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In an alternate Equestria, the city of Hope's Point stands as a beacon of light and hope against the darkness and misery of the world around it, ruled over by the ever-watchful, keen-minded, and iron-hoofed Queen Blackburn.

But Blackburn wasn't always the queen of Hope's Point - she wasn't even its first ruler - and she wasn't always the hard-nosed mare with an eye for details. She was young once, too, just like everypony else, and just like them she had to make new friends, go to school, make mistakes, find love, and everything else that goes along with growing up, for better or worse, and that's not even counting her royal responsibilities.

Witness the rise of Blackburn, Princess of Hope's Point, as she becomes the mare - the queen - she was always meant to be, as well as the friends and enemies she makes along the way.

Takes place in the CRISIS-verse as a prequel to CRISIS: Equestria.

Many thanks to Devnator and BeeAre for their help in editing and as creative consultants. Cover art by Starlight Spark.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to CRISIS: A Royal Affair

A mysterious portal appears in the Everfree Forest one afternoon, and Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent to investigate. The portal transports them to another Equestria, one full of evil and darkness, where they have to fight to survive on the long journey home. A pony named Tick Tock, a guardian of this new world from forces of chaotic magic, offers to find a way to take them home. They make other new friends along the way, but also new enemies, primarily six evil counterparts out for blood.

The central story of the CRISIS-verse. This story takes place just before Season 4 of canon.

Thanks to Devnator, BeeAre, and The Living Couch who assisted with editing and as creative consultants. Cover art by Starlight Spark.

Has a TVTropes page.

Chapters (41)

The League of Sweetie Belles was founded by a handful of Sweeties who decided they liked hanging out with each other. What started as a simple club for like-minded white unicorn mares turned into a complex organization with a lot of responsibility. One particular team of Sweetie Belle explorers have taken it upon themselves to visit the universes near to their home worlds, delving into the lands of ponyfics and beyond.

Current fic: AgrolChannel/ForgaLorga.

Want to suggest a fic? Do it here. Upvote already suggested fics while you're at it!

(If you're not reading from the beginning and just want to look into one chapter relating to a particular fic, the SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: The Sweetie Personnel Files blog is your friend. Refer to it whenever you feel you lack context. But don't read the entire thing; use it to look up names)

(Part of the Songs of the Spheres continuity, but you don't have to read that to understand this. Updates Sporadically. As with all SotS stories, there's a Discord server)

Warnings are there since certain fics will require them when they are included. You won't get sex, death, or gore everywhere. You are likely to get violence and some profanity in many chapters.

All featured fics can be found on this post.

-GM, master of Chronicles.

Chapters (59)

This story is a sequel to My Little Mage: The Play of Shadows

Almost a month since saving the Pillars of Legend from Limbo and Stygian from The Nightstalker, and a week before the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight has planned out her first major celebration, the first Festival of Friendship.
However, just as the party started it is crashed as Tempest Shadow, herald and right-hand woman of The Storm King, intends to aquire the four adult demigods.

Narrowly escaping, Twilight and her friends must find the queen of the Aa. and with her help save Mystica from the occuption of the Storm King's Armarda and stop what ever he has plans. However, Tempest will not suffer failure, especally her own and will hunt Twilight down to the ends of the world.

Can Twilight reach the queen of the Aa? and will she help?
Will Tempest catch her quarry?
What does the Storm King have planed?

A My Little Mages retelling of My Little Pony the Movie (2017)

cover art by Didj

Chapters (10)

The First story of the EQuestria Girls Marvel Universe. The EQGMU.
Now with a Tv Tropes Page! :https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/EquestriaGirlsMarvelUniverse

AU where the Marvel Universe and Equestria Girls coexist. This story takes place two weeks after Captain America Civil War and before Friendship Games.
About a month after the Battle of the Bands, during a field trip to the OsCorp building, Flash Sentry is bitten by a genetically altered spider and is gifted with new abilities. After learning that with great power comes great responsibility, he dons a costume and takes to the streets as your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

And for only being in the superhero biz for about four months now, he's done pretty good. He even got to help Tony Stark and the Avengers in Germany, which earned him his new and improved suit.

But as the days go by, more and more supervillains are coming out of the shadows; some powerful, some crazy, some crazy-powerful. And many of them want nothing more than to squash the spider.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer and her friends discover that the Sirens weren't the ONLY magical threats from Equestria that ended up in the human world. And some are drawing the attention of powerful people, very few of them being good people.

Will Flash Sentry be able to keep the people of New York City safe AND juggle his busy life as a high school student? Or will Spider-man fall before the coming storm? One thing's for sure...

...it's going to be Amazing.

Cover Image is by https://www.deviantart.com/mabocdurenarts
You should check out his page, because they have some amazing fan art.

Chapters (27)

"To the city of Titans you will go, to the days of future past and back through Apocalypse. See the end of ends, and then battle my illusion.

Twilight and friends find themselves in a world of heroes, changed into their power ponies selves. There they must ask, who sent them and why? Meanwhile, two young women deal with nightmares from their past, reminding them of the horrors that they have wrought. United, the trio must go through challenges and many battles to find the cause of all of it, and save the universe once again.

They will travel through hell and back, seeing once and for all the heart of a hero and why friendship will never fail.

A crossover between X-men, Teen Titans, and MLP.

Chapters (5)

Set in the 'Blackest Night' series that's being worked on by Moon Chaser, Alex Warlorn, and BrutalityInc from Deviant Art, this is the story of how the Great and Powerful Trixie decided to serve the one mare she loathes more than any other. For her life, and more, for power.

It is best read in conjunction with the other stories, but I hope it can work as a stand-alone for those interested. Whatever, I hope you enjoy it.

The Blackest Night, Green Lanterns, Yellow Lanterns, and Indigo Tribe all (c) DC Comics. Yellow Lantern Trixie art (c) to Cynos-Zilla of DA and used with permission: http://cynos-zilla.deviantart.com/art/MLP-Blackest-Night-Trixie-386624856

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

An alternate universe re-imagining of "Friendship is Magic." Rainbow Dash is the personal protege of Celestia, ruler of all Equestria. Follow her through the events of the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration and the return of Nightmare Moon! (A significant rewrite of the "Rainbooms and Royalty")

Cover art by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

Chapters (30)

In an alternate Equestria where technology thrives, Twilight attempts to recreate the Crystal Palace's mirror portal using the most powerful supercomputer her royal stature can buy. It seems she succeeds, but the world she and her friends find on the other side is one they don't expect and can't imagine. And there are six small creatures waiting for them, knowing them by name and claiming they've waited their entire lives to see them.

But when a dark force takes hold and old enemies join with new ones, the girls learn that they were called to this world for a purpose... and that the Elements of Harmony alone might not be enough to stop what's been put in motion.

Collab with a handful of other authors, who I thank for their help and support.

Chapters (5)

The six Pillars of Equestria have finally returned from a thousand year imprisonment in limbo. So, naturally, the first thing you would do as a legendary hero from a thousand years ago would be to see what's become of the realm.

Knowing that everything might come as a bit of a shock to them, Twilight and her friends each partner up with their respective Pillars, in the hopes that they may ease them back into Equestria and its customs...

Chapters (17)
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