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Pardon me, sir or madam, but do you have a moment or two to discuss the benefits of sharing love with your neighborhood representative of the Changeling Empire?

I blame Vdrake77 and his server for enabling this.

Now with a reading by Illya Leonov! Thanks both to him for the full reading and supplying Silver Spinner's voice, and to Goombasa for serving as a wonderful Diplurida!

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I squeed reading this. I adore your writing and how changing are considered Fey and Fae, it make me so happy to read your writing.

I take full responsibility!

This was something a bit different. I wasn't sure quite what to expect. But overall, it fits you and how you write. And that, that I enjoyed.

So well done. And this was a very fun read.

Oh this was so cute. :twilightsmile:

I know what this was. It was glorious. Your changeling stories are some of my favorites.

“Not just with you,” she hastily added. “But you ponies? Look, we were monsters, but you guys are freaking rude! Do you know how many times today I’ve had some grown stallion shriek like a banshee and slam a door in my face? Or some mare throw a cast-iron skillet at my face because I was anywhere near her foals?”

It wasn’t rhetorical, I realized after a moment’s silence. “T-Too many?”

“I hit too many two days ago.” She blew an angry breath through her nose. “But I’m trying. We’re all trying. We want to make things right, we want to be friendly and share love, and we want to find some common ground, and we know it’s going to take time. A lot of time. But all of us, even King Thorax, are getting a little tired of checking our faceplates over for cracks.” Diplurida gave a manic grin, showing that, no, she had definitely not lost her fangs since her change. “Can you imagine having your nose broken daily and having to fix it? My sister went through that last week. She had the last stallion pinned against a wall before she cooled off enough to ask him not to do that again.”

Lady... your Empire has invaded Equestria, kidnapped its royalty, and attempted to drain the love out of "every stallion, mare and foal" twice just in the show proper. You are standing in the very city in which the first invasion took place. And the strong implication is that changelings have been pulling all this shtick on ponies for hundreds of years. Sorry, but I don't think you've go that much of a leg to stand on when you complain about ponies being rude to you.

Honest to God, compared to some of the dark, if downright miserable changeling stories I've read on this site over the years (and trust me, that’s a lot of years), the reactions by the ponies described here, which seem at most knee-jerk or perceived self-defense are pretty darn tame. Which is a credit to the story, mind you, it's still a pretty good one overall, but still though.

I’m not saying I can't understand where Duplurdia is coming from, I can certainly see changelings getting frustrated over time as they try to reach out, but in the big picture of things, they've only got themselves to blame for the still slow moving species relations. It's gonna take a long, long time before they get anywhere close to where they wanna be.

Duplurdia just doesn’t have that much a right to complain, is all I’m saying.

9502442 Well, yes, and she knows that she's going to have to endure that. She's just done lol.

I enjoyed this story - two shapeshiftable thumbs up!

Changelings are such a fun and interesting bunch, so I'm glad we've got a regular source of them. Even/especially with silly results like this.

Cue cards are such a Thorax idea, it's perfect.

Exquisite fluff. Entertaining antics. A hint of sultry spice. Changelings. There's nothing about this that I don't like.

...time to investigate that server, I WILL FIND THE ROOT CAUSE OF THIS!

Before reading story:

"Door to Door for Love huh, and I thought Mormons were pesky."

After reading the story:

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Silly funny changelings who just want love are the best.

I love the bit with the index cards, harkens back nicely to when Ocellus flashbacked to how the changelings took all the hearthswarming instructions very literally.

Also, love the detail of the tingly feeling when being fed on. (Can confirm.)

And the author characterization as being obsessive over getting the worldbuilding right dovetails nicely with the rest.

Lovebugs: best sparkly vampires? :derpytongue2:

WeThey are the best sparkly vampires.

This was so good any chance of you writing a sequel.

I figured Diplurida was just looking up from the cards to make sure that Silver was still there and not about to attack her.

As for the book thing: he could have the publishing company and bookstores do a trade in deal. If someone brings in an old copy of one of his books, they can then trade it in for a new re-written version. It would also mean that anyone who wanted could keep their old copies, which I'm sure some would. It could also mean an increase in the value of the originals, because by having some returned and printing discontinued, there would be a possibility of the becoming rare.

Another victim of not having their handy-dandy changeling swatter by the door...

:twilightsmile: Loved it!

:moustache: Index cards...I knew it Twilight's a changeling!
:duck: Spikey dear help the poor changeling through the door
:moustache: He wasn't that fat when he arrived earlier
:facehoof: Spike! tone it down we all know how you feel
:raritywink: indeed I do
:rainbowlaugh: In deed you did!
:moustache: !
:rainbowwild: ha ha ha ha ha gotcha!

