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Now that Earth and Equestria have made contact, lots of ponies dream of visiting Earth, and while tourist visas are hard to come by, a few lucky students each year can participate in a foreign-exchange program.

Silver Glow is one of those lucky ponies.

She thought she was prepared for Earth, but can you ever be fully prepared for a truly foreign exchange?

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[Second Person Perspective] [Collaboration between Kody910 and Whirring Gears]

Bowling may not be your strong suit, but the Ponyville Bowling League is a chance to hang out with friends every Saturday. Especially Allie Way, who is right at home among the pins and bowling balls.

However, when things are said between all the noise of competition, blow hards, and rising tensions, what will this mean for you and your teammates?


Artwork courtesy of Jessy Ruiz of deviantArt. Go support him!

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UPDATE: COMPLETE! You may have heard of Pipsqueak. He's a pinto colt, originally from Trottingham, saved Nightmare Night from being abolished seven odd years ago. Know the one I'm talking about? Yes? Good. Since then he's grown into a charming, cultured hedonist who wants to bed near every mare in Ponyville and a good few of the stallions. He has a slender build and some ponies say he has mares' hips, though he feels that those ponies should shut their bloody mouths. His best mate is the gregarious and multi-talented Featherweight, and his other best mate is the stoic trencherpony and excellent cook Chowder.

This is the story of a Friday, and the wee hours of a Saturday. It's a teacher training day, and Pipsqueak and his friends have no school.

In twenty-four hours, a sinister plot to take down a local business is launched, Snips and Snails dabble in the dark magic of Peyuase, a great deal of debauchery occurs, a cocktail of unrivaled destructive power is created and a small fleet of ships are launched! All of this and more, in Pipsqueak's Day Off!

Massive thanks to LittleSallyDigby for help, editing and advice.

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In the moments before Pinkie Pie's very first celebration, she meets a pony that will become her life long aquaintance and adversary. What's a pony to do when your worst enemy is yourself?

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Stranded on a hostile, alien world, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash must depend on one another and a fellow alien castaway if they want to return home to Equestria.(originally published on FFN)

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Twilight ventures out into the mountains to see a once-in-a-lifetime event. Disappointed by her friends not coming with her, Twilight crosses paths with a kindred spirit.

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The now-famous first story of the Lunaverse!

This is the story of Trixie, the Element of Magic and the personal student of Princess Luna. It has been some months since this unicorn moved to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship, and, more specifically, how to not let her abrasive personality drive away the friends she does make. So far, she has succeeded, becoming a welcome part of Ponyville life, and as such has decided to put on a magic show for Ponyville during the Eventime festival, the celebration of the spring equinox.

However, a certain purple-coated unicorn seems determined to ruin her fun, and everypony elses'. This unicorn has traveled far to learn as much about magic as she can, and was excited to learn at the hooves of the Element of Magic herself. What she finds in Ponyville, however, leaves this purple-coated unicorn...disappointed. She resolves to take drastic steps to show Trixie what real magic is all about!

...this could end poorly.

Now has A TVTropes Page!

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A blue box has fallen out of the sky, and crashed right into Twilight's Library! A strange brown stallion, calling himself the Doctor stumbles out. Soon after, strange stone Pegasus are everywhere, one of resident weather ponies has vanished, and Twilight is tossed in the middle! The Doctor and Twilight have to find out what's going on, before it's too late!

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What started as a normal friendly visit ends up taking two ponies on a trip down memory lane that leads them both to realize their friendship began even before Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom.

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Writer's Training Ground #17 Event: Quickfic!

2 hours

Under 1500 words


This time around, we were given a set of themes to choose from, so I went with "How do Vinyl's turntables work?" out of the selection
First attempt at first person, requesting critique and opinions

One of Vinyl Scratch's first shows, for a very peculiar audience

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