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This story is a sequel to The Dragon Lord's Consort

Spike awakens nearly a year later. But much has happened in his sleep and absence. A threat is building in Equestria and it may tear at the relationships between Dragon and Pony. Spike's future is undetermined, with a role he has yet to accept and a struggle over his destiny, between the family he grew up with or the family he needed. With time, he may not be the same as he was before and what the changes that have manifested with him, may hold.

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It has arrived!!!
Let the journey begin!!!

The journey, the experience and an adventure that will be worth reading!

This is off to a great start. I can't wait for Ember and Spike's reunion.

This was interesting for sure now that Spike is up even if he has had a factory reset take place. I am happy to see Spike back among them but I can't help but wonder if the in the dragon pair's bliss have they thought of all the issues that will now come about from the state Spike is in. I mean really, they send Spike there. They then find out he goes into some coma that they don't fully explain WHY it happens. Then 'convently' he wakes up but has forgotten all about his life in Equestria, the very thing many dragon do not like about him. And they have been secretly raising him for who knows how long to be a dragon by their standards. Making him forget all about his old family and everything of his old life. I mean Celestia will PISSED she have been overwritten as his mother after all the years she spent with him and Twilight as well. The dragons will have to see that in anyone's eyes it will look like they did this just to 'fix' the pony born dragon and make him like them. Ember can preach how that isn't the case but lets be fair she is still a new factor in their lives and doesn't have THAT kind of level of trust with Equestria, and not to mention even if she didn't do it doesn't mean another dragon did. But the biggest issue for Ember is she hid things from Equestia about Spike, she made the call to hid the whole truth that now that they will have to explain it all with him being up will only make the situation look so much worse for the dragons. So I wonder where this will go from here and all the tension and conflict that will be between the two sides.

I'm just wondering how much of Spike will still be Spike… memory loss in a lot of works aren't done particularly well; hopefully this will work well in this story.

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Same here. all gentlecolts and fillies

Its here. Time to go head long into the unknown.

Yup drama is garenty. Though a quick question. Does the one dragoness know all of spikes memories or did she just get acces to the bad ones?

All, but only highlights the bad.

He must remember his past. His "mother's" might think it best that parts remain forgotten. But that is a bad idea. As the saying goes "the past defines us."

It's a harsh lesson but even worse feedback

Well minus some points for here but it going to be " road to hell is pavied with good intentions" thing. With out his memoires no garenty spike will be the same kind hearted spike they know.

Regular update schedules are the beeeeeest.
You're great, bro.

Great chapter. Honestly i cant stand these two. They sit up here and talk about how the ponies mistreat him. They are his family. Long before she came into the picture. She has taken everything he was and destroyed it and they are the bad guys? But the biggest thing...... Does she realize what she has done. With her actions she has put all dragons in danger. The relationship between dragons annd ponies is now gone. Ember is in a no win situation because she now has to figure out what to do. Either tell the truth and make dragons look like monsters or try to hide it from them. Which they have been nice but they will soon start to demand to see Spike. And honestly.... The dragons cant win if a conflict happen. There is a reason dragons dont have a whole kingdom. The ponies have insane firepower. But more than that at this point ponies have made allies with many other races with the friendship school. That mean the dragons will be on their own against all these races. These two in need to fill some hole in there life have put all their kind in danger

So with these two, I have them like this because they are still relatively new to being parents. But they had their own views their own ways of how he should have been raised. This is a universal concept too many species and I wanted to include that here. For now we can say that they are terrible but there morals are correct because that is how they believe he, Spike, should have been raised. The next few chapters will tackle issues that will be the good from the dragons, the good from the ponies, and then negative lifestyle between them all.
Now as for the conflict, I don't I think the ponies are all that powerful. Don't forget that there was powerful artifacts are the elements of Harmony. Those things only work on those beings who are evil and cause evil. But I also believe that if Dragons Were to go to war that they would not be affected just because they think what they are doing is right. Now no relativity when it comes down to ponies, they have to prepare themselves for war. If the My Little Pony movie is To Go anything by is they have to have time to prepare for war. Dragons can literally just start it and be done with it keeping in mind that they would love to go to war with ponies and are ready in an instant. But like I said this conflict will come up in later chapters.

