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SF (canon species only; no humans) Ponies were magically and genetically engineered to be the perfect servitor race. They are powerful, adaptable, intelligent and completely under the control of their creators. A laboratory accident frees one such pony from her mental chains, but how can one mare save herself and the rest of her kind if she doesn't even know she's a slave?
This is not the Equestria you know and these are not your little ponies... not yet, anyway.

Tags: Adventure, Diamond Dogs, Gryphons, NO HUMANS (did I mention that already?)
Other tags: historical, mind control, Clarke's 3rd Law, excessive use of high energy physics, before they were famous.
Detailed review by PaulAsaran.
Cover art by endrome , used with permission.
Russian translation (partial -- 'unofficially' completed in the comments)
A Soot-Covered World, book 1.

Chapters (33)

Sanctaphrax, the city of knowledge. Wherever there's a question, there you can find the answer.

For the right price.

Unlike most of the citizens of The Ivory Island, the Admiral doesn't concern herself with economics. Her wealth comes in knowledge and the never-ending struggle to pull the future into the present. As long as she has the bits to keep Algol's Shadow running and its crew fed, she dives, and Sanctaphrax pay is more than enough.

When a routine salvage job leads to a discovery that could change the way the world sees the sunken ruins of Equestria forever, she can't help but get a little excited. She can hear the future knocking, just another dive away. The very stars themselves might as well be in her grasp.

This story takes place in the world of Goldenwing's story Empty Horizons, but it can be read without context.

Chapters (24)

The League of Sweetie Belles was founded by a handful of Sweeties who decided they liked hanging out with each other. What started as a simple club for like-minded white unicorn mares turned into a complex organization with a lot of responsibility. One particular team of Sweetie Belle explorers have taken it upon themselves to explore the multiverse, delving into the lands of ponyfics and beyond.

(If you're not reading from the beginning and just want to look into one chapter relating to a particular story, the SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: The Sweetie Personnel Files blog is your friend. Refer to it whenever you feel you lack context. But don't read the entire thing; use it to look up names.)

(Part of the Songs of the Spheres continuity, but you don't have to read that to understand this. This fic can never never be complete due to its episodic and open nature, and it may never update again—but who knows? As with all SotS stories, there's a Discord server)

Warnings are there since certain fics will require them when they are included. You won't get sex, death, or gore everywhere. You are likely to get violence and some profanity in many chapters.

-GM, master of Chronicles.

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Three tribes of zebras have lived and fought on the floating island of Punda for a thousand years, and population pressure is starting to render it uninhabitable. They must find a new place to live, and soon, or their environment and society will collapse, and thousands of zebras will die. Can zebras who have been locked in an endless cycle of war and peace cooperate when faced with impending disaster? Will the mysterious Prophetess be able to keep the peace?

A picked crew of talented young zebras sets forth on their mission of exploration, where they will discover a world unknown to them, replete with wonder, danger, and maybe just a bit of magic. On the way, they will also discover things about themselves and about one another.

This story is contemporaneous with Empty Horizons, though it is geographically remote and there are no interactions between these characters and the main story characters. It is considered canonical with the main story. The sequel Sunken Horizons is in progress.

Thank you to Goldenwing for creating this universe and letting me play in it, and also for his awesome editing work and support. Also, thank you to Disasterman for his advice on the cover art.

Also a special thanks to Psyonicg for advice on the story and cover, moral support, and the spinoff Empty Horizons: The Lost Student, a very good read.

And thank you to the prereaders on the Empty Horizons Discord. I appreciate your help and camaraderie. Readers, please come join us there!

Chapters (5)

The first day of school always sucks. It's particularly sucky when you're normally nocturnal.

Now an expanding anthology of one-shots due to popular demand for MOAR!

Featured on Fimfic: 10/1/2017
Featured on Equestria Daily
Now with several chapters in audio: link!
Now with commisioned music: link!

Cover Art Source

Dreams of Ponies
Level Dasher

Submission for the Bat Ponies and Thestrals 2017 Competition

Chapters (23)

True magic has returned to the surface.

