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This story is a sequel to Canis Fidelis: Harmony

What has four legs, wears a bullet-proof vest, can hear you through a solid concrete wall and has a set of highly-trained fangs that can exert up to seven-hundred pounds of pressure per square inch?

In Equestria, there are lots of things like that. But only one of them stands at Princess Luna's side, protecting Equestria as he once protected his own world.

His name is Bungee, and he is a Military Working Dog.

It has been a year since Lieutenant Rourke threatened the harmony of Equestria. But the thing about danger; it's always lurking. A long forgotten foe rises against the land. An ancient threat that has been plotting her revenge since the dawn of Equestria.

The reclamation has begun. And it falls upon the faithful dog to stop it.

Rated Teen for violence

Chapters (2)
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What an amazing start to what is sure to be an even more amazing sequal..

You might want to make a blog post announcing the sequel, and have the original story as the tagged story. That way everyone who has the original faved will be notified of the sequel.

It's interesting watching Bungee's increasing intellect. In the beginning of the first story he operated almost entirely by instinct and training. By the end he could grasp complex moral issues and had a firm grasp of the English language. Now he can communicate with the local fauna and form complex plans and strategies on the fly!

I wonder if his progression is due to his exposure to the Equestrian environment, something Luna did while training him, or his drinking from the river Styx at the end of the first story.

Anyways, I hope to see more soon! :twilightsmile:

Just read through the original story and finally this one, and wow... I liked both a lot. Maybe it's because I have a German Shephard as well (all 120 pounds of her, lol) who serves, albeit as a therapy dog. I have to say, they're majestic animals, and I'd trust my life to one anytime. You capture that greatness in this story, and I'll be glad to read the next chapter as well. God bless service dogs, and god bless man's best friend.

Thanks for writing this story, and see you next chapter. :moustache:

Well ain't this nice, I come back from vacation and find an amazing sequel to an amazing story. I can't wait to see more chapters for this, the viewpoint you capture with Bungee's thoughts is just spectacular. It's completely immersive, and it's quite easy to believe your reading the thoughts of an actual dog. :yay:

Great chapter :yay: Nice the interaction between Bungee and Winona. I wonder who's really Tasha. Another military dog?

“Watch out, Canterlot. Mother Nature has returned.”

I've long dreamt of this day reclaimer- wait, wrong villain.

Well, I already know Bungee would win in a fight against Mother Nature. The reason? He was raised and taught by humans, and is now getting full intelligence. So basically, he's a four-legged, furry human. And what is humanity's biggest achievement? Conquering Mother Nature and making her our bitch. XD

Well written, and I'm enjoying the plot developments, quite curious as to the new alicorns relationship to the Royals. I am a bit surprised at how much of a jerk bungee is acting to Winona though... Even if she is a civilian, I didn't take him to be the kind to feel superior. Eh, hopefully Winona helps keep him from getting caught up by the Ruskie.

look out her comes mother nature.
I love it a alicorn that controls nature simply beautiful.

I wish for more you excellent bastard

If Bungee says anything to Mother Nature it probably be
"Bend over bitch, because I got a hell of a nice collar for you. Pun intended."

Change nothing! Your story is perfect!

Dat sass doe! I love it!

Comment posted by skulleXcrush deleted Jun 16th, 2016

i preferred Bungee as he was before.

More? Please? I don't want this to be dead.

Is this story dead?

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