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Regeneration - Rated Ponystar

The Doctor has to stop the Conversion War and save humanity from Celestia's madness, but a worse evil is playing everyone as pawns for a greater plot

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Regeneration Part 15

“You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies!”

-The Seventh Doctor


The TARDIS was deathly quiet. Very, very quiet. The Doctor couldn't blame them. What they had seen was terrible. A terrible tragedy that had rocked all their foundations while also taking from them essential friends that had been in their lives for years. The Doctor himself was also filled with sadness as well as rage. The Black Guardian. The Daleks. The Cyberponies. Three of his worst enemies were working together to cause chaos and death on an unforgivable scale. The loss of life not just on Equus but also on Earth had wounded his heart as he thought about all the innocent lives that have suffered thanks to the works of a madman with the power of a god.

He looked over at the others from the console of the TARDIS. All of them were in a state of shock and grief. Discord was barely drinking the tea that Fluttershy and Derpy had made him as he drifted between a blank stare and sobbing in silence. No doubt the traumatic memories of his homeworld being ravaged and destroyed by the Daleks were playing endlessly in his head. And now they were playing another role in destroying not just one species but two. The Doctor's mind drifted to a time in his fourth self when he had a chance to destroy them for good but hesitated...

Well, what are you waiting for?”

“Just touch these two strands together and the Daleks are finished. Have I that right?”

“To destroy the Daleks? You can't doubt it.”

“Well, I do. You see, some things could be better with the Daleks. Many future worlds will become allies just because of their fear of the Daleks.”

“But it isn't like that.”

“But the final responsibility is mine, and mine alone. Listen, if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?”

“We're talking about the Daleks, the most evil creatures ever invented, you must destroy them! You must complete your mission for the Time Ponies!”

“Do I have the right? Simply touch one wire against the other and that's it. The Daleks cease to exist. Hundreds of millions of people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word Dalek.”

“Then why wait? If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria you were destroying, you wouldn't hesitate.”

“But if I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I become like them. I'd be no better than the Daleks.”

He still didn’t know, to this day, if he made the right choice. Some of The Doctor’s regenerations agreed with the decision, and others didn’t. So many lives could have been saved from the Daleks, but how much good would not have happened because of them? Do I have the right?

The Doctor then turned to Lyra, who was looking at the wall in sorrow. Tear marks were dried on her face as Flash was comforting her with some marks of his own. Both had lost important ponies to them just moments ago. Lyra had lost her former best friend to the Cyberponies, and Flash had lost his ex-marefriend, who was no doubt either dead or kept alive in a terrible condition for the Black Guardian’s plans. Considering how dangerous and influential the Black Guardian could be, The Doctor hopes it was the latter. But for Lyra, seeing a friend cut down from the Cyberponies? That was hard. Brutal. He knew what it was like to lose someone, thanks to them. His mind drifted to a young colt from E-Space who had been like a son to him... to a prized golden star that saved his life then...but he couldn’t save the one who owned it...

Now tears were threatening to leave The Doctor’s eyes. His next focus was on former Elements of Harmony, who looked utterly broken. They had their entire world destroyed with everything they had been doing not only revealed to be wrong but manipulated by a greater evil than they could not have foreseen. The sight of their beloved Princess Celestia used as a tool for their destruction, and the end of Spike The Dragon, Princess Cadence, and maybe Princess Twilight had destroyed something in them that they would never regain.

This was just the typical actions of the Black Guardian, who used everyone and anything to get his way. In some ways, The Black Guardian reminded The Doctor of The Master, but he was more powerful due to his ability to warp reality in multiple ways. The only saving grace there was about him was that the Black Guardian consistently underestimated him with his arrogance, and the White Guardian always kept his powers limited due to his existence. He even recalled what the White Guardian said to him the last time they spoke:

“Be vigilant, Doctor. Once, you denied him the Key to Time. Now, you have thwarted him again. He will be waiting for the third encounter, and his power does not diminish.”

Now, that third encounter has come, many regenerations later. A part of him felt foolish for not realizing that the Black Guardian was behind this, but The Doctor also realized there was no knowing of the situation ahead of time. Maybe some things could have been prevented or done differently to stop so much death, but now was not the time to think of such things. Now was the time to take action and prevent the situation from worsening.

