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So i take it their plan will and i mean WILL fail horribly right?:rainbowderp:

OK the grammar Nazi in me wants to strangle you but I ignore him most of the time any way. Could be a good story just so long as it doesn't get to dark and creeppy pasta. Will follow and hold judgement until then.

This kind of Story is a long time coming, but then I'm choosing my Shining and AU path, still, you earn yourself a fave for this AND a follow.

?.. Im creeped out and curious at the same time...:applejackconfused:

love rule 63 oh and it's queen Umbra

4603958 that one is already over used, so I created my own.

Congrats you sir are the first ever to write a dusk shine x r63 sombra and queen chrasylis come on everybrony lets applaud this great writer


What about the rule 63 version of Tirek is she going be in story?.:
For the full version of the first pic try reverse search image the pic in images google or on Derpibooru you will find the uncrop version. And to find another pic where the R63 Tirek is Magic draining magic though sexual acts you can try looking up the artist who calls by the name "cold blooded twilight" you will find it.

Well this sound interesting and at the same time it's creep me a bit but a like it.

Could use an edit pass, writing is alright but I like the concept.

4604562 not sure:ajbemused: it really was just these four but depending on the amount of chapters and more than 70 or 80 likes than yeah. There is more after this short series.

i am intereeged ...... tell me more

This seriously needs an editor, or a proper read-through by the author :l
"In a corner of underneath Equestria eyes and rule, inside of a cave, it was lit with small amount of walls cornering a center part of the cave."
As that sentence alone turned me away from this story; there's just so much wrong with it.

4604169 Was this from an anime show? I feel like I would only find this on an anime show and... I don't really do anime, no matter, that this quote was still great.

How many ways can this fail? What happens if one of them gets pregnant? These are four girls going after the same guy; in a week they are all going to hate each other. But since this is Pony related they're gonna fuck each other too. What if he already has a girlfriend? They are probably gonna fuck her too.:derpytongue2:

4604169 This comment.

You win my internets for the week.

4604740 I would really suggest you get a proof-reader or editor for this before you continue. I powered through this chapter, but I doubt I could handle more like this. It's a great idea, and I really want to see this done.

This is one very intriguing Nom of a story you got here, good.


I don't know what to say all I know is please update soon I quite like your story

Haven't read it yet, but I have to say...

Silhouette? :rainbowhuh:

That's a name for R63 Sombra I'd never heard before. :trixieshiftright:

I kinda like it. :pinkiesmile:

4603103 I hope so. Perhaps something like turning their backs on each other and underestimating the feminine wrath of all the other mares.

I mean, why not?

4606839 or more like dusk treats them like mares and ends up stealing their hearts thus having them rethink how they look at him and they each try on their own to win his heart.

4607339 What part of "This isn't edited yet" don't you get?

There's a difference between "Needs an editor" and "Completely un-fucking-readable".

4607619 Unreadable? You haven't read what i have...

Holy hell that grammar!

Can I possibly read a fic from someone who didn't get to country on a floating door?

4607714 It's like trying to read hieroglyphics.

I read the first two paragraphs and had literally no idea what the words were meant to say.


4607108 4604740
I hope this story turns out like that it would funny to see them starts to falls for Dusk Shine and starts competing among themselves to wins Dusk Shine's heart and affection.:moustache:

4607744 I didn't float on a door. ... mom walked here and born in u.s. so. .... no floating door just walked

4608095 First two paragraphs of fic say otherwise.

"Just as tall as Nightmare Moon, the changeling had long green mane much like a swamp."

It's the second clause that's really a winner. First of all, it's not at all clear from this description" what aspect of Chrysalis's mane is supposedly "like a swamp". It could have the color of a swamp, but it could also smell like one, or be wet like one, or... anyhow.

For that matter, Chrysalis's mane isn't green. It's blue.

This fic is kind of a mess.

hmmm I like this story!
My inner dark-lover says yesshh! :pinkiecrazy:
while my inner lovey-pansy-pants says NOPE! :pinkiesick:
My dark side wins today! :pinkiecrazy:
Also grammar... could be better, but I usually don't get bothered by bad grammar to be honest, so just keep up the good work!

Okay, right off the bat here, this:

"The mare next to her was not a normal mare. She was a changeling and more than that, the queen of the Changelings. Just as tall as Nightmare Moon, the changeling had long green mane much like a swamp. Her carcass was a dull black but looked like battle armor."

I think the word you want is "Carapace", like an insect's shell. "Carcass" is corpse.

Ps from my mail; loved this prologue, plz moar :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

4607712 It's fanon that Dusk has one of the biggest dicks in Equestria right? And he knows how to use it very well, even during the first time.:twilightsmile: Molly would make sure Dusk is fine then counter rape every one of them after each time they have their way with him.


Me too. Though Obscura gives that name a run for it's money.

There's a very minor thing you may want to edit in the description.

Warning story contains sex between one stallion and for mares

4 mares for ONE stallion? The ULTIMATE DREAM!!!

One question, why is this even in the top list? I do prefer to read a Fallout: Equstria story or a Humans in Equs thing, or heck even a RainbowBob story! But Noooooooo! All it is feaking clopfics. FIMFic you so silly. But this does intrigues me so I'm willing to read this through.......
~ Eric

You could just turn mature stuff off

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