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Surrounded by the Everfree Forest, filled with delinquents, devoid of morals and any real sources of magic, Ponyville is the worst place to live in all of Equestria. But it also has the cheapest rent and Twilight's life just collapsed to the point where she can't afford to live anywhere else.

Perhaps the only thing Twilight has going for her now is that Rarity, the most powerful pony in town, has taken a liking to her. Rarity is eloquent, but the leader of a gang. She's beautiful and intriguing, but the most irreverent and delinquent pony Twilight has ever met. Rumors swirl around her. Some ponies even say she and her entire gang are all vampires.

But Twilight is smart enough to not give in to temptations. Or join a gang. Or become a vampire.

Chapters (19)

The past always comes back to haunt the present, there is no escaping the inevitable. For decades, Celestia has kept a secret from her student. A secret she made out of pain, and through pain will be revealed for all to see; for Twilight Sparkle is the secret daughter of the Sun.

Now, there will be consequences.

Consequences, they come in all shapes and sizes for every decision. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These words are lessons that Princess Celestia should know, bits of wisdom she practices in her rule of Equestria. How is it then, that when faced with a decision, she chooses the one that would inevitably bring the most pain? How is it that she couldn’t bear being recognized as the mother of her child? And why? Twilight Sparkle is about to find out.

Disclaimer: (I do not own the picture; Title Picture owned and designed by KitsuneHino; Source: http://mel-rosey.deviantart.com/art/By-my-side-364777307) (I do not own any of the characters, places, events, etc. outlined in this fanfiction, MLP FiM does under Hasbro, give them the credit.)

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In an alternate Equestria, the city of Hope's Point stands as a beacon of light and hope against the darkness and misery of the world around it, ruled over by the ever-watchful, keen-minded, and iron-hoofed Queen Blackburn.

But Blackburn wasn't always the queen of Hope's Point - she wasn't even its first ruler - and she wasn't always the hard-nosed mare with an eye for details. She was young once, too, just like everypony else, and just like them she had to make new friends, go to school, make mistakes, find love, and everything else that goes along with growing up, for better or worse, and that's not even counting her royal responsibilities.

Witness the rise of Blackburn, Princess of Hope's Point, as she becomes the mare - the queen - she was always meant to be, as well as the friends and enemies she makes along the way.

Takes place in the CRISIS-verse as a prequel to CRISIS: Equestria.

Many thanks to Devnator and BeeAre for their help in editing and as creative consultants. Cover art by Starlight Spark.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to CRISIS: A Royal Affair

A mysterious portal appears in the Everfree Forest one afternoon, and Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent to investigate. The portal transports them to another Equestria, one full of evil and darkness, where they have to fight to survive on the long journey home. A pony named Tick Tock, a guardian of this new world from forces of chaotic magic, offers to find a way to take them home. They make other new friends along the way, but also new enemies, primarily six evil counterparts out for blood.

The central story of the CRISIS-verse. This story takes place just before Season 4 of canon.

Thanks to Devnator, BeeAre, and The Living Couch who assisted with editing and as creative consultants. Cover art by Starlight Spark.

Has a TVTropes page.

Chapters (41)

The League of Sweetie Belles was founded by a handful of Sweeties who decided they liked hanging out with each other. What started as a simple club for like-minded white unicorn mares turned into a complex organization with a lot of responsibility. One particular team of Sweetie Belle explorers have taken it upon themselves to visit the universes near to their home worlds, delving into the lands of ponyfics and beyond.

Current fic: AgrolChannel/ForgaLorga.

Want to suggest a fic? Do it here. Upvote already suggested fics while you're at it!

(If you're not reading from the beginning and just want to look into one chapter relating to a particular fic, the SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: The Sweetie Personnel Files blog is your friend. Refer to it whenever you feel you lack context. But don't read the entire thing; use it to look up names)

(Part of the Songs of the Spheres continuity, but you don't have to read that to understand this. Updates Sporadically. As with all SotS stories, there's a Discord server)

Warnings are there since certain fics will require them when they are included. You won't get sex, death, or gore everywhere. You are likely to get violence and some profanity in many chapters.

All featured fics can be found on this post.

-GM, master of Chronicles.

Chapters (59)

Different destinies for different ponies. The Ultimare's started off very differently without a sonic rainboom... Living in the big city they had very drastically different lives. And yet, they all gained their cutiemarks from a singular focal event.

Each of these ponies are drastically different from their Canon counterparts.
Stardust Nova - Twilight Sparkle "To Kill a dragon"
Ink Blot - Pinkie Pie "The stress of a smile"
Ivory - Rarity "Diamond in the Rough"
Sparkling Cider - Apple Jack "Burning Beauty"
Prism Wing - Rainbow Dash "Potential Never Wasted"
Cottontail - Fluttershy "Inner Animal"

Note: I would have a cover photo, but I could never get the artist to respond to me, so for now there is nothing...

Chapters (1)

King Sombra has been reduced to a foal along with Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and Discord. While they hate princess Celestia for turning them to foals and cause her nothing but trouble. They will have to learn to accept their new predicement and learn to love their new mothers.

Please note that this Fic has alot of diaper usage and nursing.

Editor: SuperPinkBrony12

Chapters (16)

Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and all their friends go through the often-hectic trials of High-School life, with colleagues and ex-enemies along for the ride.

NSFW side-story

Chapters (304)

Using the time travel spell, she decides to travel to alternate timelines to find out what the life of the ponies in the alternate timeline is like. Twilight Sparkle arrives in alternative timeline that leaves her quite surprised. Luna is the ruler of Equestria and not Celestia. Sunset Shimmer is the Princess Luna student. After this shock, she explores this different Equestria and tries to accept this alternate timeline and return home and tell Spike.

Twilight Sparkle vector belongs to Eagle1Division
Background belongs to Ambassad0r

Chapters (4)

Flash would do anything for his friends. And when he sees Twilight in danger, he's ready to do anything in his power to keep her from harm. But things get out of hand, in the worse way possible.

This story takes place during the movie "Equestria Girls: Friendship Games". Alternate universe.


- In this universe, the incident in which Spike gained the ability to talk never occurred. Therefore, he doesn’t speak here. He is, however, more intelligent than an average pet. Basically, the Spike we all know, minus the talking.

- The paragraphs written in all italics are flashbacks, and all of them happened during the duration of the Friendship Games. They occur in inverse chronological order.

- Please go easy on me, I’m not an excellent writer and that I haven’t done this in a while, but I wanted to share this story in written form, because a comic would’ve taken too long.

Chapters (1)
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