I get and I agree ponies need prep time to really get moving. Use that vast intelligence they clearly have to their advantage, and I say that have that because compared to all the other cultures around for the most part they have some of the most advance tech around. But I think the ponies power is in really who they have on their side now, the former 6 guardians, the Mane 6, Starlight who is the most powerful unicorn unicorn of this generation, ALL their alliances, And the big guns The princesses and the Nuke Discord. We have seen dragons can't stop his magic hell no one could stop his magic when he want to go all out. He is something all races need to fear and if the dragons go to hurt his friends he will make them into leather shoes... literally lol.

Don't forget, the pillars are not around yet, the elements are in the tree, starlight could only fight maybe a few at a tim3. Twilight didn't fight garble because magic is somewhat useless on them(I actually included that in one of my chapters that they aren't affected by most magical means. My headcannon at least) i think that may apply for the alicorns... then again they got beat by chrysalis, a hornless unicorn and a storm cloud. :twilightoops:
As for Discord... even that's a wild card. He'll have fun but once the body count jumps, it might turn lethal. Either way, the future conflict I have in mind might not be black and white.

Holy Hippocampi, this should be good..

I'm really excited to see where this goes.

I just found the sequel. Wow. To be honest, i feel sorry for Spike and Ember. Spikes new mom's have hurt him, but he doesn't even know that. He doesn't even know of his friends in ponyville. I understand that they weren't the best, but jezz. I guess we will see more issues as they come.

Thanks for writing the sequel. I do wonder if Spike is going to remember he loves ember, or will he fall in love again? Also was there a chapter or story when Ember see's her mom again, and would love to read that reunion?

So there will be no official chapter on it, but I will bring it up in flash backs and quick scenes.

If you want a sort of m rated suggestion you could write a chapter where torch and his wife make up and enjoy some reunion time.

Just and idea. Sorry if it was inappropriate.

Way ahead of you. :raritywink: that will be appearing in Dragon tales.

May I add that they have a little fight about how ember is crying and in pain, on torch’s watch. Then after hearing all that torch has done they make up.

I have something in mind so I will hold off on any details.

The cover art makes it look like this has anthro ponies in it. Is this true?

So the show has anthro dragons and non anthro dragons. Spike being an anthro as well as Ember and others, while other dragons have been seen as quads. I think its save to say that the anthro you are looking for(female having breasts, males having muscles) will not be found here. They are just bipeds but not full anthros.

Great chapter. It seems like we will see some Spike/Ember time next chapter. But we will see how that goes. I'm very happy with this chapter. At least Spike is starting to learn the truth. And faster than I thought he would. Please don't make us wait too long.

Not trying to rush it but also not going to slow it down. At some point, it could come fast and hard or it just comes slowly. Let us see how!

Another great update, cant wait for the next update from you.

On Eragon:
Hate the Movie,
LOVE the books.
The reference is nice!

Also, yay! You updated!

This is like one of many references I have put in my stories yet this was the only one noticed.

Huh. Apparently the grandeur of your story distracted us from them.
*awkwardly winks in attempt at being smooth*

Trust me, the subtle references scattered through out my stories will matter later

Wait, I'm confused, do the moms think the ponies abused spike, or that they were good to him? If the latter, why not tell the truth?

Eliyinsa only saw what she wanted, but didn't really explore everything. She saw the good, but she only saw how he was neglected in ways that dragons are supposed to raise. I mentioned how he was in every dangerous mission that could have gotten him killed, lack of proper diet and so on. THis will be tackled in a future chapter.

Thanks for clearing that up, looking forward to seeing where you take this story.

Seems like Luna was able to contact him despite it being brief.

I great chapter. I’m very happy with Spike’s recovery and hoards reaction to him. Still want to see him get another nose bleed.

Now if you do one more thing later, I will love you forever. To help spike, have twilight bring old photos of spike for him, ember and his mothers to look at.

I would love to see all there reactions at cute baby spike.

So I had this weird thing that she maybe able to visit ponies/creatures dreams. But she cant visit them if they dont know if they are lucide dreaming or active. Also if you cant remember you past but have a connection to Luna before then she couldnt help you.

Ahh boy, the Elders are in for a surprise when they learn that the Alicorn Princesses know about Spikes memory loss.

Spike's past the haunting feeling, Spike never showed that feeling he was bothering whether he was aborndornado or not, did it was to dig deep in releasing that feeling, I saw it to be an interesting investigation.

Everyone is in for a huge surprise

I'm SO glad there's another chapter!
Love this story!

I love this story and I can hardly wait for the next chapter!! :rainbowkiss:

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