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Sweet, Sweet Chaos - veronicatoon7

Discord finds out about of Pinkie's enjoyment of his cotton candy, chocolate milk rain clouds, so he decides to treat her to some. Maybe he gets a lesson about friendship out of it? No pairings.

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And Sunbutt Too

Twilight happily pranced down the hall towards Celestia's room. In her saddlebags she had brought the requested group friendship journal, along with more than a few items for the tea party. Finding the ornate, brightly colored door with guards on either side, she gave a hearty knock to it.

"Come in."

The guards leaned over and grasped the handles, letting the alicorn in. Twilight practically skipped into the room towards the table where several tea-related items were spread out on the white tablecloth. To her surprise, yet utter joy, seated along with Celestia was Luna and Cadance. After a word of greeting and hugs exchanged between the four of them, all were seated at the table.

"So Celestia, you requested that I bring my friendship journal to the tea party," Twilight asked. Celestia looked up from her cup where she was already pouring the brown liquid into it.

"Indeed," she replied. In an instant, the two alicorns had switched the book and the teapot. "I understand Fluttershy was the one who had it last." Twilight nodded as she poured herself a cup and passed the teapot to Cadance.

"Yes. I believe the new entry is on page 42. I have not gotten the chance to read it yet, but I'm sure it's just wonderful, considering Fluttershy's sweet and timid nature."

"Mm hmm," Celestia replied, not even looking up from her page flipping. It wasn't until she felt a slight knock against it and saw a silver teacup in a magenta aura before her that she place it down. Using her own magic to lift it up, she gently clinked it against the others.

"To good times and good friends," Twilight toasted.

"Cheers," the other three agreed, before taking the first sip.

3... 2... 1...

Celestia's horn lit up to create a magical barrier as a splash of warm, brown liquid came spitting towards her. Quickly casting a spell, the stains were gone from the tablecloth and the shield was down. She looked across the table to the three alicorns, one looking thoughtfully at her cup, the other confusedly, lastly, the midnight blue one with brown drops dripping from her maw.

"Dear sister, forgive me for my uncouth behavior, but what," she levitated her cup towards her face, the contents still visible, "is this?"

"Chocolate milk," came the reply. The ruler of the night's head twisted to the side, looking strangely at her elder sister.

"What, pray tell, is chocolate milk," she asked. Twilight was first to answer.

"Well Luna, it's simply regular cow's milk with a mixture of cocoa powder, derived from cocoa beans in places like Hoovaii, Mulxico and Coltombia. Some of the beans are used to make chocolate, the sweet treat used mainly for confectionary sweets, but it can be grinded up to make a powder for chocolate milk and hot cocoa." Twilight gave a pause before turning towards Celestia. "But that all brings up the question, why is there chocolate milk instead of tea? I wasn't expecting this to be a chocolate milk party."

Celestia set down her already empty cup and gave a sigh, before levitating out a letter on the tea cart beside her. She brought it before Twilight so that she could read it. Cadance and Luna leaned over to see as well. While they were reading, Celestia picked up the boom again and started flipping through the pages again.

Twilight finally set down the letter. "Princess, I-"

"He placed it in the journal as well," she said, showing the page to everyone.

"I-I don't understand." Celestia gave another sigh and stood up before coming over to the tea cart.

"Earlier this week, while I was looking over several documents in my study, I received this letter from Discord." She pointed at it. "As you can clearly see at the bottom," she lifted a cover tray onto the table, "he asked me if I would like one of his chaos clouds." The handle of the cover glowed with a yellow aura. "Well-"

The cover lifted off, revealing the contents inside. Upon the ornate, silver tray was a porcelain bowl. And over the bowl, raining chocolate milk into it, was a pink, cotton candy cloud. Celestia scowled at it.

"Although I am grateful for the well-intended gift, I had to rewrite five, important documents because of it." She looked back to her desk in the corner behind her. "And the cleaning staff was quite annoyed to clean out all the sticky liquid, especially when it dried."