"Doctor," Lyra asked as everyone turned to her and she asked. "What...what is going on? All of this...what is this Black Guardian that...has used us like this."

"And those varmints that attacked us," Applejack asked in a cold yet sorrowful tone.

The Doctor sighed and shook his head. "Enemies of mine that I have faced before in the past. They have tried to destroy Equus before, and I've stopped them, but it seems they've gone further than I ever dreamed."

Everyone was now focused on him.

"The Black Guardian is the personification of all evil and chaos in the universe. Not the kind of chaos that Discord represents, but the destructive and death-dealing kind. In many ways, he is among the first and oldest of gods that exist in our universe, along with his brother, The White Guardian, who represents all things good and orderly. The Black Guardian has tried to become more powerful to rule or destroy the universe a few times, and I was tasked to stop him each time," The Doctor explained as he thought about his adventures searching for the Keys of Time with Romana and K9 as well as the Enlightenment incident with Turlough and Teagan.

"And the other two?" Dinky asked.

“The Daleks and Cyberponies. Two of the most evil races in the galaxy. The former was once called the Kaleds and lived on the planet Skaro. At least originally. They mutated during a war with their enemies, the Thrals, thanks to the scientist Davros, who accelerated the mutation. He put them in war machines and made sure that they only had one purpose in their entire lives: The destruction of all non-Dalek life in the galaxy. They are ruthless, feel no pity, and desire nothing more than the death of all living things besides themselves, which they see as inferior."

"...They destroyed my homeworld," Discord said, getting their attention as he closed his eyes. "My friends. My family. Everything was gone because of them. And I'm not the only one. Thousands of races have been wiped out because of them."

"...But why?" Fluttershy asked in complete disbelief over the existence of such evil.

"Because that's their mindset," The Doctor muttered as he began to type into the console. "As for the Cyberponies, they're your race's cousins."

"Cousins?" Dash asked in confusion.

"Equus had a twin planet known as Mondas that was knocked out of solar orbit and drifted into deep space. The Mondasians, already far advanced in technology and fearful for their race's survival, replaced most of their bodies with cybernetic parts and became known as the Cyberponies. Having eventually removed all emotion from their brains for pure logic, they soon realized they lacked the means to reproduce. They started invading worlds to convert other races into Cyberponies like them. Though there are various versions of the Cyberponies all over the universe, including one from an alternate dimension, they all share the same goal. Turn all life into cyborgs like them or, failing that, eliminate it."

"So they're just like the Daleks," Carrot Top said with a snort. "I bet they get along great."

"Actually, they hate each other and have been at war many times," The Doctor said with a snort. "I even was in a few of those battles."

"So why are they working together?" Lyra asked in confusion.

"No doubt that the Black Guardian is forcing or brainwashing them to do so," The Doctor said grimly. "He's powerful enough to do so. Much as the Daleks and Cyberponies like to think they are as powerful as they believe there are things more dangerous than them."

"...So how do we beat him?" Rarity asked with disbelief. "How...how can we just...beat such a thing? Princess Celestia is being controlled by him. Princess Cadence is dead. Twilight might be, as well. With her and Pinkie Pie dead, we can't use the Elements of Harmony. And Discord's magic won't work because of the Daleks. How...How can we win?"

"...There is only one possible way," The Doctor said with a heavy sigh as he began to type in coordinates. "We have to get humanity and Equestria to work together."

"Work together?" Carrot Top asked in surprise. "Doc, I hate to break it to you, but you have very little chance of that happening. Especially after what happened with the Harmony Cannon."

"Maybe if we explain everything-" Fluttershy was cut off by Flash Sentry.

"Yeah, let's tell the United Nations and every single human that Equestria is sorry that it's killed nearly a billion or so people because we got tricked by an outer dimensional god-like being of evil that brainwashed our leader into thinking the sun was going to die and kill us all," Flash Sentry said while rolling his eyes. "I doubt anyone is going to believe us, and even if they did, too many humans hate Equestria for the crimes it's done."

"Not to mention trying to convince Equestria is just as unlikely," Rainbow Dash sighed. "With half of the nation at war with the other half and that one half being zealots towards Princess Celestia who think that the humans are all evil, it will take forever to convince them."

