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Regeneration - Rated Ponystar

The Doctor has to stop the Conversion War and save humanity from Celestia's madness, but a worse evil is playing everyone as pawns for a greater plot

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Regeneration Part 14


-The Ninth Doctor


The Black Guardian.

Also known as the Guardian of Darkness and Chaos.

The living personification that represented all evil in the universe.

One of the Doctor's most dangerous enemies in his life, though he had only faced him both during his Fourth and Fifth incarnations. The last time was during the "Enlightenment" incident when he had Tegan and Turlough as his companions. A being of near godlike power, though limited thankfully by the existence of his brother, The White Guardian, who was his opposite. So long as the two brothers existed, neither could overcome the other. Not that the Black Guardian hadn't tried to do so many times before.

For the Doctor, it was a bad memory that had returned to haunt him. For everyone else they were staring at what had to be the worst evil they had ever felt in their entire lives. Even Discord, powerful as he was, was sweating bullets as he stared at the possessed Celestia while the image of the Black Guardian's avatar glowed above them. Nopony knew what to do or even say. They were still trying to process what had just been revealed. All this time, for who knows how long, Princess Celestia had been manipulated by a great evil deity that had warped her mind into believing a lie. A lie that caused them to abandon their world, killing all lives on it while starting a war on this one that ended so many more lives.

Celestia, as well as The Black Guardian's avatar, grinned before speaking. "We meet again, Doctor. It has been quite a long time, hasn't it."

"Not long enough," The Doctor growled in disgust and caution. "How long have you been processing Princess Celestia?"

"Oh, I've been inside her since her sweet little sister went insane and was banished to the moon. Of course, I never did this originally, but I am beyond the laws of Time and Space. I am a god of great power. Entering into her mindscape and slowly lying in wait was easy. There was so much darkness inside her that she hid from the world. She puts on this brave face of being a wise and kind leader of great noble virtue, but she is a scared and angry little girl who wants her mommy and daddy back."

"You realize what you have done?! You have completely changed the entire timeline of the universe by doing this!" The Doctor screamed in anger.

"Do you think I care?" The Black Guardian snorted. "I care not for what happens in our universe. For I have a new one that I shall take control of. A fresh and young one that I can shape into my own desires without you or my annoying brother to stop me from creating a galaxy of chaos!"

"Not even you can transport yourself across dimensions like this!" The Doctor shouted as he ran the calculations. "You are tied to your brother by your bond. You cannot leave unless..."

The Doctor's eyes widened. "Unless..."

The Black Guardian grinned. "Oh yes, Doctor. Right now, my true self lies in the former world of Equus. Dead and abandoned by the ponies who left everyone to die slowly. But here, Celestia, who I possess, is also me in this universe on this planet. I have festered long enough in her body that I am also her to an extent."

"And you plan on using your two selves to create a link that will unite both. Dragging the two worlds and making one version of both worlds and a single version of yourself. It would cause both worlds to be destroyed, and yet you would be able to successfully bring yourself over with all your power," The Doctor whispered in horror as every creature stared at The Doctor in horror upon hearing this. "How?!"

"I am powered by chaos, Doctor. What's more chaotic than a war?" The Black Guardian laughed. "All this death, suffering, and chaos has fueled my ritual. My key to summoning my true self to this dimension. I am close. So close to my goal, but I need more war! More death! More destruction!"

"So why help the ponies against humanity?! Why them?!" The Doctor demanded.

"Tch, I didn't care who won the war. Humans. Ponies. They can destroy each other for all I care. Death is death in the end. It's not for whose blood I care for. It's that blood is spilled either way," The Black Guardian answered.

"...You mean to tell me...that you have been using us..." Lyra muttered while shaking with both horror and anger. "Our families, our friends, our own children! Along with the humans?! Just to fuel your stupid ritual?! And you require us all to die?!"

"Pretty much," The Black Guardian said unapologetically. "And what good little pawns you've all been for me. Dying in droves for your Princesses. Wiping out human cities. It's been some of my best fun in centuries."

"You....you..." Rainbow Dash couldn't even find the words to insult. It was clear that the Black Guardian was a monster. No, he was a demon. A true god of evil that made all the past villains she and her friends had faced look like kittens in comparison.

"...Why?" Fluttershy whispered with tears in her eyes. "Why do such a thing?"

