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In the moments before Pinkie Pie's very first celebration, she meets a pony that will become her life long aquaintance and adversary. What's a pony to do when your worst enemy is yourself?

Chapters (4)
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Or else. :pinkiecrazy:

Whoa, if Wheller commented on it, it must be good.

But the answer is yes. More is always good.

I have sent you a message with some (very) minor nitpicks. Awesome story! Love it. Pinkie's a great character. :pinkiehappy:

This is... Good. I like this. Interesting premise with an interesting delivery.
This is interesting and I want to see more.

good, well writen and could fit wholy within cannon, more of this please :twilightsmile:

I really like where this could go and I already enjoy where it already is.

It's a beautifully written story, more would be nice! It fits good with the canon, maybe the next chapter could be about Party of One? No, that's rushing the story a bit... Oh well, just have fun writing!

I know this chapter's pretty much filler, but I honestly didn't expect to make this many words from what was initially going to be the start of chapter two. I'd rather limit my words, don't want to exhaust ideas too fast :twilightsheepish:

Threats are the best motivator!

... and your description of Granny Pie sounds suspiciously familiar to a comic I read once...

How suspicious... :applejackunsure:


Yeah, I've read that same comic too, something about Pinkie and Granny Pie's history.

Well, Pinkamena's attempting to murder Pinkie? Typical. Seeing as they both used to be one and the same, there is a high chance that one would try to overcome the other in any means necessary.


Nah, if Pinkamena were to murder Pinkie she'd be killing herself as well.
She's just using the moment to screw with her :pinkiecrazy:

THis is some idea for a storyline as I have always knew that Pinkie Pie was a bit....insane.:pinkiegasp:

Now i wonder how the Two Pinkies will deal with being the Element of Laughter and the rest of the Elements of Harmony ?

I do wonder what would Twilight Sparkle say if she found out of this "other" PInkie ? :twilightoops:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great idea like this one. :pinkiehappy:

This was a very dramatic chapter. I can't believe you would go that far with the story. :twilightoops:


The more you think on your ideas, the more they grow.

Originally this was simply going to be the few times Pinkie and Pinkamena clash, but now I'm setting out to pretty much construct her backstory :pinkiehappy:

Wish me luck! :twilightsmile:

When I posted my commment, the chapter was completely blank. Not a single letter in it. Now that I can see actual content, I can't wait for more Pinkie vs. Pinkamena antics.:pinkiehappy:


I put that 2 and 2 together when I realised your comment was 10 minutes prior to mine :facehoof:

But yeah, glad to see you're enjoying

....I demand more...like now....

So basically, you're writing Pinkie Pie's history... Epic!

I can't wait to see more Pinkie VS Pinkamena! Hmm, wonder what's so important about their conversation...

Your story pleases me! Tracking.:pinkiehappy:

I'm having fun and nopony can stop me!

Tracking! Pinkie is definitely one of my favourites.

Pinkie calling herself a prick, that's kind of harsh. And it's funny how she was thinking of seeing nothing else in the room capable of talking when she talks to inanimate objects, unless the sack of flour, ball of lint, pile of rocks, and bucket of turnips are magical beings of some sort.:derpyderp2:


Great so far! Love the idea of toying with Pinkie's back story. Looks good!

My only complaint is one of Spelling and Grammar. Several extra letters, a few missing periods, nothing a Pre-Reader can't handle. Get yourself one. It will improve this a hundred-fold.'

-The Librarian

I like how the Fic is going.

And the last line in Chapter 3? We're only Making Plans For Nigel... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXNhL4J_S00

wait! did anypony else notice that the pie family are named after the ghosts in Pacman
Sue(that was Clyde's name in mrs. Pacman)


Lovin' this. :pinkiehappy:

when will the next one be out?


I've been busy the past two weeks, but I'm working on returning to a weekly update basis

okay sweet thanks man!:pinkiecrazy::trollestia::ajsmug::pinkiesmile:

51665 please continue :pinkiehappy: pinkie pie is best pony i must READ more:twilightangry2:
thank you

If this story keeps going at this rate, it's going to be a solid part of fanon. Good luck dude.

Just a stupid question: If "Blinky" is only the nick-name Pinkie uses for her sister, because she actually forgot her sister's real name, then why does her grandma uses the nick-name too?

This left me slightly more disturbed than I was...
And I like it... :pinkiecrazy:...

Hurry up dude!:flutterrage:
Seriously though, Hasbro should adopt this as official canon.

anyway, waiting for the next chapter for this and the next fim episode is too much too bear:pinkiesick: what a holiday bummer.


OMC you included the fanon of granny Pie being a pegusus. :yay:Yaaaaaaay~

I love this story - almost as much as I love Pinkie herself! (And that's alot of love)

Keep up the awesomeness! :pinkiehappy:

that's a very good question pinkie :twilightsmile:

AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD Cue the applesause!

.... I mean Applause. That's right. :facehoof:

Anyway, another great chapter. Looking forward to moar!

-The Librarian

This is a great story.:pinkiehappy: 'Specially since I know exactly what Pinkie Pie deals with everyday myself... :pinkiecrazy:

5 stars!:twilightsmile:

Nice insight in explaining how Pinkie left the farm. Yet, I do wonder how Pinkie would do with another group of ponies ? :pinkiesad2:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

:pinkiegasp: EPIC CLIFFHANGER!!! :pinkiehappy:

wait why isn't clyde a pegasis then? I am apparently confused on the genetics of ponies


The way I see it, if two different pony races mate, there's a half-half chance of it being one of the two races, or the other.

If Clyde is an earth pony, that'd imply that Catherine's husband was one as well

It seems to me like you're making that one comic about Granny Pie into a fan fic. I love it :pinkiehappy: Still, it's getting predictable. Needs more Pinkamena:pinkiecrazy:

Moar, or else:pinkiecrazy::flutterrage: <---- I will sic these two on you at the same time. :twilightoops:

Your point can be backed up with the most recent fim episode because pumpkin cake is a unicorn, and pound cake is pegasis.

Lol i asked that question right b4 i watched the episode.

Also, will the next chapter be posted within the next week?

keep up the good work.:trixieshiftleft:

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