"There is still Princess Luna," Dinky pointed out. "If we find her, maybe we can get her to lead Equestria? I mean... she's really the only Princess left that can lead it."

"And yet she's still not as popular or influential as most Equestrians save for those in the military," Flash Sentry said. "Princess Celestia was a goddess to so many. The fact that not only is that a lie going to break them, but her being controlled by a creature far more powerful than even Discord is going to make them shatter their minds."

"Well, we're going to need everypony we're going to survive this!" Lyra pointed out. "Because if we're not going to fight for our survival, we might as well just slit our own throats!"

"Everyone! Please!" The Doctor said, getting their attention. Sighing, he looked at them all. "Look, right now. We don't have a lot of time. The Black Guardian will strike, and if we do not do something soon, we will have a worse situation on our hooves. Here is what I propose. Discord? Do you have enough power to teleport you and a few others?"

"In a few minutes, sure," Discord answered.

"Good. Take Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy to find Princess Luna and explain the situation to her. We will return to Geneva and explain the situation to Major-General Marshall Highmoor. He, at the very least, trusts me and can make it clear to the rest of the U.N. that the war against Equestria needs to end and, instead, they must work with them to face a new enemy. One more dangerous than anything their race has faced before. Right now, working together and ending this war must happen before we stop the Black Guardian. Not just because it's all pointless after everything we learned, but if the Black Guardian is doing what he says he is doing, the war is only fueling his ritual to bring himself into this dimension."

"What's going to happen if he succeeds?" Derpy asks with worry.

"End of all life on this planet as we know it. Human and Equestrian," The Doctor answered with a heavy sigh.


Princess Luna had been prepared for everything to start her rebellion. She had gathered her forces to the south and made sure to only take the ones that would be absolutely loyal to her when she made her coup. She also established a base in the Macintosh Mountains using a base she remembered was part of a failsafe system crafted by the E.S.S. if Equestria lost the war. It held not only a strong defense point but also the most advanced technology and magical means Equestria had, along with a base big enough to keep her elite troops and personal guard. Once that was done, Luna sent envoys to the various rebellious forces, offering her support to them with promises to not only end the war and begin peace talks with the humans but also establish a constitutional monarchy in place of the absolute one they had. This was their request as they wanted to develop some form of new government where their non-elite had some power and could prevent tyrants from establishing themselves again. Although not a fan of democracy herself, Luna could see that they had a point, seeing as her sister was all but becoming a tyrant.

Princess Luna had been preparing a war plan with her officers when a guard told them that not only had Discord arrived with a white flag but also Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack, who looked like they had been through a warzone. What followed was a conversation that made Luna drink straight from a bottle of her hardest liquor because, in the manner of two hours, everything she had known about anything had changed.

The war was a lie.

All of it was manipulated by some dark god-like being who not only had taken possession of her sister but also brought genocidal aliens who had already killed Princess Cadence, Spike, and maybe even Twilight Sparkle. Ones that were not only more advanced than both humanity and Equestria but had wiped out entire worlds. It was taking all of Princess Luna's willpower to either not cry in tears of hysteria over the insanity that had become of her life or just scream to the heavens at whatever higher power there was that was bucking her in the flank. Not just because she and all of Equestria had been used like a whore by some alien god of evil for an unjust and dishonorable war that left millions of innocent people, ponies, and other creatures dead, but also for her sister. Her sweet sister had been manipulated and was now being worn by his foul demon like a skin suit.

"...Is my sister dead?" Princess Luna asked as she lowered her third bottle and slammed it on the table of her war room.

The three ponies looked at each other with worry and sorrow as Discord answered for them. "The Doctor believes that she's not technically dead, but it's unlikely she can be free without any harm to her."

"Meaning she's dead either way," Luna grumbled as she lowered her head. It was taking all her willpower to not sob for her sister's fate, but in the end, she was drawing on rage to keep her sanity. "This Black Guardian will feel my wrath before I take his head. Not just for Celestia but everyone else it has used and murdered in its sick and twisted game to become an all-powerful being in this universe."

"Ah'm surprised ya believe us," Applejack pointed out since it was an absurd story.

