Applejack: Marvelous

by Dusty the Royal Janitor

Prologue - Excerpts from the Diary of Dr. Josef Friedrich Reinstein

Translated from German, the following documents are relevant excerpts from the journal of Doctor Josef Friedrich Reinstein, who was affiliated with HYDRA under the command of Johann Schmidt, a.k.a. Red Skull from the years 1939 until his capture in 1943. A fanatical follower of Schmidt and a firm believer in the ‘genetic perfection’ that the Nazis espoused despite himself suffering from dwarfism, he is known to be the only other scientist who has been able to come anywhere close to replicating the Super Soldier Serum used by Doctor Erskine in Project: Rebirth to create Captain America. He joined the SSR in the wake of Operation: Paperclip, and created numerous imperfect serums which remain in SHIELD’s possession to this day. (See documents 05-19-62-01: BANNER and 04-19-67-90: BLONSKY for further information)

These excerpts specifically follow Reinstein’s relationships within HYDRA’s organization, his efforts in perfecting the Super Soldier Serum, and his discovery and experimentation upon an enigmatic metahuman he believed to be an Asgardian (see file 17-04-11-01 PUENTE ANTIGUO INCIDENT for further information) whom he refers to as “Brynhildr.”

These documents were only uncovered and translated after being brought to SHIELD’s attention in the wake of “Brynhildr’s” freedom. They are to be kept as background information to be added to the files for subjects CAPTAIN AMERICA, HULK, ABOMINATION, and new subject, SHIELDMAIDEN

--- --- ---

November 2, 1939:

I met with Johann Schmidt today. He is just as charismatic and striking as everybody says! There is a commanding air about him that cannot be ignored. I was invited to dinner with him and several other officers of the Schutzstaffel. At first, I was taunted for my stature but Schmidt came to my defense, berating the officers for their treatment of me and bringing up my talents and accomplishments in genetics. I lament the fact that I do not fit into the genetic perfection that we strive for, but I must admit that I felt vindicated to have such a man as Schmidt stand up for me.

After dinner, Schmidt surprised me by bringing me aside into his office. He explained that he could have his pick of any geneticist that the Nazis had on hand, but he chose me for our aligning philosophies. He knows of my side research into ancient cultures and the occult. Though I still believe there is more to this world than meets the eye, I had shelved such studies to further my research into the genome in my attempts to help perfect the human gene. I never considered that such studies I pursued in my youth would lead to me landing such a position under such a renowned officer.

Tomorrow I begin my new job under Schmidt at Castle Kaufmann.


November 3, 1939:

It seems my excitement was not perfectly warranted. Though indeed I work under Johann Schmidt, I am assigned to be a mere assistant to another scientist: Doctor Abraham Erskine. The man is competent, though pitifully small minded. When one attempts to bring up affairs of the occult around him he merely scoffs. It’s clear, too, that he is too weak to make the necessary sacrifices for the cause. I expect I am to be his replacement. It does not seem he will last long.


November 10, 1939

I had the “pleasure” of meeting with Schmidt’s chief scientist today; a man by the name of Arnim Zola. I cannot say that I think much of him. While true, he shares the interest in the occult that Schmidt and I possess, he seems to think of it as a passing novelty more than a legitimate line of study. What’s more, his entire expertise revolves around robotics. Bah! The Nazis already have cars and tanks and u-boats! What need have we for tin soldiers? We should not dress our men up in glorified suits of armor like the barbarians of old. These are the ways of the past! Erskine and I… we are the future. We will make the need for armor obsolete. When we’re through, our soldiers will have no need for even the tanks and planes and submarines that we currently use. We will create a race of supermen that will crush the enemy with their bare hands!


November 21, 1939

Erskine, small minded and craven as he is, seems to have stumbled onto something. He revealed to me today research that he has apparently been working on for quite some time. He believes that with a particular formula of irradiated vitamins and synthetic proteins, one can create the super soldiers that herr Schmidt and I envision. The final component he needs to complete it, though, is a rare metal, nearly impossible to find on this planet.

HYDRA has just delivered a sample of this metal.

It is more than I could have imagined! I have been with HYDRA under Schmidt for less than a month and already I am achieving more than I ever did in that dingy little laboratory I had in Hamburg!

However, I have noticed Erskine acting quite shifty lately. I will keep an eye on him.


December 31, 1939

It is done!

