and stroking her hair as they walked a little ways behind Amaryllis. "Are you okay?" She whispered down to her.

"I'll be fine," she replied softly, returning the hug tightly. "I just want to know why all of this was going on. I mean...Zolan literally appeared out of nowhere and tried to use me...everything that I've gone through...for her own goals."

"That tends to happen...a lot around you, huh?"

Scootaloo looked up at her before she chuckled nervously in agreement. "Yeah...," she replied sadly. The doctor stopped her for a moment. Then turned her around to face her.

"We're almost done Scootaloo. This journey is almost over. Then you can go and chase that medal. And...you can start a new life."

"Martina, I don't have a life. My life was digging through dumpsters, finding a place to sleep at night where I wouldn't get attacked by animals, keeping a weapon of some sort that would eventually prove useless whenever someone would come and attack me. Or...use me."

Martina sighed, lightly grabbed Scootaloo's chin, and looked her in the eyes, gracing her with a smile. "Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. I have a surprise waiting for you. As soon as all this nonsense is over I'll show you okay?" Scootaloo nodded before they continued on their way towards the scene. Hoping for some good news.

Celestia was sitting by the roadside, looking towards the distance where Canterlot was. And where Sunset Shimmer was being held. She sighed in despair. And depression. Sunset had given her life to save them, so they could save the worlds. They could not thank her enough. And now they couldn't thank her at all. Each time she closed her eyes she could envision Sunset's smirk. That grin whenever she thought of something smart to say, or just to play around. The last time she saw her would be when she died in her arms. And told her to go save the world and not to worry about her. Like Tartarus she wouldn't. She was her first student. Her very first! Who turned evil, became reformed, and came back to her. All smiles like she was when she met her. She was bitter before, but in the end she proved herself to still be her loyal student. Twilight was her faithful. Sunset was her loyal. And she would always stay that way.

Celestia glanced over when she saw Princess Twilight sit next to her and pull her into a hug, crying loud into her shoulder. Celestia returned it greatly, squeezing her tightly as if she was afraid she would lose her too. It seems she just found out. "Th-There has to be something we can do to bring her back!" Twilight cried, emotions making her voice shaky. "Something, anything!"

"I wish we could, Twilight," Celestia said in the midst of tears. "But I fear it is too late. She's been gone for over an hour. All the spells that would've brought her back would not work by this point. And we would have to heal her fully for them to work. Her wounds were too great." The two cried into each other's shoulders, getting out their feelings. Anemone watched with pity from close by. She didn't know Sunset all that well but she was a pretty good friend when she was getting to know her. She looked down at her sister that walked over and pulled her into a hug, burying her face into her chest, sniffling. Anemone sighed and wrapped her in a hug tightly.

"I know, squirt," she whispered. "I miss her too. But I have an idea." The two shared a heartfelt moment as if everything else wasn't even happening. No one else but them. Ignoring the stares they were getting from the police officers and news crews that had arrived on the scene to report what had happened, trying to figure out what they were. As well as the voices of their friends.

Rainbow Dash gasped in the middle of a questioning when she spotted her sister walking towards her. Scootaloo shared the same look before she ran towards her. Rainbow Dash's slow walking turned into a run before the two collided, giving each other a hug. Scootaloo cried loudly into her sister's prison uniform while Rainbow sniffled and stroked her magenta hair, burying her face in it. "This is the first time I've gotten to hold you after finding out," Rainbow whispered down to her.

Scootaloo laughed with tears in her eyes before she looked up to her face. Rainbow sighed and felt along the gash on her cheek. Thinking about what had happened for it to get there. Scootaloo placed a hand on it and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'll be fine," she whispered.

"Of course, you're my sister," Rainbow replied with a chuckle. "I'm going to make sure you can't just be only fine, but great! You can count on it." Scootaloo rolled her eyes and nodded before they embraced again. Doctor Martina was watching with her arms folded and her mouth turned up in a soft smile. It seemed that Scootaloo was telling the truth. But now they had more problems. The trial was interrupted and everybody had a magical firefight outside that set a wildfire to a field, completely destroying it. She looked towards the battle area which was just gray and lifeless, filled with ash that was floating through the air. Not to mention the smoke wafting through and around, burning her nose.

