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Alternate "Bridle Gossip", where Twilight and Applebloom decide to talk to Zecora instead of hiding with their friends until she leaves.

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Erm, I think you might have made a bit of a flub in one of the later parargraphs.

To wit, this:

Applejack stared a moment at the three of them for a moment more before sighing and taking off her head to place it to her chest.

Pretty sure that you meant that Applejack took off her hat to place it to her chest, NOT her head.

Other than that, it's a great story and I love it.

Have a Fave, an Upvote and a Follow for you personally.

WAY better than the Episode itself, Hands Down!

"You see sis, in these parts there's this blue plant that is you run into and touch, you get these weird physical things," Twilight said as she gestured to her horn and Applebloom's flower petals, "which are just little jokes it plays on us."

Not a hundred percent sure if Twilight was really the one you meant but if so you should probably edit out the sis. There are a few instances where commas should be placed here and there to add to the flow, when one of the characters was talking, but otherwise nice job.

This is a very good one-shot.

Short and sweet! Adding this to my library, upvoting it and following you! :pinkiehappy:

This would have been a good fic if it wasn't for one glaring flaw. There is no way Applejack would have let Applebloom anywhere near Zecora, even if Twilight was there. Fix that and the fic woud be better.

Thank you for the review and for bringing the error to my attention. I fixed it now.

Thanks for the review and the error pointer. I fixed it now.

7679475 You're quite welcome for both.

I shall check it out in a bit

Nicely done.

I think that the main reason it was Twilight that was forced to "learn" the lesson at the end was because she was the main focus in the entire first season. So honestly, if this came after Lesson Zero, it probably would've been made for AJ and the others learning their lesson instead of the writers forcing Twilight to act so different.

Nice to see that we could see that fixed here. You sir, and/or madam, deserve more credit for this story.


Actually, if I remember correctly Faust intended for Zecora to be Twilight's mentor-away-from-Canterlot. Celestia helped raise her and taught her what she knows until that point, and then Zecora teaches her of the lesser-known mysteries of the world and with general worldly wisdom.

This was revisited as an homage to Zecora's original role during Magic Duel.

That's part of why Twilight was the one meant to be dealing with Zecora.

7830487 Huh. Did not know that. How's come Hasbro turned that idea down originally?


Hasbro's handling of season 1 was abhorrent. Faust and the team she pulled together created what was essentially a miracle. Shoestring budget, fast-approaching deadline, minimal assistance from the parent corporation. Constant oversight by censors and pre-planned marketing hammering down on her. A lot of what she wanted to go into MLP had to be cut, or was denied by Hasbro and the aforementioned censors and marketing guys. Such as the Nightmare being an independent entity that possessed Luna in a moment of weakness (I think that made it in to the comics, at least).

If I'm remembering her dA Q&A and interviews correctly she said they were essentially working on every episode of season 1 at more or less the same time. I can't imagine the kind of hell that was. The treatment from Hasbro, its constant tossing out of her ideas (she imagined MLP as more of an adventure story and marketing shot down a lot of ideas based around that concept due to their outmoded belief that the target audience wouldn't want it at all) is part of why she packed it up and stepped down after season one, and why she completely left some point into season two.

Some details might not be exact since I'm working with memories from years ago, but that should be about the gist.

7830556 Oh, shall we all revel in the thoughts of what could have been...

How much more grand would this show have been if Cuckbro hadn't fucked things up?

Very nice rendition of 'Bridle Gossip'. Other than missing my favorite part:

this would have been better than the original.

Yeah, that is definitely the best part of the episode. Anyways, thanks for the review, I appreciate it and have a Happy New Year.

7832521 Whoops. Can't forget this part.

An extremely well done alternate ending

Not a bad ending, and the rest of the season is probably still canon.

May God go with you :ajsmug::raritystarry::rainbowdetermined2:

This should be canon in the show.

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