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After an unexpected and unprecedented magic-related phenomenon, the Mane Six find themselves in an entirely new world, thrust into the midst of the bloodiest battle in American history - the American Civil War. Another problem arises as the Six find themselves split right down the middle at the legendary Battle of Fort Sumter - three Confederate, three Union. Now, the Six are forced to take part in the war - a deadly, four-year battle they can only hope to be rid of soon.

Chapters (14)

There comes a point when you can no longer run from the things you've done. Ryan Williams believes that he has reached this point, but sometimes, just as we are about to close one door, another opens before us, changing our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

Chapters (15)

A young man with a love of military history and MLP:FIM finds himself dragged into Equestria as war threatens the pony nation.

I got the idea for this story from my Civil War book collection and Altoid's Blood and Guts and Ponies story, as it involves a human coming to Equestria to aid in its defense, partly by modernizing it's military and leading its forces on the battlefield.

Just a warning; the main character is Christian and pro-Union. Just to give people a heads up.

Chapters (95)

This story is a sequel to My Dear Shy

Between two difficult choices to leave or stay, Rick Gartners chose the former and was sent to Equestria to be reunited with his beloved and adopted daughter, Fluttershy. However, Rick must habituate himself to a brand new world full of ponies.

Chapters (29)

The past always comes back to haunt the present, there is no escaping the inevitable. For decades, Celestia has kept a secret from her student. A secret she made out of pain, and through pain will be revealed for all to see; for Twilight Sparkle is the secret daughter of the Sun.

Now, there will be consequences.

Consequences, they come in all shapes and sizes for every decision. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These words are lessons that Princess Celestia should know, bits of wisdom she practices in her rule of Equestria. How is it then, that when faced with a decision, she chooses the one that would inevitably bring the most pain? How is it that she couldn’t bear being recognized as the mother of her child? And why? Twilight Sparkle is about to find out.

Disclaimer: (I do not own the picture; Title Picture owned and designed by KitsuneHino; Source: http://mel-rosey.deviantart.com/art/By-my-side-364777307) (I do not own any of the characters, places, events, etc. outlined in this fanfiction, MLP FiM does under Hasbro, give them the credit.)

Chapters (9)

Awake and alone, Applejack will find a way to survive.

And here's a TV Tropes page, if you're into that kind of thing.

Chapters (33)

[Somewhat Hetalia] [Ignores season 3 finale]
(Alternate titles: Britain and the Thirteen Colonies, A Redcoat and Thirteen Colonists)

There was a battle that they call 'Brandywine'. At the Battle of Brandywine the British forces led by Gen. Howe defeated the American forces under Gen. Washington on September 11th, 1777. The American forces tried to block the British forces from traveling south, but the resulting conflict led to the retreat of American forces.

During this retreat, Thirteen American Patriots (who stayed behind) ganged up on a British soldier until a blast of energy made them disappear unnoticed. Where did they go?

Authors Note: I can't believe no one really made a My little pony Fic about the American Revolution yet.

Edit: How do you guys like the image? If not then I will take it down.

PS: This is my first REAL story so not everything is going to be spiffy and perfect.

Chapters (11)

Spike and Twilight return from the alternate world to only see that Spike has not changed back to a dragon. This Spike isn't a puppy though and must show the world that he isn't a pet but much more. Watch as Spike grows into his destiny as a protector of not just the wildlife of Equestria but the very balance of nature itself. Spike will have to battle against everything from, manticores, hydras, constellation beast, timberwolves, corrupt forest gods, and everything in between.

Featured 5/18/14

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Canis Fidelis: Harmony

What has four legs, wears a bullet-proof vest, can hear you through a solid concrete wall and has a set of highly-trained fangs that can exert up to seven-hundred pounds of pressure per square inch?

In Equestria, there are lots of things like that. But only one of them stands at Princess Luna's side, protecting Equestria as he once protected his own world.

His name is Bungee, and he is a Military Working Dog.

It has been a year since Lieutenant Rourke threatened the harmony of Equestria. But the thing about danger; it's always lurking. A long forgotten foe rises against the land. An ancient threat that has been plotting her revenge since the dawn of Equestria.

The reclamation has begun. And it falls upon the faithful dog to stop it.

Rated Teen for violence

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Girl I Left Behind Me

A soldier's death is always hard, especially for their loved ones. Now Celestia is facing one of the toughest moments in her life. Jackson wants her to move on and be happy, but how can she be happy after this. Then to make matters worse he suddenly appears before her, but he's dead... isn't he?

Featured 7/8/2014
Rewritten January 5th, 2018 - Present.

Placed on hold because of my inability to balance two stories at once. We'll see if anything changes, but I'll be focusing my efforts on Textbook Soldier.

Chapters (14)
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