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For the last 26 years, humanity has been fighting a losing battle with an alien collective known as the Covenant. Fleeing a battle, one UNSC ship stumbles upon the planet Equis and makes a discovery that may just change the outcome for the better. As the Covenant closes in on victory, humans and Equestrians must form a tentative alliance in order to survive the onslaught of aliens bent on their total destruction.

NOTE: Equestria is anthropomorphic in this story

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The Everfree Forest, a secluded area bordering the village of Ponyville, has been known for its dangers when ponies stumble into its shadows, never to be seen again. But when a mysterious figure is spotted, its intentions unknown, Princess Celestia personally investigates.

Is it whom she presumes it to be? And if so, what is she doing in the dreaded forest?

(Tags will be added as story progresses} (Cover art by me)

Thank you to the best friends and editors ever, BeccaBunny & Madison (Maddie)

Working on rewrite : If anybody wants the original story, it’s here

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Commissioned and conceptualized by Venerable Ro
Cover art by Jowybean

In another time, in another world, a dragon's egg is a rare treasure, one that can shape the fate of nations. In a desperate bid for possession of one, two opposing powers send it tumbling through worlds, where it inadvertently lands in the possession of a young filly named Twilight Sparkle. Now, rather than being raised at the center of a war, a dragon named Saphira gets the chance to grow up as the youngest member of the Sparkle family, with all the privileges that come from being directly under Princess Celestia's tutelage... and all the challenges, as well.

What kind of place will a dragon from another world make for herself in Equestria? Only time will tell.

A crossover with the Inheritance Cycle, specifically Eragon.

(For commission info and prices, check here, check out Patreon, or contact me directly via DM!)

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This story is a sequel to Sparkles and Scales

A collection of short stories based on Sparkle and Scales.

Twilight Sparkle may have achieved her dream of getting into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns (even after being turned into a dragon), and became the personal student of the Princess herself, but those are only the first steps on a much longer road.

Still ahead of her are her first days at her new school, trying to make new friends, understanding her changed biology, being a big sister, and discovering just what some ponies think of her new species.

She has a long way to go before she can rediscover the Elements of Harmony. These are just some of the events on the way.

Custom cover artwork by Queen Cold

This anthology gets new chapters somewhat irregularly. Check the 'Current Progress' section of my profile to see how things are progressing on future chapters.

If you like what I do, you can support me on my Pateron.

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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a mare who did not believe in fairytales, and a very different mare who did not believe in herself. Their lives intertwined, weaving together a fairytale like no other, filled with chaos and love, friends and enemies, adventures and tragedies. A fairytale they felt would last forever. But it couldn't.

Be it with a bang or with a whisper, everything eventually must come to an end, whether we like it or not—their story is no different.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, all Rarity and Twilight can do is make sure it's an ending worth telling.

Final story in The Enchanted Trilogy.

If you like my work and can afford it, please consider joining my Patreon! Funds go to paying for the chapter artworks and paying the artists more! And also helping me pay my rent ,,,,

Cover art by the fantastic Dawnfire. Chapter artworks by the incredible Arcticwaters.

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A young man lost in the hilly embrace of a mountain sleeps the night away under a knot of tree roots. When he wakes he will find himself thrust into a strange new environment, the Everfree Forest. With only his pack and his experience as a Boy Scout to aid him, he must survive, make sense of his surroundings and with some luck, ultimately find his way home. What does one do after wandering beyond the edge of the map? And better yet...

What if you are not alone?


I have been reading fan fiction here for a while and wanted to give something back.
My first fiction ever so constructive criticism is welcome. Fair warning, it takes a while for me to write a chapter so expect gaps between updates.

Rated teen for strong language

Awesome cover art by Carnelian. Seriously, the guy has major skills with how fast he drew this up.



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This story is a sequel to Starshot: Star Speaker

Three years ago, an alien spacecraft was discovered buried deep beneath the Everfree Forest. Without delay, it was excavated and thoroughly studied to the best of Equestria's capabilities. All signs pointed it being completely defunct, never to fly again.

Though unfortunately for creatures visiting it during its first day as a museum, the truth was the exact opposite.

