Asclepius is just an EMT, an Emergiancy Medical Officer of Aspa River Hospital. He's the only pegasus in town that can tow the sky Ambulance where it needs to go. But as the bombs fall he, and the other emergancy servivces of the town, need to make Aspa River better for the future.

So they help to form the first major faction of the Arimaspi Territory wasteland, the Responders.

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Story inspired by [SoarinDash] 30 Days OTP Challenge

Sorry for my terrible English, but it's because English is not my first language so if you notice anything wrong in history you can blame me for it ...

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This story is a sequel to Spark Visions of Twilight

Before a story starts, characters move into position.

Before events get set in motion, there are reasons they're set in place.

Before destiny calls, ponies simply live their lives.


((These are six short stories about the mane six's lives before Spark Visions of Twilight began.
Though these are technically prequel stories, it is advised to read the main story first. This is simply to flesh out the backgrounds of the main characters a bit more.

Cover art is the Print Version cover of Spark Visions of Twilight and is made by https://goombot.tumblr.com/))

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You were just a simple country pony, you enjoyed the simple things in life, and kept mostly to yourself. One day you saw a rainbow maned Pegasus.
She made your jaw drop, as you couldn't help but stare, but quickly remembered who you were, and who she was. There was no way a pony of her caliber would ever like a pony like you. One day she asks you out of the blue to hang out with her, you agree, because why not?

Preread by: Skyward Sword
Edited by: Skyward Sword and Applefai

Featured! -8/15/19 at 9:15pm

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(Darksiders 2 crossover, set before the events of the game)

It started with the signs of Prophecy, the ones buried deep within the archives, sealed behind an even more secretive vault. Celestia knew them well. After all, her sister's corruption was the first of Four. The other two now showed, which meant the final one has yet to arrive. This meant she had time.

Pouring over the ancient scrolls written by Clover the Clever before her demise, she read the script and understood:

From the ashes of Nightmares, a Tear shall appear; A horse, bound to serve its master shall ride out and bring it's namesake to all lands in it's path; Following these great catastrophes, my last and most powerful Prophecy will reign true...

Death is coming...

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This story is a sequel to Metasploit and Magic

When Princess Celestia sent a young, bright-eyed, Nova to the land of America, she sent him with the intent to study the technology that humanity possesses. Cut to a decade later, and Nova is still in America, having cemented himself as a Legend in what could only be described as the blooming hacking scene of the 1980s.

But those days are long past, all he can do now is relive them as he tells his story to one of his closest friends.

[This Story is a Pony turned Human on Earth story. It constantly switches between taking place in the present and the past. While it is not necessary to have read the first story, it is recommended.]

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It was daylight when you woke up in your ditch. You looked up at your sky then.
That made blue be your color. You had your knife there with you too.
When you stood up there was goo all over your fur. Your hooves were sticky.
You wiped them on your grass, so now your color was green.


Oh Celestia, why did everything always have to keep changing like this?
Based off of track 69 of Undertow, Disgustipated and track 8, Flood.
Made for anticipation for the new T00L album.
Also, this may not make a lot of sense. It's not supposed to at first... You must seek for the deeper meaning...

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Twilight's been spending her days alone in her library. Rarity rather misses the bookworm. A little magic meddling is all she needs for love.

The usual blame to fourths, Cake Eater, and the source of all Raritwi. Special blame to FanOfMostEverything for "Also, story where Rarity gets turned into a book to Twilight's delight when?" comment, so this happened.

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This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 5

Though the battle against Paradox has been won, it is Blitz Surge who has come out victorious. He holds the power of harmony, and he has disbanded the Elements of Heroism. And with his team, the Lancers, he now has all of Castalot under his watch. Unfortunately for our "hero", his plans are about to come crashing down around him. A true hero is returning.

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Being a Mom of a prince and princess means not worrying about anything, right?


Twilight Velvet is not immune to fear, and the one night terror that constantly haunts her.

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