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I don't care what buttons you press on my stories. I care about what you have to say. That means I like comments more than favorites. Just to be clear.

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The Capacity for Self-Improvement · 12:35pm April 16th

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Hap-py birth-day, Mo-ri-ar-ty...

Happy birthday to me.

Tinker by Chris Rahn

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Comment posted by PresentPerfect deleted June 14th


Nah, it's fine! Ambiguity is only fun when both parties are intrigued! Otherwise, it ends up being... too much WTF and not enough "oh, you don't say? Do go on..."

I get it. Either way, happy to follow! Cheers!

2445042 Ah, I see.

Apologies for killing the ambiguity there, I was just very confused.

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