A three hour tour of the ship has now turned into a grand tour of the galaxy. Will homesickness overtake these new explorers, or will they learn to love going where no pony has gone before?


In Part ll of the Starshot's tale, our intrepid space explorers meet the first bastion of resistance to the evil Oblivion Empire. One partially composed of a people who once swore loyalty to Luna. Unfortunately, a major difference in ideology may keep an alliance from forming.

Will they agree to disagree, or be picked off one by one by the Empire's strategic mastermind, Grand Admiral Warp Song?

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AU to a Canterlot Wedding with a twist. Shades of the movie.

Twilight left Equestria ashamed of calling Cadence evil without knowing she was replaced by Queen Chrysalis. The real Cadence was accidentally found and the Changeling invasion was foiled.

Since then Princess Celestia and her friends have been searching for Twilight.

2 years later the Crystal Empire returns and Twilight's friends are sent but it seemed that an armada led by the stern faced Tempest got there first. She is there on behalf of a new empire ruled by Queen Twilight.

20th January 2018, Featured! First of my stories that I know of to be featured on the main page!

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Their universe has come to an end, two goddesses sacrifice what is left to make sure it doesn't happen again. But fate lets them start over somewhere else...

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare she emitted during her entrance exam to Princess Celestia's school, when she was about to destroy herself along with everypony on the school grounds a deity offered the little filly a deal that would change not just her life but the world itself.

NEW cover art by Lmkyouki

Also thanks to G33kySt3v3 for helping with the editing. :pinkiehappy:

And thanks for those 8K+ views :twilightblush: and the 400+ likes :yay:

Twilight's team art by Lmkyouki

wow Featured 10-21-2018 ~ TY :twilightblush:

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Featured on Equestria Daily!

What Readers Are Saying...

"You make the waterworks happen," -Stardust_Scratch

"It has been like watching a gruesome car crash. You cannot look away from it, and it tears you apart, you are sure you are gonna have nightmares about it, but you just keep reading." -llDenkerll

"Have any of you ever accidentally’ed your way into a horror story, that was way darker than you thought it was going to be? ...I’m going to go scrub my brain down with a few hours of mindless pony fluff... I am enjoying the story I swear," -fargo11

"The ending of the last chapter left me with hope, with expectations, while the end of this chapter leaves me with sorrow, with emptiness, with hopelessness. I need more," -Anshlun

"I lack any words to describe how fucked this whole situation is. It hurts so much. Good job," -Hermaeus xerxes

"This story has some painful feels to it... I need time to think now," -Destiny Chaser

"Every time I read the witches' dialogue I feel genuinely scared... I don't have a clue of what's going to happen," -TheFaceofMercy

Starlight Glimmer had always been a difficult pony.

She's getting better, though! Really! Three years of living with the Princess of Friendship, one of the most beloved ponies in Equestria, is bound to rub off on a mare. Though Starlight continues to grapple with her insecurities and past mistakes, she never would have presumed she'd be free of the guilt - as it should be.

Yet over the years, she's come into her own as a devoted, passionate, and empathetic friend (despite a few bumps here and there).

But one day, like any other, a strange illness befalls Princess Twilight Sparkle. Starlight is driven to a foal's storybook for answers. Armed with her magic and faith, the ex-student follows a crumb trail leading to one reclusive group dwelling in the heart of an otherworldly bog. If there was any salvation for the pony who'd saved Starlight, it lay solely with them. Except when the time comes for payment to be collected, what's left behind is picked up by Twilight and her friends.

And Starlight doesn't want them to. For how can something so broken be put back together? She'd much rather save them all the trouble...

Canon divergence one year after 'The Movie,' post-season seven

Rated-T for some disturbing imagery and heavy themes concerning depression

Artwork of the Witches by Hermaeus Xerxes: https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2019/9/22/2150483.png

Starlight's Theme: Above and Beyond by Paul Dinletir
Twilight's Theme: Homecoming by Jeff Marsh
The Broken Bond Theme: The Birth of a Soul by Fran Soto

Pre-reader/Editor: JD McGregor
Cover Artist: Calenita

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