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Celestia and Luna seem disappointed at Flurry Heart's birth, and Twilight wants to know why. The answer is... Probably not that surprising, but there is a solution!

Twilight just has a much better one.

Silly one shot, Flashlight pairing, and a surprise Big Macintosh ending. Merry Christmas/Happy Hearthswarming Eve!

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In this AU, Sunset is still recovering not only from the trauma she suffered from being accused of posting the students' secrets, but also from her breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Flash Sentry; she decides to move to another city as a result.

Five years later, Sunset is attempting to make ends' meet when she spots a job hiring at a mall for a spot as one of Santa's Little Helpers. Enter (quite literally) a young man named Bobby, who works as a security guard at the mall that the Santa Meetup is taking place in order to help his family make ends' meet themselves; he himself is recovering from a nasty breakup sometime ago.

Sunset and Bobby hit it off quite well, despite their repeated insistence that they have a complete lack of chemistry. Of course, this isn't completely true, but for different reasons. Bobby thinks himself as unworthy for the love of a beautiful girl like her, while Sunset believes that this new love interest is too good to be true and is unwilling to open up to him...like those totally clichéd holiday romantic comedies that they both know and hate (and love at the same time).

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Every day in Ponyville is the same for the ponies that live there. Few thing happen that cause a change. That is until a strong wind blows Ditzy into Rarity's home. Changing the lives of not only themselves but brings to light Applejack's feelings, as well as her jealousy.

Inspired by the work from CassetteSet on DA

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Warning: The following story you are about to read is currently unedited and deals with M/M shipping. If you do mind one or both of these things, you know where the exit button is.

A day after the events of "Hearth's Warming Club," Sandbar finds out another reason why his griffon friend does not want to return go Griffonstone. In the eyes of the griffons, Gallus isn't considered a legal adult as he has no one to perform a coming of age ceremony. One that would give the young griffon self-guardianship and freedom of choice to leave the country to move to Equestria. However, since he could not be adopted without the consent of a living relative, Gallus is stuck in a perpetual legal and cultural limbo.

That was until Sandbar thought up of a loophole. If his friend is unable to be free by adoption, then perhaps the only way to do so, is to marry him. At least, temporarily.

P.S. A special thank you to the writer of this site who has guided me throughout this story who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Gallus and Sliverstream are very close friends. One day when Sliverstream and Gallus have some apple cider Gallus accidentally tells Sliverstream that he's an animal in the bed. Sliverstream is very confused and asks her professors Twilight and Rainbow Dash on what the meaning is. But does things turn out the way Sliverstream want's it to go?

WARNING swearing, definition on sex, dirty jokes, rule number 34, alcohol, lots of speech, lots of fluff

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Twilight Sparkle is the best student at Crystal Prep Academy, and while she’s pretty happy with her situation, her unofficial big sister, Cadance, keeps telling her to try and make friends. It never seems to go well for her, until Cadance convinces her to tutor the new student at Crystal Prep, Sunset Shimmer.

Pre-read by gerandakis

Featured on 9th Aug 2018! :twilightsmile:

Sex tag for:
Volume 1: references to masturbation, and talking about masturbation.
Volume 2: references to sex, and talking about sex.

Cover vectors:
Sci-Twi by aqua-pony
Sunset Shimmer by punzil504

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or how twilight found out about her assistant's secret relationship

spike has very strange tastes in mares....specifically ones with bug wings and holes in their legs.

(A/N, sex tag for implied bug on dragon sex and innuendo.)

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In an alternative universe... Twilight is a red guardian, a group of powerful people protecting the innocent. And one day after trying to stop a great evil, she was betrayed by one her red guardian friends and was sent to another world, that world being Equestria. (The version of Equestria is anthro ponies. and Twilight is a human). She loses her memories, and lives in Equestria is a dragon name Spike. And she starts little by little to get her memories back and feels happy living in Equestria.

Cover by Traupa https://www.deviantart.com/traupa

Chapters (32)

Once a Princess, now a Lord, Ember sends a letter to Princess Twilight to a situation that involves Spike. The letter seems serious and the dragons are already on their way. What could it entail about Ember's journey to Equestria? What does it mean for Spike?

Update: A NSFW version... has appeared! Those whom wish to explore the... freaky side, follow the link! Dragon Tails
Featured 4/17/2016!

The Follow up sequel called The Dragon Lord's Legacy can be found here! here

Chapters (16)

Octavia Melody hid this for years. She is a demon-succubus born in Tartarus and sent to Equestria after her father saw that she was not bad enough, and sending her to Equestria, her father thought she would be a real demon and practice her succubus skills. He was wrong. After many years she maintains a normal life, hiding her identity from everyone, including Vinyl Scratch, her girlfriend. Everything was perfect, till her father, the Lord of all demons, and her mother, the Queen of succubi, makes a visit to the “world above”. She only knows one thing about it: She’s screwed.

Editing by the great VitalSpark and the amazing God of Physics! Give them hugs!
Art by the great megarexetera, used with permission.
Now with Youtube Reading by CaptainBron3y! Get it!

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