"...Because I can. And I just want to. And I love the idea of creating my own universe in my image," The Black Guardian laughed sinisterly without any remorse.

"I really should be surprised by an answer like that, but considering it's you, I am not," The Doctor growled.

"So all of this?! The war?! The Conversion Potions? All of it was your design?!" Flash Sentry growled in anger.

"Well, I can't take all the credit. I might have manipulated Celestia into coming into this world because I knew war would come eventually since it's both your natures, Equestrian and human, to be xenophobic to other lifeforms," The Black Guardian answered. "But the barrier I didn't see coming, nor Celestia using it to take over land while creating the Conversion Potion. Yes, I nudged her a bit here and there, but all that was her choice. I only controlled her when she started thinking outside of how I wanted her to. Especially when I learned The Doctor had arrived."

"We still wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you tricking her!" Spike growled.

"Perhaps, but so what? I got what I want either way? Do you think I care about you, pathetic mortals? You are nothing but insects to me," The Black Guardian hissed.

"But why Equus?! What that world?" The Doctor demanded.

The Black Guardian snarled and glared at the Doctor with hatred in his eyes. "To spite you! To make you feel pain! Time and time again, you have stopped me and my plans, so I choose Equus as a means of revenge. I wanted you to suffer knowing that the planet you care about was gone and destroyed, but of course, you had to be here to try and ruin everything."

"And I will do that. I will stop you," The Doctor vowed.

"Oh, not this time, Doctor," The Black Guardian said. "This time, I will finally win. Not even you can stop me."

"You seem to fail to realize that there are more of us than you, foul creature," Cadence stated as all the guards got their weapons ready while others charged their horns, including Cadence. "You will release Princess Celestia and surrender to us now!"

The Black Guardian grinned. "Who says I am alone?"


A red laser blast went off, and one of the Royal Guards screamed as he was hit by hit. His body glowed red as his skeleton could be seen, much to the horror of everyone, before he fell down dead with a painful look on his face as the last thing he would ever do.

"No..." The Doctor whispered in horror.

A Dalek slowly came out of the shadows. "NONE OF YOU WILL MOVE OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!"

"A Dalek!" Discord screamed in terror as he fell to the floor. Crawling away, images of his world's destruction flashed in his mind. "No! Nononononono! Keep it away!"

"Protect the Princesses!" One of the Royal Guards cried out as it charged at the pepper pot-looking tin machine and a few others.

"No! Don't!" The Doctor screamed, but it was too late.

The Dalek fired its weapon multiple times, each hitting a Royal Guard that caused the same effect as their comrade. They died before they knew it, as nothing could protect them from the energy weapon. A few unicorns fired magic, but to their shock, a green energy shield enveloped the Dalek, which took the blows, showing it was no worse for wear before it finished them off.

"EXTERMINATE!" The Dalek shouted before firing its weapon at the last scared Royal Guard, who screamed in agony before falling on his back, his corpse smoking from the blast that had eradicated his insides.

Soon, hidden passageways in the area opened up and more Daleks appeared, each ordering everyone to stay where they were or be exterminated as they aimed their weapons at the surrounded heroes. Fluttershy was doing her best to comfort the scared and panicking Discord, who was muttering to himself repeatedly. His past trauma of his people being eliminated by the Daleks sent him to a near breakdown.


From each of the Daleks, a few black spheres on their body were removed and started floating around them and glowing blue. Discord's body began to shiver and slowly turned gray as he started coughing uncontrollably. Fluttershy looked at her best friend and asked what was happening.

"The same thing...they did to my people... they're cutting off...my access to...reality weave... can't...use powers..." Discord coughed in a panic.

"You see, Doctor. I am capable of learning from my mistakes. I realized that one of your advantages was having companions that helped you stop me. I decided to get some help of my own. Some of your worst and most evil of enemies," The Black Guardian said with a smirk.

"Figures. Evil attracts evil," The Doctor snarled in disgust as he saw his worst and most hated enemies in front of him. He turned to a Dalek and narrowed his eyes. "If you think your past defeats by me were bad? Wait until I show you my wrath for what you have just done."


The Daleks prepared to charge their weapons as everyone gulped, but The Doctor raised a hoof and walked forward. "Wait! Wait! Wait! One second! Got something to ask!"

