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Shortly after Glorisa's destructive rampage, Timber Spruce and his sister focus their efforts on Camp Everfree's reconstruction, trying their best to get things back in working order.

While cleaning out one of the cabins, Gloriosa discovers an old trunk full of her late grandparent's effects, including: a hefty sum of gold Reichsmarks saved up from the old country and their original plans for the camp to be modeled after the Germaneian Freikörperkultur Movement.

Gloriosa & Timber decide to convert Camp Everfree into what their grandparents had originally envisioned: a resort where people can enjoy the majesty of nature as nature intended.

Chapters (21)

Fluttershy finds Sunset's porn stash.

It's... not exactly what she expected.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Just Girls Talking Dirty

As an adorable little baby with powerful magic, Flurry Heart was a lovable, if chaotic, ray of sunshine.

As a teenage princess who seems to be vying for the title "Princess of Lust", she's a constant source of exasperation for her parents. Her latest stunt--accidentally turning herself into an "anthromorph", as Princess Twilight calls it, and getting stuck that way--is just another misadventure in a long string of teen hijinks.

Now, Flurry has somehow managed to accidentally teleport herself to another dimension. With a whole new world to explore and an "auntie" she rarely ever sees to aggravate, plus new friends to make (and aggravate), Flurry decides to stick around for a while and turn Canterlot High upside down.

A continuation of this chapter of Just Girls Talking Dirty, toned down (slightly) to a strong Teen rating for innuendo, insinuation, naughty behavior, and a princess who doesn't especially care where and when she's naked.

Warning: Extremely horny and mischievous teenage Flurry Heart incoming!

(Base image used for the cover created by Dashie116, used with permission.)

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Blood Poisoned

Memoirs of Spike the Dragon as he looks back on his relationship as a court consort to the Changeling King, Thorax.

A special thank you to Avid Fiction for volunteering to edit this. And for eye-cfox for going out of his way to finishing it.

Chapters (24)

A collection of all my one-shot stories. From the comedies for everyone, dark tragedies, to sci-fi crossovers, and featuring a dozen story prompts from friends. You'll find a great collection of my short stories from 2013 onward here.

The mature volume of my one shots is called: Kaidan's One-Shot Compendium: Mature

Featuring: a short-story on a hang-over induced septuple body-swap, A Warhammer 40k crossover, Fluttershy visits an Animal Farm, Rainbow Dash makes homemade fireworks, and more!

Each story has brief tags at the top to alert you to the content, and short tags in the title:
E, T, or M for Everyone, Teen.
Genre tagged by first two lettrs. Comedy = Co
A Sex or Gore tag, if applicable.

ex: T/Co/Sex = Teen Comedy Sex.

*Formerly 'What If'? stories. Editors attributed in the A/N by chapter.

Chapters (29)

For Sweetie Belle and her friends, everything is looking great. They have the support of their loved ones concerning the clothes-free lifestyle they've recently adopted. The NLAC even managed to avoid its first big clash. However, Diamond Tiara isn't one to give up without a fight. Enter Scarlet Scribe. Young, idealistic, naïve, and the perfect pawn to help Diamond achieve her ultimate goal: Destroy the NLAC.

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, and the promise of clothes-free summer fun on the horizon, can Scarlet Scribe really end it all before it even gets the opportunity to begin? And what do the Dazzlings have to do with all of this? Will Diamond Tiara succeed? Heads will Collide. Relationships will be forged. Secrets will be revealed when Scarlet Scribe attends his first ever naturist party at Canterlot High.

*This is a side story to Canterlot High Has A Club About What?!

Editor: DynaPony

Chapters (31)

After battling another little bout of depression, I am working my way down my commisions list! If you're still waiting on your story do not worry I will get to it soon!

This started off as an RP with the Mightyshockwave

Rarity is not quite what she seems to be, as Caramel is soon to learn upon entering her shop one cold winter's day...She can be a bit...persuasive, and a bit more cold-blooded than he's expecting...

[Contains Snakeponies and Hypnosis] Also not particularly a clop story, unless you're a fan of hypnosis and coiling...in that case yeah, you can probably get off to this.

Chapters (1)

Poor Trixie can't get a break. In between stops on her Humble and Penitent Equestrian Apology Tour, her cart breaks down in the middle of a dangerous forest. Unfortunately for her, she is happened upon by a petulant python that seems to have a love for magic tricks. However, the giant snake has a few 'tricks' of her own, which she's happy to show to Trixie. In "teaching" Trixie, the snake begins to make some rather odd suggestions, that Trixie seems to weirdly agree with. What dastardly plan could this serpent possibly be hatching?

Cover image used with permission. Source : http://lunahazacookie.deviantart.com/art/Lost-Magician-618361196

Chapters (2)
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