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It's only been a few moons since Spike moved to Ponyville, and the settled zone hasn't quite gotten used to having a dragon around, any more than his sister has become accustomed to managing all the duties of a small town library. So while she sorts out late fee notices, he's expected to work the front desk and speak to patrons. Ponies who don't know how to talk to him. Ponies who seem to be having a hard time even looking at him. So when Twilight finally sends him to collect a book from a truly unresponsive patron, it's almost a relief.

Except that the pony isn't there. Will never be there again.

And just about nopony seems to care if she was ever there at all.

(A stand-alone, no prior-reading-necessary part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group: new members and trope edits are welcome. )

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.

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An alternative to HiE stories. Midnight, a 14th century knight's steed and veteran of numerous battles during the hundred years war, faces her demise during one such engagement only to find that fate has other plans in store; including a chance to start anew in another world. But can a mare who knows nothing but conflict adapt to a land ruled by peaceful pastel-coloured ponies, or will it prove too much?

Warning: contains brief scenes of descriptive violence; especially in earlier chapters. Not enough to warrant an M rating, I think, but hopefully the mods will let me know if I'm wrong.

(Cross-posted from my Fanfiction.net account)

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In order to improve their skills at detecting changeling infiltrators, Twilight Sparkle and the Council of Friendship ask their new friend Thorax to help them with a little training exercise. Their goal? Figure out which of their six friends is actually Thorax in disguise.

Dialogue heavy, as this story focuses on the cross-interrogation of the game itself.

Note: This story takes place before "To Where and Back Again."

Chapters (9)

With the sirens dealt with and no pressing time limit to return to her world now that she can come and go at will, Twilight spends some time catching up with Sunset Shimmer. She asks a question that has been on her mind for a while now. Namely, how Sunset ever thought invading Equestria with a few hundred zombified high school students was a remotely workable plan. It turns out that radically altering your entire physiology and brain chemistry doesn't do any favors for your IQ.

T for language, alcohol, and slight lewdity.

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The dreaded day has arrived for Pinkie. The day she must tell her best friends about her relationship with Rarity, who, personally, can’t understand why Pinkie is so worried about telling their liberal minded friends.

But, as the event unfolds, it quickly becomes obvious that her hesitation does not stem from where Rarity thought it would.

Proofread by the wonderful docontra

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Upon being banished to the moon, Nightmare Moon found that she was able to communicate with Discord, also sealed away as a statue.

The two despise one another, but compared to an endless monotony, even two hated foes would rather talk with one another. Over time, Discord and Nightmare Moon begin to fall in love, right up until tragedy strikes.

Day 5 of my Self-Imposed 31 Fics in 31 Days Challenge. Also written for Monthly Shipfics.

Art by LunacordLover, used with permission.

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Every week, Equestria's princesses take a break from ruling their kingdom and discuss life. Usually over coffee.

Here are their assorted conversations.

Cover art by Grennadder. The story is marked complete because it's not a writing priority of mine, more a palette cleanser I come back to between harder projects

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After Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash announce their engagement, Twilight's parents have a chat behind closed doors.

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Twilight Sparkle is an expert in unicorn magic, but earth pony magic remains a mystery to her. The books in her library have very little information about the earth tribe's abilities, other than their famous strength. Twilight is determined to uncover their secrets.

What she learns will change her life.

And it just might change Applejack's life as well.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Celestia had a vision, of two beings, one of darkness, one of light. They claimed that they would reclaim Equestria and return it to dust. The next day, a small creature appears, frightened, scared, and afraid of her very touch. A child. A child who may herald the end, or save Equestia from its demise.

Isaac has been in the basement as long as he can remember. So many times has he descended through this purgatory of death and murder, god and demons, so many things that hurt, burned and killed.
Then one day it stopped. A secret room that opened the chest he had known so long, and he was free. He could leave the Basement.
He didn't see anything else that followed him out.
He didn't expect the world to have changed so much in his absence.
And he never could've imagined they'd all be ponies.

And ponies never imagined that simple children could ever save them from the forces of evil.

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Character list will be updated as necessary, those not immediately listed are:
- King Sombra
- Twilight
- Spike

Characters from the Binding of Isaac are under Other, as you'd expect.
Correct me if I get an item's effect or description wrong!
Correct me if I get grammar or spelling incorrect, I'll fix them as I'm aware of them!

Cover art is by me.

Huge thank you to TrueGentleman, who has taken it upon him to aid me in the editing of this story! (Stopped as of 18 onward)

Appreciation for HydraLightning, proofreader from CH3+.

And a special thanks to awesomesauce4 for inspiring me to start on this! Here's their story!
|The Unbinding|

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