"And what is that, Doctor? Mercy?" The Black Guardian asked with amusement.

"Actually, just this question," The Doctor asked as he looked at the Black Guardian. "What is your big plan to wipe out so many lives?"

"Simple. I plan to use the Harmony Canon on both sides. The loss of life it can deal with each blast is beyond what I expected, and I have Twilight Sparkle to thank for that," The Black Guardian said.

Twilight herself couldn't help but wince and look down in shame that her actions gave the Black Guardian the means to complete his plan. The look on her face showed such misery and brokenness that it was a surprise she wasn't already sobbing on the ground despite the situation. Her friends and Spike were doing everything they could to help her up, but she was near lifeless with guilt already.

"Well, too bad you won't be using it. You see, I sabotaged the canon already," The Doctor said with a smirk as he motioned to it. "Dosed it with a few chemicals-based crystals that would destroy the little destructive beam quite well."


"Ah, yes, but there is also another way. It's a bit more explosive, but it also does the trick! Want to know what it is?" The Doctor asked with a grin.

Realizing that The Doctor planned to escape, the Black Guardian shouted, "STOP HIM!"

"Sonic vibration!" The Doctor screamed as he aimed his Sonic Screwdriver and activated it.

In an instant, the Harmony Canon exploded, and everyone ducked for cover as smoke, debris, and lose magic was sent flying. Wild magical fire was spread everywhere, and some landed on the Daleks, who were setting a flame. Screaming, they drove around, firing their weapons in the chaos that bounced around the area thanks to the reflective crystal coating of the base. The other Daleks demanded their fellow Daleks control themselves as the Black Guardian protected himself with a black energy shield.

Everyone else had also either activated their own shields, got behind said shields, or were lucky enough to dodge the rumble. The Doctor got up and screamed, "EVERYONE! RUN TO THE TARDIS! NOW! JUST RUN!"

The others didn't need to be told twice, and everyone made their way to the various exits, but they separated from each other in the chaos of all that was happening.

The Doctor, Lyra, and Flash went one way. Derpy, Dinky, and Carrot Top went another way. Cadence was nearby to help Fluttershy carry Discord up his feet and rush with him in another direction. Finally, Spike, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash made for the last entrance possible.

Twilight was going to join them when she was suddenly pulled away by a dark force that wrapped around her and began to electrocute her. "GAAAAHHHH!"

"YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ME JUST YET! I NEED YOU STILL!" The Black Guardian screamed as he made Celestia hold onto Twilight with her magic and weakened her significantly by combining it with his dark powers.

"Twilight!" Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash screamed in horror.

"No!" Spike shouted as he flew forward, determined to save her, but a Dalek blasted him in the wings and sent him crashing down. He growled and breathed fire at the Daleks, blocking them from coming near him as he used his dragon strength to pick one up and smash it into another.

"ALERT! UNDER ATTACK! UNDER ATTACK! ALERT!" The Dalek screamed as he was smashed again like a battering ram.

"SPIKE! GAAAHHH! JUST!!! GUHHHH! GOOOO!!!" Twilight screamed as the Black Guardian wrapped her in a dark magic cloak, and she disappeared.

"No! I-GAHH!" Spike shouted as a Dalek hit him in the leg. He looked up in horror as the Daleks surrounded him.


The ponies all screamed as five Daleks fired at Spike, who yelled in agony as the blasts hit him full force. His dying cries ended when he fell face forward, eyes shut and motionless.

"SPIKE!" Screamed Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash in horror as the dragon they once called friend died before their eyes.

"...Spike..." Twilight whispered in horror as she felt her soul nearly leaving her. Her little brother. The one she was so close to...was gone. Images of the fight she and Spike had echoed in her mind. All the horrible things they said to each other. That Twilight screamed at him in rage and sorrow.

Never again would she speak to him now.

Or apologize.

"....you....you...." Twilight's eyes glowed with rage as she let out a large burst of magic that pushed everyone but The Black Guardian back. "I'll KILL YOU!"

Spell after spell fired from Twilight's horn, tearing the room apart as Daleks were destroyed in the crossfire. Their shields could not handle her grand power and screamed as they were evaporated by the wraith of the Princess of Magic. The Black Guardian just sat there, protected by his dark powers, as Twilight continued to scream with grief and rage over everything. Her mentor is being used and manipulated. The losses she had suffered. Her own guilt over the monstrous things she had done. Twilight just let it all out like a goddess of rage and hate.

