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I don't care what buttons you press on my stories. I care about what you have to say. That means I like comments more than favorites. Just to be clear.

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A Reading? For Me? · 5:30pm August 3rd

So, yeah. Apparently some dude going by the name of Illya Leonov did a reading of one of the short stories in my Magic: The Gathering-themed collection. Specifically, I Have No Ears, And I Must Hear.

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Je comprends completely. Same here though I do like the up votes in the vaguest sense it is feedback of a kind.

Well, literally every favorite I get, I respond by saying I'm glad they enjoyed the story, and that feedback is always appreciated.

It basically never works.

I just leave that motto there, and pretend that some of the comments on my stuff is because that message is up there. Otherwise, I just resign myself to the silent ticking upward of the meaningless upvote counter.

Don't we all. How do you get people to give you feedback I have found it's like pulling teeth. Especially for the down voters.

Such would require a world where cybernetics are a part of the general population and are directly linked to one's emotions, and yet for any variety of reasons our emotions have not been rendered freely alterable by easy-to-access switches.

That is funny. Now I am looking forward to when self-improvement books will include technical Schematics.

  • Viewing 235 - 239 of 239
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