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An upvote can mean anything. Words, though... words mean something. Use your words, please.

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A Reading? For Me? · 5:30pm August 3rd

So, yeah. Apparently some dude going by the name of Illya Leonov did a reading of one of the short stories in my Magic: The Gathering-themed collection. Specifically, I Have No Ears, And I Must Hear.

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Please, there's no need to rush out the door. I needed to let some air in the place anyway.

Stay awhile. Pull up a chair, relax, put your money where your mouth is on the whole upvotes and comments business.

I've always felt votes were just a useless statistic designed to stimulate an emotional response. Your story got tons of likes? You feel pretty good about it. Tons of downvotes? Well, that sucks.

The problem arises when people conflate popularity with quality. A story got tons of likes, therefore it must be good. A story got tons of dislikes, therefore it must suck. I'd say, more often than not, people endorse the things they like and vice-versa. It's an okay metric to judge a story's quality by, usually, but there's the odd outlier that defies this rule. It happened with I Pinkie Promise We're Not Bad Guys, and it happened with The Room.

Strangely enough, I really only see bad stories get ridiculous amounts of praise. The only scenario in which I can see a good story getting ridiculous amounts of criticism is if the story's topic was taboo for some reason. Maybe I've done a good job in avoiding that part of fimfiction.

Well, you won't have to worry about that from me. Unless the story has no perceivable flaws, I will usually point them out as I read them.

Oh, and sorry I barged into your space and asserted myself. I'll fix the door before I leave. :twilightblush:

Je comprends completely. Same here though I do like the up votes in the vaguest sense it is feedback of a kind.

Well, literally every favorite I get, I respond by saying I'm glad they enjoyed the story, and that feedback is always appreciated.

It basically never works.

I just leave that motto there, and pretend that some of the comments on my stuff is because that message is up there. Otherwise, I just resign myself to the silent ticking upward of the meaningless upvote counter.

Don't we all. How do you get people to give you feedback I have found it's like pulling teeth. Especially for the down voters.

  • Viewing 237 - 241 of 241
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