The entire area was collapsing, but Twilight didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing but the destruction of those who have hurt her.

"Twilight!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she prepared to charge forward, but Applejack grabbed her by the tail. "Let me go!"

"We gotta move, Dash! Or we're dead!" Applejack screamed as the place continued to collapse. "Come on!"

"But Twilight-"

"She's lost it, Dash! We gotta move!" Applejack shouted, but it was evident in her eyes she didn't want to leave.

"...BUCK!" Dash shouted as she followed the others down the hallway entrance as it collapsed behind them.


"Tell me you have a plan to deal with this Black Guardian person!" Lyra screamed as she, The Doctor, and Flash ran down the collapsing halls of Fort Obsidian. They could hear Twilight's agonizing and rage-filled screams even as they continued to move as fast as possible.

"Or these Daleks!" Flash shouted as he nearly bumped into a fleeing guard. Everypony was fleeing for their lives. Warnings and alerts were being sent to evacuate all over the base. The sounds of "Exterminate" and death screams were heard in various locations, proving there were more Daleks in the area.

"No, but we need to focus on escaping right now!" The Doctor shouted as he led them forward, using his Sonic Screwdriver to get any door in their way to open. "No matter what, we must run to the TARDIS! Hopefully, the others will make it there too!"

Just as he opened another door, Lyra was suddenly tackled off her feet and thrown down. She shook her head before gasping upon seeing a crystal blaster focused on her head and the one holding it. "B-B-Bon Bon?"

"That's Agent Sweetie Drops, traitor." The Earth Pony growled as she focused her crystal-powered firearm on a shocked Lyra. The Doctor and Flash went to move to stop her, but she glared at them. "Move, and I blow her head off!"

The two stallions looked at each other and winced before slowly backing up. The Doctor glared at her. "Hurt her, and I will make you regret it."

"Shut up! I am in control here!" Sweetie Drops hissed. "What did you do?! Where are the princesses?!"

"We didn't do anything, I swear!" Lyra shouted. "Bonnie, listen! We nee-"

"Don't call me that!" Sweetie Drops screamed as she glared down at Lyra. "All this time... I've wanted to see you again...to look you in the eyes and tell me how much you hurt me. Not only did you leave me, but you betrayed our home! For those humans?!"

"Bon-Bon...listen to me..." Lyra bit her lip, and a small tear dripped down her cheek. "I'm sorry...you were my best friend, leaving you was hard...but I had to do the right thing. I know you were hurt-"

"Hurt?! You wounded me! I cared about you! I loved you!" Sweetie Drops shouted, which made Lyra's eyes widen. "I thought I could have a normal life with you! A best friend! Maybe a marefriend if you felt the same way! The two of us were happy, and I could move on from my past in service to the crown, but you ruined everything! Everything that has happened to Equestria is your fault, Lyra Heartstrings!"

Tears from Sweetie Drop's rage-filled eyes fell onto Lyra's shocked and hurt face. "Bonnie..."

"You choose them over us...your own kind..." Sweetie Drops sobbed. "...You choose them over me."

Sweetie Drops then glared at The Doctor. "You choose him over me!"

There was a long silence between the group as Lyra closed her eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry, Bonnie. But I had to do the right thing. Even if it meant losing your friendship. If I had a choice between you and the right thing...it would always be right."

"...Then I will do the right thing and kill you here and now!" Sweetie claimed, and she was about to fire when suddenly the sound of stomping appeared. Not just any stomping you would associate with hooves but steel. Everypony looked up as something was coming behind the hall where smoke and debris were. A large amount of something. Moving in unison like a legion of soldiers.

From the smoke, they came. Ponies in some kind of metallic form that made them look like robots in a sci-fi movie, but more advanced and moving with large weapons attached to their hooves. Flash saw the Doctor's mouth drop and sighed. "More of your enemies?"

"...Cyberponies," The Doctor whispered in horror.

Sweetie Drops, scared and confused, backed away from Lyra and held her Crystal Blaster up. "Who are you! Identify yourself!"

The Cyberponies continued to move without stopping.

