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Spike and Twilight return from the alternate world to only see that Spike has not changed back to a dragon. This Spike isn't a puppy though and must show the world that he isn't a pet but much more. Watch as Spike grows into his destiny as a protector of not just the wildlife of Equestria but the very balance of nature itself. Spike will have to battle against everything from, manticores, hydras, constellation beast, timberwolves, corrupt forest gods, and everything in between.

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Really interesting concept, and more realistic and detailed version of Spike's reaction about still being a dog after Equestria Girls.
The other ones about Spike being raped by Winona were just awful, but THIS, this is awesome dude, like and fav.

4343356 Thanks that means alot, I am trying to show that Spike is still the bad-ass that we all know he is even when he is a dog. I will upload my cover art and original art when i finish working on them.

It's a good concept so far and I enjoyed it, but it would help in reading if you make it easier to tell when someone is talking. Sometimes I think other characters are still talking only to realize that a new one has later.

4343410 I will make sure to do just that. I know in the later chapters I written already I made sure to make it clear who is speaking. So that should be better in the next chapter to come.:moustache:

funky concept,but I like it. :twistnerd:

I think this was a good opening. You got the right kind of reaction down for Spike realizing he hadn't changed back, and everyone's concern for him. I can't wait to see how this will continue on.

4343458 Lol thanks that means alot. Is that a good funky like 80's disco party, or bad funky like my dogs breath after he got into my onion rings last week.:trixieshiftright::pinkiehappy:

I like it, and I can see where you are going with the story too. Just fix up some grammar errors and tighten up the humor, and this can actually be a interesting story!!!!!

You have my support!!!!!!

4343477 Thanks, I am trying to keep it the most Spike-ish responses to the events that are happening around him. I feel as though he would be upset about not changing back but try to keep others from feeling down themselves. Anyway I will do my best to live up to everyone hopes for a serious Spike the Dog story.:moustache:

4343483 Thanks I am going to do just that. I know grammar is far from my strong point to be honest but I feel I can tell a interesting story and create a Spike we all can grow to love.:moustache::facehoof:

Not bad. Not bad of a start

4343575 Thanks I plan on becoming even better as I go. I know the start was a little rough. I do feel I have a understanding how of Spike (or at least my Spike) as a character.:moustache:

Love it there are a few errors nut they arent glaring so they dont matter but this:

I wouldn’t get any funny ideas about trying to prank me ether. Who knows what a bad dog could do to something like… oh I don’t know a Daring Do collection or living ‘little’ surprises on your front step” I say with a toothy grin on my face.

Dash realizes that she lives in a cloud home so how would he do any of this?? :rainbowhuh:
but anyway id be happy to preread of design a cover art

4343628 I will have some art out I hope by tomorrow morning, I have to borrow my friends scanner lol. I know she lives on a cloud, it was more of the idea of the threat then the threat itself. I mean if I told you I was going to shit on your step even if I can't really,just the idea makes your skin crawl right lol.:moustache::rainbowderp: But anyway thanks for readying and i know there are a few errors, I will try to better with them as i go on.

Congratulations on your first story. Anyway normally I hate anything having to do with Spike being a dog but I'm curious as to where you're going with this. It will be interesting to see how Spike proves himself in his new form. Maybe later on he could change from dragon to dog whenever?

4343695 Thanks. I can understand that you could hate Spike the Dog. Every story but one I have read so far has been mainly about him getting raped. I want to show that even in dog form Spike is still the hero and interesting character that we all know he can be (even if he doesn't know it himself at first.) Not to mention there are so many interesting creatures in MLP world that don't get enough air time. well my story I hope to fix that.:moustache:

I didnt like dog spike as much as I dislike what radical has done to my game series with the sequel. Luckily, your description intrigues me and I will read when have time.

This has peeked my interest :twilightsmile: I shall keep on reading.

4343892 Thanks alot, I will do my best to not disappoint you

I hated Spike the dog in EG because it was reducing him from the friend/brother status to pet.
But I wonder how you'll play it in this story. I wonder if Spike will still have some of his dragon powers. Also, if he can't turn back to a dragon, he'll die sooner than the others characters...
It was an interesting start and I hope to see more.

