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In order to get more familiar with human world's customs, Twilight decides to visit once more. In an attempt to practice magic while in the that world, she casts a special spell while entering the portal, which keeps her magic inside her body.

She arrives during the Canterlot Halloween Party, where Sunset Shimmer reveals that they're hosting a contest for the "Best Vampire Costume". She decides to enter with her friends... however when the sun goes down she finds out that casting the spell while going through the portal has a nasty side-effect: more Equestrian magic has started seeping through it and has started turning everyone in the school into their costumed characters!

Twilight and the humane six must now track down anyone affected by the spell before they escape and wreak havoc upon the city… While trying to find a way to reverse the spell, and also fighting off their own thirst for blood...

* * *

Story requested by Alphamon_Ouryuken. I'm so sorry it took so long, dude!

Chapters (1)

Everypony knows of the old filly story of Celestia banishing her sister Luna after she became Nightmare Moon, but what the public doesn't know is that Nightmare Moon had a daughter. Now, shortly before her mother's return, she and her mother's followers are plotting their revenge; but when the heir to the Lunar throne meets an unusual batpony, things will change in ways nopony thought possible.

This fanfic was requested by Alphamon_Ouryuken

Editor: Penalt

FEATURED: 8/12/17

Chapters (6)

Stumped on the mystery of the locked box, Twilight begins to get frustrated. When Princess Celestia suggests to Twilight to visit her old castle, she jumps at the opportunity to make any type of progress. Little did she know she would get a lot more than she bargained for...

Basically this story is a mix between Castle Mane-ia and Bats!, but with a dark and interesting twist. Join Twilight and her friends as they brave the thousand-year-old castle and unearth its ancient mysteries while escaping a sinister, unknown threat. Will the ponies be able to escape the clutches of darkness? Or will they be morphed into a shadow of their former selves?

Original story idea by DarknessRising

Chapters (6)

Following an Anti-Superhero Act, all super-ponies have been forced into retirement and the Power Ponies have been disbanded. Eventually moving on and starting families of their own.

However, one fateful day the former Power Ponies get a distress call from an old ally to help out a high-tech facility gone wrong. Soon they are captured and discover a government conspiracy to rid the world of all super-ponies in an attempt to completely dominating the planet!

Now their only hope left for the world rests in the hooves of their children.

Crossover: The Incredibles
Story given by DarknessRising
Oc's belong to Kilala97 and Borsuq
Edited by VampDash and LightningSword
Proofread by Crescent-Blade
Teen rating is there just incase

Chapters (6)

A little story written in collaboration with DarknessRising, who is sadly no longer with us. (He went on to do something more fulfilling with his life. Think he became a guitar player in a famous rock band or something.)

It's Pinkie Pie's birthday, and Discord has decided to give her something special.

The entity of chaos decides to give Pinkie Pie his divine powers for one whole day.

Yay for the party pony, but a whole load of NOPE! for the rest of Ponyville.

Let's see how this turns out...

UPDATE - FEATURED! 6th of October, Monday, 2014. Meh, whatever. I prefer the Popular Section.

UPDATE - Featured. 12th of April, Wednesday, 2017. Yeah, yeah, well done me. So who wants to look into my YouTube channel at some point?

Chapters (4)

Even after Twilight's spell, Fluttershy still finds herself transforming at night. But instead for apple juices, she wants blood. Each night she sneaks into one of friends homes and tries to drink their blood, which will turn them into bat ponies. Spike has to prevent this from happening. Luckily for him, the CMC are here to help. Now the four of them must evade the turned mane six and warn all of Ponyville before they are all turned into Bat Ponies!

Story idea from: DarknessRising
Cover art by: pixelprism

Chapters (5)

It's finally the day of graduation and Princess Celestia invited all her students of magic school to a trip to Acapulcolt, but things goes out of control and now they all are lost in the island's of mareibean. How will they survive in this situation? Will they leave in this dessert island? And are they all really alone or safe?
this is a fanfic i decided to made based on the idea by DarknessRising
(the story contains small amount of clop)

Chapters (6)

It's been almost six months since Spike and Rarity have gotten together. Sure there have been a few ups and downs in their relationship, but nothing they can't handle...
...but that all changes one night. When they wake up they discover that several things have changed:
Spike has not only gotten much bigger, but also grown wings as well.
They've apparently been married for twenty years!
And they have KIDS!?
Exactly how did this happen?! How do they get back to their own time? And more importantly... who's responsible for all this?!

Discord: *whistles innocently*

Helped me write this book:
Dyslexic Foal (planning, proofreading)
Alphamon_Ouryuken (main story idea)

Cover art by craftedfun3 on DevaintArt
The OCs are not my own and all go to their rightful owners (Kilala97 and Siansaar).

Chapters (4)

While on a trip to the Crystal Empire, Lavender and her siblings, Turquoise and Crystal find themselves in a lot of trouble after damaging an important treasure in the palace. In a desperate attempt to escape punishment, Crystal uses a spell to try and force their way through a certain magickal mirror, only to send things into chaos by warping her and her siblings back in time, years before they were born. Now the three siblings must find their way back to the present, without changing anything that might effect the future.

The character Lavender belongs to Siansaar
The characters Crystal and Turquoise belongs to kilala97

This story was a request done for DarknessRising (Please read the authors note at the bottom of chapter one before pestering me about requests.)

Chapters (2)
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