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Just another guy passing the time creating stories and artwork. Im into headcanon and backstories of characters. and i cant wait to see what season 6 has in store for our favorite ponies. Live long :D

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Princess Celestia is in your bed, and you don't know why: what do?

Cute, funny, and short. Have fun reading!

Proofreading by RaylanKrios.
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Princess Celestia is (still) in your Bed
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Drunk CelestAI Is In Your Bed
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Princess Celestia is in Your Washing Machine

Chapters (1)

Celestia had to burn twilight sparkle to stop her at the entrance exam. After 21 years of living in the everfree, the feral creature known as twilight sparkle is begining to regain her power.Join her on her journey to defeat the white monster from her memories and the pink pony that hunts her everyday. Heavily inspired by this.http://www.fimfiction.net/story/78582/the-monster-in-the-twilight

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Most ponies are familiar with the legendary Vamponies. Powerful, demonic, immortal creatures that roam the night feeding on the blood of mortal ponies, sowing chaos and destruction and leaving death in their wake. But none are more well known nor so reviled yet so revered as Alushy: Countess of Blood, The Nightwalker, the Crimson Demon, the Queen of all Monsters and the twisted Element of Kindness.
This is not a mere story but a chronicle of a once beloved Pony's transformation and their fall into chaos and destruction and the dire consequences that resulted.

So, this is my first work on this site. . . Yes I know this has probably been done to death but I have had it in my head to do any Alushy story since the day Bats! first aired. This is not an EQ but it is an anthro AU because: Hands! I stink at writing story descriptions btw. Get used to it.:raritywink:


Chapters (3)

Princess Twilight Sparkle is the only daughter of the queen of the night, Nightmare Moon, and the lord of shadows, King Sombra. She is unlike any other normal equine foal, mainly because she was born as an alicorn. Just like her parents, she has the acute ability of harnessing the full power of dark magic to the fullest of its power. Her and her parents rule the Crystal Kingdom with an iron-hoof with a strong and loyal alliance with the Griffon Kingdom. They are planning one of the biggest attacks on Equestria in over a thousand years. The great thing about their plan is, their enemy has no idea about it.

Unfortunately, they are dealing with the princess of Equestria, Princess Celestia and her most loyal of guards, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie.

The gore rating is for death and torture in later chapters. The teen rating may change depending on how I write how the death's and torture occur.
I got this idea while listening to the black metal band Dimmu Borgir with heavy rain in the background.
I DO NOT OWN anything My Little Pony. All rights to the characters and the locations of the show are sole property of Hasbro.

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Sweetie Belle's life always contained a fair amount of frustration. From a lack of magical ability to her flank's stubborn refusal to develop a cutie mark, Sweetie has many a reason to envy her classmates. But her friends share many of those problems, making them somewhat bearable.

But at a certain fateful wedding, the changelings seem less interested in putting her in a pod, and more interested in attacking her outright. More evidence starts to appear, and she starts to realize something about herself that she would much rather forget.

While this story contains several adventure-like stories, especially in the beginning, it will mostly focus on slice-of-life material.

Chapters (10)

Congratulations, Equestria Legends Online is now side-story compatible: These other authors would love your support in their own adventures in this virtual world. You can find them in The Equestria Legends Online Fan Group, located here.

It's the year 2020, and millions of people are raving about the new game console known as Nervegear, which will literally take a player's mind into the game. But thousands of bronies are raging about a new pony game made for the Nervegear. After several months of waiting, the game is released, as a way for the players to actually travel to Equestria as ponies themselves.

But... things become screwy when Discord appears. Whether it was in the game design or not, this being of chaos has gained control over the virtual Equestria, trapping every brony wearing Nervegear inside the game. However, there is one way to get out. The bronies in the game must find and acquire the Elements of Harmony, which Discord has hidden throughout all of Equestria. But there is one drawback: If a player dies in the game, then the Nervegear will fry their brains in the real world, killing them on the spot. If they die in the game, they will die in the real world.

This idea was given to me from the Japanese Anime, "Sword Art Online." Please, no hate comments or dislikes for this fact. At least read the first chapter before outright disliking it.
Thanks to Raybony for making the cover art for this story.

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Fluttershy's skills in flying are sketchy at best, but when Spitfire and Soarin chance by a monster attack in town, it is apparent that the timid little mare has been hiding some impressive talent, skills good enough to warrant recruitment into the Wonderbolts. There's just the issue of the house-eating monster between them and her.

Edited by: pabrony83
Commissioned by: Spamotron

Chapters (1)

Starlight Glimmer's friends all find out she has become a mother long before any of them met her. But what'll happen when they make the discovery the long-lost filly isn't so 'lost' after all? What'll happens if... she just lives around the corner?

Who knows... but we're about to find out.

Chapters (21)

When Twilight takes Starlight through the time portal, they arrive to the dead remnants of Equestria. Among those remnants, there is one lost soul...

An idea that I got while watching S5 finale.

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It has been nearly two hundred years since the megaspells rained fire down on the world, reducing it to a tainted wasteland. The ponies of Equestria get on by, but only just.

A lucky few survived in great underground shelters, the stables. Among these is the lost, and almost mythical, Stable 84. It was said that the stable in question was home to not ponies, but creatures who could change their faces with but a thought.

But that was just a myth, there was no way that the Equestrian Hive was real. Right?

(Be warned, spoilers for Fallout Equestria, Project Horizons and Pink Eyes may occur.)

Fallout Equestria is by Kkat, and can be found here.
TVtropes page here.
Cover art by Skijaramaz!
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 18/03/2018.

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