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Discord finds out about of Pinkie's enjoyment of his cotton candy, chocolate milk rain clouds, so he decides to treat her to some. Maybe he gets a lesson about friendship out of it?

Chapters (2)

Alternate "Bridle Gossip", where Twilight and Applebloom decide to talk to Zecora instead of hiding with their friends until she leaves.

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Made the Popular Stories section: 10-7-2015

It was all just a simple joke really: You star gaze and if you happen to see a shooting star then you make a wish no matter how crazy it is. I did just that by wishing to be a pony for a laugh knowing it wasn't going to come true and come to find out I woke up as a pony ... a Bat Pony Guard thanks to Luna.

Am I happy? Of course because it's mostly every bronies dream to be a pony so I'm not overly shocked even if I'm sorta surprised that it even happened in the first place.

Now I have to deal with family and the outside world since I was planning on doing pony shopping! ... Yeah, this will be a very interesting day for sure to see the types of reactions I will get... at least my coltfriend doesn't mind having his lover as a pony for the time being.

Luna!! You clever clever pony!

Cover photo cropped from this - https://derpibooru.org/2103554


Warning: This story has moments between Male/Male and Stallion/Male ... nothing to the extreme, but if M/M is not your thing at all then it's best that you don't read this story.

Okay, so this is a different and hopefully better version of my first story - Thunderclap and Thunderlane Go Shopping

Now if any of you actually read that half disaster of a story then you might be wondering: "Why is he even trying to redo it?"

The answer is simple: I know that story is bad. Hell, I'd probably cringe trying to read it... at least the sequel to it was much better in my view.

Also, I'm trying to see if I can do a much better job with this story compared to the first one since I'm changing so much stuff and not making it easy on myself.

So if you decide to read this anyway then I hope you can actually enjoy it.

One last thing: By doing this story, I actually have ideas for two sequels!

And one more last thing! This story is unedited, but I tried to fix what I can!

Chapters (8)

"She's not our friend!"
"She's a liar!"
"I can't believe we trusted her!"
"She's a meanie!"
"She's a party pooper!"
"She isn't grateful for anything!"
Starlight Glimmer has done many things in the past, and she thinks she has finally made friends who have forgiven her. What happens when she hears them talking about her behind her back? After finally having enough she finally decides to run away to try to find a better life.

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This story is a sequel to The Most Annoying Infestation

Rainbow Dash's plan was just to relax and read Daring Do books all night long. Too bad it was interupted by a certain bat pony colt, begging "Blue Mommy" to have a sleepover with him.

This is a contest entry for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

Review by MixMassBasher

Awesome Reading by Winged T. Spears

Chapters (2)

Starlight Glimmer goes to the market to buy things and make new friends.

Both of those things are made incredibly difficult by the ponies at the market.

Reading by DRWolf!


Another reading by Doug_!

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Hearth's Warming Eve is one of the worst times of the year for Scootaloo. With a father who left years ago and rarely contacts her and a mother who pays her little attention, family togetherness is only a remote possibility. The only thing she has to look forward to is a gift and a smile from Rainbow Dash. When even this seems to have been taken from her, Scootaloo decides she's better off wandering the streets than staying at home feeling sorry for herself.
While meandering in a mostly empty Ponyville, Scootaloo comes across somepony whose even more alone than she is.

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The Cakes got an order for a certain treat, one of the ingredients calls for a certain berry, and is known to grow only on the Everfree Forest. Pinkie gladly agrees to fetch the berries, and decides to take a break while she's there. Though strange things begin to happen, she decides to end her break early and goes back to the Bakery, until she is stopped by a strangely comical hooded skeleton.

Got the cover pic from the Tumblr Page here.

An Undertale & MLP mashup. Contains crappy puns and minor spooks.

Chapters (1)

Windfall takes place seven years after FiM's main timeline. The Elements of Harmony have gone their separate ways, but are still close, and all the girls come running to be there on the eve of Fluttershy bringing her first foal with Big Macintosh into the world.

If you enjoyed this story and this fanfiction future extrapolation, please consider reading the sequel Earth & Sky

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Silver's Decision- The story of a bystander

My name is Silver Spoon. I never wanted to become a bully, even by association, and after last summer, I'm not. Me and Diamond Tiara had a big fight, resulting in us parting ways- permanently. Needless to say, she did not take it well.

This year I'm starting 6th grade with my new friends, Boysenberry and Sketch. I've also decided to cultivate my special talent for cooking, instead of hiding it like I used to. Things are starting to look bright.

But Diamond Tiara is starting 6th grade with her new friends too, Aquamarine and Coronet. Long story short, they don't like me.

But now I'm not sure which is worse- being the bully, or being the victim?

Chapters (2)