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It's a sunny afternoon, and all of the girls have managed to gather for a picnic on a hill.

Each has drifted in their own way; life has called them somewhere else.

Twilight Sparkle struggles to bring them back together: to make those giddy times return.

You have to learn how to say goodbye in life. Goodbye to friends and farewell to family.

But, sometimes, there's the odd few that will always be with you.

Cover by Deannart!

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I haven't read any of your other stories before, but seeing the growth and success you've had, and seeing as this is your last story, I tip my hat to you. 250 stories are quite the number and considering your constantly good ratings combined with this story here, I can say it's been a pleasure to have such a brilliant author in our midst. So long, my good fellow!

"There comes a time we must realize, all good things must come to an end...."

Farewell, B, and may you find something better.

- C, Spazz Kid

Hillbe #3 · Aug 5th, 2022 · · 1 ·

May your journey be just a continuing adventure.
Thank you for bringing us along

you fool, you beautiful wonderful fool you forgot one of the most important lessons in life there's no such thing as a true ending just a new beginning

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

Frank Herbert

Farewell, B_25; may the magic of friendship sustain you in the next chapter of your life, and every chapter thereafter.

In these last words we etch, the ones we spend seconds, minutes, hours, they will be repeated across time. Not from our mouths, but the meaning behind them. When this show ended, it brought a sober experience, the time when the fandom was at it's peak, that last page of that book. It felt as though it was the end of ours as well. Being so attached to the story we loved so much gave so much weight to it's goodbye.

No matter how much time passes, whether it be a couple years to a decade. I will remember what we made together, the stories we laughed, loved, and cried over. The words we replay in our heads, the morals and lessons we learned together, that was our legacy. And it will reach across others through thick and thin, we will all continue to make stories. We may lose our pens, lose that touch to write another word, to feel as though we've given everything. And that is the moment that you should know, your story has reached across millions, whether vocal or not, they are there or will be there. Your phantom touch will linger across all, to me, I took a picture of this fandom, the great works that it produced, the lives I saw change. I'm not that sad that I may not be in that picture, because I got to see it in the first place. And it will always be immortalized in my heart, I'm glad you were part of that picture, B.

I wish you the best no matter what happens, you have been captured into that photograph, and I will never forget that.

Thanks for your stories. If you plan on posting somewhere else let us know. You will be missed.

Dustchu #10 · Aug 5th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Damn, really leaving? It's a shame, but I understand, man, I do. It was a pleasure having met you at the cons and a bigger one to read and write with you. Safe travels B, you're an absolute homie.

Peace and love man.

Wish you well and I hope you check out the site from time to time!

Ah, so you're moving on. Congrats, my dude. You've got a lot of life ahead of you. I wish you the best on all of it. The greatest of luck as well. Stay safe and remember to take care of yourself. You're an inspiration. Catch you on the flipside.

Last one, huh? It's a bummer to see you go, but everyone has their time. I've only read a select few of your stories of the friendlier ratings, but the ones I read I certainly enjoyed, and the same goes for this one. Good luck in all your future endeavors! :twilightsmile:

I honestly feel pain that this will be the last. But this is a huge milestone, yet... it feels like the last. Farewell partner, and may destiny guide you to wherever you go.

See you later, space cowboy. Hope you find greener pastures.

Oh shit this is the last one for real? Well, considering how long you have been doing this it makes sense.....gonna miss it but if you get the feeling its time to move on, ride your horse off into the sunset.

Thank you for your many,MANY words here.

You have written a total of 3,007,601 words across 250 stories, which seem to be mostly rated quite well. And you've even manged to have multiple stories in the feature box as I am typing this. Which, frankly, sounds like going out with a bang if you ask me.
Thank you for all the horsewords. I don't what you'll be doing next, but I have a feeling you'll be great at it. Take care, and have a Derpy :derpytongue2:

Best of luck mate, thanks for the stories 👍


Cute little story. Alas that I didn't discover you until the end. Well, god speed and good luck with the rest of your life. Peace. :pinkiesmile:

Godspeed B let nothing stop your success!

Naw man, thank you for the memories. Stay safe out there, let's see if we run across one another again, eh?

Best of luck on all your adventures yet to come!

I discovered you right at the end. I don't know your circumstances, but if you ever want to come out of retirement, the fandom will still be here for you. 😊

Even with your last story, you're giving me a lot to think about. "There's always another story, but we all have our favorites." That's a slice of a thought that I'm not quite yet able to grasp. I'll have to come back to this story, maybe many times, to understand it.

