• Published 29th Dec 2012
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Mother of Invention - zaponator

Awake and alone, Applejack will find a way to survive.

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Applejack slowly regained consciousness to find herself laying flat on her belly with a dull ache permeating her head. The farmpony groaned as she rubbed at her temples, noting with great relief that her hat was still safely located in its rightful position atop her mane. As she massaged the pain to a more manageable level, she began to take stock of her surroundings. She was laying in something coarse and fine—sand, from what she could tell—and she could hear the sound of waves nearby. She was obviously on a beach then, but the waves sounded off somehow. Applejack visited the Ponyville lake weekly with her good friend Rainbow Dash, but it had never sounded like so... much, before.

Deciding that her head was feeling good enough to get up, Applejack groggily stood, tentatively inching her eyes open as she did. The bright sun nearly blinded her at first, but eventually she was able to get a squinting view of her location. The scene she was presented with jolted her awake instantly. Her posture went rigid, and her eyes snapped open as wide as they could.

It was an ocean. Applejack had never seen an ocean in person before, but she couldn't think of any other way to describe what she saw before her. Crystal blue water extended all the way to the horizon, the late-morning sun played across the waves nearer to the shore, creating fanciful designs of light on the sandy floor beneath the waves. Looking out even further, the water seemed to continue without end. It transitioned to a darker blue further from shore, and eventually went so far out that Applejack was able to see the curvature of the planet. She reeled, struck with a wave of dizziness by the scale of it all. Eventually she forced herself to turn away from the awe-inspiring sight. Upon turning around, she was finally able to take note of her immediate location.

She was standing on a long beach of immaculate white sand. Whatever else existed in this place was hidden behind a thick, foreboding treeline. Trees that Applejack had only ever heard of stretched in both directions until disappearing with the bend of the coast. She recognized the distinctive palm trees, and their well-known fruits, but most of the other flora was a mystery to her. Everything was undoubtedly tropical though, and this was by far the most troublesome thing Applejack had seen since waking up.

"Where in the hay am I?" She was startled by the mangled sound of her own voice. It was rough, gravelly, and far quieter than she had expected. At that very moment, Applejack realized that she was incredibly thirsty. Her throat felt completely dry, and her lips were cracked and parched. She decided that she needed to find water quickly. Besides the obvious need to drink, she desperately needed something to distract her mind from its ever increasing state of panic. As long as she was focused on getting water, any other troubling thoughts on her current predicament could be pushed deep into the recesses of her mind.

Now with a firm goal to work towards, she took one last look at the beautiful blue sea before turning to begin her quest into the jungle. She managed one step before stumbling forward and faceplanting into the sand. She was taken off guard by the sudden fall, resulting in a mouthful of sand and a marked increase in her headache. Shaking her head and spitting out sand, she made a quick check that her hat hadn't fallen off. Finding her trademark stetson still secure on her head, she pushed herself shakily back up to her hooves.

Armed with the awareness of the difficulties walking seemed to present to her at the moment, Applejack took a careful step towards the line of plant life that designated the way inland. Her legs wobbled slightly but she remained standing. She took another step, almost stumbling again. It was the strangest thing, all four of her legs felt like they were asleep. The feeling was akin to her body simply not obeying the orders of her brain, or at least doing so in an incredibly slow manner. The sensation of pins and needles running all over her legs certainly didn't help things either.

After she had taken about a dozen steps, blood flow started to return to her extremities. She trotted the last several feet to the treeline at a quicker pace, finally without the fear of falling over. Once she reached the solid wall of plant life, she paused to consider what she was doing.

Maybe entering the strange dark jungle wasn’t the best idea. She could always follow the beach, but there was no guarantee that it would lead to anything other than more of the sand and trees she saw here, which would essentially equal zero progress. At least in the jungle she would surely find something. Whether that something was good or bad was up in the air at this point. First and foremost she needed water, and she knew enough never to drink from the ocean. That left her with one option.

She steeled her nerves, deciding to act quickly before the panic she had buried managed to claw its way back into the front of her mind. Stepping carefully, and keeping an eye out for any dangers, Applejack penetrated the thick foliage. She was forced to push undergrowth aside as she made her way deeper inland. As the trees and plants closed behind her, they created a wall of impenetrable green. In a matter of moments, the pristine beach and the beautiful ocean were left completely out of sight.

Author's Note:

Edited by Pilate, because he's awesome and stuff.