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This story is a sequel to Snip by Snip

After the mysterious death of Spike, Rarity finds herself keeping an unusual secret: that Spike is, in fact, alive.


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"I turned my gaze upward, only to see Spike hanging from the ceiling fan, two tiny wings drooped at his sides."

You mean Rarity, not "you".

Also, he is an undead with wings now? Oh damn.

Phew, I thought it would be another terrifying end. Although, if we look at it this way, it would be very interesting to that each part had a close suspenseful or scary. I type that was already used to it. I think that is one of the best features of the author and should not be lost.

Undead Spike with wings? I wonder how things will turn out. Will he start carving flesh because he is a zombie? Though now that I think about it he is a dragon so it could be chalked up to his instincts. Will he be stronger since it is theorize that since normal people's brains really limited the amount of strength a person can use so they wouldn't destroy their bodies in the process. Though that now he is undead he should have his limiter off and be able to use 100% of his strength. And if how strong a person can get through that method here is an blonde anime character named Shizuo from Durarara!!!

Although we can all agree that the original ending was perfect, it will be interesting to see how this unique situation develops and how Rarity handles their dilemma.

2557691 i now have a new anime to watch thank you!!

Is it supposed to be third person or first person Rarity? I ask since it was mostly third person with a few drifts into first person.

I would make an "OH THE HUMANITY:raritydespair:" comment regarding the leather belts, but Rarity did just dig up (twice) and raise Spike back from the dead:unsuresweetie:. The leather belts feel inconsequential next to the necromancy.

I eagerly await what comes next:raritystarry::moustache:



I know. I don't usually write third-person, so I've got some... issues... I may just turn it into a first person at this point.:twilightsheepish:

First person Rarity would be an interesting perspective to have so we can know whats going on from her perspective and know her guilt.
Though in the end, its your fic. As long as you stick with a perspective or give us an indicator of a perspective shift.


You were my deciding factor. Thank you!

2557813 Glad to be of help though I have to warn you that while Durarara is a good show Shizuo doesn't show up that often even though he is one of the most popular character in the show.

No problem, glad i could help!:twilightsmile:

Fun fact: I usually avoid zombies. Feel awesome, for this story has been followed by moi.

I usually don't do zombies, either. This is weird for both of us.

Now this is a pleasant surprise! Revealing the resurrection right from the word go? I've always said honesty is the best policy in these situations, but I've never really expected it to happen!

I've always been in favor of the tag of this story were afraid. Not that the author is not doing a great job, we can not always finish a chapter or fragment as we wish - is not humanly possible in everything we do what we want whenever.

Now, I point out the need to look inside the head of aconfusão Twilight; without well she was never good before the nut, now then ...

:moustache: Twiliiiiight...
:twilightoops: Rarity! Were you praticed necromancy? !
:raritywink: Hum... one little.
:moustache: Twiliiiiight... your brains smell so good.
:facehoof: Spike, minus.

Oh, this is going to be fun!:pinkiecrazy:

My sides hurt from laughing too hard!:rainbowlaugh:

I like this. I thought that the ending to 'Snip by Snip' was really depressing.

Shit's gonna get real quickly!:rainbowderp:

2562231Sorry. Don't minded me, I know that this story is probably not meant to be that funny but, after Twilight goes on her emotional rant I can foresee a lot of comical moments in this.:facehoof::moustache::raritystarry:


I just wanted to know what you were laughing at, so I can use the same type of humor! :twilightsmile:

2562850Well, first it was Sweetiebelle and the CMC reaction to a resurrected Spike, than it has Rarity's saying "What" when Twilight was looking at her like it was normal for Twilight to see a once dead Spike fall out of Rarity's bag.:twilightoops::duck:

And the foreseen laughter I was talking about is the mixed reaction's from everypony when they she Spike's back. Serious, the rest of this story can be mostly comedy if you like dark humor, which you do seeing as you wrote this sequel.:pinkiecrazy:


Well, there's one heck of an emotional rant in chapter three... :pinkiecrazy:

And thus, my idea was born from your will.

Ah isn't this just touching... the power of love brings Spike back to life into some, freakish vampire-esque abomination... at least its more touching than Romeo and Juliet I mean jeez, how did anyone consider that romance? Just two teenagers that lusted enough for each other to fuck themselves over.

But... I digress, great chapter yo. :ajsmug:

:pinkiehappy: Who knew zombies were romantic?
*coughcoughwarmbodiescoughcough* What? I didn't say anything... :trixieshiftright:

It does happen every day! IT DOES!

LONGER CHAPTERS!!! other n that it was glorious

Who is the better magic unicor now? Suck this, Twilight!:raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritywink:

This is getting better and better. :pinkiehappy:

If the author updates everyday why should they make the chapters longer than this? It aint exactly an epic...
No offence Author. :twilightsheepish:

So is Spike going to grow horns since he's a dragon and not a pony? And also when is he going to show zombie super strength or craving flesh?

Oh Twilight, there was nothing 'natural' about Spike's death:facehoof:.
Let the dark comedy continue!:pinkiecrazy:

Oh man, what fresh hell is this?:facehoof::pinkiecrazy:

Oh, Pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:
This chapter was good. I will stay waiting the next.

That was quick.:twilightsmile: Things are just going crazy for Spike.
Hmmm..... still don't know what he eats now, if he does eat anymore?:moustache::twilightoops:


mmmm this fic is very weird but ma god this is really good xD

I can't help but think of religion for some reason, and ithis feels like a satire to religion for me. so..you know...like, yea :twilightsheepish:

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