Erskine and I have completed a prototype of our formula! He claims that it is not ready to be used. I suggested we test it on one of the POW’s. After all, if it kills them there is no great loss.

Schmidt, however, refused to test it on a POW. Should the serum work, it would not do to test it on an enemy soldier or a genetically inferior dog. He is right, of course. I need to be more thoughtful about such things if I am to impress him.


January 5, 1940

Treason! Treachery!

I knew that Erskine was a coward but I never suspected him for a traitor! The sniveling dog was in collusion with the British!

Around midnight last night, during the snowstorm, I journeyed to Erskine’s room to discuss some of my latest findings with him. When I opened his door, however, I found him talking to an intruder! A limey slag had managed to get into his room and was helping him shove much of our research into briefcases and bags! The bitch tried to attack me but I managed to stab her in the leg. Just as I was about to finish her off, though, ten British operatives jumped me and wrestled me to the ground, knocking me unconscious.

Schmidt was incensed. When he discovered the situation he grabbed the only remaining vial of serum in the lab and retreated to his quarters. I have not seen him since.

On the bright side, I guess I am his chief geneticist now.

(SHIELD Note: In the debriefing of Agent Peggy Carter after the successful extraction of Doctor Abraham Erskine, she did not mention being stabbed in the leg. She did, however, describe coming upon a craven midget of a Nazi who she knocked unconscious with a single kick to the head. Also of note is that Agent Carter wasn’t working with the British, but the American SSR, though she was known to clearly have a pronounced British accent. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that Erskine’s extraction was a solo stealth-op and Agent Carter was the only operative on site that night.)


January 6, 1940:

Herr Schmidt called me to his private chambers today. I did not know what to expect but what I found shocked me.

Schmidt… he used the serum on himself! It worked! The formula has made him inhumanly strong, durable, agile, and swift! My formula worked!

Unfortunately, it was not without some… unforseen side effects. His skin has turned bright red, like the devil himself. His hide is chapped and leathery. His nose and parts of his lips burned off his very face. He is no longer the picture of Aryan perfection he was. It is truly a tragedy.

And yet, he is not displeased. He says sees his ‘transformation’ as a sign of something greater. I am not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, given my own dwarven stature I am happy that I now have something further to relate to Herr Schmidt on… but on the other hand… his beautiful face…

As I predicted, Schmidt has made me his chief geneticist and chemist. There are several projects that he wants me to get to working on right away, though strangely he did not mention wishing for me to recreate my super soldier serum.

...I suppose it does not need to be said.

I will get to work on recreating it straight away! I will perfect it! Herr Schmidt’s test has been very enlightening and no more of our soldiers shall have to suffer his fate once I am through. I am positive that I can recreate my formula, despite Erskine’s treasonous theft of all our notes.

My work will lead us to glory!


March 14, 1940:

Herr Schmidt has relocated me to a weapons manufacturing facility in Austria; one of many bases he has gained control over since his transformation. While I am pleased to have a larger workplace, I am saddened that I am no longer working alongside Schmidt, whose newest main base of operations is in the Italian alps.

Schmidt believes that the Fuhrer has turned on him because he no longer fits the ‘Aryan ideal.’ He sees his new base as an exile rather than a promotion. I am certain he will cheer up with time. Still, he has been quite grumpy lately… more than usual...

Anyway! Since that day I have been… unsuccessful in recreating the serum. Part of this is because, with my new station as head geneticist, Schmidt has me working on multiple projects for him. Some of them are as simple as poring through books looking for hints of the occult. I find these jobs fascinating and rewarding. I feel like I am truly connecting to Schmidt when I do this, looking for such artifacts as the dread Darkhold or the crimson gem of Cyttorak or the legendary hammer of Thor, Mjolnir. I am sure I will one day please him with a brilliant find!

Other jobs he’s had me working on have been far less rewarding, though. One of my more recent assignments is to create a new medical treatment to save wounded soldiers. Bah! If a soldier falls in battle then they were inferior and not worth being saved! Still, if Schmidt demands it of me, I shall complete this job to the best of my abilities.

I will also continue working on the serum. Recalling all the details from memory has proven… more difficult than I expected. Damn that treasonous thief, Erskine!


May 3, 1940:

I have heard treasonous soldiers around the base referring to the honorable herr Schmidt as the “Red Skull.” How infuriating! To speak of such a man with such disrespect!

Of course, I reported them to Schmidt straightaway.

