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An upvote can mean anything. Words, though... words mean something. Use your words, please.

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How Hard it is to Turn the Page: Dealing with Grief & Writing What You Know · 12:29am January 9th

I didn't really realize what I was writing about when I wrote In the Dark of the Wood. I wanted to write something before the year was officially over, and for some reason I had an Applejack itch. I started looking through the impressive gallery of NCMares, an artist who I knew was A) one of my favorites and B) did a lot of Applejack, knowing I'd hit my inspiration when I saw it. I hit on the cover art for the piece, and in the terrifying, only semi-consensual way that my brain works,

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that fucking avatar

you god among men

Implying that's a good thing, eh?

Thanks, weirdo. Always nice to know the first one stuck around.

Congrats on 400 stalkers, yo!

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