But all of that could wait. Right now it was sister bonding time.

After the fight that happened on the outskirts of town, everyone went right back to the courthouse, including Zolan who was still held in the violet box. She was not getting back out until she was in the prisons back in Equestria. The gallery was back to being packed again, although there was a lot more policemen in the room this time. That scorch mark was still on the wall, reminding Zolan that she started all of this. Princess Luna set her in the middle of the room, facing the judges on her knees, who were looking at her in confusion. They then looked up at the Equestrians, still wearing their battle clothing.

"This woman, by the name of Zolan, has been a tyrant of Equestria," Celestia told them. "My name is Princess Celestia. I am the head ruler of Equestria. A world that is parallel to your own. This is my sister, Princess Luna, and my student, Princess Twilight sparkle." She motioned to the women beside her. Twilight was looking down, shedding light tears with the rest of her friends. From Equestria and Canterlot High. "We are sorry for the intrusion upon this great land and it's justice system. However we needed to retrieve her in this granted moment before she could break apart these two sisters." She motioned towards the girls on her right holding each other's hands. "Rainbow Dash is indeed innocent. She did not write in that journal, and she definitely does not have one."

"Told you!" Rainbow yelled.

The Judges shared a glance before focusing on the lady held in the box in front of them. Judge Gavel sighed and asked her, "Is this true....er...Zolan?"

Everyone focused on her before she sighed and nodded in defeat. It was over. "Did you manipulate this family..." Celestia asked her, pointing towards Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof in the chairs behind her. "To discard of Scootaloo?" Rainbow Dash was holding her sister tightly, in the thought that this was the moment of truth.

Zolan inhaled and said, "No. I just used the predicament to my advantage."

Rainbow pulled her sister tightly into a hug. Her parents were just evil. And they didn't even show it on their faces. Scootaloo whimpered into her shirt while Rainbow Dash stroked her hair, realizing her sister could really use a family member that actually did care for her at this moment.

"Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof have officially just put themselves in prison," Judge Gavel said. "We are now looking into Rainbow Dash's case. Based on the evidence presented before us, and the jury, we believe that the only hand that Rainbow Dash has in this case is taking her sister to the hospital...and actually being a sister and loyal friend to her when she can. We will now leave the verdict in the hand of the jury." The judge was about to bang her gavel before the jury foreman raised her hand.

"Um, we've made a decision, your honor," he said. "We find the offenders Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof guilty of the charges of Child Abandonment and Child Neglect. And we find Ms. Dash not guilty of Failure to Report." Rainbow sighed while Scootaloo smiled. Her second real smile out of all of this before she turned around and gave her sister another big hug. Rainbow sighed in relief and stroked her head. Dr. Martina began clapping before everyone else began to do the same, happy that justice was found for the two. At least for them. After the clapping was done, they moved onto the next thing.

"Now umm, Princess Celestia was it?" Judge Blue Sails questioned, motioning towards her. The princess nodded in acknowledgment. "I guess your mission here on our...world is complete now that you have Zolan here. What's next?"

"We will take her back to Equestria," Celestia told her, glancing over to the woman kneeling on the floor in the box. "And have her pay for her crimes against our kind and yours. She has done a most grievous act there that she manipulated me for. Genocide of a race that now only has two." The judges and everyone else that was not an Equestrian widened their eyes before she continued. "We will try her for that, which will get very technical. Either way she will face a grievous sentence."

Judge Rising Fire nodded in acknowledgment before she grabbed her gavel. "Very well. The court finds Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles guilty of all charges and sentences them both to fifty years in maximum security prison. Court is adjourned and the case is closed." The three judges all banged down their gavels and the police strode in to grab the prisoners. Scootaloo and everyone else grabbed their things and prepared to walk out and head somewhere else before Applejack sniffled, still grieving.

"Hey...where's Amaryllis and Anemone?" She asked.

The group looked around before they shrugged. They were nowhere in sight. Now that they thought about it, they weren't with them on the way to the courthouse either.

The thestrals were actually sitting over the edge of a building across from the hospital Scootaloo was previously held in, watching the cars down below go back and forth. They stayed silent and just stared for awhile, listening to sirens, wind, and birds.

