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This story is a sequel to Flutterbat's Return

Flutterbat has returned. Now, after causing the transformation of all five of her friends along with several others, she prepares to take back the night. And she'll do it one pony at a time.

However, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie aren't entirely under her control, and so they set out to stop Flutterbat before it's too late.

[A/N: Welp, here it is! The long-awaited sequel to Flutterbat's Return has finally been created! It probably won't be as good as the original, but I still want to continue the story. Hope y'all enjoy!]

P.S. If you favourite, please leave a thumb up. Favs don't get the story noticed, likes do. I appreciate that you enjoyed it, but it doesn't help me too much. Thanks! :3


Flutterbat Trilogy:
Fall (final story)

Chapters (2)

After being cured by Twilight's spell and creating the bat sanctuary in the apple orchard, Fluttershy learns that she still has some bat blood inside her. And that the bat side of her is thirsty. So thirsty...

[A/N: Rated teen for mild language, blood, mild violence and sexual references. (If this ends up rated mature, there will be no clop in it. Sorry, but this isn't one of those stories. Go read Triage for that). I guess this could be considered AU since it takes place shortly after "Bats!" But at the same time it isn't since Fluttershy did still have the fang at the end of the episode, and I'm just expanding on that in my own special way. Hope you enjoy!]

Cover art by Follow Focus

(Spoilers in the comments so be warned.)

Chapters (14)

One night, Rarity tells her daughter a story about her. About her life and a question that she still has yet to answer. Is she still pure or is she a tarnished diamond.

Chapters (1)

*Posted with Rated Ponystar's permission but NOT canon to his stories.* After the events of "The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle", Prince Blueblood learns what his final fate will be from the afterlife's receptionist, Diamond Tiara.

Chapters (1)

ALL THE SPOILERS! Warning: Contains spoilers for S6E25&26. Do not read unless you have watched.

Chrysalis was in exile, the ponies had regained their princesses, they had returned to their cities. Worst of all, her swarm was changed, rebuilt by love. But something isn't quite right, why is the changeling queen smiling?

Chapters (1)

What if Mane 6 were all serial killers? Who had their own club?

Do not take this one seriously. It was written on a whim, within twenty minutes, and with no intention of ever making anything out of it other then maybe a chuckle or two of the gallows humor type.

Chapters (1)

Ponies at school say that there's a cave full of treasure close by.

All you have to do is go in and get it.

And make sure the Bug Queen doesn't catch you while inside.

A semi-sequel to "Don't Let The Bed Bug Bite".

Artwork by MnstrMthd.

Chapters (1)

Centuries of finding the perfect prey for herself has led her to this one girl.

Written for Wubcake.

Chapters (1)

One day, patriarchal, invading caribou decided to enslave all the females on Equestria, intent on taking over it.
In an alternate universe, they won—somehow—, but this is not that alternate universe, this is madness compressed in chapters with the word 'parody' written all over it.

Get a hold of your mouse, because the 'sex' tag only means nakedness and nothin' more. Ahoy!

This is no hatin' fic, nor a fix-it fic. Just dumb ideas 'bout the FoEverse in written format. While I find angry rants amusing, I will not accept heated arguments in the comments. Seriously, get off the high horse.
Feel free to suggest ideas.

The chapters are not connected to each other (unless specified) and they're mostly about how the Fall fails in a way that makes me squeal in delight because of its sheer ridiculousness.

I was bored and trying to kill my writer's block, sorry not sorry.

Chapters (9)

A collection of all my one-shot stories. From the comedies for everyone, dark tragedies, to sci-fi crossovers, and featuring a dozen story prompts from friends. You'll find a great collection of my short stories from 2013 onward here.

The mature volume of my one shots is called: Kaidan's One-Shot Compendium: Mature

Featuring: a short-story on a hang-over induced septuple body-swap, A Warhammer 40k crossover, Fluttershy visits an Animal Farm, Rainbow Dash makes homemade fireworks, and more!

Each story has brief tags at the top to alert you to the content, and short tags in the title:
E, T, or M for Everyone, Teen.
Genre tagged by first two lettrs. Comedy = Co
A Sex or Gore tag, if applicable.

ex: T/Co/Sex = Teen Comedy Sex.

*Formerly 'What If'? stories. Editors attributed in the A/N by chapter.

Chapters (29)
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