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Found the show in late 2015, and fell in love with it. I also like D&D (3 and 3.5), Fansty novel and movie, Sci-Fi movies. MarbleMac is Best Ship and Flashlight is a fair second


This story is a sequel to My Little Mage: The Play of Shadows

Almost a month since saving the Pillars of Legend from Limbo and Stygian from The Nightstalker, and a week before the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight has planned out her first major celebration, the first Festival of Friendship.
However, just as the party started it is crashed as Tempest Shadow, herald and right-hand woman of The Storm King, intends to aquire the four adult demigods.

Narrowly escaping, Twilight and her friends must find the queen of the Aa. and with her help save Mystica from the occuption of the Storm King's Armarda and stop what ever he has plans. However, Tempest will not suffer failure, especally her own and will hunt Twilight down to the ends of the world.

Can Twilight reach the queen of the Aa? and will she help?
Will Tempest catch her quarry?
What does the Storm King have planed?

A My Little Mages retelling of My Little Pony the Movie (2017)

cover art by Didj

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 43 )

Great start by having more characters involved! I bet that there's going to be some that escaped capture and will help the others later.

Also, can you make some changes from the movie?

I meant for the other chapters you will post.

Great chapter for everything that happens before the gang reaches the Badlands and explaining where several other characters are. Discord's absence makes sense with this idea. I'd love to see how Capper, Celaeno, and the others are portrayed here.

Great work on this chapter. Worth the wait with all these extra details added in like Flash's group at the end as well as Fluttershy being able to help show Capper's past.

Yes!! Finally, and whats next

And a cookie to anyone who guess why I made Spike a carp and not a pufferfish like in the film.


9470457 you're in the right direction, but it goes farther back then Pokemon

Okay, other than the fact that you cut out the musical number, this is actually turning out better than the actual movie. :ajsmug:

On that note, I can't believe you cut out that musical number. :twilightangry2: I mean, I know it doesn't really add much to the story, but do you have any idea how many exams and stress-filled study sessions that song got me through? A LOT! Speaking of which, I really need to go back to studying right now. :twilightsheepish:

And yes, I finally got tired of waiting for you to finish the Gaea Everfree story and decided to start this one. :ajbemused:

I'm sorry on the delay of Gaea Everfree, but I just can't seem to focus on that. But I am glad you are liking this...

I can't believe you cut out that musical number. :twilightangry2:

... mep... sorry... but I did use most of the others...

Applejack facepalmed herself. She then pointed to herself with her right hand as her left hand still covered her face, “The big guy,” then to Rainbow, “The lancer.” then to Fluttershy, “The heart”, then to Rarity “the smart guy” then to Spike, “the tag-along kid” then to Pinkie “a heart-smart-big guy combination” and finally to Twilight “ and the leader.” She then took a breath and removed her hand from her face. “Ah ain’t calling the shots, Ahm following through with them, now do you have a better plan then Twilight’s plan of going south?”

:applejackunsure: Sorry, Foxhelm. This part was a little too meta for my tastes.

Oh crud. This does not look good. :twilightoops:


Sorry, Foxhelm. This part was a little too meta for my tastes.

Fair enough, I don't think it gets more bluntly meta, but someone had to state each of their roles at some point

Foxhelm, I know this part is your pet musical number, but this whole scene in general just completely rubs me the wrong way. :ajbemused: I really don't like how it implies that they don't teach stranger danger in Equestria/Mystica.

The cabbage joke was a nice addition though.

You know, Grubber makes a pretty good hype man when he's not running his mouth like a faucet.

“I’d rather just forget about it,” Gabby said while she looked down at the deck.

Aww, poor Gabby. :pinkiesick:

Guys, I don't mean to rush you, but HURRY UP AND SAVE YOUR FRIENDS!

Grubber pulled out a calendar, “Well it ith Cauthual Friday.” Grubber pointed out.

Okay, this was funny.

Given how charitible and full of agape their culture is, I can see why they would be so trusting, he did help them at first after all.

Yeah, this part of the movie was pretty hard to watch.

and yet it had the most cheerful song in the film

Woohoo! Secondary characters to the rescue!

“I can access my boons.”

Are you sure this is what you meant to say?

That scene with Fluttershy was AMAZING! Weaponized kindness, BA-BOOM! :pinkiehappy:

corrected. I wouldn't call it weponized kindness, but it was super effective.

I like how you were able to improve the story from the movie (in all honesty I thought the movie was kinda meh, mostly with how Twilight was acting). I'm looking forward to the epilogue, and I'm hoping Discord makes one last appearance to hear what Fluttershy went through while he was sick.

An awesome ending to another perfect story:heart:

I hope Mirror magic includes the other parts of Dance Magic which sets up a future issue and Movie magic which introduces the villain of the magical movie night specials.

Without them mirror magic just falls in as a rehash of season 5 finale. No set up. No reason. No motive. Nothing but wanting revenge without explaining it. That’s why the three part special was good. It showed they can do a continuous story. Dance magic sets up the showdown and the driving motive. Movie Magic introduces us to the villain and what lead her to desire vengeance and Mirror magic give the push and the tool for revenge and set up Sunset returning to Equestria again and reunite with Celestia in forgotten friendship. Without sunset being worried about magic on the loose she wouldn’t have go back and not meet Starlight which would mean they would be stuck in the mirror forever juniper being destroyed leaving the girl to be assumed dead. This prevents forget Friendship from happening and if they ever do get out. Sunset wouldn’t have the courage to go back. Leading to where the reunion doesn’t happen. And sadden by the betrayal and loss sunset could easily return to her old ways.




Not in this AU. 😐

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