"Are you sure this will work?" Amaryllis asked her sister beside her. Anemone directed her gaze to the Orb of Zebrica in her hands, tilting it from side to side, trying to figure it out.

"I overheard Celestia," she replied without taking her eyes off of the cube. "The only way is for there to be a large amount of magic. Basically a life force. I'm no egghead but I bet that's what it's for. Celestia may have slaughtered everyone I know, as well as our family...but it was completely out of her control. Just like how discord can control things, Zolan controlled Celestia like she was a puppet with strings. And Sunset didn't deserve to die. I do not believe she wanted to either. So I'm going to break this thing open, metaphorically, and give her some magic."

"And the rest?"

"We'll put it in ourselves. Rightfully it belongs to us since it belonged to our colony. We bust it open, absorb our halves, and then give some to Sunset Shimmer. And if it doesn't work...at least we know we tried. Let's do this. For Sunset Shimmer. And for Twilight and Celestia." She rotated her body off the ledge and walked back onto the roof, her shoes made a crunch sound along the gravel as she strode towards the middle, and set the cube down while Amaryllis made her way to the other side. Anemone backed away a little before she said, "We couldn't open it before because it wasn't meant to be opened. It would be too disastrous. So they transferred it directly from one object to the other. From an orb to a cube. Nothing in between. You can't grab the orb, it has be contained. Now we're about to transfer it from a cube to ourselves. You ready?"

"I have absolutely no idea how to do this!" She yelled from the other side, throwing her hands up in the air.

"Instead of throwing your magic out, draw it in. We have to do it quick because the others will sense the magical leak. On my mark!" She pushed her hands out in front of her while looking down at the cube, eyes narrowed in focus.

Amaryllis copied her sister, muttering, "Suck it in, don't push it out," over and over. Once they were ready, Anemone started the countdown.

"One...two...three!" The two sisters summoned a spell pulling out the magic. They strained to do it, eventually putting beads of sweat on their foreheads. But soon, the box began to glow a light purple before two beams shot out and into their palms, traveling through their bodies. The two screamed at the feeling. It was unstable alright. And they could feel it. And so could the equestrians. Twilight, Celestia, Luna and the other Elements all gasped at the familiar feeling that washed over them before they shared a glance and ran out of the courtroom, confusing the court for a moment.

"Wait! Luna!" Celestia placed a hand on her sister's shoulder from behind, stopping her. She turned and looked towards Celestia with eagerness. "Watch over Zolan. She must not escape." Luna nodded and turned around headed back towards the box while Celestia and the others continued the eager journey outside into the crowd of news reporters. The second those people saw them, they attempted to approach before Celestia rolled her eyes and teleported the large group away into a nearby alley. They staggered around for a moment to get their bearings, while Celestia smiled apologetically.

"Sorry," she apologized breathlessly and urgently. "I could not let them stop us. Let's continue." They ran out of the alley and looked around, hoping to find a sign. They could feel the magic in the air. They just couldn't see it. But the thestrals could.

Back on the roof, after around five minutes of absorbing, the cube began to dwindle, the light coming from it starting to thin out before it snipped off the box and traveled into the the sisters' hands. Once it was done, they fell on their hands and knees, taking deep breaths. That took almost everything out of them. It was like drinking five bottles of water at a fast pace. After a few more seconds of panting the two looked up at each other, gasping a little.

They were glowing brightly, shining like the brightest flashlight with different colors. Anemone let out a little chuckle. "You look like a glowstick, squirt."

"And you look like...something that glows." They laughed before they stood up and looked at themselves. Their whole body was glowing. Even their clothes. And slitted eyes. "Now what?" Amaryllis asked.

"Now we go and revive Sunset," Anemone responded. She turned around and jogged towards the edge of the building before jumping off towards the hospital, leaving a trail of light behind her. Amaryllis quickly followed after her, having the same effect. From the ground, the Equestrians were looking around before Rarity gasped.

"LOOK!" She yelled, pointing towards the sky. They all turned towards her direction of pointing, spotting the two light trails.