"You are not known to be liars, especially you, fair Applejack," Princess Luna pointed out while rubbing her eyes. "Besides, in the strangest of ways, this all makes sense. The reason why we are here, my sister's attitude, and so much more. Never before have I felt such rage and shame in my life. Not even as Nightmare Moon compares to this."

"The Doctor says that we need to work with the humans if we're going to defeat the Black Guardian, Daleks, and Cyberponies," Discord explained. "He said that only by working together do both sides have a chance to survive. Because if the Black Guardian wins, both sides will be wiped out."

"Done," Princess Luna said in an instant.

"Woah, that was just as fast as me," Rainbow Dash said with wide eyes.

"What choice do I have?" Luna said with a snort. "I am up against forces I cannot comprehend, and I'm the sole ruler of a broken nation that can collapse at any time. At this point, I'll even ally with Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, and Sombra if it means we survive. Tell The Doctor I agree to work with the humans. No doubt that they will want demands because of the war, and we can negotiate on that, but I agree that we have to work together."

"Do you think it will be just as easy with the humans at Geneva?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Considerin' what humanity has lost and that they are a stubborn race? Probably not," Applejack sighed as nopony could disagree with her. "But if anyone can get them to work with us, it's him. He's already pulled a bunch of fancy tricks. Maybe he'll pull another one?"

Suddenly, a pale-faced purple pony in royal night armor burst in and shouted something that made them all freeze. "You're majesty! The Crystal Empire and Canterlot are being invaded!"

"Humans?" Princess Luna asked with an almost hopeful tone.

"N-No! From the sounds of it...and I can't believe I am saying this...but aliens!"

Discord closed his eyes and growled. "It has begun..."


"Let me get this straight," Major-General Highmore said as he paced around his office with The Doctor and his companions inside. "You mean to tell me that Princess Celestia, the world's most wanted war criminal who is guilty of murdering over a billion human lives and who knows what else, was being mind controlled by this Black Guardian."

"Yes," The Doctor said as he went to talk, but Major-General Highmoore stopped him.

"And," He said with a heavy sigh. "This Black Guardian is the real manipulator and is seeking to come into our world by committing mass war and death on both sides."

"Correct," The Doctor answered.

"And he's also recruited two alien species from your dimension, which sounds like a bunch of pepper-potted Nazis and walking tinmen Communists who have wiped out entire planets."

"Affirmative," The Doctor sighed as he rolled his eyes.

"And," The Major-General put his hands on his waist and looked the Doctor straight in the eye. "You want us to team up with Equestria, the ones attempting to kill us all or convert us into ponies. Team up and defeat them."

"I'm guessing you don't believe me," The Doctor grumbled.

"Doc, much as I like you, and much as I want to believe you, there is no what in God's holy name am I going to try and convince the U.N, much less the military and the entire human race, to suddenly become buddies with the people who were attempting to exterminate us!"

"Funny he says that when the Daleks are the ones who do the exterminating," Depry whispered to Carrot Top.

"Not the time, Derpy," Carrot Top replied.

"Look, Major-General," The Doctor said, stepping forward. "I understand I am asking for much, and I know that this is something none of you wish to hear, but the Equestrians are also victims of this. They were tricked into leaving their homeworld, killing all life there, and being manipulated into causing a war that has also led them to suffer. I know you have suffered more, but this entire suffering is all because of the Black Guardian. And if neither of you works together to stop him, then he's going to wipe out both your races and rule this galaxy in a state of eternal darkness."

"If we can handle this war against the Equestrians, surely we can defeat this Black Guardian and all his allies," The Major-General said with a snort.

"No, you can't. Not alone," The Doctor said as he stared into the Major-General's face, and their eyes met. The Major-General then saw something that made him sweat. A combination of both fear and anger, as well as the sight of a person who has seen more bloodshed and destruction than humanly thought possible. "The Daleks and Cyberponies have no mercy, pity, or sympathy. They cannot be talked to, they cannot be negotiated with, and they don't even care how old or young you are. To them, you are nothing but an inferior insect that must be eliminated. They care only about one thing. The complete domination of their species over all others. Entire systems have fallen and burned because of them. They've started wars that have lasted hundreds of years and have filled entire plants of graves. Even the destruction of their own homeworlds doesn't stop them. And combined with the Black Guardian, who can be considered equal to your world's Satan, they will reign death and destruction that you cannot comprehend."

