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amazing i enjoyed it

This was good. I sadly don't see a lot of Spike x Ember, at least not as many as I like, so it is always nice to see another.

It would be great with a possible sequel! For some reason I feel like this could turn into a possibly harem story.

interesting lol

I struggled to get past some proofreading mistakes, but I'll pin this for later reading if someone would fix minor problems.

Yeah, that does feel exactly like the perfect wedding between those two.

The perfect pairing! More emberxspike fics!!!

who is disliking everyone's comment?
Also good story

Yes!!! Another spikexember fic!!! I love them!!

Trolls who have it out for Spike Fanfiction, because it's not just this story it's others as of late as well.

I expected to see merging bank accounts and joint filing of taxes. My day is ruined and my good mood has been shattered. Good day, sir.

I like this, but I agree it could use another editing pass for spelling and grammar and such, especially near the beginning.

No offence, Twilight, but this is a different matter all together. I WISH I had doubts about getting married—but I don't. It's more so that I just found out that your adopted brother has the biggest, thickest, juiciest fucking cock I've ever seen on a guy... and all I want to do is shove down my throat until I choke.

:twilightsmile:: "Don't worry, I see absolutely no problem with that."
:twilightblush:: "In fact, I can personally confirm he is very well endowed..."

Twilight's soft laughter awaited her on the other side of the door. "That's all anyone could ever ask of you. C'mon, then. I know it's unconventional—but I'll walk you down the aisle."

Was Torch busy elsewhere?
Edit: Nevermind, answered later.

Spike stood at the alter, sharply dressed in a suit, everything about him groomed to perfection. He was like a standing dagger. Even looking at him cut you in some way. It took every ounce of will not to run and pounce on him. To kiss him widely and start to fuck as everyone watched.

:moustache:: "You can thank Rarity for that."
Ember: "Wait, what?!"
:moustache:: "Well, it has her who made this suit."
Ember: "Oh right, hehe..."

Spike and Ember leaned into each other, a connection of lips sealing their eyelids, both entering a harmony of connected consciousnesses. Cheers echoed elsewhere, distant and unimportant, despite celebrating their love by their closest friends. Nothing mattered at that moment.
Except each other.


"I'm just doing exactly what you've always dreamed of happening."

:moustache:: "Damn you Luna! You promised me not to tell anyone!"
Ember: "Tell me what? I never really talked to her."

"F-Forgive me, E-Ember," Spike spat in a deeper voice and a darker tone, fangs flared as the dragon within had been unleashed. Ember's confusion had been answered by the dragon sitting forward and two claws claiming the back of her head. "I can't handle this torture. I need to finish inside your throat."

Embers: "Oh no!"
Also Ember: "Oh yes!"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Found a typo:

The suppression on these wheels

You probably meant suspension.

Could be worse

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