"In the name of Princess Celestia, you will stop!" Sweetie Drops screamed as her hooves shook. When they still refused, Sweetie fired her crystal blaster. To her shock, the blow didn't even phase the Cyberpony she aimed at. It just took the impact and continued to move as if a fly had landed on it. She fired repeatedly, but there was no luck in the blows.

Finally, one of them raised their hoof and fired a hoof blaster. Lyra watched in horror as Bonnie was hit in the chest, gripping the burned, melted plasma-like wound on her chest with wide eyes. "Bonnie!"

She grabbed the falling ESS agent, who coughed up blood and stared at Lyra with fading eyes. She tried to say something, but Sweetie Drops could only cough before going limp. Her eyes widened and empty of life. "Bon-Bon! Bon-Bon!"

"Capture the Equestrians for cyberconversion. Delete The Doctor," The Cyber Leader said as he pointed to the group.

The Doctor noticed that some pipes were sticking out of one of the walls nearby that was damaged from the collapsing infrastructure of the base and pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver. Activating it, he caused the pipes to burst, causing a wall of steam to prevent the Cyberponies from seeing them. Flash grabbed a crying Lyra and had to drag her off her deceased former best friend. The three ran as fast as they could down the hall as the Cyberponies continued to chase after them, smashing their hooves over any corpses in their way without care, including Sweetie Drops.


Cadence felt like her entire world had just been turned to ash. Her aunt had been manipulated by some apparent dark alien god that was the manifestation of all evil in the universe. Her homeworld was gone, and all the creatures with it. Celestia was processed, and she could hear her sister-in-law fighting to the death against the abomination possessing the Princess of the Sun. She had seen alien creatures with advanced technology kill her best guards as if they were bugs. And now she was helping two former traitors escape from the collapsing base.

"How much father?" Cadence asked as she helped Fluttershy by using her magic to carry a weakened Discord.

"We're still a distance away," Fluttershy answered as she winced upon seeing the dead bodies of various ponies. Victims of the carnage the Daleks were causing or the falling debris. One head was smashed under a large piece of rubble, and the Element of Kindness felt like she would puke.

"Leave me..." Discord moaned as he winced. "I'm useless and slowing you down...just go..."

"No! Not without you!" Fluttershy shouted as she forced Discord to look at her. "We're in this together. Always."

Cadence looked at the two and felt the love emanating from them. She couldn't help but smile at Discord, who looked at Fluttershy with his feelings. She had always suspected something was between them, but the Spirit of Chaos kept his emotions hidden from her senses. Now that he was so weak, it couldn't be held back anymore. He was so in love with Fluttershy, and Cadence could suspect the feelings could be returned if given time.


"They're coming..." Discord whispered in terror.

Cadence looked in the direction they came in and toward the two she used to call friends before deciding what to do. "You two go. I'll buy you time.'

"What?! Cadence, no! According to the Doctor, the Daleks are one of the most evil creatures in our galaxy! You can't fight them! You'll be killed!" Fluttershy shouted.

"I know..." Cadence said with a heavy sigh. "But I have done so much wrong. Made so many mistakes. At least I can die doing something right. Giving you more time to escape."

"What about Flurry Heart?" Discord asked.

"Tell her that I am sorry. She was right about everything. And she'll be a great leader," Cadence said with a smile at them. "Tell her that both I and her father love her. And that we will always be watching her."

The two stared at the Princess before realizing that there was no changing her mind. They hurried off as fast as possible. Cadence waited until they were gone before taking a deep breath. "I'm coming, Shining Armor."

She lit up her horn and flew forward as the Daleks appeared. “FOR THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE! FOR EQUESTRIA!”



The Doctor, Lyra, and Flash arrived outside the room where the TARDIS was located and relaxed upon seeing it still there. Flash looked around in a panic. "Where are the others?!"

"Guys!" The others turned to see Discord and Fluttershy rushing towards them. "Thank goodness we found you."

"Where's Princess Cadence?" Flash asked, but the saddened and regretful looks they gave spoke their answer. "...Damnit."

"Are my friends here? What about Derpy, Dinky, and Carrot Top?" Fluttershy asked.


The five of them looked in one direction to see a Dalek flying around on their thrusters, screaming as, for some odd reason, Derpy was riding it on top and doing her best to keep control. The others ducked as the Dalek flew above them. Derpy tried to keep herself on it while her flank was pressed against the eye socket of the Dalek.


