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Even then I am sure since her S2 design shows her powers are starting to work.
Just seems embarrassing for her to fall to a mind-control spell given how magic with the mind is in her expertise(given the whole dreamguarding thing)
Its still seriously embarrassing for her to fall like that.

Did the writers even explained where was she? I only recall someone saying they forgotten about her till when the finale was almost finished production.

Hows PMs btw?

I know she got knocked out easily, but think about it.

  1. Luna was trapped on the moon for 1,000 years so her power could have potentially weakened, but Nightmare Moon was still strong enough to take out the Royal Guard because they got too relaxed after 1,000 years of peace so they weren't ready to face any threat.
  2. Luna was weakened by the Elements so by the time she had her magic restored, she didn't have any of her prior combat training to be prepared for an ambush.
  3. Chrysalis could have convinced Luna to eat or drink something drugged to make her pass out or Chrysalis could have used the same Mind Control spell she used on Shining.

So she easily got taken out off-screen? That sure makes it worse..

How are PMs going btw?

Probably on look out, but was possibly either knocked out by force or drugged.

Wonder where was Luna during the season 2 finale?
Given how the show apparently had her miss out on the wedding entirely and show up at the end not knowing what happened apparently.

  • Viewing 112 - 116 of 116
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