They made excellent test subjects. A shame the serum still does not work. I have never seen a human body liquefy quite so rapidly.

Must continue working.

August 30, 1940:

I have finally, finally, managed to complete the medical treatment that Schmidt assigned me so many months ago.

I call my new invention “Suspension Gel.”

Effectively, this gelatin places wounded soldiers into suspended animation by slowing blood flow down to a near crawl and causing neural responses to become undetectable. It is as if the soldier is frozen in time! While submerged in the gel, wounded soldiers can be operated upon more safely, without losing blood or tissue necrotizing. Antibiotics can be administered before bacteria has time to take hold and infect. It even removes the need for anesthetic, as the drastically slowed neural responses put the wounded into a deep sleep they cannot wake from until they are removed from the gel.

The one drawback, however, is that if the soldier is suspended in the gel for longer than an hour, they do not ever come out of “suspension.” They are effectively dead and of no further use to HYDRA or the Reich.

As formidable a success as the creation of this gel is, I must get back to working on the super soldier serum. I have spent too long away from it chasing other projects. I will do anything for Herr Schmidt, but I must admit, I am confused why he continues to saddle me with other projects when I am so close to recreating the serum.

I am sure he has his reasons.


September 5, 1940:

Arnim Zola dropped by the base today. He called me a superstitious idiot and an incompetent buffoon. And then he had the GALL to claim that the only reason the suspension gel finally worked was because he completed my research in Schmidt’s base in Italy!

And then made a crack about my height.

These lies… this insult… it brings me to madness! I would report his insubordination to Schmidt but for some reason he still thinks Zola is necessary. I cannot fathom why. Our vision is so much greater than his.

If anything, it has only strengthened my resolve to finish the super soldier serum. I will show Zola! I will show him who is the scientist supreme!

And then I will slide in the knife.


SHIELD Note: For the rest of 1940 through the middle of 1942, there is little of substance. Reinstein’s notes get more and more maddened and incoherent as he fails to uncover the secret of the super soldier serum. There are several references to searches for occult artifacts, all of which are dead ends, and several other experiments that never yield results. There are references to Schmidt growing displeased with Reinstein, who grows ever more sycophantic and intimidated and worshipful of him. There are also references to Arnim Zola and fantasized scenarios of what Reinstein intends to do to him, what he intends to do to his mother, and what he intends to do to his dog. His entries grow paranoid that Schmidt is planning to replace him entirely with Zola and his ‘tinker toys,’ and his efforts to find the secret of the serum grow ever more fervent with detailed descriptions of numerous test subjects and the, in this agent’s opinion, frankly horrifying effects that they have on the human body.
The next relevant entry does not occur until 1942, when Johan Schmidt and Arnim Zola gained possession of the Tesseract (a discovery that was notably NOT aided by Reinstein) and tested it in the HYDRA headquarters in the Italian Alps.


March 22, 1942:

I cannot believe this!

That snake!

The Incubus Zola has seduced Schmidt into letting him test his ultimate find!

The jewel of Odin’s Horde should have been mine to test! The honor should have been mine! I was the one who pored over hundreds of ancient tomes, helping Schmidt to find the occult artifacts he desired! ME! Zola dismissed them as mere curiosities! I was the one who believed in Schmidt’s vision! It was me all along!

It’s Zola! It must be Zola! He’s the reason that Schmidt is angry with me! He’s been feeding him lies! Turning him against me! He will rue the day he messed with Josef Reinstein!

When I get ahold of Zola, I will remove his limbs then cauterize the stumps with molten tar! I will slice out his eyes and his tongue and feed them to him! I will hack off his genitals with a rusty scalpel and feed them to the guard dogs! And only then will I use him as a test subject for my serum! One of the older ones I know to be faulty!

Then Schmidt will see! He will see that I have been his one true friend this whole time!


March 23, 1942:

A miracle happened today. I have been witness to a Goddess!

A report came in from the nearby village. A woman, naked as the day she was born, was rampaging through the town, destroying our blockades, our weapons, our trucks, and our supplies. She was described as beastly, animalistic, and without sense, as if she could not make sense of the world around her. She was said to be speaking English, but with a foreign, unplaceable accent so thick it was surely not of this world.

But the things this woman was said to do…

Bullets bounced off of her like they were merely corks from a child’s popgun! She was said to lift trucks above her head and tossing them like they were made of cloth and feather! They said she was unsteady on her feet, as if she was not used to having human form, but despite her unsteady, clumsy gait she ran faster than our motorcycles!

