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Storyteller. Artist. Philosopher. Professional nerd. Hardcore My Little Pony fan. Whichever you prefer. Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MorganRayHess

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Hello, FIMFiction! I am Morgan Hess.
I am an enormous My Little Pony fan who loves writing above all things and thinks that My Little Pony is perhaps the best base for fan fiction of all time- after all, it's got amazing characters and a very open-ended world!
I plan to write a TON of stories for My Little Pony, all of the very highest quality. If I start a story, I PROMISE it will never become a dead fic, unless I die or something extremely drastic like that.
I am writing a very large, ambitious story: MLP. This is my flagship My Little Pony fic; the magnum opus of my FimFiction career. It'll be huge, it'll be epic, it'll have ideas from many of my and others' fics, and it'll be the ULTIMATE love letter to both My Little Pony and the many amazing fan works it's inspired. I'm going to adapt it into a manga, JRPG, and (hopefully) anime, so please read and share it!
And lastly, I'm also a professional author; if you like what you see here, you can find other projects on my website: Morgan Ray Hess
Here's to My Little Pony, one of the best shows EVER!


Flagship Fic Announcement · 5:31am May 29th, 2016

I wish to change the world with my art.

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Rainbow Announcement · 5:33am Mar 4th, 2017

Alright. I've been waiting ten years for this moment, so here it goes.

I am going to begin posting the final draft of my original novel, Rainbow, to my website: http://morganrayhess.com/?page_id=552 on Friday, March tenth.

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Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st
Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st

2512076 Sorry, I had to finish a homework assignment.

Here's what I suggest: I'll work on getting back on track over the next few days, then I'll PM you over Twitter to let you know when I'll be available. Sound good?

Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st
Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st
Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st
Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st

2512066 No; I've just not been able to go onto Twitter much.

Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st

2512061 Well, I'm having to balance out working on it with keeping my mom sated.

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Comment posted by DELETEMYACCOUNTPLS deleted February 1st

2436361 A simple one-sentence summary would have been more than nessecary, but I get what you mean.

I'm making my stories to be similar. The original prologue for Shadows of Konora (before I made major modifications) had an Arcane that killed anything it came across, but only ate the animal carcasses. The Human corpses it decorated its cave with. When it found the two characters that found it, it ripped the first one in half. There was no more description than that, but it's still pretty dark. And that was about how I going to have the whole series: happy one moment, very dark the next. In the first chapter, the main character's village gets attacked by Arcane and she was the only survivor. And it was her sister who sent the Arcane to attack her village.

In the prequel to that, Konora is ruled by a group of evil beings known as the Unseelie Court. (Think of them like Satsuki Kiryuin and the Elite Four, but about as evil as Ragyo.) Two members of the Unseelie Court are especially bad; General Gullard, leader of the Ogre army, is rapey; and Queen Titania Black (or just Madam Black), the Fairy queen, likes to hypnotize her victims.

On the contrary, though, I will have more comedic elements in my stories as well. I've imagined a Succubus that doesn't wish to have sex, but instead only seeks a romantic, meaningful relationship. The only problem it she accidentally kills everyone she kisses. She's kind of like Rogue from the X-Men in that way.

2436051 Grab a seat; this is gonna take a while.

The quickest answer is: it's going to be a little more mature. To elaborate a little on this: the explicitness of sex/violence and the tone of seriousness and drama is going to be approximately the same, but the subject matter is going to be significantly darker. In fact, Rainbow is going to be the darkest thing I'll ever make.

That isn't to say that Rainbow is going to be ridiculously bleak or depressing like Madoka Magica or Death of a Salesman or something like that; the tone is pretty well established in the chapters you've already read. In fact, the description of Avion's life in the second chapter is probably the most depressing thing in it. But even though I've designed the thing to have an atmosphere of wonder and childlike awe woven through it, I'm going to give it brief peeks into darkness such as the exposition on Avion- and these flashes of horror are going to be blacker than anything from any of my other works.

You've been reading MLP, so you probably already have a pretty good idea of what it'll be like. I think you'll agree that MLP is a fairly sunny, though sometimes melancholic work, but I still pepper it with scenes such as Spike's worrying over his sister potentially being forced into sexual slavery and Celestia confiding in Twilight that defending the world has grown almost despairingly wearisome. The reason that I do this is as an artist I am obsessed with straddling the border that divides "What do you mean, it's for kids?" from, "What do you mean, it's not for kids?," and the reason for that is because I think that everyone- both kids and adults- deserves to have work that is enjoyable, engaging, compelling, and thought-provoking. It is for that reason that I attempt to emulate such works as Harry Potter, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and (of course) MLP:FiM. I consider all of these works to be "fun" and "exciting" enough that kids can really enjoy them, but they're still thought-provoking and deep enough to really intellectually stimulate even brilliant adults, and their subjects are mature enough to teach valuable lessons, though they are subtly-delivered enough that it's not overwhelmingly disturbing. A proverbial "spoon full of sugar," if you will.

You might have already read my blog post on the dark undercurrents I see in MLP:FiM, so just to quickly recap: as an example, Discord gives off a very rape-ey vibe, such as when he strokes/touches Twilight, stalks Fluttershy, materializes in Spike's bed, or watches the CMC's dress. Likewise, in Harry Potter, Voldemort was conceived by his mother date-raping his father, and in Avatar: the Last Airbender, it is strongly implied that Azula is sexually abused by Ozai. I applaud all of these works for doing this, because as it turns out, it's something kids need to know about, and they especially need to know how to deal with it if it happens.

With that out of the way, here's a taste of some of the worst things to come in Rainbow:

I have two characters in my book who are absolutely, irredeemably evil. One is a witch who is essentially a mix between Maleficent, Queen Grimhilde, and Ragyo Kiryuin. The most prominent trait of her personality is that she is a sadistic psychopath who lives only to cause as much hurt and suffering to others as she possibly can. In fact, she has children with men exclusively for the purpose of using them as her own personal sex toys. The other Complete Monster is basically what you get when you mix Voldemort, Sauron, Ted Bundy, and Kefka Pallazo. Like the witch, he is a sadistic, perversely twisted psychopath, but unlike the witch he is very collected, subtle, and calculating. While the witch bombastically shows off her powers to everyone around her and tortures her victims as publicly and humiliatingly as she possibly can, the warlock focuses instead on slowly destroying his victims' lives from the shadows piece by piece. He wants nothing more than to watch the world burn, and everything he does is to further that goal.

However, I don't plan to make these two obviously disturbing all the time; think of, eh... um... Frieza from DBZA. You can tell that he's rotten to the core, but his disturbingness is usually diluted by the fact that he's so hammy, funny, and flamboyant that he becomes very entertaining. Of course, he can be chillingly terrifying when the need arises, but those brief moments are made all the more terrifying because of their rarity. Same sort of deal with the Joker. I plan to do the same thing with my book; make no mistake, these villains haven't an ounce of good in them, but like Palpatine I plan to make them so fun to watch (most of the time) that people will be too entertained to care anyway.

I don't do gorn and I don't do porn, so the violence and sex will only go so far as MLP. To sum up, the idealistic, wondrous highs will be higher, while the dark, bleak lows will be lower, so Rainbow will average out to be about as mature as MLP.

Did I explain it well? :rainbowhuh:

2436028 Well, MLP is very mature (and not what you'd expect from a T-rated story). I can only assume that your original story will be more so. So far, however, it's been very tame (if you don't count the references to Aaron's festishes). So, will the rest of the book be as tame, with only references to the mature stuff, or will it be much more mature?

I have a question: How mature is Rainbow going to be?

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