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With the Ritual of Sacanas complete and the alicorn magic successfully usurped, the Storm King's chief enforcer anticipates her long-awaited reward, while it seems only a miracle can prevent the sacking of Equestria's capitol...

Cover art by luciferamon@derpibooru.org

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This story is a sequel to Snip by Snip

After the mysterious death of Spike, Rarity finds herself keeping an unusual secret: that Spike is, in fact, alive.


Comments contain spoilers!

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When Spike dies an unexpected death, Rarity decides to take matters into her own hooves. She pulls out her sewing needle and her best thread, and prepares to 'fix' him.

Now with a great reading by Brad the Browncoat Brony!


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ALL THE SPOILERS! Warning: Contains spoilers for S6E25&26. Do not read unless you have watched.

Chrysalis was in exile, the ponies had regained their princesses, they had returned to their cities. Worst of all, her swarm was changed, rebuilt by love. But something isn't quite right, why is the changeling queen smiling?

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