I had to see this woman… this goddess… for myself.

I jumped on the next troop transport leaving for the village. That is when I saw her… my Goddess…

She was fire. She was fury. She was iron and blood. She was strength and speed and beastly spirit. She was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. The perfect picture of Aryan beauty. Her hair was as golden as the throne of God himself. Her eyes were greener than the most vast of seas. Her skin was a flawless, creamy white with only the barest dusting of freckles upon her nose, cheeks, and bosoms, which massively heaved as she fought naked as Eve herself. She stood taller than any man on the field, with corded muscle and sinew that would require years of dedication for a mere mortal man. I watched her rip apart a Volkswagon with her bare hands. She tore through our forces like they were tissue paper. Wherever she trod, men fell like dominoes.

In the end, it took a shell from a tank to finally so much as knock her unconscious. Even then, there was not a speck of her own blood spilled. As quick as I could, I had her suspended in my suspension gel, where she has remained ever since. Surely a goddess like her will be able to take the rigors upon the body that the gel demands.

For that can only be what she is: a Goddess. Brought to my doorstep by fate.

I can only speculate that when Zola tested Odin’s Jewel, there were aftershocks in space itself. Like throwing a stone into a pond, his tests sent ripples through time and space, opening a portal. To where? I can only assume to Asgard itself. It was Odin’s Jewel, after all.

A Goddess… A Valkyrie… Fate has brought me a Valkyrie!

Oh the delicious irony. All this time Zola has spent trying to destroy me but by robbing me of my rightful place at herr Schmidt’s side, he has given me the means to undo him and reclaim my rightful place. And it will all be thanks to my Goddess… My Valkyrie…

...My Brynhildr.


March 24, 1942:

The needles break against her skin. I shall have to find other means of extracting her genetic material.


March 26, 1942:

Sometimes I spend hours just staring at her.

She is so beautiful as she sleeps…

Together, my dear… My Goddess… we will rid the world of its imperfections. Just you and I


March 30, 1942:

I have managed to extract her genes through her saliva. I will incorporate it into my latest batches of super soldier serum.


July 12, 1942:

Success! With the perfect genes of my Goddess, I have managed to create a serum that does not cause test subjects to liquefy! Or necrotize! Or spontaneously combust!

...I shall have to do something about those tumors though.


August 1, 1942:

I see her in my dreams. She speaks to me.

She holds me close to her bosom with her massive, muscled arms… so strong and yet so gentle. She looks deep into my eyes with her deep, endless, emerald irises. She whispers into my ear with those pillowy lips of hers. She speaks in her strange, otherworldly accent and tells me that she believes in me. She knows that I will perfect the formula. She knows I will perfect humanity.

She tells me she loves me.

I won’t let her down! I can’t let her down!


December 18, 1942:

Brynhildr was right! I did it! I have finally created a version of the serum that works!


The test subject did gain inhuman strength and speed and durability. It also sloughed off its skin as its muscles grew too big for its skin to keep up. The thing was hunched over, bleeding profusely and begging for death. We tried to shoot it in the head but the bullet bounced off.

So we burned it with our flamethrowers.

A step in the right direction, though!


January 30, 1943:

The latest batch of serum causes skeletal and muscular mutations, but not so much that the subject is in perpetual pain. Other mutations include sharpening of the teeth, claw growth on the hands and feet, and hair loss.

The big problem is the insanity.

Once injected, test subjects fly into a wild rage, destroying everything in their path. And though they are bulletproof, luckily, they are still not resistant to the flamethrowers.

We can do this Brynhildr. We’ll do it together!


March 12, 1943:

There is an energy about her.

I feel it when I’m near her. A tingling, like static electricity. Surely it must be magic.

I wish I could wake her up, but the men are acting out. They call me names. They compare me to Frankenstein from that British whore’s novel. Many of them run like mice when they see I’m about to conduct a new experiment. So what if a few test subjects have broken out and massacred a few dozen of them? That is no excuse for cowardice!

The only thing keeping them in line is the threat that I might unleash her upon them if they dare betray me. They remember the village. They remember how she tossed trucks about like toys.

And unfortunately, until my experiment is completed, I still have need of them.

I will wake her… I will wake her when the job is done. She will wake and be delighted to see the glorious gift I have ready for her.

And then we will slaughter them all.


