Fluttershy has a new job!

...and it's commanding the Imperial Super Star Destroyer "Executor" at the Battle of Endor.

No one in particular appreciates this.

A Star Wars crossover fic commissioned by Shoggoth. Special thanks to Propmaster.

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I approve of this story. Perfectly silly, with a tiny slice of cute.

Is this...

Fluttershy as an Star Wars Imperial...? OH I AM TOTALLY ON BOARD FOR THAT.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, while Fluttershy is finding things Bearable, Rarity is having a Whale of a time? :duck:

All hail the Flutter!

What the HELL did I just read? :derpyderp2:

Oh well, doesn't matter, I laughed. That's the main thing. Upvoted :yay:

Not shown: Darth Vader in his meditation sphere petting Fluttershy like a cat and him acting like Ernst Blofeld while talking to the Emperor. Wearing a 'made by Rarity' cape.

Empire never hires non-humans for command positions like this. What were they drinking that day?

Fluttershy in a evil space empire dress suit with the tiny cap looks adorable. Search your feelings, you know this to be true.

I don't even know what I just read. :rainbowhuh: Sure wish there were more temp jobs like that. Wish we could have seen more of Rarity's temp job (if she can handle Diamond Dogs, she can probably handle Klingons).

I can imagine this happening to that trooper.
Or this


And thus we see the danger in ultra-authoritarian societies. The chain of command is only as strong as its weakest link, and when that link is the highest one available, it's not going to end well.

Meanwhile, Rarity is probably lucky that she hasn't already been impaled.

Thank you for a delightful bit of insanity.

7358075 skeeter the lure??

That said I agree. Can you imagine Darth Fluttershy? She'll kindly ask you to turn over the information because darn it! She really doesn't want to torchere you but Lord Twilight really really really needs to find Dash Solo and the other rebels and please please don't make her kill all the fuzzy wuzzi critters on Alderan.

Awesome. Just hilarious.


Huh. I mistyped my own name. How embarrassing.

And actually, someone on here I know started in one time about how Fluttershy would make an absolutely excellent Sith due to her show-canon nature.

I... Forget all the details but it was something along the lines of her being able to make you do what she wants and I don't mean via The Stare.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Adoracute and ridiculous, all is well.

Comment posted by LK-52O deleted Jul 3rd, 2016

What about Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was a Chiss?

this is too out of left feild

"Isn't that why Mr. Palpatine is performing his Ballroom Meditation?"

I just imagined Emperor Palpatine in a ballroom dress. I hate you so much.

oh my yes.
...i think i need to go eat some taco bell to prepare for ...
whatever this is.:rainbowlaugh:

I like how both of Fluttershy’s orders would have ended up saving the Executor had they been carried out.

Closing the windows / Drapes could be interpreted as closing the emergency shutters (Basically pieces of metal that would seal the bridge in the event of one the windows breaking.) on the bridge's viewports. Which could have possibly prevented the A-Wing from killing it's occupants and sending the ship into the Death Star.

Running to Bespin would have saved the ship as well for obvious reasons.

7358102 I love this story for existing, and I love this comment for dialing it up to 11. :rainbowlaugh:

And here I was rooting for Fluttershy to betray all expectations and deliver a decisive blow to the Rebel Alliance with her keen tactical mind.

This amuses me greatly, Kinda wished there was more however:twilightsmile:

I see you've got your Fluttershy on her 'cute and cuddly' setting. :fluttershyouch:

You should try switching her to 'angry' mode for combat operations. :flutterrage:


Jub jub.

So this exists now. Excuse me while I pour a shot.

7358592 Haven't read expanded universe in long time. Heard that this character is making a comeback in Star Wars Rebels. I should get around having a look at it.

Darth Vader: "You have failed me for the last time, Admiral Fluttershy"
Fluttershy: ":fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: (massive puppy face)
Darth Vader: "....... (Dammit! I killed all those children back in the Jedi temple, strangled Padme, tortured my own daughter, yet I cannot choke the damn pony with those adorable eyes...)
Fluttershy: (Cuteness intensifies)
Darth Vader: "Very well, you will live for now".
Fluttershy: "Yay! "

All rigth, just roll with it.

So Rarity was at, what, Khitomer or Narenda III?

Why would you do this...

Well that happened.

7359918 oh god no. They'll ruin him.

One does not outsmart Thrawn. Thrawn does not "help" rebels. No TV hack writer is going to be able to do Thrawn justice.

Also Skirts... You only did this because Star Wars is Disney now, didn't you?

...sure, why not?

Fluttershy's military genius is sadly overlooked too often in the world of fanfiction.

on ma gawd I loved what happened to Rarity stuck with Klingons against Romulans of the lols are too much I'm surprised she didn't try to redesign their armor that would be funny

A phalanx of superlaser cannons fired at the incoming starfighter,

battery (A phalanx is a formation of infantry. Though a certain point‐defence turret used by the U.S. Navy is named the Phalanx it is not a generic term.)
turbolasers (Turbolasers are a type of laser battery found on star ships, space stations, and installations. A superlaser is the class of laser that the Death Star is armed with.)

They did make extremely rare exceptions if you ignore Disney's statement that the books are no longer canon. Which I do. I have decided that they've simply lost their minds.

UniqueSKD wants a hug!

I'm not entirely sure what exactly just happened, but I loved it. :pinkiehappy:

"This is why we are human supremacists!"

7362461 Indeed. Theses exceptions got less and less exceptional as time went on, and it wasn't uncommon to find non-humanoid stormtroopers after too long.

Also, yeah. On the whole "Legends/Canon" Split, to mis-quote one Nick Fury, " I recognize that Disney has made a decision. But since it's a stupid ass decision, I have elected to ignore it."

Also, I quite enjoyed this story. Thumbs up.

I'm experiencing a what the heck did I just read moment. But I don't care.
And here is my favorite moment.

"Soul-less! Beady! Eyes!" The scout trooper wailed as holograms of his companions fell to their death in a glossy blue pile all around him. "And their sticks! Their sticks hurt sooooo bad!"
"Uhm... oh d-dear..." Fluttershy fiddled with her forelimbs, sweating before the communication broadcast. "H-have you tried rubbing some lotion in—?"
"Aaaaaugh! They've killed us! They've killed every one of my legion!"
"Just... just try hugging them!" Fluttershy squeaked. "Every teddy bear wants a hug—"
"Oh god! Now they've added rocks! They've added rocks to the sticks! God help us! It's a bear hunt, Admiral! A bear hunt!"

I laughed way too at this part in the story.
Yes frear the sticks with rocks you imperial scum! MuWahahahahah! *Black Lightning flashes in the background*
Yes I know I'm insane. Just remember I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this madness keep up the good work.

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This is clearly the only reason why Fluttershy is Grand Admiral. She's the first to survive more than two weeks in the job.

This is basically an SNL sketch. :rainbowlaugh: It's sort of hard to critique it, but I think you could have ended it when the ship exploded. You don't even need to explain how Rarity talked Fluttershy into taking a temp job.

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