Covering the cloud once more, she came back to the cart and pulled out another teapot from underneath. The scent of warm, fragrance tea wafted into their noses as Celestia swapped the one with chocolate milk for it. The chocolate teapot hovered over a nearby plant and tipped towards the roots, letting the rest of the fluid pour out.

"Myself and the rest of the castle staff finished off the remaining chocolate raincloud as best we could," the covered tray glowed again, along with all the teacups, "but there is only so much of that sugary liquid that we all can take before we get sick of it. " The tray disappeared and the teacups emptied out. The princess then poured for all of them a cup of real tea.

"My apologies for tricking you all at first, but I thought it would be best for you to all have some understanding of what has happened to me this week."

"It was a little too sweet," Luna admitted, before sipping her tea.

"I thought it was fine, although it could use a little dollop of whipped cream," Cadance admitted.

"Princess, shouldn't we do something about this? Perhaps maybe curb Discord's more... irritating, chaotic tendencies?"

Celestia smiled a levitated up a small box from the tray. It was a deep ebony in color and it had a gold, embroidered symbol that indicated that it must come from some far away land, like Chestna in Mulasia.

"I believe I have some sort of idea how to do so." She gave a mischievous smile. "Now, Twilight, do you know any weather spells?"

"Discord, you've just received a letter from Princess Celestia."

The spirit of chaos snatched up there piece of parchment with a thank you and quickly unfurled and scanned through it.

Dear Discord,

Thank you for the chocolate raincloud. At the end of this letter, you will find a symbol of a raincloud. It is an enchanted marking and once touched you will find a raincloud with a special drink that I have prepared for you. Consider it a token of appreciation for the gift you sent me earlier.

Signed, Princess Celestia.

"Oh Tia! How positively courteous of you. I must sent her another one sometime."

He quickly found the raincloud symbol and pressed it like a button. He shut his eyes and extended his mouth to ridiculous lengths as a raincloud formed over his head. A metal tub formed around his legs and came up to his knees, ready to catch whatever came down.

A downpour of hot, light olive liquid came down, most of it falling into his mouth. He quickly closed it, ready to swallow it.

Then an eye popped open. In the corner of it, a tear began to form. The draconequus suddenly flew out of the tub, turned himself upside down and sprayed out the drink in his mouth into it. Fluttershy watched in shock of all this before she saw him turn the end of one of his arms into a toothbrush and the other into a tube of toothpaste. He immediately squirted out the entire tube into his mouth before furiously scrubbing it.

"Discord! What's wrong," she asked. He turned to her and, after swallowing the toothpaste, pointed his eagle claw to the tub.

"Kuding tea," he yelled. He snapped his fingers and a window popped open. Giving a flex of both arms, he grasped the handles on both side of the tub, lugged it all the wall to the window and heaved the bitter tea out.

A scream of terror and pain immediately followed.

"Was that hot tea," Fluttershy asked as Discord looked worriedly outside.


Author's Note:

Interesting fact, Kuding tea is probably the most bitter substance you can safely drink. Not that you probably would though. Also, just to make sure that there wasn't any confusion, the ponified countries and continent are Hawaii, Mexico, Colombia, China, and Asia.

I'd like to thank EnderHooves's review on my previous chapter for inspiring me to make a follow-up chapter to this. Thank you all for reading this, please leave a review and feel free to check out some of my other stories. Sincerely, v.t.7

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Thank you for proof-reading through my story, I appreciate it. I fixed all the errors up, but there's one thing I would like to point out in your notes. When Pinkie Pie realized she was standing in sa tiub, you mentioned she couldn't have just walked into it. However who'd not to say that the tub suddenly materialized around her? I can add that to this just to make sure there is no further confusion.

That was a really nice followup chapter, though it had a few typos.

"To good times and good friend," 


The ruler if the night's

The ruler of the night's

looking strangely her elder sister.

Strangely at her older sister.

Well your highness, it's simply 

Not really a typo, but Twi's a princess too. They're on equal standing. Or is this before she broke that habit?

that ir must


How quickly found

How should be he.

I really enjoyed that, thanks for the mention in the A/N. Made me feel nice.

Thank you for the proof-reading my story, I appreciate it. And you're welcome for the shoutout.

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