May 29, 1943:

I have found another piece to the puzzle, Brynhildr!

Exposure of the serum to cryogenic conditions causes a delay in the mutations. Subjects go several days without experiencing mutations! For up to a week after injection, they show the benefits of the serum without the drawbacks!

...of course they still mutate eventually. Still, progress!


October 1, 1943:

I am nearing success! Since June, I have managed to reduce mutations by 95 percent!

There is still some mental disability. Test subjects begin to express megalomania, sociopathic tendencies, and are prone to violent outbursts, but it is not the beastly, monstrous, rage-fueled insanity of previous subjects. I have determined the current psychological effects to be within acceptable range.

There are still some physical mutations as well, most notably, the spinal column becomes slightly deformed. Still, this is acceptable. It will not be noticeable through clothing. Surely our soldiers will be wearing shirts.

The one major flaw is in the test subjects’ skin. The serum causes their skin to turn a dark brown.

Well, back to the drawing board.


October 15, 1943:

Now it’s turning orange.

This is getting silly.


October 25, 1943:

I am so close. I can feel it.

I had another dream last night. Herr Schmidt, Brynhildr, and I stood upon the balcony of a castle tower, looking down upon our land. Hundreds of thousands of men and women, each standing two meters tall and as musclebound as Adonis himself. We own all of Europe.

Schmidt congratulates me, before pinning a medal on my chest. His face is back to normal. I stand as tall as he does. Brynhildr takes me into her arms and kisses me deeply.

This reality is so close, I can almost taste it.


October 31, 1943:

We captured a new batch of prisoners today. That’s good. I was actually beginning to run low on test subjects.


November 5, 1943:

Schmidt is coming! He’s coming here! Tomorrow! I am so excited! Surely he will see the work I have done and he will finally dump that troll Zola and bring me back into the fold!

We’re going to make it, Brynhildr! This is our chance!


November 6, 1943:

...Zola is here too.


November 7, 1943:

I have an appointment with Schmidt tomorrow. When I told him about my work he was dismissive of me. I can only assume Zola has been hard at work turning him against me.

Zola practically confessed to it when I met him in the corridor. He says that Schmidt sees me as a mistake and a fool. He says that Schmidt is no longer interested in the serum and hasn’t been since his transformation. He says that I’m a waste of resources and that tomorrow Schmidt will surely fire me.

Ha! I see through his lies, Brynhildr. When Schmidt sees what I’ve created he will bring me back to his side and cast Zola out to the wolves!

Tomorrow, it ends.

I have ordered one final POW be brought to my laboratory tomorrow evening for demonstration... some American fool. I actually feel compelled to learn his name, as he will be the one I use to finally prove myself to Schmidt.

James Buchanan Barnes.

Thank you, James. You will be the final stepping stone to my rightful place in our thousand year reich, where I will reign alongside Schmidt and Brynhildr.


SHIELD Note: On November 8, 1943, Captain Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America raided the HYDRA weapons manufacturing facility in Kreischberg, Austria. Sergeant James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes was rescued, and though a puncture wound from a syringe was found, neither any enhanced abilities, nor ill effects were seen in the soldier at any time prior to his death in 1945.

Doctor Josef Friedrich Reinstein was spotted by American operatives wheeling a capsule marked “Brynhilde” into the back of a truck, while also carrying a briefcase full of his notes. When Doctor Reinstein attempted to get into the cab of the truck, however, one of the soldiers kicked him out and sent him tumbling, calling him a sick freak. Josef Reinstein and his research were taken into custody and he spent the next two years as a POW.

In 1945, after the death of Johann Schmidt and the perceived death of Captain America, Agent Peggy Carter of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) and the remaining members of the paramilitary group known as the Howling Commandos raided a HYDRA storage facility run by Werner Reinhardt elsewhere in Austria. Multiple strange and unidentifiable artifacts were found and loaded into crates. One of them, marked SSR Item 0-8-5, was a capsule marked with the Hydra logo, the Nazi swastika, and a label painted down the side reading “Brynhildr.”

Also in 1945, after it was revealed that Doctor Reinstein had been working on the same serum that had given Captain Steve Rogers his abilities as Captain America, he was brought on board with the SSR during Operation: Paperclip. The following are the few journal entries we could find from that period.


December 1, 1945:

Oh, Brynhildr

The American dogs… they want me to recreate the serum. But I cannot. It is impossible without you.

