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Just another guy passing the time creating stories and artwork. Im into headcanon and backstories of characters. and i cant wait to see what season 6 has in store for our favorite ponies. Live long :D

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Edit: this is just a One off. Also Derpy's my current player character in a Modded run im doing of Fallout New Vegas currently.

Derpys past was a mystery to some. There were a few that thought she was a Ghoul from the prewar era. Others simply didnt want to cross her as she had been called a Spirit of Vengeance. She was a package delivery mare, but that didnt mean she didnt know how to handle herself when the time was right. She was the one mare that you never wanted to cross when she was determined.

You can just call her Courier Six.

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Just part of what will become a an on going series of stories. Book One covered Starlight Glimmer. the next few will cover Applejack, Rarity, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and maybe Trixie and Derpy.
Applejack would learn that her family history wasnt always so bright and happy like she had been told when she was a young filly.

Her ancestor had been involved in one of the most bloody battle in the history of Equestria. And it all started with a raid on her ancestors farmstead and lead to one of the longest wars ever recorded.

And she discovers that one of her friends in the present is responsible for nearly unleashing an ancient evil upon the lands of Equestria. Something that will haunt the two of them forever.

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Dead Loyalty was an outcast, even among her own tribe, she had to find something to do to pass the time, so she became a vault raider. She was always so curious about the past that it consumed her to the point she was obsessed with living in the past as much as studying it.

What would happen though if she ever found out that she had lived in the past as another pony? one that was willing to subject themselves to cryo-suspension?

And what would she do if she ever came face to face with another pony she had once known?

Edit: this story is undergoing a complete rewrite. After someone on here complained about a character i wanted to expand on, i decided to revoked the submission and do something completely different overall in regards to the character.

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Rainbow Dash was gonna make sure Spitfire understand why Dash hated the name " Rainbow Crash". And she wasnt gonna be nice about it. Spitfire needed to hear this as far as Dash was concerned.

She needed to understand that Dash had been a victim of bullying, just as friend Fluttershy had been. But Dash handled hers very very differently. It wasn't just those 3 male colts that had bullied her. A Certain mint green pegasus had been one as well. And that Dash defended not just herself and Flutters, but another Pegasus filly.

One that loved to have Muffins everyday.

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Twilight wakes up one day to discover that everypony in her life has up and disappeared. The only clues she finds are carved into the side of her Crystal Castle, And even then she's unsure of where it will lead her. Will she find her friends, or be alone again?

Will Trixie and Starlight come back in time themselves to help her, or will they too vanish?

And to think all this began after reading a simple Note.

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My Little Dashie parody.
Who knew? Maybe someone that repeatedly states they refuse to read it?
ANyway got the idea for this from watching Lost's April Fools video.
This story is completed now.

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Link to Adcoons story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/39954/mare-in-the-mirror
This is an unofficial sequel to adcoon's story the Mare in the Mirror. if need be, I'll link his story so you can read it and see why i loved it so much, that I'm willing to try my hand at paying tribute to it. Heck, I think it would be great someday if someone like LostNarrator or Scribbler found that gem and did a fic reading of it.
Trixie is still seeing Twilight's ghost in the mirrors of Canterlot and in Ponyville. It had been a year since the events that had taken place in the Capitol, and she still couldn't forgive herself for what she had forced Celestia to do. They had forgiven her for it, but she still held out that there was a way to bring Twilight back into her life, into her friends lives.
She just wasn't sure of it till now. Was the void going to let her go, or would there be a price to pay for it all to come to fruition. She had to try, every fiber in her being demanded it. She had fallen in love with Twilight after the Magic Duel incident involving the ALicorn Amulet. This would be Trixie's way of cementing that love after everything they had been through. She owed it to her to try.

There was also a warning to adhere to if it failed: Stare into the Abyss for too long, and it will Consume you.

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Due to LIghtning Dust's reckless actions at the academy , she had been kicked out because of the incident involving that tornado and nearly killing Rainbow Dash's friends in the process. If it hadnt been for the other cadets saving, they could of been killed or worse. Now she finds out that her older brother Sky Stinger, just got in because of both Twilight and Rainbow Dash seeing and helping him with his confidence issue.
If he can get in, maybe she could be given another chance. That was if she could swallow her pride and confront Dash without getting a Black eye out of it.

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Twilight Sparkle was suffering the most horrible depression after Rainbow Dash was killed by Pinkie Pie in what was known as the Cupcakes Incident, AKA the Horror of Sugar Cube Corner, and also nicknamed the Rise of Pinkamena. She was going to make sure that didn't happen. She wasn't going to let Pinkie take Twilight and Rainbow Dash's future together from her this time. This time would be different.

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EDIT - This is no longer a One shot. >:) Something that i took notice of when Twilight commented that not even her magic could initially stop Starlight, and Twily is an Alicorn. Where exactly did she get all that magic, and was it something Starlight learned, or Inherited.

Starlight Glimmer was a powerful unicorn, and now the protege of Princess Twilight. But even she would find out that there was more to her past then just Sunburst' trip to magic school, and the aftermath of being alone all the time before creating Our Town out in the sticks. She would discover, as would Twilight, that Starswirl was more then just a hero figure to them, He was also closely linked in a surprising way to Starlight Glimmer.
The past is not set in stone
There is no fate but what we make for ourselves
And Starlight was about to learn it.

Edit: Will include parts from the Season 6 Finale. People have commented and asked why I'm doing this. Did it ever dawn on you that Starswirl the Bearded was known to be a Time Traveler?
That we know next to nothing on the history of the Changelings or Chrysalis?
Ive seen a few fics that painted the picture that the Changelings were or are somehow related to the FlutterPonies.
But i had another idea. One that came from The Episodes Hearts and Hooves day, and The Crystal Empire.
Remember when Sweetie Belle read about the Love Poison, specifically Chaos Reigning? A kingdom Falling???
ANd in the Crystal Empire episode, how Twilight had stated that the Crystal Fair was," Created by the Empire's first QUEEN to renew the love and light in the Empire???? >:)

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