• Published 25th Feb 2016
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Silver Glow's Journal - Admiral Biscuit

Silver Glow takes an opportunity to spend a year at an Earth college, where she'll learn about Earth culture and make new friends.

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January 1 [First Day on Earth]

December 32
January 1

Earth is so big! We went to the transport building and then went through the portal and on the other side we had to do all kinds of paperwork and inspections and stuff. It was pretty intense and sometimes kind of boring.

There were ponies that helped with a lot of the process, but also some humans in offices. I didn't think they were that tall until the stallion man in one of the interview rooms got up from his desk. It made me kind of nervous.

I heard that one of the girls broke down.

We'd gone through most of the stuff earlier, so it didn't take too long. But I was getting impatient, 'cause here I was in a new world and all I was getting to see was the inside of a building with ugly brick walls. Not even any flowers to brighten it up or make it smell nicer.

There was a fake tree in one of the offices. I'm no Earth Pony, but I could keep a miniature tree alive.

When we finally got done with all of that, we had a light lunch in their cafeteria. I was assigned to a pair of humans, a mare woman and man. It's hard to remember human terms! They're going to travel with me until I get to the school, because we have to go on an airplane since there aren't any portals near the school where I'm going.

The ma woman is called Cherilyn, and the man is named Salvatore. I think they have second names, because one of the other humans called the woman Miss Sarkisian once. I didn't ask; we'd been told it was impolite to address humans by any name other than what they'd introduced themselves as, or you could add a 'Miss' or 'Mister' to be respectful.

They were very helpful. They helped me carry my bags outside—outside!—to a weird metal wagon they called a 'van.' Aquamarine joined me, 'cause we're going to almost the same place. There were a lot of vans in a little concrete yard behind the building, and other types of vehicles as well.

I didn't know that all the different kinds of vehicles had names. They all had cutie marks on their fronts and backs, and a little badge that told you what they were named. Ours was “Econoline.”

They helped me fasten myself into the seat. There were a couple of special seats for ponies in the van, and belts to hold us in place. All our luggage got loaded into the back, and then a man started up the van and drove it out of the courtyard.

We went along a winding road for a little bit, and then got to a bigger road with more vehicles on it. I thought that I'd be bored with the trip, but there was just so much to take in! Like, the roads had signs on them so that you'd know where you were, and there were other, bigger signs that pointed to restaurants and stuff. I even saw a Taco Bell: it looked just like the ones I'd seen in pictures.

I didn't really get a look at the airplane station until we'd finally arrived. The driver stopped Econoline in front of a long glass wall with glass doors in it. Miss Cherilyn and Mister Salvatore helped me with my bags, and Aquamarine's two humans helped her with hers. Then we went inside.

We went through a special area that was fenced-off from where all the people were. I was getting kind of nervous seeing that many of them around, and I could tell that Aquamarine was as well.

There was a lot more boring stuff we had to do before we were allowed to get on the airplane.

I didn't like it from the moment I set hoof in it. The windows were tiny, and it smelled funny, and then when it flew. . . .

The less said about that the better. Miss Chestnut said that we should make notes on our experiences, what we liked and what we didn't, and so that the next ponies who come will have a better time. No airplanes! It was like an out-of-control train that made my ears hurt. If it hadn't been for Aquamarine and Miss Cherilyn and Mister Salvatore, I think I would have been galloping up and down the aisle in panic.

By the end of it, my wings were sore.

The airplane station on the other end was just as big and confusing as the first one had been. We got our bags and then went outside where there was another van waiting for us. This one was smaller and rounder and named Sienna.

It took us to Aquamarine's school first. It took a while before we were away from all the buildings around the airplane station; maybe an hour. Then we'd drive through places with small forests or big open fields, and occasionally there would be a road that led to a town.

Her school was like a city, it was so big. We nuzzled each other and promised to keep in touch once we knew what our addresses were, and then she was swallowed up in all the people.

We went back to the highway—that's what Mister Salvatore said it was called—and drove for over an hour until we got to my school. I guess we're farther apart than it looked on the map.

I tried to make sense of all the things we were passing, but it just blurred together. I was totally disoriented by all the traveling; it was hard to imagine that only a day ago, I'd been saying goodbye to my family at the train station.

I perked back up once we got off the highway, though. Highways are for going long distances between places, and they don't go through towns like other roads. We sort of surged forward a bit at a time, frequently stopping for signals. Like trains, vehicles have to be told when it's safe to go.

My school is smaller than Aquamarine's. It's sort of at the top of a hill, but there are so many trees that it will be hard to see the city when they've leafed out.

Mister Salvatore and Miss Cherilyn had a packet of stuff that I'd need, like a plastic key with my picture on it which I needed in order to get things, as well as a normal key for my room.

They showed me how to use the telephone and left a little card with their telephone numbers on them, in case I needed to call them.

There was a note on my bed from my new roommate. She said that she was looking forward to meeting me when she got back from break.

I hadn't thought I'd write this much! But there was so much new stuff to see; I hardly covered any of it. I'm looking forward to meeting my new roommate. But now I'm going to get some sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.

Human toilets are weird.

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