I have all of my research. All of my notes. But I can’t. It’s impossible if you aren’t here beside me.

I sit here, the damn yankees controlling my every move. I am not allowed to leave. They drive me like a slave.

The worst part is, Arnim Zola is here too.

Perhaps I am in hell.


December 23, 1945:

With the notes I have on hand, I have managed to produce a greatly inferior serum with reduced effects akin to what I was creating back in October of 1943. I have managed to fix the skin coloration issues, finally, but without you to draw from, Brynhildr, they have lost nearly all of your godly durability and strength. And the spinal mutations and psychological effects still remain.

Oh sure, test subjects are faster and stronger and more durable and agile than the average human, but they no longer compare to your ferocity. The titanic power you showed on that day in the village, that primal, unearthly strength… it is gone.

The Americans are so small minded. They’re satisfied with the minimal strength I can grant them…

...except they object to the psychological effects. They want me to rid the serum of that now.

Fools. Narrow minded fools, all of them.

Damn Erskine for his pitiful “Captain America.” If I had been granted just one day longer, I would have shown him what a real super soldier could be.


SHIELD Note: Reinstein continued to work on the super soldier serum, attempting to eliminate the psychological effects of the formula through 1946 with little success. His entries become shorter and shorter, mostly consisting of badmouthing his American captors, Abraham Erskine, Arnim Zola, and Captain America. Occasionally he would mourn for Johann Schmidt or pine for Brynhildr. After a year, though, he begins to receive messages from an outside agent.


January 21, 1947:


Hope springs anew!

I have been contacted by an agent from the Soviet Union by the name of Yuri Topolov. He claims to be an agent of a Soviet research branch called Leviathan.

I have no love for the Soviets. They were as guilty of bringing down our glorious Reich as the Americans. However, as I was about to dismiss him he said something that made my heart leap into my throat.

They have Brynhildr.

A piece of her anyway. Apparently they managed to retrieve the frozen corpse of James Buchanan Barnes. The last test subject before that infernal Captain America stormed my laboratory.

She’s there.

In his blood.

They have offered to take me away from this place if I bring them a sample of the current serum and all of my research. I am to slip away and meet them at the docks at ten o’clock tomorrow night. They will take me to the Soviet Union, where I will be reunited with my beloved Brynhildr!

It will be difficult. I shall have to clone her from the DNA preserved in Barnes’ blood. Once I recreate her, though, with the research I currently have, I can finally create the perfect version of the serum! Truly the night is darkest before the dawn! After two long years of hopelessness, Brynhildr, finally, I am coming back to you!

--- --- ---

If this agent may add a personal note, Doctor Josef Friedrich Reinstein was an idiot. Of course the SSR was monitoring him every night as he wrote in his journal, and of course they were happy to meet him and his new friends from Leviathan the following night at the docks.

In the ensuing shootout, ten Leviathan agents, including Yuri Topolov, were killed and their boat was disabled. Three agents were taken into custody, though they later committed suicide via cyanide pills implanted in their jaws. Only one SSR agent was wounded and made a full recovery.

Doctor Reinstein’s briefcase, which contained all of his notes and research, was burned and unrecoverable after an oil barrel exploded and it caught aflame. Since then, nobody has been able to figure out the riddle of Doctor Erskine’s formula, or the twisted variation Doctor Reinstein created. Several samples of Reinstein’s formula remained in SHIELD’s possession for decades in cold storage. Due to the purported psychological effects of the compound, though, nobody was willing to use them until General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross unearthed them in 2002 for his experiments with Doctor Bruce Banner, and later in 2008 for use upon Captain Emil Blonsky.

As for Doctor Josef Friedrich Reinstein himself, neither his body, nor the serum sample he brought to the docks, were ever recovered. If he managed to escape then he has not been seen since. After 65 years since the incident and with the Doctor pushing 50 at the time he is presumed deceased.

Object 0-8-5 a.k.a. Brynhildr remained in cold storage in a SHIELD storage facility in the Mojave Desert for the next 67 years. This storage facility was eventually repurposed into the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility after the recruitment of Doctor Erik Selvig following the Puente Antiguo Incident.

This concludes all confirmed background information on Object 0-8-5, a.k.a. Brynhildr, a.k.a. Shieldmaiden, a.k.a. Jacelyn Applewood.

- Agent Eric O’Grady, SHIELD Archivist, SN:IA-M122006, Clearance Level 3