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Young, Clueless, a dragon with hunger for a hoard of knowledge but my hoard is to be spread with friends, families and more.

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Once again, any available and all help is appreciated. I doubt i will get close to the amount of likes to the original story but i would love to know if this is what the bronies want!

Shows promise! Needs some editing work but not bad.

One thing did stand out though. "continued her menstruation on her body."

Should be ministrations rather than menstruation. Menstruation is a girl's period, just fyi.

7330434 it was a very nice backstory:pinkiehappy: very informativ i like it

So by accepting the offer Spike would save her life.

7331798 And he would unknowingly do so.

7332578 I heard of Marriage at Gunpoint but Mating at Death's Door?

I'm not sure why she is lying to Spike. I'm pretty Spike would have left any way to save her life. But then again, she doesn't know him very well.

7332896 Death is most beautiful when the ones you love near her step. She compels you to make your vows, she urges you to remove your sins, she gets joy, knowing that behind her door, you may truely never experience love again when you pass, or that your souls, would be bound into timeless memorial.

7333749 Hence the confusion in the second chapter. I left it so because even I didn't know how to write it. This chapter somewhat explains it also giving you a Prequel to the story.

I like it. Sex and feels with a deeper insight to the power of a Dragon Lord. :pinkiegasp:
Now we wait for the emotional dam to break later.:pinkiehappy:

Wait... they can't be separated for more than a week?
She'll DIE of loneliness
Sorry, had to poke fun, but not a bad start.

Why is this under spikes harems ? If its only ember as I understand

7367544 I think it will get more complicated later on... Im not even sure.

I see grammar improvements! I like it. Also, nice touch with the side story character development.

So are you done here or are you gona keep going.

wonder who the pony was collecting the spunk

... I have the oddest image of Rarity Trying to get Garble into her bed.

8167380 probably some kind of unicorn

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Nice-o!! I like it. It's a shame it only has 2 chapters.

Wow. Great chapter. It was interesting to see these two mate, and not have it just be filled with only raw lust. you did a good job here.

nice nice, keep going, you are awesome

That was a good first shot at Clop, I look forward to when Spike and Ember do clop for real.

Spike really wants to be with her.

I wonder if the magic user was cadence.


Ember's previous encounters close to this where her 'cleanings' by her father when she was younger. But his large tongue barely made passes over her slit. She quit that years ago. But this... this was something to be beyond a simple cleaning Sure they had licked each other back and forth but this was personal... this was raw but tender mating.

Really, comparing a family "shower" with that situation?:facehoof: An interesting choice my friend, but it still sounds kinda goofy.:raritywink:

Anyway 10/10 would see a comic adaptation.

This was interesting for sure. I honestly like that at least one of them is being a realist. To not think Spike will see them as his new 'mommies' when he wakes up. I don't think he will be angry at them for what happen since that isn't Spike's nature. But I mean the ponies that raised him the first time are his mother. They can be his cool aunts or mother-like figures I guess lol. But to try to like imprint on him and make him more tied to them and their culture when he doesn't have any way of interacting back just seem sneaky to me lol. I am shocked they have been able to stave off his Equestrian family for so long. I mean the dragons must know how much they have fucked up, and until Spike is better they will have a very unstable relationship with them. Which will only get worse the longer they keep telling them, no they can't see him.

Don't worry, has the series continues there will be two sides. Right now your thinking of one side but like Captain America Civil War, there are two sides that must be viewed.

So wait quick question is it considered that spike beat all four trails for did he only complete 3 and in a way is still on the final trial also hope he wakes up in the beginning

That my friend will be answered in the series. Though your answer is not far off. Also, if you reread the final chapter, not the epilogue I kinda say it there.

I know I reread it today but I was still not quite sure if it was considered he passed the 4th trial

So great. Cant wait for the next saga in the dragon lord story.

Hmm, lets see how this develops in the future.

I hope that in some future chapter you find an intimate relationship with Spike, Ember or Smolder you want a trio.
I'm not saying your chapters of gay relationships are bad.

Oh trust me, there will be some of that. But other dragons in the series will be involved.

I would love to see a love story of Spike and Smolder somewhere in the future.

I feel like part of this should have been in the other version to make it feel a bit more natural (in this version you actually get to know her thoughts before she went to spike

Ember felt worse, more than ever. She was a horrible consort and it pained her to see him in such a state. He was young to a point where he was borderline teen but not quite there. His emotions were mixing with his instincts and they were in a war with one another, trying to be the deciding factor. She could see his struggle, the feral versus the brain and she knew that he was strong… but how strong remained to be seen.

here stops

Now that's quite the way to wake up after a long nap.

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