"Hey! My rump isn't that fat! Woah!" Derpy shouted as it fired its blaster, which bounced around the crystal reflections of the area. She fell off and landed on her back as the blast reflected back to the Dalek, who screamed upon being hit by its own attack and blew up before collapsing into a heap of ruin. Derpy's crossed eyes observed the destroyed Dalek. "Oops, my bad."

The others rushed over and helped her up just as Dinky and Carrot Top arrived, looking relieved to see Derpy okay. Dinky ran around and hugged her mother as The Doctor looked at Carrot Top and asked, "What happened?"

Carrot Top opened her mouth before closing it and shook her head. "Forget it. You don't want to know."


They turned around to see Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash heading towards them as Rarity looked at them desperately. "Tell me you have a way out of this place!"

"Right! Follow me!" The Doctor shouted.

"Wait, where's Spike?" Lyra asked, but the saddened look on all three of them as Rainbow Dash kicked a nearby wall in frustration answered that. "No...not him too..."

"Him too?" Applejack asked as she realized that Cadence was missing. "Cadence?"

"...Sacrificed herself for us," Discord muttered in sorrow. "Twilight?"

"...We don't know..." Rainbow Dash growled bitterly.

Everyone just bowed their heads in sorrow for their losses as those they had known for years were gone. In a single day, two or three close friends were lost. They had all faced evil together so many times but never suffered a single loss of life until now. Lyra looked at The Doctor and asked, "Who is...Who is The Black Guardian? What does he want? Why is he doing this?!"

The Doctor opened his mouth to explain, but the sounds of "Exterminate" and "Delete" echoed in the halls. "I'll explain everything! To the TARDIS! Now!"

The Doctor opened the doors to the TARDIS, and everyone rushed inside. The three former Elements of Harmony stood in awe upon seeing the inside for the first time as the doors closed behind them and The Doctor went to work.

"What in tarnation?" Applejack scratched her head.

"It's bigger on the inside..." Rarity gasped in awe.

"...then it is on the outside," Rainbow Dash finished for her.

"You'll get used to it. Now let's get out of here!" The Doctor said as he activated the TARDIS.

The Daleks and the Cyberponies watched as their number one enemy's vehicle escaped them by disappearing. They looked at each other before returning to sweeping the rest of the base for survivors while informing their fellow comrades of The Doctor's escape.


The Black Guardian, entirely in possession of the body of Princess Celestia, smirked at the unconscious and near-broken body of Twilight Sparkle. She had fought well with her rage and anger, but in the end, she was nothing. A powerful alicorn she might be, but nothing compared to a god like him. He stared at the rubble of the area as the Daleks and Cyberponies took away the corpses of the dead to be rid of them. However, the one thing that caught his attention the most was the destroyed Harmony Cannon. It was in pieces and broken beyond repair, much to his frustration.

"Report," The Black Guardian said to the nearest Dalek.


"Don't bother pursuing them. They will have nowhere left to run, and the cold can kill them off," The Black Guardian answered. "Proceeded with the backup plan. Prepare the invasion forces in the Crystal Empire, Geneva, and Canterlot."


The Dalek headed off while the Cyber Leader reported to him next.

"The Doctor and his companions have escaped."

"Disappointing, but I'm glad this isn't easy. Crushing the Doctor wouldn't be sweet if it was just done here and now," The Black Guardian said with glee. He wanted the Doctor to beg for death before him and derive him of hope before ending his existence.

"What of the Harmony Cannon? Without it, your plan cannot succeed," The Cyber Leader pointed out.

"The plan is merely delayed. All we need to do is build another one," The Black Guardian said as he looked at Twilight's body with a smirk. He might have lost the cannon, but he still had the one who built it and could even make it better. "Tell me? Can you cyberconvert an alicorn?”

"In theory."

"Time to test that theory then," The Black Guardian said with a smirk. "Convert Twilight Sparkle into a Cyberpony that will obey my will. And order your forces to join in the invasion plan with the Daleks. Let's see if we can make Cybermen, shall we?"

"Excellent," The Cyber Leader said as they walked away.

The Black Guardian couldn't help but smirk at the coming chaos.

"Let us see the ruination of an already broken world."

Author's Note:

Yeah, shit got real. This is the part of any Doctor Who episode where the villains make great strides. And it's not over yet folks.

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