Twilight and the Elements of Harmony had awoken to a world completely unlike their own, where the abilities they saw as natural were lauded as rare and powerful. The last few months saw them deal with bounty hunters, the depths of the sea, and the deadly politics of this new world. And lose.

Twilight, in a desperate bid to save her friends, had harnessed a power unlike any other and conquered her enemies in one fell swoop... at great cost. Now she is separated from her friends and tasked with a mission to bring back the Equestria she once knew, all while tainted by strange magic she barely understands.

At least she isn't alone.

This story takes place after the events of Empty Horizons and is technically a sequel spin-off. - Nothing in this story is canon to the EH universe, it is my take on Twilight and the Other following the events of EH's finale.

Thank you Goldenwing for his amazing story which inspired me to write this in the first place, and all the people on the Empty Horizons Discord for the support and encouragement! Specifically Patchy and Gold for their editing work!

If you love the story, come join us on the Discord!

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This story is a sequel to A Foreign Education

Twilight was sixteen when she became an alicorn. She hasn't aged a day since. Some ponies ask her what it's like, not being able to grow up.

Twilight can't really say. She's never known anything else.

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Daring Do cannot believe her luck when she is asked to help explore the most ancient tomb known to ponykind. But terrible danger awaits her, for beneath the earth rests something beyond equine understanding.

Warning: comments contain ending spoilers.

TVTropes page.
Alternate ending by Duplex Fields.
Archived in the Pony Fiction Vault.
One Man's Pony Ramblings
Louder Yay
The Royal Guard
Cleverpun's Critique Corner
The Goodfic Bin

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In a sunburned Equestria, Rarity leads the pleasant life of a clothier in the tiny town of Spurhoof. She’s got a successful business, a capable assistant, and the respect of the place she’s called home for six years. Maybe she never achieved her foalhood dreams of fabulosity, but at least she’s comfortable. What more can a mare ask for?

Then a band of outlaws decide to pay Spurhoof a visit, and their leader’s eye has settled upon Rarity. Soon she’ll have to fight not only for her life, but maybe her very soul. Will her diamond turn dull under the hot Equestrian sun, or will adversity make her shine all the brighter?

Print copies now available for purchase on Lulu!.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

Inspired by Fallout: Equestria and the song Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance.

Other stories inspired by music:
Ordinary World
Bed of Roses
Drops of Jupiter
How to Save a Life
Forgive Me, Friend
Time for Tea

A big thanks to my brainstorming fellow and ever-awesome friend SorenPixels, who has helped me ponder the plans for this story since its inception.

Additional kudos to Danger Beans and Cerulean Voice for their help with the first few chapters.

Big thanks to the fantastic author Viking ZX for taking time out of his busy schedule to be my Alpha pre-reader.

Last but certainly not least, my gratitude to my gang of Beta pre-readers: Babroniedad, Lord-Commander, Merc the Jerk, Snowybee, Soge, and Wanderer D!

I was not prepared for the absolutely stunning world building or the incredibly well done characters. [...] This is a work of absolute art. — Equstarte Marine Sebaste

Reading and re-reading (and re-reading) this story was an amazing experience. It will always be one of my favorites! — Wanderer D

I dare say this is a masterpiece of the fandom. — FanOfMostEverything

It's a gorgeous, vivid-drawn setting you've crafted for this, and it hits its gritty Western beats and epic scope with aplomb. Rarity's character journey in this is a stellar one, and her gradual sink into (and recovery at the brink of) [...] darkness was wonderfully and believably told. — Carabas

Cover art commissioned from the fantastic bakki, with title work generously donated by Novel-Idea.

Chapters (27)

To Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, it is a simple surprise visit to Canterlot. To the ponies of the Equestrian Civil Service, it is twenty-four hours of chaos, politics, weaponized dessert, politics, underhooved manipulation of media, politics, and things batrachian and tentacular. Who said bureaucracy isn't exciting?

Chapters (5)