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Apocalypse Pony


Writer's Training Ground #17 Event: Quickfic!

2 hours

Under 1500 words


This time around, we were given a set of themes to choose from, so I went with "How do Vinyl's turntables work?" out of the selection
First attempt at first person, requesting critique and opinions

One of Vinyl Scratch's first shows, for a very peculiar audience

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 13 )


Not Octa? Well written, good humor. A nice one-shot wonder.

Tell me, my friend...
Inspired by the KND? At all?
[ ]y [ ]n

xD This was really awesome, either way.

Aw, well, excellent premises, nonetheless. :D

What is this? I dont even? But me gusta all the same :rainbowlaugh:
:rainbowkiss: that was a rejuvinating read. i didnt have to think, i just had to enjoy hamsters

There's a knife to my throat, and I can only sum this story up in one word, if I go over She'll kill me:pinkiecrazy:. All right here goes: Love. Oh goodness she's going to let me live... Wait, we had a deal, you bi---.*Only a cut can be heard*

#10 · Dec 8th, 2011 · · ·

Well... what did I just read? lemme re-glance over that... yep party hamsters. God damn party hamsters. This had to be the funniest little one shot silliness I have ever read, it was brilliant in all of the most stupid ways, good work right there.

Suddenly, hamsters.
You got me with those bloody hamsters doing their little dance.

Short, sweet, to the point and very fun! Good job good sir!/madam! :rainbowkiss:

HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!!! LoL. Rave Hamsters!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

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