Y'know, if someone ever told me that Carapace was capable of creating harmony through the power of the written word, I think I'd believe them, splendid work as always.

And now I’m picturing an all changeling cast for the opening number of Book of Mormon.

Absolutely adorable. I envy your ability to do so much with such a small (when compared to other stories, at least) word count.

Greatly enjoyed this fluffy little story.

Is Silver Spinner an expy of Jim Butcher?

That's really nice and heartwarming <3 I needed that this morning, been on another Grey's Anatomy binge -- do not recommend.

Fun Story. I love the mood-tone whiplash.
It's kind of overwhelming for one person to take on the burden of a nation.

testament to my both my self-control


Well, that explained how defensive she’d gotten of them.

Hmm this is strange...

This was an enjoyable read. :) thx for sharing :moustache:

...Actually anyone else want to hear the story about his time with the hive? I know I do! Just a thought there Carapace...


And now I kind of want to know what things SIlver Spinner got wrong!

And that's why there hasn't been a Dresden Fillies novel in over a year.

Also, the title "King of All Changelings" makes me imagine Thorax destorying the stars in a drunken bender and forcing his son to fix it with a magic rolling garbage ball.

In any case, delightfully nutty story. Thank you for it.

"The point is that I’m a stallion and that, while I do support Razzle Dazzle and encourage ponies to be happy with who they are, I have no plans on changing who I am!”

“Then why didn’t you just say so in the first place?”

Actually, that is a fair point. Diplurida probably wouldn't have questioned him in the slightest or asked for the added context had he just said that right off the bat. But, you know, rule of funny and all that. :rainbowlaugh:

That was a nice little story, and ends even with a bit of a nice moral. :twilightsmile:

A very nice changeling story. :twilightsmile:

We often see changeling's POV of pony-society, but it would actually be interesting to see the perspective of somepony living at the Hive. :rainbowderp:


King Thorax' son

Hmm. I wonder what his kid might be like with Thorax as a dad and Pharynx as their uncle. :derpyderp1:

Is this the same universe as Respite? If so, how would the other Hives take to Thorax, the king of the Locusts (no matter how reformed they are), being called ‘King of all Changelings’?

The idea of changelings going door to door like those vacuum cleaner salesmen of old hit me in the funny. Good job!

This story was freaking adorable! I want more of these two.

Good afternoon. My name is Russell. And I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweatlodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?

...Is Razzle Dazzle referencing a certain fic?

This is very well done!

Oh my this is adorable!!!!! I sooooo want more of these two. I have a great need to learn more of their story!:raritystarry:

Well then.... That tease she did at the end has me very curious to see how the friendship between those two goes o.o Do they just stay great friends? or do they become something more~~ :moustache:

I guess I'm just a bit too addicted to slow burn romance stories with a teasing/agressive character XD

I'd say they're more a Twilight thing.


Which is certainly all well and good, as I said, I do find the story pretty good overall. I think it’s more just when Diplurida started having a go about ponies’ ‘rudeness’ that got under my skin a bit. It’s just...

I’ve always found it hard to truly sympathise/side with the changelings whenever stories try to tackle the aftermath of the Invasion of Canterot or that deal with Equestro-Hive relations post-Chrysalis. I’m a big changeling fan and naturally, I wish nothing but better relations between the two nations. It’s just that even with the universal understanding that the changelings were the aggressors, they still tend to get treated with more sympathy than the ponies, who were the true victims in this whole mess.

When we hear about Diplurida’s recent bad encounters with ponies, my first reaction is less feeling bad for her and more, “Well c’mon, what did you Expect?!” Maybe those stallions screaming like banshees were having PTSD-induced flashbacks to that day when changelings were literally chasing them down the streets, fangs bared and hissing viciously? Or perhaps that mother actually saw her goals being snatched away from her and being stuffed in cocoons? It’s gonna take many years for ponies, those of Canterlot at the very least, to move on from such trauma, if ever. Even with the reformed changelings reaching out their hooves and sincerely saying, We’re sorry.”

So when Diplurida started to complain and I’m expected to feel bad for her, as much I can empathise with her and her people’s frustration in trying to build these bridges, I can’t help but feel that if I was standing there, my knee-jerk would probably be to slam the door in her face, not before telling her in no uncertain terms to go ‘F**k herself’.

Goodness me, this story really got me going on a mini dissertation of sorts there :rainbowlaugh: Sorry about that, I’ll give it a rest now :twilightblush:

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