"Let's go!" Twilight yelled, running after it. The others followed along, curious as to what was going on with the Orb of Zebrica. A few seconds later, Anemone and Amaryllis landed in front of the busy hospital. Amaryllis was a little more tentative about it then her sister. Couldn't they just go invisible and look around instead of taking the front door and asking for directions to the morgue? It'd be much easier than doing all of this.

Well it was too late because Anemone walked in, glowing and everything. She was on a mission and nothing was going to stop her. She walked straight up to the nurses desk and knocked on the counter, putting a little too much force into it because it cracked a little. The nurses jumped at the loud noise and looked up, shrieking. That caught everyone's attention. They looked over and nearly swore before they jumped up and ran to the other side of the room. Everything got deathly quiet in the room since everyone was focused on what the glowing person with wings and bat ears wanted.

"Can you point us towards the morgue please?" She asked nicely. The nurse was just staring at her with her mouth opened before she opened and closed it like a fish.

"Y-you...." She stuttered. "You...y-you want....to go to the morgue?" she asked carefully. Anemone nodded.


"It's in the basement level but—"

"Thank you. Let's go, Amaryllis." She made her way towards the back doors while Amaryllis finally decided to rush in, glowing just like her sister and straight through the doors before Anemone could even reach them. They walked into another section of the hospital before they asked another nurse how to get to the basement. She had the exact same reaction as the nurse at the desk and motioned towards the elevators nearby. Anemone thanked her before she walked towards the elevator with her sister. They pressed the button and waited for it to rise up while trying to ignore the frozen faces of the doctors and nurses staring at them. Not to mention some visitors. Amaryllis clicked her tongue and looked around, waving awkwardly at one of them. The doctor shockingly waved back slowly, his face not changing at all before the doors opened and the two walked in. Anemone inspected the pads and, assuming that "B" meant basement, clicked the button. It lit up a dark green before the doors closed and the elevator made its way down.

The silence inside of it, besides the hum, was deafening. And Amaryllis was a little scared of the groaning going on above them. Something was definitely going to snap up there. And they were all going to die and be...specimen. After a few more seconds, the elevator opened up, revealing a hallway that was indeed different from upstairs. There was no doubt about it. This was the morgue. It felt dead in there. And was eerily silent.

"Okay, we're here," Amaryllis whispered while walking tentatively out of the elevator. Anemone followed out shortly, looking around. It was so silent down there. There were four rooms that they could see. One of them had to be where Sunset's body was. And the others they just didn't know.

Anemone sighed and said, "Keep your eyes open for—"

"Found her." Amaryllis was pointing through the window of a door on her left, at a table that held Sunset Shimmer's pale and dead form lying on the stainless steel. She was covered by a white sheet but you could still see her red and orange hair flowing over the edge. Amaryllis twisted the door handle and walked inside the room slowly, looking around and taking in the sites of all the silver blocks on the walls. One of them, directly across from Sunset, was wide open.

"She must've been in there," Anemone guessed, motioning towards the open plot. Amaryllis walked towards the head and reluctantly flipped the sheet, revealing Sunset's face. It was a pale sickly yellow and her eyes had black rings around them.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked her sister. "What if it works only halfway? I... literally can't compare her to anyone else, nor would I want to, but...she looks pretty gone."

"I have a few theories," Anemone responded. "From the looks of her skin, she has lost all of her blood. Every last drop. She would have to come back to life and run by magic."

Amaryllis looked up to her in confusion. "So she'll just be pale from here on out?"

"Yep. If this works. I really hope it does. Let's do this." Amaryllis lifted her hands and pointed them down towards the body before Anemone followed shortly after, proud to see her sister actually taking the lead for once. "Shoot a small amount of magic into it okay? And let it out in a streaming trickle until I say stop." The two glowed a little brighter before they sent in their magic, starting the spell. Some people watching this would call it a modified version of witchcraft or something similar. But they were definitely wrong. After around five minutes, Anemone gave the order to stop.

The two lowered their hands and looked towards the body hoping for some movement. So far, Sunset still looked dead. Before a very familiar voice sounded off from far away behind them. "Thanks guys, you literally helped me out of there. I owe you something."

The two turned around and gasped at who was standing there. Sunset Shimmer smiled innocently before she waved. "Thanks for finishing the spell for me."