4343907 That is the overall statement I have been hearing. Alot of people hate DogSpike from how he has been shown in not just EG but also in fanfics. I felt like that was a waste of a whole new world for Spike to explore. I plan on fixing all those mistakes that were made by making the bad-ass, sarcastic, good hearted, flirt Spike that we all came to know and love. In a world here he must protect those that can't protect themselves.:moustache::facehoof:

I like the image you chose for this story. It goes along nicely with how confident Spike actually is. I'll be looking forward to seeing more from this one. Don't you go quitting out on us now that you've piqued our interest, y'hear? :twilightsmile:

4344002 K thanks can't wait to hear what you have to say

4343983 Don't worry I have no plans of quitting even if everyone hates my first story. I feed off of the fire to only become stronger and create something even better.:moustache::facehoof:

4344012 I dunno man. Seems like people are liking it. I mean, I like it. Gotta have some confidence. Some pizazz.

SOME PEP. :yay:

That was pretty good for a first story. The only problems were spelling errors, but looking forward to more chapters.:rainbowkiss:

4344036 Thanks. Trust me I know full well that grammar is not one of my strong points. But I do plan on working on it as well as having more chapters. No stopping half way, I wont stop till I show Spike in his full bad ass Doggy goodness lol:moustache::rainbowlaugh:

Good concept and good idea, gonna keep an eye on this =D.

great work so far Corporal!
besides a few errors in spelling, this seems to be a great piece of work cant wait to see what you brew up next.
commander of the spike division

4344137 I am trying to dug the whole DogSpike out of the gutter it has been dropped and and make it into something much more respectable :moustache:

Interesting story. I like how you keep things short and straight to the point. Fave :pinkiehappy:

4344155 I notice the grammar errors and plan to fix those on the next chapters that will be coming out before long. I feel that my idea is refreshing and that is the draw of it. I want to make DogSpike not be the black sheep of the Spike family anymore but another viable idea to be used without people thinking your crazy.:pinkiehappy:

4344172 Thanks, the next chapter will be a little longer though, but I just try to say and do what i feel the characters would really do.:moustache:

4343955 I'll have an open mind to your fic. I admit that there is porential in the premise.
The reason why I didn't like EG was because it reduced Spike's role from friend/brother to a simple pet.

4344226 Hey I am with you there 100%. I mean Twi becomes a human and Spike becomes a "dog". Really?! Then the only time you really get to see him is when he is up Rarity's ass (no offense to the shipping though) I just mean he was the only one to go over to that world with her and he get reduce to that. Not cool. And that is what I am going to fix!:moustache::moustache::moustache:

4344240 you first had my curiosity, now you have my full atention.
I wonder how you'll develop this.

4344240 you first had my curiosity, now you have my full atention.
I wonder how you'll develop this.

4343709 I look forward to more stuff.

4344179 you are correct there my friend and remember if you need an editor the division is always welcome to anyone

4343508 Can't say I've read a serious Spike the Dog fic, but I like this concept and where it leads!

...What? Oh, sure, I'll tell him.

The Spike Army supports your endeavor!

He still have his dragon powers right?

Not a bad start, but the summary almost made me think he would end up as a Diamond Dog.

4344763 Oh and why is that. I would love to know how you got that idea for a while.:duck::facehoof:


Nothing major, it's just the first thing that came to mind in the thought that he wouldn't be a dragon or a pony after returning from the mirror world. Might have been that he 'isn't a puppy'

Alright, man, this is something interesting:moustache: I like where this is going and can't wait to see more. In the name of the Spike Army, I salute you, my friend. Keep it up.

That's what I thought too, or some kind of Cerberus dog.

Dude, this is a good read. Been far too long since I've read a first person story, so I'm due for one, and I'm glad that this is my start. Spike begin a teenaged dog seems fairly interesting and leaves me to wonder how he is going to prove that he deserves some respect. I can't wait to see more from you.

You need a pre-reader and an editor or two. A number of spelling mistakes, words left out, and other errors made it very difficult to concentrate on the story you are trying to weave. I shall fave for now, in the hopes that you find someone to help with your storytelling.

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