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The flame between Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry has long been snuffed out. What was once began as a blossoming romance eventually turned into an asset to prop Sunset above the rest at CHS, including Flash. It wasn't long before Flash finally broken off.

Ever since then, the two have intentionally avoided each other, hoping to keep old wounds closed. Even after Sunset's reformation, the two never fully mended their relationship, resulting in awkward exchanges and run ins. However, after the events of Camp Everfree, they agree to start over again as friends, finally putting their past behind them.

As their friendship grows, old feelings and attractions begin to reemerge. Flash recognizes these feelings and wants to try developing a relationship again. Sunset, however, refuses to face these desires, instead she believes in her fear that another relationship would only result in bring harm to Flash again.

This is the first book of a grand Flashset story that I've been wanting to do for a while.

Cover art by PaulySentry
Edited by Donnnnn, Scholarly-Cimmerian, and Needling Haystacks

I also want to thank Alphamon_Ouryuken, admin of the Flashimmer group, for helping me find this cover art.

Finally, I want to thank all you who are or about to begin reading. I hope you enjoy the story.

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After seeking refuge in Equestria during the Anon-A-Miss fiasco, Sunset Shimmer is stranded in Equestria. Convinced that she's just not cut out for friendship, Sunset throws herself back into her studies. Unfortunately for her, all the magic around CHS has attracted the attention of a certain spectacled scientist. When her device accidentally pulls the mysterious energy from the statue in front of the school, she is shocked when an amber unicorn was pulled out with it. With the portal not working, the two must work together to gather the energy needed to send Sunset home from the only magical source left to tap: Sunset's former friends, all while dealing with the overbearing principal of Crystal Prep as the Friendship Games approach.

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It's the height of summer in Canterlot, and everything is peaceful for Celestia, sole ruler of Equestria and regent of the sun and moon. Her newest and youngest of pupils is mastering every task set before her, moving through every subject with confidence and skill.

Every subject except for one, that is.

Little Sunset Shimmer can't swim. And Princess Celestia aims to fix that... no matter how difficult it ends up being.

In line with the continuity of A Tale of Two Suns, Book 1: The Two Suns, but it's not particularly necessary to read that first.

Cover art done by my very good friend PrettySoldierPetite

Proofread by beacjere, QuillsAndSofas, and Setokaiva

Pre-read by: PoisonClaw

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Twilight Sparkle had climbed to her peak. She had ascended to godhood, seized reign of Equestria.

And she had never felt so alone.

Desperate to escape her isolation, Twilight unsealed her vault and pressed a certain book back into its slot in a well-guarded mirror.

She hadn't stopped to think that after she left, the human world kept crawling on...

Updates Wednesday and Friday

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Proofreading: leeroy_gIBZ

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"But then there was Fire. And with Fire came Disparity. Heat and Cold, life and death, and of course... Light and Dark."

Sunset Shimmer awakens in a cold and distant land, with no recollection of how she got there. Finding her way around, the girl learns of the flame she carries and how everything else in this world would kill to get it.

To escape, Sunset has to fight her way through dangerous foes and deadly beasts; beings that covet the Fire. This would be her most trying task yet.

(Sort of a Dark Souls/Bloodborne Crossover.)
This is now part of the Bloodlines Continuity.

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This story is a sequel to Substitute

A great evil is destroyed and its wards are so too. But now a fragment of that evil is on the loose and is unchecked.

Between an awakened seal threatening to soak up Equestria's magic, a long-dormant thorn now budding, and changes to once well-understood rules, the final pieces of a partially solved puzzle are in place and are ready to be filled in.

The greatest trials may produce the biggest revelations, transform the tightest bonds, and perhaps even lead to salvation. The cost, however, is first the breaking of everything.

Feedback - Substitute - Divergence

The Crystal Ball Trilogy is a series of stories which deal with time travel, parallel universes, and other manipulations of time and space. Divergence is the last story; it is preceded by Feedback and Substitute.

Digital pdf version here
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Edited by James Fire

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This story is a sequel to Feedback

A terrible loss has been averted, but even that has a price.

Between the disappearance of several hundred ponies from around the world, strange portals leading to alternate versions of Equestria, an unknown alicorn frequenting Ponyville for secretive reasons, and the arrival of a new race of ponies bringing some ulterior motives, the pieces sowed by Twilight’s fight with the Nameless are set to crash back down.

What happens when friendship fails? Who will take Twilight’s place within the grave?

Feedback - Substitute - Divergence

The Crystal Ball Trilogy is a series of stories which deal with time travel, parallel universes, and other manipulations of time and space. Substitute is the middle story; it is preceded by Feedback and is succeeded by Divergence.

Digital pdf version here
Print book version here

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has died a hero, but no one knows why.

Between an ancient evil that had not even existed until she struck it down, a mysterious crystal ball that bears some unknown significance, and a set of cryptic notes and behaviors from the princess during her final days, the circumstances behind it all are murky at best and suspect at worst.

And the rabbit hole only grows deeper from there.



Feedback - Substitute - Divergence

The Crystal Ball Trilogy is a series of stories which deal with time travel, parallel universes, and other manipulations of time and space. Feedback is the first story; it is succeeded by Substitute and Divergence.

Digital pdf version here
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There are many who dislike Sunset Shimmer. Recent happenings have brought that to a head which has resulted in her death. But that's hardly the end for her.


Inspired by reading WAY too many Isekai LN's and Manga.

Chapters (17)

The rite of the phoenix is one of the most celebrated moments among the sun-gazers of Solaria. For with the hatching of a new phoenix, comes the ascension of a new phoenix-born: a mortal chosen by the phoenix to be its new life partner and guardian. Only those with both strength and purity of their inner fire can draw the attention of a hatchling phoenix, so only the best of the best can ever hope to be chosen.

To one young orphan girl named Sunset Shimmer, she could only dream of witnessing the ascent of one of Celestia's chosen. As the day approaches, she learns that she will be able to, as she has been selected by the crown as one of the girls to serve at the event.

Little did she know that this would be the seminal event of her life, and change her fate forever.

Original story was entry into FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest. Entry type: Coronation - Other.

Cover art by me.

Featured Oct 12th, 2019.

Featured EQD July 22nd, 2020

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