"...A billion lives are dead because of Equestria," Highmoore pointed out.

"All lives will die because of The Black Guardian," The Doctor replied.

Things were quiet between the two until the phone rang. Sighing, Highmoore pressed the speaker button. "What?"


Suddenly, there was an explosion, and everyone was knocked back.


“Leader. Our Cyberships have begun their assault.”

“Excellent. Begin the invasion. Unleash the Cyber Forces.”


“Capture all humans for Cyberconversion. Kill all who resist.”

“Affirmative. What of the Doctor and his companions?”

“Eliminate them.”

Author's Note:

Not a long chapter. Figured we needed a bit of a small one before we see the Daleks and Cyberponies go to work.

As always, please help out at the NegotationsVerse TV Tropes Page: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TheNegotiationsVerse

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The doctor got his work cut for him.

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I think this is due to the effect of western countries
"According to some of my reports, there were a few countries that didn’t hate us in areas like North America and a few European countries. Other places like what remained of the areas once known as the Middle East, Africa, South America and such wanted nothing more than for us to be wiped out" - Toollight Suckup

When the war ended, the remaining superpower countries who has a position to influence UN decision making were USA and the EU, while other superpower countries and regional powers such as China, India, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia collapsed or crippled because the magical shield succeeded in destroying/kill a large part of their country and population.

In this story it's basically the opposite, 25% of North America is basically destroyed and Europe will be the main battlefield against Aliens. So, i hope Equestria's terms of peace aren't just simple Military occupation and dismantlement of Equestria's original government but also including reparations and long-term accountability for their aggression, which would make the Treaty of Versailles sound like a joke.

I imagine something like what happened to West Germany when the Red Army occupied the West of Germany, Germany suffered essentially total deindustrialization and crippling war repression, all the factories and sophisticated equipment/machine were taken over and transported back to the Soviet Union.

I hope Equestria at least suffers from near total demagicification, where all the books, magical scrolls and spells that are more complex than simple telekinesis are confiscated by UN, Magic basically gives extraordinary power to someone/faction who doesn't deserve it (Sombra, Trixe, Trex, Starlight, and now Twilight), Equestrian's teleport to human cities and target civilians with what are essentially chemical weapons, they is also really trigger happy in their WMDs and barely thinks about the consequences at all. This basically the same as giving medieval era people modern weapons and WMDs, they were still immature in morals and society level.

Only certain trusted ponies will have access to advanced magic knowledge (so Magitech's development will not be so hampered), Equestria's military is also limited by the same regulations as Japan after the second world war, it is likely that this rule will be in place for 20+ years before Equestria slowly regains their knowledge of advance magic gradually for several centuries.

By the way, I forgot to mention this but I think Anthony Doyle is dead.
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It was impossible anyway, as explained in other stories, the magical shield would slowly self-destruct and will not be able to take the whole world, by the time that happens, the ponies are basically fucked.

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The general assumption in a Conversion Bureau or Dr. Who story is that gods generally don't exist (pro-Conversion stories Celestia aside), and in Dr. Who anyone claiming to be a god is just a really powerful, really advanced alien with an agenda.

Oddly enough, the White Guardian/Black Guardian bit is reminiscent of Zoroastrianism and the concepts of Ormazd and Ahriman, though more embodiments of the concepts of good and evil rather than creator/destroyer deities.

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Existential crisis get enemies to cooperate. A good example is WarWorld (Edit: WorldWar —— ¡thanks to NicieLunar for the correction!):

It is set in a world where SpaceAliens invade during the 2nd WorldWar. One must understand the aliens:

The aliens unified their world at the equivalent of early 21st century. They became spacefaring. Thousand of years later, they encountered their 1st StoneAged civilization. They decided to conquer it. They dusted off their old military technology, tactics, training, strategies from their archives. The spacealiens conquered many worlds, but none more advanced than the 1st millennium A. D..