Thanks for everything, B. I enjoyed meeting you over profile posts and blog posts, I loved meeting you at BronyCon, and you've genuinely made my life better by convincing me to start blogging. I'm sorry for all you've had to go through. You're a good person, and you deserve a great life.

I love you. I'll see you around.

We'll all miss you, B

Thanks for the ride B. Good luck out there.

Thank you for noticing the theme

We fear our story being over.

That all that is left is to linger until the end.

There's hope in having another story to tell. That because one has closed doesn't mean another can't open. In having another book to fill, that means there is still more to do, that there's another adventure to undergo.

We'll miss the stories/times we were a part of for the essence that is imbued within them. But in going back to read the stories and blogs, the words of those times, we can experience the blisses and torments of that era again.

It's an important theme.

Love you too, man.

I owe you a blog.
~ Yr. Pal, B

[PS. Who would have thunk my last story and afterword would be so short?]

To quite Atrus' ending monologue from Riven.

"And now, I am at rest, understanding that in Books, and Ages, and life... the ending can never truly be written."

I will miss you soo much. You are one of my favorite writer ever!:pinkiesad2:

Regardless. It was fun, and whatever your plans for the future are, I pray for your succes.
Happy trails.

Author's notes hit hard -- good luck to you and your future adventures.

Now, Spike...

“You can always go back.”

...You of all creatures should know the danger of giving that advice to a time traveller of all ponies.

See you later, Space Cowboy.

amazing, just make sure you have a good future, learn from the past, and keep your mind in the present

Yup, that's an ending story alright.
Thank you for your time, effort and stories!
Again, thank you! Later, B_25!😌

No way. No fucking way. This can't be the end, right? This can't be it! I have read your stories for a couple of years now, always wanting and waiting for the next part of some stories, but now you come with this?

"Oh it must be a coincidence"
"Oh it must be some kind of joke!"

But now I am here on the comments confirming everything...

I am sorry for the ramble, but goodbyes are always so... Much. At least we got the comments to let it all out. I am also sorry for sounding so selfish, I know I am, wishing you to stay and keep you writing and for me to keep reading.

But at the end you are the one to decide when enough is enough.

And all I want to say is thank you, from a random account who occasionally read your account to following you and read most of your stories, to one of the greatest fan fiction writer I have met in a long time.

Stay safe, and hope you have fun wherever you go.

Till the next time we meet, B. I still treasure every moment we had together, and all the work you did to make me see the most in my own work.

I may not have known you for very long or your stories but I do enjoy them and everyone here both today and the future generations who read your stories we wish you good luck in life.

P.S. But you will at least say hi once in a while right?

So good bye B-25 may the future guide you to good things I may not know you personally but if you do end up at a bronycon or something once in awhile then I’ll be there no your followers and friends will be there by your side so in any case may the future bring your good fortunes.

But at least say hi evey once in awhile but if you can is all but in any case may you have a good future ahead of you my friend.

Safe travels, B. Read your recent blog and I'm happy things are moving forward in your life.

If you ever move on to another fandom, do the folks here a solid and give us an update, would ya?

new55 #43 · Oct 7th, 2022 · · 1 ·

That was a good story story. Thank you for writing so many good story's and goodluck with whatever you do next.

One last wholesome story to wrap all your hardwork in a neat little bow.
Thanks for giving your readers the many stories you've written. Some may be complete, others left unanswered or cancelled, but I guess that's alright.
We won't know if there will be something new coming, but I doubt this will be the end of your following.
Now, all that's left is a simple farewell, and good luck on whatever your future will make of it. :twilightsmile:

Made me cry, man, come on ;_;

While I don’t have context, I wish you the best of luck anyway.

It's sad that you're leaving. But... at least you wrote some amazing stories. Goodbye

I come back to this website for the first time in months only to find that one of my favorite authors wrote his final story months ago, it honestly hurts my heart to see you go however I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to read your stories anyways. It’s kind of wild how a such an amazing community was formed based off of a little kids show. I kind of feel blessed almost, it’s hard to describe. Thank you B_25, not sure what exactly brought on the end, but I’m glad to have had you here. Only wish it could have lasted longer. But thank you anyways

b-25 wrote another one.

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