They can across Earth in the early 1940s and invaded. All of the warring countries set aside their differences and united against the aliens. The aliens got a shock because although they are 10s of thousands of years more advanced than us by that point, they still use the equivalent of early 21st-Century military technology, tactics, and strategy against the humans which were only ⅔rds of a century behind them. The aliens committed less than < 10 million of themselves as troops, but the combined forces of the Axis and Allies is over 100 million troops —— ¡Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Stalin, and the Emperor of Japan as well as neutral countries like Spain under Franco united against the aliens! The Aliens lost the war.

The Equestrians and the humans will unite against the forces of the Black Guardian because this is an Existential crisis. Unfortunately, even if the Black Guardian cannot use his powers in our universe, the combined power of the Daleks and CyberPonies exceeds the power of Equestria and Humanity combined. Luckily, we have the Doctor on our side.

You mean the Worldwar series by Harry Turtledove?


Yeah. I never was good with names and it has been a while. I got it a bit mixed up.

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And killing someone takes a toll on your soul. It's one of the many examples of shame that will burden you. If someone does the genocide option and are so far gone in their mind, they'll convince themselves its for the greater good. They'll use those kinds of excuses so many times while going further down that road. They'd rather go down in their mindset than admit to themselves what they did is wrong, for the admission is too great for their minds to handle.

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A Magical Morgenthau Plan?

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For this to truly work, we would have to take it even further. Before implementing these plans, balkanize the ponies, split Equestria into multiple different nations and create borders so conflicting and impractical that the new nations will be too busy fighting each other to ever turn their destruction outwards ever again. Let them focus their aggression inwards, turn the anger they feel at their awful circumstances towards each other and no long occupation will be required. Humanity can kick back, sip champagne and watch with satisfaction as the ponies squabble amongst themselves.

Unless the Ponies suffer even worse than humanity has, this is the only way I can see human vengeance being sated.

thats sounds better

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And again, as much horror as the ponies inflicted on Humanity, they're getting a heavy dose of karma from the Cyberpony/Dalek forces. Once the smoke clears, I expect most of Equestria to be a bloody ruin as it was in the original Negotiations timeline.

Luna is going to have to answer to a tribunal, assuming she survives. She'll probably get the Hirohito treatment; left alone as effectively a puppet leader to ensure a safe postwar transition, and I suspect the guilt of her actions will keep her meek and obedient for a long time.

It'll be hard to give her the Hirohito treatment. Even if Hirohito gave the orders for the war crimes the Japanese committed, the fact that he personally never took part in the battles themselves made it easier to pin the blame on Tojo and the rest of the government rather than on the Emperor himself. But Luna did take an active role in the war, in terms of both planning and execution. Going to be hard to hide that.

I think the puppet will have to be Flurry Heart, the only Alicorn who can be seen as truly innocent.


"We can’t make a deal with a snake and cut off its head. We both have our shitty parts to play."

-Jayce Talis, Arcane S1E9

Much as quite a few nations want Luna's head on a stick, and as much as Luna arguably deserves a trial at La Hague, right now the humans need the Equestrian Loyalists' help in fighting off the Black Guardian's forces. And as it stands, the only Alicorn princess left standing is Luna. Celestia's possessed, unlikely to ever recover. Twilight's being transformed into something alien. Cadence sacrificed her life so the Doctor and his friends could escape. And Flurry Heart is too young and inexperienced for the crown.

As it stands, we'll have to wait and see what happens. If the Equestrian Loyalists are utterly annihilated, Luna's need lessens, but that would depend on a number of factors.

I think both Celestia and Twilight will carry out their own heroic sacrifices to atone for what they've done, but again, wait and see.

Are we ever gonna know what happened to characters like Starlight and Trixie, or if they're even alive? It's been a while since I've reread this so I might've forgotten something.

Starlight is canonically dead in the Negotiations-verse. She was captured instead of escaping, and she committed suicide in prison. I'm guessing it's the same here, given the closeness of the two timelines.

Trixie Lulamoon, OTOH, is most likely still alive somewhere, and probably does need to make her entry into the story.

You know, I just got a crazy idea. Just a suggestion, but how would the cast of this universe react to the other universes in the NegotationsVerse like it such as Choice or even Fallen: Twilight Falls. How crazy would that be, reading what their reactions to such events would bring? :rainbowderp:

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